Mind Blind: A Fractal Fairy Tale for 2017 and Beyond







[A Fractal Fairy Tale for 2017 and Beyond[



[Cathy D. Slaght


Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2017 Cathy D. Slaght



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DISCLAIMER: Any similarity to real life or spiritual entities or events is purely coincidental. Other than the Cathars, the rest of the characters and situations are embellishments.




Fractal is a term used in quantum physics, and means, basically, a detailed pattern repeating itself. And that’s what our Universe is…a pattern of frequencies, repeated to infinity. We are, quite literally, a bunch of waves. These “waves” are directed by our subconscious mind and, based on these directions, creates our reality.

It gets complicated. So, the “Fractal Fairy Tale” concept is an attempt to explain.

These tales can be strange. But, as physicist John Wheeler once said, “If you haven’t found something strange during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day.”

Up until the early 1300s, there was a group known as the Cathars. Ever heard of them? They were among the earliest Christians. The Cathars believed that God was Spirit, and Satan was matter. They were ultimately wiped off the face of the earth by those who obviously preferred matter.

When I first learned about the Cathars, I was fascinated. That’s because these people appeared to have an in-depth understanding of quantum physics and how it relates to reality. How could these ancient people have grasped the concept that everything is vibration? How did they know that 99.9% of what's out there is oscillating, vibrating, swirling bits of energy?

And what grabbed me most was the term they used for those who lived by only the 5 senses.

“Mind Blind.”

That seemed like a great name for a fractal fairy tale! So here goes—




Messa was so excited! She’d finally been approved to participate in the most accelerated level of the time travelers’ game. She had waited for eons! (There really wasn’t any time, but she had downloaded an app for “Time” so she could measure experiences.) By her side was her beloved companion, Link. He could not yet join her. Still, he wanted to bless her before she left.

Now, as she approached the entrance to the Launching Corridor, Messa was composed. She knew the drill. Her spirit would enter a specially designed body envelope, travel through the chamber of forgetfulness, and enter a brand-new dimension, known as #3. A champion player in other dimensions, she’d programmed obstacles into her database for this new game. The obstacles made it so much more fun!

Although this was just a computer simulation, it would SEEM real. The chamber of forgetfulness would keep her from remembering that everything was under her control. If she “lost,” she had to return and play again. To get through the obstacle course, she had to master 5 challenges:

1. Discover that she had two minds to play with, a conscious and subconscious.

2. Realize that all the players were one energy, rather than competitors.

3. Practice the principles of nonviolence, frugality, kindness, tolerance, and mercy.

4. Maintain overall vibration at a setting of love and gratitude, regardless of circumstances.

5. Figure out that she was in a simulation, that it was all illusion.

Messa wasn’t worried. She had this. She was THAT good. But then, as she entered the Corridor, she saw her new body envelope and recoiled. What was that horrible material? It looked heavy! Unwieldy! Fragile! Complicated! It would severely handicap her! But more than anything, it was hideous! She was out of here, no way she was getting into that thing.

Then LUFF spoke. LUFF was the Prime Creator, in charge of the whole operation.

“It’s not really that bad,” S/He said softly. “This mechanism has powerful self-repair attributes if you will work with it. How about I download my life force? I’ll circulate it through the envelope but focus it right over the control panel. When you focus your energy through THAT panel, I will grant whatever you request.”

Still panic-stricken, but now willing to reconsider, Messa said, “Control panel? What’s that?”

And LUFF said with a smile, “Welcome to challenge number six.”



LUFF examined the computer monitors. They stretched into infinity. Players were being observed on all dimensional levels. The action in the third dimension was chaotic, as usual. Out of all the players in the multiple frequency game, this group was the most challenging.

Part of the problem was that S/He’d given Nasty Boy a shot at helping design the program. Nasty Boy—N.B.—had always been one of the most beloved gamers, in charge of the obstacle courses. He’d thrown a fit regarding the 3D program because he felt it was time for a bigger role, a shot—this time, at the top. LUFF had relented. “Ok, you can design the body envelope.” But N.B. had failed. It was hideous and cumbersome. The players had initially refused to enter it.

It had been constructed with a new material called matter. In LUFF’S opinion, too, it looked strange. It was a whole new concept. In all the other dimensions, the envelopes were less dense. No question it was intriguing to speculate as to what a time traveler encased in matter could do.

