Moja Kwa Wote

Moja Kwa Wote

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Veronica “Jewel” Farley

  • The Perfect Betrayal*

Chapter One

I guzzled down just about each and every morsel of comfort food I could

find in my pantry and fridge; trying desperately to find at least one bit of

quick relief from this heaping cesspool of shit world I was currently

inhabiting at this very moment. The one and only bane of my existence

since my no good, gambling leach of a scumbag father was now finally

serving his own hefty stint behind steel bars in a rusted cage, but

somewhere deep down I could never once shake the literal gut feeling

that still all else was incomplete. My mother had spent years trying to

move on up from the east side projects on the most ghetto side

imaginable in the once grand small town of Columbia in Maryland, only

still to be working three seven hour shifts around the clock at nearly

three different fast food joints on the corner; damn near struggling to

make ends meet for the two of us even long after our early Springtime

move to Baltimore. She met Cody about a year or two after we settled

in, and the very minute those two fell in love would be the one moment

that would change both of lives for always and eternity all the way up to

this very day. I decided after just one more bag of chili pork rinds, it was

time to finally stop feeling sorry for myself and drowning in the dreaded

misery of the more than many skeletons in my closet, and called up the

family and true brotherhood I had never once had for a nice get together

down at our favorite spot of Silver Shadows on the corner of 2300

Jackson Street.

* Chapter Two*


“Hey! Look at what all the other cats managed to haul in.” Jessica

greeted ecstatically; cordially slapping paws with me along with a

genuine sisterly hug in front of the main entrance to Silver Shadows.

“How ya been?” She asked, a slight bit of concern beginning to become

etched in her tone. “The rest of the crew and I haven’t seen you for a

good week or so since we finally put deputy dog in his place in the can.”

“Don’t really like to dwell on it all too much right now.” I answered

simply with a smile sigh. “Let’s just waltz right on in here, and enjoy all

the rest of our day off right now while we still can. YOLO.” “Lead the

way.” Jessica replied as we casually strolled past the two new bouncers

at the doors and made our way inside. We found Jenni and the rest of the

homies at her usual favorite spot of the lonely island style table and

booth way off in the back left corner, and padded right on over. “Ah. It’s

alive.” Jenni quipped in her usual uproarious and comical way. “Funny.

I never once had the slightest idea of knowing any of us hyenadae could

hibernate, and last I checked, it ain’t even damn near close to winter.”

“Just trying to keep myself from ever going rusty on ya’ll.” I said. “You

know what they say, kickin’ it a day, keeps the reaper away.” “Good.”

Wolfen cut in. “Cause sadly, our free time now is just about coming to a

highly unsatisfying close. Sis and I were just discussing along with

Donna here about a possible return and rise to power of 40K once again

in our home turf.” “Shit. The triad mobsters?” I snorted. “What the hell

are those duck sauce fucks still doing in business? I thought we put them

out fully out of commission with that Ketamine bust down at the port

two years ago.” “Yeah. We did.” Jenni confirmed. “But, let’s just say we

made a slight mistake in underestimating just how uncannily expansive

they truly are. The have a new leader now; with ties both in and out of

the pen, and possibly to all other equally high powered crime syndicates

all around the city. We need to go pound the concrete and let these low

down scum of the earth know their place at the bottom of the totem pole.

You down?” “Always.” I nodded affirmatively. “Let’s go get this party


  • Chapter Three*


“Not another step.” A rather scruffy looking Tibetan wolf barked out in

an almost low guttural growl as Jessica and the rest of the crew and I

began to slowly enter the mouth of the slightly darkened broad daylight

alley on the northern most side of the Chinatown district. “You got some

hella balls, asshole.” Jessica fired back as I sized up the wolf and a few

of his goons straddling up at his side. “Do you have any idea at all in

your head who you’re fucking with?” The tawny furred wolf was

dressed in a pale white; almost dirty grey colored wife beater tank top

shirt, equally tattered black jeans, and sneakers that were damn near

curling with age and looked like they had been worn all the way from

here to Timbuktu. He took a long drag on the cigarette he’d been

holding in between the two fingers on his left hand and tossed it directly

on the ground in front of him before uttering snootily to Jessica in reply,

“My boys and I here were just about to ask you lovelies the same. In

case you didn’t already know, we’re 40K; just about one of the finest

branches the Triads of this city currently have in its ranks up to date. I

believe you little Lotus flowers are encroaching on our territory.” “Well,

maybe you haven’t gotten a bit of a wakeup call yet as to who we all

are.” I said with a rather dark wry smile beginning to form on my

muzzle. “But, since you’ve been a pretty swell somewhat of a Gemini,

I’d be more than happy to give you a hint.” I brought forth quickly the

one hand I’d been holding discreetly the entire time behind my back, and

delivered two steaming rounds of hot lead fresh from the barrel of my

golden desert eagle straight into the lead wolf’s temple and left eye

before the rest of the group rapidly began opening fire on the rest of his

lapdogs as they had just now been attempting to flee the scene; having

just full on witnessed the pitiful demise of their equally pathetic grand

master. “Well, surely looks like we got the last laugh here.” I said,

fishing one of the many half dollars I’d been collecting from my coat

pocket to mark up yet another successful kill. “I believe our work here

with these clowns is just about officially done. Now, I think it’s just

about time we make a stop on the way home to pick up some of that

good egg foo young they crave so much around these parts.” My

stomach let out a few loud rumbles of agreement. “Amen to that, cuz.”

Wolfen agreed. “Let’s go ahead and bounce.”

  • Chapter Four*

Veronica “Jewel” Farley

We toasted some sarsaparillas late that night to yet another damn fine

job well done, and Jenni, Donna and I of course treated ourselves to a

little behindhand feast back at the clubhouse while Jessica and Wolfen

almost immediately headed straight for their quarters to unwind and turn

in early for the night. Once all three of us had our full on fill of food, I

kicked my sneaks off at the bottom of the stairs and padded up the

staircase to the door of my sleeping quarters on the left, hanging up my

usual ruby red Eisenhower jacket neatly by the scruff on the doorknob of

my closet, and climbing steadily into bed with my blood red sweat shorts

now neatly folded over the railing at the foot as I closed my eyes; gently

drifting off into the conciliating comatose like state called sleep. I jolted

awake to an almost earsplitting pop culminating from the living

room/kitchen area near the front door of the bunkhouse; followed by a

loud and pained exclamation of “Fuck!” as the low sound of about two

to three car engines gradually began to roar away off into the distance. I

jumped up, barefoot and still dressed in almost nothing but my briefs

and my usual black bra top before making a straight dash as fast as my

striped hyena legs would carry me down the staircase to find Jenni

surrounded by all of the rest of crew in a sitting position on the floor;

with the door in front of her unwelcomingly hanging open and wide.

Clutching the solid brick abs on her stomach, she grunted and slowly

rose to her feet, tossing aside the bloody remnant of what looked to be a

nine millimeter round fired from the barrel of none other than an

exclusively Russian made Makarov pistol. Jenni let out a somewhat

relieved, but still distasteful sigh as she steadied herself upright;

beginning to clean some of the blood off the pads of her fingers. “Just a

scratch.” She said reassuringly, before either one of in the room could

make another move to reach out and tend to her further. “Those commie

fuckers never did once know how to shoot right.” “The Russians did this

shit to you?” Jessica spoke up. “What the hell? I thought the Seven Oaks

took care of them way back when I was working the Lucretia case over

at PPD.” “Well, apparently the inbred bastards are multiplying yet

again.” Jenni snarled, gritting her teeth. “Word out on the street is they

got themselves a new leader now and ironically I heard it’s someone

from the Seven Oaks as well. We better get our asses on over there to

send them a little special delivery of our own and give em a clear picture

of what it means to fuck with us and our town.” “Don’t you think you

should take care of that gut first, cuz?” I asked, concerned. “Don’t

worry.” Donna assured. “I have a friend of mine over on the corner of

Brush Street who specializes as a lead paramedic over at the local fire

department. Luckily today’s his off shift.” “Alright. The fireman it is

then.” I agreed, holding Jenni sturdily by the hand as we headed out to

my car in the driveway in hilariously still nothing but our PJs.

  • Chapter Five*


“Ollie, ollie oxen free, motherfuckers!” I cackled before bursting

open the door of the Untamed’s pizza shop style hideout on the

corner of Fifth and Metta, and almost immediately putting each and

every one of the tigers, tigresses, and various assortments of other

motherland native felines on blast with fresh shells from 870

magnum shotgun to their faces and craniums galore. Once I was

completely sure we had popped the melons of just about every

commie poptart present in the main dining and barroom area at that

current place in time, we inched forward and began making our way

toward the living quarters area all the way at the rear and found that

one main thing that was making our hood and possibly the whole

state go to complete shit right before our very eyes. “Holy shit. The

boys back at the old grind are gonna love this when I call em up.”

Jessica said, pulling out her cell and snapping a pic or two on her

camera of the black powdery substance before bringing up the dial

pad on her screen. “That is one hell of a lot of chiva.” “No shit.” I

agreed. “So, I guess this definitely gives us first hand info on who

the chinks’ main go to supplier is. I really hope this shit hasn’t even

gone anywhere near oversees yet.” “I don’t know.” Jessica answered

with a slight bit of uncertainty. “But we can for sure as shit find out

after we stop by Noah’s place for a checking up on our good friend,

Jenni. Next stop, the state harbor.”

* Chapter Six*


I hastily swallowed down the pretty decent sized burrito bowl I’d

ordered over at the Mexican joint about a block or so from the

intended target over on Seabreeze Road and made my way with

Wolfen and Donna practically glued to my side; out through the

front door of the establishment where my phone instantly began to

vibrate and sound off. Jessica’s usual sassy and equally acerbic tone

oozed over the speaker and into my eardrum. “If you’re finally

ready to think with your head this time and for once not your

stomach, I believe we’re finally golden to get this shit jumping right

out of the frying pan.” “You definitely bet your sweet ass on that.” I

replied affirmatively. “See ya over at the main gate. Oh, and you’re

certainly one to talk.” Jessica let out a sigh of mock indignation at

my last little burn and I moved forward past Jenni’s borrowed bike

and my own car parked at the edge of the damn near deserted late

night street, and found the large chain link with barbed wire fence at

the cusp of the small clearing just up ahead. Jessica stood by a pretty

convenient hyena and cougar sized hole cut smack dab in the center;

with the bloody bodies of two Siberian tiger gulag mobsters dressed

in mock up port authority security attire lying limply at her feet.

Discreetly, she nabbed what looked like a small key card off the

front pocket of one the guards’ shirts and gracefully peeled back the

chain link on the broken fence with a sardonic grin. “After you.”

She said chivalrously, motioning with a hand. I playfully slapped it

down and quietly crawled through with Wolfen and Donna loafing

along behind, not knowing for a second the massive shit show we

would soon face just around the bend of the next corner.

