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MINECRAFT: Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem - Exploring the World of Minecraft (B


Diary of an Iron Golem

Exploring the World of Minecraft

By Michael Marlon


Shakespir Edition

Michael Marlon Copyright © 2015

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Diary of an Iron Golem

Exploring the World of Minecraft

By Michael Marlon


Shakespir Edition

Table Of Contents

About the Iron Golem Diaries

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

A Sneak Peek

About the Iron Golem Diaries

Aron is an iron golem like any other. He’s been summoned to protect a village, but as the days grow even more boring, he’s looking for excitement. He knows that other iron golems have already fought monsters. Even many of his own village, but none of them seem to see the joy and excitement in it. As a golem that had never seen anything but a peaceful village, he’s wanted something more. He wants something exciting, but no one ever told Aron to be careful for what he wishes for.

Day 1

My name is Aron, and I’m an iron golem. The big bad beast that everyone thinks is scary and about to destroy everything, but that’s just how it is. I’m a gentle person, but sure I can kick someone’s butt if I had too. People tend to annoy me just because of their reaction, but luckily I have one villager friend that I like. Jenna. She’s a wonderful Minecraft villager, and I couldn’t be happier to call her my friend. She’s the one that gave me this journal, and I just couldn’t say no.

There are places here that I could never have dreamed of, but I always work boring jobs. I’ve worked as a guard for the village all my life, but no one appreciates it. It’s not like we ever get monsters, either, so I never have anything to do. I just roam around, looking towards the sky. I want to see monsters. I want to smash skeletons. I want more. I want to be a real guard.

I sometimes help the farmers. Jenna always likes when I help her with her flowers, but I’m not a fan. Flowers are boring. I want excitement. It’s not like anyone expects a golem to like flowers, and I think that’s why I don’t. No one appreciates it, so why should I? I know Jenna would want me to find some excitement, and that’s why I’m going to ask her to leave with me. I hope she says yes.

I have everything packed. I have food for us. I have a blanket. I have it all planned out, and I can’t way to see her face. She thinks the village is boring too, and that’s the reason I can’t wait to ask her to come with me. I can’t wait. I’m just too excited, but I have one more night to get through before we can go. Just one more.

Day 2

Today wasn’t as exciting as I thought it’d be. I kept thinking that something great was going to happen. I thought I’d be able to talk with Jenna, but I could barely get a word in edge wise. It was too much. One of the houses had fallen down. They tried to build too high, and so we had to fix Mr. Irvin’s house. He needed more cobblestone, but we found a way. Jenna even got everyone food, and she gave me the prettiest smile. Unlike all the other villagers, she actually talked to me. There are a few other golems as well, but I don’t quite fit in.

That’s when I saw it. A creeper. I never thought I’d see a creeper up close, but before I could do anything, another golem saved the day. A creeper is considered to be a right nasty enemy. They blow up, and all I could think to do was protect Jenna. Not the village. I didn’t care as much about the village. I took Jenna, and I turned her away just as another golem smashed the creeper. That should have been me.

People looked at me funny, and some of the other golems shook their heads. They knew what I had done, and it was shameful. None of them will talk to me anymore, but Jenna just patted me on the bed and said it would be okay. That’s when Jenna left and Andy came over. One of the head golems. He couldn’t stop lecturing me, and I just wanted to scream. I know I’m young.

I know it. I know it. I know it. I just don’t get why he has to always remind me. I made a mistake. I know that too, but I’m trying. It’s why I want to leave. I know I don’t fit in here. I still have everything ready, and I do hope that I’ll be able to get Jenna to come with me. Once again, she’s reminded me that she’s the only one I can be happy with. She’s the only one that gets me, and as a golem, that’s a pretty big thing.

Day 3

Today was the day. I finally got to ask Jenna, and I was so happy to hear her answer. Until I got it. She said no. she couldn’t go. She couldn’t leave the village, and if an iron golem had a heart, then mine would be broken. Thankfully, we just don’t. We don’t have a heart, which some of the other golems try to remind me. Andy just shook his head, and you could see the frustration in his eyes.

