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Minecraft: Minecraft Combat Handbook - How to Destroy Your Enemies and Win Every


The Minecraft Combat Handbook

How to Destroy Your Enemies and Win Every Battle

Copyright 2015 Michael Marlon

Published by Michael Marlon at Shakespir

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – What is Minecraft?

[+ Chapter 2- Let the battle begin +]

[+ Chapter 3- The Monsters of Minecraft +]

[+ Chapter 4- Enchanting +]

[+ Chapter 5- The Nether +]


About The Author


First and foremost I want to thank you for downloading the book, “The Minecraft Combat Handbook”.

In this book you will learn how to play the game Minecraft as well as what you can do when the shit hits the fan and you have to go out and wage an epic battle between good and evil. In this book, we will talk about the different things that you can do in Minecraft as well as what you can do when you find yourself in a combat situation. I hope that you will find this book educational as well as entertaining and I hope to see you in one of the Minecraft worlds of your creations.

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1 – What is Minecraft

Before we get into fighting epic battles with a slew of monsters out for your blood I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about exactly what is Minecraft and why it is so popular.

First off, Minecraft is more than just a game. Minecraft is an environment that allows you to create anything and everything that you have in your imagination. If you want to build a fortress that would make a dragon run and hide you can. If you want to build yourself a pirate ship with 21st century technology you can do that as well. The possibilities are endless.

How Minecraft Works

Minecraft works in two different ways. First is the build universe where you can just take the blocks that make up this world and create stuff with it. You can build yourself a block building, statures or some artistic creation that your school teacher made you draw before nap in kindergarten.

Minecraft works by allowing you to build things out of blocks. You have blocks that represent sand, water, iron, gold and much more. You can use these blocks to build tools to get more advanced blocks as well as use them to build weapons that you can use in the other version of the game.

Fight for your life

To make things interesting the creators of Minecraft decided that instead of just letting you build things out of blocks you could actually use these creations in a virtual environment. So for example if you wanted to create a virtual representation of your house then you could do that and actually walk around and play with stuff in your room while you were actually playing with in your physical room. Kind of makes your mind do flip flops, doesn’t it?

In this world, the creators of the game allow you to fight monsters and other creatures. You can build things like armor, swords, daggers and for those of you who really want to make a mark in the world – TNT!

It is going to be this world that we talk about today. We are going to talk about the different things that you can create in the combat version of he game. We will give you some strategies and even some recipes that you can use to create these weapons of mass destruction. I bet George Bush wishes he had this game when they were looking for them in Iraq.

So if you are someone who just likes to build things and have fun with the creative process or if you are someone who wants to get down and dirty with the demons from hell then there is something in Minecraft for you. For those of you who want to fight, this book has been written specifically for you. So if you are ready to go and kick some ass, sit back, get comfortable and go through this book from cover to cover. We are about to begin the Minecraft Combat Handbook.

Chapter 2 – Let the Battle Begin

Okay so you have Minecraft installed and you are ready to go out there and kick some ass. I mean you have played action games before, right, and this shouldn’t be any different. Well maybe you are right and maybe you are wrong. I am not sure how good of a player you are and or what types of skills you have. All I can say is that in the world of Minecraft not everything is as it appears.

The Beginner Tips and Tricks

Before we get into any specifics, I want to give you some beginner tips and tricks that you can use to have the upper hand when it comes to combat in Minecraft. Players who have been playing this game for awhile might know these but for those just starting out these tips will give you an advantage.

More Aggression Means More Victories

In many action and fighting games it is a common belief that whoever has the more powerful armor, the better weapons and better skills will always be the winner. Well the rules are turned upside down when it comes to Minecraft.

First off you need to know whoever is more aggressive and goes into a battle with a can of whoop ass will, nine out of ten, be the victor in the battle. If you stand back and don’t take an aggressive stance in a battle, even if you have diamond armor, you will lose. Minecraft favors action over inaction. So when you find yourself in a battle situation you will want to make sure you come out swinging until either you are your opponent are dead. Anything less is pointless.