  • Chapter Seven*

Mwezi Desoto

I padded lightly up the stairs to an all but now lonesome and awkwardly

quiet household; with a plate or two full of food for my father and I’s

most likely still snoozing guest upstairs in the very rarely used spare

room off to the far left corner of the hall. Noah Hopkins or “Greystripe”

as the guys down at the firehouse always knew him by, had just finished

a bit of redressing and all of her wound and gave it a bit of a quick

sterilizing as usual before shoving off for his normal weekday shift at

around 5:30 this morning; putting me in charge to look after his aptly

named “house call patient” in which I had almost instantly grown a

rather fast likening to and soon full on acquaintance slash friendship.

The now thirty five year old stark grey tabby cat for which he was

appropriately given his fitting nickname, had found and rescued me

when I just a diminutive lioness cub nearly eight years ago from the very

house fire that took away the lives of both my mom and dad who

happened to live with me at the time; started by the one Molotov

cocktail that would change my very life, both for the better and worse

through the years as the course of time went on. Years later up to the

present day, at the current and tender age of eighteen, I recently joined

the ranks of the local and pretty well known Golden Thunder Pack gang

of nearby Acker Street; still hungry and on my toes constantly for the

more than pleasurable opportunity of gaining full on vengeance against

the red communist bastards who roasted my family alive like pigs on a

skewer, and ever so longing to give them all an even more brutal yet

satisfying end in return. I gave the usual three friendly knocks on my

spotted hyena compadre, Jenni’s door and to my surprise, approached

her as she lay wide awake on the left of the decent sized double bed;

smiling warmly up at me when she sensed it was me walking in.

“Sekhmet, my main girl!” She piped up in her usual uplifting and peppy

tone. “Perfect timing. Come right on in.” I did just as she suggested and

took a graceful seat next to her on the adjacent side of the bed, handing

her the food which she almost instantly devoured right before my eyes

before turning to me once again to speak. “So, how have things been

going with you and the rest of the GTP?” She began. “Haven’t seen you

and Emma for a good long while now ever since my little…incident.

Anyways, how ya been holdin’ up?” “Honestly, not too good.” I

admitted quietly. “Ever since you and your guys’ little run in, I’ve been

looking back and reflecting on my own main issue with the Untamed

and how I’ve been wanting them more than extinct for years; probably

even longer than you can imagine.” I could feel my heart beginning to

pick up the pace, and the beat pounding in my head as dreaded

memories of the agonized and terror filled screams I had heard my

parents emit from their muzzles as their fur and flesh underneath singed

and crackled, making me sick to my stomach as my ten year old form

could only watch helplessly from the dining room before a pair of

comforting arms gently began to coax me out the front door to the many

lights and all outside.

  • Chapter Eight*

Mwezi Desoto

“Come on, Sekh. Time to get straight right back into the game like

always.” Jenni coaxed as I slipped on my usual blue denim jacket from

the coat closet, and gave my rose pattern engraved sig sauer pistol a

quick locking and loading before taking the reins of Jenni’s spare bike

conveniently parked right in the driveway of Greystripe’s home. “Try

not to run us up a tree or somethin’ on the way.” Jenni teased as I revved

up the engine and began to gradually speed off. “You worry about

yourself, laughing girl.” I chuckled, turning off onto Mason Court. We

were headed to the local port warehouse down in the waterfront

community of Seabreeze road where apparently some of our crew had

gotten themselves pretty knee high in shit after a local drug bust heist

gone wrong, and the Russians were pretty pissed now that their product

was going to be permanently delayed shipping to their top dollar

customers over in China and South America. Well, after what they did to

me in almost the course of a lifetime, I was about to get a hell of a lot

even pissier. We arrived in apparently record time to hear the sounds of

many potshots being taken at my comrades from the Reds over across

the way as Jessica took the lead; blind firing rather unsuccessfully at the

goons behind her as I took perfect aim with my sig sauer and put two

rounds of hot lead into one of the Eurasian lynx’s skulls, just as

Veronica aka Jewel used her famous “Shotgun Rain” approach and

blasted away the other two that were right next to her and Jenni’s

brother, Jabari aka Wolfen. With the last guy literally choking on

another bullet from sig sauer directly to his throat and jugular, the time

finally made their way through the gaping cut hole in the nearby chain

link fence and steadily began to make their way gratuitously towards us

as the two of us stepped off the bike. “Holy shit.” Veronica exclaimed,

slapping hands with both Jenni and I in condolence. “That was some

damn fine shooting there, Sekhmet. Glad to finally have your golden ass

back on the team. Where you been after all this time?” “Long story, my

striped hyenadae friend.” I replied briefly. “But to make one short, let’s

just say I finally decided to get the lead out in polar exchange for these

dead asswipes.”

  • Chapter Nine*

Mwezi Desoto

I sat quietly around the dinner table of the clubhouse; watching with

slight interest as all of my hyenadae and fellow feline comrades along

with Emma, Nina and all the rest of the canines from the Golden

Thunder Pack began making short work of the supper I had graciously

prepared for each and every one of them not even twelve minutes ago.

My stomach growled urgently for me to at least have a ration of my

own, but right now I had only one other necessity on my mind, and not

even the thought of hunger was ever going to stop me from obtaining it.

“You sure you don’t want none of this hippo and ostrich casserole,

Sekh?” Emma asked, damn near inhaling a fifth helping. “Better to fill

up right here and now while we all have the chance.” “I think I’ll pass

on that this time, sister.” I kindly objected with a sigh. “This op’s a bit

way too important for me right now, even for one of my all-time favorite

necessities for living beings on this planet.” Just about another moment

or two after I gave my response, there was some rather loud and

obnoxious pounding on the front door of our sanctuary and I gradually

pushed myself to my feet; beginning to make my way over slowly as

Jewel slunk quietly behind me, discreetly grabbing her shotgun from

somewhere in a corner of the kitchen. “What the fuck?” I exclaimed

with a mixture of both bewilderment and distaste as I threw it open. “I

fucking knew it.” Jewel scoffed, giving a pump of her 870. “The

goddamn gooks now make house calls to try and shit on us yet again for

nearly a third time in the span of two and a half years.” “I believe you

can kindly stow that weapon of yours, mate.” The bizarrely Aussie

leader of the 40K Triads, Lauren Rakoff said with a surprising, and

almost unsettling bit of compassion in her tone. “As you can clearly see,

my boys and I here do not at all mean you any harm.” Hesitantly, Jewel

and I both exchanged a few puzzled glances and after about another

second or two of pondering, lowered our weapons and welcomed the

group inside to a place in the meeting room; still vigilant with mine and

Jenni’s pair of eyes glued furiously to her like hot wax as she sat down

rather gracefully on the large snakeskin leather sectional in the corner.

“Alright, so just what the hell it is you bozos want that you drag your

soy sauce, noddle head asses all the way onto our turf to see us?” Jessica

piped up, her blue green eyes now narrowed into a serious stone-faced

cougar expression at the golden red Dingo in front of her. “First a bit of

a truthful confession, then somewhat of a deal.” Lauren began slowly,

not even so much as flinching at Jessica’s blistering hot burn. “The four

foot soldiers you young warriors managed to take out singlehandedly the

other day, were not at all in any affiliation to us.” “What are you talking

about?” I asked, confused. “Did it not just all go down in Chinatown?”

“They were with a now disavowed branch of our organization that works

rather closely with the Russian ones from across the way.” Lauren

explained. “The ketamine business we take no part in at all; especially

when it comes to the substantial amount of young cubs and pups in that

community around us. The ones who do this are low down shit rats, and

since both of your kin hold the reputation for pretty much the best crime

fighters in this city up to date, I believe it’s time my crew and I come

into the light and maybe form a bit of a truce with you all ourselves.”

Mwezi “Sekhmet” Desoto

Chapter Ten

The light clicking of the soles of my jet black wellington boots hitting

the old marble floor and back echoed loudly like a thundering rainstorm

against my ears as I discreetly inched forward through the barren and

desolate halls of the now defunct Granite Falls shopping mall over on

aptly named Granite Falls court. The deal here was for me to sort of put

my innate night stalking skills to the test in infiltrating a local drug and

small arms deal that was supposedly taking place at 12:30AM right in

this very spot. We were definitely going to nail them right here and now;

directly where they stand. “Sekh, what do you see?” Jenni asked,

intrigued over the little two way radio she had handed to me before I left

out of our little camper style rental van in the parking lot, and slunk my

way in. “No giant pretzel dogs, that’s for sure.” I quipped with a rueful

grin. “I could definitely use more than a few of those right about now.”

“Well, I’ll be sure to buy you that and a few root beers once we all blow

this joint still in one piece. If shit hits the fan, you know we got your

back like venom in a rattlesnake.” “Oh, don’t worry.” I said, pulling

back the charging handle on my silenced Thompson submachine gun,

and slightly adjusting the holographic sight. “Luckily for you guys, I

definitely know how to take the more subtle approach.” I continued

forward down the long spacious corridor of hollowed out stores, food

vendors and the old video game room slash movie theater I used to come

to pretty often with my parents to catch the newest superhero flicks that

would usually drop one after another month after month; year after year.

After using my garrote to silently take down one of the lone lynx guards

posted just around the next corner up ahead, I did away with the body

behind one of the many mannequins still left behind in the middle of the

old Lux department store before aiming down the holographic sight of

my Thompson to discreetly remove the other as well with a few quick

bullets to his skull. I continued on until I reached what was now the

lonesome sentinel of what remained of the main food court near the

center of the building; with the venerable escalators once leading to the

ground floor below now eroded horribly beyond half functional use and

disrepair. My ears picked up on a small bit of dialogue coming from one

of the nearby tables far off in the back corner as I steadily entered the

area and from the way it sounded, I could definitely tell at least a good

portion of it was east Slavic. I stealthily approached one of the

unsuspecting snow leopard goons right in mid-deal; just as the exchange

went down before putting nearly a borage of bullets from my Thompson

into both him and his two groupies behind him, and then quickly

reloading to begin taking on the substantially larger amount of

disavowed 40K triad members on the other side of the playing field. I

took aim at the lead Caucasian bear hound, and was just about to pop his

melon when he suddenly let out a loud and shrill scream of agony before

gradually toppling over to the floor under him; beginning to bleed rather

heavily from about two or three grape sized holes in his chest and torso.

The others almost instantly began dropping like a dozen flies as well

until the place was soon entirely silent and the first new faces I saw

appear slowly around the corner were those of my dearest hyenadae

friends, Jenni and Wolfen along with all the rest of my crew and the

Golden Thunder Pack who began to bound up immediately on the scene

and abruptly then began to close up shop.

