Mind Gate - I'm On Fire


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YEAR 2033

Blood of atrocity running down the hazy streets left a strange smell in the air. It seemed like people fled out of nature and spread all over the world. The fire of the war did not only take lives and sweep away the souls, but it also left an irreparable emptiness behind. The trace of existence seemed to disappear in ashes. The human population was on the brink of extinction.

Feeding was easy in a way; in another way, it was difficult. It was easy, because there were cellars of food left behind from the dead. It was difficult, because there were either people who turned into a bag of bones or bodies covered with blood everywhere; every meal was turning into a sickening activity.

Uncertainty and poverty were consuming all the emotions people had by swallowing them up. The ones getting away from becoming animals were hiding and colonizing. As for the ones fuelling the wars and avoiding its consequences vehemently, justice was seeking for them and enfolding them inch-by-inch. But now it was too late for lots of things, maybe for everything.

People, at first, could feel the anxiety wrapped in fear and terror. But in time, these emotions along with their sense of self disappeared. They were running toward ruthless ends; not knowing where they’re headed.

Solitude had never been this palpable. Desolation, which embraced and suffocated people, was becoming more and more gruesome. Exasperation and exhaustion enwrapped the brains now. People chose to suppress the idea-generating parts. What about their hearts? Except for a rare few, they froze their hearts just like the earth. Who knows? Maybe it was because of the cruelties they had committed.

The earth was drowning in silence. The only sound that was echoing was the sound of rage and agony of death. In fact, the aftermath didn’t look favorable. It was as if the sky enveloped in smoke was the indicator of humankind’s uncertain future. Revolutions, the watchman of destructions, were silently waiting to grow.

The dominant powers that were able to stand on their feet were hiding madly from the people they turned into savages. Just as there was white where black exists, there was also good existing in this era where evil was. Would there be a balance between them? Would there be someone to stop the course of events? Who would win this struggle for life? Would these blurred consequences left behind from the disaster be able to turn people into their usual selves?[- -]The shattered mind of the earth was crying and looking for its answers.


I am running to the tomorrows that knows no end

I am on the throes of searching, the one wasting away

In a well

Shouting and screaming

Going deeper

I am seeking love

Myself I’m hoping to find

I am seeking the puzzle pieces

Myself I’m hoping to find


YEAR 2094


The boy gasped for breath when he stepped into the cyber world. He dragged his heels, but he held himself. He was yearning to learn the truth. Meanwhile, he was trying to remain calm in order not to tremble with fear. He entered the gigantic tunnel lying ahead of him. Inside was covered with trees and moss blocking the view of the walls. There was no one around. He timidly kept moving. He was all ears, but all he could hear was the sound of his ragged shoes going in and out of the mud.

He tightened his grip on the weapon he was holding in his hand. He couldn’t shoot, but it was reassuring to have this with him while going on this ever dim-witted chase. He wrapped himself even more in his coat unable to warm himself up.

Along the tunnel, inside was illuminated by luminous flowers. The boy inhaled the gorgeous smell of the flowers to calm himself. This didn’t make his worries go away. On the contrary, the stimulating smells of the flowers reminded him of the trouble he was heading towards. In a confused way, he was pacing in the tunnel, and as he got tired, he was taking unnecessarily long breaks. He had to hurry. If he had been caught there, he would have had no chance to escape. _You are walking toward your demise. They are going to find you and throw your head into a well. Hurry up. Either do this or run away. _

The boy sped up although he was short of breath. When he reached the end of the tunnel, a wooden door high as the ceiling met him. He just stood there not knowing how to open it. He saw a small hatch under the door. He lifted it with trembling hands. His heart was racing. He wanted to groan in fear, but he was sure he couldn’t do it.

The inside didn’t seem to expose his whereabouts as he suspected. There was a vast forest with tall lush trees lying ahead of him. He passed through the trees carefully. Birds chirping[- -]drowned out the crackling noise of the branches.

[_Where are they? I can’t hear anything. _]Hiding among the shadows of the bushes, he kept on moving. His excitement mixed with his exhaustion was making him breathe faster. He was able to avoid a mudflat just in time. His hands were cut hanging onto the trees. Some of his fingers were bleeding and aching.

Although artificial sunbeams were shining outside, it was pretty dark among the trees. He used to find darkness creepy but now he was glad that it helped him hide. He was scanning his surroundings and at the same time he was trying to inculcate himself, but he wasn’t sure if it was working.

The light seeping through the trees a few meters ahead put a strain on his calming nerves again. The boy tried to slow his breathing down but was unsuccessful. He still didn’t hear a word. Nor did he encounter a significant event. But he knew. The truth he was looking for was here.

As he approached to the point where the light seeped, his pulse raced. He felt the strength in his legs escape, but he didn’t care. He came here to find the truth, and he wouldn’t turn back without finding it. As he neared toward the end, the laughter reaching his ear was becoming clearer. The arrogance of the laughter of the men standing outside only increased his resolution. He positioned himself so that he could hear them. The place he found was both in the shades and also the most efficacious to rest.

The boy tried to see where they stood with his head hidden in the branches. The men were feasting on top of a flying piece of land. Except for the fabric-covered parts of the armchairs they were sitting in, the armchairs were gold-plated. There were five of them. They all looked old. The one in the middle whose armchair was looking directly to the place where the boy was hiding was the Cursed King. He had court clothes on. With his rough face and bright yellow hair, his heinousness was doubling.

Cutting out the laughter and conversations that were hard to understand, they started to talk. Turning to the man in metallic clothing beside him, the King spoke:

“So I will be able to control everybody when this machine is completed.”

“Absolutely sir. I assure you.”

“Then, as soon as I say ‘do it’, the whole Fenos will do it. Without thinking, deciding and using the slightest thinking mechanism?”

The man confirmed: “Everybody without exception.”

The King burst into laugh again. “All of them will turn into walking shadows. I will use them as my favorite toys. I will shine them and I will renew them. I will turn them into ornaments that obey my orders.” He grinned again. “I will call them ‘My Golden Shadows’.”

The scoundrels around him accompanied him with their laughs. The court official with the metallic clothing said:

“I have a present you’ll be very fond of Your Majesty.” The King turned his eyes twinkling with joy to the man. “You know I love presents, Altemo.”

“I know and that’s why I have brought you the perfect presents for your taste,” said the man pleased. “How about trying the soulless people of the future here, sir?”

The King raised an eyebrow. “I’ll reward you Altemo,” he said snickeringly.

“I’d be honored to be graced with your generosity, Your Majesty.”

