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Minecraft - Minecraft Construction Handbook: The Ultimate Minecraft Construction


Minecraft Construction Handbook

The Ultimate Minecraft Construction Handbook for Minecraft Building & Minecraft Crafting

Copyright 2015 Michael Marlon

Published by Michael Marlon at Shakespir

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Table of Contents


Why Use a Minecraft Handbook?

What Mining is In Minecraft

A Little Bit about Minecraft Inventory

Some Minecraft Building Techniques to Use

Building Structures & Houses in the World of Minecraft

Some House Designs to Think About

Building Big & Small Structures in Minecraft

What Else You Can Build in the World of Minecraft


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First and foremost, I want to thank you for downloading the book, “Minecraft Construction Handbook: The Ultimate Minecraft Construction Handbook for Minecraft Building & Minecraft Crafting”.

In this book, you will learn how to build in Minecraft. Everything from mining to picking the right building material is important if you want to build in the Minecraft world. It’s easy to build everything from houses to crafting furniture to fill them. Nothing is left to chance when you know how to plan, what to plan, and what you need to make your vision come to life.

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Why Use a Minecraft Handbook?

You probably already know what Minecraft is, but it’s a game that can help you to escape the everyday world. When just starting Minecraft, you may not know how to build the world of your dreams, but you’ll find that after this guide, you’ll know how. It’s a game that is full of digging and building, which is just mining and crafting. Minecraft is a world where you’re constantly working on whatever you want to be as the sun continues to rise and set.

You’re the boss of what happens. However, you’re not going to be able to play it properly if you don’t know how to find a way to make sure that you can do whatever you want from learning to mine to learning to build whatever creations you’re looking to build. If you want to have a fun and exciting Minecraft adventure, you’ll want to know how everything works. You’ll find that this is a wonderful handbook that will help you to construct the basics and build from there.

Main Building Materials:

The first thing you need to learn in Minecraft is about building materials. You’ll find that sandstone is popular, especially if you’re building in a dessert. To make sandstone you need four pieces of sand pressed into a single block. It is not a resistant material to build your house out of if you’re worried about attack.

Cobblestone is also very popular in Minecraft, and it’s commonly used in medieval structures. It is the building structure with the highest level of resistance, and that is one of the main reasons that it is used in most structures and buildings. You have to obtain cobblestone, and to do that, you’ll need to mine them in NPC villages or dungeons. Combine water or lava to make it, or build a cobblestone generator.

Brick blocks are also popular, and they have the power to resist attacks from creepers. You’ll need bricks to make brick blocks, and to make brick, you need to smelt clay and coal. You can do this using a furnace. You’ll need four bricks to make a brick block, and you’ll have to put it on a crafting table.

Wood is also common, and that’s because it’s the easiest building material to obtain. Just remember that it’s flammable, and you’ll find that it won’t protect you very well against mobs. You’ll get wood blocks as you cut down trees. You’ll need a stone axe to do this.

What Mining is in Minecraft

The first thing you have to learn in Minecraft is how to mine, and it’s really not that hard. This is your basic building block to everything you do, and if you can’t mine, then you can’t play. Just remember that there are different ways to approach mining in Minecraft. The first thing you need to do is actually set up a mining station before you go exploring in any type of mine. Make sure to put it at the surface of your mine.

You’ll need a few basic things when you fill your mining station. Start with a bed. You’ll find that if you put a bed in your mining station, you’ll respawn there when you die, which is much more convenient. Otherwise, you’ll just spawn somewhere far away and spend valuable time just trying to get back to where you were. You’ll also want a chest because if you’re lucky you’re going to mine a variety of items, and you won’t have the space to hold all of them. If you mine too many, having a chest to put some of the items in is usually the best.

Of course, never forget the crafting table either. It’ll help you to create more tools and other items that might be needed in the mining process. Just never forget the furnace so you can smelt the ores that you come across so that they can be used on your crafting table. If you actually keep any of these items in your mining station is up to you, but it’ll help you to be more efficient while playing.