  • Chapter Eleven*

Mwezi “Sekhmet” Desoto

[_I had just returned home; exhausted after my daily and usual _]

_monotonous stint at elementary school and trundled along through the _

_typically blazing desert like heat of what I was used to growing up _

_originally in southern New Mexico around early spring, and made my _

_way up the stairs of the front porch of my little single story house on the _

[_corner before giving my usual gaily “shave and a haircut” style knock _]

_on the aging redwood door. After about a fairly brief wait of about four _

_or five seconds, a pair of feet sounded heavily from behind it and the _

_door let out a noisy and rather pained groan of complaint as it swung _

_open to reveal the genial smiling form of my bold and proud father, _

_Matthew, still dressed debonairly from head to toe in his national guard _

_uniform and his chocolate brown mane cut rather shortly in a neat, _

[_pristine mullet. “There she is! Daddy’s little trooper.” He said _]

[_ecstatically; before almost immediately scooping me up into his arms _]

_and delivering one of his signature vice grip style hugs for which mom _

_and I had pretty much coined the aptly named and disgusting term, _

[_“Python cuddles”. We had always been close from the very first day I _]

[_had been brought into this earth; right up there with my mom, Stephenie _]

_who had worked as a fireman and soon engineer for the Cumbres and _

_Toltec Railroad right near the village center of our old town. Her fur _

_was around almost the exact same hue and coloration as mine and my _

[_father’s; with about the only exception being her typical lioness’s share _]

[_of golden brown eyes apart from mine and my father’s tint of ruby red. _]

_After having the usual spiel about school, and my day, and what not, I _

_removed my flip flops inside and headed straight into the kitchen to grab _

_a quick bite or so before I flipped on the flat screen and caught up on _

[_some homework; while mom and dad were now in their quarters _]

_preparing for their two shifts late this evening. I had retired to the living _

[_room then, and was just about to begin work on my all-time favorite _]

_subject of English when the loud shattering of glass from somewhere in _

_the back room perked my ears up in full on alertness, and I immediately _

[_sprung up from the couch to my feet; racing straight into my parents’ _]

_bunk room, only to have my stomach drop at one of the most horrific _

_sites I had ever seen in all my ten year old cub life. Fire, fire _

_everywhere. Flames about nearly a foot or so high had damn near _

_engulfed the entire room, and to completely top it off as the worst of all, _

_my parents were now screaming bloody murder unlike they had ever _

_screamed before in any of our entire lives of living in this new mostly _

_scumbag infested neighborhood. My heart began damn near beating _

_erratically right out of my chest as tears began to well up in my eyes, _

_and I tried desperately to rid my ears of the sickening screams as mine _

[_and my family’s lives were torn apart forever and all eternity. _]

  • Chapter Twelve*

Veronica Farley

“Jewel!” My dearest canine friend, Detective Leslie Thompson hollered

in deep and utter surprise; rushing over to me and damn close to bowling

me over as she slammed hard into my stomach and threw her arms

around me into one of tightest vice grip like hugs I had ever seen a wolf

or any other dog of her nature possibly deliver to any other living being

on this planet. I motioned her inside where she was just as equally

warmly greeted by all the rest of the gang sprawled out on the snakeskin

leather sofa in the middle of the guest room where the two of us

graciously took a load off next to them. “So,” I began. “I’m glad to see

you finally made returns on at least a few of my phone calls. It’s damn

good to have a little bit of extra precision and expertise on our side;

apart from your good old girl, Jessica here.” JayJay gave me a ludic

punch in the shoulder in response, and Leslie gave a sheepish smile.

Well, you should know me pretty much by now, old friend.” She replied.

“Of all those last eight years collaborating with your old mama, Gladys

as your secondary caretaker, I’ve never once failed to make due on any

one of the promises I made to you back then. What makes you think for

a second I would even dream of so much as faltering now?” She placed

her hands lovingly on my shoulders and leaned in a slight bit closer;

urging silently for me to look her straight into her big and beautiful

golden yellow eyes before she gradually spoke again. “We’re gonna

make this right, little sis. I swear if it’s the absolute last thing I do, we’re

gonna make this right.” “Well, I think we’ve had a little more than

enough time for a family reunion.” Jessica cut in. “But I believe now it’s

definitely time for us to get back out there and can us some Red Dawn

stew.” “Right.” Mwezi agreed with a nod; picking up her Thompson

from its place on the TV stand. “Back to good old Granite Run it is


  • Chapter Thirteen*


“Tick, tock. Watch the clock, mothafuckers.” Jewel oozed out before

almost immediately beginning to improvise her usual run and gun

approach of blasting every single one of the Russian feline Untamed

members all the way back to kingdom come with her trusty 870; while I

just as rapidly whipped out my Thompson M1A12 and began letting

loose rounds without even giving one inch of a moment of second

thought at the bodies that soon piled before us as we strolled through the

now clear main entrance corridor and continued on down the next

hallway to what was originally known as the “Grand concourse”. Today

of all days was finally a lucky one, at least for me. I was finally given

the golden opportunity to show all of these fuckers the sweet, somewhat

passive, and overall plushy adorable little lion cub girl they thought I

was is long dead with the charred remains of my parents and a street

smart, no bullshit taking one; with the undying heart of a warrior had

now fully assumed her original place. As a young eighteen year old

captain of one of the two most feared anti-crime syndicates by rat

criminal scum all over each nook and cranny of this so called, “City of

Brotherly Love”, this was most certainly going to be one of the all-time

best fights of my entire young adult life. “Jesus Christ!” Leslie

exclaimed, holstering her pistol as we rushed forward down the next

hall. “You lions sure as hell don’t play around when it comes to some

shit like this, do ya?” “You sure as hell got that right.” I replied, taking

out a group of even more assholes right around the next corner and

meleeing one with the katana I usually carried under my denim jacket.

As we made our way through the food court area, we were yet again

approached by another slew of Chechen feline extremists belonging to

none other than the “Untamed”, only one thing about this particular

group was significantly different and a bit off in a way. The ever so

apparent ring leader who stood with his standard AK-47 carefully

trained on each of us, was undoubtedly a striped hyena; in which both

mine and my closest friend, Veronica’s eyes opened wide in instant

shock and realization. I raised my Thompson to aim down the

holographic, and was just about to unload the last of the current

magazine into his melon when Veronica rapidly and almost violently

slapped my hands down in desperation. “Let him go.” She said simply,

breathing a sigh of both frustration and relief. “He and his crew both

know we’ve definitely won… For now.” I looked at Veronica, confused

and with a creep of uncertainty slowly beginning to bubble up in the pit

of my stomach. “Jewel,” I began rather nervously. “What the fuck…?”

“…You actually know that savage?” Veronica stared aimlessly at her

feet in pure shame before giving her slow reply. “I’m so sorry to say that

I do… He’s… He’s my dad.”

_ _

  • *

Emma “Bruiser” Vardaman

Chapter One

“Bang!” I hollered, turning my right hand into the universal shape of a

pistol as I swung open the door of my old crew’s sanctuary and casually

stepped inside along with all the rest of my crew. “Left your door

unlocked again, fellow doggies. I know it’s been stated pretty clearly

once before, but what’s this, biggest mistake number two now?” “Okay,

Jenni.” Nina chuckled, as Donna and all the rest of us dapped in greeting

after locking it shut behind us. Almost just as quickly as the wry smile

and grin on her muzzle appeared, it soon vanished and was replaced with

one of meek sadness and mournful aloof. “If only she were still with

us…” She said with a long and drawn out sigh. “…She and Wolfen.”

“Me too.” I ended up sighing in return. “Me too.” Our brief moment of

silence and tranquility was suddenly diverted by a thunderous loud

booming coming from the parking area outside and my lupine ears

immediately perked up at the sound of an audibly obnoxious battle cry;

followed by the screeching of tires, as I threw open the door with my M4

at the ready and began our scoping out of the perimeter. “Aw, shit!

Fuck!” Nina exclaimed angrily at the sight of her still fairly new

convertible now up completely in flames down at the far end of the

street corner; damn near charring to a full on black crisp. My heart sank

deep into the depths of my stomach and my teeth clenched in nearly full

on anger. “Those goddamn Golden Claw piss swimmers.” Jessica

snarled. “Think they can try and dish out by pulling a fast one yet again

on us, eh? Well, they’re definitely DEAD wrong.” “Fuckin-A right.”

Sekhmet replied. “This no doubt definitely means a good old fashioned


Leslie “Isa” Thompson

Chapter Two

“Nikki, is all you do every day all day is just sit on your ass around here

and eat?” I asked, jokingly as my ocelot partner and roommate, Nikki

Galveston sat mindlessly on her little rollout bed in the corner;

practically gorging herself on a full sized bag of python jerky, all while

aimlessly polishing her toe claws with clear paint. “Oh, pipe down,

Wolfina.” She quipped in return. “You’re definitely one to talk after I’d

just seen you down two whole tins of both potted hippo and walrus

meat, and that stuff is like the nastiest shit on the planet; right up to both

of the creatures from where it originates.” “Well, what else was I

supposed to have for lunch today,” I retorted. “Other than nothin’ but a

big ass ice block staring me straight in the face when I opened up the

fridge.” Nikki only put a cynical grin on her muzzle in response as the

door buzzer and I quickly padded over, barefoot and still dressed in only

the Hystericals red beater top and gym shorts I wore strictly for

sleepwear before steadily pushing the button on the button on the

electronic deadbolt and answering it. “Sarge, what’s up?” I said, giving

the usual dap to Emma’s unusually edgy form in the doorway before

jovially inviting her inside for a quick bite and a comfortable seat on the

living room sectional. “So, what all is on your brain this top of the

morning?” I began, casually taking a sip of my morning cranberry juice.

“How’s Donna doing after we busted herp to derp pervert fully with his

pants down over at the hollowed out loony bin the other day? Hope the

indigestion he possibly caused for her wasn’t all too bad.” “Eh, that

cheetah could swallow a chunk of uranium and that still wouldn’t

irradiate her one bit.” Emma replied, dismissively waving a paw. “What

really all of our main focus right now is those damn Golden Claw boys

that have seemed to just pop back up like weeds all across town. I’m

sure you’ve already seen the headlines?” “Yeah. Those cataclysmic

bastards.” I growled. “So, what’s the plan you and Donna got for getting

rid of em?” “Kick em right straight in the nuts where it hurts.” Emma

replied simply. “There’s an old ice cream factory over on Fullerton these

assholes took over that’s now known as the head center for most of their

so called “cherry popper” operations in the dirty south side of the city.”

“Let me guess,” I quickly cut in. “We’re gonna blow it straight to shit,

aren’t we?” Emma grinned slyly in our usual wolfish way and chuckled.

“We’re damn lucky to have you on our team, Vardaman.”

Donna “Swift” Linton

Chapter Three

I watched and let out a near full on sigh of pure satisfaction and relief as

the two Dumbo Labradors guards at the main double doors of the Igloo

Falls ice cream company fell limply at my feet; leaking crimson from a

gaping walnut sized hole in each of their foreheads as the pristine result

of two direct hits from Emma’s silenced M4A1, over by a nearby fire

escape opposite to the facility. I pulled out my two way and radioed up

to her. “Shit. Don’t at all want to get on your bad side, Sarge.” I teased.

“Thanks a bunch for the assist.” “Yeah. Sure thing, bacon-Nater.” She

quipped in return. I scoffed in mock indignation. “Are ya’ll ever gonna

make like two sisters and let it go?” “Just try not to eat the whole plant

out of business as well on your way out.” She chuckled, as Jessica pried

open the heavy metal doors with one of the ice pick tools retrieved from

the van, and we steadily ambled our way inside down the nearly massive

football field long corridor toward one of the main boiler rooms on the

far right where Leslie almost immediately began to settle down and

rather eagerly primed the explosives on one of the machines. “Damn.” I

grumbled, wrapping my arms tightly around myself and shuttering

slightly. “I thought in the main power core of the overall place it would

at least be somewhat of a little toasty.” “Eh. You African species

definitely need to get out a whole lot more.” Jessica chided wryly. Leslie

smiled smugly in her own typical form of wolfish sarcasm before finally

breaking completely from her concentration and announcing, “C-more

ashes sticks in place. Time to sit back and enjoy the light show.”

