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Diary of an

Enderman NINJA


An Unofficial Minecraft Series

Book 1


Skeleton Steve






“Minecraft Diary of an Enderman Ninja, Book 1”


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August 23rd, 2016


Oh, man, I’m excited about this one! I’ve been meaning to write the story about the Enderman ninja for quite some time, and here it is! It’s a little longer than I expected, and I figure Elias will be one of my favorite characters. (Cth’ka the Creeper King is also a favorite of mine.) Well I hope you guys like it. It’s definitely something a little different compared to most Minecraft novels—more exotic and epic, as a story about an Enderman should be!


Enjoy the story. I can’t wait to get started on Book 2. Thanks for the support!


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Foreword by Skeleton Steve



If you have found this diary, it means that I, Skeleton Steve, am dead.


Just kidding. Ha ha … I hope.


Of course, I was already dead to begin with. Undead, actually. But if you are holding this book in your hands, then you must have found my library of adventures—my collection of writings by myself and my friends, all put together over years of exploring the worlds of Diamodia and others.


Some of these books are my own stories, and some are the tales of the friends I’ve made along the way.


This particular book is the story of one of my friends, Elias the Enderman. Elias is a ninja. A special Enderman—a member of the Order of the Warping Fist.


Normally, I don’t interact with Endermen much. They have a thing against bows, and aren’t too fond of skeletons! But Elias and I met under some very … odd circumstances, and he’s one of the first friends I ever made on Diamodia. This is the beginning of our tale as friends, back before he even met me.


What you are about to read is the first collection of diary entries from Elias the Enderman ninja, from the day before he was assigned to a special mission that would eventually turn into the beginning of our friendship.


With that, readers, I present to you the tale of Elias the Enderman Ninja, Book 1.


Day 1 – Overworld



When I teleported to the Overworld, I never thought that I would be starting a diary.


It is always interesting, the adventures that life puts in my path. So here I am, an Enderman, sitting on a rock and penning words into this empty book I found in a chest.


The day is clear today. Warm. Very pleasant.


It feels strange, trying to think of things to say with my fingers instead of with my mind, to use this archaic quill and ink to put words on paper.


The grass, and the leaves in the trees, are swaying and whispering in the wind, as I scratch these words onto paper in this leather-bound book resting on my lap.


Such is the way.


I am reminded frequently by the flow of the world around me to ignore my expectations, because once I expect something to go one way, the universe opens like a flower and teases me into another direction.


But I am ninja, so I flow like water.


Or, at least, I try to.


So I embrace this journal. This diary.


I will write of my adventures on my Seed Stride, and it will become part of my way. A painting of this path on my journey of life.


My name is Elias, and I am Ender.


I am also an initiate in the Order of the Warping Fist—a unique group of Endermen ninja. By now, I would have normally been granted the title of ‘lower ninja’, but the end of my initiate training was interrupted by the Seed Stride.


It occurs to me that writing this diary gives life to my story, and my story may travel on away from me once it has life. One day, my story and I may go separate ways—my body and my words separate, but together.


So I must explain.


The ‘Seed Stride’ is a rite of passage for young Endermen. Just before we reach adulthood and become full members of the Ender race, we are compelled to go on a Seed Stride. This is the first of many Seed Strides I will take over the course of my life, to help contribute to the well-being and expansion of my people.


We Ender, as a race, rely on the Pearls, our Chi, to produce more Ender, and to attune ourselves to the rhythm of the universe. Our Chi is also the source of our power to teleport, to warp between worlds, and also enhances our ability to communicate by the voice of the mind.


Such things we Ender take for granted. But it is possible that you, whoever picks up this book, as my story decides to travel later, may not understand the simple concepts that I’ve known since my birth.


So, now that you understand, know that my first Seed Stride was the reason my initiate ninja training was interrupted before completion.


Mature Endermen all understand, either through training or experience, how to dodge arrows and other missile weapons through the awareness they achieve by being in tune with their Chi and the world around them.


I’m still working on it.


When it was time to begin my Seed Stride, I was a little concerned that I hadn’t yet mastered the Chi dodge, but as a ninja, I am comfortable enough in my combat ability to make up for my lack of skill in Chi.


Once my Seed Stride is complete, I will return to my master to complete my training. Then, I will increase in rank to lower ninja and start participating in real missions.


I understand that I am supposed to control my emotions. But the idea of finally being a real ninja and going on missions for the Order excites me! I’m sure that such excitement clouds my mind with impatience…


But I’ve got that impatience under control—really, I do!


So, I mentioned that the Ender people rely on the pearls. The pearls are the source of our enhanced power; the technology of our race.


I received my Ender pearl when I was very small. After going through the trials like all Ender younglings, I was chosen for the order. Some Endermen are more naturally in tune with their Chi than others. My connection and potential showed that I would be one of the few chosen to protect and further the race.


And now, I was almost fully-grown.


Though I recognize the value of humility, I was confident in my strengths.


I’m strong. And fast. And my martial arts skill is among the highest in my class.


I was sure that my connection with my Chi would catch up.


But I was out of time.


The time of my Seed Stride had come, so my training was paused, and now I am sitting on a rock in the sun, being one with the wind and the grass, and writing in this book…


Earlier today, I found a jungle.


The tall, green trees and lush ground was a most interesting biome! There were pools of water here and there, and I realized that a place so green had to experience frequent rain.


Warping through the environment, searching for pearl seeds in the dirt under thick vegetation, I knew that I needed to stay sharp—I wouldn’t want to get caught in the rain!


But it didn’t rain.


And I found four pearl seeds in dirt blocks during the time I traveled and warped through the interesting and lush environment. Trying to sense the Ender energy within, I picked up and discarded block after block of dirt until I could feel the pull of the Chi inside.


Whenever I found a dirt block containing a pearl seed, I opened my dimensional pocket, and stored the block with the other seed blocks for my return home.


The dirt blocks I collected would stay inside the dimensional pocket until I returned to the End at the completion of my Seed Stride.


There was no requirement or limit on the amount of blocks an Enderman was expected to collect on a Seed Stride. Finding the pearl seeds for our people was something engrained in us from an early age—something we were expected to do as a service to our race.


I figured that I would know when I had collected enough seeds. My heart was open, and I would listen to my instinct. Once I finished this Seed Stride, and was satisfied with my service to the Ender people, I would return to the End to plant my seeds and continue my ninja training.


Some Endermen collected more seeds than others. And some dedicated their entire lives to the Seed Stride, walking the Overworld forever in search of the dirt blocks that held the promise of a growing pearl.


I would work hard, and collect many seeds. My life as a member of the Order was sworn to a duty to the people, after all. But my real goals lay in the path to becoming a better ninja.


I loved being a ninja. And once I rose to the rank of a lower ninja, I would at least have the respect of my peers.


Yes, maybe I suffered from a little bit of pride. I was aware.


But I knew what I wanted.


I wanted to be the best.


The strongest and fastest ninja. I wanted to be a shadow. In time, I hoped that I could even become a master, and be able to channel my Chi into fireballs, and do all of the other cool ninja stuff that Master Ee-Char could do.


So far, I had twenty-seven seeds. Pausing to peer into my dimensional pocket, I counted them again. Twenty-seven blocks of dirt, all holding the promise of growing an Ender pearl to be joined with twenty-seven Ender younglings in the future. Perhaps one of them would also become a ninja, like me.


When I was in the jungle, earlier today, I found an old structure. Old for Minecraftians, I guess.


The small building was made of chiseled stone blocks, now overrun with vines and green moss.


As I explored the inside of the old Minecraftian structure, I noted that it was some sort of temple. My ninja awareness easily detected a couple of rotting, crude traps, and I avoided the trip lines and pressure plates without effort.


Inside a wooden chest, among a bunch of Minecraftian junk and zombie meat, I found this book.


Out of curiosity, I experimented with the levers by the stairs, until I revealed a hidden room with another wooden chest. Just more junk. Pieces of metal and bones.


Those Minecraftians and their junk…


At least, I figured it was Minecraftian junk. I had never personally met one of the creatures before. From what I’d heard in my training and tales from other Endermen, the Minecraftians were small and weak, but were intelligent, and were able to transform the Overworld into tools, armor, and other technology that made them stronger.


The older Endermen told me stories about the famous Steve, as well as other Minecraftians that came and went frequently on the Overworld. We even saw a Minecraftian or two appear every once and a while on the dragon’s island, stuck on our world because of dabbling with portal technology they didn’t understand. I’ve never seen them myself, but I’ve heard about the incidents from Endermen who were there at the time.


Usually, the visiting Minecraftians had it out for the dragon.


It never lasted long.


Apparently, they were usually surprised when they appeared on the obsidian receiver, and realized that there was no way to get home! I’ve heard that when they inevitably decide to attack the dragon, the great, ancient beast just plucks them up and throws them out into the void.


Well, now I had a piece of their junk. This book was constructed from leather and paper, which was likely constructed from something else. This ink was created by Minecraftians as well—all components derived from plants, animals, and minerals of the Overworld, to be sure.


What a beautiful day!


This Overworld is very bright during the day—uncomfortably so. But it’s very peaceful and lovely.


