Minecraft: Diary of a 6th Grade Zombie


Diary of a 6th Grade Zombie

Book 1: The Intruder


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Shakespir Edition



Table of Contents

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17



Day 1

When you are spawned as a Zombie, the first thing you think is probably not (definitely not): “Oh, great! I am a Zombie, and now I have to go to school to learn how to become one.

You know you can actually learn how to become a real Zombie? The only condition is to be spawned as a Zombie. That only makes me think and ask myself: why on block do I have to learn that if I am spawned as a Zombie… unfortunately me questioning my life doesn’t erase the fact that I have to go to school, five days a week, for years and years to come.

Instead of going around having fun and scaring humans, I have to spend an entire eternity at school.

Well, not an eternity… I might be exaggerating, but that’s only because I have already spent 5 years going to school and learning something I was spawned to do: scare Humans and Villagers.

This is me:



And this is my best friend, Rotten Joe:



If you are a Human or a Villager, you probably think we look exactly the same – which is completely untrue. But that’s okay – you are just a Human and your perception of Zombies is justified (although it is wrong).

Oh, yes…I almost forgot. My name is Growling Jake and tomorrow will be my first day in 6th grade. Only a hundred years more to go and I will be done with school…

All right, I admit it…I am exaggerating again, but there is no other way to explain how I feel about having summer vacation come to an end. All summers should last forever and it should be a matter of law – if only Zombies had laws and only if I could decide them…

Here we are! This is our dearest school!



Now you might think this is just regular scenery of a random forest at night. But that is only the case if you are not a Zombie (chances are that you are Human)

When you arrive at the scene, you see trees growing thick one next to another, but if you dare to approach you will hear some growling sounds – lots of them. We go to school at night. Sunlight pretty much hurts so we try to avoid it.

During the day, I don’t sleep – we can’t sleep because we are not actually alive. We are spawned that way and that is something we just need to get used to whether we like it or not.

On the bright side, I have a lot of time – all time in the world (unless you run into Humans that are so afraid they would rather attack you and slay you). But I don’t always get to do things I like with my time. At night, we go to school and during the day we stick to the shadows practically do nothing except avoid the sun.



The sun looks beautiful, but it hurts as much as it is nice to observe it as it rises and sets.

When it sets, our time begins. There are less Humans around and we are safe. Not that I am afraid of Humans… I am really not scared of anything. How could a zombie even fear Humans? That’s impossible, right?

Well you would know it is quite possible if you were a Zombie…Hah!

Being in contact with Humans until we are fully mature and finished with the Academy is strictly forbidden. That is probably why Humans are not aware that the Academy even exists… They are not familiar with the term: “teenage Zombie” as they have never seen one.

Tomorrow my life as a 6th grader begins – got to get ready for that by doing absolutely nothing!



Day 2

Like every day for the past five years, Rotten Joe was waiting for me at the entrance of the cave I lived in with my parents. Some of us lived in bushes, some lived in the abandoned mines and other Zombies felt most comfortable in the caves, like my family did.

My mom had one job: to make a good Zombie out of me. That was a good thing but what I didn’t appreciate much were my mom’s attempts of keeping away from doing anything even remotely fun.

So, my days before school would look something like this:

“Hey, mom, I was thinking of dragging to the beach…”

“No. Not safe.”

“Hey, mom, I was thinking of taking a walk to the abandoned mine across the forest…”

“Nope. Not safe.”

“Hey, mom, I was thinking about watching Skeletons practicing archery with Rotting Jake…”

“No way. Not safe.”

“Hey, mom, can I just…”


“But I didn’t ask you anything yet…”

“Not safe.”


Of course I can’t growl in front of her and show her I think she is being over-protective, so this growling just echoes my thoughts.

Sometimes I ask my dad for permission before I even think about going over to my mom for one of her “No. Not safe.”

This is my dad:



My dad used to be a Villager. He lived in a Village leading a rather boring life as I understood: building things, growing things, and eating things. And every day was the same. Then got bitten and turned into a Zombie Villager.

He was planning to get back to his village and get a cure for his Zombie-ism (apparently there is a cure for that if you were turned into a Zombie from being a Villager) but then he fell in love with my mom.

That sounds YUK! But that is just the way it is. Who can understand parents anyways? (I know I can’t)



He was different before obviously – I think he looks better as a Zombie – Villagers look funny…

Here is how a conversation would go with my dad:

“Hey, dad, I was thinking about taking a walk around the woods.”