“Fuckin-A, my fam.” I replied. “Let’s make like a sundae and split it.”

We dipped it down the other end of the hall toward the main exit as

swiftly as we could; dropping the approaching blood hound canines like

the bad habits they were with my MP7, before bursting quickly through

the double doors just as the whole facility soon ignited into more than a

few quick flashes of rising smoke and flames.

Donna Linton

Chapter Four

“Swift!” I heard Sekhmet’s ecstatic voice penetrating my sensitive

cheetah ears; followed by the rather harsh sound of my safe house

quarters’ door being burst open, rattling all my senses and briskly jarring

me from my deep catnap of sleep. “Damnit, Mwezi.” I groaned. “What

the hell’s gotten into now around this time of season? Don’t you know

what time it is?” She chuckled softly. “It’s only 12:50 in the afternoon.”

I let out a tired sigh and slowly began to pull myself into a sitting

position on my bed. “Okay. What’s the big OP as to where you just had

to disturb me from my afternoon stint in dreamland?” “Just come on

with me into the living room and you’ll soon see for yourself.” She

replied simply, beginning to steadily take off. I swung my legs

exhaustedly over the edge of my bed; placing the pads of my bare feet

steadily on the floor before giving myself the usual felidae stretch and

padding slowly out of my room and down the main hallway to the left. I

began to approach the mouth of the living room and recreational area

and almost instantly the very moment I did, my heart leapt with sheer

and utter joy, surprise, and all other animalistic emotions in between at

the sight of an ever more than vaguely familiar golden yellow spotted

hyena; who immediately put on her signature wry smile at the sight of

my own appearance in the room before her before uttering cynically

with a chuckle, “Donna Linton, you still look almost good enough to


Emma “Bruiser” Vardaman

Chapter Five

I awoke at about the ass crack of midnight to the ferociously loud and

rather odious rumbling of my stomach, signaling to me as usual around

this particular time of night that apparently that olive oil fried seal and

walrus omelet Mixy and Frost had gotten me to try hours earlier for

dinner wasn’t at all enough, and I had a craving right then and there at

that moment for something a little more American of my type and albeit

a little unhealthy and artery clogging, definitely a shit ton of a lot more

filling. I decided to take a little mosey on over to Jessica’s little sister

Lola’s local fast food and burger joint on Park Avenue all while I was

still conveniently dressed in my usual bra top in the colors of our equally

allied Golden Thunder Pack, before slipping on my black biker style

leather vest and slinging the shoulder strap of my M4A1 around my

rotund wolf form near the far right side corner of my bedroom. I had just

slid my toes into the pair of jet black ankle boot sandals on my nearly

always bare feet and snatched up my car keys off the nightstand, when a

casually sardonic sounding voice called out in an ever so familiar

friendly tone, “Going somewhere, Wolfina?” I stopped mid dead in my

tracks in the hallway near the front door of the clubhouse before

whipping around in surprise. “Jenni? What the hell are you also doing up

at this hour?” I asked curiously. “I thought since you hyenas are more in

relation to the felidae side that you would definitely need your plenty of

Z’s as well.” “We hyenas can be a bit of a few night owls too.” She

answered with a rather devilish smile and grin. “Which reminds me, I

could definitely use a few of them for a good late night bite right about

now.” “Well, you’re in luck.” I said. “I was just getting ready to make

my way on out the door over to good old LB’s greasy spoon. Care to

join me for a little night out?” “Sure.” Jenna replied affirmatively.

“Beats sitting around three half dead cats, two bears and one other lupine

sleeping so hard they could barely hear Xmas coming.” “Yeah. I hear ya

there.” I chuckled in response. “Let’s go ahead and make like a

wishbone and split it for a while. How long does good old Lola’s drive

thru happen to stay open around this time?”

Emma “Bruiser” Vardaman

Chapter Six

“Goddamn it, stomach!” I growled back at my own offending organ

from behind the booth, as a borage of hot lead was sent literally flying

our way from the damn near full platoon of Golden Claw foot soldiers

beginning to storm like the rear echelon fuckers they were in through the

main entrance doors of Lola’s establishment; all to her deep and utter

shock and surprise. “Why the hell couldn’t you have just waited until

dawn for breakfast?” “Too late to complain now.” Jenni replied. “Let’s

give these dickbags a good old Hystericals style warm welcome.” I

quickly unstrapped the shoulder sling of my M4 and immediately began

putting rounds fully down range alongside Jenni’s 1911, dropping a few

of the oncoming gray and red wolves with head and face shots; along

with quite more than a few shots to their chests and torsos as well which

almost just as equally and effectively eradicated their thieving and

acrimonious asses from the earth permanently. I changed magazines and

slowly rose to my feet to assure the security of Lola after deeming it

clear; only to have my heart shatter into pieces at the young sixteen year

old cougar’s desperate pleas and cries for help as I could only watch in

sheer horror as about three more Golden Claw wolf soldiers practically

shielded themselves in front of her hogtied form, shoving her into a

black and tinted van at the end of the desolate street and speeding off

into the misty black remainders of the night while Jenni and I could only

stamp our feet and cuss up and down like irate navy sailors in feelings of

pure anger and downright sickening disgust.

Jennifer “Jenni” Gisselbrecht

Chapter Seven

“You WHAT?!” Jessica nearly screamed at the top of her lungs in

almost full on cougar aggression before Mwezi and Leslie each took

turns talking back and forth with her, and placing a comforting hand on

shoulders; which in no matter what kind of shitty, ferocious mood she

was in almost seemed to never once fault in consoling her and bringing

her back fully to her overall genial and humane senses. We both waited

momentarily until she inhaled and exhaled a few shallow like breaths

and her blue green eyes finally lost their ominous glow before Emma

finally turned her gaze away from her feet and very slowly began to

restate the cold and solid truth into Jessica’s still somewhat edgy ears.

“It was my fuckup entirely, JayJay.” She admitted, her ears flattening

against her head with a sigh. “Me thinking with my fat ass gut yet again.

Jenni and I thought it was gonna be pretty much a synch, grab a burger

or two from Lola’s joint, dip out, and then share it back here. We didn’t

know at all there would be all this other extra shits and giggles brew ha

involved. I mean, Jenni did just get back more than a few hours ago

from Chicago last night; after every one of us pretty much assumed she

was dead after that little incident back at her place with the double she

had unknowingly hired. You could at least cut her a bit of slack and all,

right? She had no idea the place was a damn deathtrap any more so than

I did.” Jessica just sat there stiffly on the living room sectional, letting

the words soak in rather deeply for a moment before giving an

exasperated like sigh of her own and replying softly, “It doesn’t matter a

damn at all to me what you happened to go and do or didn’t. I could

even more so care a whole lot less. The only true point I’ll make that

does matter the absolute most is you both better make good and damn

sure that you do everything in your power you possibly can to get my

sister back; because if you don’t, I definitely will and every single one of

us around here knows just how I can be when shit starts going hard in

the paint.” “You go way over nine thousand times harder.” I answered

for her. “We know, Jess. We’ll take care of it.” “Good.” She replied,

turning to head for the door. “I need a bit of a vacay for a while to clear

my noggin. Our good old Dingo girl from Chinatown will be on over

here soon to temporarily take my place. I’m sure ya’ll no doubt

remember her, right?”

Mwezi Sekhmet Desoto

Chapter Eight

Donna brought the car down to a slow and steady turtle like creep as she

made the brief left turn onto Briton Avenue and ever so discreetly began

to ease us inside the main gate of the parking lot entrance to the Norfolk

and Atlantic Railway’s Wilsmere Yard, just across the river a few ways

or so in the area of our almost entirely much sleepier concrete jungle

neighbor of Wilmington, Delaware. It was here that one of my most

sincere and neighborhood friends become lover now worked full time as

a prominent locomotive engineer for this particular company; after the

many or so occasions back in our cubhood we would both do almost

nothing but blabber constantly on and on about the subject matter, and

just simply trains in general instead of the usual stereotypical female

banter over headstrong males, pedicures, and all that other mumbo

jumbo shit. Since we both shared pretty much innate first-hand

experience on railroads; what with her great grandad working as a

brakeman way back in the 1960s to early 90s days of the original B&O,

and my mother being a fireman for the present day’s Cumbres and

Toltec back in New Mexico, we often spent much of our time trackside

by the NA’s aptly named Philly Subdivision; in which Greystripe’s

place was in direct walking distance of, instead of the “usual” feminine

like activities of dolls, claw painting, and tea parties. “Sekhmet.” I heard

her coarse but tender sweet sounding tone call out. “Sekhmet!” She

called out again, even rougher; only this time, I felt a sudden jolt and

shaking of my left shoulder before I turned abruptly to see Donna in the

driver’s seat to my left looking at me deeply with a look of pure concern.

“Sekh, you conscious?” She asked, a small sliver of worry etching her

tone. “Get back in the game, girl. We’re here.” “Huh? O-oh, right.” I

stammered, quickly pushing my thoughts once again into the back

corner of my mind and cocking my new gold plated desert eagle as I

stepped out. “Let’s see where these monsters are trying to take our good

little flower bomb, Lola.”

Mwezi Sekhmet Desoto

Chapter Nine

I assumed my usual position as captain up front; alongside my fellow

commanding officers, Emma and Donna, along with Leslie and the rest

of the bold and stately Hystericals pride as we steadily and carefully

inched our way across the tracks of the Norfolk and Atlantic’s majestic

beast of Wilsmere Yard and mainline to and from Philly at nearly

around sundown in the late evening. We had been discreetly searching

the nooks and crannies of nearly every boxcar and open door autorack

stationed there for countless hours on end for any and all possible signs

of our fellow brethren’s kin, but sadly to no avail. “About how far in

ahead have we been all this time?” Donna asked, exhaustedly with a

sigh. Lauren Rakoff pulled back the right sleeve on her denim jacket and

took a glance down at her wrist watch. 7:59 PM. “A hell of a long way

past dinner.” The Aussie Dingo sighed in return as her stomach began to

rumble loudly on cue. “Amen to that, sister.” Emma responded, her own

stomach letting out a near and equally ferocious growl in response. “I

could definitely go for a good old fashioned cheesesteak sub along with

a cream cheese bagel or two right about now.” “Must I remind you

rather gently again that it was indeed your voracious appetite that ended

up getting us directly into this jam in the first place?” Leslie chimed in,

half way on the borderline of all seriousness and her usual dosage of

wolf style humor and jocularity. “Oh, pipe down, ‘mother’.” She

snapped playfully before the not so distant crossing signal blasts of a

K5LA horn and the low, steady rumble of what sounded like GEVO

prime movers began to knife through the still dusk silence along with the

typical binging of an E-bell. About another minute or so later, two

striking ET44ACs dressed elegantly in the candy apple red and gray

colors of their owner, NA, purred in with a short consist of what looked

to be a local or second extra of some sort on the near track closest to our

left. My heart almost immediately began quicken in pace, as I knew

good and damn well our cover was now more than blown then and there.