The Need for Tools:

When mining you’ll also need tools, and there are basic formulas for the proper tools. A shovel is the most basic, and for that you’ll need one ore and two sticks. If you want to make a sword, you’ll need two ores and one stick. However, you’re also going to need a pickaxe for mining, which requires three ores and two sticks, but it’ll be useful. What you need to remember is that tools aren’t forever. They won’t last forever, and they will wear down.

This is why you’ll need to create more, and that’s one of the reasons a crafting table is so important in your mining station. Luckily, there is a bar that will help to show you how many uses you have in your tool left, so you’ll know when they need fixed. When your tool is about to break it’ll go from green to red. You can either make an entirely new one, or you can take two worn down tools and craft them together to fix one. They just have to be made of the same material for this technique to work. If you combine them, it’ll only combine the uses they have left, not give them more uses. However, it’ll take up less space in your inventory because they will then be just one tool.

When you mine, there are things in your inventory that you will need to have. A pickaxe is one of the most important things. Usually, you’ll be starting with a stone pickaxe. These aren’t the best, so you’ll need to carry a few to get any work done at all. Move to an iron pickaxe whenever possible. A shovel will also be important because you’ll encounter gravel, but you can also use shovels on dirt or sand. You just are less likely to find these things while mining. Having a shovel to remove the gravel will speed up your digging. If you’re playing where you can be attacked, make sure that you always have a sword on you.

You may not be thinking about light in a video game, but make sure that you have torches with you as well, and you’ll need a good bit. It can even help to keep mobs, which can kill you, from spawning anywhere near you. It’s also easy to get lost in the world of Minecraft when mining, so it’s important to have torches that you can use as markers to make sure that you aren’t just wandering around in circles. Signs are also great to have in your inventory so that you can mark where you’ve been.

You may encounter lava when digging as well, and dirt can help you get past spots of lava. Buckets to collect it are also handy, but you can also have a bucket of water to help you put it out. This will allow you to expand your space and find a way to get around these obstacles so that your mining doesn’t have to be interrupted. Just don’t forget food, as seen above, as you will need it eventually.

Wood is also great to have with you because it’ll help you to craft the things you need. You may not have enough signs for example, and with wood you just need six planks and a stick to make three signs. As long as you have wood and other building materials, you won’t always have to run up to your chest to get the things you need. Instead, you can build it right here, but just remember that you will actually need a crafting table.

A Little on Cave Mining:

Cave mining is one of the easiest ways to mine in the world of Minecraft. You’ll need to explore to find the exposed caves and gorges, but you’ll find that mining them will be much easier. You’ll be able to mine out the resources and ores that you need for later. Since you don’t have to do much digging, it usually has the best results, especially when you’re a beginner. It has a higher yield, and it’s known to be a method that takes up less time.

Mining Can Be Explosive:

When you get good with mining, you’ll find that you can build TNT to help. Of course, remember to carry what you’ll need to light it. One of the most common ways to light TNT in Minecraft is with a flint and steel. You’ll need four sand blocks and five pieces of gunpowder to build one TNT, and to make flint and steel, you’ll need one iron Ingot and one flint. Just remember that TNT isn’t always the best solution even though it can remove many blocks at a time without you needing to use a pickaxe or other tool. TNT will also destroy resources within the blocks, and you won’t be able to collect them. It’ll help to clear the area, but it’s not as great for mining as a whole.

Abandoned Mines:

Abandoned mines are also a great resource, and you’ll find that you get resources and ores from them as well. Abandoned mines will have other resources you can collect as well, including saddles, which you can’t craft, as well as rails, carts, and even chests. When you find a chest in an abandoned mine, always take it. Even if it doesn’t have anything in it, you at least now have another chest. If you encounter a web, it won’t be a problem so long as you’ve carried a sword with you. Webs can be destroyed in a single swing.

Shaft Mining:

There are different ways to shaft mine, but it’s easiest to just dig a staircase. In shaft mining, you’re just digging for ores on your own. You’ll need enough room to jump your way back up. Remember that jumping in the world of Minecraft will actually take more energy than just walking up, which is what the stairs are for. Digging straight down is not recommended, as you have a likely chance of digging into already existing caves. This can result in you falling into dangerous areas, such as lava, or just receiving damage which can be just as bad.