He told me that I couldn’t just ask a villager to leave. We were hired to protect them, and maybe I was born here, but I belonged here too. I just don’t believe him. I know all of his words are nice and pretty, but it doesn’t tell me anything. It doesn’t tell me how I leave. It doesn’t tell me anything except that Andy doesn’t think that I should leave. They think that I should stay, but it’s boring here. It looks like there will finally be monsters, but at the same time, one creeper doesn’t tell me that.

I want excitement. I’m a golem. I should be able to get excitement, and yet everyone else thinks that I should be happy with a peaceful village. Carl, another iron golem, he said I should even be thankful. Yet, I couldn’t find a reason. All I wanted to do was to throw something. I wanted to destroy something, but I didn’t get to do that. I was reminded that an iron golem protects, and when Jenna smiled at me, I didn’t want to hurt the place she lived.

No matter how frustrated I was. I just wanted friends like her. I wanted to leave with her. I want excitement, and I can’t find it in myself to be thankful that there isn’t anything to do. I keep getting told that’s wrong, and I don’t think I know what’s right anymore. I want to leave. I just want to leave. I want Jenna to leave with me, but I don’t know how to convince her to come with me. I’m not sure I can. So I have to make a decision now. I just don’t know what I’m going to decide. If I leave, then tonight’s the night. If I stay, I may never get the excitement that I want. My friend will be here though. I just don’t know if that’s enough.

Day 4

It’s amazing what the night can do to you when you can’t sleep. During the day there is everyone always wanting to tell you what to do. They want to tell you how you should think. They want to tell you how you should feel, but sometimes you can’t listen to your own thoughts. The night gave that to me. I was able to listen to what I wanted. Without Jenna staring at me and smiling, it was actually a little easier. If she was there asking me to stay, I’m not sure I could have left, but I knew that I needed to.

The villagers and I would never get along. The other golems just don’t feel the same. I know there has to be more out there for me. There has to be more people. There has to be more golems, and today I finally found something I considered beautiful. I don’t usually like the flowers that are around the village, but these were wild. They grew on vines with thorns, and sometimes berries were there as well. It was beautiful, and it smelled amazing.

Someone chased me off, and I didn’t’ want to hurt anyone. I knew Jenna wouldn’t want that. So I just carried on. I went to pick one of the berries, but it squished in my fingers. I guess I’m just too strong. I saw a villager pick one, and his hands were a lot gentler. The berry stayed together. I know that I have to be gentler next time. I’m going to try one of those berries, but I’m sure I’ll find more. That’s why I’m not too worried right now. So I went on. I saw a creeper, I saw a skeleton, but someone had set up a trap.

Lava. It was smart. I want to meet the person who set that trap up, but I’ll need to remember that traps are around. If a skeleton can get caught, then an iron golem needs to be careful to. I think Jenna would be proud of me. I worry I disappointed her too much, but I plan to come back tales of adventure. She’ll be happy then. I just know it. I know that I’ll see her smile again, and I won’t be bored. I’ll even bring those berries back now. All the villagers will love planting the berries, and then the golems will be happy as well.

Day 5

I was tired of being alone. I never thought it’d say it, but I am. I’m tired of being alone, and I want to go back to the village. I don’t want to go back to a boring life. I don’t want to go back to doing nothing at all. What I do want is to talk to someone, and that’s when I saw a new village, I couldn’t help but to go.

“What are you doing?” Someone shouted, and I couldn’t help but to jump. I could hear laughter, and before me stood a boy that was no more than fourteen years old. I looked at him.

“I was going to the village.” I said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, but the boy just shook his head. He threw a rock at me, and I tried to catch it, but it hit me in the chest. I growled. Another rock hit me, but this time it wasn’t from the boy. Someone else through it, and I couldn’t seem to find out who it was. After the growl, that’s when I calmed down, but I also broke a tree. The little boy was left staring up at me, and I hadn’t felt like a monster before. I did now.

That’s when a nice man came out, shaking his head at the boys. I looked at him, expecting to be run off, but he just smiled at me. Just like Jenna smiled at me. I gave him a hesitant smile, trying to calm the rage inside of me. That’s when I got invited in. I saw that there were other golems, and they weren’t just iron. I couldn’t help but to look around. Everything seemed so different. Everything seemed so new.