“Ask your mom.”

He knows that my mom will say NO, so in order to avoid rejecting me, consequently becoming a “not cool parent”, he hands out that responsibility to my mom.

“Be safe! Don’t get lost, don’t get slain and don’t get near Humans!”

That’s what my mom always says that as she watches me walk to school.

“Hey, Growling Joe!”

“What’s up, Rotten Jake?”

Rotten Jake was always waiting for me at the same spot. School very close from thre, but considering we are extremely slow because we have to drag ourselves to move, it takes us a while to get to the Zombie Academy.

First Class:

Human Language 101  



Day 3

First day of school was quite tough. Not only did I not understand anything of our first lesson in Human Language, but we also we had a new Zombie in our class.

His name was One-Toe Jack and he was everything I didn’t appreciate in a Zombie: a pompous bully that loved to brag about things I am sure he had never actually done.

It was clear to me that 6th grade was going to turn into living Nether with One-Toe Jack around.



You should know that the Nether is everything but pleasant with hot steaming boiling lava and fire pools bursting out of the ground – no days, no nights: only darkness. That’s exactly how I feel about One-Toe Jack.

The class had barely started with our teacher introducing us with Human Language and the new zombie had already started bragging.

“The importance of Human Language lies in understanding what Humans are intending to do when attacked by a herd of Zombies…”

One-Toe Jack interrupted the teacher and started to talk in a language we couldn’t understand.

So, instead of hearing Growl-arghh-rargh-growl, he was saying something like:


Didn’t understand a thing… However, our teacher seemed thrilled and pleasantly surprised.



This is our Human Language teacher – Mr. Zombie Jacob. He obviously likes his outfit, and probably believes it helps focus our attention on him– he is probably right as it is impossible not to notice that painfully white suit…

“You are One-Toe Jack if I am not mistaken.”


One-Toe Jack was bragging again, answering in what I now believe was Human language.

“I see you are quite familiar with Human language and I believe you will do great in this class, young Zombie. I see a sparkle of hope in you!”

It was the first time ever that I actually saw a Zombie sparkling as One-Toe Jack was glowing in pride, blinking and triumphing. If he says another blah-blah word, I think I am going to lose it and…

I am getting carried away now, aren’t I?

Yes, I am.

All right, I need to calm down.

“How great is the new Zombie, huh Growling Jake?”

Not you, Rotten Joe! How can I be the only one that sees how fake One-Toe Jack is and how he just loves all the attention you are giving him!

So, you think I am just jealous of our new Zombie? Nooooo. Nope. No. Not the case. Nah. Never.

I am not jealous. Especially not of One-Toe Jack…



I observed One-Toe Jack as our teacher explained the basics of Human language. Maybe this is the reason I was unable to learn a single thing in the class – I was trying to figure out what was wrong with our new Zombie.

The problem was that he just seemed too perfect!

Everyone gathered around him after school as the sun was slowly rising. They all seemed thrilled by his presence and it seemed like everyone including my best friend wanted to hang out with One-Toe Jack.

One-Toe…what kind of name is that anyways???

“So, One-Toe Jack…”


“Ummm, so, how come you speak Human language… this was our first class ever.”

“My dad taught me.” He answered very politely.

Everyone looked thrilled by him and I could hear the comments:

“I wish my dad taught me that!”


“You are such a brainy!” – We have no brains so that was a bit funny. I didn’t laugh though as I wanted to appear as serious as possible.

“Huh…I see. And where do you come from?”

He had an answer for everything, shooting them out as if learnt by heart.

“I come from Zombie Island.”



“How great!”


…again with the annoying comments of praise for our new perfect “friend”.

“Why are you bullying him by asking so many questions?”, Rotten Joe was pinching me, obviously embarrassed by my behavior.

Ouch! That hurt!

“Look! There’s your brother, Growling Jake!”, Rotten Joe was thrilled with presence of my little brother, obviously hoping I would stop interrogating One-Toe Jack.

Maybe I was the bully here…maybe One-Toe Jack was really just a perfect Zombie…I felt bad about myself.

This is my little brother:



He was spawned as a Chicken Jockey (good for him as he is faster than any Zombie dead or alive – we are all technically dead though).

As a Chicken was wondering around the spot where he was spawned, he ended up being turned into a Chicken Jockey – one of the fastest mobs in the World of Blocks. I wish I was that lucky. I can’t be envious of him though, as he is super cute!