Of course, stairs aren’t the only way to get up and down when you’re shaft mining. You can also create ladders out of wood as well. You can even swim back up if you pour water in the shaft using a bucket. Just remember that seven sticks makes a ladder, and six stone blocks or wood planks will equal four stairs.

Branch Mining:

Branch mining is also a different way to mine in Minecraft, and you can do so after you’ve dug a shaft mine. If you’re at a level in Minecraft that has the resources that you’re looking for, you are more likely to run into that resource if you are branching out on this level. This is what branch mining is used for. You’ll want to leave three blocks in between your one block branches for the most efficiency. This should keep you from missing any resources by covering the most space.

Quarry Mining:

Quarry mining is another type of mining in Minecraft, and you’ll find that it’s an easy solution. It covers a lot of space while mining, and actually covers the most space. You can make as big of a quarry as you want, but you’ll need to figure a way to get back out of your quarry mine as well. You’ll dig out your first layer of the quarry, and then you’ll just keep digging down. It’s usually best to start no higher than sea level or you won’t find ores quickly, and you’ll be using a lot more tools than you actually need to.

Some Mining Tips:

Here are some mining tips that you’ll want to use to get the most out of your mining. Make sure that you have a lot of wood, as you’ll need torches. If you don’t have enough wood for torches, then you’ll want to quit mining for a while so that you can cut down some trees. It’s recommended that you place torches every ten to fifteen blocks.

Never mine straight down, either. Eventually, if you mine straight down, then you’ll just plummet into a pit of lava. It’s not worth it. You want to always mine at an angle if you’re going deep. Of course, you don’t want to dig straight up either. You’ll know if there is lava or water above you, as you’ll see dripping. However, you won’t know if there is gravel or sand above you, and this can be dangerous as well. You’ll suffocate, without any warning.

When Hitting the Bottom:

You’re going to eventually hit the bottom when mining even in Minecraft, and you need to be prepared for it. This is why you need a way out, and you’ll want to build another mining station down here as well so that you don’t always have to get back to the surface right then and there. You’ll see bedrock at the bottom, and the y coordinate will be approaching six. You’ll also usually see a black fog. That’s how you’ll know there’s nowhere else to dig.

A Little Bit about Minecraft Inventory

Inventory in Minecraft is just as important as anything else. It’s what’s going to help you to do everything in the Minecraft world. Remember that you’ll find that keys can be reconfigured, but inventory is usually pulled up on your computer by pressing “E”. Inventory is where you can put all of your things in Minecraft.

Inventory will help you to build the items you need such as torches and stairs, and it’ll help to store items as well. It’s important that you have everything in your inventory in a neat way if you’re going to build the world of your dreams in this imaginary world. You’ll even store your essentials such as food in your inventory, so make sure you’re always stocked up before you go on an adventure.

Sadly when you die in Minecraft, you’ll find that you usually lose all your items. Even though you’ve worked so hard to get everything, it’s worthless the moment you die. Just remember that cheats only work in the PC version of Minecraft, and it’ll only work if you created it with the cheats turned on. If you’re looking to turn on your cheats, you’ll sadly have to create a new world. It’s under your “More World Options…” and then you’ll find a button that says “Allow Cheats”. You’ll need to switch this button to on.

Type “/gamerule keepInventory true” into the game, and then you’ll want to press enter afterwards. While you’re typing, you should notice a cheat command appear on your screen. You’ll find it in the lower left corner. This should save your inventory when you die or respawn.

A Few Inventory Tips:

If you want to look something up while playing Minecraft on your computer, then you’re going to want to open up your inventory screen. This will keep you from having to pause the game and let you look up anything on another website. You can also click and drag stacks of items over your inventory, and this will help to distribute it evenly over your inventory. You’ll also want to double or triple click an item if you want to pull as many as you can into a stack. If you’re in Creative Mode, you can clear your inventory by holding shift and clicking delete.

Remember that there are a few more things you can do with modifications, and you’ll find that depending on the version, more tips and tricks are found online. Always keep your cheats turned on if you want the most out of your Minecraft adventure. It’ll allow you to change your world a little more and tailor it to what you need.