Nothing was alike, and even the houses were different. There were treehouses, mushroom houses, and glass houses. There were cobblestone too, but there was something about it all. The iron golems were all nice, but they gave me puzzled looks. I know it’s only a matter of time before someone asks me why I’m there. I’m just not sure what I’ll say just yet.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out. If I had Jenna here, she’d know what to say. She’d know what to do. I will just have to figure it out, but these villagers seem nicer than the ones at home. They even had the boy apologize to me. Me! An iron golem got an apology form a villager. The other golems would never see the day.

Day 6

Martin smiled at me, and I couldn’t help but to smile back. The night was over, and there weren’t any monsters, but for once I was thankful. I didn’t want to get distracted yet. I was told that monsters hit this village quite a bit, and I knew that if I stayed I’d find the excitement that I wanted. I looked around, and sure enough Martin was there smiling at me.

“Hey. So why did you leave your village?” He asked. I was already stumped. I was afraid that if I told him, he’d look down on me, but he didn’t.

“It was boring.” I said. It was all I could think to say.

“Not enough monsters? What about the people?” He said, and he seemed extremely confused. I was still worried.

“They weren’t nice like here. More like the boy that threw rocks.” I told him, and for a long time, Martin and I just stayed there.

“I see. Not a one?” Martin asked, and I could tell that he was eyeing me.

“There was one.” I ended up saying. Martin grinned at him. That’s how I started to talk about Jenna, and Martin just gave me that knowing look. I talked about her for a while, and then Martin asked again while I left. I told him that I asked her to come with me, and it made me sad all over again. I just wanted to sigh, but Martin put his iron hand on my back. He just gave me a sad smile.

“Well maybe you can go back or convince her still, but you’re an iron golem. You’ll be okay.” He said, and for once I wasn’t ridiculed for being different.

He made me feel safer, and that was something I was thankful for. I just wanted things to get better, and I spent the rest of the day thinking about what Martin had said. I knew that I’d get monsters soon. That’s why the peace was just a little more enjoyable while I had it. I knew I wouldn’t have it forever. Things would get exciting.

Day 7

I got what I had come here for. It had been a week since I had decided to leave, and there it was. Skeletons. They were everywhere, and the iron golems around me jumped to attack. I knew that they were coming, and I knew that I had to do something too. The villagers started to shriek, running back to their homes, and it was up to us to protect them. This wasn’t like rebuilding a house. This was life or death for these people, and I was going to save them.

I ran right up to a skeleton, using my large fists to smash him. His ugly skull started to crack, and I started to pulverize him. One skeleton after the other. It was like every time I dodged right, there was another skeleton coming left. Every time I moved to the left, there was another one behind us.

The enemy was great with swords, and getting hit I couldn’t help but to cry out. That’s when I heard another cry. It was louder than mine, and I saw the little boy who had thrown rocks at me. There was a part of me that wanted to ignore him, but I couldn’t seem to do it. The skeleton got closer to the kid, and it seemed like every other iron golem was busy.

I dived over the skeleton, and my bulky form crushed him as I tackled him to the ground. The skeleton was done with one smash to the skull, and I looked around to see the next one. I grabbed a piece of broken fence, using it to swing at another. Soon enough, it was all over. The kid just looked at me. I don’t know what I had expected. I knew I wasn’t going to get a thank you.

For a moment, the boy seemed mad, but then he just smiled at me. I didn’t get my thank you, but that smile was the closest I had ever came. It felt great, and in just a moment more Martin was patting me on the back and the villagers just seemed so happy and thankful to all of us. I missed Jenna, but these people were much nicer.

Day 8

I thought that I was enjoying myself here. There was another attack, and once more no one got hurt. All of the golems made sure of it, and this time it was creepers. I threw one in the air right before it exploded. More kids had to be moved out of the way, but the villagers were all safe when it was said and done. It was the excitement that I had come looking for, and I loved that. I love that life isn’t boring, and now I have Martin and the others to talk to.

That’s when Martin came up and turned my world upside down. He just smiled at me sadly. For a little while we just sat there. Neither of us wanted to talk, and that was the weird part. There was something he wanted to say, and I didn’t understand why he just didn’t say it. There was something I just didn’t get.

“So are you staying?” It was the question he asked me, and it derailed me. I wanted to stay. I thought I was happier here, but I didn’t know how to answer the question.

“I’m not sure yet.” Is that I told him. Being honest. I had found excitement. I had taken down skeletons and creepers. That was more than I had ever gotten to do, and that made me happy.