The boy stood in the hole he was hiding afraid to breathe. He was right about his fears. Now he should leave here immediately. The truth he was hoping to learn – but the truth he even in the least didn’t want to accept – was confirmed without hiding anything. Inside, rage, fear, worry and many more consuming emotions were waiting to be acted out after being collated. I should get back. He brought forth his thumb to the button on his neck. [_It won’t be a problem if I wait a little bit longer. In case of a problem, I will press the button and be out of the cyber world. _]He withdrew his hand.

The man in the metallic clothing was telling the king what he had to do for the experiment. Meanwhile, the boy was rooted to the ground and was trying to silence his inner voice, which was about to go crazy. The ideas descending on his mind were infusing him with rage. He restrained his soul, which was about to get out of control. He leaned on the tree he was leaning on harder. While he was adjusting his stance, the tree suddenly disappeared.

With the whole forest…

At the same second, the darkness around him was replaced with a shining brightness. As soon as the boy blinked – almost at the same time as the forest disappeared – there was a sea of faces around him. Some of the people were wearing fancy clothes covered with fancy jewellery; some were in their casual clothes; the rest were in rags. . All of them should have represented different classes: Upper, middle and lower class. The flock of people appearing suddenly were looking around them in a bewildered way and firing off questions.

The boy swallowed down the groan that was about to escape his lips. Taken aback, he tried to make sense of the things he was seeing. He couldn’t risk getting out of the game as he was standing amidst the crowd. The fear eating him up was running through his veins as piercing fire.

The King stood up. He came closer to them on his flying piece of land. With his every step, the boy’s heart was racing faster. His ears were humming with the curious conversations of the people around him. His whole body was shaking. There weren’t any signs of fear on the faces of the crowd. He copied the people around him – he tried to. He looked around with blank eyes. He asked questions with his trembling voice. He refrained himself from looking at the King who was watching them. Just copy. He won’t understand you are different from them. Copy!

The King called out to them with his thunderous voice, which sounded as if he was holding up a microphone:

“My dear people, you cannot imagine how happy I am now that you are here.”

Everybody burst into praise and applause.

You scumbag, lying jerk…

“Today, I will have a few requests of you. Will you do them?” The boy was stealing a glance from the crowd to monitor their behaviors, and at the same time he was listening to the King. He went along with the crowd shouting “At your service.”

A troublesome smile appeared on the King’s face. The boy was aching to leap at the man at that moment. However, if he did this, he would only hurt the virtual body. Yet again his desire didn’t die.

The boy gave up his aggressive thoughts. He would have been stopped before he pushed his way through the crowd and reached that savage body. He remembered the weapon in his pocket. No, he had zero chance of hitting him if he fired. _One day, I will give you the penalty you deserve _

“Kneel and salute me.” The crowd obeyed his order without making any noise.

The heads almost touched the ground.

“Good. Stay. Do not move your bodies till I give you an order.” The King had a device in his hand, which looked like a controller. His fat fingers wandered on it. With this move, the hard soil beneath them turned into mud. On it puddles started to appear.

The water level was rising under his legs as if someone turned this place into a pool. What is he planning to do? The boy couldn’t dare to raise his head, but he could feel the water rising all around the people’s legs. The rising mass was approaching his mouth at a terrifying fast rate. He held his breath. The water could be over his head at any moment. He’s going to drown us! It’s a test…The boy knew that drowning was one of the horrible ways to die. [_If I don’t do this now, they will find my real body and kill me. They saw my face; this must be a piece of cake for them. _]

If the man’s words were really effective on these people, they would be willing to die silently and that’s exactly what happened. There is no reaction. Not at all!

The water exceeded his nose. He started to count silently. He could hold his breath for maximum two minutes – one hundred and twenty seconds. And then…

One, two, three… Fifty… Ninety-eight… One hundred…

The body of water disappeared. The boy coughed quietly. He didn’t raise his head even in this situation. He kept his position without moving even a muscle. Not being dead relieved him.

“I appreciate you puppets. But this is not enough to show your loyalty.”

The boy got goose bumps while waiting for his next words. His body was aching. It was always like this whenever his emotions got out of control. [_And now my emotions aren’t the only thing that got out of control: everything. _]The man continued his speech after waiting for a while.

“I am the most superior person in this world. I order you to keep this in mind. Nothing else can be more superior. I (he emphasized the word here raising his voice) make the choices and you obey them. Whether you like them or not.”

The crowd accepted the situation by lowering their heads. Meanwhile, a pleased expression appeared on the King’s face. The boy was screaming inside while approving with his head. You jerk. You jerk.

“Or…” the man paused deliberately. “Would you prefer to fight against each other hungry and thirsty like you did in the past?”

The boy eyed the people wondering their reaction. Nobody answered. Everybody stared the man like they were confused. The boy now started to comprehend some things. When it came to making decision – at least for difficult questions – the people couldn’t think. But if they were told what to do, they would accept it.

The man must have seen the confused look on people’s faces so he continued his speech. “Instead of being free crawling, be Golden Shadows that live under my orders.”

Yes, he was right. After the King’s last sentence, the people’s faces were straightened and confident. It seemed as if they were joyous. Their faces were clarified, and they were relieved. The boy wouldn’t accept that no matter what. He wondered if the people here were real or just a simulation toy.

“Now that you have accepted, rest assured I will shower you with rewards.”

Take your reward…

“Now we have come to your last loyalty test; when you pull through this, you will have delight and pleasure and you will experience a peaceful life.”

Damn. What’s next?

The boy filled his lungs with air just in case. But the scene he was worried about didn’t happen… Worse happened.

He looked at his reflection appeared before him suppressing his scream inside. Although he could control his upper body, his legs were shaking like he was about to collapse. His image turned to him as if begging for mercy. There was maximum one meter between them. When he managed to peel his eyes off his image, he realized that there was somebody appeared before the crowd. But except for a little minority, nobody had their own image before them. He couldn’t stop the gag rising up through his throat. He could stop the bile only when it reached his mouth. After struggling for a while to pull himself together, he sent back the disgusting mix down. He was short of breath.

The scumbag was taking everything slow as if he were enjoying the parade. The boy was sure that everybody felt the same shiver he did. Because every image standing before them had the same pathetic look. Misery was echoing from those begging faces. Being aged, misery and weakness… A weakness that consumes everything…

He studied the grey face before him. There was nothing he could do; the man was expecting them to do this. He looked at his grayish lilac eyes. There were dark speckles around his pupils. He studied the features of his sculpted-like face. Then, he turned his eyes to his striking hair.

His scarlet hair with golden shades was straight. The boy noticed his bowel movements with a new stomach explosion. He straightened his body to get rid of the spasm in his stomach. People always valued him because of his appearance. But he hated this so much. If he didn’t look like this, people could be interested in his other traits. No, nobody tried to understand. This was why he hated them. The only person he could love in this life was himself. The owner of the face he was disgusted…

“Did you recognize the people before you? These are the people you care about most in this life. I see some of you have reflections of yourselves. It seems this loyalty trial will be fun.”

