Minecraft: Diary of an Ender Dragon




Diary of an Ender Dragon


[]Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Saturday – Day 1

Sunday – Day 2

Monday – Day 3

Tuesday – Day 4

Wednesday – Day 5

Thursday – Day 6

Friday – Day 7

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Saturday – Day 8

Sunday – Day 9

Monday – Day 10

Tuesday – Day 11

Wednesday – Day 12

Thursday – Day 13

Friday – Day 14

Saturday – Day 15

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[] Saturday – Day 1

Yawn. Another day here in the End.

It’s been pretty normal, to be honest. Average. The usual. BORING.

Usually it’s just me and the Endermen here, and they’re not actually much for conversation. They flit around the island looking all spooky and mysterious, but I know they’re only a problem if you look at them for too long. They don’t bother me. Well, they wouldn’t dare. I’m a hundred times bigger than them and I can breathe fire.

There was that adventuring team here today, poking their noses in and being annoying. They popped in from a nearby portal, and began building their way in to the island. I swooped down and knocked a few of them off their makeshift cobblestone bridge, on principle. Well, what are they doing in my home?

I knew what they were doing. They were doing what everyone is doing when they invade the End and try and fight me. They were after my egg.

I don’t even know what anyone would do with it if they managed to get it. Would they try and hatch it? Smash it on the ground? Use it as an ornament? It’s no use to them without the dragon that comes with it, anyway. You can only warm a dragon egg with a dragon’s fire breath, that’s just common sense. However, I don’t think any of these lot had any common sense, to be honest.

I knocked a few of them from the bridge, but the rest of them began climbing up and running around, causing havoc. They started building bridges to climb up my energy crystal plinths, and they even managed to break a few of them. I was really mad at that point. They came into my home and broke my crystals, so they could attack me?

Let’s be honest here, that’s just plain rude.

I started launching fireballs at them, and a few more tumbled off the plinths and disappeared. Some managed to avoid them, and began running for their lives. I chased after them, dive bombing them and knocking them over as they tried to beat a hasty retreat. I knocked a few more out of existence on my turf, and the rest jumped back into the portal and ran away, closing that portal behind them.

Job done, I flew back to my nest and curled up inside it.

When would they learn? They’ll never win, and they can never have my egg.


[]Sunday – Day 2

Another day, another team of doofuses. This time, I managed to knock them all off the bridge they were trying to build before they could even get to the island. I am nothing if not efficient.

What is it with humans? They all want to have a go. They’ve seen countless others come here and come back empty handed, but they still decide they’ll mount an attack too. What is that? Do they not know when to give up? ‘Ah, but I’ll be the one to do it!’ they think, as they stride through that portal with the exact same battle plan in mind as the last 10,000 people before them, and they wonder every time why they’ve lost.

I’ll tell them why. It’s because I’m mad that they’re in my home, I’m super mad they’re trying to steal from me, and, you know, I’m a huge dragon. There’s also that.


[]Monday – Day 3

No visitors today. It’s nice not to have to shoot fireballs everywhere for once, especially as it makes a right mess of the place, and the Endermen aren’t too impressed when everything’s on fire. However, it’s a bit too quiet and I’m just plain bored. It’s not like there’s anyone to talk to here. I’m the only dragon, and the Endermen don’t really talk to me. They don’t really talk to anyone, to be honest.

Thinking about it, I don’t even know how they got here. I’ve lived here for hundreds of years, but one day they just showed up and they’ve been here ever since. I tried to drive them out before, of course. It’s the principle of the thing. This is where I live, why did they think they could just turn up and stake a claim in the land? I tried everything, I tried knocking them all off the island, I tried breathing fire at them, I even tried asking them politely. Turns out, nothing I can do really hurts them. They get mad, of course. No one likes being set on fire.

We ended up having a huge fight, and I only survived because of my crystals. They heal me whenever I’m nearby, meaning I can defend myself easily because no one can really hurt me. We called a truce in the end, and we live more or less peacefully in the End. It’s not ideal, but I suppose it’s better than living on my own.

After the Endermen came, the attacks began to increase. It was just a little trickle at first, but now it’s almost every day. I do wonder sometimes whether they were the cause of the attacks. Maybe the portals were weakened when they came through to this land? Truthfully, I’m too afraid to ask them. I remember the fights we used to have.


[]Tuesday – Day 4

Strange visit today. Someone popped out of the portal, and I stuck my head up out of my nest. Just two people were stood on the portal island, looking over at me. They didn’t make any moves to come over to me, so, curious, I got up and padded over to them. The Endermen, as usual, didn’t pay them any attention. They just carried on milling around, picking up blocks and looking vaguely menacing.

I walked over to the edge of the island and poked my head over. They looked at me rather impassively, I thought. Usually, people are scared of me. Well, it’s reasonable isn’t it? They’re small and squidgy, and I’m massive, scaly, and can breathe fire. It’s not a fair fight. These two… they just stared at me. They both wore identical black robes, and had wide, unblinking green eyes. They looked a bit intense, is what I’m saying.

‘Yes, there she is’ said the one on the left. He looked me up and down. ‘Yes, that’s quite standard.’

The other one nodded. ‘The nest?’ he asked.

The left one stood on his toes to look past me. I was too stunned to even think of swatting him off the platform with my claws. Humans don’t act like this, I thought. What are they?

‘Yes, all present and correct’ he said.

‘Observation complete’ said the right ‘human’.

With that, they both turned around and walked back into the portal. I didn’t even have to chase them off. What was going on?


[]Wednesday – Day 5

I thought today couldn’t get any more weird, but I was wrong.

This morning, I was woken up by a polite little cough next to my ear.

‘Mrrrgpph’ I said, opening one eye, slowly. I’m not a morning person.

‘Excuse me madam dragon, I’m here for your egg.’

‘Huurgh?’ I open both eyes, and lifted my head to see another one of those strange little humans with the big green eyes and black robes looking at me expectantly. He was holding a small basket in his right hand, which was filled with grass.

‘Your egg, madam. It’s time.’ He held the basket out.

‘What’ I yawned widely, showing off my lovely sharp teeth, ‘are you on about?’

‘Your egg’ he repeated, patiently. ‘It’s time to hand it over to the Order.’

‘What’s the order?’

‘The Order, madam’ he said, emphasising that all important capital letter. ‘It’s time you gave the egg up. You’ve done a marvellous job looking after it. It’s the safest egg in the world, we think. You’ve seen off so many attackers, haven’t you? So please, hand it over. We’ll take good care of it.’

I sat up and stretched my wings out. ‘Why do you think I’d do anything like that?’ I enquired, wondering if this were all a big joke. Haha, very funny.

‘Well, it’s your job. You look after the egg, and then you hand it over to us for hatching and training. It’s time.’

I looked at him. ‘You know, I could eat you and I wouldn’t even have to chew.’

‘Are you saying you won’t hand over the egg?’

‘I’m saying I could set you on fire quite easily.’

‘Well, good day madam dragon, until we meet again!’ With that, he turned around and made his way to the portal.

I lay back down in the nest and drew my egg closer to me with my tail. ‘No one’s getting their greasy mitts on you’ I reassured it. ‘Especially not one strange little human.’


[]Thursday – Day 6

Today was where it all went wrong.

I saw another bunch of invaders jump through the portal, yawned, and thought, oh, here we go again. I stood up and gave myself a shake, accidentally shooting some sparks through my nose and setting fire to a bit of land. I stamped it out with my foot, and went to greet my latest visitors.

As I wandered over, I saw something wasn’t right. The band was five people strong, and they were ready for business. Most of my invaders have maybe leather armour, if they’re lucky. They come in with a sword, and think they can hack their way through my hide. Most of them don’t even think (or have the chance) to knock out my energy crystals before attacking me.