My new caretaker and housemate, Aunt Nikki, happened to know quite a

few of the dicks and other staff working on this division of the railroad,

and even at some point after a twelve career of her own at a department

in South Carolina, was a train crew member herself along with Leslie for

Illinois Northern down in Chicago. She sure as shit would not at all be a

happy kitty to find out any of us were deliberately trespassing, and

especially well without a warrant in Leslie’s case. The cab door of the

lead engine opened slowly, and to my overall shock, surprise, and

somewhat sense of small relief, the ever so familiar tigress whom I grew

up to know and deeply love revealed her full on appearance to me with

an obnoxiously loud, “Hey!” in mock exasperation, as my dearly

beloved mate, Jeena McCree.

Emma “Bruiser” Vardaman

Chapter Ten

“Jesus, erm…Emma,” Sekhmet’s lovely girlfriend, Jeena McCree

quipped as I let out a content but rather un she-wolf like belch as I

pushed open the double doors of Monroe’s on the corner of 4th and

Truman, and back to our ride in the lot. “I thought you were damn near

gonna swallow up the whole establishment with the way you wolfed

everything down.” “Well, hey, what else can I say?” I chuckled. “I was

starving after all.” “She comes up with the exact same spiel every damn

time.” Sekhmet laughed along with Jeena, shaking her head. “Hey,

whataya say we go ahead and hit the sack now with Jenni and all the rest

of the guys over at the clubhouse? I’m spent.” “On second thought,” I

suggested. “JayJay’s been hella mute for a good long while ever since

that little staycation of hers she decided to go on. Maybe we should go

and see how business is booming over at her little crib.” “Eh, I’m pretty

sure she’s busy jamming to the next O-EZ album or something. Let’s go

ahead and cruise.” “I don’t know, Sekh.” I answered, a little uneasy as I

took the wheel of her banana yellow Cobra. “Something definitely just

feels a little bit off; like it’s not really sitting right with me, ya know?”

“Probably just indigestion finally starting to catch up with you.” Jeena

laughed. I sighed playfully, turning steadily onto Falls Church Road.

“You know, you’re starting to sound a hell of a lot like Leslie.” We

arrived rather shortly in front of Jessica’s old five story complex and

began padding our way up the stairs to the fourth floor at room 419;

where immediately my primal senses kicked into instant overdrive. A

deadly and unearthly silence filled the atmosphere of the room from the

outside, and the mountain lion’s vaguely familiar scent of Ocean Breeze

shampoo; with only a hint of California style designer perfume was now

just barely above the sense of a slight aroma in the still, midnight air of

the room. About the only other ambiance in the area around us were the

rhythmic beats of my own heart along with the hearts of Sekhmet and

Jeena standing closely by my side, getting a good scoping out of the

situation at hand for themselves as well before contemplating on a next

move. Sekhmet gave one last set of knocks on the door, but

unfortunately, as I sensed and predicted, there was still not at all any

form of response. There was only one more card left present at that time

for all of us to play. My instinct then screamed at me to try the door, and

to my utter shock and surprise, it opened with only a slight twist of the

knob. As scary and street smart JayJay had always more than constantly

been about this particular neighborhood and other hotspots around the

city, she had never once even thought about leaving her door unlocked

for anyone. Weapons drawn, we each filled in one by one and slowly

began to search every nook and cranny of the place for our dear friend,

but with hearts heavier than a sinking stone, we turned up empty handed

with absolutely nothing but a small slip of yellow scrap paper taped to

the top corner of her refrigerator door.

Penny Tawret

Chapter Eleven

I sat around casually at the kitchen table with Donna and Jenni back at

the clubhouse, kicking back with my feet propped up on the table in

front of me in one of the little padded Birchwood chairs and serenely

gulping down a little late night snack of a few dozen boxes of strawberry

donuts and Sarsaparilla while shooting the shit as usual with my new

and friendly crew of the Hystericals; in which I was now the very first

African American Hippopotamus to proudly be a part of after spending

nearly two and a half years running with the local Haitians over in the

“East Point” district of Lordstown. I was just smack dab in the middle of

making a few random quips here and there with Donna about Sekhmet

and that tiger girlfriend of hers she’s been getting lovey dovey with all

too often before, speak of the devil, the front door nearly burst open off

its hinges and in rushed both Sekhmet and Emma frantically up the two

steps leading into the living quarters area and directly toward all three of

us in the main dining area. “What’s wrong, ladies?” I asked, putting on a

sheepish grin. “You both look as if you’ve just seen a hippo out in the

grass or something. Well, not much grass here unfortunately, but

definitely more than right on the hippo part.” I took another swallow of

the last remaining donut in the box. “Very funny, Penny.” Sekhmet

began. “But, Emma and I here can definitely assure you that this is no

doubt not at all a laughing matter, and that better not have been our last

pack of sweets you just guzzled down, box and all.” “Relax. I have

plenty more where that came from.” I assured. “Now, what all seems to

be the big dealio here?” There was a long and sudden pause, and Sarge

and Sekhmet began to exchange a few nervous glances with each other

momentarily before Jenni waved a hand of her own and kindly urged

them both on. Emma gradually began to stammer out the five deeply gut

wrenching words, “Jessica… she… She’s been kidnapped.”

Mwezi Sekhmet Desoto

Chapter Twelve

“Fuckin-A!” Nina exclaimed as Jenni slowly pushed open the door to

the good old Golden Thunder Pack sanctuary over on Acker Street. “Do

my eyes dare deceive me?” “Always still leaving your door unlocked as

usual, huh, doggies?” Jenni quipped in her usual hyenadae way. Before

she could ever dream of uttering another word, she was suddenly

engulfed in the cuddly warm embrace of a vice grip hug from the just as

equally stacked German shepherd, showing a very rarely present softie

side as tears of utter joy and happiness began streaming from her eyes

onto the fur and spots of her left shoulder, and her body shuttered into a

fit of nearly choking sobs before she ever so quickly straightened up and

turned to slowly greet myself and the rest of my crew. “Good old

Sekhmet.” Nina said, beginning to slowly extend out her right paw

which I immediately slapped honorably in dap and gave her a sisterly

clap on the shoulder. She then turned her attention to Wendy, posted

silently like the python version of a Medjay warrior next to Donna and

Emma on my left. “And who’s this beautiful hippo Mountain-laurel?”

“Penny Tawret.” Penny casually introduced, extending her right hand.

“My friends call me Tara. A pleasure to meet and serve with you guys.”

“Ah, the persistent type.” Nina replied, slapping Penny’s hand in

recognition and giving it a firm shake. “I like it. We had another girl in

our ranks named Jewel who had almost the very exact A-type kind of

personality. Sadly, she ended up completely fucking us over in the end

though, and Mixy here nearly buried her sorry ass alive. Thank Isis the

rest of the cops Les and JayJay work with managed to haul her outta

there lickity split. Sekh here herself looked just about an inch of trigger

pressure away from totally lioning out.” “Yeah. I can only imagine.”

Penny replied as my stomach churned and twisted in knots at the

memory. A loud rumble suddenly split the air, and almost instantly

Penny looked down at her own stomach and automatically knew it was

hunger, due to being so damn near tuckered out from our outing and

discovery last night she had completely skipped out on both breakfast

and brunch. An impish grin began to form on Nina’s muzzle at Penny

and the sound of her stomach’s racket outburst and she was just

beginning to refer she and I over to some leftover carrot cake from

Lola’s sweet sixteen on the nearby kitchen counter, before an ever so

familiar and neurotic sounding battle cry sounded from somewhere in

the lot outside, followed by a series of thunderous pops from an apparent

AR-15 with bullets careening into the clubhouses all bullet proof

exterior as we all simultaneously drew our weapons and carefully began

to wend our way through the shadows of mid daylight around the

backyard garden to deal with these Blood Hound leach fuckers head on

and definitely give them more than a taste of their own sickening


Penny Tawret

Chapter Thirteen

A majority of the entire break of mid-day was shredded with the many

pops, pings, whirs, and whizzes of oncoming bullets lighting up the

steadily fading skies, and careening audibly into the nearby bullet proof

fence covering on the side of our allies’ home base; in which we just

about struggled to keep our heads down while being firmly pressed up

against. No matter how many of these ass clowns Sekhmet and I and

along with all the rest of my home girls put down, it seemed like a whole

other slew would almost immediately just pop back up right in their

original places like wildflowers or weeds. I had decided it was finally

time to end their little game and ever so discreetly fished my cell phone

out of my right jeans pocket, quickly bringing up the disruptor app I had

always used more than countless times for many unholy situations such

as this. The very second after my thumb hit the intended button on the

screen, the fireworks show almost instantaneously came to an abrupt

stop and both the canine wolves of the Blood Hounds and all the rest of

my own crew along with the affiliated GTP, all looked up in pure

surprise and confusion as the Blood Hound foot soldiers struggled to put

out a slew of even more rounds from the chambers of their guns, but to

no avail. Just when they were all the least expectant of whatever was

bound to come next, that’s when I made my move. I rushed forward at

lightning quick hippopotamus speed and just as rapidly snatched up the

lead lieutenant of the Blood Hounds pack, snapping his neck seemingly

without so much as an ounce of pure effort before tossing away his limp

form into the side of their nearby van, and continuing to get right to

work on all the rest of them just as Sekhmet stepped in, claws swinging

along with Frost and all the rest of the troop. When the smoke cleared,

we took a bit of a breather after Sekhmet finally called an, “At ease” and

steadily began to retreat back into the comfort of the GTP safe house to

regain our bearings. “Wait a sec.” I said, pausing right before the door;

looking around. “Where’s Mix?”

Penny “Garrote” Tawret

Chapter Fourteen

“I swear this shit better be good, Jewely.” I grumbled, leading my crew

into the dimly lit storage room of the old freight warehouse and depot in

all Mafia territory of the L’Enfant Plaza district. “Sekhmet and I here

had to completely skip out on our usual wine and dine buffet, and

believe you, me, we can indeed grow more than a little skittish when

we’re both starving.” “Don’t worry about it.” Veronica replied, fully

revealing her striped hyena form in the swivel style office chair behind

her stainless steel desk. “I’ll try to speed up this little settlement here

nearly as veloce and timeless as I can; plus with a few little incentives

sometime afterwards.” “You damn well better.” Sekhmet almost

growled in reply. “You still owe us more than big time for how bad you

fucked us over and nearly tried to kill your own kin here.” She motioned

with her hand towards Jenni who scowled even more ferociously at

Veronica in return; her two by four thick arms folded vindictively across

the equally bulging muscles of her chest and stomach. “Hey, I already

got enough of an earful from my boys here in little Italia after they paid

well over a fortune to spring my ass from holding.” Veronica grumbled

in defeat. “So, cut a cuz some slack for once; hence the word

‘settlement’. Now, as for your little problem with the Blood Hounds, I

believe we can most certainly come to a more equally fair trade on that

particular subject matter as well.” “And just how is that so?” Leslie

asked, her eyebrow ridges narrowed. “Yay.” Veronica stated simply.