“Yes, keep your eyes on them. In case you haven’t noticed, the only moving part of these bodies is their faces… Besides, they don’t have the ability to talk. So they are not capable of preventing anything you can possibly do to them. But you are not interested what they think, are you? What is important is what I want from you.”

The man paused for a moment. “Now take your eyes off of your bodies before you. Look at the ground. You will find great tools for you there. I want you to take them in your hands.”

The boy winced. He was sure he didn’t want to see whatever it was waiting for him on the ground. He hardly looked down. Gun!

When he clutched the gun, a severe pain lodged into his skull. He forced himself not to hold his aching head. His fingers were so week that he clutched the gun with two hands so that he wouldn’t drop it. He glanced one or two meters ahead. The kneeling woman seemed like she was struggling for existence.

_It seems I am not alone. _

The man before her could be her husband. They both looked in their forties. His tall body was about to collapse. He had an irrecoverable terrified look on his face.

There must be limits to the loyalty to the King. Or… was he wrong? Only for a short while, he stopped thinking about himself and questioned whether the people around him would follow his orders or not.

“My dear toys – shadows – now that you are ready, I am giving you my order. With the weapons in your hands, you are going to kill the person you love most. I want you to shoot those people who are maybe blood. You have sixty seconds.” He was quiet for some time for his words to be grasped. Then he said: “The first shooters will be rewarded with the nobility symbol of their choice and money.”

After the announcement, the hesitant fingers fired shots consecutively. Some were in a great hue and cry over the dead person; others were waiting for their rewards calmly keeping their head high. As everybody was moving like crazy, the boy watched the terror without hiding his glances.

His whole body was burning with pain. His image no more looked in pain. His eyes darkened with hatred. The boy tried to remain up; his gun dropped on the ground. He read the lips of the face before him. [_You can’t accept this. You must be crazy, stop now. _]

His frozen image was trying to move. The boy knew he was running out of time. He took the gun back. He pointed the gun towards the face trying to stop him with crazed looks. You are right. I am a mad man.

Pulling the trigger, he felt something torn apart inside him. But afterwards, it had been easier to get himself together than he expected. He wondered what the crowd around him was doing. The woman whose eyes were a minute ago shining with shivers now was looking calmly at the body lying on the ground and… [_She is smiling. Smiling. These people are crazy. Of course, after learning about the prize, the first gunshot I heard came from where the woman was. So she was the first… _]

The boy didn’t hear a word the scumbag king said then. His vision was completely blurred. He remembered everything vaguely. Joyful cries of the ones who got the great rewards, the whining of the ones who were late to act and saluting the King with the others as he heard he was exempt from both of the groups…

The bloody bodies were gone; the world around was filled with festivities. The forest had disappeared suddenly and a party had started full of feasts. Dozens of servants surrounded them serving food.

The King wasn’t interested in them anymore. Every minute, another was added to the heap of meal in front of him. He was eating in an uglier way than an animal. The boy shushed his echoing mind with rage. He blended in people and put the same mask they were wearing on. The only thing he could see on the dancing bodies around him was the blood trails underneath their cleaned clothes.



In her room filled with veils and flying toys, Rose was lying down silently. On the windows in the underground pavilion she was living, as soon as she saw the view of phantasmal sunrise, she rose up and started the preparations in a hurry because her big sister was coming. She told the impish robots in a screeching tone to do the cleaning, but the robots told her that the house was already cleaned every day. Then, the girl told them to shut up and gave them other tasks.

Robots made the virtual theatre ready and illuminated the giant pool where cascades flowed. Then, they activated the bubble machine in the bubble room and completed a dozen more preparations. Rose wasn’t satisfied and followed the robots till she was out of breath.

She turned nose up at the things she didn’t like and she wanted them to be done again. Today was as important as treasures to her. So everything had to be perfect. Once in a while, she argued with the robots but the robots she came at continued saying “Master, master…” with their metallic voices.

At last, the tasks were completed. Rose’s body was so exhausted. She returned to her bed and watched the colorful images on the ceiling come together and disappear. And then, she realized that the colors were distracting her. In a fury, she got up from the bed.

She identified a spot on her room’s warm walls and pressed her finger against it. After a few seconds, she felt a vibration on her finger. In an instantaneous whir, a woman came through the wall.

She looked at the woman’s shadowy figure. She embraced herself angrily. Her face turned into an accusing expression. The virtual woman responded her with eyes devoid of feeling. She reminded herself that she was not a real person, but – for some reason – she was having difficulty while thinking about this.

She grunted and her sentences overlapped: “Change the appearance of my room. I am exhausted. I can’t stand such a colorful room. Turn my walls into a dark green and get rid of the unnecessary things. Turn this into a peaceful place. But as soon as my sister comes through this door, turn it to its previous state immediately. No, no, you might as well turn it into a fancier place than before. But not now, when she comes!”

“With pleasure master.” The woman’s soft tone reminded her of the mothers she saw in the movies. She never had a mother. There was nobody to hug her, whisper her terms of affection, or warm her inside with her smile. That’s why Rose had her bed warmed up every night and then went to sleep. When her big sister wasn’t around – which meant most of the time – she fell asleep hugging one of the giant pillows.

Sometimes she thought that the walls in this underground world she lived were coming at her and the robots were jarring horrific ghosts. At these times, she ran to her bed and took refuge in it, turned on the heater and took her soft pillow under her arm and felt safe with it. At other times, she thought that the earth above her would collapse and she would be left to die in the depths of this underground world.

When she couldn’t stand worrying anymore, she asked for help from the beings she didn’t know. If she could talk aloud with her voice lodged in her throat, she at once ordered the lights to turn on and had a quick look around till her anxiety calmed down. Maybe there were monsters roaming the earth. This made her terrified even more.

Her father and sister – the people she valued the most – warned her about the evils on earth. They never talked about the details but Rose was sure there were ghosts wandering there. Maybe there were more dreadful creatures out there. So she shouldn’t go out.

She was living in this cave from the moment she opened her eyes. It was a little bit incorrect to call this a cave, though; this place was much more different than the ones in the pictures she looked at awe in the books. This was an underground pavilion.

Over the years, she not only hated here with all her guts but also a bond had been formed between this place and her. In contrast to the outside world full of dangers, the silent house she was living in was a much more sheltering place for her. If her father and sister had been with her, she wouldn’t have needed anything else.

Her life here wasn’t colorful at all. Playing with her great toys at her empty house wasn’t fun. She could only play with them with her sister. For this reason, instead of spending time with that fancy stuff, Rose went to the 5-d video room, watched TV there, and then read loads of books.

She taught herself how to read. This, according to his sister, was an indicator that Rose would be very intelligent in the future. Of course, she would also be very noble. The girl didn’t even know what it meant to be a noble.