What I envy him for, however, is the fact that our mom and dad let him wander around – which I am not allowed to do.

“No one can catch him, my dear…that is why he can go where he wants…”

That was a justified but cruel reason.

On top of the complete freedom he enjoyed, he also didn’t have to attend the Academy as he wasn’t really a Zombie…

He was always silent and never talked, so I enjoyed his company. He was in reality the best little brother a teenager could wish for.

“Let’s walk home, little brother?”

He nodded as the sun was slowly rising. 



Day 4


Even our teacher of Offense liked One-Toe Jack – and he didn’t like anyone. He was a Zombie Pigman and there is practically no mob that Zombie Pigmen really like.

His class was one of the most important subjects of study for Zombies and all undead mobs overall, so everyone had to listen to him closely.

It wasn’t the knowledge we were silent for – we were all intimidated by his looks although none of us, including me, would admit that.

Mr. Zombie Pigman was half Pigman and half Zombie, which could easily be inferred by his name. One part of his body was rotten and looked as if it was about to fall apart while he was speaking and the other looked something like a Pigman – only hundred times scarier.

He was rigid and tough – that’s why I was surprised he liked of our new Zombie who I still find suspicious.

We were listening to Mr. Zombie Pigman teach us about offense.

“When breaking into a house, you are first required to break the doors. You will do that by…”

“Repeatedly hitting the doors as Zombies are unable to open the doors using pulls Humans refer to as doorknobs…”, One –Toe Jack interrupted.

Mr. Zombie Pigman became silent and we were all waiting for him to let his rage out and show our newbie that he should be silent in his class. I was really hoping for that to happen.

But it didn’t – and it was quite the opposite.

“Excellent observation…your name?”

“One-Toe Jack, Mr. Zombie Pigman.” He was shining and glowing in a way that you could have got him mistaken for a living mob. He almost looked too alive, rather than having that dead expression zombies are supposed to have…

“Excellent, One-Toe Jack. I will certainly reward your knowledge and observe your progress here at the Academy…”

All of a sudden I was faced with the strong urge to puke – dead mobs can’t do that I guess, so I didn’t.



Day 5

With every day of school I became more suspicious of One-Toe Jack. The first thing I did when I got back home yesterday was to ask my dad a couple of questions:

“Hey, dad…”

“Hello, son? Did you enjoy your day at the Academy?”

“Yes, yes…of course…I really enjoyed it…what else could I say about my favorite place?”

I was a bad liar, but my dad was even worse at detecting lies…

“So, dad…how come you didn’t teach me Human language?”

“Human language?”, my dad looked unusually confused.

“Human language, yes…” I confirmed.

“Oh, yes, yes…that’s right. I heard you have a new subject now at the Academy…that’s nice.”


“Yes, new…we didn’t have Human language classes back in the day…that’s why I was not able to teach you how to speak Human. “

What? Then I might be right…I most definitely am right!

What do you mean: right about what? Well, of course about One-Toe Jack! What else…

“I am glad to hear the Academy is keeping the classes up-to-date with modern times. It is time Humans and Zombies understand each other…”



I left my dad with his belief that we were learning Human language for diplomatic purposes – we weren’t of course. And there is no way they could ever learn our language…although… I think I know what is wrong with One-Toe Jack, but let me not jump to conclusions.  



Day 6

I’ve been observing One-Toe Jack for five days now. He is excellent in school– he knows everything about Zombies…but he also knows everything (and I mean literally everything) about Humans. This is a bit strange as there is no way a teenage Zombie could know so much about humans – after all we are not allowed to walk around Villages and Human houses until we are fully grown up.

As I knew Mr. Zombie Pigman was a war veteran and a specialist in Offense, I decided to ask him about the Zombie Island One-Toe Jack had mentioned once.

When I arrived at school with Rotten Joe, we were told to go back home. School was cancelled for the day.

“What?? Why?”

“How? What happened?”

You could hear questions coming from every corner of the Academy but there were no answers.

I went looking for Mr. Zombie Pigman, but he was nowhere to be found…

As I was leaving, I saw One-Toe Jack glancing at me and curving his lips in strange way. I had never seen a Zombie do that…



Day 7

“Hey dad, where exactly is the Zombie Island?”

“Zombie Island?”, he was growling clueless.

“Yup. That’s the island I am asking about.”