But when they couldn’t get the participants to work with it, LUFF had to intervene. S/He’d negotiated by offering to add prime creator life force to the mix. “Now you have my energy with you,” promised LUFF, “I will never uninstall it!”

N.B.‘s pride had been severely damaged. He was enraged at the travelers AND at LUFF. To make matters worse, LUFF now looked at the 3D players as a direct lineage, because of the life force app.

The object of the game, in all dimensions, was for the travelers to find their way back to LUFF (home base). The 3D gameboard was the most advanced—an immense journey, a game to be enjoyed. All the other dimensions would observe, and participants waited for millennia to get a turn. Part of the adventure was that they had to complete the entire obstacle course before they could return to home base.

The main challenge was that once encased in their body envelope, they would forget it was all a game. If their body envelope was destroyed, or disintegrated from use, they would be provided a new one and then return to play again, and sometimes again and again, until they could clear all the obstacles. Each time, they were required to go through the chamber of forgetfulness.




LUFF’s frequency range was the highest possible vibration, where thoughts immediately became a reality. Pure Love, S/He welcomed all beings to abide in this energy.

For so long, N.B. had been a favorite. But after the screw up on the 3D body envelope, he was filled with resentment, and began to stir up problems. “LUFF is a dictator, a narcissist, cruel!” he exclaimed. His voltage dropped so dramatically because of all this that LUFF finally had no choice but to ask him to go to a lower dimension.

N.B. didn’t go with dignity. He was now obsessed with revenge. He angrily chose to go to the 3rd Dimension and destroy all travelers there. And he didn’t plan to go alone. He started a mutiny. About 1/3 of the other spirit beings joined him when he left. Many went innocently, thinking this was some sort of new game. (N.B. could be SO much fun!)

But when they entered the energy of the 3D planet, their beautiful light bodies turned to hideous black lumps (they had no body envelopes for protection!). That was when they realized they were there to implement N.B.‘s plan—which was to destroy the 3D game board.



LUFF was fine with or without N.B. Still, there was concern about the travelers in 3D. Special spirit security agents were assigned to advise and protect them. Each traveler had his or her own, but part of the game is that they couldn’t see them.

These agents WANTED to help. All the dimensions were rooting for these 3D travelers! Sadly, the body envelope was causing all kinds of problems, because it held vibration down. There was a solution—always is—LUFF had programmed a complete energy field just for the 3D game board. He called this field the Garden. In it, in frequency form, was everything they would ever need to survive. All they had to do was match in vibration with whatever they wanted to pull in. It was like a cosmic vending machine.

Even with their dense bodies, it was still no problem to access any frequency they chose, because of the high life force LUFF had programmed in. They lived well, and in joy, as they went about the obstacle course known as life.

Then N.B. pulled quite a stunt. The traveler’s (humans as they were now called) body envelopes operated as biological computers. Their brains were their CPUs, DNA was the software, the meridians were the wiring, and so on.

But they had TWO minds, and that could mess things up.

The conscious mind, the CPU, was very simple circuitry, just a tiny processor. The subconscious circuitry was much more powerful but worked covertly. Travelers would need to work with IT to get through the obstacle course. This was a major handicap. First, it was impossible to know what exactly was IN the larger database. Second, ANYBODY could program it if they understood how it operated.

And N.B. understood.




And so N.B. convinced one of the travelers to eat an apple. It wasn’t just any apple. This one had a worm in it. And it wasn’t really a “worm,” but a program designed to lower vibration. Because all the humans were connected energetically, the worm/virus spread rapidly, and collective vibration had lowered dramatically. This blocked access to the higher vibrations in the Garden, and they began to suffer in many ways.

This became known as The Fall (vibrationally) of Man.

LUFF wanted to intervene, but the rules dictated that participants were to have free will.

Next, N.B. developed implants into the etheric fields—blueprints—of the travelers. These were designed to short-circuit the travelers’ life force. He then produced “gaps” in their perception. It was all so easy. He just had to manipulate a bunch of electrochemical impulses and circuits. The travelers became increasingly confused, anxious and prone to suggestion. It was at that point that N.B. started pretending to be LUFF.




You see, there were travelers who, despite the chamber of forgetfulness, or N.B.‘s interference, still remembered LUFF. They kept in touch. Of course, LUFF was providing help to anyone who asked. (That was part of the game rules—you had to ask.)