She always secretly ignored her sister’s utterances about the future. She was tired of waiting and thinking ahead through her lonely life underground. But sometimes… to hope made her happy.

She stopped thinking and went inside the quilt. Meanwhile, the edges of the quilt clung to the sides of the bed like a pocket. When her father gave this air-conditioned quilt to her as a present, Rose thought that she was going to suffocate inside. Then, she realized that it was somewhat fun and let it shrivel by making strange noises and heat her up. Now, as it had been on the first day, this quilt made her drowsy again.

The girl whose every inch was aching with exhaustion tried to keep her heavy eyelids open. She wished she hadn’t been running around following the know-it-all robots. Now her legs couldn’t bear standing. Her poor body was now begging her to go to sleep.

She wavered between listening to her body and waiting for her sister. The walls reminding of a forest after being turned into dark green were also making her sleepy. No, no, it couldn’t happen like this. She got up from her bed.

She left her room to be able to wait for her sister’s return in front of the door, got on the elevator. There was a slow-beat music playing in the elevator. To be able to stop the music, she hastily crossed her feet and clapped. In this way, the screeching sound disappeared.

When she got out of there, she went to the entrance hall of the house. This place was quite wide. There were all kinds of stuff around. A flying armchair, a 3-d television area, cabinets Rose never even looked inside; mirrors and rose-pink ornaments were everywhere.

This place was furnished with pinks like the other half of her house. When she approached her flying armchair, the armchair descended on its own. Deep rumbling sounds were coming from the girl’s stomach. After a few seconds, one of the robots appeared beside her. The robot standing before her was a dwarfish metallic-colored statue with bright red eyes. _A moving statue. _

Rose sighed with boredom. The robot by her side fetched her meals with its metal body. She didn’t like the meals the robots brought. When compared to the desserts and junk food she ate with her sister in the virtual planet, these meals were just unappetizing mixtures.

Rose stared at the floating slurry in front of her face. The green stuff covered meal was shouting outright “Don’t eat me!” Oh no, it couldn’t be: she had never seen these vegetables in her life before. These looked worse than usual. She couldn’t even guess their taste. The bead-eyed robot brought Rose some milk as well. At least, she could do with milk.

“This plant-water is disgusting… I am not gonna eat it!” she protested. She put her hand on her waist. She was planning to challenge the robot.

“You have to eat, master.”

“Why is that?” she said and frowned.

“Master we calculate the nutritional value you need daily. The meals I present you with consist the vitamins and proteins suggested for your development and physical well-being. Today you have been awake more than usual. Also, you have spent much effort. We have to provide you with the energy you need to have. Please, you should…”

“I don’t understand why you robots always talk all mixed up. Whatever, take this away and fetch me some fruit. Did you hear me red-eye?”

“I am sorry, master; this doesn’t seem possible.”

“If you don’t change this meal, I will unplug your battery charger tonight. I know you work in shifts. I will even trick the other robot and make it unplug you. Besides, why do you call me ‘Master’? Huh? Am I your master? I am a kid, a kid.”

“Yes, master, I will change it.”

“I told you not to call me ‘master’ you dwarfish thing! And robots don’t get upset; don’t try to trick me.” She kicked the robot full force. There was the sound of a metallic hit but there wasn’t the slightest change in the robot. But Rose’s right foot started to ache with pain. Why did she perform a move that she saw in the virtual planet on the living statue? Now her foot was going to be bruised. Next time, she had to find other ways to taunt these robots. Of course, she didn’t think that they would care anyway.

The robot left Rose after throwing a dull glance at her. She wondered what it felt. Of course, they didn’t have feelings. After it left, she shook her aching foot in the air. She bent down and puffed; when it didn’t work, she gave up and leaned back. She lay down completely and closed her eyes; her fantasy world was before her with its whole magnificence. While she was wandering with her sister in her fantasy world, she fell asleep paying no mind to her meal.


When Rose opened her eyes, she found herself in her nice and warm bed. She blinked her eyes yawning. Wait, wait… Why wasn’t she in her armchair? She jumped out of her place hastily. Her big sister Salen was sound asleep by her side. Her breath was heavy and rhythmic.

With joy, Rose didn’t know what to do. Then, she hugged her sister quietly. Salen’s golden hair was dazzling. This short silky hair was always radiant. She looked at her face carefully. Her sister’s face reminded her of the chubby cheeks of dolls. Her face was that plump in the way that her body was slim. Her amber eyes were lightened in daylight and became bright.

She adored her but the people outside didn’t think like her. When they entered the game called the Virtual Planet, many people looked at her condescendingly.

Once when her sister went to buy some ice cream, a boy came to Rose. The boy asked her questions about her appearance and commented.

“What color are your eyes? They look both blue and green. Why is your hair black? Girls usually have it dyed to pink and go around like that but yours’ color is real probably. Is it?” he said. And then, he wanted to be friends with her.

Rose’s answer was clear: “No, my only friend is my big sister.” The boy asked with anger after the sudden answer he got:

“Are you talking about the weird-faced girl who just took off?”

When she was telling him, “Shut up. You can’t call my sister like that.” she approached the boy and fixed her eyes on him. When the boy left wincing, the girl wiped the tears piling up in her eyes hastily. Although she tried to hide it from her sister, she realized that Salen heard that conversation. She knew because her sister never entered the game with her own appearance again. She always took the appearance of the available characters in the Virtual Planet.

Rose shook off the thoughts she was wandering in. She listened to Salen’s panting breath, caressed her hair. She tried not to move. She was going to wait for her sister to wake up. Even her presence was enough for her anyway.



After Rose watched her sister for two hours silently, Salen woke up. She was angry with herself because she spent the time they were going to spend together sleeping. She knew for sure that Rose wouldn’t wake her up. Even so she was going to punish her a little bit. She tickled her and laid her on the bed.

“Why didn’t you wake me up miss naughty!?”

“Ahaha sis stop!”

“Wow you want me to stop! You don’t raise me, and then you say ‘sis stoopp!’ Very well missy.”

“But you did the same thing to me. If you remember, I didn’t come here all by myself my dear big sister.” she said sneering.

“This is not an excuse. You are going to grow and become a big young lady. Of course, I won’t wake you up. But you should wake me up so that I won’t be toooo tall and you can outgrow me.”

“Yes… Haha… You are right… Absolutely… Ahaha… Let me go… Haha…”

“Alright, but if you don’t give me a gigantic kiss, I will continue tickling you. Deal?”


Salen stopped tickling. Rose wrapped her arms around her sister like handcuffs. She knew that she was wrapping too tightly but she couldn’t help herself; she missed her indescribably. She pressed two huge kisses on her cheeks. Afterwards, Salen bombarded her with questions with her cheery voice. She listened to the answers to her silly questions as if they had been significant. When they finished talking, Salen learned everything from what she dreamt to which vegetables were in her meal.

