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Misty the Littlest Mermaid


Misty the Littlest Mermaid

Mary K. Smith


Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2015 Mary K. Smith

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Table of Contents

Misty the Mermaid

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[] Misty the Mermaid

Deep under the sea in the farthest reaches of the ocean lived Misty, the littlest Mermaid in the underwater kingdom of Tritania.

Kind of heart and soft of voice, Misty had long golden hair and a sparkly green tail that matched her vivid green eyes. Her life was a happy one, nestled comfortably in the village that surrounded the majestic shell covered palace. During the day she attended Mer School where all mermaids and mermen would go to learn the ways of the sea and the secrets of the deep. After school, she would explore the village, the kelp forest and every nook and cranny that she could find. Misty loved to explore and find new things. She even went where she was not supposed to go – the surface.

Tales are often told of mermaids that venture too close to the surface and are seen by humans, tales that keep the mermaids and mermen far from the rocks above – but Misty isn’t like most mermaids and Misty doesn’t listen to tales. The wind feels fine on her face and the waves that splash across the rocks amuse her, and this is also the only place where she can see the Royal Dolphin Guard practice.

The Royal Dolphin Guard was famous in the underwater kingdom – they not only guarded the Royal family, they also pulled the Royal coach, a beautiful blue shell coach that carried only the most honored guests. Watching them jump and play by the water’s surface was one of Misty’s favorite things to do.

One day at school they learned that the entire class and the entire village were invited to the Palace for a grand ball! It was to celebrate the end of the school year with students earning awards for such things like swimming, fish labeling and even kelp gathering. The excitement sped through the school and the village – it was to be held tomorrow night!

Misty rushed away from school, eager to swim to the surface. The Royal Dolphin Guard would be practicing extra hard tonight, doing drills, flips, jumps and formations. It was so exciting!

“Misty! Misty!” Casper, her closest fish friend called out to her. Casper was gold, blue and green with an extended nose and a voice that somehow echoed in the currents. “Have you heard?!”

“Heard what?” She asked, reaching out to touch him as he swam close.

“The Royal Guard!” The little fish said, swimming in circles around her.

“The Royal Guard?”

“Yes! One of the Guard is….” He stopped, his excited worry almost too much.

“Is what Casper, is what?” Misty asked.


“Oh no!” Misty gasped, hand to her mouth. If one of the Royal Dolphin Guard was missing – how could they pull the coach tomorrow, or Guard the Royal family, or perform their swim routines?! “We have to find him!” She said.

“What? We can’t do that Misty!” Casper stuttered, fins flapping.

“Of course we can, I know where they go to practice – remember? He must be around there.” Decided, Misty turned and swam quickly to the light above, Casper following. It didn’t take them long to reach the practice area. There, Misty and Casper spied two of the Royal Guard gliding quickly back and forth, talking as they swam.

“I hope he finds him soon,” said one dolphin to the other. Normally there were four Guards practicing – one of them must be looking for their missing friend.

“Come on.” Misty whispered, motioning Casper to follow as they ducked behind a coral, hiding from the Guard. “The other one is looking for him.”

“What can we do?” Casper asked, looking confused and upset.

“Find him.” Misty said, turning quickly, her long golden hair flying out behind her in the water. Casper followed, unsmiling.

They passed rocks and coral, schools of fish and even a sunken ship – yet the Dolphin was nowhere to be found. They stayed close to the surface, eyes open and senses alert. While they were still very close to their Kingdom, they were edging closer to the Kingdom of men, which meant boats, which also meant nets.

“Look!” Casper suddenly cried. Misty followed his gaze. There, struggling in a net was the Dolphin! He flailed this way and that, trying to loosen the trap, but to no avail. As they watched him fight they saw the shadow of a boat approaching, men come to collect their fish nets.

“We have to get the other Guards!” Misty cried. They turned and swam back, tails flashing faster than they have ever gone. As soon as they were within reach, both Casper and Misty started shouting.

“He’s in a net! There is a boat! Hurry!!” Misty cried, pointing. The well trained Guards looked at her, then quickly followed where she pointed, asking no questions.

By the time Misty and Casper came close to the area where the net had held the dolphin, he was free and mingling with his fellow Guard. He saw them and swam over to the duo, whickering in a friendly Dolphin way.

“My name is Kona. I owe you and your friend a great debt. Thank you.” He bowed low before them, making Misty blush. “I would like to offer you both a ride to the Ball tomorrow night.”

Misty blushed even more and nodded, “Oh yes!” she cried.

To think that she would be taken to the shell palace in the coach by the Royal Dolphin Guard!

The next night, true to his word, Kona arrived at her shell house with the other members of the Royal Dolphin Guard. Together, Casper and Misty rode in the coach to the palace, both overjoyed and humbled. The ride was beautiful, the ball was wonderful and the Guards performance was mesmerizing.

The best part though, at least to Misty, was meeting and making new friends. From that day forward, the Dolphins called Misty their brave friend.

~ ~ ~

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Misty the Littlest Mermaid

Deep under the sea in the farthest reaches of the ocean lived Misty, the littlest Mermaid in the underwater kingdom of Tritania. Misty loves to explore. One day a Royal Guard Dolphin goes missing. Can Misty's curiosity and exploration help find the dolphin? Find out what happens.. This children's book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. -Excellent for beginning and early readers -Great for reading aloud with friends and family -Illustrated storybook great for a quick bedtime story This book for kids is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!

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Misty the Littlest Mermaid Misty the Littlest Mermaid