I think I’ll meditate for a while and write more tomorrow…

Day 2 – Overworld



After meditating, filling my Chi, and exploring the Overworld during the night, I decided to stay out in the open again during the next day.


I ran into another couple of Endermen during the night, a time when exploring is a lot easier on our eyes. But now, during the day, now that the sunlight is flooding the world around me, I’m all alone again.


During my training, I was never told to only go out at night, but it seems to be an unspoken rule of my people on the Seed Stride here. And I can understand why. The sun was so bright and hot on my eyes! But I didn’t care. Let the others go into hiding or warp back to the End during the day. I had seeds to collect and an infinite world to explore!


Today, I observed the animals and the Overworld’s native mobs.


There were several different kinds of beasts that I found, as I teleported from valley to valley, hillside to hillside, as the sky lightened with the rising sun. White, clucking birds, fluffy sheep, spotted cows, pink pigs. I was able to understand them by using my Chi to perceive their thoughts, but their language was very basic and they mostly communicated with each other through grunts and noises.


“What is your name?” I asked a particular chicken.


“I am a chicken,” it thought back. “Bawk!” it said aloud.


“What is your purpose?


“I am eating.”


The bird scratched at the ground with its goofy yellow feet, pulling plant seeds out of the tall grass.


As the morning went on, I noticed that some of the larger, more complicated creatures, the mobs, as I was taught they were called, burst into flames as the sun settled higher into the sky! Skeletons and zombies raced around, frantic and on fire, until they burned up and left behind nothing but piles of ash, bones, and charred meat.


What an interesting world.


As I teleported into the shadows of a tall, dark forest, I found a lone zombie hiding from the sun under a pine tree. He held a metal shovel in his hand—a Minecraftian tool.


“Excuse me,” I said into his mind.


“Who…? Who’s there?” the zombie asked in a dull, slow voice. The creature looked around with black eyes.


I stepped out from the shadows to where it couldn’t help but notice me. It’s not like I was trying to hide before—I don’t know how it didn’t see me.


The zombie’s face stretched in surprise. “Oh!” it cried. “You surprised me! So sneaky!” It settled down, paused, and stood vacant for a moment before speaking again. “What you want?”


“I was wondering … why does the sun sets zombies on fire?” I said into its mind.


The zombie was shocked. “The sun sets zombies on fire?!” It was suddenly very aware of the sunlight just outside of the shadow of the tree, and the poor undead creature clutched at the pine’s trunk to keep away from the light.


“Elias,” I suddenly heard in my mind. The voice of another Enderman. “Behind you.


Turning, I saw, across a sunny valley, was an area of deep shadow under a cliff—probably a cave. Another Enderman stood inside. From here, I could see his eyes glowing purple in the dark, and I could barely make out the white symbol of the Order of the Warping Fist on his black headband.


Another ninja.


I left the zombie, teleporting across the valley to stand before the other Enderman.


“What is it, sir?” I asked. It was Erion, a lower ninja from the rank just above me. He had finished his initial training, and would now be expected to perform minor missions while still taking training from his master. His headband was black instead of blue (like mine), but still bore the white symbol of a novice.


Soon I would have a black headband like his.


“Elias, you have been summoned by Master Ee’char. He has ordered that you return to the Temple immediately.


“But … my Seed Stride…?


“Master Ee’char is aware that you are on Seed Stride. He has sent me to find you and ask you to return to him, still.” Erion broke eye contact for a moment, and glared around at the sunny valley. “What are you doing exploring during the day?


“Thank you, Erion. I’ll return directly,” I said into his mind.


The other Enderman ninja nodded, then disappeared with a zip and a brief shower of tiny, purple motes of light.


I turned, and noticed that the zombie I was talking to was gone. In front of the tree, outside of the shadow and in the sunlight, was a pile of charred meat … and a shovel.




What a strange world.


Teleporting around on a single world was easy. It was a lot like making a long jump—didn’t require much energy, much of my Chi. I could overdo it, of course. If I warped around too much in too short a period of time, I would … get tired, in a way. If my energy became too low, I would have to wait, or meditate for a while, until I had enough Chi to teleport again.


While exploring during my Seed Stride, the more I practiced harnessing my Chi for warping, the more I could do it without resting. I suppose there would come a time when teleporting on one world like I did here—hill to hill, place to place—would become as easy as blinking my eyes. In time.


But not yet. I still had to try. Still had to focus. And I could still get tired.


Teleporting was easier today than it was yesterday, though. With practice, I’d be able to warp more without resting and recharging my Chi—I was sure of it!


Jumping to another world was a different matter, however.


Going back and forth between the Overworld and the End was difficult, and required me to focus and have very strong Chi. The act needed all of my energy. And I’d probably need to recharge quite a bit before I could do it again.


So I sat on the cool stone in the shadow of the cave mouth, my legs crossed, my hands open and resting on my knees, receptive to the Overworld’s Ender energy.


I meditated for a while, and let my thoughts dissipate. Focused only on my breathing, I willed my body to be a receiver for the energy of the world—the combined energy of all of the pearl seeds hidden in the blocks around me … the energy of the world’s core. It all funneled into me, moving up my arms, my legs, spiraling to my center … to my Chi.


My Ender pearl was warm inside of me.


And I warped home.

Day 2 – The End



Appearing in the End was an immediate relief to my eyes. The world was dark and pleasant. All was quiet except for the faint flapping of the dragon’s wings, its occasional grumbles, and the subtle zip sounds of the Ender people warping around.


I appeared on the dragon’s island, just like most of us did. It was the easiest place for me to focus on in my mind.


The silence of the void outside of the island was like a heavy embrace.


Endermen bustled around, chatting with each other with their mind voices, moving their dirt blocks around, planting seeds.


Focusing next on the Temple of the Order of the Warping Fist, far across the void from the dragon island, I teleported to the outer ring.




Appearing just outside the temple, I looked around, shocked at how different the Overworld was from my home. The End was comfortable and consistent. The same meteor-like stone made all of the islands and outliers, and the chorus fruit grew tall and still. There was no wind here. Not really. Not like on the Overworld. Over the last few days, I had grown accustomed to the trees, grass, and the whole world moving around me all of the time.


The End was so simple compared to the variety and chaos of the Overworld. Comforting, yes. But the adventure and unknown aspect I’d been seeing in the Overworld was … growing on me.


Outside the temple, I saw another ninja sitting on the bridge, meditating. His eyes were closed, and he kept them closed as I approached. As the Enderman sat, straight and in perfect meditation posture, serene and still, I saw that he was wounded. Several gashes striped his body and left arm. He was clearly trying to channel his Chi to heal himself as quickly as possible.


On his forehead was the black headband and red symbol of a middle ninja. A grown adult, fully trained, responsible, and going on normal missions.


“Be well, brother,” he said into my head as I drew near.


“What happened to you, sir?” I asked.


“One cannot defeat every opponent,” he responded. “This battle was to be a lesson for me instead of a victory, it seems...”


“What weapon did that to you?


“Not the weapon, initiate,” he responded. “The weapon is just a tool. It was a pair of Minecraftians that outmaneuvered me on Overworld. Their tools were diamond swords.


“You teleported back here to heal?” I asked.


“Yes,” the ninja responded. “The simple Chi of the End makes it easier to focus and attain wholeness.


I contemplated that for a moment. “Be well,” I said. “Get better.


The middle ninja nodded, his eyes still closed, and I proceeded across the purpur bridge into the Temple. The Shulker guards pried their shells open for a moment to regard me with beady little eyes, then closed again with a chunk.


After teleporting up the main tower, I arrived at the primary dojo, and scanned the crowd of younglings for my master. Two other masters were present and teaching the Ender young. Small Ender bodies struggled and clashed together, and I heard the frequent *_zip, zip, zip*_ of them teleporting around. One of the masters looked up at me from across the big, open room.


“Initiate Elias,” he said in my mind, his mind voice as clear as a bell. “Your master is on the roof.


I nodded, and teleported to the base of the stairs. After a brisk walk up the skinny staircase, I emerged under the open void of the End and spotted my master across the huge, flat, purple roof.


Master Ee’char was an old Enderman. Not weakened by age at all, he stood tall and regal on the exposed roof, the highest point of the Order Temple. The vast purple and speckled void swam across the sky above us, reminding me of how small even the Order of the Warping Fist was in the immensity of the End. My master turned to me, and I saw his green eyes glow across the dim space.


There were very few Endermen that still had the green eyes from back when our race was young. Other masters, and the elders of the normal Ender population, showed green eyes here and there, but my race’s eyes have been purple ever since even before the discovery of the outer rim and the construction of our great End Cities.


“Initiate Elias,” my master said in my mind. He turned, and I saw that he held a flower pot from the Overworld in his hand. A tall, red flower grew out of its soil. The red petals were shockingly bright compared to the low light and muted colors of the End.


Other flower pots full of Overworld flowers sat on the roof floor behind him, organized in a line. He must have been tending to them when I arrived.


“Yes, Master?” I responded, and approached on foot.


“How goes your Seed Stride?” Master Ee’char asked, his green eyes focused on the flower. He cleaned dirt and dust from the plant with his nimble black fingers.