After that, they went to the theatre hall in the house and watched the games of 3-d people. Because junk food was forbidden to Rose, Salen sneaked the food packs in. The robots wouldn’t let that happen for sure if they had been around. But the poor robots were the subject of the attacks of two girls and were left to sleep without their batteries on their backs. Of course, the girls didn’t feel any remorse.

It happened like this: Rose asked for something from each of them one by one, then chatted them up; meanwhile, Salen sneaked up on them and took out their batteries. So she took all the energy they had. But the real attack was to the robot, which hurt Rose’s foot – actually, Rose was the one teasing, but what was important was the result.

When her sister drained the robot’s energy, Rose took her crayons and drew bizarre shapes on its face. Then, they dressed it with a purple wig Salen found in the dressing rooms. Even the poor robot devoid of feelings would probably react to its distorted appearance. Anyway, in the end, Rose was happy to get her revenge; her foot was still hurting.

After they got wildly naughty darting from place to place, finally they entered the room where the virtual planet set was installed.

Operating the virtual planet was both complicated and required experience. Salen didn’t want her to use the device on her own. Communication with the people outside without them knowing could cause inevitable problems. She was supposed to be kept hidden and under observation. [_For a while, _]Salen thought.

The set covered a wide space in the room. The cylindrical platform reaching from floor to ceiling was viable for only one person. Salen helped Rose to wear the suit. This suit enveloping the whole body enabled them to feel everything they touched in the game realistically. The receivers they stuck onto their tongues stimulated the buds on the tongue when they ate something. They even placed olfactory receptors in their noses. All these things enhanced the reality of the virtual planet.

Their bodies wouldn’t get tired when they entered the virtual planet and their physical movements were processed by the device. The special suit they wore was tied to the ceiling with wires. When the player wore the suit, the suit interacted with the ground in an invisible electromagnetic way and enabled the person to be afloat.

The wires they were attached to were operating in the same way a puppet master moved a puppet with the strings in his hand. A special system on the ceiling was moving the person’s limbs in different directions to help that person’s movements. The player spent energy as if she was flying in space. In other words, they were making almost no effort.

All Fenos people owned the virtual planet device. Salen heard that some people even spent an amount of money on it equal to buy a house. People who spent an entire life to the virtual planet were considerably high in number. To be able to survive in the game you either possessed a profession inside according to your skills or you bought the virtual planet gold paying high amounts of money in the real life. What surprised Salen most was some people ate in the virtual world while on a diet. Although they weren’t eating anything actually, they were suppressing their hunger by tricking their minds with virtual foods. When it came to beauty, the women really were astonishingly genius. She definitely wasn’t in that club.

“Are you comfortable honey? Has the suit fitted you?”

“Of course. The snacks we had made my stomach a little bit swollen but it’s okay.”

“Hmm… If you want, I can heat you a relaxing pill; your belly will return to normal. Then, we can enter the game. What do you say?”

“Wait, wait. Are you heating pills in a pan?”

“Yes.” Salen said and look at her puzzled. Then suddenly: “Ah you don’t know, do you! In the houses where there are fewer robots, the robots heat the pills so as not to waste time and turn them into meals.”

“Well, do they really heat in on the stove?” Rose gaped.

“Haha… something like that. Anyway, if I talk about this, we are going to spend too much time.”

“Okay. Aww, but I won’t eat those. So never mind my belly sis.”

“Are you sure, right? Seriously their taste isn’t so bad.”

“Absolutely sure. I swear on my pink pouf’s worn edges.”

Salen burst into laughter: “What kind of an oath is that? Who teaches you this? Ah those dull robots for sure, right? Next time, I will pour motor oil into them.”

“It is not their fault; it is yours sis.”

“Mine? No, don’t talk nonsense Rose. I am a very normal, responsible big sister.”

“You know you boast about yourself too much, right?”

“You talk too much, shorty. I won’t take you to the virtual world.”

“Okay, okay. I am not talking. I’m sorry. Let’s go.”

Her sister squeezed Rose’s cheek. She said, “You know very well what to say, smart girl.” Then, she planted a kiss on her cheek and got out of the platform.

They entered the game. The starting area was the downtown. This place surrounded with large squares was people’s favorite. They went around in groups here and shopped. Rose held her sister’s warm hand.

Cheerful conversations were echoing around. Sellers were trying to attract people to their stand by shouting. A bright sun in the sky was majestically illuminating everywhere. There was a sound of a song coming from an undistinguished place. The girls turned their head at the same time as it were intentional. There was a stage right behind them aligned with space. There were shiny glitters flying around the stage. The singers were the metallic robots.

Salen called out to Rose to be able to make herself heard shouting – shouting too much:

“Where shall we go?”

“I don’t know. You decide.”

“You shouldn’t leave those difficult decisions to me. Hmm… Let’s go to the playground then.”

“Because you are older, we have to do what you want.”

“But you are going to tell which game we are going to watch. Okay? In turns.”

“Alright, but right not I can’t think of anything; I should decide when we go there.”


When they came to the playground, Rose’s heart started to skip its beats. Whenever she came here, this happened. Hundreds of play areas dazzled her. She looked at the introductions on the screens. There were so many choices that it seemed impossible to decide. At last, she had something in her sights. She liked to watch better than participating in them.

“I want to watch magic wars.” she said pointing with her finger.

“Isn’t it too violent for your age?”

“I don’t think so. What do people like at my age?”

“Clothing competitions, make-up games…”

“Aw! Right. I don’t like them.” she said rolling her eyes. “You couldn’t learn what I like all these years sis?”

“Of course, I know what you like but magic wars seemed a little bit creepy to me.”

“What happened to going to the game I have chosen? Didn’t you say so?” She pouted. She looked at her sister lowering her head under her eyelids.

“Okay, okay, I don’t object; have it your way.”


When they arrived at the box office, they learnt that all the tickets were sold out. Magic wars were very popular among people. Besides, it was the final matches so there was no way to find tickets. While they were returning from the box office desperately, two bakers caught Salen’s eye. They came here without taking their aprons off. There was a tense expression on their faces. When Salen saw their uneasy state, Salen went to them tugging Rose’s arm.

There was a heated conversation between them. Apparently, they were complaining about the money they paid to the match. Once she caught on that, Salen made her attack.

At first, she went to them and started to chat about the magic wars as if she hadn’t heard anything. Then, she broached the subject making the bakers uneasy professionally.

Thereupon, the men started to complain. Salen then offered them to buy their tickets with the golds in her inventory. The bakers already looking for a way to back out of this leapt at the opportunity. Eh, as a result, everybody was content.

