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Minecraft Seeds: 50 Incredible Minecraft Seeds You MUST Use (With Pictures)(Incl


Minecraft Seeds

50 Incredible Minecraft Seeds You MUST Use

Michael Marlon



Shakespir Edition

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 –PC

[+ Chapter 2- Minecraft Pocket Edition +]

[+ Chapter 3- XBox 360 +]

[+ Chapter 4- PS3 +]

[+ Chapter 5- PS4 +]

Chapter 6 –XBox One

Chapter 7 – Tips



First and foremost I want to thank you for downloading the book, “Minecraft Seeds: 50 Incredible Minecraft Seeds You MUST Use”.

In its original state, Minecraft randomly generates worlds based on set criteria. These are extrapolated from complex algorithms. In this way, Minecraft can make trillions of different combinations. However, this information can be influenced. By inputting seeds, players can recreate worlds, thus eliminating the randomized factor.

In this book you will learn how to use certain seeds to create incredible worlds for you to explore! In these pages, there is a collection of some of the most interesting worlds generated. So pop in the codes, give it a whirl, and have some fun!

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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[] Chapter 1 – PC

The seed: -5078770702942333886

This world is rare, with three villages all within view of one another. To top it off, each village is massive!

The player spawns in a plains biome. Right near them is the savanna village x25 z0 on a desert border. The second village is located in the desert x70 z-185. The third village is also in the desert at x-300 z100.

There are diamonds, all of the basic loot, and an exposed spider spawner dungeon.

If you’re looking for a world with huge villages to play in, this is the one for you!

The seed: 2151361310212770970

The island is near the spawn and it’s huge with a blacksmith, a church, and 12 houses!

Life is never boring on this desert island village. Build a mine in the corner of the island on the pre-generated mineshaft. There’s a small dungeon that has some coal and iron to start out with. Get your basic gear from the blacksmith, or be blessed by the priest.

There are continents for a savanna, desert, and swampland.

Make sure to check out the huge cave holding 15 diamonds, easily the most lucrative diamond mine ever seen. Two ocean monuments relatively close to the island are something else to see. Near the shores is a zombie dungeon filled with music and treasure.

Be sure to check out the dungeon furthest away; a cave entrance that leads to a fissure that turns out to be three fissures merged into one super long fissure.

The seed: 4837753214958088255

An ocean right by the spawn, huge ice plains and a forest of flowers leading up to it, and you spawn right in a forest. If you like ice spikes, this is one of the best seeds for it.

The snow houses massive ice spikes. Some other biomes are close enough to explore easily. Eventually the ice spikes lead into more basic snow biomes. No matter which way you go, the snow doesn’t last long and eventually gives way to other environments.

This one is all about the ice spikes and the neat forest of flowers right at the spawn.

[* The seed: -3200857569343076362 *]

The player spawns at a village out in the grasslands that overlooks a taiga. What’s great about this seed is that just behind the spawn is a village. Not only that, but there’s a mesa too! The village is so close, it’s even less than 20 blocks away. Even better! Included is a bit of desert, a river, and then the mesa going out from the plains.

You can find a saddle in the storage chest at the blacksmith’s. Perfect if you ever find a horse. Food can be found in the form of nearby cows, there are a few dungeons to explore, as well as some forest. There’s the taiga, and across the lake is an impressive biome of hills.

This is a solid see for anyone who enjoys a village in a good spot. With so many biomes right by it, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

The village is at z-275 and x-250 but it should be right you at spawn.

It’s a solid village in all respects. The location is perfectly diverse, but it’s also near a mesa and a tundra. Pretty cool! It’s normally pretty rare to find a village this close to a cold biome.

The seed: 93819220

Of all the survival island seeds that put the player on a small island, this is by far the coolest. You get a small island with a few trees and a stronghold floating in the water. It’s the end portal room. That’s all. There’s no stronghold with it. It’s a glitched stronghold, which is rare, and can only be found in a place like the ocean.

The island has enough trees for everyone, but it’s really the floating end portal that cranks up the fun.

This particular island has a few other tricks up its sleeve. There are of course other islands, and even a couple of ocean monuments. Of course, this all depends on if you’re willing to go the distance to find it all. The stronghold glitch and islands make this a really strong island seed.

[* The seed: -786688341 *]

This seed has what most players want most in a seed: villages and islands. With that in mind, this is probably one of the best.

First, the village is at x-525 by z-825.

Check it out. The place is massive. There are two of the largest houses that can be found in Minecraft. The village lacks a blacksmith, but makes up for it in sheer number of huge houses.