N.B. put in a program to make them stop asking.

AND, it was so easy to trick the travelers. Pretending to be LUFF, N.B. could orchestrate lavish rewards, but then replace the rewards with misery. This alternating reward/punishment was a powerful weapon of control. His intent was to keep these creatures in a state of fear regarding the world around them. They were NOT to remember that THEY were in control.

PLUS, he and his minions had sustenance needs too. Negative emotions, it turns out, especially fear, provided the lower vibratory energy that nourished them.

But there was more. N.B. needed the humans to TOTALLY separate from the higher vibratory field LUFF had designed. That was the only way he could finalize his plan. By terrorizing them, he made great progress. The more they feared, the stronger he became. They would never clear their obstacle course and get back to LUFF. The ultimate plan was to drain them of energy and then vaporize them.




But some of the spirits N.B. had recruited were unhappy. They hadn’t recovered from the huge shock of their light bodies turning black. They hated the way they looked. Not all of them liked being so cruel to the time travelers, either. They had been their companions at one time.

But in this 3rd dimension, they felt a new sensation, a form of pain, which absolutely terrified them. N.B. used it to his advantage. When he gave assignments, he threatened them with a unique form of energetic torture if they failed. He also indoctrinated them with the belief that if they ever tried to go back to LUFF, they would be destroyed. The Light, he said, would disintegrate them.

But then he had an even more brilliant idea. He would let some of the displaced spirits have their own body envelopes and mix with mortals. That would serve to amuse them, give them a semblance of power, and further subdue the humans. He had made the body envelopes before; he could do it again.

The first to co-mingle infiltrated the Priests.

“You are evil,” said the fake priests, as they waved staffs in the air and rang bells. The humans bowed. “We are evil,” they intoned. (Remember, N.B. and his associates were wise as to how the big and little processors in the body envelopes operated. Words, sound, and symbols were powerful programmers of that dominant processor—the subconscious.)

“Bring me the best of all you have,” said the fake priests, as they held up their staffs. “Your gold, your livestock, your produce.” And the people obeyed. “I am your conduit to LUFF,” the dark angels in the priest body envelopes would chant, in just the right frequency to hypnotize them.




And so, the people forgot that there was no stronger conduit to LUFF than their own being. They also forgot a basic premise—that they were all one energy. The pseudo priests began to separate them from one another. “LUFF says we must wipe out those who do not believe as we believe. Every man, woman, and child! Stack them up like firewood; we will burn them to please LUFF.” But, of course, it was N.B.

The fake priests worked out so well that, as time passed, N.B. created popes, kings and queens, presidents, prime ministers, politicians, journalists, and finally, the most powerful of all, celebrities. With a few exceptions, these were agents of N.B.

Civilizations came and went, but N.B had manipulated the records so each thought they were the only one that had ever existed on the planet.

He had tried many times to destroy the entire lot of them, but each time, some disgusting specimen would crawl out from a cave or off a boat and repopulate the planet. These creatures were worse than cockroaches. This time around, N.B. had a better plan.




Many of the spirits who had joined N.B. when he originally left LUFF, now trillions of years ago, still looked like lumps of coal. But others had been given body envelopes. There was no way to distinguish between them and the humans. When their envelope wore out, they just traded it in for a fresh new one and started the earth cycle again. The difference was, they didn’t have to go through the chamber of forgetfulness each time. So, when they came back to the 3rd dimension, they were wiser. Of course, that meant they became leaders. Their knowledge was vastly superior to any traveler.

By now, many of these entities had mated with the travelers. N.B. had no regards for these half-breeds. They would, for the most part, be wiped out also. There were a few family trees, though, that were useful. He was thinking about keeping some representatives from each.

And it was just about time to activate the final process. No more going from civilization to civilization, having to start over because one or two of these sluggards survived. With each failure, he had further “tweaked” his plan.

A great assist had come from a demon known as Yell About Fate. He designed software programs that could control thoughts. Up to that point, N.B.‘s staff of entities, those pitiful lumps of coal, had to go from person to person, implanting them one-on-one.

Now Fates technology could accomplish much of this, although some one-on-one implants would always be necessary.