“Going well, master,” I said. “I have acquired twenty-seven seeds, and I expect to acquire many more. Why have you summoned me away from the Stride?


My master looked up at me, as if shocked by my directness. Or maybe he was faking—I could never read him fully. He slowly turned his attention back to the red flower.


“What do you see, Elias?


“A red flower from the Overworld,” I said.


“And what can you learn from this flower?


I thought for a moment about what he might be getting at before responding. “The flower is strong and is surviving on our world?


Master smiled, and turned.


“That is a valid observation,” he said. “You may also note its beauty and its symbol of hope, as it struggles in its young life to rise up out of the dirt and muck. This particular plant can only produce flowers if it has enough dirt to push roots through. There is more to this flower than strength and beauty, and you are to contemplate this while you are on your mission…


“What mission?” I asked. “Back to my Seed Stride?


“No, young initiate.” Master Ee’char placed the flower pot gently back onto the purpur roof, then turned to face me, his hands calmly drawn together. “I am sending you on a mission to investigate an incident developing near Nexus 426.


The Nexus he was referring to was one of the common areas that we Enderman use to teleport down to the Overworld. When warping to one of the other worlds, we could choose to either appear in a random location, or to focus on a particular location according to memory and experience, or to use a common Nexus that the Ender race catalogued over time.


Nexus 426 would be one of my peoples’ many common warping destinations.


Personally, I’d never been there before…


“But Master,” I said, “What about my Seed Stride?


“Consider this a small diversion, young one,” he responded. “Your Seed Stride will still be there for you. The seeds will still be present and waiting for you—even around Nexus 426.” My master sighed in my mind, then looked out into the void. “In the last several days, many non-Order Endermen have been killed near that Nexus point. You are to travel there and investigate. And if you can identify the cause of the Ender deaths, you are to neutralize it…


A real mission? To assassinate an assassin? But I wasn’t even lower ninja yet!


“Respectfully, my master,” I said, “why have I been chosen for this? I haven’t even finished my initiate training…?


Master Ee’char turned back to me, considered my expression, then smiled, bent, and picked a red flower from the flower pots at his feet. He extended the flower to me, and I took it.


“Young initiate, return to the dragon island and plant the seeds you already have. Then teleport to Nexus 426.


I bowed.


“Thank you, master.


The ancient Enderman smiled and turned away, back to his flowers. I departed on foot until I was on the stairs, then placed the red flower into my dimensional pocket and teleported away.


Back on the dragon island, I found a ragged edge of the landmass that was being expanded.


Yes, I thought. This would do.


Reaching into my dimensional pocket, I removed my seed blocks, and began adding them to the island, one by one. The dirt blocks bound to the endstone easily, and my meager twenty-seven blocks was now a new piece of the island. In time, these seed blocks would transform into endstone, and the dragon’s energy would start growing the pearls inside of them.


After spending a moment looking over my handiwork with satisfaction, I warped over to the Gateway, focused on Nexus 426, then teleported back to Overworld.

Day 3 – Overworld



The Overworld was bright.


Focusing on Nexus 426 warped me right into the middle of a desert biome, and it was the middle of the day when I arrived. After the pleasant, dim light of the End, my eyes were assaulted by the glare of the desert sun.


After getting my bearings and looking around, I skipped across the desert with short teleports until I reached the edge of a forest, and found relief just inside the shadowy tree line.


The world was quiet around me. All I could hear was the sound of the wind, and many small, tan rabbits hopping around in the sand outside of the trees.


I had to remind myself that a killer of Endermen was lurking around here somewhere…


Sticking to the shadows, I began warping around the edges of the desert, staying in the trees where I could. Around the large desert was a forest on one side, a grassland on the other. Between the two bordering biomes was a tall mountain made almost entirely of stone. The grasslands extended away from the desert as a far as I could see, transitioning into short hills and plateaus full of animals.


Within the trees, I didn’t see many mobs that I could talk to. It was likely that whatever skeletons and zombies were here had already burned up by now, if they didn’t find shelter first. Warping around looking for intelligent life, I eventually found a single creeper casually making its way through the woods. Its pale, green body blended in with the grass, and it moved almost as quietly as a ninja.


Almost, I thought. I could still hear its footsteps.


I appeared before the green mob, and it stopped, face pulled into a frown.


“Greetings, creeper,” I said into its mind. “I need a word.


The creeper craned its neck to look up at me.


“Yesss?” it asked in a raspy, hissing voice. “What isss it, Ender?”


“I am investigating the deaths of my people in this area. Do you know anything about it? Anything odd going on around here?


“Sss …” it said, thinking to itself. I could read in its body language that it was not happy about being interrupted on its walk, but it seemed to be afraid of being difficult with me. “I know little about thisss area. I’m jussst passsing through…”


“You haven’t heard anything about your own kind being killed here? Or other mobs?


“No, Ender. But there isss a mountain to the sssouth! Likely you can find othersss that live here in the cavesss…”


It was referring to the mountain I saw on the edge of the desert between the forest and the grasslands. Yes, a mountain like that was probably full of caves and passages! That would be where most of the undead go to hide from the sun during the day.


“Thank you, creeper.”


The creeper turned away without a word and started walking back in the direction from where it came.


“Why are you going that way? You turned around,” I said in its mind.


It turned its head and called back to me. “If you sssay true, Ender, then thisss desert not sssafe!”


“Good idea, creeper,” I replied. “Be well…”


Then with a zip, I teleported closer to the mountain.


The mountain was tall and imposing, full of shadows and comprised almost entirely of raw, grey stone. In one tall cliff face, a massive cave yawned at the desert and extended into darkness. Other small caves pocketed the stone here and there. Standing in the shadow of an oak tree, I could see the green skin of a zombie moving around inside a small cave nearby, standing just outside the sunlight.


I warped closer.


Watching from the shadows, I saw the zombie standing just inside the dark of the tunnel, frantically hopping from foot to foot, twitching, his hands wringing together. His face was an almost comical expression of fear and suspense.


I approached on foot, and climbed down into the cave to speak with the frightened mob.


Upon seeing my tall and slender form block the sunny sky outside, the zombie seemed terrified. His black eyes opened wide, and a long, whining moan grew from his mouth, open in a silent scream.


“Easy, zombie,” I said into his mind. “Do not fear—I mean you no harm.


“What?!” the zombie cried. His voice was thick and dull. “You talk in my head?? Don’t hurt me!”


“I am Elias. I’m looking for something. Do not be afraid. What is your name?


“Name?!” the zombie asked. He was still frantic. “What do you want??”


“There is something in this area killing Ender—” I paused. “Killing mobs. Do you know anything about it?


The zombie reached up and grabbed his head. “Yes! Killing! I’m stuck in here. Why am I so afraid? I don’t know! What am I doing here?”


“You …” I said, “You have seen something killing mobs?


“There’s something killing mobs?!” the zombie shrieked. “I mean—yes! There’s something killing mobs! Killers in armor with swords! In the cave! Why am I here? Why am I so scared??”


The zombie wasn’t thinking straight. Maybe zombies’ brains were … funny. I’ve already seen a zombie burn himself up in the sun the other day, just after we just talked about him hiding from the sunlight. Now seeing this one hiding in the cave, acting like this…


“So you really have seen something,” I said in his mind. “Killers in armor … swords? Where did they come from?


“Killers in armor?! Where? Oh yeah—the cave! They’re in the cave . Who?? Why am I so scared? What am I doing down here?”


I considered the situation.


The zombie was totally crazy.


Were the killers some armored Minecraftians who had taken up residence in that huge cave in the side of the stone mountain?


“Zombie, calm down!” I said. “You must have climbed down here to get away from the sunlight, right? Do you mean here? Or the big cave in the side of the mountain?


“No … yes! Why would I—?”


He quieted immediately, cocking his head and listening toward the entrance of the cave. I heard it too. Something was moving out there. Footsteps. Fast footsteps. The zombie stood, listening, his jaw slack.


“Here they come!” he said, then turned to the exit, stuck his arms out in front of him, and started plodding his zombie feet toward the sunlight.


“Wait!” I cried out into his mind. “Don’t go out there!


I heard their voices, and closed my eyes, reaching out with my Chi to feel their minds and understand their words. Two of them. Two Minecraftians, I bet … saying something about … rabbits.


The shadows of their forms darted past the opening of the cave, blotting out the sun for an instant, and then the zombie was emerging from the entrance after them! He let out a snarl and a moan, then pursued them around the corner into the bright sunlight. Before the zombie was out of sight, I saw him burst into flames! He hissed and snarled in pain, but went after the Minecraftians anyway.


I heard the flames, the zombie’s pain, and the rapid footsteps return.


“Ha ha … stupid zombie!” one of them said. I heard them attack the crazy zombie. The undead creature took a few hits, then cried out one last moan, and fell, dead.


The two unseen Minecraftians laughed again, then ran away, continuing into the desert.


Once I couldn’t sense their minds near me anymore, I teleported out to the surface, then immediately warped over to the tree line to hide in the shadows. The zombie was gone, of course.


So that was it. Those were the killers.