After they left the men, Rose couldn’t help herself and burst into laughter…

“You were so funny back there!” She imitated her sister: “Did you really put your weekly earnings on the magic wars? Ah, that’s too bad! You are right about feeling yourselves bad. We thought that maybe we would watch the magic wars. Seeing your dire situation, we can’t but help you. My little sister and I will save you from this dire situation. Brought up very spoiled by our father, we are pretty rich. If you accept, I will transfer one million into your inventory immediately in exchange for the tickets.”

“I can’t believe you told the men: ‘Brought up very spoiled by our father.’” She held her aching stomach. She took a deep breath: “When you said one million, I thought their eyes were going to pop out. You are such a persuasive person. But at this rate, you are going to bankrupt us for sure.”

“Of course my little sister, I am gifted about this. Don’t worry about the money. Our father really spoils us. I don’t think we will run out of what we have. Let’s go.”

Rose said with a voice she could barely clear up: “I am starting to worry about my father.”

“Believe me, there is no need to worry.”

“Are you sure?” she rolled her eyes.

“Let’s go. We shouldn’t miss the game.” She said tugging Rose’s arm.



Lying down in his backstage, Teal visualized all the spells that he was going to cast. He thought about not only the ones that he wanted to take place but also all possibilities. He completed his task after activating his mental reflexes. He straightened up.

He got up from the chair he was resting in – if it could be called resting; the place he was stretching out was as hard as stone – came before the mirror. He watched the make-believe body which did not exist in reality. He programmed it especially to be disguised.

The young person before him was a little bit muscular and had a medium height size. His lenses, one green one orange, were shining as they were emitting light. Hair-gel was put on his short blue hair and his hair was lifted upward. There was a brown scar on her left cheek covering half of his face. This scar was an ironic symbol that Teal referred to his painful memories.

He touched the scar. The places he touched ached. The boy removed his hand immediately. His breath grew heavy. His eyes were looking at his reflection in the mirror in horror. He drew near the mirror. [_Now is not the time. Now is not the time… _]he whispered silently.

He swallowed with difficulty and threw himself into the chair beside him. He closed his eyes and dreamt of a garden with exquisite smells. Once he made sure that the images calmed his soul down, he opened his eyes slowly. His heart rate returned to normal as well.

He looked at the clock on the door. There were still thirty minutes for the match to start. He pressed the small button on his wrist. A translucent screen appeared before him. He clicked on his inventories from the options. In his inventory closet, there were materials he could always carry with him and use whenever he wanted. He chose the video player from the list.

He opened up his designs taking the suspended device into his hand. He modeled his rival’s general move layout and his positions he was going to take according to it. Then, he turned them into videos in parts. He rehearsed the models he created with the simulator toys in the virtual planet, committed each one of them to his memory.

He was going to fight with an invincible but he wasn’t worried about that. If he knew one thing in this world, no power could stand invincible before a perfect intelligence and planning. His impertinent smile penetrated his face like a contagious disease.

He pulled out his perfect scent from his inventory. After all the victories he had, he inhaled this perfume’s scent and coded it with the sense of success. This was the method of bringing the mind and body automatically to the condition he wanted through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

The sour lemon scent blended with spicy and hard plants fuelled Teal’s standby enthusiasm. His body shook with the unique feeling of success.

A warning came from the speakers. The woman’s echoing voice in the backstage announced that he had fifteen minutes. This was the rule in magic wars. Fifteen minutes before the match, they went into the control tunnel, and checked their spell skills for the last time. Actually, Teal did so. The other cowards checked their spells one hour before the match, tried to adjust their body, and got exhausted in the end. The boy performed his preparation visualizing with the unique power his mind granted him.

He straightened up his suit. He made sure that his hair gel was keeping its shape – of course it was, the hair gel he used was as hard as glue -; after a final touch-up, his preparations were completed. Now he could test his spells in the control tunnel.



One hour before the match, Set got out of the dressing room and went into the preparation tunnel. He rehearsed his spells for a time. He elasticized his muscles rather well by relieving the strain on them. When he was satisfied with his skills, he turned off all the screens and went to other devices. He scanned the surroundings with searching eyes. He didn’t have the slightest idea what all this equipment lying around was. When he found an armchair in an odd corner, he stretched out his legs. He whistled with pleasure. He was going to pulp that little brat today. If the poor boy knew what was going to happen to him, he wouldn’t dare to go out for the match.

Until this time, Set always hid his special tactics. Nobody knew the differences between them. However, this couldn’t be said for the boy’s techniques. The boy revealed that he was hiding something from the very beginning. He was even identified with this trait of his. [_Enigma the 2nd… _]Although the boy’s nickname sounded good, it was empty. If he wanted, Set could access everything he hid from the virtual planet’s command centre. But then what was the fun of fighting?

He got up. He couldn’t stay in one place with excitement. He searched for something like a music player among all these weird-looking devices. He searched for minutes but he couldn’t find. When he claimed his victory, the first thing he was going to do was going to the software developers and order them to put a music player. And of course, he was going to make them put labels on these ridiculous devices that looked like space shuttles. [_And pages and pages of operating manuals… _]One of the devices he turned on went nuts and was beeping continuously.

He turned his head. He snarled with anger. [_I am not going to hit. I am not going to hit. Calm down, calm down. _]Eventually, he landed it one. A strange smoke came out of the device. All the lights on the device went out after it buzzed for one last time deeply. Set blew into his hand and took a peek at his hand. He shouldn’t do stupid things before the match. Fortunately, there was no damage done to his rocky hands.

Now that he had got rid of the disturbing device, he could go and find himself a music player. He filled his inventory with completely unnecessary things so it wouldn’t work. He had to hurry; otherwise, it was a matter of time for him to die of boredom. He looked at the clock. There was still twenty minutes. He continued to poke the devices whining.



Teal went on the stage. When he put his feet on the stage, the audience rooted for him yelling “Enigma the 2nd”. The boy’s nickname was this in magic wars; sometimes they called him “Enigma” in short. In both cases, the nickname they gave him was just appropriate for him.

There were a lot of reasons why they called him so. Like: Although he was activating his spells very slowly, he could take down his opponents unexpectedly; although the entire fighter had three skill slots, he had only two – thanks to his scent spell – the enemies he took down couldn’t even understand how they lost. Although there were thousands of people investigating his spell skills, nobody discovered the third yet… And nobody could.

After his entrance, Set took a step on the stage. It was intentionally prevented for mages to see each other. There was a wide barrier between them. The boy filled his lungs – with the clean for now – air. Soon this place was going to blow up.