Never backpedal in a battle

When in a battle sometimes the instinctual thing to do is to back up and regain your footing. This is probably the worst thing that you can do. First off in the game your player has what is known as a hit box. This is what the game uses to detect if you were hit by an enemy or not. When you backup the hit box is moved in front of your player making it easier for the opponent to strike you and gain a point. When you move forward the hit box is positioned at the back which makes it more difficult to gain a strike point and makes it possible to defend off your attacker.

Run like the Flash

When it comes to combat the best thing to do is run as fast as you can. Now I am not saying that you need to run in fear but you need to use the run and hop technique. This technique will give you a speed boost and allow you to have an advantage over your enemies. To accomplish this you will want to use the space + running jump action. This action was first introduced into the game as a form of leaping that you would use over chasms but is great to use in combat situations.

Tip – best to use this technique when you are under a tree since you can get 20 speed boosts in a matter of seconds.

Running away from enemies or up slopes

When running from an enemy or if you are fighting on a hill or slope you will want to use your A and B keys to run up at an angle. If you try to run up the slope in a direct way, then you will no longer be running and your enemies will have time to catch up to you and kill you. So use this technique and you will gain well needed ground.

The Power of Potions

When you have potions in a battle you have an advantage. If you use them correctly a player dressed in leather can easily beat a player with better skills who is wearing diamond.

Health and Strength 2 are the most powerful potions that you will want to have with you in battle. Anything else will have less of an effect.

The best way to use a potion in combat is to run straight forward and throw it. Any other way you try to use your potion in combat will be less effective. Potions that you will want to have with you are Fire Resistance, Potion of Swiftness, Strength 2 and throw able health 2. The choice of making drinkable or extended is up to you.

Extended vs Concentrated Potions

When it comes to creating potions you will have the option to create an extended or concentrated potion. There is really no difference in effect when it comes to defeating your enemy. One lasts longer so it may give you some time to escape a situation over the other. The choice is yours when it comes to developing your potions.

Stay on the ground when in combat

One of the misconceptions that you may have when it comes to combat is that the person in the tree or above will have the advantage. Well, in Minecraft, this is not true. The actuality is that the person who is on the ground or has the lower position in a battle will have the upper hand as it were. In fact, the person in the tree or in the higher position will be at more of a disadvantage then the player on the ground. So if you find yourself in a position above your opponent jump down and fight them on equal footing. You will be better off.

Pearls in Combat

Pearls are probably the most misunderstood or underused component in your arsenal of weapons. Most people use pearls in order to escape or get far away from a combat situation. In fact you need to use pearls in the opposite way.

You want to use what is known as short pearling. This is where you throw a pearl 6 to 7 blocks to use its power to your advantage. Throwing a pearl in the heat of combat and waiting for it to land to get away will more than likely result in your death. So try seeing what happens with you use a pearl in short range combat.

Turn off Mass Acceleration

You will want to turn off mass acceleration on your computer. When you do this you will be able to react better in a combat situation. Use a mouse when playing Minecraft and are in a combat situation. A trackpad is a bad idea and will not give you the desired results ad advantages a player with a mouse will have.

Use your SHIFT Key to run

When setting up your controls you will want to map your shift key as the key used to run. This is the easiest accessible key and will give you an advantage to those who don’t use this technique.

Become skilled with the bow

When it comes to combat and you are shooting with a bow, the more skilled player will have the advantage. It is a good idea to take some time and practice aiming and shooting with the bow and arrows. If you are more skilled in this aspect of the game, you will have the advantage.

Learn your enemy’s movements

When playing in the game all the technology in the world will be useless if you don’t read your enemy and learn all there is to learn about them. You want to learn what their moves are and what they will be. You want to anticipate where your opponent will be before thy get there and have your sword or other weapon of choice at the ready to strike that final blow.