This lot weren’t like that. They were all wearing diamond armour, and were carrying attack bows. They began building their way towards me, and at first I panicked. The egg! I thought. Maybe I could just pick it up and fly away?

Stupid. You can’t fly away from the End. You can only leave through the portal. I haven’t left in 500 years. Where would you go?

Shaking my head, I looked again at the intruders. They were nearly across now, I had to do something, and quick.

I swooped down, hoping to knock them off and get rid of them quickly. They were quick on their feet though, and were dodging me as I flew around, trying to put them off their balance. There was one straggling behind them, who didn’t seem as sure on her feet as the others. She was trying to catch them up.

I flew down behind her, and flapped my wings. The breeze threw her further off her balance, knocking her to her knees. I flapped harder, and she struggled to hold on in the winds I was now generating.

‘Come back! Help!’ she yelled, but the others either didn’t hear her or were ignoring her. They motored on towards the island. I would have to be quick.

I hovered around so I was at her side, as she was trying to get back on her feet. I couldn’t do it yet, it wasn’t the optimum moment…

She struggled up, getting her balance on one foot, and then, as her centre of balance shifted and she was pinwheeling her arms…

I dive bombed her. It was textbook. She screamed, lost her balance, and went sailing over the edge. One down, four to go.

The rest of the gang had reached the island, and they had drawn their bows. I flew back to them just as one of them rook aim, and expertly took out one of my energy crystals.


I started shooting fireballs at them in a fury, but they were quick on their feet, and managed to dodge out of the way. They scattered, and I couldn’t get them all at once. If I was attacking one of them, another was somewhere else with their damnable bows, taking out the energy crystals and trying to render me helpless.

At this point I saw red. I started dive bombing, firing fireballs and generally venting all my rage on these creatures. Despite their small size, they could easily avoid my attacks. They were small and nimble, and too difficult for me to focus on. If I was fighting one of the humans, another was knocking out a crystal. Before long, all the crystals were smashed and I was utterly vulnerable.

The humans knew they had me cornered. I backed up, horribly aware that there was nowhere to go. They followed me, bows raised, arrows locked and loaded. I looked around, wildly. Endermen just stood and stared at the scene that was unfolding before them, like they were just watching a play. Wouldn’t they help? Wouldn’t they stop this, or did they want me gone, too?

As they got closer, one human said, ‘Should we take her out?’

Another said, ‘No, she’s defenceless now. We can get what we need and go. Those Order people were clear that we shouldn’t hurt her.’

‘Why not? Seems stupid to leave her here.’ One of them raised his bow at me.

‘No!’ The leader slapped his arm down. ‘We were told not to. Do you want to lose the reward? Do you know what we could do with that many emeralds?’

The human with the bow shrugged. ‘Ok, fine. Let’s do it.’

They began to move towards the nest. One of them kept a bow trained on me as they climbed in and began to search. I roared and yelled at them, but they never even flinched. I was trapped. Try and stop them, and the one with the bow would shoot. Without my energy crystals, I was helpless.

‘Hey, here it is!’ I heard one of them cry.


They climbed back out of the nest, triumphantly holding the egg above their heads. The leader took it, and tucked it safely under one arm. Their quarry found, they began to back away towards the portal.

I snarled at them as they walked away. There was nothing I could do, as there was still one bow trained on me, and they had the egg. I could knock their makeshift bridge out, sure, but then the egg would be lost forever.

They were nearly at the portal. I followed them, still snarling, but still unable to touch them. They were nearly there. One by one, they disappeared through the portal. The last one to go was the leader, still holding my egg.

‘I’m sorry’ he said. ‘It’s for the best.’

With that, he passed through and disappeared.

Without thinking, I charged forward. The portal was closing, but I managed to squeeze my head through. With some frantic wriggling, I got my shoulders through, then my body, even though it felt as though I was being squeezed to death. I couldn’t breathe. I struggled and struggled until finally –

I was through.


[]Friday – Day 7

Sometime later, I woke up in a tiny stone room. Everything ached, and for a moment I didn’t know where I was.

The egg! MY egg!

I tried to move, and found I was wedged up against the wall. Shifting, I could feel the bricks coming loose under my scales. Simple brick, after all, is no match for a fully grown dragon.

I butted my head against the ceiling, and dust rained down on me, getting into my eyes and making me sneeze. Trying again, experimentally, I found that more dust came down, but so did some fragments of old stone and overgrown ivy that had been ripped away. I head butted the ceiling again. This time, whole chunks of brick came away, and I could see dirt and a tiny chink of light through the stone.

A few more times, I was dizzy and had given myself a ferocious headache, but there was now a sizeable hole in the ceiling. I wriggled my shoulders to get some room, and reached up with one claw in order to dig my way out. Dirt rained on me as I dug my claws into the ceiling, and soon there was a hole big enough for me to climb out of.

Getting out wasn’t an easy task. It was a tiny room, so small I couldn’t even spread my wings. I had to plant my front feet on the ground above me, and haul myself through the hole. It wasn’t as bad as pulling myself through the portal, but it was pretty close.

After much tugging, more wriggling, and an awful lot more displaced dirt, I was out. I blinked in the strong sunlight, and tried to get my bearings. When was the last time I had seen the sun, I wondered? In fact, had I ever even seen it? If I had, I couldn’t remember a time.

Looking around once my eyes had adjusted to the light, I saw that I was in a deeply overgrown forest. Trees sprouted up for miles all around me, reaching way up into the bright blue sky. Red and yellow flowers were scattered around, although I had managed to accidentally dig some up during my escape. In the End, I was a big creature in an even bigger environment. Here, I was bigger than nearly everything.

I tried stretching my wings, and I felt the tree groan as they pushed against them. My head was nearly as high as the tallest tree top. I had a feeling that for the moment I wanted to stay hidden, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to for long.

Could I hide back in the hole? I looked back down from the pit I’d escaped, and instantly discounted it as an option. Even if I could break the walls down and make it bigger, it was still too small and there was no way I could actually get back in. I could see the remains of the portal I’d used to get here, and it was pretty clear there was no way of me putting it back together. It looked like I wasn’t going to get back home.

So, what now? I was in an unfamiliar place, following some humans I knew nothing about, and I had had no idea where they had actually gone. It looked bleak.

They had my egg. My egg! They couldn’t be allowed to get away with this, but how on earth would I ever find them?

For now, I still needed somewhere to hide while I worked out a plan. I stuck my head out from above the tree tops. In the distance, I could see a cave entrance that looked promising.

I couldn’t see any humans around, so I decided to risk flying. I flapped my wings, flattening a good few trees in the process, and rose up into the air. I glided over to the cave entrance and checked it out.

I couldn’t see the back of the cave from here. That was a good sign.

I padded in, keeping my eyes peeled in case anything else had already set up home here. It looked empty, and more importantly, dark. If I stayed quietly here, no one would find me. I didn’t know what the humans here were like, but judging by my past experiences, I was sure that they would be bad news.

I found a corner, and curled up into it. There was no going home now. I didn’t know what I was going to do next, and I’d never felt so alone in my life.


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[] Saturday – Day 8

I was woken up this morning by the sound of giggling.

‘You can’t go in there! What if there’s monsters hiding in the dark?’

‘Oh don’t be ridiculous. There’s no such thing as monsters. That’s just something your mum told you to keep you in bed at night.’

‘No, it’s true! My uncle Ray, he went out walking at night when he was a boy, and he was eaten up by a zombie!’

‘Did anyone see that happen?’

‘Well, no, but he was eaten! All we found the next day were his shoes.’

There was a pause.

‘I’m going in there. I want to see if there’s anything worth having inside. Are you coming?’

‘…I suppose. It is daytime after all. What would be in there?’