The island is big enough if you want to expand the village and turn it into a sprawling city. There’s also enough dirt around if you want to make spawners for monsters in order to get ender pearls.

[* The seed: -770290065 *]

If you’re looking for a grassland village seed, this is the perfect one for you. Players spawn in a huge village in the grasslands – no need to do any searching! In the village, there is a basic blacksmith with some items.

The village has more than ten houses with a nice simple feeling. It’s great for anyone looking for something basic to start out with. It’s the perfect simplicity that makes this one of the best seeds out there.

There’s also a lava pool which can be used for making obsidian, which is a handy resource for any seed.

The seed: 2525617506084080286

This village seed has three villages! The first is next to the spawn, so no need to go hunting for it, and it’s right next to a huge hills biome with some really great views.

The first village is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking villages with all of the beautiful scenery around it. The village itself is surprisingly all over the place and needs a bit of organization, but that can be a fun project for those interested in such things.

With a bit of spit and polish, this village seed can be perfect. Nearby is a river, there are the hills, a savanna, desert, plus a lot of other things.

Not only that, but there are still the other two villages within 200 blocks of one another. If you have your view render up high enough, you’ll be able to see both of them at the same time.

As for the second and third village in this Minecraft seed, they can be found at x63 z-771 (second village), x-128 z-856 (third village). Also just in case, here are the coordinates of the first village near the spawn: x115 z-300.

It really is something else. If you want to have some fun you can make a minecart rail system between the villages. It’s a fast and fun way to travel from one to the other. If you like making minecart rides between villages, this is one of the best for it.

The first is right on the border of desert and grasslands and has some cool mountains nearby. The second village is in grasslands and is pretty generic. The last is the smallest of the three and is located in a desert.

The seed: 4807473561118841822

This is another great mushroom island seed. You start off on an island for survival, and right in view is a magnificent mushroom biome to explore.

A few things that make this mushroom island seed special. First, it has a small section containing dirt. With that, it has one tree. You don’t often see that in a mushroom biome. This, together with the island, makes it one of the most interesting mushroom island seeds around.

Something else is that there are almost no caves on the entire island; another rarity. Some mushroom biomes will have elaborate cavern systems going down all the way to the bedrock, while others have at least a few closer to the surface. This one, though, has almost none at all. There are two, easily found, but they don’t lead anywhere.

[* The seed: -1469366519271110166 *]

This seed is perfect for anyone looking to gain some enchanting books. There are two villages and two temples in the desert. Between them is a ton of enchanting books. This is one of the most rare seeds because of how hard enchanting books can be to find. Just one is incredible, but finding three in a single seed, especially right next to one another, is particularly rare.

The first village is at x0 by z333. There’s a desert temple on the way which starts right next to the spawn. You’ll find a saddle, three diamonds, and an enchanting book at the desert temple. Further out, you can find the other village and temple.

The second desert temple has two saddles, and enchanting books of feather falling, fortune, looting, and sharpness. Between all of the enchanting books, there’s so much in store for you and what you can do. Get ready for some craziness with all of the enchanting!

[* The seed: -870685196012565250 *]

This village seed starts you off right at a village next to a snow biome. It’s an awesome seed for those looking to build their own village and live by the snow.

It’s not common at all to find villages near taiga biomes, specifically not as close as this one is. It may be a small village as far as village s go, it’s still a great seed because of how close the village is to the snow.

The village has a blacksmith and three diamonds. On the other side of the village are plains if you ever need a break from the snow.

The best part is that this is just the start of the seed. There’s a ton more to explore.

The seed: 5702931982896788362

Despite the fact that the villages aren’t always in sight of one another, this is one of the best village seeds ever. There are a ton of villages nearby with diamonds, temples, and a bunch of stuff.

At first you’re spawned pretty close to a nice village surrounded by hills. It’s really awesome to see this as a potential stronghold. Of course, the hills blocking the village in are the opposite of what you need for a monster defense.

There are a ton of different places to map. Here are the raw coordinates for a lot of the stuff to find:

Village: 310 / 200

Village: -350 / 0

Village: -225 / -275

Village: 35 / -335

Temple: – 165 / 42

Temple: - 149 / -357

Temple: 266 / 538

Village: 525 / 685

Village: -850 / 150

Village: -780 / 625

Stronghold: 143 / -564

Stronghold: -862 / 431

Savanna Plateau M: -225 / 555

Savanna M: -615 / 240

This should be a good start for you. The villages have plenty of villagers, diamonds, and a bunch to explore. There are huge mines, some really awesome terrain to explore, temples, and much more. It’s a huge seed, promising you won’t get bored anytime soon.