Get a little more boost out of your potions

When throwing potions if you throw them up into the air and let them land on you, you will get more of a beneficial effect than if you were to throw them or used them in other fashions. This is great for health potions.

Crafting Armor

When you know that you are going to go out into the night and deal with monsters, you will want to make sure that you have armor and a lot of it. When it comes to armor there is a certain order of their effectiveness.

First is the leather armor. This is the least effective. It is also only available if you have a ranch where you breed cattle. The next is gold. Gold is a good material to use for your armor but it is scarce which makes it impractical in some situations.

Iron on the other hand, is the number 2 when it comes to armor. It is the most abundant source of material available in the game and can be used for a large list of items in the game. So you will want to make sure that you have iron armor to ensure that you will be protected from monsters.

The number one item to build armor out of is diamond. Now be aware that diamond is very hard to find in the game. In some cases it may take you days to find enough diamond to build a suit of armor. With this being said, you may want to really consider if using the diamond that you have for armor is the best route or if you should stick with iron which is what most people will be making their armor out of.


Arrows are very useful in the game but can be difficult to create. To make arrows you will need flint, sticks and feathers. Sticks are fairly easy to come by but the other two items will require you to do some work.

To get flint you will have to break up a lot of gravel. When you break up gravel there will be times that you will find some flint. You can also get flint by killing witches but we will talk about that later in the book.

Feathers on the other hand, can only be acquired by killing chickens. The best way to do this is to start breeding chickens in your game.

When it comes to the bow, you have an advantage with this over the sword. With the sword, you have to run and swing at your opponent. With the bow you can shoot an enemy from a fairly long distance away. Now the trick with the bow and the arrow is to hold the bow as long as you can. What I mean by this is when you hold the bow in the shooting position you are building up power. If you hold the bow for five seconds it will shoot at a shorter distance than if you were to hold he bow for ten seconds. So the farther, faster and more damage you want to create, draw the bow string longer and you will see different results.

Chapter 3 – The Monsters of Minecraft

In the previous chapter we talked about the basics of what you can do and what you should do when you are in a combat situation in Minecraft. In this section we are going to jump into the do’s and don’ts of fighting monsters, what monsters there are in Minecraft and how you can defeat them.


Zombies are the most common and the monsters that pose the least threat to you in the game. They don’t have any special abilities and can easily be defeated with a few thrusts of your sword.

When zombies start to form groups is when they start to become more aggressive and annoying. When you kill a zombie, they let out a battle cry that will summon additional zombies to your location which can turn into a living nightmare if you find yourself in the night of the living dead.

In higher levels however the difficultly level for zombies increases as well. In some cases and on some levels zombies will automatically spawn new zombies when killed. So killing one zombie will create two zombies which will make two more zombies and so on. something you will want to avoid at all costs.

Killing Zombies

When you kill your zombies they will drop some items that may be useful or annoying in the game. The first is rotten flesh. When this falls you don’t want to get it or at least eat it since it will just make you sick. The next thing that they will drop are iron ingests, tools, armor, potatoes and carrots.

Baby Zombies

The next type of zombies is the baby zombies. These little brats are more dangerous than their adult counterparts so you will want to avoid them as much as possible. The baby zombies are smaller, run faster and are harder to hit than the other zombies. These zombies compared to the adult versions can climb ladders so trying to get away from a higher vantage point is not possible.

Adult zombies will burn in sunlight while the baby zombies wont. When you kill a baby zombie, they will not drop any experience points either which makes killing them just that much more annoying. Probably the most annoying part of a baby zombie is that they can fit to any 1 × 1 block of space so you will need to make sure that all openings in the area are closed off so they can’t follow you.


Skeletons are the next most dangerous monster that you will meet in Minecraft. Skeletons are much more dangerous since they are all armed with bows and arrows. With this feature, they can attack you from a distance.