NOTHING! Monsters don’t exist! Come on, or I’m leaving you out here.’ With that, I could hear feet scrabbling over loose gravel.

Humans! I was cornered, again! It only sounded like two of them, and they didn’t sound very old, as far as humans went. Still though, if I’d learned anything from the last few days, I knew that I shouldn’t underestimate a human. I sat very still, hoping they wouldn’t see me. Maybe they wouldn’t come all the way in?

I heard the footsteps getting louder, and the voices echoing off the walls.

‘Ugh, I don’t like it in here, it’s cold, and I think there’s water getting into my shoes.’

‘Shush! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t see a thing, either.’

‘Yeah, why are we in here? It’s pitch black, what are you hoping to find?’

‘Hang on, I can fix this.’

As they talked, they were getting closer and closer to me. If they couldn’t see anything, this was good. That meant that I could get away with claiming this cave as my own, at least for a little bit longer.

‘Hey! You’re not supposed to have that! Where did you get it?’

‘I took it from dad’s toolbox. He won’t miss it, and I need to see what I’m doing.’

They were almost on top of me, and I held my breath, scared that they would stumble right into me.

There was a clicking, scraping sound, like something being rubbed across something else. Then, there was a blinding light as a torch was lit. The light illuminated two children, a boy and a girl, both covered in mud from exploring the caves, and their mouths wide open in shock as they looked at me, who was squinting in the light.

‘Hello?’ I tried.

The children stood still for a moment. The girl screamed first, tripping over her own feet as she ran away. The boy followed shortly after, dropping the torch as he went. I watched them leave, their shadows dancing crazily across the cave walls.

Great, I thought.


[]Sunday – Day 9

I didn’t know what to do yesterday once the children had discovered me. I could escape, go find another hiding place and be long gone before they went and found help. But leaving was risky. Who would see me as I went out into the open, and what would they do? No one was really ready to see a dragon roaming the overland, and many would reach for their bows and swords as soon as they laid eyes on me.

However, the alternative was hiding out in the cave and hoping no one else came poking around. Who would believe a couple of kids that a huge dragon was sitting in there? Surely no one would believe such a tall tale, no matter how true it was.

I decided to sit tight. Having to choose between exposing myself in the daylight, or hiding out and hoping no one listened to the tall tales of a couple of kids, I thought I’d be safer here. No one would come in here, right? Right?

  • * *

This morning, I was proven wrong.

I was woken up by the light of a torch being waved around outside the cave. I opened one eye and peered out. I couldn’t see a lot, but this time it only appeared to be one human. They were waving the torch, apparently to see if there really was anything at the back, where the kids had told them about the enormous dragon.

If I stayed still, maybe they’d think there was no one here and they’d go away. Likely? No. But one has to live in hope, otherwise what do you have to live for?

Apparently the human had seen something they wanted to investigate closer, as they came in further, waving the torch around and inspecting things on their way. What were they looking at?

Tracks, I realised. They were looking for tracks, footprints, anything that proved that I was there.

I thought furiously. Had I left any footprints on my way in? It had been dry when I’d emerged into the Overworld, but was the floor in here dusty? It could have picked up tracks as I made my way in. I tried to look at my feet, to see if any dirt of dust had stuck, but it was too dark.

It was too late now, anyway. The human was on their way in, and there was no way to escape. If I had to, I thought I could fight my way out, but where would I go?

The human got closer… and closer… and closer…

Eventually, they shone the light on my face.

The human gasped, dropped the torch, and ran.

Without thinking, I ran after them. ‘Wait!’ I said.

The human carried on all the way out of the cave and was halfway across the clearing before I caught up with them. I slammed down one giant foot in front of them to stop them, and they did. The human skidded to a halt, and gazed up at me.

‘You are real’ they said. I noticed now, in the light, that it was a female human. She was wearing a tool belt that contained, amongst other things, a sizeable sword. Dragon or no, if she stuck me with it it was going to hurt. I decided to play it cool.

‘Yes, yes, I am’ I said. ‘Look, I didn’t mean to scare you, and I didn’t mean to scare those children, either. I just need some help.’

‘Everyone thought they were lying for the attention’ the human breathed. ‘I said I’d go look, just to prove them wrong, but here you are. Are you going to eat me?’

‘What? No! Like I said, I need help. Can you help me?’

The human looked at me quizzically. ‘Help? What do you need help with? Don’t you just breathe fire on all your problems until they’re not problems anymore?’

‘Normally, but not this time. Listen, do you know anything about an Order? Creepy looking humans, all wearing those big black robes?’

The human thought for a moment. ‘I’ve seen them around. They call themselves the Order, but they never explain what they’re the Order of. They come into the village sometimes, they’re super creepy. Why do you want to know?’

I hung my head. ‘They took my egg’ I said. ‘If I don’t get it back, it’ll get too cold and it’ll never hatch.’

The human looked stricken for a moment. Then, hesitantly, she reached over and patted me on the foot. I think it was meant to be comforting.

‘My name’s Alice’ she said. ‘What’s yours?’

I shook my head. ‘I’m just the dragon.’

‘Ok. Look, that’s awful, and it’s about time we investigated the Order. They’re responsible for a lot of strange things around here, and I’d like to get to the bottom of it. If they took your egg, well, we can get that back too.’

I felt my heart lift. ‘You promise?’

‘Of course! Ok, I’m happy to do this, but the villagers… they may need some convincing.’

‘I can imagine they wouldn’t be too happy about helping out a dragon’ I said.

Alice nodded. ‘They’re not the most understanding people. Do you see that patch of trees over there?’ She pointed to a clump of tall birch trees in the distance. ‘Go hide in there for now. You can see the village from there, and I can come find you once I have the village convinced.’

I nodded. ‘Ok, good luck’ I said.

‘Thanks, I think I’ll need it.’

With that, she waved me off. It took me a few minutes to get to the woods, and I slid in amongst the trees and made myself at home. The sun was starting to go down at this point, so I thought I’d be safe here from detection.

As Alice had promised, you could see the village square from where I sat in the trees. There were people walking around, lighting torches as night began to fall. Children were laughing and playing in the square as their parents watched. From here, it all looked rather inviting. For the first time since I could remember, I felt lonely.

Before long, I saw Alice stride into the village. Some of the children jumped up and ran to meet her. Their parents, I noted, did not.

‘Did you see it! Did you, did you?’ cried one child, jumping up at her.

‘‘Did you kill it?’ asked a little boy, waving a wooden sword around.

‘Careful with that, Alex, or you’ll do someone an injury.’ Alice swung the first child around, to their giggling delight. ‘Yes, I did see it, and no, I didn’t kill it. Can you all do a job for me?’

They all nodded.

‘Go and knock on all the doors, and tell all the grownups to come here. I need to tell them something important.

The children ran off, and before long the adults came trickling into the square, eyeing Alice suspiciously. When everyone was assembled, Alice stood on a nearby bench so everybody could see her. She cupped her hands around her mouth, and called out. ‘Can I have everybody’s attention, please?’

The talk and chatter amongst the crowd came to a stop, not without some amount of grumbling.

‘I went and investigated the cave that Roger and Eve had pointed out yesterday’ she said. ‘On making my way inside, I found that yes, there is a dragon living in it.’

Sudden gasps came from the crowd.

‘Well, what are you going to do about it?’ came one voice. ‘Are you going to kill it?’ asked another.

‘I haven’t killed the dragon, because she doesn’t pose a threat to us.’

More murmuring from the audience. An old man stepped forward, his white beard almost meeting his knees.

‘Alice, what is wrong with you? That dragon will kill us all! How can you possibly think it doesn’t pose any kind of threat?’

‘Because it told me’ said Alice, simply.