[* The seed: -106396336 *]

This seed promises some strong diversity in biome options. There are swamps, jungles, plains, and a mesa.

The temple in the jungle is only about 100 blocks away from the village you spawn in. There are a few ingots inside, but it’s still worth exploring.

Right beside the village is a swamp, the mesa, and the jungle. The village is incredibly diverse with all of the different environments.

You can get a really fantastic view from the village of the mesa. Some players like to make a tower and turn up the draw distance just to look out at all of the different scenery around the village.

The only drawback to the village is the fact that it’s a bit on the small side. For the more industrious of you, though, it can easily be expanded out to become just about anything you an think of!

The blacksmith has some of the basics like ingots and armor.

The seed: 1868910646

This is one of the easiest survival island seeds ever. There are trees, pigs, chickens – everything you could need to survive!

Hiding in the copse of trees is the beginning of a cave. Be careful, there are so many trees on this island; it’s really easy to get lost. The great thing is that the trees have apples for even more food.

While the apples will sustain you for a bit, you can find some wheat to breed the pigs and chickens; sustainable food source! It’s a really fun island seed if you want to make the survival aspect much easier.

The seed: 890679926

This awesome village seed has a desert temple with three diamonds inside. The village is in a desert just a little bit from the spawn. A river runs right alongside the village. Right across from a river is a savanna.

Right at the start of the savanna is a massive mountain. At the top of the peaks are some pigs. It’s awesome to have such a huge mountain right next to a desert village.

There’s nothing better than starting off a seed with three diamonds in order to make a diamond pickaxe. It’s easily one of the best things in Minecraft! Not to mention all of the other loot you get in the temple.

The village is at x-150 by z250. This desert village has the temple built in and the super savanna mountain is right nearby at x-60 by z580.

Other than those two features it’s a basic seed to play on, but with a ton of potential.

[] Chapter 2 – Pocket Edition

The seed: camero

This may look like one big village, but by looking at the wells you’ll note this is in fact two villages that just happened to have spawned right next to one another.

This seed in particular is interesting because half of the village is in a mesa and the other half is in plains. It’s not often you find a mesa village!

In the village, you’ll find a blacksmith with gold ingots, saplings, iron helmets, bread, and an iron pickaxe.

There’s nothing more fun for survival games than a double biome situation like this, as it allows you to go from one to the other easily. This gives a ton of options!

The seed: super pig

In Minecraft PE, there is almost nothing rarer than a mountain village. This is a terrific find! You spawn right next to a village that’s actually a part of the rock. There are some houses that are a part of the cliff face as well. With just few modifications, you could really do something fun with this one, like create your own personal Helms Deep!

The blacksmith has some armor, food, and a few other basic items that’ll give you a good start.

What’s especially cool is if you explore beneath the village you’ll find a fantastic cave system. If that’s not enough, there’s also a really amazing swamp biome right nearby.

The seed: shadowscythe

This plains and mesa village seed is especially rare because you don’t normally find mesas with a village, much less right next to a river. When looking for exceptional seeds, this is the sort of thing that really stands out. The entire seed is beautiful, diverse, and fun. There isn’t a blacksmith, but the village has plenty of potential for growth with all of the houses and farms.

If this isn’t enough for you, there is also a swamp biome not far, over on the side of the river the mesa is on.

The seed: bachilleres

This plains village seed contains a small village sitting right on a river. The river opens into a lovely bay. It may not look like a lot, but it really is a nice little seed with the pumpkins and the bay that is almost like a cozy little nook. If you were looking for a seed to take things a bit slower, maybe build a harbor or a small house to sit and relax in, this would be the seed for you.

And really, a seed with a bay and pumpkins? What’s not to like!

The seed: herobrine is fake

Yep, that’s really the seed. I think they’re trying to tell us something?

Anyway, this desert and plains seed is interesting because it has two villages right next to one another. They’re not connected, but they’re not too far away from one another. It’s fairly easy to hop from one back to the other without much effort.

There’s a fantastic river running through both which offers a lot of options for boats and other water ideas.

Plus, let’s be honest, it’s fun to wonder if Herobrine is lurking somewhere on here, just to mess with you?

The seed: Que hay

Ah, a plains and jungle village seed. This seed is pretty great. When it comes to Minecraft PE, village layouts tend to be a bit more on the bland side. This one though is pretty damn cute. Everything is neat and organized. Plus, for a town with only one well, it’s a pretty good size.

