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Mobile Application Development for Business

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How Can a Mobile App Make Sales For My Business?



People LOVE their mobile phones and tablets. They look at them whenever they have a few minutes spare, even if they’re just waiting for a doctor’s appointment or in between meetings, they will pick up their device and flick through their apps. You will constantly put your business right under the eyes of your customers every time they reach for their device if you have your own dedicated mobile app.


A dedicated mobile app makes it easy for your existing customers to carry out repeat business with you, to share their customer experiences via social networks and to recommend you to friends and family whenever the need arises in conversation.





1. Always Be At The Forefront Of Your Customers Minds


You will literally own part of your customers mobile devices real estate because your businesses icon will appear on your customers’ mobile screen causing them to be constantly reminded about your business.


Your business icon appears on

the customer’s mobile screen –

giving you ongoing advertising.

It is almost like having a billboard

in front of your customers’ eyes.






2. Send Messages To Your Customers Mobile Device Screens For More Sales


Push Notifications messages are sent directly to app users mobile phones. They give an audible beep when they arrive prompting the user to look at the message which appears prominently on their phone.







In this example, an author

lets her readers know that

her latest book is now published. The app is opened when the

user clicks the notification

and the book is available to

purchase immediately.



3. Build Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business



Let your customers know that you care about them. You can provide existing customers with special offers, advanced notice of industry specific news, additional free content, and the latest news from your organisation. This all encourages customer engagement and can help create buzz on social networks.


Your app, naturally, allows your customers to share their positive experiences quickly and easily on their social networks, helping you to build your brand and maintaining your online presence.


What if your customer has a problem? Provide them with a customer service area where they can easily contact you by phone or the built-in form you provide in your app so that you can quickly and easily resolve issues.



Customers want to know you care, and customers that are cared for become and remain loyal customers. Your specially designed mobile app helps your customers to understand that you care about them and encourages them to feel part of your team.




4. Make Conducting Business Easy



Your customers can interact with you even before they arrive at your place of business. Maybe they need to find out where you are, how to get there, even the best place to park. Include a dedicated location map with all the necessary details on your app.


Perhaps they want to ring you to research a possible purchase, make an appointment or even to buy something. Include your phone number in the app which they only have to touch once and the “Click To Call” technology automatically dials the number for them.


All of these functions are included in your mobile app which lives on their phone and they can access quickly and easily. They do not need to go to their desk and carry out these functions on their PC nor do they need to open their laptop.


They can quickly and easily access all of these features in one place on their mobile phone or tablet, even whilst travelling on the train from another meeting, should they need to do so.



This just gives a flavour of what you can achieve with your dedicated Business App. You could include a simple form to capture customers email addresses and add them to your newsletter. You can advise them about your opening times over Christmas or let them know that you’re moving offices or that they have a new contact your firm. Use it as a way of communicating with your employees, investors and the Press and Media.



Overall, providing your new and existing customers with a mobile application will not only provide them with many functions that helps them to do business with you easily, it will keep your business constantly in the forefront of your customers minds and will make you look light years ahead of your competition.



A Brief Guide To Marketing With Business Mobile Apps


Your website, networking, advertising and business stationery are the front-end of your marketing. A mobile application is the backend of your smart phone and tablet marketing. It is generally accepted that it is the backend where the most



money is made, through multiple sales. You can think of your front end as the place where you gather your customers and entice them into your business and your mobile app being the way that you retain and engage these customers for multiple sales.



Mobile apps give you the opportunity to send your customers Push Notification messages which in turn broaden and deepen your relationship w th them. Mobile websites cannot do that effectively. Mobile apps are like a website on steroids which constantly remind your customers about you and your business saving them the hassle of searching for you or your competitors on the web. Your icon, which could be your photograph if you are an individual, sits on their phone constantly reminding them of your existence and asks them to come inside and find out what you’re up to.



Apps are interactive, dynamic and up-to-date. They let you use your social media in a totally new way because your app users are constantly being reminded to check out what you are doing. Your readers do not need to search for you on Twitter or Facebook because your app gives them access in a couple of clicks.



You can get closer to your customers, if you wish, by encouraging information to flow between the two of you. Give them free content and ask them for feedback. Find out what they want to buy next and then fulfil the need. Send out a Push Notification when you launch a new product and let your readers and followers instantly know that your new creation is now available.



People do not search just on the internet any more. They search directly on the Google Play and Apple App stores. You will only appear in those search results if you have an app in those app stores.



There are a number of other ways in which you can distribute your mobile app. Distribute it via your website, advertising, newsletter and business stationery. People will also find you in the app stores and download your app from there.



An Example Mobile Application Flow



There are many ways in which people will come across and use your mobile application. However, here is one example which may help illustrate how they can benefit your business;



1. People find you via your business location, stationery, advertising, website or the appstores.




2. Once they have looked around your website or appstore description they download your mobile app.



3. You gain permission to send them Push Notification Messages when they install the app. They enjoy instant access to your blog and social media, all in one place.



4. Your app users use the built in app functionality to quickly and easily share the app with their friends and family via email or social networks.



5. You use Push Notification Messages to send your app users your news and offers to keep them coming back to your app and keep them engaged with you. You send your app users Push Notification Messages whenever you launch a new product or service, and create buzz about it as soon as it is launched, in order to create sales.



6. Your app encourages users to add their email address to your newsletter via a specially designed form within the app in order to build your newsletter circulation.



7. You encourage your app users to share content by social media and continue the buzz.



That is only one explanation of the way in which users will download and use your app. It is a good idea to include functions within the app which brings people back to use it time and again without any prompting. Many people love playing games on their mobile devices and having a simple game or calculator function included in your Mobile App is one way of encouraging user interaction.



Key Benefits of a Mobile App



A mobile app gives you the advantage of having your own corner on a customer’s device. Your photo or icon is on the home page of their mobile device and this constantly reminds them of your existence.


Push notifications – send text messages to your app users.


Download via the app stores – it’s another way to get in front of your customers.


It is on your customers mobile device home screen – always reminding your customers about your business.


Makes it easy to do repeat business with you.


Give access to your twitter, facebook and blog feeds – all in one place.




Stand out and enhance relations and communication between you and your customers and the press.



And much more…..



I hope that this helps you appreciate how a Mobile Application can help you to increase your customer interaction, retention and to drive sales for you. Please contact me should you wish to know more and I will be happy to help you.




John Higgins

Mobile Application Developer

Venture Technology Ltd


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Telephone: (UK) +44 (0)121 353 3576


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Mobile Application Development for Business

Mobile Application Development for Business shows you how a busines can use mobile apps to make more sales from their customers. It includes clear examples of how this can be achieved for small, medium or large sized businesses. Do you own a Pizza Restaurant? Are you in the communications department of a large company? Whatever sort of business you are involved with you can learn about mobile application development in this short book.

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Mobile Application Development for Business Mobile Application Development for Business