The old man shook his head, sadly. ‘Alice, how can we be expected to believe that? Remember the secret herd of creepers you said you’d found underground? Or the zombie you made friends with and tried to bring home? You may think you’re an explorer, but you’re a danger to the village!’

‘I was a kid then!’ said Alice, indignantly. ‘I’ve brought plenty of things back for Mr. Taunton’s museum, and made plenty of money besides! Half of this village wouldn’t still be standing if I hadn’t made the money for the repairs! Why won’t you believe me?’

‘Because, a dragon, really?’ said a woman in the crowd. ‘I know the children make up stories, but Alice, you’re a grown up now. It’s time to put these tall tales to bed.’

She looked crestfallen. The villagers weren’t going to believe her, and we needed their help if we were going to get my egg back and find out what the Order were up to. I got up as silently as I could from my wooded hideaway, and padded my way over to the village. I sat next to the village wall, and poked my head over the side.

‘Excuse me’ I said.

The effect was immediate. The adults saw me and screamed, and many ran off to safety. Even more people stood rooted to the spot in fear, waiting for me to eat them up, or perhaps set them on fire. The children, however, were delighted. They started jumping and shouting, pointing at me.

‘Look, look, it’s real! The dragon is real! See, Alice wasn’t lying!’ they cried to their parents.

When it had all calmed down, I looked at Alice. To my surprise, she was laughing so hard she was bent double, tears pouring down her face.

‘Are you ok, Alice?’ I asked.

Pulling herself up straight, Alice wiped her eyes and said ‘Yes, yes, I’m fine. I’ve just never been proven right so quickly before.’ She gestured at me. ‘Look, one dragon, as promised. One calm, pleasant dragon, as promised. Are you willing to hear what she has to say?’

The people remaining in the square nodded mutely. The ones who had run away were now peeking out of their front doors and their various hiding places, as they hadn’t heard anyone being crunched up yet.

‘Good evening, everybody’ I said. ‘I’ve come to the Overworld as my precious egg has been stolen, and I want to rescue it before it’s too late for it to be hatched. It’s been stolen by the Order, who I hear have been causing you a lot of trouble as of late. If you’re willing to help me, I’m happy to help you get rid of them for good.’

There was silence for a moment.

‘You’re a dragon’ said the old man with the long beard.

I wanted to roll my eyes, but I restrained myself. I still needed their help, no matter how ridiculous they were.

‘Yes, yes I am’ I said. ‘I’m not a monster.’

‘You attack people!’ said one shrill man, from behind a stack of firewood. ‘My cousin went to the End and you threw him from a pillar!’

‘He was trying to steal my egg’ I said, simply. ‘I won’t touch anyone unless they’re threatening me. I’m not attacking you right now, am I?’

‘Well… no’ said the shrill man. ‘But how can we trust you?’

‘I suppose I can’t guarantee anything’ I said. ‘You need to trust me on this.’

Alice spoke up above the rising unease. ‘She’s given you her word, and she’s answering your questions, even though some of them are… obvious’ she said, staring at the old man. ‘Can you not give her the benefit of the doubt? If she will help us with the Order, we can win in a matter of days!’

There was some concerned muttering for a moment, and then the old man spoke up again. ‘We’ll trust her for tonight’ he said, ‘and we’ll decide what we’re going to do tomorrow. If that dragon causes any trouble though, Alice, it’ll all be on your head.’

‘It usually is anyway’ Alice shrugged. ‘Can we all calm down now?’

The crowd dispersed, seemingly calmer, but still muttering ominously between themselves. They were probably afraid I was going to roast them in their beds.

Once they’d gone, Alice turned to me. ‘Want to see where I live?’ she asked.


[]Monday – Day 10

After the village meeting, Alice guided me around the village walls until we reached a huge oak tree that stretched into the sky.

‘This is where I live’ she said, gesturing up into the branches. Nestled within the leaves was a sizeable tree house, bedecked with flags and pictures and all sorts of colourful decorations. She climbed up the ladder that was nailed against the tree trunk, and opened up a nearby window that looked out away from the village.

‘Come look inside!’ she said. I moved closer and poked my head into the window. Inside was just as chaotic as the outside. A blue and pink checked carpet covered the bare planks, and that was covered in a thin layer of books, clothes, and tools. A bed was just visible under a mound of empty bottles, and the walls were covered in maps and plans for future adventures.

‘Sorry it’s such a mess’ she said. ‘I never really have people over, let alone dragons.’

‘It’s very you’ I said. ‘I didn’t know humans live in trees.’

‘Not many of them do. I like it, I can see for miles around up here. Plus, I’m away from everybody else.’

‘Don’t you like them? They didn’t seem that pleasant to me’ I said, sitting down outside the village walls and getting comfortable.

‘It’s… complicated’ she said. ‘I like to go exploring and I’ve found some strange things in my time, and a lot of them don’t trust me because of it. They like a quiet life, so I’m the strange one in this town. Of course, it’s not been too quiet around here since the Order came sniffing around.’

‘What are the Order? Do you know why they wanted my egg?’ I asked.

‘No one knows. They came here a while ago, trying to order everybody out of their homes. Of course, they didn’t expect the villagers to be so stubborn. They forced them back out, essentially by planting their feet and refusing to move. They seemed really surprised that they weren’t doing what they were told to do.’

‘Why were they trying to make everybody leave?’

‘No one’s sure, but my guess is that they want this land. There must be something important here, but we don’t know what it is. I want to dig under the village to see what’s there, but the Village Elder won’t let me.’

‘Is that the old man with the long beard?’

‘Yes, that’s him. He’s the worst, because he’s known me since I was a baby. I was silly as a kid, making stuff up and things like that, but it was harmless. I think he still thinks I’m a kid’ said Alice, plopping down on her sofa and huffing to herself. ‘I wish he’d just trust me’ she muttered. ‘I know what I’m doing.’

‘So, what now?’ I asked.

‘There’s nothing we can do tonight. I guess we get some sleep and start making a plan in the morning.’ Alice stood up again. ‘Are you ok sleeping outside? I’d invite you in, but…’

‘I wouldn’t fit, no.’ I looked around. ‘No, it seems pretty safe here. I’ll sleep right here.’

‘Ok.’ Alice came over to the window. ‘Good night’ she said. ‘Thank you for showing the villagers I was right.’

‘No problem. See you in the morning.’ I curled up in the long grass, and Alice shut the window. Inside, I heard her pottering around, getting ready for bed. I got comfortable, and soon drifted off to sleep.


Early in the morning, while it was still dark, a noise woke me up. I opened one eye and tried to look around, without raising my head. After the events of the last few days, I wasn’t taking any chances.

In the distance, there was a faint, rather ominous glow. There was also a droning noise too, something I couldn’t put my finger on…

I raised my head to get a better look. The glow was coming from a herd of creatures in the distance, who were coming towards us quite rapidly. They were small, green creatures, each one surrounded with a crackling, electric glow. They ran on tiny legs, and had expressions on their faces as though they were horrified at what they were doing.

I stood up, and snarled at them, hoping to scare them off. They didn’t even take notice of what I was doing, it was as if they couldn’t see me. They carried on coming closer, and now I could hear that noise more clearly. It was a droning, continuing hissssssssss…

‘Stop!’ I cried out, but again they didn’t listen to me. They were so much closer now, and they were making me nervous. I walked forward, reached out and poked one experimentally. It instantly stopped in its tracks, began shaking violently, and then exploded with a loud bang, taking a great chunk of dirt along with it

Oh no. The village!

I ran forward, knocking the creatures away left, right, and centre. As I swiped them with my claws, they began to ignite and explode. I saw trees and bushes get blown up as they exploded on contact, and I shuddered to think of what they could have done to the village. Breathing fire on them would have been quicker and easier, but I was afraid I’d set the trees on fire and burn down half the forest.

