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Minecraft Handbook

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Minecraft

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 –Minecraft Explained

[+ Chapter 2- Minecraft A Journey +]

[+ Chapter 3- Recipes +]


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Chapter 1 – Minecraft Explained

Are you a creative person? Are you someone who loves to play adventure games, build things with Legos or blocks or just smash the hell out of stuff just for the heck of it? Well if you fit into any of these categories – and even if you don’t – you will want to stick around and go from cover to cover in this amazing book and learn about this awesome game called Minecraft.

So what is Minecraft?

Well simply put Minecraft is a game that allows you as the player to create your own virtual worlds out of virtual blocks. You can take different blocks that look like grass, sand, dirt, water or any other element and create a virtual world out of your own imagination and play with others in these worlds.

What type of worlds can I create in Minecraft?

Well honestly the sky is the limit. If you have the time and want to explore, you can create anything in Minecraft you can think of. If you want to see some inspirational creations in Minecraft just go to Google – http://www.google.com and once there click on the Images Tab. Once there, go ahead and type in Minecraft Creations and see what comes up.

When I did this, I came up with a lot of cool creations. There were a lot of buildings such as entire Roman cities; as well as entire communities built in the future; famous cartoon characters such as My Little Pony, Homer Simpson, Mario and hundreds more. One of the most amazing creations I have seen is the fully constructed USS Enterprise. Someone actually built the entire ship with rooms that you can enter and explore. Now that is cool. So if you have time, you can look at all of these creations for hours and derive inspiration for your own Minecraft creations.

The Foundation of Minecraft

The foundation of Minecraft is built on the idea that you can create anything that you want out of blocks. Each block will have a different purpose and function and when you add them together they will allow you to create anything such as: tools, food, weapons and even structures.

The Worlds of Minecraft

When we are talking about Minecraft, we are talking about a world that allows you the power to create whatever you want. The creators of Minecraft have developed several versions or “flavors” of the game that will fit anyone’s tastes. This is one reason why the game is so popular.

The first flavor of Minecraft is the Creative version. In this version you have unlimited resources to just go and build things. You are not limited to the number of blocks you can have, dangers such as zombies, wolves, spiders or any ender bosses that you find in other games.

The next world in Minecraft is the Survival mode. In this mode you add in a little more adventure. In this mode of gameplay, you need to fight zombies, spiders and a slew of other monsters and dangers. You will need to craft weapons, find food, shelter and all of the other elements that make up an adventure game. In this version of the game, you can die, but will respawn to continue your adventures.

Multi-player version of Minecraft is awesome as well. In this version of the game, you have the ability to play with or against your friends as well as other people around the world. You can build things, destroy things, go on adventures or just declare all out war on each other. The options are endless.

No matter what version of Minecraft that you choose to play or if you play all of them, the underlying theme is creativity and fun. If you are someone who is looking to build items, live in them, use them and create your own realities then Minecraft is the game for you.

How to Get Minecraft?

So you are excited to get started with this amazing creation tool. You have thousands of ideas that you want to build in your world and can’t wait to get started. Well if this is the case let’s not sit around talking about it, let’s get started.

To get started with Minecraft you need to download the free version or purchase the full version of the game. You can do this by visiting the following web site. – http://www.minecraft.net

Once there you can play the demo or you can purchase the full game for just under $30.00. The game can be played on a wide range of platforms such as your PC, android phone and the Xbox. Once you download or purchase the game, you can create an account or just start playing the game on your own in single player mode.

Get Started

Okay now that you have a basic idea of what Minecraft is and what you can do with it, go ahead and visit the web site, download the game and start playing. In the next chapter, we will start talking about things that you can create in the game as well as what you can do to get the most out of Minecraft.

Chapter 2 – Minecraft A Journey

In the previous chapter of the book, I gave you a brief introduction to Minecraft and what you can do as well as what others have done with the game. I also told you where you could go to get the game and install it. Now if you have gotten this far congratulations! In this chapter, I am going to expand your knowledge of the game and give you a “user’s guide” sort of speak on what you can do in Minecraft.

Expanding Minecraft

When you first start up Minecraft, you are presented with a pretty barren world. You can walk around, dig up rocks, sand, grass and other materials in the world. You can take these items and build structures, farms and just allow yourself to be creative. Now this is great and all, but there are only so many times you can build a house or dig a hole. This is why I wanted to introduce you to Mods before we went any further in this book.

What are Mods?