If the island existed, which I highly doubt, it would probably look something like this:



It would be scary and cold and cloudy and days would be shorter and Humans wouldn’t have weapons – a true Zombie paradise. I know such thing could not exist… I might be a teenager, but I am not naive.

“I am really embarrassed to admit….but…I…” My dad looked nervous and confused.

“…I….for all those years as a Zombie and the years before as a Villager…I have never heard of such a thing as the Zombie Island…”

“Really, dad?”

“Yes…I have never heard of it, sorry son…ask your mom, she’s been a Zombie her entire life. Maybe she will tell you more.”

I doubt it…

“Thanks dad! I’ll ask her…”

I went over to my mom and asked her about Zombie Island.

“Honey, I am afraid there is no such thing as Zombie Island…I hope they are not teaching you that in school, because it does not exist.”

“No, not at all mom. I was just arguing with one of my…friends.”

I would rather turn Human than call One-Toe Jack my friend, I just couldn’t afford to tell my mom what I thought was going on.

“Mom…why is the Academy closed?”

My mom was silent – that was never a good sign. It could mean only two things: I did something wrong or she was worried.

I know I did nothing wrong, so it must be the other thing.

“Well, one of your teachers disappeared. They can’t find him anywhere and they are looking for him. School will start in a couple of days son –don’t worry…”

“Is it Mr. Zombie Pigman?”

She looked at me and paused. That meant YES.

“Look honey, why don’t you go and take a walk?”


My mom (MY MOM – the one that never lets me go anywhere except to school and back) is suggesting I go for a walk. Something is definitely wrong.

I was thrilled I could go out because I wanted to find Rotten Joe and tell him what I found out.



It was dark and the moon was out. Zombie time!



Day 8

It was daylight and I was with Rotten Joe. He asked me:

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing. Just writing something down…”

“Right now??”, he said it in a way that would make you believe that writing was a crime.

“Well, yes…it’s daylight and we don’t have anything better to do…”

“How about we go back home? To our worrying parents who are probably losing their minds over us? We are going to be grounded when we get back!”

“Yes, we are going to be grounded. That is exactly why we can’t go back just yet. That and the fact that we are on a sneak out.”

“Sneak out? We are following One-Toe Jack around! Why are we even doing that??”

“You really don’t have a clue, do you?”

“What are you talking about? I just know that you invited me to the beach – that’s it. And now you are dragging me around growling about One-Toe Jack! None of your growling makes any sense.”

Before I could reply, we saw One-Toe Jack one the beach, doing block knows what. I saw him chewing on something – he was eating!

Eating, yes! And, in case you didn’t know that – Zombies don’t eat. How come you might ask…well, maybe because we are dead. D-E-A-D – dead!

“Umm, Jake… I don’t think he is eating. He’s probably doing something else. We need to get back home… We also need to go to school in a couple of hours. The night will fall soon”



“Yes, the night will fall, but there will be no school, Joe…I thought you realized that. Our professors are missing…”



Day 9

One Toe-Jack was standing by the bushes, hiding and looking around. I thought for a moment that he was onto us, but I managed to convince Joe to be quiet.

“What are doing here? Why on block are we here spying on our friend?”

“For block sakes I asked you to be quiet. He probably heard you growling! And he is not our friend.”

“Why do you hate him that much?”

“Please, be quiet…”

I went back to observing One-Toe Jack, but I couldn’t see him anymore.

Suddenly I heard an oddly mild voice.

“Who do you hate?”

“Heeeeeey! One-Toe Jack! How’s it going?”

“Hello, Rotten Joe. Hey, Growling Jake. What are you doing here? You live on the other side of the forest!.”

He was unusually nervous and his face now looked completely rotten and peeled off in a strange way.

It really looked odd, even for a Zombie.

“If I didn’t know better I would say you two have been following me around, but that is not something friends would do, right?”

“No, actually we were just…Jake and I were…we were walking and we…”

“We got lost! Lost yes! We are lost…so it would be great if you could take us to your place to get some rest before we figure out a way to get back home…”

“My place…well…”

He looked increasingly nervous and now more than ever, I was convinced that he was hiding something.

“Yes, your place!”, I added, pushing him into admitting what I realized a couple of days ago.

But he didn’t need to admit anything. The image in front of us said it all.



One part of the face, the part peeling off, completely fell off right in front of our rotting faces and I knew I was right.