“And lots of it that these fucktards are more than deliberately slinging on

mine and my boys’ turf; without so much as a single and small fee for

haulage rights and dues up front first. Aunt Les, you, Penelope, and

Jenni here along with my good pal Emma here look like you four are

particularly just the right species and statures I’m looking for with this

here particular job. If you can manage to get through and collect all

what’s owed from this little shrimp lipped cream cake, my boys and I

will be forever in your debt for any and all eternity. Just simply whistle

and whatever you could possibly want in this world, it’ll be yours;

guaranteed for more than a lifetime.” “Seriously?” I laughed, struggling

with all my might to keep from dying at the “scary” mugshot style photo

of the Blood Hounds lieutenant, Gladys Underdown; who out of all the

many living beings on the planet turned out to be a gray squirrel. “THIS

is the supposed ‘big and bad’ OG you’re turning us and our crew on? I

can just as easily dunk her in my morning coffee and be done with him

by sunrise.” “Yeah.” Jenni chuckled in return. “If she could at least be

even the slightest bit filling to pass up as an appetizer.” Her stomach

grumbled as if to further reinforce her words. Veronica ginned smugly in

response. “La pace con voi la mia sorella.” She saluted as we slowly

turned and headed out the main entrance doors to our whip out in the

parking lot.

Chapter Fifteen

Penny “Ellie” Tawret

I careened the heads of the final two Pitbull Blood Hound guards

together in the main floor show room of the privately owned casino

across the local section eight area of downtown, before just as quickly

turning my attention to the little old rodent hag trying to cower all silent

like in the corner to my left. Jenni and the rest of us began ever so

steadily approaching her. “You…” I said, extending a finger on my right

hand. “No…” She said, breathily; in almost a low whisper. “You…!” I

growled again, gradually increasing my tone. “Do you have any possible

idea what we do to little fucks like you who not only shit on us, but

better yet, our own business partners as well?” She began to breath

rather rapidly like a panting Acela locomotive after a 150 mile an hour

run before stammering out, “I-I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t know… I-… I

just go by the usual code of the street and only do whatever the man at

the literal golden throne says.” “Really now,” Sekhmet cut in. “That’s

not what my old pal Veronica Farley of the Italians says.” “Oh, fuck

her.” Gladys snapped. “What the hell does she know? She ain’t no

whop. She a red, and always will be a red. They all bleed the same no

matter what.” “As with all living creatures on this planet earth, my

friend.” Sekhmet replied, grinning sadistically and was just about to

make a swipe of her claws at the squirrel’s throat when the padded hand

of yet another all too familiar scaly hand reached in from behind and

almost immediately snatched up the old wirily looking squirrel like a

groundball before a shrill scream echoed from her lips; followed by an

audible gulp from somewhere off in the shadows of the darkened shill

stage. The clicking of sandaled feet and reptilian toenails thudded on the

stage floor in steady, rhythmic steps and two pairs notable blue green

and golden brown orbs shown elegantly before I instantly had even more

than a simple clue or idea on just who it was. “Read it and weep, gals.”

Everyone’s favorite ball python of the group, Wendy Lucier piped up in

recognition; before unsuccessfully attempting to suppress a burp with

the fist of her right hand. “Damn. Heartburn… Look what cat just

decided to finally drag herself in with me, and thankfully not hogtied

and gagged. Where the hell you been, JayJay?” “Had a few ‘things’ here

and there to take care of down at division.” Jessica replied with her arm

draped around the snake’s stocky built frame and shoulders. She turned

her gaze briefly over to Jenni. “Finally managed to convince a certain

someone to work alongside all of us on this case involving Lola.” “Ah,

yes. That’s my old man for ya.” Jenni chuckled. “Stubborn as a fucking

mule, but still a good roundabout guy nonetheless.” “No doubt.”

Sekhmet, agreed with a nod before picking up the dufflebag to my left.

She glanced down at her wristwatch. “Anybody wanna make a stop for a

little Koshari or rat shish kabob on the way back to make the drop off?”

I inquired as my stomach began to growl along with Donna’s to my left.

“We’ve still got more than plenty of time to kill and do whatever else

with.” “Sure. I’m game.” Sekhmet casually acknowledged. “Whatever.”

Donna chuckled, bounding out through the exit doors behind me. “At

least ya’ll can finally put those lame duck jokes to bed about me doing

all the eating around here.”

  • Chapter Sixteen*

Wendy Wadjet Lucier

“So, where’re ya really from, Emma?” I asked, wolfing down nearly two

whole dinner plates of fresh river rats, a few field mice, and a scarily

huge eastern mountain type spider as we sat serenely and lazily around

our usual spot at the food court table back at the old Granite Hill mall

fortress slash sanctuary. Emma rather noisily gulped down her own

pretty good sized plate of meatloaf and grilled chicken breast and

pondered for a brief moment before giving her full response to my

query. “Tell ya the truth,” She sighed awfully heavy. “I’m actually just a

nerdy wolf girl from the Columbia suburbs.” “No shit!” I piped up in

response. “Columbia, Maryland?!” She nodded slowly in confirmation.

A wild and ecstatic grin began to suddenly spread from ear to ear across

my muzzle. “Dude, you’re fucking with me, right? Me and my bud

Penny used to roll with each other in the same hood there. What school

did you attend, if any?” “Long Reach High. Class of fifteen.” “I’ll be

damned. So, you were that one quiet canine of the bunch I used to

always sit somewhere off in the back corner with in all my Math and

Music classes.” “Sadly, yes.” She sighed again in reply. “Story of my

life, huh?” “Eh, don’t sweat it, girl.” I reassured with a dismissive wave

of my hand. “I wasn’t really all that of what you could call a ‘Sunday

headline’ snake myself; in fact, I’m very sorry to say I know exactly just

how it feels to seemingly be the odd one out.” “Yeah… Tell me about

it.” She said, scarfing down the rest of her meal before Penny and the

others to my left suddenly stood, cramming her cell phone into the

pocket of her scruffy but stylish faded glory style jeans. “Sorry to

interrupt your little dinner date here, ladies,” She cut in. “But, we

apparently got ourselves a bit of a little situation a brewin involving our

old Italian groupies around the corna. Looks like we goin to war, kin.

Blood in and blood out.” “Moja kwa wote!” We all chanted in unison

before locking and loading our heat, and racing out to the parking lot to

our usual jet black Stallion parked in the lot out front.

  • Chapter Seventeen*

Penny Tawret

I was immediately straight back into my old game of almost literally pile

driving motherfuckers through the concrete and whatever elsewhere as

me, Donna, Leslie, and my two other lieutenants, Lauren and Sekhmet;

in which she rather graciously turned over to me her honorable position

as overall captain of the liberation, pushed our troop forward through the

seemingly incredulous thicket of fighting back at the Mafia’s old

warehouse in the good old south side L’Enfant district. Apparently, the

good old boys known as the so called, “Blood Hounds” had called upon

a few of their own good homies of the local D-Boys next door to try and

drop an even heavier bit of a sticking load on top of us, but we were

more than primed and prepared. I burst through the main entrance door

into the storage office just in time to find Veronica slouching lazily

behind her desk as if business as usual with a couple of Lynx guards

turning their heads on a swivel as we strode in. “More than six figures,

just as we agreed.” I said, quickly tossing her the bag. “Try not to go all

Mike Tyson with it.” “You really know how to drive a hard bargain

there, don’t you, my corpulent compadre?” She said, giving me a loving

tap on the shoulder. “I like that.” “Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” I answered,

dismissively. “Let’s just blow this shit show and get back to our crib

before even more of those clowns decide to rear their gorilla ugly

heads.” “Amen to that, my sista.” Veronica chuckled, as she and two of

her mobster groupies steadily began to turn and follow us out. “Let us

slowly come to terms on yet another equally good method in the form of

a small ‘down payment’.”

  • Chapter Eighteen*

Penny “Ellie” Tawret

I kicked back placidly on bed, munching equably on a decent sized bowl

of assorted berries and such Veronica and I had taken a nice stroll down

to the local market district to pick out before turning in rather early for

the night with the rest of the guys back at the clubhouse at around 7:46

that evening. Veronica lay still and as stiff as a board with her right arm

draped lovingly around my lower chest and stomach as she dozed rather

peacefully for a good while until a sudden shift and straightening up in

position on my part lightly stirred her, and she yawned groggily before

sitting up herself. “What a day, huh?” She smiled, breathing a long sigh

of gratuitous relief. “Reminds me almost exactly of the very first day I

moved here after spending damn near days on end chatting with you on

the net over that one particular site. Hmm… Tweeters, if I’m not

mistaken.” “Yes indeedy.” I nodded, snuggling a few inches closer and

turning my head ever so slightly before looking her deep in her crystal

blue orbs in order to pop the main question bearing heavily on my

constantly racing mind for nearly weeks to months on end since I began

reuniting and making full on contact with her once again. “Why did you

ever leave the cuz’s and I hangin out to dry like that though? As much as

they’ve done for you, as much as they’ve done for me, and for all the

living creatures of this city; good or not, don’t you think what you

happened to turn around and do was all but a little bit fucked up in itself

all the slightest?” “Tell ya the truth, hon,” She began. “All that shit I

used to say up and down that my father and I were Russian, I lied; bold

faced and moronically. I was born and raised in B-more and at the time,

my mother; Sekhmet rest her weary soul in peace was struggling to

make ends meet at the time to support me, all while having a few

skeletons in her own closet of screwing random males on the street here

and there and practically selling part of her very soul to both Set and

Apep like some cheap hash on Jinglewood. She met up with a dog

named Cody one day, and come to find out he was actually the full on

founder of what would soon turn out to be the one bad apple crew that

started it fucking all.” “That slippery mofo.” I sighed a bit angered in

return. “Jessica always told me that dickish rattlesnake had more than ill

intentions all the way back from when she was at the very start, but she

could never bring herself fully to the light and get the given chance and

opportunity to shine it fully on his arrogance and full on true ugly side.

Until now.” At that moment, the door to my room suddenly burst open

almost off its hinges and Sekhmet burst in wearing nothing but her usual

night bra and sleeping shorts before desperately crying out, “Penelope!

Jewel! To the living room quick! You’re really not gonna fucking

believe this shit!” I sprung up as quick and nimbly as any hippopotamus

possibly could to my bare feet and padded swiftly down the night

darkened corridor of the hall to the rec area where everyone was huddled

in a rather kindergarten style fashion around the television with the news

headline “Homeland Domestic Terrorists Torture Sixteen Year Old

Cougar. Live Coverage.” My heart sank and immediately began to

quicken in pace when the bag was black burlap bag was removed from

the young mountain lion’s head and Jessica nearly had a full on rage and

panic attack right then and there when it was confirmed that it was

indeed her own sister, Lola displayed in full bruised and bloody glory

right there on national fucking TV. My own bit of full on hippo rage

began to slowly set in along with the ever more uncomfortable feeling of

indigestion for which I had to quickly scarf down a packet of Sekhmet

knows how old pack of milkweed flavored poptarts in order to null the

acids in my churning stomach for what occurred next. A large buck

knife appeared on screen and the next thing I knew both Sekhmet and

Jessica herself were both making a straight dash for the nearest

receptacle they could find to empty their own guts as a sickening

gurgling sounded before the broadcast had completely lost all video feed

and I had just now flipped my shit.