Mods are add-ons to the core game of Minecraft. They allow you to take what you know or think you know about Minecraft and turn it upside down. Mods allow you to add entire new angles and elements to the game that were not available when you first started. To find a complete list of mods, go ahead and do a Google Search for Minecraft Mods. To get you started, here are some that I personally thought were interesting.

MC Helicopter Mod

Now this is a pretty cool mod. What this mod allows you to do is add a bunch of military and civilian vehicles that you can play with. Each vehicle is fully detailed and has instructions on the dashboard to instruct you on how to use them. If you are flying a plane you can shoot at other planes, boats and structures on the ground. One limitation that may seem annoying, however, is that when you shoot buildings on the ground they do not explode. A little bit of a bummer I know, but maybe in future releases of the mod the programmer will add in that feature.

When looking at this mod you will want to unzip it first. The reason for this is that you will get a complete list of recipes that you can use in order to create these vehicles. When looking into this mod you will have the following vehicles to choose from.

Civilian Helicopters

You will be able to create civilian helicopters such as: the Bell 206L and the LongRanger, as well as the Bell 47G, Bell47G Float and several others.

Military Helicopters

You can start your own little war with the AH-1Z Viper, AH-6 Killer Egg, as well as the EC665 Tiger UHT, Flettner Fl 282 just to name a few.

Civilian Airplanes

Fly like an eagle in the An-2S, Cessna 172 and Piaggio P.180 Avanti II just to name a few which will make you feel like you’re a swanky pilot jetting across the globe.

Military Airplanes

Fly in your own military in an A-10 Thunderbolt II, AC-130H Spectre, or how about a AV-8B Harrier II, B-29 Superfortress or even a B-2A Spirit.

You will have access to drones, boats, and several other cool vehicles to make your world more realistic.

As you can see this is a pretty cool mod that you can incorporate into your Minecraft creations. Just imagine building your very own military installation where you have all of these vehicles housed. Then you go and create amazing buildings, cities and other structures that you use in World War 2 battle or even futuristic creations that are protected by twentieth century technology. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Ocean Craft

The Next mod I want to talk about is Ocean Craft. The Ocean Craft mod will allow you to create your own underwater worlds. Now if you have been looking at Minecraft, most people are building huge structures on the land. Well why not take that same concept and create your world under water?

With this mod, you can easily create entire underwater worlds where you can have an abundance of sea life at your command. When creating your world, you can have dangers such as quicksand and man-eating sharks. If you are feeling adventurous, create a city of gold and have it protected by the creatures of the sea.

Some items that you will have at your disposal in this mod are:

Beach villagers – These characters are friendly and can be a tremendous asset to you and the game. When you approach them talk to them and they will tell you what they have to offer for trade.

Seagulls – These are passive birds that really don’t do much in the game. They will fly around dropping feathers that you can collect to create other misc. items as well as can be collected and eaten for food.

Crabs – Crabs and King Crabs are creatures that you can have in the game. When you deal with a crab, they really don’t bother you much and will create crab meat when you kill them. The king crabs on the other hand, will become aggressive towards you if you bother them. To get them to like you, you will need to give them 20 seashells. When you do this, they will allow you to ride them as well as follow you around the gaming environment. This can be kind of fun.

Sea Turtles – Now if you like to have a fun adventure under the sea go ahead and get some sea turtles. If you give them some seaweed, they will allow you to ride them. Now if you had a friend playing with you could answer the age old question, The King Crab or the Sea Turtle.

Fish – There are five varieties of fish in this mod. When you kill them, they drop raw fish that you can then eat.

Sharks – Now not all the sea creatures that you will encounter under the sea will be your friend. There are some dangers along the way. Sharks are one of the top three. When you encounter a shark, it will be a wise decision to stay as far away as possible. If you do encounter one and kill it, they will drop shark teeth that you can collect and use later in the game.

When it comes to the ocean craft mod, we have only touched the surface of what you can do and the type of worlds you can create and explore. If you are looking for a way to explore new environments and worlds, I highly suggest that you get this mod.

Superhuman Mod

The superhuman mod is probably the coolest mod that has been created to date. Just think about being one of your favorite super heroes or super villains running around the Minecraft universe that you created. Well that sounds great and all, but here is the icing on the cake. You not only just look like your favorite hero or villain; you have their powers as well.

Now let me ask you a question. How cool would it be to create your own world and be able to fly around as Superman? Not into Superman, how about the Flash? What about a super villain? The mod comes with a total of 55 heroes and villains to choose from. These characters are found in the Marvel and DC universe as well as other areas such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Now when it comes to these mods, there are a few limitations as well as parameters that you need to be aware of.