Some Minecraft Building Techniques to Use

Building in Minecraft is one of the few fun parts that help you to shape your world a little more. You’re completely in charge of what you want to build and what architecture you want. You can even choose all of your materials. In Creative Mode it’s a little easier, and you’ll even find there are tips and tricks in the Minecraft world that will help.

How to Get Started:

It doesn’t matter what you’re going to build if you know how to get started. There are a few basic things that you’ll need to do to start with any structure. In creative mode, you’re going to want to use as many blocks as you can. However, if you’re using survival mode, then you’re going to have less to choose from. In survival mode, you’re more likely going to be building medieval buildings, but you can still get creative either way.

Once you’ve chosen your basic building materials, you’ll want to choose your materials for decoration. Even in survival mode you can craft carpet, which can be used as decoration. Dark green, white and red are some of the most common colors to use during this mode to decorate your medieval buildings. You can even add a design to your carpeting. Once you’ve decided on your decoration or at least your flooring, then you’re going to want to build the outside of your building.

When making the frame, choose a sturdy but good material. If you’re just starting, then you’re going to want to choose a basic frame which is usually a rectangle. Make sure that you don’t build it solid. You’ll need room for a door, and you may even want multiple entryways as well. Fill in your frame with the desired flooring before building up.

Make sure you don’t forget your windows to add in natural light even if you have interior lighting as well. Windows usually go on the second layer. The avatar you use in Minecraft is only two blocks high, so if you want to be able to see out the windows they should be on the second block of your house.

Fill in the rest of the frame before you start on your roof. The most common way to make a roof is using stairs and slabs, and you don’t want just one of either or your roof will be awkward. You’ll want to alternate. Once you have a roof that you’re satisfied with, you can move on.

You can add details after your roof is done as well, and this will help the outside of your home to look even better. You’ll want to add in an actual door first. You can use fence posts, lamps, stairs, and even make indentions in the building. It’s all up to you, like anything else in Minecraft. You can even add a farm to grow your own food or livestock. Some people add horses.

Interior details are just as important, and they’ll be added after you’ve built your house as well. You can have a bedroom, living room, dining room, and even a bathroom. There is no end to the possibilities, but you’ll need to create them. Create walls to divide rooms, and don’t forget the kitchen. You’ll want furnaces and chests on the inside. Furniture can be made as well, such as nightstands, beds, and even tables. There is no end to the possibilities.

Some Building Techniques:

Using techniques in your building is going to help make sure that you get to build everything that you want to. When you pick and decide on a theme, you’ll find that it’s a little easier to get your imagination on the roll, giving you more ideas. Your theme doesn’t have to be a particular time period either. It can be just the use of the same blocks. A theme is important because it makes sure that your overall structures look like they go together. Otherwise, buildings may look mismatched, and it won’t give the impressive feel that you’re going for.

The landscape can also be incorporated into your building plans. The proper use of landscape will give your buildings that much more look. A building that stands alone isn’t as beautiful or magnificent if it isn’t framed by the landscape around it. Nature and landscape play a key role. Of course, this is one of the reasons it’s important that you have a plan before you start building in Minecraft. If you don’t plan, then you may not have room for everything that you want later. Just remember that building in Minecraft is more than a set of rules. There are always exceptions.

Some Building Tips:

There are always some tips and tricks you can use for anything in Minecraft. Below are some tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that your buildings look nothing less than spectacular.

p<>{color:#000;}. You’ll want to use texture packs if you want your Minecraft building experience to come alive a little more. It’ll give it a whole new look, and it’ll take a basic building and make it look even better. A lot of people will use a texture pack due to the added depth.

p<>{color:#000;}. Another wonderful tip is that you’ll want to let your imagination go free. There’s no need for realism in Minecraft. You don’t have to worry about practicality. You can build things as grand as you want them to be. Remember that in Minecraft there aren’t any physics to hold you back.

p<>{color:#000;}. If you’re looking to help your building to look a little more professional or tidy, then you’re going to want to go for symmetry. Not everything needs to be symmetrical, but it’ll often help to give it the look you’re going for.

p<>{color:#000;}. Picking a theme will also help. You can have a luxurious theme, a militaristic, or even a futuristic theme. One of the most common themes in Minecraft is medieval.

p<>{color:#000;}. Keep your different blocks simple. You don’t want too many different blocks in one design, or they’ll make it look messy. You’ll often find that in Minecraft, your best structures are built out of either three or five different types of blocks.

p<>{color:#000;}. Make sure that your location fits your design if you want it to look the best. You don’t want to build a log cabin in the desert for example. It just won’t look right, but it is your choice in the end.

p<>{color:#000;}. Always keep in mind that whatever structure you build in Minecraft is going to be smaller on the inside, and that’s why many people believe that bigger is better.

p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t forget your details in Minecraft. It isn’t just blocks. You can add flowers, trees, and lighting both inside and outside your building. It’ll help to make it a little more realistic.