There were only a few left, that had ran around my legs and were now making their ways towards the village walls. I flung most of them away before they could, but one got to the wall and began to shake. I bounded over, and slammed the creature under my foot just as it exploded. Luckily, dragon scales, through necessity, are fireproof and I barely felt it. When I raised my foot though, there was a nasty scorch mark where the creature had attacked me.

Panting, I looked up, and saw the whole village watching me from the upstairs windows of their houses. Their mouths were hanging wide open.

‘Ok, Alice’ called the Village Elder, from his rather ornate house in the middle of the village. ‘We believe you now.’


The next morning, Alice, the Village Elder and I were meeting up in Alice’s tree house. As before, I was sitting with my head sticking in through her window.

‘That was quite a show you put up last night’ said the Elder. ‘You really showed those Charge Creepers what for.’

‘Is that what they’re called? I’ve never seen the before.’

‘Yes, and I’m worried about that’ said Alice. ‘I think the Order sent them. A dragon shows up and that night, we’re attacked by creepers? We’re in the middle of nowhere, no one ever comes after us! No one except the Order, obviously.’

The Elder nodded. ‘We’re going to have to address this, one way or another.’

‘We’re going to have to find the Order’ said Alice. ‘Once and for all. I’m sick of this. They come here, they try to force us out of the village, they attack us and burn half the village down…’

‘They did that?’ I asked, shocked.

‘Yep, sure did, and I had to go find the money to rebuild. Luckily, it wasn’t too hard to do, but still! Innocent people were hurt!’ Alice pounded her fist into her other palm. ‘It makes me so mad! And now they’ve gone after you too, dragon! This isn’t ok!’

‘You’re forgetting something’ said the Elder. ‘No one knows where the Order are located. How on earth are you going to find them?’

‘I’ll have to go visit the Great Sage’ said Alice, looking grim.

The rest of yesterday was spent in a flurry of activity, with Alice pulling a bag out of a cupboard and stuffing it full of maps, tools, and potions.

‘We’re going on a mission, Dragon’ she said. ‘All the way up north. Are you up for the journey? It’ll take us a few days, at least.’

‘Where are we going?’ I asked.

‘Ironhaven, the north most village in the land’ she said, still furiously packing. ‘It’s way up in the snowy wastelands. Got to pack warm. How are you with the cold?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know, I’ve never been anywhere but the End and here’ I said. ‘Who’s the Great Sage? what are we going to do?’

‘There’s only one person who can tell us where the Order are, and that’s the Great Sage’ she said. ‘They know everything. Once we ask them, we can confront the Order and get them to explain what on earth they think they’re doing. Plus, hopefully they’ll have your egg, too.’

I hung my head. How long had it been since I’d warmed my egg? Was it already too late?

‘You’re going to have to be ready for a long trek, dragon’ she said. ‘Ironhaven’s at least three day’s walk from here. There’s a train, but it doesn’t go all the way, and plus, you’d never fit in a cabin.’

‘Walk?’ I flapped my wings, accidentally knocking over a nearby tree. ‘Why walk when we can fly?’

Alice stopped what she was doing and stared at me, mouth agape. ‘Fly’ she whispered. Of course! We could get there overnight! It’s a long flight, what do you think? Are you up for it?’ she asked.

I thought about it. I’d never flown anywhere far. Of course, I flew around the End a lot, but I only had to do it when people were invading. The rest of the time, I got around on foot. If Ironhaven was as far away as Alice was saying it was, it could be an ordeal.

However, I thought about my egg again. I had to save it, no matter what the cost.

‘Of course’ I said. ‘I’ll do anything to get there quicker.’

‘Great! I’m nearly ready, I’ll see you out there in a minute.’

Alice shut her window, then scurried out of her tree house and down into the village for some last minute preparations.

As I waited, I decided to do a few experimental laps around the village. I rose up into the air and flapped around, stretching my wings out. Did I really think I could do this for hours on end? I must be mad.

Before long, Alice emerged from the village gates. ‘Hey! Come down, I’m ready to go!’ she called.

I glided back down to the ground. ‘Ok, hop on’ I said. ‘Sit between my wings, that’s probably the safest spot. Have to say though, I’ve never given a human a lift before.’

‘No, I can’t imagine you have.’ Alice scrambled up my side and came to rest between my wings, holding her bag in front of her to keep it safe.

‘You comfortable? I asked.

‘I’ve had comfier rides, but hey, can anyone else say they’ve ever ridden on a dragon’s back?’

‘Ok, point me in the right direction and we’ll get going.’ Alice pointed, I turned around, and rose back into the air. Alice screamed, and I felt her try and get a grip on my scales. ‘Don’t go so fast!’ she yelled.

‘No can do, I only have one speed! Just hold on!’ With that, I sped off in the direction of Ironhaven.

I don’t know why I was worried about flying. I’d never been able to fly so freely before, and it was wonderful. I felt the fresh air rush past me as I pushed on, and could smell all the wonderful smells of the forest below me. The sun shone down on me from above, and I realised that I was finally free. Even if I could get back to the End, I would never go back. Not now, not ever.

After a while, Alice seemed to get used to the experience of flying. She’d been lying flat on my back, but after a while I felt her sit up. I looked behind me, and I saw her looking around her in wonder.

‘This is incredible!’ she said. ‘You get to do this all the time!

‘I get to do it now!’ I replied. ‘How far are we, do you think?’

Alice looked down, and said ‘Whoa, that’s a long way down. Ugh.’ She looked back up for a moment. ‘Hold on.’ She pulled out a map from her bag, and studied it. Carefully, this time, she looked back down and surveyed the area below us. ‘See that tower? That’s in Pewterville. We’re not that far now. That’s incredible, normally it would take me days to get there! It’s a shame we can’t stop, we sell amazing tools there. They’re expert smelters.’ She laughed. ‘This is insane! No one’s travelled this fast before! I must be the first!’

We carried on, and before long I saw snow begin to fall. The mountaintops became white, and below we could see children making snowmen and adults digging out the roads. Soon, the people became fewer and fewer as the weather became colder, and the snow became thicker. As we flew on, the people all but disappeared.

‘Not long now!’ called Alice. ‘The sun’s going down though, we might want to make camp for the night.’

When she said so, I made my way back to earth and landed in the soft snow. Alice slid of my back and shivered. ‘Brr. I forgot how bad it is up here.’ She dug around in her bag and found a large jacket, which she put on and all but disappeared in.

I trampled around a bit in the snow. I’d never seen snow before. I was amazed by the way it melted as soon as it came under my feet, or touched my tongue. Alice saw me holding my tongue out to catch snowflakes, and burst out laughing.

‘You look like a kid seeing their first snow!’ she giggled. ‘Wait. Have you ever seen snow before?’

I shook my head, tongue still out.

‘Wow. I’m sorry, I forgot you lived in the End. It must have been horrible.’

I shrugged. ‘It’s all I ever knew.’

Alice retrieved a shovel from her seemingly bottomless bag. ‘Ok, let’s dig us a den to keep out of the cold for the night. Care to lend a hand?’

With her shovel and my claws, we quickly dug a large hole that we could both fit into. I climbed in, and Alice built back over the hole with the dirt we’d displaced. This made a cosy little hole in the ground that protected us from the worst of the snow while we slept.

Alice climbed back in with a handful of sticks and logs. She built a fire in the far end of the hole, and asked me, ‘Would you do the honours?’

I leaned over, and gently blew some sparks onto the dry twigs. They lit instantly, and soon there was a roaring fire.

‘Well, dragon, that was an experience. We’d better get some sleep, or we won’t be fit to see the Great Sage at all.’ Alice took a sleeping bag and curled up in a corner. I took another corner, although to be honest I took up most of the den. Before long, we were both fast asleep.