First off, you don’t create these costumes. Yes, I know adding some fire and green wool would be a cool way to become the green lantern, but it doesn’t work that way. To create your costume, you need to purchase them in the store or find pieces to the costumes that you find along the way. Now this can seem time consuming, but once you get the pieces to the costume you have all their powers and abilities; pretty cool if you ask me.

The next thing is that you can’t mix and match the costumes. So you can’t have both Flash and Green Lantern, for example. I know you were probably thinking that you could create a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with Superman Powers, but sorry it won’t happen here in Minecraft.

All in all, this is a really cool and addictive mod. With some creativity, you can create the entire city of Candor and play the game as Superman running over your very own version of Krypton.

Beyond Mods

As we dig deeper into Minecraft, we will want to make the game more engaging and realistic. Mods are great, but there are a lot of other resources out there that will help you dive deep into the creative world of Minecraft.

The first thing that I want to talk to you about is texture packs. Now I know many of you are thinking, what is a texture pack? Well when you look at the game you will see that each item in the game has a specific color or texture to it. These are texture maps that Minecraft uses to enhance the look, feel and user experience of the game. The creators of Minecraft were more concerned about developing an environment for creativity that they just created a basic texture map. Players, on the other hand, decided to add in a little more flare.

The texture map resource I wanted to talk to you about is called Pixel Reality Resource pack. This resource will change the look and feel of your blocks so that they have a more realistic feel.

When you look at some resource packs that tried to give you a real world interpretation of a wooden block or other material, they came out too cartoony and unrealistic. With mod you don’t get this problem. You have a beautifully rendered item.

Story Block Resource Pack

Now creating items that have a realistic tone is great, but there will be times when your creation needs to have a different look and feel. This is where the Story Block resource texture pack comes in. With this texture pack, you can make your creations look more like those found in a storybook.

What if you wanted to build a towering castle protected by a fierce dragon? Or how about creating a village that housed magical creatures? Well using this resource texture pack will be a great addition to your creation needs.

When it comes to creating unique looks and effects in your games locating the right resource texture pack could mean the difference between having an awesome tower that looks menacing crouched against the backdrop of a lava flowing mountain or what looks like a tower with red water. So try these texture packs and even play around and create your own.

Minecraft Maps

Now this is where the fun really starts. When you create a world you are basically creating a map. This map can look like anything and act like anything that you want. Say you want to create an adventure game where you have to find treasure, fight creatures and solve puzzles? Well you can do this by creating your very own Minecraft map. What if you want to create a maze that goes on forever where the goal is to find other players and fight to the death? Well you can do this with maps.

Creating a Minecraft map is fun, but challenging. If you have the time and want to create your very own universe where others can live your adventures, then creating your own map is the way to go. If you are looking for some cool examples of Minecraft Maps go ahead and visit – http://www.minecraftmaps.com


Now in a previous section, I talked about a mod that would allow you to play as a superhero with all of their powers and abilities. Well this is similar, but without the powers.

When you enter into the game of Minecraft you are given a default character known as an avatar. No, I am not talking about the movie Avatar. An Avatar is the name given to the character that you portray in the game.

When you play Minecraft you may not want to be the same person all the time. Maybe you want to be a swamp creature, Zombie, Football player, business man, spy or even a cartoon character. Well, this is where skins come in.

When you change your skin, you are basically changing the look and feel of your avatar. When you do this you can explore the game as a totally different persona than the one you play in real life or the default character in the game. You can change your skin at any point in the game which makes it more exciting and challenging at the same time.


Seeds are a new addition to Minecraft. What seeds are in essence the code that generated the random world you spawned into when the game started. When creating new worlds, these seeds can be used to allow you to play the same games that others have played. Here are a few seeds that you can play with.









To see the seed that is generated in your game all you need to do is hit the F3 key on your keyboard and it will bring up a menu that will show you the seed number. Just write it down and share with your friends.

Now I hope you are getting as excited about this game as I am. So far in this book I have given you the basics of what makes up Minecraft and what tools and resources you can use in order to expand on the initial foundation of the game.

In the next chapter, I am going to give you what are known as recipes. Recipes are used to create items in the game that you can use to build items such as weapons and tools. The list of items that can be created in Minecraft is ever growing. With different mods that you install, these items can expand even further. So when playing this game make sure to experiment, talk to other people who play the game and see what items you can create and use in Minecraft.

Chapter 3 – Recipes

Recipes are the heart of what you can do in Minecraft. Depending on the game mode you are playing, creating items can be easy or may present a challenge to you as a player.

