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Monkeying Around in the Garden of Eden

Monkeying Around

In the Garden of Eden

By Gregory L. Wilson





























Propaganda and Art:

A Rensaku


I am not a poet.

I am a bullshit artist

from start to finish.


Existence precedes

essence in all things.

I am what I am.



The Brown Bear and the Blackcoats


The brown bear shits

within bounds. The pulpit

shits everywhere.













“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The simpleton just simply departs reality.



“Without agitation, there can be no revolution.”

After the revolution, there will be no agitation.



“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

Find what you hate and don’t let it kill you.








A Haiku Parody


The old toilet.

A poo plops in –




A Cosmic Joke


“God’s only excuse is

that he does not exist.” ha

I have no excuse.



Bubbly, and then tragedy


As free as a bubble,

floating and radiant, and then

pop! gone forever.





The moon in the sky is a balloon


The moon in the sky

is a balloon tethered

to a child dreaming.



Dragonfly Dreaming



speeding, flickering dreamlike

hovering dragonfly



Out the Back of My Place


Geranium greening –

butts and also bugs

cover the concrete











in a winter dreary


winter dreary

drizzling rain and cold feet

culture is dead





Stardust great and small.

I look on from a long way

back and care less more.





The Good of the Earth:

A Rensaku


in the end, while I

understand nothing, the earth

understands me.


in the beginning,

while I understood nothing,

the earth stood under.



The Nature of Things

A Rensaku


Spins a spider

a dance, around and around.

Life’s cruel, yet wondrous.


skyscrapers cruelling -

unnatural mountains,

prophets of doom.







Crazy-arsed Lizards:

A Limerick


Crazy-arsed lizards

Shooting forwards,

Whizzing about,

In and out.

Crazy-arsed lizards!



A Tricky Treat:

A Limerick


F is for fruit.

Fruit rhymes with brute.

Limericks are tricky.

Limericks are syrupy.

A good limerick’s a beaut.






















A Rensaku


Bright are the stars

above, winking and shining,

alone in the void.


Love is always

true and eternal, and yet

never wise in age.



Crushed hopes


crushed my hopes

of another life – but then

reality is a bitch



Whacked out


too tired to be

bothered with anything else

than what I love most











A Dogsbody:

A Tanka


flatus, afflatus.

Who is the one indeed who

pops off the best?

I am sorry. I am the worst.

I am the worst of the worst.





















A Sonnet Shambolic


Man stands on a pinnacle.

Will he stand tall or fall?

I’d hate to see him fall.

Like a miracle, like a debacle,

RIP Jackson Pollock.


Some, such as I, feel the hurt too much.

Some, such as I, lose their touch.

Some, such as I, losing in living,

Slowly dying in striving

To fill the gap.












Little Matters


The sands of time. Little matters in the end. Small things matter.






The End

Monkeying Around in the Garden of Eden

  • Author: Greg Wilson
  • Published: 2016-06-28 04:05:07
  • Words: 485
Monkeying Around in the Garden of Eden Monkeying Around in the Garden of Eden