Killing skeleton is best done by killing them from a distance. Running up to them with a sword and killing them is also an effective combat technique that works fairly well. Just try to avoid running up to a group of skeletons; that may be a bad idea.

When you kill a skeleton, they will drop bones which you can turn into bone meal. This bone meal can be used as fertilizer in gardens to help grow plants faster.

Skeletons will also drop bows and arrows but this is much less common. When it comes to skeletons it is just best to avoid them when possible.


Spiders are very common and can even be seen during the day. When you see them during the day they will generally not attack you since they are more passive then when encountered at night.

When you encounter spiders in Minecraft, they will act like real spiders will in our world. They will climb walls and become a nuisance if not handled. When trying to get away from a spider you will be at a disadvantage. Spiders can leap and jump which gives them the ability to keep up with you when trying to get away. The best thing you can do is attack like we discussed earlier in the book.

Now if you didn’t think that this was enough there is a rare occasion where you will see a spider being ridden by a skeleton archer. When this occurs you will have two foes to deal with so make sure that you are prepared at all times when fighting in combat.

Cave Spiders

Caver spiders are distant cousins of the traditional spiders. Cave spiders can be found in abandoned mine shafts and will be very deadly if encountered. Cave spiders are smaller, have a blue tint to them and can infect you with poison when hit.

Spider loot

Now comes the good part about spiders. No matter which type of spider you encounter, be it a regular spider or a cave spider they all will drop the same type of loot. The first and most common will be string. You will need string in order to make bows and fishing rods.

The more valuable item that spiders will drop is spider eyes. These are great when you start to create potions and use alchemy.


Okay, I know you have heard about them and have probably had living nightmares in the game over them. These green creatures are the most dangerous and annoying creatures in the game of Minecraft.

These creatures are silent and will come out of nowhere. They don’t burn in the sunlight like other creatures such as zombies. When you get too close to these green creatures, they will hiss at you and promptly explode. When this happens you can receive a lot of physical damage as well as a lot of damage to the surrounding environment. If you get too close to a creeper who is hanging around one of your buildings or other structures you will want to avoid them sine when they explode, they will destroy your structures.

How to kill a creeper

To kill a creeper, your best option is to kill them from a distance with your bow and arrow. Now if you don’t have any bows or arrows or if you don’t have enough to be effective you can defeat them with a sword.

The trick to defeating them with a sword is to quickly strike the creeper with the sword and backing away. You will want to do this until the creeper is dead. If you do it correctly, you can kill the creeper and gather up any of their loot that they may drop. If the creeper explodes then no loot will be dropped.

Creeper loot

When you kill a creeper they may drop gun powder. This is a very valuable item since you can use it to create TNT in the game.


The enderman is probably the scariest looking but easiest to manage monster in the game. These monsters will leave you alone for the most part as long as you don’t look at them. To look at an enderman means to place your cursor on them.

If by some chance you do engage with an enderman you will have one of two results. First the enderman will charge and attack you or they will teleport somewhere behind you and attack. This can be annoying and if you come across several enderman in the game at one time, it can be a nightmare situation.

Don’t waste your arrows on an enderman. When you are attacking an enderman you will not want to shoot them with a bow and arrow. The main reason for this is that they will generally teleport away making your attack useless. So don’t waste them on these creatures.

Killing Enderman

When you kill an enderman they will only drop one type of loot. These are ender pearls. These ender pearls are used in the creation of a portal that will take you to the end of the game where the enderman live. You will need to collect a lot of these pearls in order to open a portal so make sure you are prepared to attack these enderman until the sun comes up as it were.


Slime is the next monster in the game. Slime comes in three forms; large, medium and small. Slime only appears in certain areas of the game. These are in swamps and in areas with a vertical height of 40 in the game.

Killing slime is not difficult but can be time consuming. How this works is that you can only kill small slime. The larger slime gets cut down into the medium sized slime. The medium size slime will then be cut down into the small slime which can then be killed.