“Why not?” He asked.

“The villagers like me. I like that.” I answered, and Martin just nodded.

“But you miss home?” Martin said, and I didn’t want to answer. Luckily, he didn’t make me answer. He just waited with me.

“We’re going to be patrolling again tonight. Feel up to it?” He asked, and I beamed at him. I knew that I was more than up to it. With all of the emotions swirling inside of me, I knew that taking down a big bad guy would help me. I was once again hoping for an attack, and that was becoming my life. It wasn’t a bad one, but I could tell that something was missing.

Day 9

The little boy walked up to me today, and he smiled. There was a few other kids with him. One girl handed me a flower. It was just a yellow daisy, and I said thank you. She beamed at me.

“Will you come with us?” She asked, and just as I was about to say no, Martin was there.

“I know what you’re about to show him. How about we all go?” He asked, and the children seemed too happy. I still couldn’t understand how they accepted an iron golem so willingly. So happily.

I ended up walking with Martin and the kids. They were running around playing a game as we went. I didn’t quite understand it, but Martin later explained that it was a game called tag. Apparently children ran around and told each other that they were ‘it’, and I never did get explained to on what it was. Where they pretending to be skeletons? I don’t think I’ll ever understand it.

That’s when we got there. We started to head to the woods, and I looked at Martin who didn’t want to give anything away. He just told me that I’d see, and sure enough the children soon came to a stop. It was beautiful. If a golem’s eyes could widen, then mine would be saucers.

It was beautiful. Everything around me was beautiful. There were roses and poppies and even more. Flowers and those berries that I had seen. Martin told me that the sweet berries were called blackberries, and I just looked at him.

“Who would name a fruit after the color? The juice is purple.” One of the little girls just laughed, and I shook my head. I knew that I would take some back to Jenna, and I started to realize that I couldn’t stay here. I will come back to visit though.

“Have you decided if you’re staying?” Martin asked after I had successfully picked some with my large golem hands. He seemed clearly amused, but the question was seriously.

“I want to come back, but there’s someone waiting for me at home.” I said, and Martin nodded.

“I had a feeling you wouldn’t be staying permanently.” He said, and I just shrugged.

As we talked, they started another game where a child stood by the tree and counted. Other children pretended to hide, and it was called hide and seek. I couldn’t help but to wonder if the kids in our village played like that. If not, I’m sure they’d love the game. That’s when I knew that I’d be taking home more than just blackberries.

“I’ll leave tomorrow morning.” I said, and Martin put his hand on my shoulder once more.

“I’ll see you off. I’m glad you aren’t traveling at night. We could use your help on patrol.” He said, and I nodded. It was nice to be useful and wanted.

Day 10

I was packed up and ready to go early after a short nap. We stayed there protecting for a while, and sadly enough it was a quiet night. Martin told me that was a good thing, and for some reason it sounded a lot like what people had been telling me before I left. I had wanted adventure, but the quiet looked good as well. I just wanted both, and going back it’d be hard to find it. I wanted friends, and I found that as well, but I was still hoping that I’d make friends at home too.

Home. I had never thought I’d call that place home, but that village was something I missed. Even though I never thought I would. I had picked berries before I left, and I was careful to make sure that my overly large hands didn’t squash a single one.

“You be safe now.” Martin said, and I nodded.

“I’ll be back. I promise.” I said, and that’s when the little boy piped in.

“You better be. We were just becoming friends.” He said in that know-it-all tone of his. I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“I don’t even know your name.” I said, and he shrugged.

“Avery. Now come back soon and tell me yours!” He shouted before running off.

“I guess you’ll have to come back for that at least.” Martin said, and I nodded, smiling back.

“I hope I can convince Jenna to come here. She’d love to meet all of you. The iron golems where I come from aren’t like this. The village isn’t like this.” I said, still bewildered at everything. I knew that I’d make friends there.

“Then you can change it.” He said, and I knew that Martin was right. I was going to change the village, and even if we didn’t have creepers to deal with every day, then we’d at least have blackberries, tag, and this hide and seek that the children love to play.

“You’re right.” It was all I said before we bid our goodbyes. I knew I had a long walk ahead of me. It took me a while to get here, and even though I had blackberries, I didn’t want to get to the village just yet. Just soon. Very soon.