There were at least two Minecraftians living in the cave in the side of the mountain. They must have moved in, then started doing whatever Minecraftians do, killing all of the mobs in the area while they were at it…


It seemed like a sound theory, but I’d have to watch and gather information, just to be sure. And then, if what I had surmised was indeed the case, it was then my duty to kill them or drive them off to restore the balance to this place…


Defeating two armored Minecraftians was a worthy battle. Master would be pleased.


Taking my time and being careful, I teleported in small jumps, closer and closer to the large cave mouth, staying inside the shadows of the mountain. After running by me and killing the zombie, I was sure that the Minecraftians were long gone—off to find rabbits in the desert or whatever they were doing.


But they would be back.


And I would be waiting. Watching, for now…


The mountain was full of outcroppings and jutting areas of rock, huge and grey, full of long, black shadows. It was perfect for my ninja approach.


Once I was closer to the huge cave, I saw the twinkling of torchlight deep inside, and as I approached, I eventually settled on a dark shadowy area up above the entrance, where I could stay hidden in the darkness, and watch.


Down below, the mouth of the cave extended into the mountain a bit, before ending in a big stone bowl. It looked like the cave used to continue as a huge tunnel into the mountain, but the tunnel ended in a cobblestone wall, decorated with a central door and a couple of torches.


The Minecraftians had blocked up the tunnel and made it the entrance to their own underground home.


Across the rocky bowl of the cave entrance, in another wall, was another door and blocked up tunnel.


So there were two entrances—a larger one and a smaller one—into the unknown underground lair of these killer creatures.


For the rest of the day, I sat in my shadow and meditated, listening for the return of the two Minecraftians. At one point, I pulled the red flower out of my dimensional pocket, and thought about it some more.


Once the sun started going down, I was broken out of my meditation by the sound of footsteps hissing in the sand, and I heard the voices of the two Minecraftians running home while laughing and casually talking about a desert temple.


As they approached, running out of the desert and up the rocky area leading to the cave, I got my first real look at the Minecraftian race.


They were both about the size of the zombies I had met—still considerably shorter than I was. They were stocky. Muscular. Both were dressed in clothing, and wore a variety of armor on their bodies and heads. Their skin, unlike the green of the zombies, was vibrant and smooth. They were living creatures—not undead. They were fast, and seemed very healthy … and dangerous.


One of the Minecraftians wore a green shirt and blue pants, had short brown hair and a dark beard on his face. He was armored with iron on his chest and head, and the skin of animals—leather—on his arms and legs. He carried a metal sword in his hand while he ran.


“Dude, that was awesome!” he said. “I can’t believe there was one so close!”


“Yeah,” the other one said, “and there were a lot more openings to the outside than I thought. That would be a surprise if we tried to make a base there!”


The other Minecraftian looked like a brute. His clothing was all black, and he was decked out from head to toe in iron armor, with a shield on one arm, and an iron sword in his other hand.


“LuckyMist, it’s almost night!” the green one said. “Are you coming up?”


“Yeah, I was just coming up!” I heard another voice, and then a third Minecraftian opened the door of the smaller dwelling. This one was different. Smaller, thinner, a voice that was higher in pitch.




She stood in the open doorway, dressed in pink and blue, covered with iron armor. I could see that her hair was long and dark under the helmet. In her hand was some sort of tool—a pick axe.


Three Minecraftians.


“How goes the mining?” the fully-armored one asked.


“Pretty quiet, actually,” she said, and put her hands on her hips. “You know, WolfBroJake, if you guys didn’t run off exploring and killing stuff all the time, and actually helped me down there, we’d get more iron!”


She closed the door behind her and stepped into the stone bowl of the cave mouth to join the others.


The big guy shrugged. WolfBroJake. “Sorry, LuckyMist. Blame your boyfriend. If Xenocide99 wasn’t bugging me so much about checking out the temple he saw,” he casually pointed his sword at the other Minecraftian male in the green shirt, “we could build this place up a little faster…”


Okay, I thought. So the female was LuckyMist. The big warrior was WolfBroJake, and the other male was Xenocide99. I wondered if there were any more.


“Oh boy, here they come…” Xenocide99 said.


I heard the plodding footsteps of a zombie walking up the rocky hill to the cave mouth, and heard the clatter of skeleton bones down below.


Xenocide99 stashed his sword and produced a bow, then immediately began firing arrows at the mobs near their cave entrance.


“I’m going inside,” LuckyMist said. “Can we go inside and sleep, please?


“Hang on a sec,” Xenocide99 said. “We’ll be in after we kill these guys.”


He continued firing at the mobs. A skeleton returned fire, and Xenocide99 stepped to the side as an arrow flew past, landing in the cobblestone wall next to their cave-home’s front door.


From my vantage point, I could see a small army of mobs appearing in the desert and surrounding areas, many of whom were suddenly interested in what was going on up here at the cave mouth. Several zombies were slowly converging on the area. There were a few skeletons. I saw the shadow of a creeper. In the distance, I saw the glowing red eyes of spiders appearing, and …




An Enderman appeared, too!


“Enderman!” WolfBroJake exclaimed.


“Whatever,” LuckyMist said. She scoffed. “I’m going inside!” And she did, disappearing into the main entrance next to the arrow in the wall.


“I’m on it!” said Xenocide99, and took aim at the Ender with his bow.


I could feel the Chi of the non-Order Enderman before he noticed me. I could also feel his energy explode into fury as the Minecraftian took aim with the bow. My fellow Enderman opened his mouth and bared his black teeth, his purple eyes flaring in anger.


There would be no stopping him now.


I did not recognize the Enderman.


“Flee, Brother!” I called out to him in his mind. “I’m on this—fly! They’ll kill you if you stay!


The Enderman paused his charge and looked straight up at me in my hiding place for a moment. “What?!” he exclaimed in my mind. “[_ A ninja from the Order? What are you doing here?? I’m going to kill these punks! _]”


“Do not fight!” I responded. “They are Ender killers! Turn and warp away from here!


The other Enderman shook his head, ignoring my warning, his jaws open and hungry for satisfaction. He charged at the duo, but still spoke to me with his mind voice as he attacked. “Screw that, brother! I’m going to put these puny creatures in their place. How dare they raise a weapon to me??


Xenocide99 finally fired, his aim true, but the Enderman warped out of the way of the shot just before he was hit, and the arrow skittered off harmlessly on the stone hill. Not fazed by his miss, the Minecraftian archer put away his bow and pulled his sword before the Enderman closed the distance.


As the tall, furious Enderman charged at Xenocide99, WolfBroJake sidestepped until he was flanking the attacker, then expertly cut into my fellow Enderman with his sword! The three of them fought for a while—the enraged Enderman and the two Minecraftian warriors—but the Enderman didn’t stand a chance. He flailed at them randomly with his powerful fists, but the two armored creatures timed their attacks and worked together to keep him distracted and stunned, until his otherworldly howl cut through the night … and he fell.


Fool, I thought.


I tried to warn him. There was nothing I could do to help. If I had intervened, it would have only blown my cover, and I don’t have all of the information of the situation yet. No time to plan. No ability to make a precision strike. I am ninja. I would fight the Minecraftians on my own terms, if I chose to fight.


The Enderman who just died was defeated before he even began.


His anger was his first enemy…


Once the Minecraftians killed the Enderman, I was shocked to see his body dissolve into black smoke and disappear—save for his precious Ender Pearl. It fell from his melting body, hit the stone, and rolled until it stopped at WolfBroJake’s feet. He picked up the sacred artifact, and stashed it away into his pack.


I watched for a while as the Minecraftian males proceeded to run around the entrance of their home and the desert nearby, killing all of the mobs they came across, all while laughing and chatting casually about what they were going to do tomorrow.


These Minecraftians had no regard for the mob lives. Even the noble Endermen. They killed them, like squishing bugs, and laughed about it.


My duty was to keep a balance and protect the neutrality of Overworld.


Minecraftians did have their place in the balance of this world, of course. But this place, Nexus 426, was not it. Here, they were an abomination. Obviously they couldn’t be reasoned with.


So I decided that tomorrow, I would divide them, and eliminate them one at a time…


Day 4 – Overworld



Over the night, I sat up on my perch of darkness and meditated.


The flower.


It was beautiful and delicate, but strong enough to push itself up out of the ground. Was that it? It could be delicate … and be strong at the same time?




It had to be something having to do with two different qualities existing at the same time. But what was it?


In the morning, the zombies and skeletons burst into flames, and the door to the Minecraftians’ main home opened.


The two males, WolfBroJake and Xenocide99, immediately sprang out from inside with raised swords high, and they excitedly pursued the burning undead, trying to land killing blows on the ones that weren’t quite dead yet.


LuckyMist walked out from behind them, watched them killing the zombies and skeletons. She sighed, and walked to the other door.


“Guys!” she called out, annoyed. “We should mine today! Will you come with me into the mine?”


“Hang on, babe!” Xenocide99 said, running from mob to mob.


“WolfBroJake?” she called. “Would you at least help me?”


The big warrior seemed torn, and stood for a while in the sand thinking about it.


“Come on, man, look at all of the loot out in the sand!” Xenocide99 said. “And I thought we were gonna go check out that ravine! We can get some ore there!