Building Structures & Houses in the World of Minecraft

You’ve already learned the basics of Minecraft building in the previous chapter, but now you’re going to want to learn how to build certain structures and houses in this world that you’ve created. Just keep in mind that your options are a little better in Creative mode, or at least much more diverse.

Use a Minecraft Structure Planner:

This is a download that you’ll find easily on the internet that will make it a little easier to build in the world of Minecraft. It’s a companion application that you can use quickly and easily. You’ll be using number fields, drop down screens for texture, check boxes for different options, and then you’ll get results to help you build these structures. It’ll generate a height map for you to make sure you know exactly how high each structure will be.

You’ll also find that a layer by layer plan will be generated by the Structure Planner as well. It can even generate a three dimensional view so that you know it’s what you want before you start building. A Minecraft Structure Planner isn’t necessary, but it’ll make building buildings and structures in Minecraft that much easier, especially if you’re looking to build anything too in-depth.

The Basics of Building a House:

You’re going to want a house in Minecraft, and you aren’t always going to want to watch a tutorial. Here are the basics of building a Minecraft house. You’ll just need a shovel to get started, as you’re going to want to level your ground, so digging will be necessary. Try to find a smooth area first. Dig a seven by seven hole, and then start with cobblestone as your foundation. Later on, you can experiment with other types of materials. Lay the cobblestone out over the area.

Your walls come next, and they’ll need to be three blocks high. Surround the seven by seven patch with these walls. You’ll notice a space in every corner. Don’t fill in the corners yet, or you’ll have a very basic looking house. More cobblestone should be placed on top and bottom, and many people like to place a piece of red wood in the middle. This gives it a much nicer look. You should do this for all four of your corners.

You can fill a design over the basis of your other walls to give it a little more texture as well, but it’s not necessary if you don’t want to at the moment or don’t have the time. Of course, make room for a door in your walls so that you won’t have to hammer it out.

Next, you’re going to have your roof. Just layer stairs and slabs for your roof, and this will keep it from looking too awkward. You can build the roof out to match all of your layers on the outside of your house. For example, if you layered a block thick pattern on the outside, make sure that your roof comes out all the way to meet it. Make sure to add a few torches on the inside for lightening, and then all that’s left is lighting and decorating your house to your heart’s content.

How to Build a Fountain:

Remember that you can’t get things perfectly round in Minecraft. At least not without modifications, so you’re going to want to make it as round as possible when you’re building a circle. To make this circle, I suggest five blocks lines to make four sides with two diagonal to connect them all the way around.

Next, in the center you’re going to want to make a square by smashing the blocks down. This will make an indent that you can work with now. It should be a perfect square if you want it to look good later. Afterwards, smash the corners of the square down further to make a raised plus sign. Replace the blocks that make the plus sign with stone brick before you move forward.

You’re going to make a pillar in the center of the blocks next. It should be seven blocks high, and you’ll want to use stone brick again to keep with a theme or pattern. However, you can change up the design later to see how other materials would look. When you go up four blocks you’re going to want to put more stone bricks around the seven block high pillar, but only on each side of block four.

Lay a brick slab on top around block five with a lattice pattern on top. Put brick stairs down at the base and brick slabs surrounding the outline. You’ll then top it with water. That’s all you need to create your fountain.

A Few More Building Ideas:

There are still many different things you can build when you’re in Minecraft. From volcanoes to mansions, your imagination can run wild as you explore all of your options. You can build evil lairs or even a superhero hideout. It’s all up to you.