The town is right at the side of a hill and has a decent farm, some houses that are a bit hidden, plus a nifty little area that’s sort of like the town’s downtown region. All in all, it’s a great seed to explore and live in if you’re interested in something with a solid, scenic township.

The seed: 1410403532

This snowy village seed is pretty incredible. Right from the spawn, just head forward over the hill and follow along the edge of the snow. It’ll lead you right to the village. It’s right at the edge of a tundra, letting you witness the ice spikes right from town!

Ice spikes are easily one of the neatest landscapes in Minecraft. To find them right next to a village is really rare, and a true find. You never see villages so close to them.

Plus, nice little added bonus: pumpkins! Pumpkins are like pirates – everything is better with pumpkins.

The seed: thisbattlestartedtnt

Whereas the village is nothing to write home about in this mushroom biome seed, the thing that makes this really remarkable is the mushrooms. It’s gigantic and right next to the village. With just a hop, skip, and a jump, you find yourself from the town and into a full forest of mushrooms.

In the town, you’ll find a blacksmith with some food, an iron sword, some iron ingots, obsidian, and a few other basics.

Grab the goodies and have some fun exploring that mushroom forest!

The seed: mamaMOOSE

Hands down, this is one of the most epic plains villages I’ve seen. You can tell just by looking at the pic above. Three wells! That means three villages were squashed together to make this almost like a city!

There’s a ton of potential with a village that’s so big. If you’re looking for a village that’s basically one huge playground, this is the seed for you.

The seed: 1417801910

This seed has a ton of biomes involved. It has desert, plains, savanna, and swamp all within reasonable distance of one another.

But that’s not the cool part. Whereas the last seed had a mega village of three squished together, this seed has four villages all within short walking distance of one another. It’ll take a bit of exploring to find them all, but once you do, it’ll be easy to move from one to another.

The other thing that makes this seed so special? The blacksmith chest right next to the spawn has emeralds in it. It doesn’t get much nicer than that!

The blacksmith in the first village has some iron ingots, the emeralds, and some food. The one in the second village has more emeralds and some armor.

Here’s a little help. You’ll spawn right near the first village. Heading out from that, turn to put the swamp at your right and the village on your left. Continue on and eventually you’ll forge a river and should spot the second village pretty easily. From there, you can just look out over the river to see the third village sitting in the desert. The fourth one is right near the third, and you should spot it without any problem.

The seed: 1426064692

This village seed is really beautiful. Right at the spawn, you only have to turn around to find the village. It’s a decent size with two wells and in a really beautiful location. The village is pressed between the ocean and a river. The river itself is edged with mountains. Really, since it goes down the coastline you could technically call this one a harbor seed.

To add to all of the beauty already going on, the mountains come with a ton of waterfalls and caverns to explore. Making it even better, some of the village even spawned on part of the mountain. All in all, this is a really remarkable seed for anyone looking for strong scenery to wander through and get lost in.

The seed: vvvvvvvv

Granted, this is another mountain village seed, but what sets this one apart from the others, is that the village is split between spawning on the mountainside, alongside the river coastline, or even on the river. The best part of all of this is the house that spawned high up on the mountain, almost like a watchtower built-in to the mountainside.

The blacksmith has some food and gold ingots to give a bit of a head start on things.

The seed: xnxx

This savanna, mountain, desert seed spawns with one of the most insane mountains I’ve ever seen. As soon as you spawn, you’ll see it. It has some insane spires, and even some floating blocks! Not seen very often at all.

Right as you spawn, circle around to the left of the mountain to get to the village there. The blacksmith here has some iron ingots, obsidian, iron pickaxes, and some armor.

If you head out a bit more and follow the border of the savanna, you’ll come across the second village. The blacksmith here has emeralds, another pickaxe (can’t have too many of them), armor, plus some more iron ingots for your casual crafting purposes.

The seed: 1427837471

So this is a pretty nice island village seed. Yeah, the island itself is pretty cool, and we’ll get into that, but the blacksmith is the bright spot on this seed.

The village comes with plenty of farms and villagers to make for a really awesome survival game if that’s your thing.

There really isn’t anything special about island villages, but I’ve yet to come across one with such an awesome blacksmith, not to mention the layout of the island is pretty fun to explore.

So, this blacksmith I keep mentioning, it has emeralds, gold, and iron, along with some bread. A pretty sweet start to any game!

[] Chapter 3 – Xbox 360

The seed: conormecallthey

This seed is particularly interesting as it has a mineshaft right under your spawn. No need to go hunting for adventure! There’s a stronghold and four fairly easy spawners.

