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Misery Mandala

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter 1: Misery Mystical

Chapter 2: Deep Mystic Vision

Chapter 3: Center of Life

About the Author


The title refers to a type of graphic display of the soul especially prevalent in India, the Hindu and Buddhist world. We also see manifestations of it in Ezekiel, the throne of God, center of the house of God, so to speak. Man’s body and soul are also the house of God in a mystical sense.

These are meant to help us flowchart our souls. They have personal significance and archetypal significance for humanity. We hope to understand, and by understanding, heal our infirmities. So this is a personal and archetypal mandala from my personal perspective. And the infirmity is human misery as indicated by the title of the work. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 1: Misery Mystical

The diagram follows the ancient traditions of visualizing the psyche of man from one view[_:_]

Figure 1: Misery Mandala Mystical

Do you recall the question on the cover image? Did it sound familiar as the words sounded in your head while reading them? Do you already understand it? It could fit male or female, all classes, all nations.

Just in case you are wondering where the author is coming from, why the particular words, their positions and the juxtapositions, I will tell you where the author is coming from, came from, and apparently is going to.

Do you know about mandalas and why they are split into four sections? From some different perspectives familiar to me:

Bible: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Divine Wisdom (Book of Proverbs)
Art: William Blake (Four Zoas), Paracelsus (Medical arts)
Medicine: Four Humors of Ancient Greek medicine
Geography: Four cardinal points (excluding up and down, seldom dealt with in life)
Buddhism: Mandalas are very big in Buddhism from Hindu traditions.
Carl Jung: Psychiatrist built whole philosophy upon the fourfold psyche.
Senses: Head senses broken into four groups: eyes, ears, nostrils, tongue?*

*We note that little babies by instinct search for the right mouth position for the nipple to eat. They put everything in their mouth during early exploration, if allowed. Later we use language (derived from Latin word for tongue.) Language is an active sense that can probe by asking, or tricking information out of those not readily willing to give it. It can be used to hypnotize, charm, fool, put to sleep, distress. To be sure, the tongue is a bit different from eyes, ears and nostrils in terms of symmetry of function. That is, tasting is not talking or even feeling things, whereas seeing out of either eye is still seeing.

That covers the basics. We see five words associated with a circle divided by an X (cross) into four parts. Going through from top to bottom:

Top: This is where it all begins here on earth. Ma and Pa procreate. We are born. You see birth in the top quadrant. We anglophones read left to right. We often go down into the earth after death when buried. You do have cremation with the smoke. Smoke comes down to the earth along with your ashes thrown into the sea, the field or elsewhere.

MA: Ma is on the left as this is the intuitive side, something women are noted for more than men. Our eye starts on the left in Anglophonia and Westlandia. We begin with Ma. We are in her belly, first parent likely to encounter at birth.

PA: Pa is on the right, the more logical, less passionate, more practical parent by tradition and culture. The right hand is generally the hand that most men use to punch, shoot or strike with. Most (but not all) use the right hand more aggressively and surely to delve into matters of life. This builds up strength in the right arm. Men are generally stronger than women.

Between Ma and Pa you have older siblings, siblings in general, the parental stand-in such as teachers, bosses, domineering friends, bullies.

Middle Quadrants: You see two words (Lies, Ratrace) and the center word: Dope.

Lies: Lies certainly cause a lot of misery. White lies are used with the intent of avoiding it, but thieves, murderers, etc. use lies to avoid trouble for themselves rather than for others. Women are the weaker sex physically, making them more prone to use deception, wiles to get what they want. Women are better at detecting lies and liars, most likely because they lie more and practice makes perfect. It takes one to know one, though that adage is not necessarily true in all cases. To be sure, men do their share of lying, and women are certainly not above using violence to get what they want, either by their own hands, or quite often getting thugs, sons, or lovers to do it for them.