I was right!

The part of the face sticking out with the skin falling off disgusted me (and disgusted Joe even more) and revealed One-Toe Jack’s true identity: he was a Human!


Carefully and wittily disguised– but not enough to fool me. I knew there was something odd about that Zombie from the beginning.

“What??? Your face!”

Joe was surprised – I wasn’t. I just growled as One-Toe Jack (or whatever his real name was) ran away.

“Get him, Joe! We need to go after him.”

We were trying to get him, but he was running pretty fast even for a Human and we…well, we were Zombies so we were in fact the slowest mobs in the entire world of blocks.

We soon realized that we had lost him.

If we could breathe and if we needed air, I would be breathing heavily right now…

“What do we do now? Should we go back and tell the others?”

That might not be the brightest idea as we could lose his trace for good – we will never find out what he wants and where our teachers are…

I am sure he is responsible for their disappearance…

I looked around me as the sun was rising behind the hills on my left side and saw this:



Human houses…

“It’s a Village…he probably lives here. Maybe our teachers are hidden there as well.”

I think it’s time to apply everything we were taught at the Academy…



Day 10

This was the first time ever that I was this close to a Human Village. It was daylight so unless we wanted to burn and explode we needed to be careful and wait for the night to fall.

Being patient in a time like this is everything but easy and all I wanted was to solve this mystery once and for all. First things first, I can’t believe that a Human managed to infiltrate among Zombies – how did everyone fall into One-Toe Jack’s trap? Who has that kind of name anyway? What and how on block do you manage to lose a toe?

Why were Mr. Zombie Pigman and a couple of teachers from the Academy taken? What did they need them for?

“Don’t tell me you still think this is a good idea…”

I thought it was a great idea – not only we would get to solve a mystery (I was bored for ages) but we would also get to save our teachers and go back to school.

Not that I liked going to school, but it somehow felt right settling this entire situation down.

“I…I actually think this is a great idea.”

“You have gone nuts! You know that?”

“I think you are exaggerating…”

“I…listen, Jake. I am going back home…and you are coming with me.”

“You can go home and leave me alone, but I am not coming back until I have this sorted out.”

“You? By yourself?”

“Yes, me alone…”

If I listened to Rotten Joe, I would come back to my cave… not taking any risk. He probably thinks we could get other zombies to come with us and save our teachers, but Zombies are not known to be rescuers…we just scare Humans – that is all we do.

We never had to save anyone.

Except that one time when we saved that cow.



She was trapped in the bushes near the cave where I live and wasn’t able to save herself, so we saved her.

But, we saved her by scaring her, and she ran away – so I am not sure if that counts as rescuing.

I don’t think it counts.

“Come on, Jake…please? You know I can’t leave you by yourself here. And you also know that going home is the smartest decision.”

He was right. But I couldn’t help myself – I HAD to resolve this chaos at once. And I was close.

“I want you to go back, Joe…”


“I want you to go back home, Joe. That is the best decision…”

“Are you serious?”

“I am as serious as I am dead.”

That was the best thing to do. Although I really wanted Joe to stay with me – Not because I was scared (I assure you I was not scared – I am a Zombie!)



Day 11

The night was falling – my favorite time of the day. The only time of the day we could do whatever we wanted.

I was getting ready to find a way to enter the Village find out where our teachers were. What I knew for sure was that One-Toe Jack had something to do with it –I think he had everything to do with it actually.

“Again with the diary, Jake? Really? We are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Humans and you are writing “Dear diary, this is day 2 since I ran away from home. I feel great and my friend feels horrible.”??? Really, Jake?”

“Oh my block! I am not starting my day logs with “Dear diary”! Why would I call my diary “dear”?”

Who does that anyways?



See? No “Dear diary” stuff. Just ordinary words with ordinary drawings. My name is Jake, not Janice…

Joe was mad at me because I made him come this far. He was probably angry because he didn’t realize that One-Toe Jack was a Human, and not some awesome Zombie as everyone thought.

“Jake, we have to go home right now. I’ve had enough.

“I told you to leave without me. Now excuse me, I have a Village to break into, so see you back home, Joe.”

All of a sudden I heard the words:

“Where do you think you are going, young Zombie?!?”

I didn’t need to turn around to know that those words weren’t coming from Joe.

Gulp! I could recognize that voice from anywhere.

“Hey Mrs. Growling!” Joe’s voice was trembling

Yup, it was my mom. How on block did she find us??