Day 11

Sleeping out in the woods didn’t seem to get any better. You think as an iron golem sleeping on the ground wouldn’t be uncomfortable, but it was. Not even I wanted to sleep on a slab of hard ground, and I couldn’t wait to get my own bed back. Some nice hay would do wonders for my mood and my back. That’s why I got up, stretching and expecting to get on my way bright and early.

I couldn’t wait, and I was almost running to see Jenna. That’s when I saw them. Zombies. They were everywhere, and I was just one iron golem. If I had the rest of the golems with me, I might be able to take them, but I knew I couldn’t as it stood. I couldn’t help but to stand there, barely hidden. If an iron golem could sweat, I’d be sweating. I knew that I was panicking, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

They were going towards the village. My village. There were skeletons too. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to think, but I knew that I couldn’t be seen. I had to stay out of sight if I wanted to get there in time to warn the others. I had to warn the others. That was one of the only clear thoughts that I had. They were settling in for the day, and that was the only hope I had. The most direct route was through them, but I knew I would be seen. I snuck back into the trees, and I started to run.

Sadly, an iron golem doesn’t have the best sense of direction. After a while, it seemed like I was going in a circle no matter what I did. I couldn’t figure it out, and night was falling. I knew I didn’t have much time, and I was starting to get tired. I just had to find a way though. I have to.

Day 12

I had been lost for hours. I didn’t know which way I was going, and then I found the blackberry vine that the person had chased me away from. It was the only thing that told me where I was going, and it was the only thing that gave me hope that I’d be able to make it in time. The sun is just starting to rise now, and I can’t help but to freak out.

I know I need to move quicker, but I’m just now aware of where I’m going. I’m just now aware of everything that is happening. We were days from the village, and that’s the only thing that gave me hope that I’d make it in time, but I still see them ahead of me now that I’m on the right track. They’re getting there quicker than I ever could.

I took a sharp right, circling around a path that I knew fairly well. I’d go walking up that way every time someone from the village would upset me or any time an iron golem would tease me. It’s assured me that I’ll make it, but now I can’t see their progress. I can’t see if they’re going faster than me. I just have to trust in myself, and that’s much easier said than done. I just have to keep moving. That’s all I can do for now. I will reach them in time. I’ll reach her in time. I know I only have one more day at most.

Day 13

I see the village now. I know that I’ll get there. It’s off in the distance, but it’s there. I run towards it, and I can see the skeletons just starting off cresting the first hill of just a few that separates them from the village. The other iron golems are never on alert. They’ll never see on time.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I screamed. I shouted, but I wasn’t sure if it’d be enough. No one ever heard me, but then one of them looked up. Grim I think his name was, and it had never been so accurate. He looked at me confused, and I was waving my hands frantically. It only took me a moment to realize that he just couldn’t hear me.

That’s when I knew I had to get his attention the other way. He was about to look away, but at least more golems had paused now. I started to point, jumping up and down for a minute. A few moments passed, and I could see the skeletons and zombies had made it over another hill. I kept running, but it seemed my message had finally gotten through.

I heard them banging their fists together. Grim shouted at the villagers, and that’s when chaos broke loose. Everyone started running, screaming. The golems at least stood their ground. They started towards the gates, and I knew that if they met them there the village would be overrun. I was one of the few with battle experience now, and I needed to be there. I just hoped that I would be good enough.

Everything else passed in a blur. I was there in just a few moments, and I was helping to direct alongside the golem elders of the village. Skulls were smashed. Heads ripped off of decaying bodies. I knew that we’d be overrun if I didn’t start to do better, and so I kept trying. I kept smashing. I kept running. Jumping. Tackling.

I don’t know how long that it lasted, but I knew that they retreated. There were enough dead bodies around and crushed bones. I just shook my head. For once, the other golems didn’t say anything to me. They didn’t welcome me home, but they didn’t freeze me out. I just needed time to rest, and that’s something they gave me.

“They’ll be back.” Of that, I was certain. Everyone seemed to agree, and I think that’s why everyone left me alone.

Day 14

The next day was the reason that I knew I needed to rest. The sun wasn’t even up yet when they attacked. With so many fallen comrades, I didn’t know why, but that’s when an arrow hit. I yelled for all of the villagers to dodge back into their home, and I could hear the cries of the golems that were hit despite all the chaos around us.