  • Chapter Nineteen*

  • Kinly Feud*

Wendy Badjet Lucier

“Damn, girl!” My lovely hippopotamus best friend of ten years, Penny

Elaine Tawret exclaimed suddenly, flashing a somewhat wicked wry

grin. “With all those disgusting sludge ball snails you’ve been gorging

yourself on all this time; which Sekhmet knows how the hell you could

possibly call food, you’ll already have a case of indigestion even more

massive than the desert bar all the rest of the guys are serving for all of

Mixy’s folks and all upfront.” “Sister girl,” I said, in between guzzling

down another full plate from the platter in front of me. “We ball pythons

have always had more than a knack for doing this shit ever since you

weren’t nothing more but a little hippie runt peeing in your diapers our

wherever else you did that business at. Can’t believe any of ya’ll haven’t

heard them say Philadelphia is where all the good ass eats are at.”

“Yeah. And hella artery clogging; especially for we hippos at that.”

Penelope retorted with a dark sounding chuckle. I playfully rolled my

eyes in mock indignation just as Jenni and all the rest of the crew

swaggered on over from the front of the club’s entrance and began

gently clearing her throat to speak. “Alright,” She proceeded, just as all

the other murmuring from the huge queen of the Nile style crowd around

her steadily died down. “Before we begin tonight’s rather somber

embracing of the two new unfortunate sunsets upon us in these new and

darkened times, let me at least take one moment to address the literal

hippo of the room.” She motioned with the hand holding the mic to

Penny in the booth beside me. “This lovely young pottamus more than

fortunately got to see the no longer tender age of twenty today, so I

really do believe that she deserves equally as many accolades as all of us

combined here in this great movement.” There was a sea of applause,

and Penny stood briefly, hugging both Jenni and me before gently taking

a seat back down in our booth along with her striped hyena mate

Veronica Farley. “Now, I think it’s time we move on to the main issue

while we’re really here.” Jenni went on. “And for that, I will now turn

the mic over to one of our very special she-wolves of the group, Miss

Emma Vardaman.” Jenni stepped down from her position off the main

stage, and was just make the handoff to Emma when a sudden and

booming voice called out from behind Donna and Jessica, “There she is!

That’s that mafucker right there!” Emma along with all the rest of us in

the whole group and crowd whipped our heads around at the abrupt and

disturbing outburst to see a tall and damn near heavily built older

mountain lion about Jessica’s same coloration and all, but with chest and

stomach muscles completely the size of cantaloupes; which were no

doubt a hell of a lot more stacked in comparison to Jessica’s standard six

pack and clearly visible with his simple outfit of nothing but scruffy

jeans and flip flops. “Uncle Tony, please, not now.” Jessica nearly

pleaded, raising up a hand silently after in consolation. Her uncle almost

seemed to take no notice. “Nah! Wait a minute, goddamn it! This fat

doggie bitch right here just caused the full on bloody death of my more

than sweet little cubbie niece, your fucking sister for Sekhmet’s sake!

Have you no mercy on your soul at all to want justice and all for her?”

“Now, you wait just a goddamn minute right there, motherfucker!”

Penny said, springing to her feet faster than I had ever seen any other

hippo like her move in all my life. “Emma Vardaman has been nothing

but damn fucking good to me and all the rest of the communities we

prominently serve since I first held my mutt, busting my ass in this gang

against creatures like you and all these other snail-brained sellout

motherfuckers who wanna try and keep us by the good old girl system.

Well, let me tell you, asshole: if you don’t get the fuck out of here within

the next twelve to thirteen seconds, I will personally cool your hot shit

wannabe ass down before you even have the slightest fuck of a chance

of getting down to below zero.” Tony Burdell narrowed his eyes. “You

wouldn’t…” He growled. “Not in front of the only flesh and blood I got

left.” “You wanna try me?” Penny said, taking a step or two closer with

her fists clenched so tightly I thought she was gonna end up breaking

each and every one of her own fingers. Hesitantly, after what seemed

like many moments on end, Tony just about swallowed all his pride and

pig headedness right then and there at that moment, and turned on his

heels quick as a bullet to begin storming out of the club. He turned

around to begin uttering something, but I guess had seen Flint

Gisselbrecht, Jenni’s police commissioner father who glared daggers at

him along with his daughter, and then slammed the two double doors

behind him.

  • Chapter Twenty*

  • Aftermath*

Leslie “Isa” Thompson

We all sat around and at least tried to enjoy the rest of our shalom style

feast and other festivities of the passing ceremony just before the funeral

on Sunday next week, but I just couldn’t at all shake the sinking feeling

deep in the acids of my stomach about Emma and how I watched her

reservedly sit off in a far corner booth of the main dining hall, chowing

nearly endlessly down on the various assortment of meats, seafood’s,

and anything else that wasn’t tied down with chains in front of her, and

not in the way that both Wendy and I or all the rest of the girls had

originally thought of or even expected. It was very much like a stab with

a smoldering steak knife to my heart to see her so shitily down in the

dumps like this, and if I ever saw that pig slop of an excuse for an uncle

of Jessica’s ever again in life, Penny and I both were personally going to

make his our own specialty brand of a reality style hell. I was just about

to drop by and maybe at least make an attempt to dig deeper into her

emotions in search of a resolution before Flint Gisselbrecht briefly

swaggered into view and a look of pure consideration and concern

appeared on his usually friendly and carefree spotted hyena face as he

approached me and Penny’s booth. “Everything kosher here, ladies?” He

inquired intuitively. I nodded, shaking his hand. “Oh yeah, yeah. It’s all

good over here on the flipside, Commissioner Gisselbrecht. Thanks so

much for putting all this together for us all here.” He chuckled in

response. “No need for all the formalities, Leslie.” He smiled. “Any

friends and family of Jenni and her brother, who unfortunately is also no

longer here with us today is no doubt even more than a kin of mine.”

Wendy and I both nodded considerably in return, and I decided to pop

the main question plaguing my brain for nearly the last thirty minutes or

so that seemed to just whizz on by. “Is there anything you can possibly

work out for our stewardess team leader, Emma here? I mean, that

bastard’s still out there; my gut knows he is. And it also tells me that if

he sees any of us other than his own out there on the street, it’s sure as

hell not gonna be pretty. You think you can maybe, I don’t know, put in

a nail of at least some kind of formal separation.” Flint let out a

pondering sigh. “Well, about the only thing all three of us could do on

our own is bring him in on charges for disorderly conduct, but really it’s

up to Jessica herself to see if she whether or not wants to have the

restraining put on him and sign the documents and all. I’ll see what I can

do.” He laughed a little, glancing back over to my right. “As for now,

you might wanna try and keep your lupine friend over there from

wolfing out and completely swallowing more than just the entire roast

duck stand up front.”

Chapter Twenty One

  • They Call Me Miss Pottamus*

Penny Elaine Tawret

I lay quietly at my mate’s side in my bed, enjoying an equable and

tranquil slumber; digesting all the more than plentiful good food from

the previous banquet hours early in which Mr. Inbred coon had to march

his simpleton welling ass right on in there and nearly ruin the whole

damn thing for not only Emma and all the rest of the fam and I, but also

the two even more well respected members of the fallen; whom would

damn well be rolling in their graves right about now to hear some kind

of markish shit going on on their commemoration day. Leslie and I both

damn near had to fight just to keep poor Emma from fully wolfing out

on just about everybody within two feet of her; already having more

than a lengthy history of bullying and ridicule in the past similar to my

many years all through middle school and beyond as really one of the

few hippopotamus students at the time in that particular area of the state

of Maryland. I was just barely drifting off deep into dreamland when I

began to hear the soft and steady sound of feet pads thumping rather

quickly towards my bedroom and Leslie suddenly appeared in the dim

light of my door way; wearing nothing but a mildly damp towel and silk

nightcap, due to just having showered about thirteen minutes ago before

hitting the sack herself. “Oh, shit. Uh, Penn. You better come quick.

You’re not gonna damn near believe who just decided to show their

scandalous face right outside our front door.” I popped up like a toaster

strudel along with Veronica to my feet, not even bothering at all to put

on my sandals as I practically powerwalked to the front door and

mightily threw it the fuck open. “Now, my friend right here already told

you,” Leslie began with pure annoyance beginning to each her usual

calm and docile motherly tone. “If you showed up here or anywhere else

where we stay and started acting a fool again, there were going to be a

hell of a lot more than just a few problems. What the fuck kind of

example are you for a true darling angel like Jessica or Lola anyway?”

“More than you will ever know, dogberry.” Tony spat. “I’m tired of

having another low life commoner get all up in my face and try and tell

_me _ all how to run my life when the whole deal is, you don’t know the

fucking half of it.” “Boy, I’m warning you right here and now.” I

informed, taking a few steps forward. “If you don’t get to stepping

within the next two seconds, your bag of nickel ass is gonna be nothing

but a speck of red paint here right along the inner coating of this wall.”

“Make my day, pottamus.” He spat again, and this time fucking literally.

I took a tiny bit of the watery gob off the top of my muzzle and slowly

began to lather it over the joint bones of my clenched fingers. “That’s

Miss Pottamus to you, snail brain.” I said with almost a sudden laugh as

my arm jut out like a stray bullet and landed with more than direct

impact against the mountain lion’s left temple. He dropped like a sack of

bricks to the outer living room floor, and at that very moment, Leslie’s

stomach let out a growl and a grand idea began to pop almost instantly

into both of our craniums. “Fuck the restraining order.” Leslie agreed

with her stomach’s request. “Go ahead and relax yourself with a bit

more shuteye, now. Mama wolf’s about to rustle up a little something

here for her midnight snack.”

Donna “Swift” Linton

  • Spiralcynical*

Chapter One

As usual, I was awakened by the loud and rambunctious growling of my

stomach at the typical time of about five or six AM early the next

morning. I steadily pushed off the comforter and wearily heaved myself

to my feet, padding silently into the kitchen and throwing open the

fridge for my usual breakfast of a few gazelle legs, some elephant trunk,

and a few nice slices of warthog bacon here and there; only to find

barely even the slightest sliver of what could so called be considered as a

crumb, and even my favorite orange cream soda along with just about all

the milk and every flavor of Kool-Aid under the sun we had could now

too be declared long gone with the wind. My stomach complained

noisily again in impatient annoyance, and I silenced it with a hand

before letting out an equally indignant sigh of my own along with it.

Emma must have been damn near more than out of it last night that she

had managed to completely bust the digital lock on the refrigerator door

and immediately went yet again roaring through every little morsel of

food that wasn’t chained down to a frozen lamp pole in sight. Damn.

And I had the original audacity to think that Penny and Wendy packed

away a good majority of the snacks along with our good old mama she-

wolf, Leslie. And, speak of the devil, as if they had somehow just heard

the very mentioning of their names from beyond death’s cousin, both

Penny and Leslie began steadily strolling around the corner of the

hallway corridor straight toward the rec room area and kitchen, talking

almost endlessly about ratchet internet pics while sharing the occasional

hyenadae style of laugh and then almost instantly stopping dead in their

tracks and breaking nearly immediately into the stance of direct attention

when they saw me. I chuckled genially. “Now, ya’ll know you don’t

have to do all that. Hell, this may be a militant group, but I’ll be damn if

it’ll be anywhere near military.” Leslie giggled comically in return.