[]Tuesday – Day 11

‘Wake up! It’s morning, time to go!’

I opened my eyes to Alice poking me, and not gently, either.

‘I’m up, I’m up’ I said, yawning. I stretched a wing out and knocked part of the temporary dirt roof out, dumping a pile of dirt and snow onto my back.

‘Come on, it’s time to go. We’re not far now, we can walk it.’ Alice climbed out of the hole, and I followed. It was still just as cold in the daytime as it was at night, but at least the snow had stopped falling. The ground was cold beneath my feet. I shook myself off and stretched out properly.

‘Ok, what are we doing then? You keep talking about the Great Sage, but I don’t understand how they can help us?’

‘We just have to go see them. They know everything, so in theory they know where the Order are located. They don’t always give a straight answer, but they’ve never steered me wrong yet.’

Alice began walking, and again, I followed. ‘You’ve been here before?’

‘Yep, last year. I was looking for the Lost Cave of Goldentown, and they steered me in the right direction. The save just turned out to be a hole full of someone’s old junk, but that’s not their fault.’

‘It sounds like you’ve been travelling everywhere. Why do you stay in that little village?’

Alice shrugged. ‘Well, it’s home, isn’t it? I’m the last of my family, and if I left, well, I’d have nothing left of them, would I?’

We walked in silence for a while. ‘I’m not sure what it’s like to have a family, but it sounds like they were very important to you.’

‘They were. You have the egg, right? Once it hatches, you’ll have a family of your very own.’

I thought about that. ‘That had never occurred to me before’ I said. ‘How do you have a family? How does it work?’

‘Well, you love your egg, right?’

‘More than anything.’

‘Then it’ll come to you. Don’t worry about it.’ As she said this, we could see the village of Ironhaven in the distance. The walls were high, grey iron fences, and even from here, we could see two very burly looking guards standing either side of the locked gates.

‘This doesn’t look promising’ I said, getting worried.

‘It’s fine’ said Alice. ‘It’s tough living this far north, they don’t take any chances up here. I’ll do the talking, don’t worry.’

As we got closer, though, we saw more and more people coming out the gates and milling round, looking grim. Every now and then someone would turn and point at us. I saw that most of them were holding weapons.

‘Er, Alice?’

‘It’s fine, it’s fine. No one’s ever really seen a dragon before.’ Even as she said this, I could hear the edge of worry in her voice.

As we drew up to the gates, the crowd solidified, and a sea of bows were cocked and pointed straight at us.

‘Don’t move a muscle!’ cried one of the guards. ‘Stay right where we can see you.’

‘Fred, it’s me’ said Alice. ‘You know me. What are you doing?’

‘You have a dragon with you!’ said Fred in disbelief. ‘We can’t let a dragon inside the gates!’

‘I’ve spent the last few days with this dragon, and I can promise you she’s no more harmless than a sheep’ said Alice. ‘We’ve come to see the Great Sage. Will you let us in?’

‘I’ll let you in, but not the dragon.’ Fred fiddled with his sword. ‘You may trust the dragon, but how can we?’

‘If she wants to get in, do you really think you could stop her?’ Alice crossed her arms.

Fred hesitated. Alice’s tone brooked no argument. ‘The mayor won’t like this.’

‘The mayor doesn’t need to know. We’ll come in, visit the Sage, and then leave. We don’t have time to hang around. Just let us do this Fred, please?’

He sighed. ‘Fine. You’ve got ten minutes. Get in and out, and we’ll not speak of this again.’ He stepped away from the gates. ‘Let them through, men’ he said to his fellow guards. ‘They won’t be a threat.’

With much grumbling, the guards moved aside and opened the gates for us. We walked through, and I could feel everyone’s angry gaze piercing us.

‘Alice?’ I whispered.

‘It’s ok’ she said. ‘We’ll do what we need to do and leave. No one will be any the wiser.’

She guided us down several streets until we were at the town walls, and standing in front of a statue of quite a lonely looking chicken. I couldn’t see how this would get us to the Great Sage.

‘How…’ I started.

‘Shh.’ Alice stepped forward, and pressed in the chicken’s right stone eye. At first, nothing happened. Then, the ground rumbled beneath us, and the chicken statue slid aside. Below it, a large hole showed a staircase that led down underground.

‘Down we go’ said Alice. She headed down without checking to see if I was following.

I could get into the hole, but it was a tight fit. My sides scraped against the dusty walls, and several times I bumped my head against the low ceiling. The dirt and dusts being dislodged all around us meant that I kept sneezing, and Alice did too.

Down and down we went, until I thought we couldn’t go much further. Just as I was about to ask whether we should turn back, we came out onto a large stone hallway. The ceilings were draped with dusty, faded hangings, that were probably colourful once but were now simply different shades of brown and grey. The floor lay under a thin layer of dust, but we could see a large board laid into the floor with different brightly coloured tiles.

‘Great Sage, are you there?’ called Alice.

There was silence for a moment.

YES, I AM HERE’ called a voice from nowhere.

‘Could you please show yourself? We need your help.’


‘The dragon needs your help too. Please?’ she asked, impatiently. ‘We’re kind of in a hurry.’

There was another silence for a moment. Alice crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently. I stood very still, trying not to touch anything as I was afraid one good knock to the walls would bring them down.

Then, at the far side of the room, a small slot opened and a chicken wandered out.

‘Ah, finally’ said Alice, relaxing.

‘This is the Great Sage’?’ I was confused. ‘The way you talked about him, I thought he was human.’

‘No, this is just his messenger. No one’s actually seen the Great Sage himself.’ She looked up. ‘Are you ready?’


‘Where can we find the Order?’


The chicken clucked over to the board, and seemed to study it intently. It cocked it’s head to the side and stared at it.

‘Come on, come on…’

The chicken walked across the board, examining several tiles as it went.

‘Bawk, bawk’ it said, as it wandered around. Alice watched it like a hawk.

‘What’s it doing?’ I asked.

‘Shhhh!’ said Alice, holding a finger to her lips. I stayed quiet, and watched the chicken with her. It began to slow down, and consider a few different tiles. There was one with a picture of those horrible green monsters on it, another that looked as though it was covered in snow, and yet another that featured an Enderman. It passed these by, though, and began pecking at a tile with a picture of a village on it.

‘That’s it, that’s the one’ breathed Alice. She inched closer, to get a better look.

‘No. I don’t believe it!’ she gasped.

‘What, what is it?’

‘That’s my village! That’s home! The Order is right where we started!’ She turned around. ‘Is that right?’ she called out to thin air. ‘Do I need to go back home?’


‘I knew it. I’m going to get everyone to start digging under the village. I know they’re under there. I’m going to get them!’ Alice began sprinting back up the stairs. ‘Come on, there’s no time to lose!’

I followed her, although much more carefully due to the size of the staircase. Before long, we were at the top and ready to leave. However, there was someone stood there, and he didn’t look happy.

Alice skidded to a halt, spraying loose gravel everywhere. ‘Mayor’ she said. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Alice, what are you doing here, and what’s this about a dragon?’ he said. He was as wide as he was tall, and easily blocked the path forward.

‘Yes, I have a dragon with me. Look, my home’s in danger, and I need to go, please, I don’t want to row with you right now.’ She looked around wildly. ‘Please drop it?’

‘Last time you came here, you caused quite a disturbance in the inn, as I recall.’ The Mayor looked icy.

‘Oh, that wasn’t my fault! How was I meant to know that those rubies were fake?’ Alice sighed. ‘Please, I don’t have time for this!’

As they argued, I came up behind her. The Mayor fell silent, and gawped at me.

‘You really did bring a dragon’ he breathed.

‘Told you so. Dragon, we need to go. Now.’