This fight was much shorter, and for that I was thankful. I was happy to see the monsters going, and just before I never thought I would be. Excitement was great, but I was more than happy for the break as well. After that fight, someone did thank me. One of the villagers, and I had never seen it coming. For the first time in a long time, I offered the villager a genuine smile.

“You came back.” Grim said, and I nodded at him.

“But why?” Another golem asked, and for the life of me, I just couldn’t remember his name. I shook my head.

“Because there was someone here that I missed.” I said.

“That girl…” Grim asked, and I nodded a little. I couldn’t help the smile that spread over my face.

“Yeah, but more than that I missed this place in a way I didn’t expect to.” It was what I left it at, and no one asked any more questions for the rest of the day. I was off to relax so I’d feel better when I did go to see Jenna.

Day 15

I was well rested and happy to start the day. I looked around, but I couldn’t find her. I told myself not to panic. I couldn’t help but to keep looking over the wall, but nothing was there. I knew we were fine. Hours passed, and still I couldn’t find her. I started to get worried.

“Aron. What’s wrong?” Grim asked.

“I’m just looking for Jenna.” I said, and he thought for a moment.

“She’s picking flowers I think.” Grim said, and I nodded.

I couldn’t help but to smile. I knew exactly where she was. That’s when I went looking. I knew she’d be along the path. The question was where she’d be on it. It all depended on what flower she wanted to pick. I didn’t panic at first. Not when I didn’t see her immediately. A lot of flowers grew on the side of the path, but I knew that there was a great meadow a little further in.

That’s when I heard it. The scream. My hearted started to pound. I knew that it was Jenna. I knew it before I even realized that I was running. I tore down the path, running as fast as an iron golem could possibly run. I didn’t know what made her scream, but I knew that I needed to get to her. It was only a few minutes before I found her in the clearing, just like I thought she would be. It seemed like eternity.

It seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. I saw the creepers on the edge of the meadow, and she was starting to climb a tree. I knew it was the worst thing that she could have possibly done, but she didn’t know that. Every time that I had faced a creeper or saw another iron golem do it, they had thrown it up in the air to explode. I couldn’t do that now.

I couldn’t do that if she was up in the air. For a moment, my heart pounded. I saw it getting closer and I dived towards it. I threw the creeper that was about to explode at the others. I heard the boom. I heard her shriek and pieces of the ground splatter up into the air. I started to see black for a moment, and I could see Jenna on the ground. I could see her breathing, looking at me. Then everything went black. I didn’t want to see another monster for a long time, but sleep overtook me. I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

A Sneak Peek

Here’s a look at Iron Golem Diaries Book 2 “Finding an Enchanter”.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Jenna and I had survived a creeper attack, but here she was crying her eyes out on my shoulder. I had never wanted to soothe anyone so much, but now all I wanted to do was to make everything go away that had been bothering her. I just couldn’t. Looking through the window, I could see Daniel still sick in bed.

I had never seen a human red before, but he was red all over. They said his fever was growing, and he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. I remembered humans being sick in the other village, but they hadn’t been this sick. Even the elder villagers didn’t know what to do. That’s when I remember a story that Martin had told me about Enchanters. People who could make potions like no villager ever could. He said they could do miracles, and Jenna was told that is exactly what she’d need to help her brother. That’s when I knew it was up to me. I just didn’t know how to begin my journey. I’d just have to find a way.

MINECRAFT: Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem - Exploring the World of Minecraft (B

Join me in my adventure as a Minecraft Iron Golem Hey friend, its Aron in this story you can join me in my journey to finding out all about monsters when I journey outside of my quiet village. Leaving my only friend behind, I’m determined to find more than this boring village. I want to smash skeletons, throw creepers, and face off against zombies. I want to do what an iron golem is meant to do. I want to protect. I want to fight, and it’s all I ever wished for. Join me on my journey to find excitement in the Minecraft world and learn what being an iron golem is all about. Grab your copy NOW!

  • Author: Michael Marlon
  • Published: 2015-11-06 19:20:14
  • Words: 6182
MINECRAFT: Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem - Exploring the World of Minecraft (B MINECRAFT: Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem - Exploring the World of Minecraft (B