Silverfish are only found in a few select areas of the game. The most common are in randomly generated structures. Now don’t worry there are only 3 naturally generated structures throughout the entire game.

Silverfish do not naturally spawn in the game. They are created when you hit what looks like natural stone but are in fact a nest of silverfish eggs. When you strike and break one of these blocks a silverfish will automatically spawn and attack you.

Now dealing with one of these creatures isn’t really an issue. The issue comes in when you have more than one silverfish. The way in which the game gets you is they will cluster a bunch of silverfish blocks together so when you hit one the rest will be hit as well creating a huge mess on your hands.


Witches look like villagers. The only distinction is that they will have a pointy hat that will distinguish them as a witch. Witches can be found in witch’s huts which are randomly generated in swampy areas.

Witches are private creatures and they do not want you to be in their area. So when you enter an area with witches they will immediately attack you by throwing potions at you. Some of the potions that the witches will throw are harming, slowness to poison.

To give themselves an advantage in the game they will use potions on themselves. These potions range from healing, water and fire resistant potions. The best way to kill a witch is from a distance with a bow and arrow.

Killing witches

When killing witches you can acquire some really useful loot. Most of the loot is very rare and mostly all can be used in alchemy. These items are Red Stone, Glow Stone, Gun powder, Spider Eye, Sugar, Glass Jars and Sticks.

Uncommon but super bonus when killing witches

When killing a witch at just the right moment; when trying to throw a potion at you or using on themselves, it will drop and you will be able to collect it and use it in the game. Now this is very unlikely and uncommon but be aware of it when fighting witches.

Experience Orbs

Every time you kill an enemy, they will drop an experience orb into an experience meter at the bottom of your screen. Now since Minecraft is not a RPG game, these experience points work fairly differently than they do in other games.

These experience points are used in enchanting objects that you make in the game. So make sure you gain as many of these as possible. It will become useful later in the game when attacking creatures and advancing through difficult areas.

[] Chapter 4 Enchanting

When it comes to enchanting items, it is a very difficult task to understand and to go through. With this being said, enchanting items will be something for more advanced players so if the information in this section is a little overwhelming, don’t get discouraged. Just continue playing the game as you have been playing and come back to this section when you have gained more knowledge and experience. If however you have been playing for awhile and wish to learn more about enchanting items, then let’s jump right in and get started.

Experience Points

Unlike experience points in other games the more experience points that you gain in Minecraft is diverted in enchanting power. The more enchanting power you have the more you can do in the game.

Leveling Up

When you play the game you will go to different levels depending on your experience. The higher the levels, the more experience points you will need. When starting off, the first 16 levels of the game will require the same amount of experience points in order to advance to the next level.

The base experience points you will need to level up are 17. Now I say the base level since levels 1 – 16 all require 17 experience points to move forward. When you go into any level higher than 16 you will need an additional 3 experience points to move upwards.

So here is a basic breakdown of what I mean.

Level 1 – 16 = 17

Level 17 – 17 + 3 = 20

Level 18 – 17 + 6 = 23

Level 19 = 17 + 9 = 26

Level 20 = 17 + 12 = 29

And so on. As you advance through the game you will see how hard it will be to get to the next level. On top of the experience points needed to advance to the next levels you will need to have a lot of experience points in order to perform enchanting on magical items.

Enchanting 101

In order to begin the enchanting process you first need to create an enchanting table. Now this will be no small task so don’t get discouraged. What you will need in order to create an enchanting table.

4 Obsidian blocks

2 Diamonds (actually 5 since you need diamond to mine obsidian)

3 Sugar Cane

1 Leather

Building the table

1 – Make paper out of sugar cane

2 – Take sheets and 1 leather to make a book

3 – From here you can create an enchanting table

Once you create your magic crafting table you can place it anywhere and start using it. Now the enchanting table that you create is fairly weak. To increase the power of your enchanting table you will need to create book cases. To get the power you need, you will have to create 15 or more book cases around the magic crafting table.