Yell About Fate, of course, had been around for millions of years, going from one body envelope to the next, acquiring the knowledge necessary to pull this off. And that name—what a riot—people believed they were victims of some mysterious force they called FATE. But it was often their programming, coordinated by N.B. and his minions, that caused them to resonate, or match in vibration, with the suffering they experienced.

(Ok, sometimes they did it to themselves, with no outside help.)

Either way, they had no idea that they could turn this around at any time.

Of course, there was a time LUFF, observing the misery on the 3D planet, had taken extreme action. S/He’d sent the most powerful emissary of all to give the travelers information that would help them get home.


N.B. became consumed with finding ways to sabotage this emissary. He HAD to—this new philosophy of empowerment was spreading rapidly. He began to add bits and pieces of false doctrine to the message and then created a new religion. The demon Grimacing Virus was in charge.

Virus outdid himself. Over the centuries, he designed a bureaucracy that controlled the planet. He wrote a code of subjugation and domination that would work its way into nearly every sphere of life—finances, marriage patterns, child rearing, education, social and political relationships, ethics, and philosophy. It was brilliant.




Here was Virus’s template, designed specifically to destroy any spiritual connection with LUFF. First, establish a mixture of truth and lies and tell people they must follow it. Design physical and non-physical punishments for those who do not conform.

Some of the most powerful non-physical punishments were emotional. Shame, fear, and guilt, for example. Great voltage drains. Later would come techniques such as humiliation, social isolation, and changes in social status for those who deviated. The ultimate objective was to make connection with LUFF seem so offensive that finally, the entire planet would turn from it.

There were always dissenters. It was impossible to gather them into the herd.

N.B. kept his agents on them 24/7.




Loretta hoped she could just go to sleep and never wake up. Her life was hell. Here she was, 61 years old, supporting her son and his two children. Devin had been so full of promise as a child. Then somehow in junior high, he’d gotten into drugs. He’d even failed to get his high school diploma, choosing instead to start a band. In the process, he’d met a woman, also an addict and fathered two children.

The children’s mother had died of an overdose, so now Devin and the children lived with Loretta. She had the sole responsibility for their care and support. She loved the children but could see that they didn’t seem to care about anything, even the loss of their mother. The band thing, of course, had been a flash in the pan. Now Devin, in his late thirties, worked nights at a convenience store and slept most of the day. When he was awake, he played video games.

The children were failing in school and talked to her as if she were their servant. And she was broke. It had taken all of her savings, and now most of her salary, to move them into her home and keep them supplied with even basic necessities.

What Loretta didn’t know, and how could she, was that one of N.B.‘s agents had been assigned to oversee this process. Devin had come onto the planet with great potential to get through the obstacle course. As was the case in situations like this, a plan was immediately implemented to make sure that didn’t happen.

The agent in charge was BLAH SEZME. BLAH’s job was to keep this family repeating the obstacle course. It was especially a challenge with Devin’s daughter, Angela. Now she was under control, with her little-pierced nose stuck in her smartphone most of the time, but she had true planetary healing energy.

BLAH had been with this family line for millennia. Because of his specialty, the orchestration of trauma, problems ran steadily, from generation to generation. As soon as a new player came in, it was his responsibility to install the appropriate programming and implants.

With Devin, television and hard rock accomplished much of this. But a little more destruction was needed, because this family was special. The women were beautiful; the men were brilliant. There was every indication they could figure out the obstacle course, even share the information with others. BLAH had solved the problem of the beauty by implanting “fat” programs. Nothing like a fat program to lower self-esteem and voltage. And the men? The addiction program was perfect.

N.B. had designed millions of implants. There were political, religious, ethnic, sexual, self-esteem, disease—the selection was infinite, and each traveler had thousands of them. Once they were in place, a “resistance to change” program would be triggered if the subject started to look at any information that contradicted the programming. This made people seem as if they were deaf and blind. They heard and saw only what their programming allowed.




But something wasn’t right. When BLAH looked at the traveler currently known as Loretta, there was an unfamiliar vibration. It was almost like love, but he knew he wasn’t capable of that. Fortunately, N.B. would never know about this. He was unable to read minds.

That was a LUFF thing.

N.B. and his agents had to hear the spoken word. BLAH knew to keep quiet.

But enough of this. There was a committee meeting scheduled. At his monitor, BLAH clicked on the link for the upcoming meeting. In doing so, he caught a glimpse of the day’s headlines. It was apparent that, around the world, people were suffering immensely. Soon it would escalate.