If you’re willing to do a bit of exploring, you’ll find a library, pumpkins, and plenty of diamonds (the diamonds are at -63, 9, 179 if you wanted to snag them).

There’s a ton to see here and some easy pickings for anyone looking to do a bit of adventuring.

The seed: DESERT

Full of snow golums and some pretty awesome Nordic castles, this seed is perfect for those looking to brave the bitter cold. This snow biome isn’t just for looks. This one has a pretty fantastic feel to it.

[* The seed: -658735061 *]

What does this seed have? A better question is what doesn’t this seed have! Looking to explore, but are easily bored by one big biome world? Well this seed has every biome!

Those looking to do some exploring will find multiple villages, dungeons, a witch hut, desert temples, and blacksmiths.

There’s a blacksmith chest out there with a ton of diamonds, obsidian, and a ton of other stuff in it.

If you’re looking for adventure and treasure, this is the seed for you!

The seed: 1135692136

There’s a lot to see with this one! First off, there are three villages, all easily found. The village nearest to the stronghold has a huge ravine that slices right through it, creating a really awesome effect.

On top of that, there are two exposed libraries right on the surface that you can jump right into. What’s even better is the library furthest from the spawn has a hall that you can walk into, cut a hole into it, and hit the end portal.

There’s a village centered to it all with a clearing large enough to build a castle town in. There are plenty of spawns nice and close to the surface, easy access, and a ton of different biomes without any of the swamp to get into the way.

If you want to check out the library entrance to the stronghold, you can head to these coordinates: -69, 65, -50.

[* The seed: -44548080 *]

If you’re looking for a seed with a lot of interesting sights, then look no further!

There are multiple villages to check out, spawners with some decent loot, and the jungle has a desert temple filled with a ton of awesome stuff. Not only that, but there is a massive hill biome that will blow you away along with a stronghold, ravine, and pumpkins. And who doesn’t love pumpkins!

You’ll definitely want to check out the desert temple at 378, 66, 218

The seed: ibxbxbxhg

Mushroom seeds are always fun, and this one is one of the most epic of them all. The entire place is mushrooms. There are two small islands, like tiny fortresses of solitude that aren’t mushroom biomes, but they’re like small dots in a mushroom Armageddon. This is worth checking out just for the scenery!

[* The seed: -6120648606982687686 *]

This plains seed has five villages to explore, all with some awesome farms and loot to snag.

The first village is a bit generic, but the second has a blacksmith and a pretty sweet cave system that looks like it leads to an abandoned mineshaft. I’m not going to lie, it’s little touches like this that really gets my imagination going.

The third village doesn’t have any crops, but there’s a butcher and librarian which is always fun.

On top of all the villages, there are also two jungle temples and a desert temple out there. Keep in mind, though, that the loot is a bit inconsistent with this seed. While the take is still decent, it seems the amount of gems you come across shifts around a bit. Still, who can complain about a handful of emeralds and diamonds?

There are also some mushroom biomes to have some fun in and some mob spawners with a bit of decent loot. If you’re looking to snag some diamonds, head over to 34, 15, 135.

[] Chapter 4 – PS3

[* The seed: -1117816657125390683 *]

This seed has a bunch of diamonds in it, as well as villages, temples, dungeons, and more.

Fortunately this one has been pretty well mapped, so we’re able to provide a ton of coordinates for you.

If you check out the villages here, the ones with an asterisk have a blacksmith chest you’ll want to be sure to check out:

X:-321, Z:138*

X:-205, Z:1343

X:-2528, Z:1570*

X:-2231, Z:1134*

X:1263, Z:1635

Now, who doesn’t love desert temples? Always filled with a ton of loot, we’re able to take out some of the frustration of trying to find them. If you’re looking to get a boost to your game, check out these coordinates.

These are in the deserts:

X:-406, Z:298

X:-294, Z:1146

X:-2357, Z:1562

X:331, Z-198

These are in the jungles:

X:89, Z:1398

X:-1385, Z:2214

X: -2394, Z:2152

X:-953, Z:693

X:-489, Z:773

X:145, Z:22

Now I promised that this seed had a ton of diamonds, and I wasn’t lying. Here’s just a taste of all the diamonds you can find on this seed:

X;-387 Y:12 Z:88 (6)

X:-471 Y:13 Z:84 (4)

X:-606 Y:10 Z:86 (6)

X:-666 Y:12 Z:71 (4)

X: 221 Y:17 Z:272 (2)

The seed: followibxtoycat912

This seed has seven villages. Two of them are visible straight from the spawn. It also has a couple of temples to explore.