Ratrace: The ratrace is war at the office and work generally speaking. It is war by other means. It entails some kind of combat. Men harden their sons to prepare for the ratrace, and to a lesser extent their daughters, at least to be wary of its effects. Modern women are full throttle in the ratrace outside of the sewing circle, social club ratrace of former times.
Dope: At first glance, you might see this as a reference to drugs. That is an aspect of stupidity, but that trait is covered by Booze below. We use the term in its original sense, a stupid person, witless, fool. Ignorance is at the heart of all of our problems, even evil as pure evil. Is it not stupid for Satan to challenge God, whatever his reasons?

Bottom: We have Booze and Lechery, drunkenness (drugs) and sexual promiscuity.

Booze: After a hard time in the ratrace, the movie character exclaims: “I need a drink!” Drink and drugs are a bane to humanity. But their effects are often more subtle than the imbiber supposes. I am speaking of the moderate drinker. To be sure, many an otherwise alcoholic by any reasonable standard of most men, does not consider himself to be one. We will speak more of this when discussing juxtapositions.

Lechery: Many a marriage has been ruined, many a fortune lost (or even life with the notorious Black Widow and Fortune Hunter Homicidal), many a man’s health brought to ruin and premature death. As with drink, the effects can often be more subtle. As for disease: we get viruses from checking out porn sites as well as checking out whores. Porn can be used for identity theft and blackmail as well. Porn rots your brain out. More on this in juxtapositions.

Juxtapositions: I have spoken about why Ma and Pa are where they are, and some points on why Lies and Ratrace are where they are. Going into more detail:

Ma/Lechery Diagonal: As the feminine is the more emotional, organic side by culture and circumstances, we clearly see the fleshly bonding of mother and child carried over to adult sexuality. The grown-ups are a bit more rational for all that. And the author is male and tends to see sex more from this point of view moving over to the masculine sphere of mandala life. As with booze, sex can be a great stress reliever when acquired, though the whole process is itself filled with a certain ratrace aspect, and booze often comes into play in the dating game.

We have carnal knowledge, and the noun should be preeminent here, the adjective being the qualifier, but in this screwed up world, the adjective becomes the end all and be all of the matter. Who cares what the whore does, thinks for real, her needs, concerns, other than her professional store of knowledge in doing her job. Oh, yes, whether she has any VD infections is quite useful to all but the most corrupted of fools. And, hey, carnal is easy, knowledge is hard. The Shakespearean lovers of the day would often say, “I’m dying.” during their bouts of fornication and adultery.

No matter what the State of Nevada may say, there is no such thing as safe sex. There are millions of microbes out there that live in people with unknown consequences, both alone and in cohabitation with other microbes. We not only need to get back into the Garden of Eden, but the garden in our gut has turned into as tortured a wilderness as that to which Adam and Eve were driven into. Chronic fatigue, undiagosed malaises that your quack doctors tell you are psychosomatic are things to be constantly weary of. Dr. Ehrlich’s magic bullet did not solve the problem, nor penicillin. And the penicillin thing is coming back to us haunt as well.

Add to this that drinking a beer, downing a Big Mac are not equivalent to sex. The lech tries to turn it into that at his peril. We all know better, even the leches. But lust lies and is a great encourager of lies. When you interact with a diseased mind, your own mind is in jeopardy. More than your bodily fluids mingle, and that is bad enough when done in a casual manner. Knowledge is of the utmost importance in romance, as in the knowledge that comes with living with your spouse through the years. Knowledge is a never ending business for mankind. Françoise Sagan’s comment that our atoms all recycle after seven years and so our romantic attachments is the opinion of a moronic slut. It is the mind that counts, not the atom count.

Pa/Booze: The late actor, Jason Robards, said in his sobriety commercial: “I used to drink to be a man.” When you are out with the hoods in the neighborhood, you have to hold your liquor too, drink to prove you’re tough, no sissy, a goody-two-shoes. Guzzling down that half pint of whiskey is proof that you’ve got the right stuff. When you go into the army, and on the after work drinking bouts, you have to keep up with the rounds, the male bonding thing. God forbid, you vomit any of it out. No, keep it down there to rot your liver out to the max to prove how tough you are.

And the girls will be girls. Is dating stressful? Drown out inhibitions with booze. Is your boyfriend getting drunk? The only way to put up with drunks is to get drunk yourself, as my mother used to say. Too shy to dance? A few belts will relieve you of the embarrassment. Girls get dragged in on the tail end of machismo here and have the same stresses as men.