“Yeah. I know all that by now, Speedo, but I just can never get too much

of a kick that one time you tried to completely sell out your entire soul to

set for that one role of commander in chief of the so called, ‘land of the

free’. Must not have been all that anti-military then, huh? So, what we

got for scrips here early this morning?” My stomach let out another

spastic anger filled symphony of emptiness as if on cue. “Not even the

minimalist sliver of the literal bare bones.” I sighed despondently.

“Uncle Ruckus Burdell here apparently fucked up Emma so bad last

night she wolfed out for nearly the third time in a row last night and

damn near scarfed down the whole damn fridge.” “Ah, man!” Leslie and

Penny both sighed in unison along with their own stomachs as well.

“You know, what? Check this here.” Penny suggested, slipping on her

flip flop sandals from the side of the living room couch. “Why don’t we

take a little morning stroll by ourselves for a while and catch maybe a

flick or two down at the local Keystone theater? I’m sure they’ll be

serving extra sweet kettle corn and cracker jacks around this time of the

sunrise.” “Hell yeah. Count me in, sister.” Leslie agreed, dapping her up.

“I’ve always wanted to check out that new buddy jake comedy all the

other girls around the block seem to be yapping on rather constantly

about.” “Well, I don’t know what we’re still sittin’ around here starvin’

our asses off for.” I said, grabbing my own pair of thong sandals beside

Leslie’s brand new pair of boot heals by the front closet door. “Let’s hit

the bricks and get to rollin’.”

Chapter Two

Donna “Swift” Linton

“Broke nigga alert!” I shouted over all the other random crowd banter as

Leslie and I departed the popcorn stand of the Keystone and steadily

began to make our way toward the ever more than familiar bulky male

cheetah swaggering over from the arcade area toward our entrance into

the assigned screening room. “Well, if it ain’t my big time balla rapper

bro.” I said, jovially dapping him up and giving him some homie love

and hug. “Pretty Nicky what they still call you, or were you stuntin’ so

hard the IRS literally had to bring fifty four of their best foot soldiers to

come breakin’ down yo door, Mr. George Nicholas Linton?” “Ya know,

you hella funny, sis.” He smiled with a mighty blistering burn of his

own. “I heard all about your little stint two years ago about leavin’ the

good old sunflower state into sellout city, and so did big mama.” “Boy,

don’t be talkin’ like that in front of home girls here.” I fired back in

mock indignation. “You seriously tryin’ to get smoked?” “I ain’t

wellin’.” Nick chuckled, flashing a fanged toothy grin. “Girl, let’s just

get the three our asses on in this movie here, ya’ll.” Leslie laughed,

giving me a gentle nudge toward the raccoon at the ticket rope. “Come

on.” We made it shortly into our screening room of A108 and after the

usual bout of trailers and all for mostly shitty werewolf flicks and

sparkly feline vampires, we finally were able to kick back chillaxed in

our reclinable leather seats as Zootopia finally made its way onto the big

screen with the surround sound hella deep and hollering as usual. “Don’t

swallow the whole bag of cracker jacks there, ‘Cheetah Incredible’.” I

teased my swoll as shit brother, as he damn near downed more than a

majority of the entire forty ounce bag of caramelized corn not even

fifteen minutes into the opening credits and first few scenes of movie.

“Ay, you try livin’ in a full on estate damn near big as the dog gon’ pen

with only nuttin but stale corn flakes and some cheap knock off caviar

tryin’ to get your fill.” He laughed, sending a playful jab to my right

shoulder. I smiled wryly in acknowledgement. “Must’ve been yet

another one of your ‘broke nigga’ moments.” I teased again. “Our poor

daddy would for damn sure be rolling ten times over in his grave if he

found out how you blew the one and only sum of trust money he left you

on nothing but coupes and Koby hi-tops. I’m surprised your debt level’s

still the one and only thing that ain’t swoll aside from your ab muscles

and the stomach behind them.” “One of the many wonders of the new

age 21st century.” Penny chimed in, propping her feet up lazily on the

top of the one empty seat in front of her. Sometime during one of the

first action style scenes somewhere in the middle of the movie, I began

to develop sort of that odd sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and

my heartbeat suddenly began to become more rapid and more audible in

the drums of my ears as my cheetah instincts and innate sense of

oncoming danger began to steadily grow rampant and more than

imminent. I took a small glance over at my brother and two home girls,

and they too I could tell were almost instantly experiencing the same

exact thing. The precise reason as to why was blatantly so obvious a

dead man could shout it high up from the peaks of Mount Everest. Right,

while the rest of the action began to steadily take off in the expedition of

the film, the familiar form of yet another fellow panthera genus member,

male from the looks of it, and clocked fully from head to toe in all grim

reaper style attire, complete with full grade combat boots somehow

pulled the biggest ass chopper out from somewhere behind his jacket,

and all three of us practically slammed down on the deck as round after

round began splitting the already rambunctious atmosphere of the

screening room; along with the chorus of screams from the many other

patrons scattering around the area. The permeating iron like aroma of

blood loomed like a storm cloud in the O2 and made it rather rapidly

feel as if a good chunk of the planet had just turned into fucking Jupiter.

  • Chapter Three*

George “Pretty Nicky” Linton

The very second this literal joker took the soft metallic clicking of his

M249 fully equipped machine gun as a solid chance to reload, I picked

up on the more than golden opportunity to spring up at more than brisk

cheetah speed, slamming into the guy with the force of a freight train so

hard I could literally feel the wind being ripped right then and there out

of the both of us as we tumbled rather painfully down the stairs of the

upper level floor and near the best seats in the house down below. I

fortunately was able to come out of my slightly dazed stupor first and

belted him with a square on right hook to his muzzle, followed by a left,

and then the final countdown blow with the rock hard butt of my now

drawn Vector SP1. “Surprise, motherfucka.” I spat with my heat, trained

full and directly at the forehead half of his facemask just as my sister

and her crew rolled up. “Now, time for the all-star face reveal.” I took

full grasp and hold around the full ski mask with googles and after that

one single tug, nearly felt my heart sink the lowest of the low beyond the

depths of my stomach. “Aw, nah. Nah, nah, nah. Donnie,” I began,

shaking my head with pure and utter shame and disbelief. “That other

main groupie of yours, Sekhmet, isn’t this her girlfriend’s bruh?” “Dear

Isis and all other goddess in between.” Donna sighed deeply in

confirmation and immediately whipped out her phone along with the

she-wolf, Leslie. “Yeah, JayJay, Jenni, we’ve definitely got a whole lot

more than a big, big fucking problem.”

  • Chapter Four*

George “Pretty Nicky” Linton

“Man, either I’m trippin’ complete balls from an unknown eye or my

eyes are no doubt wellin’.” Jenni quipped, strolling vividly through the

main entrance of the main entrance doors of the Keystone theater; not

even bothering to turn her head the slightest crick of an inch to the left as

Leslie and Jessica, along with a few other twelves dragged out their four

hundred pound tiger suspect in cuffs as if he were lighter than a feather,

straight through the double doors right past her. “Pretty Nicky in the

flesh?” She nearly slammed her equally cock diesel built hyena form

into my own panthera one in a warm sibling style dap and hug. “My

nigga, I haven’t at all seen you for like twelve years since you first blew

up and moved out the Cherry Hill projects. How ya been, bruh?” I

chuckled. “Hella better than little sis over here been hangin’ that’s for

sure.” “Nigga, fuck you.” Donna laughed with a fanged tooth grin from

behind. I then greeted the rest of the crew and raised an eyebrow

suspiciously at the odd absence of one key member of the group.

“Where’s big bruiser, Emma?” “Still laid up at the crib sipping on club

soda and popping antacids.” Sekhmet replied with a rather exuberated

sigh. “She ended up with some pretty mad indigestion that caught up

with her all last night after another one of her binge episodes caused by

Jessica’s parasite excuse for an uncle.” “Yeah, I heard about that coon.”

I responded with an incredulous laugh. “Donna brought up quite a bit of

the story of his life right after we nabbed bozo da clown here; ready for

the pen outside. Boy did _he _ not have one hell of an end.” “Tell me about

it.” Jenni chimed in in reply. “I just cleaned out the last of the bones and

all for breakfast this morning and let me tell ya, still almost a hundred

times better than that crap I used to constantly whip up back in B-more

so called, a ‘ghetto smorgasbord’.” “Definitely.” I answered, as Penny’s

stomach let out an indignant growl from behind me. “Which certainly

reminds me, what do ya say we all have a bit of brunch over at Waffle

House on fiftieth. My dollar.” “Sure. I’m always down.” Jenni

responded, slapping hands once again in sisterly condolence. “But, ain’t

that all part of your old Skeenas’ hood now?” “Yeah, but none of ya’ll

ever have to worry none.” I kindly reassured. “Just as equally the same

as all the GTP on Acker and all the rest of ya’ll, my crew and I are and

always will be for every earthly species; African descendent or not. So,

Leslie, JayJay, and Frost here will be good as gold. Now, let’s get on the

road. I’m more than a hella starving.”

Penelope Elaine Tawret

Chapter Five

I pulled an old, nearly expired credit card from the deep and darkest

depths of my dinky wallet before pushing myself to my feet and walking

out with a stomach full of classic Canadian style maple bacon and

Belgium waffles where I immediately rejoined up with Jenni, Donna,

and all the rest of my good old crew casually enjoying a bit of an A-

town style get together out front; with Jessica and the new cheetah,

George positioned rather oddly in a darkened corner of the outer

restaurant wall, as Jenni and Leslie sniggered looking on. “I bet you

more than ten racks somebody gonna end up gettin’ their salad tossed

tonight.” The spotted hyena laughed, slapping paws comically with the

mud brown she-wolf next to her in sisterly affection. “For sho’, dawg.”

Leslie cracked up in return. I smiled wryly. “Ya’ll sure that’s not the

hemp talking from those little fruity blender drinks ya got for us all

earlier?” I asked, earning a factitious eye roll from Leslie in response.

“Ya really need to get out a whole lot more, hippo.” She quipped with a

soft, fang toothed grin. It was finally then my turn to roll my own

peepers rather cynically in response. “Whatever, mama wolfie.” Leslie

gave a playful smack of shoulder sardonically in reply before a tenor

male voice from somewhere at the end of the mostly vacant afternoon

street corner suddenly cut us off. “Well, if it isn’t good old Charlie’s

Angel.” We both nearly whipped around at the sound and I couldn’t at

all help the natural impulse of my heart practically pounding right out of

my chest before the biggest and quite literal wolfish grin almost instantly

appeared on Leslie’s muzzle at the off-white grey and white wolf in

front of her before she answered slowly; strolling up to him, “Bruh, like

you somehow the one and only living being on this planet to ever say

that to me. How’s it hangin’ Iki, my brotha?”

Moja Kwa Wote

  • ISBN: 9781370823970
  • Author: Mixy Boothroyd
  • Published: 2016-07-31 05:40:10
  • Words: 18616
Moja Kwa Wote Moja Kwa Wote