If you are playing the game in Creation mode, this is the basic mode where you can have access to all of the elements of the game and create anything that you can think of, then you will have no problem creating these items. If, for example, you are playing in Survival mode, finding some of these items will become very difficult and frustrating.

No matter which version of the game you are playing, the results will be the same. You will need to follow a specific recipe in order to create these items.

To start with, you will need to build yourself a crafting table. A crafting table allows you to have more squares in which to build your items. To make a table, you will need to create some planks. Then you take the planks and build a table.

To build planks take 1 block of wood and put it into the center square of your crafting area. Depending on the version of the game you are playing, there may be different ways to pull up your crafting menu.

Once you have created your wood planks, you need to put one wood plank in each of the four squares in the crafting area. Once this is done, you will have created your crafting table. Now take the table and put it in your inventory.

To use the crafting table, you need to place it in your world. Once you remove it from your inventory and place it in your world stand in front of it and open it. Once opened, you will be presented with a 3 × 3 grid which will give you just the right amount of squares to build anything else in the game.

Items that you can make in the game

When it comes to Minecraft, the developers of the game are constantly adding new items to be created for its players. Also, when developing mods and other add-ons to the game, players will be introduced to new items and new recipes all the time. In this book, I will give you some basic recipes to get you started in the game. Each of these recipes will require you to have the crafting table, so make sure that you have created it before proceeding. If not, you will not be able to proceed.

The basic categories of items that you can make in the game fall within these parameters: Basic Items, Tools, Weapons, Armor, Manufactured, Transportation, Mechanism, Food, Misc. Enchanting and Brewing, Dye, or, Wool. In the following sections, I am going to give you some cool recipes that you can try as you play the game.

Game Recipes

In this section we will talk about some of the basic items that you can create in Minecraft.

Item #1 – A Bed

A bed is something that you may want to create after a long day of fighting monsters and digging in the mines. To create a bed, you will need wood planks as well as wool.

You will need to place a wool pack in the top three squares of your crafting area. Then, you will need to add right under wool a wooden plank of any style of wood in the three squares under the wool. The recipe should look exactly like this.

Now you can have some variations on this. You can select a different type of wood to make your bed out of as well as use feathers instead of wool to make the pillows.

Item #2 – A Map

Now I don’t know about you, but when I am playing adventure games I need a map to get myself from point A to point B. If you are like me then you will like this recipe. All you need are some pieces of paper and a compass. I wish it were that easy when I get lost in real life.

The recipe for the map should look like this.

Item #3 – Glass bottle

When going on adventure games there will be times that you need to collect items to bring with you. When I play these games, I find it useful to collect items that can be later used in magic spells and incantations. One of the best ways to carry items in games, and especially in Minecraft, is to use a glass bottle. All you need to do to make a glass bottle is to arrange three pieces of glass in your crafting table like this and bam! Instant bottle.

Item #4 – Blaze Powder

When crafting things in Minecraft you will need to have some form of fire. One of the best ways to do this is with a Blaze Powder. The blaze powder is mostly used when performing alchemy.

To create blaze powder, you will need a blaze rod. Place the blaze rod in the center of the crafting table like shown in the picture below.

Item #5 – Brewing Stand

When making potions you will want to have a brewing stand. This will allow you to make some of these magical items.

For this recipe, you will need a blaze rod and some cobble stone. Arrange the items in the following pattern to create the recipe.

Item #6 – Enchanted Table

When in the game you will need to get some more power out of your weapons and tools. To do this you will want to create an enchanting table. To do this you will need to have the following items: Obsidian, Diamond and Book. When you have all of these items, go ahead and place them in the following pattern on the crafting table.

Item #7 – Arrow

An Arrow is one of the most basic weapons that you can create in Minecraft. With an arrow you can shoot your enemies doing damage. Now, an arrow is not the most powerful of weapons so you may need a few to kill your enemies and in some cases these arrows will bounce off your enemies making them mad and possibly chase after you. To make an arrow all you will need is some flint, a stick and a feather. Once you have these items arrange them on your crafting table in the following pattern.

Before you can use the arrows however you will need to create a bow. To create a bow, you will need string and sticks. When you have these in your inventory, place them on the crafting table in the following pattern to create your bow.

To be able to use the bow, you will need to have arrows in your inventory. If you don’t have any arrows look at the recipe above to create them.

Item #8 – Swords

Swords are a more versatile weapon than a bow and arrow. In Minecraft, you can construct several different types of swords that will have different effects on your enemies.