He enjoyed the matches to death. However, the main reason for him to enter the magic wars was money. The bonuses they were given in every match they won and the tournament price was an unbelievable amount of hundred million. Teal was going to trade the gold in the virtual world with money. If he won the match, he would have money as much as to buy many houses. The rules of the tournament were also marvelous. The producers and presenters never made any statements; the audience figured out everything on their own. It was like watching a horror movie. The most terrifying kind…

Enigma didn’t feel the need to turn and look at the audience. Behaving like this gave him the image of “unreachable”. He fixed his eyes on the space in the centre of the arena. There were songs playing loudly in the background to fuel the audience more. He held his head high. There was a disdainful look on his face. This was the personality he reflected in the game. Everybody was expecting him to be “Dreadful Enigma”. Teal committed himself to their expectations from the very beginning. But as time went on, he realized that the person he was impersonating in the game and the person in reality was not that different from each other.

The truth is people either turned into “the person they were impersonating” or their true identity interfered with their mask. Teal from the very beginning had Enigma in his soul. This identity was only another form of who he really was. Or he already believed that he adapted to his mask. He didn’t know and it didn’t mean anything.

When got bored standing, the presenter made his entrance to the field on his round disc. His body was covered with metals as if his body was part human part robot. His voice was in compliance with his appearance. His sizzling voice jarred ears. Of course he was sure that the audience loved it. Everybody was dying for that weird robot fashion.

When the presenter completed his speech, he disappeared into the air after saluting the audience. After he left, the spectator seats moved and started to rotate. The seats that were swinging at the same time were dazzling. Next in line was the descending of the wall between the tribune and the field. A square-shaped transparent cage prevented the players to go out. The shape of the cage resembled black glasses.

The audience could hear the sounds inside and watch what the players were doing but it wasn’t the case for the fighters. Teal could neither hear any sound from the outside nor see the audience from the pitch-black wall. Although all the details of his moves could be seen on giant screens and with naked eyes easily, the boy felt his privacy was protected in this way.

When the cage was set in its place, the place was illuminated and the smoke screen between him and Set disappeared. Now the boy could look at him clearly. All the adrenaline in his veins with the excitement of the match spread through his body. His breath grew heavy. He switched his body to the offensive position. He was sure that the urge for victory was in his eyes that he directed at Set.

The miserable man in front of him was at his twenties comprised of muscles. He was taller than Teal at least thirty centimeters. The boy would bet that the man was taller than two meters. Besides, Set’s handsome face – according to the boy, it was very ordinary – brought many girl admirers to the magic wars. The man’s black hair running down on his waist was flame-red on its end. If this style hadn’t been Set’s, the boy would try the same model. Even if he didn’t want to accept it, it made the man look cool.

Teal scanned his face carefully. From his looks, his arrogance could be seen. This was the feeling Teal was carefully working on to build up and mess up. The man was a snugger paying attention to nothing. He was neither arrogant nor diffident. He was just indifferent. So it wasn’t very easy to make Set arrogant.

Teal first calculated the points he was going to get from the matches. Then, he fought in such a way that everybody thought he had a close call and then made it to the finals. He got defeated in certain matches on purpose. Also, he changed his tactics in the matches he lost to mislead Set.

The man now most probably thought “I am invincible but the boy before me is just a lucky brat who got to the finals although he got beaten for four times.” Especially Teal’s being only fourteen years old would cause him to get on his high horse. _You pathetic. I am gonna make history here and you are gonna get out of that raving arrogance of yours. _

The boy changed his looks from arrogance to shyness. The powerless face he wore made the mask on Set’s face completely go off. I am not gonna have mercy on you today; I don’t care how many matches you won. I don’t care about your championship titles or your medals; you are gonna leave this arena with defeat. I know the truth behind your carefree attitude. Why don’t you try to go back to your miserable life and face the things you fear?

The boy felt the seeds of a burning feeling inside. Every word he thought about Set was also true for himself. He wasn’t that stupid not to know that. Even so he ignored the voice warning him inside.

A giant sphere appeared in the middle of the field. The numbers on the sphere were counting down from twenty seconds. When it reached to zero, the sphere disappeared and the fight began.

Both players levitated. Set pausing in the middle of the field conjured a fireball in his hands. There was poison erupting from the fiery ball. He aimed at Enigma’ ribs and threw it. The boy jumped and ascended as if he had been waiting for this. The fireball hit the ground and made a tiny hole there. A second later the hole disappeared. Set tailed the boy. They were circling in the air and positioning themselves in relation to each other.

The man hated to move idly. So he conjured tens of fireballs simultaneously and threw them to the boy. The boy parried his attack. If Enigma had escaped downwards, the poisons coming out of the fireballs could melt his suit down but he was always making his escape upward.

Set ascended to the highest point on the ceiling. If he attacked from here, the boy would be surely hit by the hot liquid because he would be down. He positioned his body in a parallel way to the wall and peeked below. While he was ascending, the boy went to the farthest corner of the field. So you are a coward huh? _]Set flew towards the boy. While he was flying, he simultaneously sent his poisonous fireballs from the ceiling level. [_Now it’s time to be scorched dawg.

Teal looked at the scary fireballs coming right at him. The poisons flooding from them were leaving a metallic scent in the air. Set’s swift attack perplexed his mind. He had to escape immediately. If the flames hit his body, he was sure to perish. He organized his spells in his mind: chemical essence ivy, sound and scent.

He made his mind. He was going to make sounds. He proceeded echoingly the waves vibrating in his hand. With the force of the sound he produced, his arms were shaken. The roaring and expanding waves were approaching Set’s bombardment. Teal retreated while trying to take strength from his feet dangling in the air.

When the crash occurred, the balls disappeared in the air. Due to the instant interaction, a horrible uproar broke out. The smell of the burned out flames and the poisons that turned to dust accompanied the rumble. In the middle of the field, a circular dust cloud first merged and then dispersed around.

The most horrible result of this change was the deafening sound. Teal in the last minute made out what was going to happen and tried to shut his ears and opened his mouth at the same time. With this move, his internal ear pressure was balanced with the pressure of the sound waves coming from outside. He was pleased that he solved the problem without and damage; however… what did Set do?


When Set first saw the material destruction, he threw himself swiftly backwards. It was great luck that he realized the flames’ disappearance. He underestimated the intelligence of the brat. He wasn’t still more than a cunning boy for him though. Even so he was pleased that one of the boy’s skills was revealed. He was sure he would be the one to win. [_Dawg you can’t achieve a thing by defending yourself. You are going to be defeated today; you might as well lose like a man. _]

When the dust heap disappeared, he could see Enigma clearly. The boy still chose to pull away. He loved to hunt. Run all you want. Let’s see how long you can do that.


Teal was planning to stall Set for a very long time. Before using his deadly ammunition, he had to shorten the distance between them. Therefore, he constantly changed his place and kept his hands ready to cast spells. His method to cast spells was to form various shapes by pressing his fingers into his palms. For they were constantly using their hands during the fights, when seen from outside nobody could understand he was casting spells.