If there was anything that could scare a teenage Zombie – it was his mom. You should never ever disobey your mother.

“You are coming back to our cave, mister! I can’t believe you made me come here look for you. It’s not safe.”

I knew she would say “It’s not safe”. Her middle name should be “It’s not safe”.

It was over. I knew it. And the worst part was I would not be able to rescue my teachers…

I wondered if superheroes also had their moms getting in the ways of them rescuing the day.

But then again, I wasn’t a superhero. I was just a teenage Zombie about to be grounded.

“M…m..mom? What are you…”

“What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here? And that close to a Human Village? Do you want to be slain? Or even worse: were you looking to be grounded, young Zombie? Because that is exactly what is going to happen …”



Day 12

My mission was aborted as my mom decided to show up. She found us very quickly and I wasn’t expecting that. She is two centuries older than me, plus she is a mom – moms always know everything…

The Academy was still closed and we still didn’t know much about our teachers. I wonder if our parents were doing something about it. Probably not.

On top of everything, they wouldn’t let me solve the mystery. My mom was like:

“No. Never. You are grounded. It’s not safe.”

And my dad was like:

“…Ask your mom.”

I was surprised by my dad’s reaction. We were alone in the living room and as he was playing with my little brother, he turned around and said:

“I heard what you did, son…”

I was prepared for the worst but I was surprised to see that my dad was smiling.



“I think what you did was brave, son.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. My dad said I was brave. It made me feel better about myself.

I had to ask one more time. I wanted to hear him say it again.

“Really, dad?”

“Yes, son, I think what you did was brave, but it was also reckless so don’t tell your mom I told you that.”

Even my dad was a bit scared of my mom. I am glad I wasn’t the only one.



Day 13

No school. No life. No fun. No nothing. There was nothing to do…why??? Why was I doomed to sitting around a cave the entire day with nothing to do for fun? If I asked my mom if I could go see Joe, we all know what she would say.

“No. It’s not safe.”

Maybe she would also add:

“You are grounded, young Zombie. No fun for you. Not for 50 years.”

All right, I might be exaggerating. I don’t think she would keep me grounded for more than 25 years.

However, hanging out with my little brother in front of our cave was great and it didn’t’ count as going out or having fun.

So I went out and this is all I saw:



There were a couple of bushes standing in front of my cave as always. There wasn’t anything wrong with this picture, but my brother should have been there. And he wans’t!

If I could breathe and if I wasn’t dead already I would faint, but I was very much dead. I had to tell mom about his. I turned around to get back to the cave and I saw a weird Zombie standing in front of me:



What on block is this? What is he even wearing and more importantly WHY is he wearing this?

“Hey there…” That was everything the weird Zombie said to me. I was too overwhelmed to even respond. I mean: seriously, what on block is he wearing? He looks like a human and I don’t think any Zombie wants to look human around here…

“What…who are you?”, I finally said.

“I am Zombie King.”

What? Seriously? There’s no such thing as a Zombie King! We don’t have a king. We don’t even have a leader!

“Zombie King? Really? You think I am going to believe that…”

“Well, I don’t see why you wouldn’t…”

Umm, well, maybe because…THERE IS NO SUCH THING. I might be young, but I am not that naïve. Of course, I didn’t have time to argue with him because my brother was missing. I had to go tell my mom about my brother.



“Where are you going?” I heard him ask while he was still standing by my cave.

“I apologize my dear King, I have some important things to do now. So, if you’ll excuse me…”

“I saw them taking that little Jockey…” The King Zombie said

“What? What did you just say? You saw who taking who???”

“I saw a couple of Humans taking a little Chicken Jockey…”

“My brother?”

“That was your brother?”

At that moment I lost it – I dragged my feet to this Zombie King or whoever he was and grabbed him. We fell on the ground and I started shouting at him.

“You saw Humans taking someone in front of your eyes and you did nothing? How could you? Are you a Human too???”

“I am sorry! No, I am not Human! Please, just let me go and I will explain!”

“I think you are a liar, Mr. Zombie King! I think you are a Human! Let me see!”

I started pulling his face, trying to reveal his true identity.

“Why won’t it peel off???” I was pulling mercilessly (now that I look back, I should have probably done it more gently)

“Peel off??? Of course it won’t peel off!!! I am a Zombie. I swear!