I nodded, and crouched down. Alice scrambled onto my back, and I rose up into the air as quickly as possible. As we quickly gained height, Alice laughed and waved at the Mayor.

‘Goodbye, Mayor! Till next time!’ she yelled down to him. ‘Step on it, dragon, we haven’t got time to lose!’

I obeyed, and we sped off back to where it all started.


[]Wednesday – Day 12

We didn’t even stop to rest for the night, there wasn’t time. We knew where the Order were now, and we could take them out. We nearly had my egg back! We were nearly there!

As dawn broke, we touched down back at Alice’s village, and we both ran in through the gates without a second thought. As the villagers were getting up and getting ready for the day, there weren’t many around yet, but those who were screamed and ran for cover. I suppose they still hadn’t got used to the idea of a friendly dragon.

Alice took us to the Elder’s house, and hammered on the door. ‘We know where the Order are!’ she yelled through the wood. ‘We need to get digging! They’re right here!’

The door opened, and a sleepy looking Village Elder poked his head out. ‘What are you shouting about, Alice?’ he asked, sounding annoyed. ‘It’s far too early for this kind of thing!’

‘I know where the Order are!’ she said, hopping up and down. ‘They’re right beneath us! We can stop them!’

‘What?’ Give me a moment.’ He shut the door, and we waited as we heard him getting ready behind it. Before long, he opened the door again, and ushered Alice in. I got settled by a nearby window, and peered inside.

‘Are you sure about this?’ he asked.

‘Deadly serious. The Sage is never wrong’ said Alice. She was tapping her foot again. ‘Look, we know where they are. We need to get digging. The dragon appeared not far from here, there’s probably a stronghold located under us that we never knew about! I’ll bet you anything they’re hiding out there!’

‘Hold on, hold on… a stronghold? Here? How could we live here and not know about it?’

‘The Order didn’t WANT us to know. Please, can we get started? We need to get down there before they figure out we’ve discovered them!’

‘Fine, fine. Let me round some people up, and see what I can do.’

  • * *

Before long, there was a gang of villagers outside the village gates, furiously digging away at the first. Alice and I joined in too, her with her shovel and me with my claws. Before long, we’d made a sizeable dent in the ground, but there was no stronghold yet.

‘Alice? Are you sure about this?’ said one villager, standing up to wipe the sweat off his forehead. ‘We haven’t found anything.’

‘It’s not going to be right on the surface!’ said Alice, still digging. ‘Keep going! I know it’ s here!’

We kept digging, even as it began to get dark. Alice was still going, but even she looked unsure as we kept hitting more dirt as we tunnelled our way down.

There was a clang, as a villager hit stone with his shovel.

‘Aha!’ Alice jumped up with renewed vigour. ‘Stone! We’re nearly there!’ She pulled out a pickaxe, and began carving away at the rock. Everyone picked away at the rock, and soon there were signs that we were close. Light began seeping through the cracks in the rock, and when checked, the floor beneath sounded hollow when knocked on.

‘We’re nearly there!’ cried Alice. She kept digging away, and soon, she reached the stronghold. The stone fell away, and light poured out of the hole. Looking inside, there seemed to be a library deep underground. Shelves and shelves of tomes stretched away, as far as the eye could see.

‘This is it’ she whispered. ‘We’re here, dragon, we’re here!’ She looked up at me. ‘Are you ready?’

I nodded. ‘I’m getting my egg back.’

‘We both are.’ She rolled out a ladder another villager had made for us earlier, and began laying it down into the hole. ‘Let’s go’ she said. She climbed down, and I wriggled through the hole and fell to the dusty stone below.


[]Thursday – Day 13

We looked around us, getting our bearings. This room was enormous, with bookshelves everywhere to be seen. Alice whistled.

‘Every book in existence must be here’ she said. ‘They must be collecting them all.’

‘Why would they do that?’

‘No idea. But I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. Come on, let’s find a way out. There’s got to be someone, somewhere who can tell us where the people in charge are. Let’s go, come on!’ Alice charged forward, and I followed. It was difficult going, trying it through the lines of bookshelves, and I knocked a few as I made my way behind Alice.

We were nearly at the door when I hit a shelf too hard, and it went over with a huge crash! We both turned around to see the shelf topple over, spilling books everywhere, the sound echoing around the huge chamber. We looked at each other.

‘Do you think anyone heard that?’ I asked.

Alice didn’t need to answer, as several of the Order stomped through the door at the end of the room, bedecked in their black robes. They came in and suddenly came to a halt as they saw me.

‘A dragon? Here? How was this allowed to happen?’ asked one. ‘Go get the Master, now!’ Another Order member ran off down the corridor behind him, and the first member made his way towards us.

‘I don’t know how you got to the Overworld, but we’re going to have to deal with you one way or the other.’ He raised one hand, and it soon began to crackle and glow with electricity.

‘It WAS you who sent the Charge Creepers!’ cried Alice. The Order member looked towards her.

‘Oh look, you had some human help, I see. Aren’t you from the village?’

‘Yes, and I’m here with the dragon to stop you! I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but we’re putting our feet down once and for all!’ Alice stood up straight, shoulders back, staring right at the Order member. If she were afraid, she wasn’t showing it.

‘Where’s my egg?’ I said, looking around. ‘What have you done with it?’

‘Your egg is safe, but it’s not your egg and it never was. It’s the Order’s egg. You’re property of the Order, too, dragon. It’s time you knew.’

‘What?’ I jumped forward. ‘Give me back my egg, you thieving, no good-’

The Order member shot his hand forward, and I didn’t know anything more.


[]Friday – Day 14

I woke up, and everything ached.

I moaned, and tried to stretch. My wings hit iron, and I looked around. I was locked in a cage in a dark room, with barely enough room to move. I reached out, testing the bars. They were rock solid. I dug at the floor, but it was iron too, and my claws wouldn’t go through it.

‘Alice?’ I whispered. ‘Alice, are you there?’

‘Urrrrgggggghhhhh.’ I heard the groaning coming from next to me, and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I saw that she was in a similar cage to my right.

‘Ugh, my head. Are you ok, dragon?’ she asked. She sat up, rubbing her forehead. ‘That spell was nasty. I knew they were horrible pieces of work.’

‘I’m ok, I think. Everything’s still attached, anyway. What did he mean, they own my egg? How can they own my egg?’ I scratched at the floor, worrying.

‘I have no idea, but there’s no way they own it. It’s yours, and don’t let anyone tell your differently. How are we getting out of here?’ Alice tested her own bars, and found them just as tough as my own.

‘I tried that, they weren’t giving.’

‘Really? Wow.’ She sat and thought for a moment. ‘Did you try breathing fire on them?’

‘No, I hadn’t thought of that. Won’t that be dangerous?’

‘Possibly, but could it be worse than sitting in these cages forever?’

Good point. Experimentally, I breathed a small flame onto the bars in front of me. After a few flames, the iron started to warm up and give a little.

‘That’s it! keep going!’ said Alice.

I kept at it, and soon there was a good bit of iron that I could push away like melted butter. I pulled the bars apart, and squeezed my out of my cage.

‘Ok, now for you’ I said. ‘You’ll want to stand back, just in case.’

Alice obediently moved back, and I began licking flames onto the bars.

It was all going well, and when I was nearly done, Alice began pulling the bars apart. As she was doing so, we heard someone yell, ‘Hey!’ behind us.

I jumped, mid-flame. What should have been a small flame came out in a big spurt, and soon the furniture around us was on fire. I turned around, and saw a panic stricken Order member trying to flee.

‘Get him!’ Alice had struggled out of her own cage, and was making for the exit.

I went after him, and thanks to my size I caught up with him quickly, and caught him with one foot. I held him aloft and looked at him.