And it does not end there. We generally know what hardcore drunk is. We fail to see the dangers of the moderate drinker. Do not drink when you are mulling over important life altering decisions such as changing jobs, marrying, engaging, breaking up, having showdowns with spouse, parent, children. Soberly consider matters involving health, radical changes in income flow, changes in time allotted to various aspects of life, whether to speak out on controversial matters, take political stands.

Unhappy people should avoid drinking, unless you feel the pain is so great as to drive you to death and madness. And if this excuse is used day by day, you are in deep trouble indeed, likely brought on by the cure (drinking, drugs) more than the declared symptoms. How many kids die of cancer in a parent’s life, or spouses? Well, it happens, and whole families perish from disease and violence save one or two.

Drink when you are happy, and drink top shelf, even when and especially when you cannot afford top shelf. Let the snifter top off a happy day, week or task, marriage of happy prospects, etc. Take stimulants when you absolutely have to, and avoid having to a great deal. If you are constantly dragging your tail, find out why rather than drinking 12 cups of coffee a day.

Booze/Lechery: Between booze and lechery you have every other vice imaginable. You have dangerous thrill seeking, blood lust and the general thrill of war and violence, addiction to gambling, sadism, black magic, etc. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 2: Deep Mystic Vision

You hear people opine that we return to where we came from at birth. The body is dirt and water and that part is true. As for returning to God, God was there at your birth, there in your sojourns, there at your deathbed. How can you return to where you never left, unless leaving in your mind? More likely, in that case, your abode is hell, not where you came from. This return thing is part of that pagan cyclical view of life. Time is a one way street. You do not go back but forward.

I have never thought much of contemplating your navel. The other naval code is more apt: eyes in the boat. That includes looking over the bow to see where you sail when called for by your turn of duty. Life is a sojourn away from your birth and toward what should be greater wisdom, faith and virtue. Death is a shipwreck. We pray that God will pluck us out when all seems lost: for they that go down to the sea in ships.

Our earthly parents, their character flaws and vices are what we need to escape from. The journey is to the omniscience, omnipotence and perfection of God, or we have truly lost our way.

Do not celebrate the day of your birth, better to curse it. Never think of death but life for yourself. You may need to make measures for the relatives and the creditors as a precaution.

Never let faith and convictions slip away from you when it appears death is stalking you. As for wisdom, between the horns of either/or, suspend judgment when serious matters are in play until absolutely called to act. On less serious matters, we can take a dive for amusement, distraction or for impatience.

Impatience does not do you in, folly does.

Anger does not kill you, the cause of anger does, that and its misuse. If you hate and rage for base motives, those motives are the problem. If you show outrage at injustice, cruelty, criminal stupidity and negligence, the answer is to resolve the causes. You get away from the thorn, or get rid of the thorn from your presence.

Anger is an antidote for depression; beware of this so as not to incite anger needlessly. Playing the injured party can be show biz; beware of being a drama queen. That being so, better to rage at the mirror than in public. Make sure what you say will produce some good. If not, what good is it? We must be both wise and righteous, and unchecked folly amounts to vice.

Anger generates strength, resolution and even intelligence when properly applied. It is much better to be a counterpuncher when angry than a bull in a china shop. No one but a fool wants to be angry, but be angry for the right reason. If the incitement can not be easily resolved, let the blood rush stir you to healthful activity, even to stimulating the brain. You see that hell is trying to destroy you with harassment, to precipitate action, to wear you down. Note it, and do the opposite. Think up ways to make it build you up.