You spawn in plains, surrounded by other biomes. There are even some horses if you wanted to get started with that. If you turn around right from spawn you’ll spot the first village. It has some wheat and potatoes, and that means you can get yourself some free food! If you trade that wheat back to the villagers you can get yourself some free emeralds.

If you were to head back to the spawn and cross the icy lake, it’ll be perfect to build on since mobs can’t spawn on the ice since mobs can’t spawn on anywhere that’s not land.

Also around the snow biome is a cave just to the right of spawn. If you head in, you’ll see that it’s actually an abandoned mineshaft which is pretty cool to find right from the spawn.

There’s the second village near the spawn which is actually a sand village. There are a lot of things you can get by trading with them, plus there is a priest you can trade with to get some eye of enders and other things.

Another thing that makes this particular village great is the well. Beneath the well, you’ll find a stronghold merged in the cave. In that stronghold, you’ll find the end portal.

The third village is near the spawn if you follow the river to the southeast. This one is a bit on a hill and you’ll see more farms which you can use to get some more wheat to trade. It’s not very large, but it’s a nice little village to look at and has some underground caves to explore. Plus it’s a good landmark to use to get you to the fourth village.

From the third one, just head over to the desert area which you can see from the village, and you’ll come across the fourth village. This one is a desert village. It has more farms and villagers to trade with. This one has a church as well.

If you head north from there you’ll get to the fifth village. This one has a blacksmith. In the blacksmith chest you can get some gold as well as some iron ingots among other things. It also has a librarian which is a great easy opportunity to get yourself some emeralds. Not only that, but this village also has a desert well, which is super rare, but there’s also a desert temple right at the edge of the village.

From there if you head to the northwest and follow the river along the coast and you’ll find the small desert village. It’s small, but is pretty cool.

Right next to the village down in a little cave you’ll find a spider spawner in a cave system. Of course you can break the spawner for experience, but if you head down you’ll find a pretty awesome ravine. It has lava, water, and gold pretty much everywhere under there.

Out in the village, you’ll find two zombie spawners right next to one another. They’re exposed, and you can access their chests really easily. In one of them, you’ll find a golden apple. These used to be fairly common, but since the update, they’ve become really rare. Here you can find one with almost no effort at all.

Way up there in the north you’ll find the seventh village. This one has a priest as well. What’s crazy is that priests don’t actually spawn all that often, but that’s part of what’s so great about this seed. With so many priests, you have a ton of opportunities to be able to trade for the things you need.

The seed: 89804430532978560

There isn’t much in particular about this seed to make it truly noteworthy other than the fact that there is almost no landmass other than a few islands, and on these islands are almost no trees at all.

If you like playing survival mode with a challenge, this would be the seed for you. Check it out and give it a try. It just might force you to get creative with your strategies!

The seed: Theycallmediamonds29

You spawn right in the middle of four villages. This seed has a desert temple, a jungle temple, witch hut, stronghold library, and an end room.

If you have the time to explore and hunt them down, there is a ton of diamonds on this seed. Here’s a list of just a few of them:

381, 12, 339 (4)

381, 13, 347 (6)

163, 4, 62 (4)

163, 12, 218 (8)

The seed: followibxtoycat912

If you’re looking to explore a lot of villages, this seed is for you. It has seven! Each is filled with a ton for you to check out.

Done with the villages and feel like exploring the land? There are two desert temples for you to check out along with a whole lot more.

Seed: 8228022655105534223

Some of these seeds are perfect for players looking to play survival mode with a challenge.

But what if you aren’t looking for a challenge? Well, this seed starts you off in a jungle biome with a ton of diamonds right off the bat!

There really isn’t much better than starting the game off with a diamond pickaxe.

I promised you an easy start, so let’s make it even easier by giving you the coordinates of the diamonds:

X:-130 Y:11 Z:329

X:-131 Y: 8 Z:305

X:-149 Y: 7 Z:368

X-152 Y:10 Z:395

[* Seed: -4344622374139120669 *]

If you’re looking to play in an awesome desert biome, this is the one for you. This seed has not only a pretty sweet desert village, but there are also three temples to check out. That’s a whole lot of loot!

To make it even better, there are a ton of diamonds right near the desert village.

[] Chapter 5 – PS4

The seed: 1480205470

This seed is really cool. You spawn in a snow biome right at the edge of a desert. If you head forward into the desert, you’ll come right to a skeleton spawner. Skeleton spawners are really good in the beginning because you can just grind them for arrows and other materials. The chest you’ll find after digging through all of the sand will give you some iron and wheat, which is always good for starting out.