Today was an update. BLAH couldn’t help but think back to a passage in a spiritual book that had been sent by LUFF. He’d caught a glimpse of it just before it had been burned in one of the many riots orchestrated by N.B.

“And so the gods will depart from mankind~ a grievous thing! ~ and only evil angels will remain, who will mingle with men, and drive the poor wretches into all manner of reckless crime, into wars, and robberies, and frauds, and all things hostile to the nature of the soul.”

The window opened. The meeting was in session.






N.B. began the presentation:

“We have 3 reports.” (Three, it seems, is a powerful, magical, number, whether used for good or bad.)

“The first will update us on the separation of humans from the collective field of energy, or garden. They must be blind to this field of energy if we are to complete our objectives.

“The second will concern the progress towards keeping them separated from one another. They must NEVER realize their collective power.

“Third, we will be brought up to date as to the degree to which they are working WITH us. We cannot proceed without their cooperation.”




First, a demon by the name of Forge Stores materialized on the monitor. “The travelers are now, with very few exceptions, totally disconnected from higher Source energy. We have overridden their brains and harnessed their power through a series of specialized implants:

A. The Newton implant: ‘nothing can be true unless it is seen with the 5 senses.’

B. The ‘you are crazy’ implant for those who chose to disagree with this concept.

C. The ‘herd’ implant, so they are afraid to deviate from mass consciousness.

D. The ‘fragment self not to hear or see’ implant. We actually got them to self-install this one,” he explained, “by continuing to bombard them with misinformation and trivia. They got so used to looking at insignificant things that they short-circuited.

E. The ‘disease consciousness’ implant. Their air, food, and water is poisoned. Chronic illness is at an epidemic level. Physically and mentally defective children are born in increasing numbers. If not for this ‘disease consciousness’ implant, they would realize their database comes with a powerful self-repair code.

F. The ‘regular heart’ educational program implant. This implant is a stroke of genius. We can start in preschool and nip independent thinking in the bud. Thought will be totally under our control.”





Next came Smiley Virus, a popular celebrity. Smiley was Grimacing Virus, now in a new body envelope.

Her update on goal # 2:

“The demise is so rapid we can barely keep up with it. They are tethered to movies, television, computers, cell phones, video games, and of course the very special music WE have designed. Tones and frequencies are emitted that have the power to virtually disable their own frequency system. Many are in an altered state, to be programmed as we desire.

“Their moral structure is desecrated. They are totally unaware that they have lost most of their basic freedoms. Those who protest are labeled insane. Any who profess allegiance to LUFF are condemned as lunatics. No questioning is allowed unless in a free speech zone, and those are being eliminated.

“10-year-olds now dress like prostitutes. Adults live in states of extended adolescence. Just about everybody is consumed with greed. Musicians do rituals to you, N.B, on stage, even at the super-bowl, reducing people to animalistic levels. Our goals are within reach.”





G.W. WOOSH gave the final progress report.

“They’re about to blow like a giant overheated pressure cooker,” he shouted.

“If these travelers ever learned to act in harmony, they could eliminate us. But we’ve broken them down into many opposing units. No unit has been intact, except, of course, OUR units. Even the family is virtually destroyed.

“They are total slaves, in a trap they will never get out of. There is only one fragment of the population that has remained untouched. They don’t have the power to interfere.”


But the demons, including N.B., were not overjoyed by any of this. They weren’t capable of joy, or even humor. Those were LUFF qualities, passed along to humans. N.B. needed access to humor, of course, because with laughter came deeper programming. He had recruited half-breeds to coordinate that process. (Their top comedic entity, Still Sour, was in charge.)

There was a sense of doom in the room. They all knew, deep down, that at some point they were going to pay for what they had done. There were Cosmic Laws.




N.B. had somehow missed one significant point.

He was trying to outsmart the Prime Creator.

AND—of course—that’s not going to work.

LUFF had known, all along, of N.B.’s plan.

A fail-safe program had been pre-installed in the body envelopes. It ensured that no traveler could be manipulated past a certain point by any form of outside energy. It was known as the energy blowback app.

This had been designed before the first body envelope had even been a twinkle in N.B.’s eye.

Now it kicked in.