LuckyMist crossed her arms in a huff, and went into the mine, slamming the door closed behind her.


She would be my first target. If only I could get through the door…


Suddenly, WolfBroJake ran up to the mine’s entrance, and opened the door to go inside, staring back longingly at all of the mob loot floating around in the desert.


This is it, I thought. That’s my chance


Looking around the corner of the cave’s mouth, I saw a few remaining undead mobs hiding in the shadows of the forest. I broke a small rock off of my ledge where I hid, then threw the stone into the dark woods to create a distraction.


The rock clattered. A zombie moaned.


“Zombie!!” the two Minecraftian males both said in unison.


WolfBroJake abandoned the open door, running down and around to the source of the falling rock, and, joined by his buddy, Xenocide99, they attacked the group of undead mobs in the trees.


When the undead were finished off, Xenocide99 spoke up again.


“Come on, man! Raviiiiinne…”


“Okay, dude,” WolfBroJake said. “Let’s go check it out, but just for a sec! Then we have to come back and help LuckyMist!”


“Awesome!” Xenocide99 exclaimed. “That’s a deal!”


And they were off, chasing after mob drops in the desert, then out of sight heading to the supposed ravine.


When all was quiet again, I warped down to the rocky bowl at the cave mouth—the place where they killed the Enderman and several other mobs the night before.


I looked over at the open door to the mine. LuckyMist was down there.


Looking at the closed door to their home, I walked over and looked through the window.


The inside of their cave house was lit up by torches, and I could just barely see furniture and tools. Red-colored beds, a table with small tools hanging from it, a stone forge of some kind. I reached out with my Chi to get a feel for the room’s layout. I was sure I’d end up fighting one of them in there later. Maybe the last one. Perhaps if I killed LuckyMist down in the mine, then I could separate the males on the way back from the ravine, and take out the weaker one. Then I could face the last remaining Minecraftian inside the house…


I spun around as I heard a footstep and the scratch of a boot on gravel, and there was LuckyMist, at the entrance to the mine, staring at me. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open in surprise…


Fool! I thought. I lost my element of surprise! Spent too long looking and planning, without doing!


“Ohmygod!!!” she cried, and bolted down the stairs. The door was still open.


I was on her in a second—my long legs and ninja training let me run like the wind. We were in a tunnel of stairs going down, ever down, deep into the world. She looked back over her shoulder, and I saw her eyes grow wide in terror from under her helmet. I was right behind her…




Suddenly I warped down the stairs to be in front of her.


She screamed, and turned around to run up the stairs again.




I teleported above her again, was waiting while she looked back, and then struck out with a palm strike that landed in the middle of her chest plate!


LuckyMist grunted in pain, and fell back, tumbling down the stairs. Amazingly, she found her feet under her and was suddenly running down the long staircase into her mine again.


As I sprinted after her, torches flashed past my face, every seven-or-so stairs.


We reached the bottom of her mine, and she scrambled through the entry room and around a corner into a tunnel. I ran past several chests and furnaces. Turning the corner after her, I saw the Minecraftian female fleeing down one of her mining tunnels.




I warped over to appear in front of her. She screamed in surprise again, screeched to a halt on the stone floor, but didn’t react fast enough as I punched her again, then sent a roundhouse kick into her midsection. My foot clanged against her armor, and she was knocked down onto her back, sliding across the floor.


Wow, these little Minecraftians were tough with their armor!


Instead of trying to run away again when she got to her feet, LuckyMist surprised me by instead rapidly building a cobblestone wall to separate us—to block me away into her mining tunnel, and leave her safe in the central hub of her mine.


“Ohmygod ohmygod!”


But she wasn’t fast enough. I am the warping wind…




Just before she completed the defensive wall, I teleported through the hole, past her, and ended my warp just behind her.


LuckyMist turned away from her quickly-built cobblestone shield, and gasped when she found herself cornered. Tall and dark, I stood over her like unstoppable death.


I finished her off.


And I was startled when her body suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke!


All of her gear fell to the floor.


I just killed a Minecraftian, I thought. I could do this!


The other two would surely put up more of a fight. Dealing with WolfBroJake and Xenocide99 would be more like a battle than a predator chasing prey—but I could handle it. I was certain. I was ninja. I’d make my master proud, and I knew that he would grant me the rank of lower ninja when these Minecraftians were destroyed!


I felt confident.


But there wasn’t much time. I didn’t want to be caught down here for a melee battle. There was practically no room to warp around.


But first…


Looking over the scattered gear that LuckyMist dropped when she died, I observed all of the pieces of her iron armor, multiple pick axes, a metal sword, some other tools, several dozen blocks of cobblestone, some dirt, torches…


As a precaution, I took the pieces of her armor, and put them into my dimensional pocket.


Just in case.


Then I warped my way back up the stairs to the surface.


When I was close to the top of the mine, I could hear the voices of the two males approaching.


Too late!


It was a good thing that I could see my hiding place from inside the stair-tunnel. Taking a chance, I teleported up to my old hiding place … zip … and it worked! The two warriors didn’t seem to notice my particles flying through the air at light speed.


Below me, the two remaining Minecraftians approached casually, one of them eating the meat of an animal.


“No, man, that was lame,” WolfBroJake said. “How did you even think that was a ravine?”


“Well, it was almost dark when I saw it! I guess it was shallower than it looked,” Xenocide99 responded.


“I guess your head is shallower than it looks,” WolfBroJake said, then laughed.


The other male scoffed.


“Guys!” a female voice cried out from inside the house. “Ohmygod you guys are back! Help me!


The door to the house sprung open, and there was LuckyMist! She wasn’t wearing her armor, and was dressed in nothing but her pink and blue clothing, but there she was!




A small amount of Enderman rage blew up deep inside me, but I seized the anger, processed it, and swallowed it back down.


How did that happen? I killed her. And I took her stuff! She died right in front of me—by my hand!


“LuckyMist? What happened?” Xenocide99 asked. They ran up to her.


She was frantic. “There was an Enderman in the mine and he killed me. This stupid mine! I’m so tired of this place—I want to go home!


“Well how did that happen?” WolfBroJake asked. “Isn’t your mine totally safe?”


“Yeah it was!” she said. “Until you left the door open, you big dummy!”


“Oops,” he said.


Xenocide99 laughed. “Uh, sorry, babe. Well, where is it now?”


“Still down there, as far as I know,” she said. “And my stuff is going to de-spawn any second!”


“Well let’s go down there with you so you can get your stuff,” WolfBroJake said.


The three of them ran into the mine and down the stairs.


And they left the door to the house open…


Moments later, I was slipping in through the open door, and looking around their very basic cave-home.


I knew that they’d be back any moment, but something was going on with these Minecraftians that I didn’t understand, and I would have to improvise.


LuckyMist didn’t die.


I killed her, and she came back. But when she did come back, it was here, in the house…


I searched high and low, reaching out with my Chi for anything of power—any artifacts, or items with teleport energy—anything that they might be using to teleport away from their bodies instead of dying. Or maybe … were they coming back to life? Coming back from the dead somewhere else?


Whatever it was, whatever weird magic or technology they were using to resurrect themselves, it was here, somewhere…


The main room was large, and held the crafting table and forge I had already seen, as well as three beds. There was another room off to the side, full of chests. A third room branched off from the opposite side of the main room, but it looked like the third room was still under construction. Well-lit by torches, that room was empty, and still had dirt walls…


That’s it, I thought. That’s what I’d do.


New plan.


I’d hide in the house until night, then kill them all in their sleep!


Dirt. I could work with dirt.


Pulling blocks of dirt out of the wall, as fast as I could before they returned, I carved out a dark space large enough for me to wait in comfortably, then I blocked myself into the wall.


Hidden. Entombed.


Unless the Minecraftians came into the house and decided to continue the excavation of this room, I would be well-hidden until later, when they were all in bed.


It wasn’t long before they came back.


The three Minecraftians entered the house loudly, talking and arguing. LuckyMist was angry that she lost her armor, and they didn’t have enough iron to make any more. I listened to their conversation, muffled a little by the dirt wall. Sitting in the darkness, I meditated, preparing my mind and body for the mission, letting their words drift across my mind and paint a picture of the Minecraftian way of life. I could imagine the three of them arguing in the main room…


I heard one of them walking into each side room, one at a time, maybe to make sure there were no scary Endermen ninjas hiding inside…


“How about you just make some leather armor like mine?” Xenocide99 asked.


“Because, I want my iron armor,” she responded in a huff. “Besides—we need to save that leather to make books for the enchanting table!”


“Then let’s go mine some more and get some more iron!”


“No way! I’m not going back in there today! That thing could still be in there somewhere. No way I could focus on mining after that!”


There was a pause.


“Besides,” she said. “There was something weird about that one. Different from the others. Another weird, different mob, like the giant skeleton.”


Giant skeleton? I thought. Interesting.


“What the heck is that thing, anyway?” WolfBroJake asked. “I’ve seen every mob there is, and I’ve never seen a skeleton like that. That thing was invincible!”