A volcano is going to be a great addition to your Minecraft world, and all you have to keep in mind is that glass holds back lava. This will help to make sure you can build a building around or under it. You’ll just need to fill your volcano with lava first if you want it to look impressive.

Treehouses take on a whole new level when you’re playing Minecraft, as you can build a huge tree that has buildings and networks inside of it. If you’re going to put something in the tree, then you’re going to want to test the limits of how big it can get, including the roots so that you can build hallways and rooms.

Obsidian blocks can be used to build space, and you’ll find that it gives it an eerily open look to the area. You’ll have to be in creative mode for this to work. You can then build a spaceship so that it looks like you’re actually in space. Mods can then be used to help you build entire planet looking shapes so that you’re floating around in space in your Minecraft world. You can even fill glass spheres with lava to make stars or suns.

Don’t forget about islands. You’ll find that islands are a great way to build a bigger and better landscape, and ships will be a challenge as well. First, you’ll need to start with building a water environment. When building an island, don’t forget about ships, pubs, and ports to make it a little more realistic so that you can go on a pirate adventure.

Some House Designs to Think About

You’re going to be building houses a lot in Minecraft, and you’re going to want to try different structures as well. This means that you’ll need to learn different building methods to make the houses that you’ve only dreamed about. The first step is to just figure out what type of house you want to build, and then you can figure out the materials that you want or need. You’ll then need to ask yourself what colors you want, what terrain you’re going to choose, and what size you’re going to make your house.

You’re going to need to be inspired. So make sure that you have a clear idea of what you want to build before you actually start. It can be anything from another Minecraft house you saw, something online, or even a house from a magazine. As long as you have a clear idea to go on, then you’ll be able to start building because you’ll know what materials you’ll need.

A Little about Exterior Design:

Exterior design is extremely important in building a Minecraft home. So it’s extremely important to have a plan. Here are a few ideas to think about. You’ll find that the generic house is something that you’ll want to start with, and it doesn’t mean that it has to be a bad idea. An entirely wooden house is easy to do, but it doesn’t usually look the best.

Cobble boxes are also something that you can do in Minecraft, but you’ll find that they also aren’t considered to look the best. This is where your entire house is built completely with cobblestone. Make sure to mix materials, and utilizing windows will help as well. If you’re using all wood to build your house, it’s not going to look spectacular, but it’ll look a little better if there are windows. Floating houses are also a way to make it look more impressive, but you’ll need an impressive house as well.

Talking a Little about Interior Design:

Interior design is also important when you’re working on house ideas. Your interior isn’t what people will see first, but when you’re showing off your house, you don’t want it to be empty either. Sadly, this will also require furnishing which you’ll find later on. Interior design is very important if you’re playing on a public server because other people can explore your home as well, and you don’t want it to look boring. There are many ways to make your house a little more pleasing to the eyes and even exciting. Just remember that most furnishings aren’t actually functional, but they’ll look great in your house.

You’ll have to start with the ceiling. This is one way to make your house a little more realistic. This usually means that you’ll want to have supports for your ceiling, but you can make it a little more magical if you want to have it floating. Beams or columns to support your ceiling can add a little more depth, though. After you’re done with the ceiling, you can move on to a few more major aspects.

Keep in mind that you need to add functional furniture to your Minecraft house as well. You’ll need crafting tables, chests, stoves, and even a bed. Of course, you’ll find that there are a few others. Just make sure that you put these into your home first, and then you can add other furnishings. You can add books, radios, pianos, and so much more to your house. You’ll have more room if you have a second layer to your house. A single layer home will usually only have enough room for your basics unless it is exceedingly large.

What to Keep In Mind:

While you’re building, you’re going to need to keep a few things in mind if you want them to actually work, and having a plan of your house beforehand will help. You’re going to want to start by dividing the construction into small sections. You’ll always want to keep the big picture in mind, but you’ll find that if it’s in small sections, it’s a little easier. This way you can complete everything fully one at a time. This will make it go a little faster and make it even easier.

You’re also going to want to start on the lowest level so that you can follow an order. For example, if you want a house that has a basement, then you’re going to want to start with that because you won’t have to move any structures later. If you don’t, then you’re going to just end up destroying your floor first.