“I don’t believe you! Your funny clothes say it all. How did you glue it that well? Come on, just take off that mask.”



I guess that was really his face after all. Was it too late for an apology? I think it was, but I could still just let him go.

“Umm, so…that is your face and not a mask I guess”

“Of course! For block sakes why would someone pretend to be a Zombie?!?”

“Well, I know one mob who found disguising a handy thing to do…but that’s a long story. I would just like to say I am sorry about pulling your face. I bet it hurt. My brother is missing, and you are obviously aware of that, so now if you’ll excuse me I really need to go and tell my parents.” I was about to enter the cave but the Zombie King said something that stopped me:

“I don’t mean to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but I think you should go looking for your brother…”

And he was right… there was no way my mom would let me go look for Little Jockey. She would go by herself and then I would be the one worrying about her and everything that could happen to them. AAAAAAAARGHHHHHH! I wish my life was just normal…

“Did you see where they went?”

“That way…” He pointed in a direction that was familiar – I knew One-Toe Jack had something to do with this – well, that sneaky know-it-all Human probably had everything to do with it.



Day 14

I wish I could bite the block out of that One-Toe Jack – Humans like him are practically the reason why everyone in the world of blocks hates Humans. Well, that and the fact that they eat, take and slay everything that comes in their way – including cows stuck in bushes.

I couldn’t bite him though as that would turn him into a Zombie Villager and then we would have to put up with him forever…

I was on my way to Rotten Joe’s home to see if he wanted to come along with me to the Human Village we were at a couple of days ago.

“Hey, Joe!”, I was standing by his “room” if bushes could be called a room, whispering to check if he was there.

“Jake? What are you doing here? I thought you were grounded…I know I am – all because I was dumb enough to come along with you and silly enough to listen to your master rescuing plan…”, he sounded pretty mad at me.

“Look, Joe, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have made you come with me…I just wanted to make things right.

“Your sorry is not going to un-ground me…you know that right?”

“Joe, I am so sorry. How many times do you need me to say it…”

“Who’s that with you and why is he dressed like that???” – Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that our Zombie King was following me around. He said that he didn’t mind helping me as he didn’t have anything else to do.

“Oh, that’s just… our new friend.”

“But why is he dressed like that?”

“Just don’t ask Joe…So…I really need your help.”

“Help to get us in trouble again?” Joe had a good point, but we were already grounded so it could not really get worse.

“My brother was taken. The Zombie King saw Humans take him away. He is probably with our teachers now…”

“Zombie King??? There’s no such thing as a Zombie King! That is ridiculous!", Joe was laughing and trembling so hard I felt bad for Zombie King.

“I know but please listen to me. Will you please come along? I need you now more than ever.”



Day 15

Rotten Joe decided to come along. It took me a while to convince him but he decided to join us in the end. I would do the same for him – that’s what best friends are for, right? I was glad Rotten Joe was my friend.

“I can’t believe you made me do this again. I am coming along only because your little brother needs help, just so you know.” Joe mumbled as we were dragging through the woods.

“I know, Joe. And I am grateful for having you around.”

He was silent. I guess my gratefulness made him speechless.

The moon was on its way up as the night was falling. It was the perfect time for us and to execute our plan. Actually I didn’t have a plan for rescuing Little Jockey, but I had some goals. My list of goals looked like this:

• Get to the Village without getting slain

• Enter the Village without getting slain

• Find my brother without getting slain

• Find our teachers without getting slain

• Return home (without getting slain of course)

“Are we getting there?” I heard the Zombie King mumble.

“Yes. We are there actually. And it’s night. I think it is time for us to strike…”

“Ummm…I think someone beat us to it…”



Skeletons…what are they doing here. They had their bows pointed at us. I don’t want to get my arm pierced by one of those. One of them asked:

“What are you doing here? And why is this Zombie dressed like a Human?”

“I…I just…I just liked the outfit, so I put it on…that’s all. Really – that is all. Is that a crime?” Zombie ”King was trembling.

“Wearing a suit that ugly should be crime, although it isn’t…”, the Skeleton replied. I shared his opinion although I felt sorry for our trembling king.

“So what are you Zombie youngsters doing here?”

“We were getting ready to break into the Village. My brother was taken – he is just a little Chicken Jockey and he needs our help. Besides, the Humans captured all our teachers and now the Zombie Academy is closed…” I explained in one breath (just an expression as I actually can’t breathe)

“Hmm, I see…we were just getting ready to attack them, just for fun, so we are on the same side. Come on, let’s break in and show these Humans what we are made of.