Lack of outrage in the face of vice is the mark of the scoundrel. Pay no heed to adages or even King Solomon in this matter. Tyrants, villains fear anger as the deer fears the brushfire. Do not play with fire, but fire warms the righteous heart and hearth, and has its place. In the Book of Proverbs we see the wisdom of God, when Solomon’s contribution to that work was under the beneficence of God. In Ecclesiastes, we listen to a corrupt soul mingling truth with falsehood born of resentment. Epistles of men are not necessarily the Word of God. All in the Bible is not from God. God shows you the way by the example of Judas Iscariot, fallen Solomon, lecherous David, foolish Paul foolishly bragging on. Yet, do not make anger a goal of life, needlessly stoke it or prolong it. That is indeed folly. You have gone mad in the perverse sense. Is it not wise to stay hale and full of life when angry? Yes, and wise to stay hale and full of life in war and combat of any sort. There you have it, cowardice or stalwart defense of the realm that is the life and realm God gave you. Wrath is not folly when justified. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 3: Center of Life

In the fog of ignorance what to do? We try to get at the heart of the matter(s). We must remove impediments. The impediment is that we are dopes. Before you can see to learn, you must see clearly, or you will see error, lies and half-truths. The fountain of living water is at your core, the core that is the image and likeness of God. The few thousand years of ancestral life is not your core. Ancestor worship is the heart of darkness that robs men of their souls. From your parents come this ancestral life. No matter where you go: England, China, Benin, this ancestral history is a history of vice and crimes, folly and madness. Everything worth anything in these places was built by man. His hand is not English, Chinese, African; it is the hand of man, and God knows its worth, its source, its ultimate purpose. He made it, not Englishman. It is not some Richard Dawkins lie, some internationalist claptrap of filth and vileness. Your ancestors did not put themselves on this planet. Your parents’ decision to have a baby, if decision it was, would come to nothing without the knowledge and power that surpasses human understanding.

The journey to death is back to the filth of the earth and ancestry. Shun that and look within. Death came from your parents; life comes from God. It is hard to break the bonds of conditioning, it seems. But is it, or only because we think so? No point in dwelling on the matter. From little acorns mighty oaks do grow, and the mustard seed grows a large bush. There is no reasonable alternative. A pox on the organic people that separates into peoples. No fatherland, motherland crap, no fathers of our nations, base born villains. A pox on the one world pollution of nature worship, idolatry, pseudo-science. The wars of the nations will be wars of civil strife. Law and order will be lawlessness and murder by stealth. Justice and order maintains order. Fraud is not the answer. And the over centralized state is evil and rotten to its core. It will fall back into chaos: boom, bust, boom, bust, until God sickens of it all and separates the wheat from the chaff. I am sick of it already.

Slowly but surely, all conditioning from past life experiences must be purged. We cannot live as automatons possessed of the demons jumping from ancestor to ancestor. We live like the tiger in this wilderness. But it is not the tiger that is the wild animal, rather its enemies, the demon possessed harridans of hell. The yellow orange stripes are the light that sees, reconnoiters, forever on the lookout for traps and wiles of the devil. The dark stripes are the withholding of judgment that shuns rash action, and so that kills the innocent by misperception, and keeps the enemy in the dark on your intent and actions. We seek certainty, conviction or as best to it as we can get. We were put here to subdue nature, not our fellow man, nor to be subdued by him. We proclaim liberty throughout the earth.

We are not the judge and jury. Our warrant is for self-defense. Shun evil ceaselessly. The land that matters is the land that walks, and Satan would plow that back into the earth. That land is our body given to us by God. This is the flesh that we subdue. Our children are under our power until their majority. In the war of the sexes, wisdom should reign. The one who knows best should decide, all things considered. Without love, all falls asunder, nothing but strife. We care nothing of truth or prudence but only to sate our lusts when married without love. Love is doing our duty. Duty is our moral, intellectual and psychic integrity, to maintain it. This is how and why we deal fairly with others. Duty wins the war, keeps the peace, promotes frugality and productivity. Back to Table of Content



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Misery Mandala

A preface states the reason for the work. Chapter 1 explains the mandala from top to bottom. Ma and Pa give us birth. We struggle through the lies and the rat race until death and the grave down below. Juxtapositions show relationship between the vices. At the heart of the matter (and mandala) we are dopes. We like the high of the dope of delusion, but the crash is bitter. We become wise by finding out what makes us dopes, receiving the living waters and the fruit of the tree of life to whatever degree successful. This is the ultimate substitute for the dope.

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