“What’s with all these weird mobs?” LuckyMist said. “I just want to go home, back to our castle, where I can mine and farm and stuff—it’s like this world is getting taken over by weird … mutants or something.”


“What was different about the Enderman?” Xenocide99 asked.


“Uh … well, he was smart,” LuckyMist said, “and he had some sort of bandana on his head. He wasn’t making any noise or was super angry like they get. He was fast, and sneaky, and very good with his attacks! He kicked me! Can you believe it?”


The two males laughed. “You mean like some sort of Enderman ninja or something? Did he throw ninja stars?”


“It’s not funny!” LuckyMist cried. “It was … really scary! And he teleported around all … tactical-like!”


“There’s definitely something funny going on in Diamodia,” WolfBroJake said.


“I do agree with LuckyMist about our castle,” Xenocide99 said. “It would sure be nice to get it back. I’m all for starting up new bases and starting over and stuff—but that was a nice place.”


I listened on as they talked for the rest of the day. Sometimes, they left and came back—at least the males did. I was pretty sure that LuckyMist stayed in the house for the rest of the afternoon.


Every once and a while, I smelled different scents coming from their furnace, Overworld smells that I couldn’t identify. She must have been making lots of Minecraftian food.


When night came around, I heard the males fighting outside—it was probably a regular thing for them to kill the mobs that came to their door when the sun went down.


Eventually, they were all inside.


Once the talking died down, I reached out with my Chi, and felt for their minds, felt for their energy…


These Minecraftians had huge energy. They were so full of purpose, even just in the moment, if they were a little aimless with direction. They were, to be sure, some of the strongest beings in this universe. And I had a feeling that these were just typical Minecraftians—not the paragons of their race, not the leaders. Not the masters.


When their energy calmed down, I decided to wait another hour, then silently removed the dirt blocks from my concealment wall.


I stepped out.


Moving with precise and silent steps, I first checked the reflections of everything on the nearest wall of the main room for any subtle movements around the corner, then carefully looked with my own eyes.


The three Minecraftians were laying down, sleeping, each on a separate red bed.


Endermen don’t sleep, so I didn’t fully understand sleep at the time. Looking back on it now, I realize that I didn’t have to be quite as cautious as I was, but I don’t regret my careful planning and movements. I am ninja. Stealth can never be overdone.


Seeing all three of those Minecraftians lying in their beds with their eyes closed—I assumed that they were meditating. I thought that they’d be aware of me once I was in the room, so I made plans to move as quickly and as efficiently as possible once I sprang into action…


Closing my eyes, I mentally prepared myself for the intense focus needed to attack all three of them, while also solving the problem of the Minecraftians coming back to life on the fly…


There were two torches in the room. On in the front by the door, and one in the back by the beds.


My master’s voice drifted through my head.


“We must not learn to try harder. The key is to learn how not to try in the first place…


I knew what I had to do. I would trust in my instincts to guide me.


I would not try.


I would do…


Suddenly taking great, silent leaps across the room from the hall, I near-instantly punched and destroyed the two torches, plunging the room into total darkness.


In that second, the Minecraftians still hadn’t reacted, so I moved onto phase two, and immediately set myself onto WolfBroJake, the strongest fighter, and punched him again and again, with all of my Chi behind my attacks, to take him out first! My strong fists, as black as ink, pounded into his armored form again and again. He grunted, and barely started to struggle, then died…


WolfBroJake disappeared in a puff of smoke, his armor, shield, sword, and all of his other gear falling on the bed and scattering out across on the floor.


Phase three.


In the next instant, I was attacking Xenocide99. My fists moved like dark lightning, and he managed to jump out of his bed after taking several hits.


“What the—what’s happening?!” he cried, his eyes wide in the darkness.


LuckyMist screamed and jumped out of bed, but in the dark, she hit the wall, and didn’t know where to go. The female pulled out her pickaxe as I pummeled Xenocide99. The remaining male grunted under the assault, and pulled his sword, trying to back away but getting stuck on the bed.


I could see his confused and terrified expressions in purple light of my fierce, glowing eyes.


Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I saw the white shape of WolfBroJake’s pale face appearing again in the dark. He was standing on his bed, armor-less, dressed only in his black clothes with nothing in his hands…


“What’s going on?!” WolfBroJake cried.


It was the beds!


Their beds were the source of their regeneration!


Before they realized my intentions, I pushed Xenocide99’s armored chest with a mighty palm strike, and he fell backwards over his bed. That would give me a few moments.


WolfBroJake took just a single step off of the bed before I was on him again. Without his sword and armor, he was nothing next to my martial arts skill, and died again after a few well-placed hits. As soon as his body disappeared into a puff of smoke again, my next movement was a powerful block-breaking move. I let out a roaring kiai, a shout to focus my Chi into the attack, and my elbow exploded into WolfBroJake’s bed, smashing it into a thousand pieces!


LuckyMist screamed, and Xenocide99 dropped his sword in fear.


WolfBroJake did not come back. I don’t know where he’d reappear, if he’d reappear, but it wouldn’t be in here.


For the moment, I ignored the wounded Xenocide99 and the terrified LuckyMist, and I moved to destroy the remaining male’s bed. Xenocide99 seemed to realize what I was doing, and he reached for his sword in the dark. I rapidly kicked the Minecraftian weapon out of his reach, as I set up to perform another breaking move on the bed.


I roared another kiai, and struck down with my elbow, sundering the bed into pieces of wood and wool!


“It’s the Enderman!” Xenocide99 cried. “He’s breaking our beds!”


“Where’s WolfBroJake??” LuckyMist screamed.


Xenocide99 jumped to his feet and pulled his bow, backing into the open front area of the main room. Being so dark, I can only assume that he was aiming for my glowing eyes.




I saw it coming, so it was easy to warp out of the way. I looked down to LuckyMist, who still had her back to the wall.




In a sudden splash of pain, I realized that I wasn’t paying attention, and Xenocide99 managed to fire off a second arrow faster than I anticipated. His arrow stuck out of my side…


The Enderman rage boiled up inside of me, and I fought to push it back down.


My eyes must have flared, and I was sure that I looked terrifying to him, because he turned white with fear, and fumbled to nock another arrow.


Torchlight suddenly appeared in the room. LuckyMist must have thrown a torch up on one of the walls. Risking a quick glimpse, I saw her rooting around through WolfBroJake’s items cast around on the floor.


Xenocide99 fired at me again, but I was ready.




I warped behind him, and beat on him with fists and palm strikes until he died in a puff of smoke! His iron and leather armor, bow and arrows, and other items fell and scattered on the stone floor.




Teleporting onto LuckyMist’s bed, I reached into the air, winding up for another breaking strike, then roared and smashed the bed apart!


I would finish this. I would be victorious.


The threat to Nexus 426 was almost neutralized.


Turning to face LuckyMist for our second battle, I saw what she was trying to find in WolfBroJake’s items. She held his shield in front of her, cowering behind it.


“Ohmygod ohmygod! What am I gonna do???” she cried.


I approached. I almost didn’t have the heart to kill her…


But the mission came first.


Balance must be restored.


Like lightning, I attacked with multiple palm strikes, each hitting the shield. The thunk of my palm hitting the wood and iron made LuckyMist shudder in fear, and as my assault continued, and the shield beginning to splinter, she babbled on and on, pleading for me to stop.


“We’ll leave! We’ll go! Please stop! Is that what you want?? We’ll leave!!”


I paused.


I could hear her out, at least.


Without the others, she was mostly harmless, and I could kill her at will.


Without warning, I stopped my attack, and immediately sat into a meditation pose on the stone floor, surrounded by a mess of Minecraftian items.


The silence in the room was surprising…


LuckyMist stood holding the shield above her, like she was when I was pounding on it, whimpering, breathing hard, until she finally peeked over the edge of her defense out of curiosity…


“I am calling a temporary truce to hear what you have to say, LuckyMist,” I said, speaking into her mind.


Shocked, she dropped the shield with a loud clang and grabbed her head with her hands.


“What?!” she cried. “What did you say?? Did you … say something … in my head? Was that in my head?”


“Where are the others?” I asked with the mind voice. “Where are they right now?


“OMG, you are in my head! Please don’t hurt me! I mean you no harm!”


“Where are the others, LuckyMist?” I repeated.


“Okay … you … can talk in my head. Okay. Them?” She paused, shocked, thinking, confused. “Oh, uh … with their … beds gone, they could be anywhere! They’re far away. Ohmygod, they’re far away, and it’s the middle of the night!”


“They are reborn, but elsewhere?


“Um … yeah. Without … without the beds,” she gestured at the devastation around the room—the pieces of wood and wool and items scattered all over, “they’ll respawn somewhere near … near the castle … ohmygod …” She suddenly looked terrified, thinking of something frightening, then she looked up at me. “Are you going to kill me again? Please don’t kill me again! It’s night time!”


“Tell me about this castle.” I said. “Tell me about the giant skeleton…

Day 5 – Overworld



Over the rest of the night and into the morning, I talked with LuckyMist.


She told me about their story as she picked up and organized all of the dropped items and cleaned up the broken beds.