The most basic sword is a wooden sword. This will have little to no effect on your enemies. From there you can make a sword out of cobblestone or iron ingots. These swords have more power and can do more damage to your enemies than a wooden sword can.

If you are looking for the most powerful sword, you will want to look at a diamond. A diamond sword will be your most powerful sword and will also be one of the hardest to construct since diamonds are very scarce in the game. However, if you do come across some diamonds, make sure that you keep them safe and create as many diamond swords as you possibly can. They will be of great benefit to you in the game.

To create a sword, take your ingredients and arrange them in the following pattern. Replace the ingredients for the sword blade with your desired components.

Item #9 – Boat

One of the cool things about Minecraft is that you can create anything that you want to create. One of the things that you could create is a massive pirate ship that you could use to sail across the ocean. The drawback to that is that it will take you a long time to create a ship that size. So to resolve this issue, Minecraft has made it simple for you to explore the watery worlds with this simple recipe. All you need are some planks.

Go ahead and arrange the wood planks in the following configuration and you will create a boat that you can easily use to travel to distant lands in Minecraft.

Item #10 – Mine cart

Well the game is called Minecraft, isn’t it? So with a name like this, it would be silly for me not to tell you how to make a mine cart to explore the mines that you and others create.

To create a mine cart, you will need to have iron ingots. When you have this in your inventory, place them on your crafting table in the following pattern and you will create a mine cart that you can use to explore the mines of Minecraft.

Item #11 – Rails

So you have a mine cart and no where to go. Well, to resolve this situation, you will need to make some rails for your mine cart to travel on. To do this, you will need to have stick and iron ingot. Once you have these items, arrange them in the following pattern.

Item #12 – Hopper

A hopper is a useful item that you will want to put into your inventory. The hopper can be attached to your mine cart to make a new type of cart, as well as can be used to dispense items that you will need in the game. To create a hopper, you will need iron ingots and a chest. When you have these items, arrange them on your crafting table in the following pattern.

Item #13 – Bread

After hours of game play and adventuring, you and your character may get hungry. There are some basic foods in the game, but there will be times you get hankering for something a little more substantial. One of the most basic forms of food to make is bread. To make bread all you need is wheat. When you have wheat you will want to place them on your crafting table in the following pattern.

Item #14 – Cake

Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Well, in Minecraft they have thought of everything. If you have a sweet tooth and you want to be able to make some cake, here is a recipe that will do just that. Don’t tell Betty Crocker.

The cake will restore one energy point and will allow you to have six uses. What you need for this recipe is milk, eggs, sugar and wheat; similar to a real word recipe.

Once you have all of these ingredients arrange them in the following pattern on your crafting table.

Item #15 – Cookie


If you are not a fan of cake and a cookie is more of your thing, then here is a cookie recipe that when eaten will restore one hunger point. What you will need to create this recipe is wheat and coca beans. When you have these items, go ahead and arrange them on your crafting table in the following pattern.

As you can see there is a lot that you can make in Minecraft and this is just touching the surface. If you want to learn more about how wheat can be created in Minecraft, go ahead and so a search on Google for Minecraft Recipes. There you will find a wide selection of items as well as recipes.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to research on the Internet and want to take more of the adventurer role, then go ahead and start adding items to the crafting table in strange and unique patterns and see what type of stuff comes up. You might just surprise yourself.


Thank you again for downloading this book!

I hope this book was able to help you to learn more about Minecraft and its possibilities. When you are creative and adventurous you will get the most out of the game.

The next step upon successful completion of this book is to go exploring on your own. There is a huge community out there devoted to this game.

Thank you and good luck!

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Michael Marlon, an avid gamer and lover of all things Minecraft, was born in 1991. Growing up in the city of Brooklyn, NY, his family all loved to play video games. When Minecraft first came out, it was love at first sight. They created family game nights around Minecraft and learned all the hidden secrets they could.

Years later, Michael Marlon is still an devoted Minecraft player. He discovered that he could use his years of playing to teach people how to advance in the game. He practiced his teaching skills on all of his friends until he had his game plans down pat.

Now, he has chosen to combine his passion for the game of Minecraft with his love of writing. Michael has been rapidly publishing as many handbooks needed to enhance all types of player experiences. He also writes and publishes Minecraft stories for the next generation of Minecraft lovers. It’s a full life of Minecraft, but he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon!

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Minecraft: Minecraft Handbook - The Ultimate Minecraft Handbook Guide to Masteri Minecraft: Minecraft Handbook - The Ultimate Minecraft Handbook Guide to Masteri