His throat ached because of the dust and smell cloud. They were literally playing tag in the battlefield. Fortunately, the suffocating air started to go back to normal slowly. Teal was steering Set this way and that way while keeping his guard. At the same time they were trying to gun for each other.

Finally, the one who dared to attack was Set. The man enveloped the side blocks of the cage they were closed in with poison and flames. Teal ran away backwards from the places he enveloped. This time Set abandoned the side walls and started to envelop the ceiling.

Teal couldn’t respond with sound power because the flames weren’t coming flying. He sighed in exasperation. The man overwhelmed him with only one spell. He had to defend himself. He couldn’t use his scent power now; he had to wait for the right time. He was left with only one spell skill: Chemical essence ivy. If he didn’t respond with this, the flowing poisons would pierce his suit and make him suffer. Of course the attacks in the magic wars transferred the real body in a weaker way but even this didn’t help to soften the effect.

Teal decided to send the ivies. The flowing poison from the ceiling was scattering across the field with every second and was spreading to pour onto the boy in a terrifying way.

He rose to the ceiling. Upon activating the spell, ivies came out of his hand. The ivies he created were different from the normal plants. There were special chemical substances in them.

While the boy was trying to keep away from Set, he absorbed the flames and poisons at the places he passed with ivies. On purpose, he advanced leaving a certain amount of distance between him and Set. Before he could realize the effects of the ivies, Teal would cover everywhere with these and finally he would hit him with his deadly weapon. [_A weapon that Set will groan in dismay when he realizes its real nature. _]Of course first of all his guesses would have to be correct.

Set was almost going to laugh while he was watching the bitter struggle of Enigma. The boy was moving too slowly. He couldn’t help himself and laughed in a low voice.

Now that Enigma revealed his second skill – supposedly his last skill; Set was sure that the boy used three spells, it would be okay if he used his second skill. He formed ices in his hand. It was going to change the sooty and hot air left behind a little bit. Approximately twenty to thirty degrees. Not that much to freeze your blood but ruthless enough to make your teeth chatter from the cold. He was using his mouth for the activation move while casting the spell. Set rolled his tongue in his mouth. With every roll, new icicles were forming.

Teal escaped from the heaps of ice dashing. His guess was correct. Set activated one of the spells with tongue movements. He was too comfy for a person who had a tongue disease. Eh, he was going to learn his lesson after the match. The ice blocks Set sent scraped Teal’s arm. His arms experiencing the burning and freezing at the same bled at first, then the suit’s ripped part fixed itself.

The ice blocks that Set threw glanced off of Teal’s arm. It was almost like his skin had come ablaze and after that, as a cold chill moved down that very spot, it turned to ash.

He clenched his fist. He should neutralize Set before he could be wounded again. As he moved towards him, his breath was stuck in his throat. I don’t need to worry, _]he thought. As the wind howled, it drew circles in the air. He moved towards the man deliberately and as fast as he could. He pushed everything out of the way that was in front of him. He was now just about to come upon the right time. Two requirements had been fulfilled: The use of activation by Set’s own tongue and enough shortening of the space between Teal and him. [_Are you ready Set? I will send you back to the place where you came from.

The ivy left an oily taste in the boy’s mouth somewhat like the taste of detergent. If he is hurting this much, the strength of the chemical should have left an intolerable effect on Set’s sick tongue. Teal spied out inside from the top of the ivy. The man seemed to have mercilessly disappeared. The boy lifted back up into the air. He moved forward turning every area he passed green. However tight his cage was entwined the better. If Set attempted to get out, he would have to jump the prison from the tree.

The field had become like a labyrinth to a startling degree. For the first time the boy noticed the observers. It must have been impossible to see directly what was happening inside. However, every corner in the field was mounted with the latest-technology cameras most likely offering them every detail on giant screens.

When the boy was finished with his business, the mass of ivy that Set was grappling with had become such that there was no escape. If the man could have made a considerable defense, he could have succeeded in getting out of here through his fast responses. But the situation was this that the key to the boy’s attack was to minimize the strength of his attack. Teal froze the picture in his memory. He would enjoy it when he remembered.


The first move he made against the veil surrounding Set activated the ice spell. Hurriedly, he made ice blocks and cut the plants on them. However quickly he produced them, it made it that difficult to catch them. Because of this, he needed to freeze his tongue continuously. After a little while, it became pretty much impossible to give a verbal response to the ivies.

How come? My tongue had never tired before.

It wasn’t just tiredness; the terrible pain inflicting his mouth was stinging from the back to the tip of his tongue. Something in the tongue fueled the reactive sickness that had appeared. Normally, the soluble chemicals in both the mouth and the nose of every person dissolved on his tongue. Quite a bit.

It was as if he was tasting the weeds covering his surroundings as a spider’s web. As he got a cramp in his stomach, he was hovering around the world. His ears were ringing and he felt that he was quietly losing consciousness.

Bellowing he crouched down. He had to get free of the disgusting plants and he had to burn them by setting them on fire. However, he was using his special abdominal muscles to activate the flame spell. He couldn’t use his abdomen. The cramping in his stomach caused the muscles to be strained.

There was one last weapon left behind. He was reluctant to use the third ability too early but he had to. He was disappointed. [_Humph… Our fun was left half-done. Little one, we were going to kill some time before tasting defeat. Then, let’s draw out the game like this. _]Set grinned and emptied himself on the ground. As he writhed on the ground, he activated the spell.


Mind Gate - I'm On Fire

RULE 1: Don’t trust anybody, not even yourself. RULE 2: The real key to the gate is close-by. RULE 3: The things you see and hear are only an illusion. RULE 4: Sometimes love is not faithfulness. After the devastating war in 2033, the world has become a pitiful place. People build the Great Machine to establish and maintain peace and the world is divided into wide countries. This machine which works through artificial intelligence controls people’s every move and prevents wars from being ignited again. However, there is one thing that the device cannot prevent: The problems within the countries. In 2090s, in Fenos, the technological giant country of the world, people live well with rich resources. To maintain order, the society is divided into three: low, middle and high (aristocracy) class. The needs of all people are met by the government and they are allowed to get more in accordance with their labour. However, nobody can enter a superior territory or community by jumping the Mind Gate. Although people are satisfied with their lives in this order, contrary to what is on the surface, they are up against a huge game. The King and a few Arch Nobles start to build a machine to control the public and take their awareness from them. When this secret they believe no one knows is uncovered by a genius boy, the future will not be as they predicted at all. Will this boy from the middle class be able to stop what is going to happen?

  • Author: Ne1
  • Published: 2016-08-02 01:05:08
  • Words: 12102
Mind Gate - I'm On Fire Mind Gate - I'm On Fire