My investigation of the Enderman deaths at Nexus 426 revealed this trio of Minecraftians, but they were just a symptom of a larger upset in the balance of the world…


Like I mentioned before, this world has a place for Minecraftians. As the natural opposition to the mobs, there will always be battle wherever they go. But they tend to settle, and ultimately, an area becomes better off because of the Minecraftian presence.


My master must have sensed the disturbance along with the tragedy of the Endermen deaths, because otherwise, he would have seen wisdom in allowing the Minecraftians to stay here, in this cave, to make a new home, to get settled and establish a balance over time.


But something was wrong.


These Minecraftians were displaced from their own home by an abomination. Something I’d never heard of before, either in my teachings from my master, or on my Seed Stride.


She told me the story about a ‘Skeleton King’ who attacked the Minecraftians in their own castle—a gigantic skeleton with thick bones, wearing armor and wielding a huge, different kind of bow. An intelligent skeleton who spoke in a booming, menacing voice, and had red glowing eyes.


And not only was this Skeleton King immensely powerful on his own terms—he also led a skeleton army who followed his orders and worked well together.


My mission to restore balance had grown more complicated than merely neutralizing some Minecraftians…


It seemed that a true abomination may be involved.


I would have to investigate this.


LuckyMist and I made a deal. She was also speaking for Xenocide99 and WolfBroJake, but assumed that they’d be all for it.


The Minecraftians would abandon their cave home here next to Nexus 426. That would solve the problem of the Endermen deaths. In return, I would travel with them to their castle to the east, and help them get their home back.


My new mission was to restore the balance in this part of Overworld by destroying the Skeleton King and scattering his skeleton army.


Over the course of the day, I meditated and focused on healing the arrow wound I had incurred in the battle. I hoped that through my continued experience, I would finally master the art of the Chi dodge, and be able to dodge arrows on instinct like all mature Endermen do.


LuckyMist prepared the cave home to be broken down, to take all of their furniture, gear, and belongings with us back to the castle. She mentioned that there was a village on the way, and hoped that they could leave all of their things there until the castle was safe again.


I hadn’t seen a village yet on my Seed Stride…


Xenocide99 and WolfBroJake eventually made their way back to the cave home, together. After a surprised and tense moment when they realized that the Enderman ninja was still in their home, LuckyMist related the entire story to them. Even though the two males were very wary of me, they were onboard with the idea.


“And here,” I said to LuckyMist in her mind. “This belongs to you…


I produced all of her armor from my dimensional pocket, and gave them to her, piece by piece.


“My armor!” she exclaimed, grinning ear to ear. “No wonder we couldn’t find it!”


“You are some kind of Enderman,” Xenocide99 said. WolfBroJake nodded.


As the three Minecraftians packed up all of their gear, and recovered the resources and furnaces stored in the mine, I sat in the rocky bowl of the cave entrance, my legs crossed, holding the red flower before me.


The flower was strong, because it pushed up out of the ground. It was beautiful, and a symbol of hope, because it thrived against adversity.


I had given up on some sort of lesson about duality.


Was it really so simple that it was strong and beautiful, even though it had to push itself up out of the mud and dirt?


“Oh, what’s with the flower?”


LuckyMist walked up behind me.


“My master gave it to me to contemplate. There is a lesson in the flower.


“Oh, really?” she said. “I’m really familiar with those red ones. I’ve got a whole flowerbed full of them back at the castle. Well … if they’re still there, that is.”


“Something beautiful, but also fleeting,” I said. “Maybe … even though it’s strong and beautiful, it’s still only here for a moment.


“I dunno,” she said. “There’s something really interesting about those.”


“What’s that?” I asked in her mind.


“Well, when they grow, they need a lot of dirt under them so that they can push through long, strong roots. If they don’t, they’ll just be a boring plant. But if they can get those long roots all the way through that tough dirt and mud, then they can finally make the pretty red flowers.”


“So … it’s not beautiful despite the dirt. It’s beautiful because it has to push through the dirt. It needs to push through the dirt to become beautiful…


“Yeah, maybe,” she said.


I paused, and let the revelation roll over me. My Chi, the pearl in my center felt warm…


“Thank you, flower,” I said, then I handed the pretty red plant to LuckyMist.


“For me?” she said, taken aback.


I nodded.


She took the flower and smiled. “Thanks!” Then she walked away.


Soon after, the Minecraftians were ready to travel. We would stay in the cave home overnight, and then set off in the morning to the village on the way to the castle.


We were off to fight the Skeleton King…

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I am Skeleton Steve. I’ve been all over the Minecraft world of Diamodia (and others). As an adventurer and a writer at heart, I always chronicle my journeys, and I ask all of the friends I meet along the way to do the same.


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Enjoy this Excerpt from…

“Minecraft Diary of Steve and the Wimpy Creeper” Book 1


About the book:


Steve was lonely.


Alex and the other Minecraftians just wanted to spend all of their time adventuring and fighting mobs, but Steve was happy to just stay home in his quiet village, tending to his crops and taking care of his animals.


But Steve’s calm, lonely life was in for a big BOOM of a change when he was approached one day by a gentle creeper that wouldn’t explode, who he named Cree. Would Steve find the friendship he was looking for in Cree? Or would the creeper coming into his life lead to too much adventure and excitement for him to handle?


This Minecraft Diary book has over 12,000 words!


Love Minecraft adventure??


Read on for an Excerpt for the book!



Day 1



Well first off, I’m Steve! I’m a human! A pretty cool human, too. I may not be the strongest like my friend Alex, or the most adventurous, but I have some awesome crops and cows!


Today started off pretty normal. I usually ate breakfast, though sometimes I forgot, and then I went outside to feed my farm animals. It was just another ordinary morning.


I stood up and stretched, sighing deeply. That was a good night’s sleep! There was hardly any mob noise outside overnight, and the cows stayed calm. I looked around my cabin, smiling.


Aah . . . Perfect.


Thud, Thud, Thud, on the window.


What was that? I looked around and laughed.


Right! I almost forgot to mention, but I have an entire village to myself!


Well, almost to myself. There were villagers. And when I looked outside, there was a villager running into my window as if he was stuck.


“Again? Haha.”


I may as well help the villager, so he doesn’t break my glass, I thought.


I went outside and turned him around, walking him away from the cabin so he didn’t accidentally turn back. The confused villager walked on to the village square. I turned to look at my crops, cows and chickens, and I smiled wide.


It was so nice.


My cows moo-ed and my chickens bawk bawked.


Back inside my cabin, I suddenly felt lonely. The sadness surprised me, but I was determined to cheer myself up.


“No reason to be sad!” I told myself.


I had my cows and my chickens. The villagers were not too bad either, but I didn’t have any friends.


Not really.


There were others like me, but those guys liked to go out into the wilderness to fight all of the mobs, and I didn’t. I liked harvesting my wheat and sitting out on the bay.


Before the loneliness bothered me too much, I snapped myself out of it, and got dressed. I had chores to do!


“Energy, Steve! Energy!” I muttered to myself.


Yes, I realize it, and you’ll see it soon too, but I guess I talk to myself a lot. That’s what happens when your only friends are cows and chickens.


I changed into my normal farm clothes and went outside. First, I harvested some wheat and replanted what I had taken out. Then, I went over to my cows and chickens and fed them. The cows moo-ed and the chickens bawk bawked as they happily flocked around their breakfasts.


My animal friends were really fun to watch, and I smiled. One of the chickens looked up at me, as if asking me a question.


Bawk bawk!


“What’s wrong, little chicken? Not enough food?”


Bawk bawk!


The water dish was empty.


“Doh!” I smacked myself in the forehead. “I forgot, sorry!”


“See, this is what happens when you get distracted,” I told myself as I walked to the well. The town’s water supply was at the center of my village, and I could see all the other villagers hurrring and humming just as I dipped the bucket in. They all turned to look at me, and I waved at them.


“Morning, fellas!” I said.


They just stared back, furrowing their brows and pressing their lips together, like they normally did.


One of the villagers came up to me and looked down at the water.


“Oh, what was that?” I asked.


The villager hadn’t said anything, but I wanted someone to talk to. I know it’s weird but, hey, at least I can talk about something, even if I can’t understand them, and they probably don’t understand me.


“Yeah, I had a good night too. Thank you for asking!”


He still hadn’t looked up at me, but I talked on.


“Yup! Pretty quiet, I do say! The monsters . . . have . . .”


The villager walked away, like they normally did after a few minutes.


“Alright, buddy! Good talking to you too! See you later!”


I grabbed the bucket, held it against me, and turned around again to the group of villagers still hovering around.


“Later, guys! No, sorry—I can’t stay! I’ve got chores to do!”


I waved at the villagers and walked away.


Yes, weird—I know. But they were the only people around me most of the time that I could interact with on a normal basis! The other Minecraftians were usually out fighting mobs and exploring dangerous places—not my idea of fun! So, I usually spent my time tending to the village, collecting food, and taking care of my animals.


Bawk bawk!




“Yes, yes, I know you guys have been waiting!” I said.


My animal friends were frustrated with me because I took so long gathering water. But to be honest, it wasn’t my fault at all! It was that villager—he just wouldn’t stop talking to me about how his evening went!