You’re going to need to think about furnishing as well. This means that you’re going to need some basic furniture crafted, and this will require both imagination and skill. You’ll find various instructions on how to build furniture, but you’ll also find inspiration in your own home or even on the internet.

Just remember that you don’t need to stop building either. You can embellish and expand your house at any time. It’s never finished unless you want it to be finished. Remember that demolishing is also an option. If you decide you don’t like anything about your house, you can change it even if it means demolishing a room or wall.

Building Big & Small Structures in Minecraft

There are still many more structures that you can build in the world of Minecraft. You can even lay out plans for an entire village, which is one of the bigger structures that can be built. Of course, there are other things as well, such as a shed where you can store more chests. The end of what you can build is all up to your imagination, but you’ll find more instructions here.

Building a Treehouse:

This is one of the smaller structures that you’ll be making in Minecraft, and this design is very basic. You can always expand later. You’re going to need to start by making or finding a tree that you can cut a hollow tube in. You’re going to want to make this wide, and then take a ladder placing it where you can climb up and down the tube.

A wooden plank shack should be wrapped around the tube. You’ll also need to dig holes in the shack for the door. Bridges will then need to be built to connect it to other shacks. Support beams will need added in the end, and for more floors you’ll just be repeating these steps to create as many as you want, but you’ll need to extend the size of the tube as well.

Making a Big House:

Making a big house in Minecraft may seem easy, and it both is and isn’t. There are ways that it’s similar to making a small house, but you’ll find that it requires a little more skill and planning. You’ll need to start with your base just like with a small house. Keep in mind that basements come first if you want one. You’ll need at least thirty blocks to make a large house base. Any material will work.

Next, you’re going to make the walls around the frame. They should be ten blocks high. You’re going to want to make it higher if you’re looking for something that is two stories. Build your inside walls at this time as well, and usually they’re made of a softer material. Remember to put on any designs at this point that you want to be there.

At this point you’re going to have to decide on what type of roof you want. You can make a basic roof where you just connect the walls in a flat style, and this is usually the easiest. However, it isn’t the type of roof that will look spectacular. A pointed roof usually looks best. That would mean making it with slabs and stairs instead of just slabs. If you’re using the pointed method, remember to double check for any gaps and keep them covered.

Next, you’re going to need to put doors on your house. With extra building materials you can make double doors, and this will look a little more impressive. If you’re playing on a harder level where zombies are an issue, you’re going to want to use iron to make your doors. Always keep in mind that zombies can actually break wooden ones.

Glowstones and redstones will be needed next to make torches. If your house is well lit, then you can help to save your home from mob spawning. It’ll also help with explosions. Next, you’re going to want to place windows in your home. With the walls already built, it should be a little easier to figure out where the windows will look best. You’ll dig into the walls of your house, and you’ll dig a two by two. Remember to put glass in so it isn’t just open, and to do this, you’ll need to smelt sand in your furnace.

Now you’re going to want to dig the floor space and place your blocks in it. Then all you need to do is put everything in your house that you need, including decorations. Remember to put your basics in as well, including chests and a crafting table.

Building a Medieval Style Home:

This is one of the more popular styles in Minecraft, and you’ll find that it’s not that hard to build if you know what you’re doing. Just because you’re building a medieval style home doesn’t mean that it has to be too small. The size is really dependent on you and how many materials you’re going to use. This house is going to be seven by nine, and you’re going to want to clear out your base.

Next, you’re going to want to surround the space with white wool and wooden logs. Then make a three block high wall with all of these items, but make sure to leave spaces for windows. Stand the logs on end, then one white wool on top, a space and one white wool on top. Then three logs with a small hole cut out, and so forth. You can then fit the glass panes in the spaces that you left for windows.

Then you’re going to need to put down a wooden floor. You’ll need a fireplace as well, and to do this, you’ll need stone bricks. Make it a three by three. It should be at the back, and there should be stone brick stairs on either side. Two more stone bricks will need to be placed on each side of the middle row so that your fireplace is completely encased in the brick so nothing catches on fire.

Some wooden logs will need to be placed down to make a second floor to your house. You’re going to be making a second layer, but make sure to leave a floor block space for stairs. The walls will be made identical to the ones you’ve made before, and you’ll put in the glass panes as you do walls so that they don’t need inserted later. You’re going to do everything you did in the first steps to make a fireplace on the second floor as well.