From there, if you head southeast you’ll come across another zombie spawner in the desert. It is really rare to find two underground spawners so close.

Other than the desert, it has a really extreme hills biome. There are some amazing cracks and crags. It’s fantastic landscape. Imagine building a house right at the top. It’s incredible.

Away from there in another desert you’ll come across another desert temple with obsidian, gold, diamond, bread, and iron with in a village. From there, if you head north through the desert you’ll come across another desert temple. This one has a ton of iron, gold, and emeralds. Unfortunately, there aren’t any diamonds, but that’s still a ton of loot to be had.

The mix of all the treasure in the desert, the extreme hills biome, and such make this a really incredible seed to explore.

[* The seed: -7492801512473941435 *]

This is actually a really good spawn. Straight off you’ll spawn right in front of a village. If you turn around, though and head across the ocean you’ll come across a mushroom island with some mushrooms roaming around; always fun.

From the spawn you’ll come to the desert village with a temple opening right at the edge. In there you’ll find diamonds, emeralds, gold, and iron ingots.

If you head to the other end of the desert, which is admittedly a bit of a trek, but if you do you’ll hit another biome with another village. This one has some farms and villagers where you can find some wheat and such.

This one is really strong because you have the two villages right near the spawn, plus being able to start off with diamonds right off the start is a pretty solid way to go.

[* The seed: -8100593880228775311 *]

This one is pretty cool. If you’re looking for temples with diamonds and villages then this is the seed for you. At the spawn if you head northwest and go around the side of the snow biome you’ll find the entrance to the temple. You’ll find gold, emeralds, and diamonds in there along with some iron ingots. That’s a really good start by any means!

If you head east from there and follow the river, you’ll find the next temple along the edge of the forest. You’ll find diamonds, lots of gold, and iron ingots.

From that temple, if you head northwest you’ll find a village. If you do that all in the first day of the game, hitting the first and second temple and then going to the village, you’ll be able to take refuge in the buildings. It’s a nice easy way to survive that first night. There unfortunately is no blacksmith in that first village, but that’s okay.

That’s just the beginning! This seed has more temples, jungle biomes, and a ton more to explore; a good choice for anyone looking to have a strong start to their game.

[] Chapter 6 – Xbox One

[* The seed: -1460420969 *]

You spawn right on a village with this seed. Although it’s a fairly small village and doesn’t have a blacksmith, one of the buildings does have bookcases, which is always a nice find.

This seed has always been a fairly popular type of map for most map because this world is rich with diamonds. If you go around the mountain from the spawn, you’ll find a cave entrance with two mob spawners. The chests have some good loot in there as well. It’s pretty rare to find two spawners right next to one another.

Like I said, there are tons of diamonds on this one.

Want to find the diamonds and get a solid go on your game? Here they are!

X:-159 Y:14 Z:255

X:-182 Y:12 Z:254

X: -413 Y: 13 Z:256

X:-241 Y15 Z259

X:-194 Y12 Z261

X:-15 Y:13 Z: 258

X:-357 Y:13 Z:185

X:-212 Y:16 Z:222

X:-427 Y:13 Z:242

X:-107 Y:12 Z:242

X:-129 Y:13 Z:239

X:82 Y:12 Z:242

X:-376 Y:14 Z:238

X:145 Y:15 Z:254

X:132 Y:13 Z:241

X:-57 Y:7 Z:232

X:-33 Y:15 Z:230

X:-362 Y:14 Z:44

X:-269 Y:12 Z:261

X:-323 Y:11 Z:260

X:-390 Y:14 Z:222

X:82 Y:14 Z: 218

X:86 Y:14 Z:66

X:64 Y:13 Z:87

X63 Y:14 Z:50

X:78 Y:8 Z:54

X:31 Y12 Z-173

X109 Y:12 Z:84

X:63 Y:13 Z:-73

X42 Y:9 Z: -418

X:167 Y:11 Z:-417

X: 227 Y:12 Z:62

X:-63 Y:13 Z:-221

X:70 Y:14 Z:82

[* The seed: -198666536 *]

This seed has a ton of desert temples and villages. Not only that, but it has the end portal quite nearby. It’s quite hard to find end portals unless you have the eyes of enders, but this one is fairly close to the spawn. You still need the eyes to activate it, but still, it’s nice to have it so close.

Other than the end portal, the seed is downright filled with desert temples and villages. They’re everywhere! Exploring those will get you plenty of good loot.