Day 16

Having five Skeletons with bow and arrows to help us out was awesome. We were now strong enough to rescue our teachers and my little brother.

The plan was simple: the Skeletons would aim for the guards on the gates while the three of us would do what we were great at: break the front doors of the gate. We had learnt a lot about breaking in at the Academy so that was not going to be difficult.

The difficult part was that the Humans guarding the gates saw us – It seemed like they knew we were coming. It was their plan all along – that’s why they took my brother in the first place. There were a couple of Villagers waiting for us in front of a massive house behind them, which made me think that my brother and our teachers were trapped in there.



The guards had all sorts of weapons and protection around their body so we didn’t know how to get past them. Thankfully Zombie King started attacking them and running around to draw their attention. The villagers started chasing him, and this gave us a clear path to the house.

Joe and I started to do our Zombie thing, breaking the doors of the house. They were a bit tougher than the ones we were used to, so breaking in took us a while. Luckily, the Skeletons and Zombie King had our backs, to take our time and break into the house.

And that is when I saw him…

“One-Toe Jack…I was expecting to see you here…”

He replied in Zombie language which made me want to bite him. Then I remembered that would turn him into a Zombie villager…

“Hello, Growling Jake…I knew you would come…”, he dared to grin at me, “Where is your little brother, huh? Did you lose him?”


I jumped on One-Toe Jack or whatever his name was. I was really mad at him.

“Joe! Get into that house and see if my brother is there!”

“Got it!” Joe left as I was still trying my best not to bite One-Toe Jack.

“Whatever you do Jake, you won’t be able to ruin our plan…there are just too many of us and only a miserable number of you rotting creatures! The Academy will never teach again and we will be immune to your attacks!”

“You are not that smart, Human. If you were smart, you would do a better j0b with your stupid Zombie mask! You are busted, Human! I didn’t buy your disguise! Not for a single moment!”

That is when he took his sword out.



I was going to get slain and I realized my mom was right. The world was not safe enough. I didn’t feel bad as I did everything I could do save my brother. I guess that Zombies aren’t rescuers after all…

“Hey, you puny little Human! Get your pointy stick out of my son’s face!”, I heard a familiar growl.


I was glad she was here to save me, but I was also scared as I knew I wasn’t supposed to be here. Someone was even more scared: I saw One-Toe Jack, or whatever his name was, run away with the rest of the village as an army of zombies arrived just besides my mother.

They came to save the day and they did it!

I guess Zombies are rescuers after all.




Day 17

“Don’t think you are not grounded, young Zombie. What you did was totally irresponsible! “



I was back home, my brother was safe and sound and my mom was still a bit mad at me. She had a point, I have to admit it, but my dad had an even better point.

“You were right, my rotting dear…she knows that. But you were not entirely right.”

I couldn’t believe my ears..

“Sometimes you have to risk it for the ones you love and for the greater good even if it’s not safe” my dad continued.

My mom was silent. She approached my dad and kissed him on the cheek. YUK! Parents’ stuff. I think I am sick.

“I think I am going to puke…”

“I heard that, young Zombie! You are still going to school. No excuses. Hurry up, you will be late…Chop, chop!”

It’s great to have everything back to normal. Excuse me now, I need to go and get Joe – I don’t want to be late for my first class.


Minecraft: Diary of a 6th Grade Zombie

Ever wondered what the life of a Minecraft Zombie looks like? In the first episode of this hilarious Minecraft adventure series, we take a peak at the diary of Jake, a 6th Grade Minecraft Zombie, and we discover what really lies behind the lifeless look of the infamous Zombies of Minecraft. In this book we will dive into the marvelous World of Blocks, which is a fun and strange place to be in, especially if you are a 12 year old Zombie attending the famous Academy of Zombies, trying to solve a mystery along the way. Plunge into this exciting story and see the world from a young Zombie’s perspective as he is learning more about Humans. Everyone thinks that the only thing Zombies are good at is walking slowly by dragging their feet, growling and scaring Humans – but Jake will prove you wrong – Zombies might not be very different from humans after all.

  • Author: Minecraft Kid
  • Published: 2016-04-23 01:20:12
  • Words: 7556
Minecraft: Diary of a 6th Grade Zombie Minecraft: Diary of a 6th Grade Zombie