Creating a bookshelf you will need 3 books and 6 wooden planks. Now if you were to do the math you will need the total number of the following items.

135 Sugar Cane

45 Pieces of Leather

270 Planks

Using the bookshelves

When using the bookshelves to enchant your table, you will want to have a buffer of one block in order for it to work. The enchanted book will draw knowledge from the bookshelves and increase the power of the spells and enchantments they can create.

Infusing Items with Magic

Now that you have gone through all of this work in order to gather all of the pieces needed to enchant your items, now is the time to learn how to actually enchant the items you are using. Now this section can get a little complicated but bear with me it will all be worth it at the end.

How enchanting items works

To enchant an item all you need to do is place the item on the enchanting table and then select the enchanting spell you wish to cast depending on the total number of experience points you wish to use.

When you place an item on the enchanting table, 3 random spells will be created. Now the mystery is that you won’t know nor can you learn what spell is being generated until after you have preformed the enchantment. Now this may be a bummer and many people may wish to be able to enchant a particular item with a particular spell but I guess the programmers of the game felt that this would lead to unfair gameplay so they left it random.

Multiple enchantments on a single item

In some situations, some but not all people have gained multiple enchantments on a single item during a single enchantment. The only way to achieve this, however, is to use the highest number of points to perform the enchantment. Again this is not a guarantee and you may spend more experience on an item and not receive the desired results you want. So just keep this in mind when performing enchantments.

To get the best enchantments

The better the enchantment you receive is determined by the quality of the item. So for example the item made out of wood would get the lowest or coolest enchantment while the item made out of diamond would get the best or coolest enchantments. So I would suggest not trying to make a Pinocchio out of your little wooden swords.

The Anvil

When it comes to enchanting items everything listed above will do what you need. There is however a way to do more cool enchanting with the anvil. The anvil is an item that you can create to further manipulate the items that you enchant. The main purpose of the anvil is to repair items, rename items and combine items together This can be very useful in the game when your items weaken or you need to make something pretty cool.

Making an anvil

To make an anvil is not a cheep undertaking. Plus at some point the anvil will break and vanish into thin air but don’t fear, it will take quite a long time for this to happen so when you do have a usable anvil make sure that you make the best use out of it.

To create an anvil you will need 3 blocks of iron and 4 ingots.

Anvil – Renaming items

The first thing that you can do with the anvil is to rename items. This is probably the least important thing that you can do but it will aid you later if you need to fix an item that has been fixed on multiple occasions. The drawback to renaming an item is that it does use a lot of experience points that could be better spent elsewhere but in certain situations renaming will become useful.

Anvil – Repairing Items

When it comes to using the anvil, repairing items is the main purpose of the anvil. Items that can be repaired by the anvil are items that have durability. To repair an item without the anvil, all you need to do is combine two of the items made of the same material and your item is repaired. Now doing this is okay but it will not preserve any enchanted properties of the item. To do this you will want to use the anvil.

Using the anvil to repair items

To repair an item, you need to place the item you want to repair on the anvil as well as a piece of the material that it was made of. So, for example, if you have a sword that is made out of diamond you would put the sword on the anvil, add a piece of the material that the item was made out of and the item is repaired.

Now remember that each time you repair an item you loose experience paints. The number of experience points that you loose will be determined by how damaged the item is.

The same process will work for an item that is not enchanted. When you do this for a non-enchanted item the item will return to full durability.

Item penalties

When you repair an item you must be aware that each time you repair that same items you will receive a penalty. What this means is say, for example, the first time you repair your sword it costs you five experience points. Now the next time that you repair this item you will be charged eight experience points. If you were to repair it again you would be charged twelve points. The way to avoid this penalty is to rename the item. Now renaming the item does cost as well but it resets your penalty down to zero.

Anvil – Combining items

The next purpose of the anvil is to combine items. Now this process is almost exactly as you just experienced in repairing items. How it works is you would combine two of the same items to create an even more powerful or unique item. For example, an iron pick with an iron pick or a diamond sword with a diamond sword.