Here’s where you can find the desert temples:

x -838 y 86 z 966

x -476 y 82 z -1008

x -439 y 93 z -1246

x 104 y 77 z -1462

x 843 y 84 z -1918

x -441 y 102 z -1252

And if you want to just head straight to the villages, you can find them here:

x-1137 y 86 z 966

x-321 y 79 z -842

x -439 y 93 z -1246

x 10 y 94 z -1382

x 656 y77 z -1927

x-441 y 102 z -1252

The seed: toycatseed

This seed is amazing. It has fifteen villages! Not only that, but it has ten temples to explore. That’s an insane amount of chests and loot!

The first thing you’ll notice if you head just west of the spawn, you’ll find yourself in some desert and you’ll find a nice desert village. It doesn’t have a blacksmith chest or a church, but it does have a lot of houses, crops to take, and a bunch of villagers you can trade with plus a ton of houses you can take refuge in if you like. Next to the village is a temple to explore where you can get yourself some diamonds.

If you head just east of that to a hole in the ground, you’ll be surprised to find that there is actually some cobblestone. If you follow that in you’ll find an exposed zombie spawner. If you want to deactivate it, you just need to dig down from above and natural light gets in. In the chest, there you’ll find eight iron ingots, which is a good start to any game, and plus a thorns enchanting book. So you can take the iron ingots, make yourself some armor, and then enchant it with the thorns. That way anything hitting you gets a ton of damage in return.

If you head north from there, you’ll end up in an extreme hills biome. It has some floating islands. They’re a great distance from one another if you wanted to make a parkour course, it’d be really easy to do.

If you head farther to the northeast you’ll come across another desert and another temple. In there, you’ll find some iron ingots, emeralds, and diamonds. In the blacksmith chest in that village, you’ll find armor, more iron. The village itself is pretty awesome. It has some caves underground that you can access which is fun to explore. Right nearby it has some surface lava you can use to make some obsidian.

The rest of the seed is really well balanced; it has a good mix of biomes. There are a ton of options with what you can do with this seed. There are a ton of mineshafts and ravines, along with all of the other villages and temples.

[] Chapter 7 – Tips

This is just a small sampling of all of the seeds possible in Minecraft. Now maybe sometimes you want to try and find seeds of your own. Some players will go into the line for inputting a seed into the World Generator and hit some random letters and numbers to see what pops up.

Actually, it’s best to just leave the field blank. When you leave it blank, instead of it giving you any random seed, it’ll be sure to give you a seed with every type of biome in it. It’ll give you a ton of more options and some potential.

On the Xbox One and PS4 specifically, another thing is to always start the world on Classic. Even though Classic is only slightly smaller than Small, if you start a world on Classic, you get the old PS3 or Xbox 360 world gen which means a lot more villages. If you start on Small, Medium, or even Large, you’ll actually have fewer villages.

What you want to do is start in Classic, and then if you want a larger world, exit the game, go into settings, and then change the size to what you would like it to be. We recommend going Medium. It’s a good size with lots to do, but still gives you room to grow for when they come out with new biomes or environments. Then you can expand it out again to Large and have access to all of that new content.

Some players aren’t a fan of using the Bonus Chest option as they like to avoid what they see as handouts. One thing to keep in mind however is that when the game is updated and they’re adding new items, sometimes this is the only way to get the new items before you actually have a chance to get them in the actual game world. When you break the chest to get what’s inside, keep in mind that it respawns when you reload the game, which means that you can continue getting access to some new and exciting items. Obviously if you don’t like the easy method of using the bonus chest you don’t have to use it, but for those players looking to have access to items they wouldn’t normally have access to, it’s something to keep in mind.

[] Conclusion

Thank you again for downloading this book!

As you can see, thanks to the complex algorithms in Minecraft’s world generator, the possibilities are endless. After exploring the seeds in this book, we encourage you to go out and find others. The internet is filled with people all searching for interesting worlds to explore, just like you!

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can follow what was suggested in the tips section and create your own worlds. Who knows, maybe with a bit of trial and error, you may just discover the next great seed and have it featured on a website or book!

I hope this book was able to help you to find the perfect seed for you to explore. The universe of Minecraft is filled with treasure, adventure, and danger. It’s the perfect place where anyone, casual or hardcore, can create their own story.

The next step upon successful completion of this book is to plug in a seed and start your adventure!

Here’s to survival, creation, and discovering what the world of Minecraft has to offer.

Thank you and good luck!

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Minecraft Seeds: 50 Incredible Minecraft Seeds You MUST Use (With Pictures)(Incl Minecraft Seeds: 50 Incredible Minecraft Seeds You MUST Use (With Pictures)(Incl