“The nerve of some people!” I said to my thirsty cow.




Well, he clearly didn’t believe me, but I tried. Ha ha. And that was when it happened—the incident that turned my very calm and normal life completely topsy-turvy!


There was a sudden loud noise from behind me. I didn’t know what it was, and I wasn’t too excited to find out!


It was still daytime, so I didn’t think it would be a monster, but to be on the safe side, I really wanted to go back home and climb into my safe, fortified closet.


But my cows and chickens were getting nervous, so I decided to go investigate. After all—whatever bothered my friends, bothers me!


Don’t ask why, but for some reason, I didn’t think I needed anything more than my farm clothes and a tool! Yeah … sometimes I just don’t plan ahead very well…


Anyway … off I went into the surrounding woods, armed with nothing but a shovel.


I crept around, behind the trees, trying to see what was making noise back there before it saw me.


A few yards ahead, I heard wild pigs squealing, and I became nervous. The sound of squealing pigs just … gets to me. Tightening my grip around my stone shovel, creeping forward, I tried to peek around the corner…


Suddenly, a stampede of wild chickens and pigs came rushing at me!


“Ahhh! Ahhh!” I yelled, waving my shovel in front of me and closing my eyes.


I was sure that I was going to be trampled by the animals! It was terrifying!


Jumping back behind a tree as quickly as I could, I tried to make myself as small as possible! I felt the animals rush past me. The chicken feathers hit my face as they flew by, and a couple of pigs rammed into my legs, but I refused to move! I wouldn’t be pushed out of my hiding place!


I stayed put until I heard the animals retreating far, far behind me, then I looked around me and down at my body.


Still in one piece, somehow! But amidst the chaos of the stampede I lost my shovel!


Great! Now, I had no form of defense.


Oh well, I thought. At least I was alive…


“Well, that was a close one!” I said to no one.


Very slowly, I moved out from behind my safe, solid tree, and looked around. The forest was trampled, and blocks of dirt and grass were scattered everywhere! Puzzled, I looked around for clues.


What were the wild animals running from?


Sometimes, I can be slow to react, and quite distracted. So, as I was looking around, trying to figure out what the animals had been running from, I somehow completely overlooked the only thing still moving in the forest!




I have no idea!


While I was looking around and scratching my head like a dummy, that creature came at me, approaching fast! I suddenly looked up and noticed the mob just a few feet away from me, and I panicked!


Yes, yes. I know that you’re supposed to remain calm in panic situations, but how exactly was I supposed to react when I saw a creeper running at me?! It was practically sprinting!


It was moving so fast, I swear, that if the creeper had hair, it would have been flapping wildly behind him!


“Oh no!” I cried.


I turned around, trying not to trip over my own feet, and ran back to the village.


All I saw were trees. Which way had I gone?? Dang it!


I tried to run, but didn’t get anywhere.


Ooph! Ooph! Ooph!


“Move! Move!” I screamed.


I was stuck on a tree.



“Dumb tree!”


That’s right—I crashed into one tree again and again! At the worst possible time to be clumsy, I just kept ramming myself into a tree as the creeper darted toward me like green death…


Finally, able to skirt around the ridiculous tree, I ran as fast as I could back to my village. I didn’t dare look behind me—I knew he was there. I could almost feel his hissing breath on my back, and I was in such a panic!


Yup, I’m going to die, I thought.


“I am so going to die!” I yelled. That was all I kept thinking as I ran.


The village came into view and I hoped that I would make it—that the creeper would somehow not blow up before I found some sort of safety.


Looking back on the situation now, I don’t know why it didn’t hit me that he hadn’t exploded yet. But honestly, I wasn’t really stopping to ponder the questions of the universe when I was running for my life!


My body slammed against the front door of my cabin as I fell onto it, zipped through, and shut the door shut behind me. I stumbled again, because that’s just what I do when I’m fighting for my life, and I half-stumbled, half-crawled into my closet.


Could my closet withstand the explosion of a creeper? Who knows? All I knew was that I had made that closet, my own little ‘panic room’, as solid as I could, just in case anything bad ever happened.


As I sat, closed up in the small space, panting, waiting for the explosion that I knew would come, I yelled at myself.


“Steve! You should have dug down! Why didn’t you dig down?!”


But there was not time to dig.


Oh yeah—and I also lost my shovel!


All I could do now was sit and wait for the explosion, and hope that the creeper didn’t blow me up along with my house…


I waited—not sure for how long.


I probably waited longer than what made sense, but hey, when you think you’re on the brink of death, common sense kind of goes out the window!


Slowly, very slowly, I opened the door to my closet.


I peeked around the corner and looked around my room. There was nothing there. No explosion hole, and no creeper. I felt myself begin to breathe again.


Maybe it had left?


On all fours, I crawled out, keeping my body low to the ground. I heard a thump from somewhere and froze. I could have fainted from the fear I felt.


The same thump sound repeated over and over again, and nothing happened.


Thump. Thump. Thump


I relaxed a bit. Slowly advancing, I came to the wall that separated the kitchen and the bedroom.


There, lying almost completely on my belly, I looked around the corner.


There was definitely something making that noise, but I couldn’t figure out what it was! To my horror, I looked and saw that the creeper was running into my door—over and over again!


Thump. Thump. Thump


Panic seized me and I scrambled back to my closet.


“No good! He’s not gone yet!” I cried to myself.


I waited a little longer. Now, I could hear the thudding sound from my safe room. And I began to wonder, why hadn’t the thing blown up?


Thump. Thump. Thump


As I waited, the thumping sound became almost funny, since all I heard was the sound of the creeper banging into my door, like a brainless robot.


Thump. Thump. Thump


It really wasn’t going away!


After more time passed, not sure how long, I decided to come out again.


The creeper was obviously not going to blow up. I hoped that if he was going to blow up, he would have done it by now. Even still—I emerged from the closet slowly and with caution.


Thump. Thump. Thump


Yup. It was still running into my door, alright.


I contemplated opening to the door to the creeper.


“What??” I asked myself. “Why would I do that?”


Time passed.


Thump. Thump. Thump


“Well,” I said, “I guess I’d need to deal with this sooner or later!”


Besides, I didn’t want the creeper to blow up my house and a random villager if anyone wandered over here.


Before I opened the door, I sat back down and analyzed the situation.


This had to be handled with great care or things could go bad very quickly. I thought a little bit more, and decided upon a plan of action.


I decided that I would open the door, and because I was very smart when I wasn’t running for my life, I put on my diamond armor.


Since I don’t fight bad guys, I don’t believe I’ve ever even been hit while wearing this armor before. I bet it’s really strong. But how useful would it be if the creeper decided to go boom?


Well, hopefully he didn’t.


I smacked myself in the head.


Hoping that a creeper wouldn’t go boom?


I blame loneliness for muddling my brain…


After checking, double checking, and triple checking that my armor was secure and I was good to go, I very slowly made my way to the door.


Thump. Thump. Thump


I crept up next to the thick, wooden door, as if the monster could have seen me through the solid wood of the cabin walls. My knees began to shake a little, but I told myself to calm down.


“You can do this, Steve,” I said.


Thump. Thump. Thump


Okay! Ready??


One . . . two . . . three!


I opened the door.


And in walked the creeper!


“Diary of Steve and the Wimpy Creeper”
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Minecraft: Diary of an Enderman Ninja - Book 1 - Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book

Love MINECRAFT? **Over 16,000 words of kid-friendly fun!** This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game! Elias was a young Enderman. And he was a NINJA. As an initiate of the Order of the Warping Fist, Elias is sent on a mission by his master to investigate the deaths of several Endermen at Nexus 426. Elias is excited to prove himself as a novice martial artist, but is a little nervous--he still hasn't figured out how to dodge arrows! And now, when the young Enderman ninja discovers that the source of the problem is a trio of tough, experienced Minecraftian players, will he be in over his head? And what's this talk about a 'Skeleton King' and an army of undead? Love Minecraft adventure?? Read Book 1 of the Enderman Ninja now! Join the Skeleton Steve Club here: www.SkeletonSteve.com (Get free Minecraft goodies, tips, books, maps, skins, seeds, and more!) Author's Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book. Minecraft®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch *** Tags: Minecraft Book, game fiction, Minecraft Books for Kids and Teens, minecraft games, game stories, game books, game story books, minecraft tips, minecraft secrets handbook, Minecraft Stories, kids books, minecraft free, minecraft xbox, minecraft story mode, minecraft handbook free, minecraft creepypasta, minecraft diary of a wimpy, game fanfiction, minecraft game, minecraft story book, Minecraft Steve series, minecraft journal book, minecraft comics, free kids books, Minecraft Kids Book, minecraft books for kids, Minecraft Villagers, Minecraft Creeper, herobrine, Minecraft Skeleton Steve, minecraftales, minecraft fanfiction, minecraft diaries, minecraft tales, minecraft short stories, minecraft gift, minecraft short story.

  • Author: lostwoods
  • Published: 2016-08-26 20:35:16
  • Words: 16253
Minecraft: Diary of an Enderman Ninja - Book 1 - Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book Minecraft: Diary of an Enderman Ninja - Book 1 - Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book