One of the most popular features of combining items is to enchant books. When you enchant books you have the ability to store enchantments which when you know what they do will be useful to affect specific items in the game.

Enchanting Power Strength

When doing enchantments each enchantment has a specific power level. For example, looting will have power levels 1 to 3 while efficiency having 5 levels. What you can do to increase the enchantment levels is to combine two of the same power levels together. So for example, if you combine looting level 1 with another looting level 1 you will create a looting level 2. But beware if you combine say a looting level 1 with a looting level 2 you will not create a higher level. The levels have to be the same in order to work correctly.

Final word on Enchanting

Well that is pretty much everything you need to know about enchanting your items. When you enchant items, they will help you get more work done, help you survive longer in a battle and will be extremely useful when you enter the universe known as the nether.

From here you will want to play with the different enchantments that you can create, try enchanting different items and see how these enchanted items work together in the worlds you create.

In the next chapter we will explore the level known as the nether and see what you need in order to survive it.

Chapter 5 – The Nether

When it comes to the world of Minecraft the only real danger one has to face or worry about are the zombies and other creatures that attack you in the night. However, there is a different world of Minecraft. It is basically hell.

For most players going to the nether is a task that you don’t want to embark on. For those of you who are looking to experience a little adventure and gather some hard to find and unique items going to the nether is a necessary evil. In this chapter, we will explore the nether, tell you what you can find and what creatures you will encounter. So if you are ready for a little adventure, let’s jump into The Nether.

Traveling to the Nether

To travel to the nether, you will need to create a portal. To do this, you will need to gather at least ten (10) blocks of obsidian. Obsidian is made when standing lava, not flowing lava, is cooled by water. When obsidian is crated you will only be able to break it down with a diamond pix. So go ahead and get you the obsidian and we will get ready to create a portal to the nether.

Building a portal

To build a portal, you need to build a structure that is five blocks high and four blocks wide. It is a basic ring with a hole in the middle. From there you will need to activate the portal by lighting a fire in the middle of the structure. To do this, you will need flint and steal. With you activate the portal you can easily enter into the nether.

One survival tip when creating your portal is to create your portal in an enclosed area compared to a wide open area. The reason for this is that unwanted visitors may pass through the portal.

The Nether

When you enter the nether you will see that it is a very dimly lit world. In this world the laws of reality play tricks with your mind and those who enter will soon go insane if they remain there for an extended period of time. Well you might not go inside but it is a very dark and dangerous place to visit.

Traveling through the nether

When traveling through the nether you can easily become lost or disorientated. Since the environment is made totally out of stone and maps are useless you may want to leave a breadcrumb trail leading you back to a particular point. One way to do this is to create limestone pillars or other structures that will form a trail back to your original starting point.

Monsters of the Nether

When traveling through the nether you will come across a wide range of monsters and creatures that make the nether home. Listed below are the creatures that you will find in the nether and how to defeat them.

Zombie Pigman

The zombie pigman is the nether equivalent to the zombies that you find in the over world. These creatures are passive aggressive so if you leave them alone more than likely they will leave you alone. If you do feel anxious and you want to see what will happen when you engage one of these creatures beware because they will let out a battle cry that will summon all of the other zombie pigmen in the area who will do their best to kill you.

Killing Pigmen

When you kill a pigman they will drop one of three types of items. The first and most common item that they will drop is rotting flesh. The next more rare will be a gold nugget or some form of golden weapon such as armor or a sword.

Magma Cubes

The magma cubes are the underworld version of the green slime. These creatures are hotter and meaner than their slime cousins. They work just like their slime cousins. They start off in the large version, broken down into the medium sized version and then the small versions that can be killed. When killed however they can drop magma cream which is an alchemy ingredient.