‘The eggs. Where are they kept?’ I demanded.

‘In the egg chamber, just down the hall here!’ the member whimpered.

‘Good. You’re coming with us.’ With that, I set off, Alice on my heels, the fire spreading behind us. We made our way into the Egg Chamber, and found a huge room, full of glass boxes, each containing their own egg. Each case sat above a fireplace, that kept the egg toasty warm until it was ready to hatch.

‘Oh no’ breathed Alice. ‘How do we know which one’s yours?’

‘I don’t know!’ I wailed. ‘The place is on fire and we don’t have time!’

‘Then we save all of them.’ Alice rolled up her sleeves and looked around. ‘You’ she said to the Order member that I was still holding, ‘How far are we from the exit?’

‘Not far’ he squeaked. ‘We can use the door at the other end of the room to get out.’

‘Ok. Put him down please, dragon. Remember, you try and run, she’ll toast you faster than blinking. You took her baby and you’ll pay.’

I put him down and he stood, quivering.

‘Now, I can see that there are some chests up at the far end of the room. You’re going to help me get all the eggs into those chests, and we’re going to drag them out of the exit. You understand me?’

He nodded, mutely.

‘Ok, let’s go!’

We worked our way from the end of the room we entered in, smashing the glass cases and placing the eggs into the chests that Alice had dragged down. We worked quickly, but the room was getting warmer…

‘Faster! The fire’s spreading!’ shouted Alice, sweating in the heat. the Order member looked as if he may faint, although a lot of that may have had something to do with fear.

We worked as fast as we could, but we couldn’t outrun the fire. There were still about ten eggs left before it came lapping at the doorway.

‘Go go go!’ Alice yelled, putting another egg in the chest. ‘Come on!’

We smashed as fast as we could, but the fire was quicker. It ate up all of the floorboards in its path, and soon it was at our ankles. The humans were soon coughing and spluttering.

‘Take the chests and go! There’s one left, I’ll save it!’ I cried. Unable to argue without breathing in smoke, they nodded and made their way to the exit.

There was only one egg left now. I smashed the glass out, and held it close to my chest. The fire was all around me now, and even with my thick, scaly hide, I could feel the searing heat. I had to get out.

I could barely see the door through the smoke, but there was a face I recognised, belonging to someone who was holding the door open for me.

‘Come on, come on!’ Alice yelled.

I got to the door, and crashed my way through. I found myself in the open air, rolling through the grass with the egg clasped securely in my arms, trying desperately to stop it being smashed.

I came to a stop eventually, and Alice came over to me, shouting ‘STAY THERE!’ at the Order member, who was trying to sneak off despite coughing up a storm

‘Dragon? Are you ok?’ She leaned down on her knees to look at me.

‘I’m ok, I think. Did we get all the eggs?’

‘We did, you got the last one. We came out just over the other side of the hill, the village is just over there.’ She gestured at the hill that we had just barrelled out of. ‘I think we might take our new friend to the Village Elder, I think he may be very interested in speaking to him.’

‘I think so too.’ I stood up, still cradling the egg. ‘Let’s go.’

Alice marched over and grabbed the Order member by his robe. ‘Come on, you’ she said, ‘You’ve got a lot to answer for.’

With that, we made our way back to the village.


[]Saturday – Day 15

As we made our way through the village gates, the mood was sombre. Rather than celebration, everyone in the square looked very cowed and subdued.

‘What’s going on?’ I hissed to Alice.

‘Not sure’ she said. ‘Let’s just get to the Elder and see what’s going on.’

We made our way to the Elder’s house, and Alice raised her hand to knock on the door. Before she could, though, someone in a black robe opened it.

‘Oh look, it’s Alice and her dragon friend. Right on time.’ He stepped back, and let Alice and our prisoner through. I sat outside, guarding the chests full of eggs.

We saw that the Village Elder was sat in his house surrounded by Order members, all in their black robes and with those unnaturally large, green eyes. They all turned round to look as Alice was ushered in.

‘What is this?’ she demanded, looking around her.

‘You’ve made quite a mess of our stronghold, Alice.’ The group parted, and a man in a bright green robe was revealed. He looked at her intently. ‘I don’t know why you thought it was ok to break into our fortress and destroy it. Why would you do such a thing, child?’

‘I didn’t destroy it on purpose, but I did mean to break in’ Alice spat. ‘You Order, you’re all alike! You think you’re so much better than us, and you keep trying to throw us out of our own homes! I wanted answers! Who are you, anyway?’

The Order member drew back his hood. ‘I am the Grand Master’ he said. ‘And I’ve had just enough of you and your dragon. That’s right, I know. Somehow, you broke that dragon out of its prison, and by doing so you’ve doomed us all. You think you know better than us, but you don’t. You don’t know anything.’ The Grand Master’s eyes flashed.

‘What are you on about? What’s the point of the Order, even? What’s going on?’ Alice looked to the Elder. ‘Why did you let them in here?’

‘He let us in because it was his duty to. Alice, do you not wonder why we have dragons?’ he asked.

She looked at him, then back at me, sitting looking in through the window

‘What are you talking about?’ she asked.

‘We’re the Order of the Dragons, Alice. We make sure that there’s always dragons in the world. Without dragons, there’d be no magic at all. If your village gives itself over to us, we can continue making sure that the magic stays alive in the world. As you destroyed our home, I think it’s only fair.’

Alice looked around her, bewildered. ‘You… you were trying to force us out of our homes before now! It’s not my fault!’

‘Nevertheless, we need a base, and this area is very close to the End portal. We need to be here. You see how important this is, don’t you?’ The Master stared at Alice, trying to intimidate her.

As they were talking, this new information was swirling around my head. The Order had kept the dragons to keep the magic in the world? Was that why I lived in the End, which had no escape? They’d put me there, to keep me where they could see me? Locked up?

‘You imprisoned me there’ I said, slowly. All conversation stopped as everyone turned to look at me.

‘You kept me there, and when you decided the time was right, you came and took my egg from me! MY EGG!’ I roared. ‘HOW DARE YOU.’

Several members stepped back, looking wary, but the Master stood his ground.

‘We did what we had to do to keep the magic safe’ he said, calmly.

I reached in with my free foot, and grabbed him before he could get away. I brought him to my face. ‘What makes you think’, I hissed, ‘that you could imprison dragons and get away with it? I have all the eggs now. ME. Run away now, and I won’t come after you. But if you ever come near me or these eggs again… you’ll regret it.’

I put him back down in the house. Unruffled, he smoothed down his robes. ‘You took our eggs’ he said. ‘We’ll be taking them back now. Men, go take those chests.’

Enraged, I leaned down and roared through the window. The Order members threw themselves to the ground to stop themselves from being blown away. Alice held onto the doorframe, which was coming away from the wall. The Master, however, stood tall, as if he couldn’t even feel it.

‘I see’ he said, as I was done. ‘You’re not going to co operate, are you?’

‘Absolutely not’ I said.

‘Fine. Come, men. We’ll have to form a new plan. A shame, dragon. Together, we could have worked well. And it seems you found your egg. I remember yours, it was the only one I saw with purple splotches on the shell.’

I looked down at the egg I was still holding. There were indeed purple splotches on the shell.

The Order began to file out of the house, one at a time. The Master went last. ‘This isn’t the last you’ll see of me, dragon.’

‘You’d better hope it is’, I snarled.

We watched as they left the village. Alice came over and looked in the chests.

‘He was right, you know’ she said. ‘Yours is the only one with purple on the shell.’

‘I thought they all looked like that.’ I looked back at mine. It was mine, I knew it now. I had it back. Everything was going to be ok.

‘Hey, look!’ Alice pointed. ‘It’s cracking!’

There was indeed a crack beginning to form along the length of the shell.

The egg was hatching.


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