To make a chimney you’re going to need a two floor high cross out of stone brick on top of your fireplace. Wool and wooden logs will be used to make arches on either side of your house as well, and then you’ll fill in the pointed roof by using wooden chairs. The chimney should be surrounded by stairs made of stone brick. Wooden doors still need to be placed at the entrance. When lighting the fireplace, you’ll need to put a Netherrack in the hole on the first floor. You’ll need flint and steel to burn it. Remember to add stairs inside of the house as well, and light your home with torches.

Making a Cave Home:

Caves are a great way to start a house in Minecraft. This is great if you haven’t found the location for your dream house yet. Of course, you don’t need that much building material to make a cave home either, which makes it perfect for beginners. Plus it’s easy. You can look for a cave around sea shores or the sides of different mountains. Always keep in mind that deadly mobs can be found in caves, so to invade the cave, you’ll need be able to kill this mob.

After this is done, you can walk one hundred blocks into the cave to start building. Make sure to put torches in the cave so that it is completely lit up. Next, you’re going to start exploring the cave to make sure that you seal up any exits so that no one can get into your new found home. This will also keep deadly mobs and monsters out of your house.

Go back to the front entrance of the cave, and make sure to seal it. Instead, place a door there. Windows can be added to the walls of the cave as well, allowing natural light in as well. The last thing you have to do is decorate the cave however you want. This cave house should be a hundred blocks, but you can expand as you see fit.

What Else You Can Build in the World of Minecraft

When looking to expand your building knowledge in Minecraft, you’ll find that it is a little easier to start with furniture that you can add to your already built structures and houses. There are many pieces that will make it look and feel a little more impressive as well as like home.

Building Furniture:

You can build furniture in Minecraft, but it’s also referred to as crafting. Most furniture will not actually be useful, but you’ll find it helps to decorate your house. You can build a dresser in Minecraft, and everyone knows that it’s an essential to the bedroom. The easiest way to make a dresser is to stack different chests onto each other. A themed chest will usually work best, and you can keep the theme throughout your house. Of course, you might want an item frame next to each chest because this will help you to know what’s in it before opening it.

Desks can also be important, especially if you have an office like building or a family home. You’ll need to craft a desk, and to do that you’re going to want to have a face gate to support the wooden slab that will be your surface. It’s not practical, but it’ll look wonderful.

Computers are also a great way to make your Minecraft home look a little more modern. Keeping that in mind, you’re unlikely to use it in a medieval home. You’ll need an iron block, a painting on the side of it, and a keyboard in the front. Since you know how to create a desk, it should be easy to just put it up there to make it look like you have a computer room.

Don’t forget about curtains, as it’ll give your Minecraft home a little more privacy. All you need is to place a row of blocks underneath the ceiling, and then you’re going to want to attach vines on the sides. The vines will start to grow downward, and this will make a simple, elegant and all natural curtain that is sure to give your house a unique look.

Building a High Rise Tower:

Building a high rise tower in Minecraft is actually pretty easy. You’ll need fifteen stacks of whatever material you’re going to use, and then you can get started. You’ll need to add more stacks if you want a higher tower. You’re going to want to top it with a circle next, and sadly you’re going to have to leap off. You will die, and then you’ll have to respawn to finish it.

Finish building it up, and make sure to add a ladder this time. You’ll want a door at the entrance, and a drawbridge is usually the best. All you have to do now is decorate it as you see fit. This tower should give you a pretty scenic view of whatever Minecraft area you are in as well.

A Few Final Words:

Now you know the basics of Minecraft building, and a little bit about crafting too. You should be able to start building your own materials as well, especially if you plan ahead of time. Remember to have a basic house and bed to start with, and you can then expand from there. From one building to whole villages, the possibilities are endless.

Houses are the most common structures to build in Minecraft, but they are not the only ones. You’ll find that you can build buildings like temples, churches, slaughter houses, and so much more. From sheds to shelters, the possibilities are endless. Expand to build entire villages and cities, and you’ll be able to create landscapes that you can be proud of.


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