Over the years, it had activated in a few. They knew about the game. They had been demonized, ostracized, tortured, even murdered for speaking up. This had created a mass consciousness fear. It was TABOO to speak of the game.

But now, with the activation of the energy blowback program, people felt a new sensation—curiosity. Some got the urge to turn off their televisions and do some research. Thanks to Yell about Fates, information was everywhere. (That was a LAW—there always had to be good with bad!) Online, they found information from old manuscripts that had long been suppressed. Soon they realized that they had been provided with false information as to who and what they were.

It seems there were basic Truths that governed everything. Those who chose to follow those truths could get beyond the lower voltage concepts that had created such suffering on the planet.

A free speech movement began to bubble up. The language police tried to put an end to this by attacking participants with weaponized signs, but the movement slowly gained in strength. They were examining their behavior as it pertained to the information in the old manuscripts.

At first, the majority did not join in. They couldn’t. They were by-products of earth’s hostile environment. Damaged goods, regurgitating what they had been taught. Some kept busy by collecting rocks to throw at the free speech zones.

But this small start of critical thinking became a cascade. “Hey you know, that’s right!” was repeatedly heard as new information was unearthed. Fires were activated—and NO, not the fires the thought police kept starting to burn them out.

It was the fire of the human spirit. And it was spreading rapidly.

College professors began to speak up, saying, “We have robbed our students of critical thinking! NOW look at this mess!”

Feminists cried out, “No more bogus excuse making. I have everything I need!”

The comedy army worked overtime, sowing seeds of rage. “Liberate the darkest feelings of repression!” said their leader, the demon known in this incarnation as Cycle Bore.

But it wasn’t working.

People turned away from the dogma that had controlled their consciousness.

They began to wonder, Is there more to life than just consuming as much as possible?

And someone suggested, “Let us quiet our minds and meditate on this.” It took some discipline and sacrifice, but they were ready.

And discovered—

“There’s something bigger out there! Our destiny! Our promise! We’ve been REJECTING the reality of this!”

And with that, the CONTROL PANEL activated.

Turns out it was COMPASSION.

MSM was losing journalists. There were no more language police. Medical doctors were only doing energy work, so demons were rapidly being inserted into body envelopes, prescribing more psychotropic drugs.

But the people said NO MORE.

Collectively, they announced:

“The worst thing you can do is rob someone of their potential. It’s cruel, sociopathic. We’re going back and playing the game the right way. And hear this: we have technology for free energy, and we’re using it! Our water is deadly; we’re cleaning that up! And California, it’s more important for people and animals to have water than for golf courses to be watered around the clock! 125 gold courses in the middle of the desert? Really?”

The travelers continued to play, but now many were getting back to home base. One of these was MESSA. In the final obstacle course, she had been Loretta. Was she ever glad to get through THAT simulation! It was so good to be back home.

But where was Link?





Among the demons and half-breeds, chaos reigned.

N.B. was nowhere to be found.

They gathered, just a swell of frightened beings. But then BLAH stepped forward and said, “What if we asked LUFF to give us another chance?”

The ROAR was deafening—not of laughter, because they were incapable—but rage. “WE WILL DISINTEGRATE IF WE GO TO THE LIGHT! LUFF WILL DESTROY US!”

But, since thoughts are things, the very idea of asking, on BLAH’s part, resulted in the sudden appearance of two angels. They carried him—and he screamed all the way, certain he was going to vaporize—to LUFF.


Messa looked on as a hideous lump of coal turned into a recognizable Light Body.

“Link!?” she cried.

And what a celebration as the rest of the demons returned to the Light!

(The half-breeds had to stay and play the game.)

But what about N.B? some wondered.

LUFF read their thoughts, and said, simply, “The reconnection is available. It is his choice.”




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Mind Blind: A Fractal Fairy Tale for 2017 and Beyond

Fractal is a term used in quantum physics, and means, basically, a detailed pattern repeating itself. And that's what our Universe is...a pattern of frequencies, repeated to infinity. We are, quite literally, a bunch of waves. These "waves" are directed by our subconscious mind and, based on these directions, creates our reality. It gets complicated. So, the "Fractal Fairy Tale" concept is an attempt to explain.

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Mind Blind: A Fractal Fairy Tale for 2017 and Beyond Mind Blind: A Fractal Fairy Tale for 2017 and Beyond