Ghasts are probably the most common and most annoying of the creatures that you will find in the nether. These creatures are meal and will shoot fireballs at you. One of the biggest annoyances when it comes to Ghasts is that they can eat through rock and form holes that you can easily get caught up in.

There are two ways that you can kill one of these creatures. The first is to shoot arrows at it. The second way is to try and hit the fireballs back towards them that they fire off at you. When you kill a ghast they will drop one of two items. The first will be gun powder and the second will be a gas tear which is extremely useful in alchemy.

The Blaze

The Blaze in in essence is a living fireball. What it does is hover where it stands and relentlessly fires off fire balls at you when you approach. If you can defeat a blaze and kill it they will drop a blaze rod. This is an essential component to performing alchemy.

If the blaze does catch you on fire there is really no easy solution to putting yourself out. If you try to dump water on yourself it will instantly evaporate having little to no effect on your situation. A work around is to build a cauldron and fill it with water. Once filled with water you can jump into it and extinguish yourself but this is a pain in the butt and may be something that takes too much time while you stand there and burn.

Wither Skeleton

The Wither Skeleton is a distant cousin to the regular skeleton found in the standard world or Minecraft. The wither skeletons stand about two blocks tall, are as strong as the zombie pigmen and when they hit you, they infect you with a condition known as wither. Wither is the condition where your health meter goes black making it impossible to determine where your health currently resides.

When you kill a wither skeleton they will drop one of four items. The three items that are not that impressive are bone, coal and stone swords. The fourth item that they drop is very valuable and makes it worth your while to go and attack the wither skeletons. This item is the wither skull. The wither skull is a key component to summoning an endgame boss known as the wither.

Nether Fortresses

Nether fortresses are structures that are hard to find in the nether but when you do find them they are well worth your while to explore. One thing about the nether fortress is this is where you will find the wither skeletons and the blazes.

When it comes to nether fortresses it is very easy to spot them among the nether landscape. The issue is finding one in the first place. There are a few tricks that I can give you that will help you find one of these fortresses.

First you want to travel in a diagonal direction. Fortress structures are never found on the vertical plane. Next you will want to look out for long bridges or support beams. These are great indicators that a fortress is nearby.

Fortresses can also be generated inside mountains or large areas of rock. So if you see an oddly uniformed structure coming out of the rock, start digging around and hopefully you will come across the entrance to one.

Nether wart

Nether wart can only be found in a nether fortress. This is a very valuable ingredient in the game so it is one of the reasons why finding a nether fortress is so important. When you find nether wart, it will be a critical ingredient to brewing almost any potion in the game.

To find the nether wart in a nether fortress, you need to find a stairway garden. This is the only place in the game where the nether wart will be found.

Soul Sand

Soul sand is the only thing that nether wart can grow in. So if you want to start growing your own nether wart in the above world you will need to harvest this soul sand and bring it back with you.

Nether Rack

Nether rack is a unique type of stone that is found in the nether. Even though it doesn’t serve any real purpose in the game, it does have a unique property of catching on fire. This is great if you want to place a fire somewhere that will never be extinguished. Since this stone never burns as well as can’t be put out with water this stone is very unique stone.

Nether Brick

Nether brick is used to create nether block, a very useful substance, in building.

Neither Block

Neither block is a very useful substance in creating your own fortresses. If you build your own fortress with nether brick, no one can penetrate it.


Quartz is a very cool item in the nether. It will allow you to create some very cool buildings. Even though it is hard to mine and is not really practical as a building material it will add some cool effects to the structures that you decide to build with it.

Many people don’t waste their time with this however since it will take four pieces of quartz to make one block of quartz stone. Besides being a building material, quartz is a critical ingredient in red stone recipes.

Glow stone

Glow stone is another material that you can find in the nether. It is very useful in many alchemy projects as well as can be made into glow stone blocks which then can be used as a building material.

Well there you have it. Everything you need to know about the nether. Once you take your chances and enter into this underworld you will have all the materials needed to perform alchemy.

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