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Mikka’s Chronicles: The Story of Irkoniss, Part 1


Mikka’s Chronicles: )udge you to dietwo other fellas

The Story of Irkoniss, Part 1

Galaxicon Story 3

By Al Scott

Copyright © 2016 by Ad Scott

All Rights Reserved

This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or historical events is purely coincidental.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author and publisher.


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Twitter: @AlAlscott1202


Chapter 1 The Longest Night Hunt

Chapter 2 Mikka’s Wrath

Chapter 3 The Thirst

Chapter 4 Going Underground

Chapter 5 ECI Call

Chapter 6 Familiar Detective

Chapter 7 At the Station

Chapter 8 Selling Humans

Chapter 9 The Pawnshop Owner

Chapter 10 ECI’s Job

Chapter 11 Mikka’s Job

Chapter 12 Becoming of Irkoniss

About the Author

Chapter 1 – The Longest Night Hunt

The blood had to be spilled. The Longest Night Hunt was the first time Irkoniss had to make a kill. He was already of the age with thirteen winters behind him. And many of his friends, some even a year younger than him, had already made their first kill.

But he, for a long time, was in no rush at all. He still preferred to play with a ball, or even to help his mom gutting and chopping the fish, the task she liked to do the least. Irkoniss might not wanted to admit it, but chopping fish wasn’t the only job that he didn’t mind helping his mom around. In a way not having any sisters, left him, the youngest one, to bring in the water to the house, feed the chicken, skin a deer, and other ‘unmanly’ duties.

Dantkar, his older brother, often teased him that it would be better to let his hair grow and marry a brave warrior one day than to venture into the forest with a bow and arrows.

Hearing such a talk would make him blood-boiling upset, so much that he would sometimes disappear for a whole day, shooting arrows and fighting tree trunks away from the village, away where nobody could see him.

“Hey, Dantkar, don’t upset your brother…” his father once overheard the taunting talk and decided to get involved. “You do not want your brother to leave and be gone for days…don’t want him to come back after the next moon, you know.”

Everybody sitting at the wooden dining table, including Irkoniss’s uncle and two older cousins, laughed.

“…Because if he does, you know, you will be fetching water in his place.” His father words raised even more laughter in the household. Even Dantkar himself tried to push out a laugh although a sound seemed to stuck inside his throat.

But the time for laughter was long gone. The hunt was on. And Irkoniss just wanted to get it over with.

He knew the hunt that was to decide the rest of his life was not a few-hour walk through the forest. It took more than a single day to complete all preparations for they were to be gone at least 7 days.

The night before, as all the bags laid ready by the door, his father called him to his side. He put both of his hands on his shoulders, and gave him a long stare that was supposed to brand into Irkoniss’s mind for the rest of his life.

“Whatever happens during the hunt, whatever you do…just don’t embarrass me.”

‘Don’t worry, father, I won’t embarrass you,’ Irkoniss wished he could had said those words out loud, but under his father’s iron gaze, they got lost on a way out.

The six of them would make the hunt that year, two of Irkoniss’s friends, Leaf and Sono, and all of their fathers.

They all gathered by the water well early in the morning even before the light of the day could show the way. The stars and two moons could not light their way as they walked in the darkness of the trees, and torches were lid.

As they approached the river, Irkoniss suddenly stopped and turned around, stood on the path looking toward the home he could not see, wondering if he will ever see it again, still feeling the embrace of his mother and her tears she left on his cheek.

His father nudged him forward, and he didn’t dare to turn around again.

They uncovered two canoes buried under the moss blanket of nearby trees, and pushed them in the river. As they made the first band of the river, the first light of the day started to fight off the darkness, and in less than an hour, the rays of the frosty morning sun danced across the rushing water. Irkoniss could almost find the peace in it.

For the next two days they stayed peddling in their canoes downstream toward the ocean, only pulling over to sleep for a few hours of darkness. The river, the place often visited by other tribes, seemed completely deserted. No human or animal could be seen.

‘Like they all know very well, we are on the hunt.’ Irkoniss thought.

Even though the river ran fast, they still rowed in a steady rhythm. Irkoniss never went this far away from his village, but he knew that the river ran only so long and that they were closing on the sea. Even the air became warmer, and the smell and the presence of the salt in the air played with his senses. But before they hit the delta, at the end of the second day, they pulled to the bank. His father stepped in the water and punched a hand long tare in the cones bottom. Then he pushed them both toward the middle of the river where they sunk in the murky water.

“I guess we’ll go back on foot.” His friend Leaf said all concerned.

“Well, that’s the only way…the river is just too fast now to go upstream.” His father explained.

After rowing for two straight days, all Irkoniss’s whole body was sore. His hands seemed to be not fully under his command, and just trying to lift them up, caused a major ache. Also, no matter how much he stretched his legs in the canoe, he never dared to stand up like his father would, so suddenly just standing upright again felt very strange. So for a while, his legs didn’t care to listen to him either.

They set hidden in the bushes, waiting for the darkness to return, eating their dry salted meat. Irkoniss saw his friends’ fathers rubbing their arms and backs with some kind of a cream. He knew it was for the pain, and he wished his father didn’t run out to scout out the area. He wished he could feel better, but the most he got was a spoon-full of the cream Leaf dropped in his hand.

‘I guess I can do my own rubbing,’ he thought, trying to be all tough.

Then they placed their fingers in the charcoal powder one of their fathers bagged out, and ran them across their face, closing their eyes.

As the night started to settle in, his father suddenly returned, and they moved inside the forest again. They lighted no torches, and moved step at a time, often stopping, crouching down, listening. They moved on seeing the moons arise from the south and travel slowly across the sky.

As they got above their heads, they suddenly came in the clearance and saw distant lights, stronger than any fire light Irkoniss ever saw before.

“Sky people’s magic…” Leaf commented those lights as they seem to impress him equally.

“They chopped all that forest?” But his father seemed completely unimpressed, and whispered with the hatred hissing as they lay in the cover of the trees looking over thousands, and thousands of tree stumps that lay in front of them.

“How could they chop it all off in one year’s time? Why would they do that? Why would they kill the forest? The land looks so shamed, so naked now…Have they no respect?”

Nobody cared to answer or offer any explanation.

Three blades, curved and long, were soon placed in front of them. Each had a different handle wrapped with the leather and a head of an animal on its end.

Irkoniss reached and picked the one closest to him. It had an eagle’s head. He ran his finger across it. Its cold iron was sharp enough that it could slice through the falling leaf.

“Remember, you can kill them anyway you can, but bring back their heads. And remember, only the heads of warriors will do, no heads of children or women will do.”

“If you do it quietly, if you do it the way you were taught, they will not even hear you…” continued Sono’s father.

“And if they do hear you, hope you die fast.” Irkoniss’s father added.

Later on, as years passed by and Irkoniss got a different perspective on things, he went back to that moment, and understood that the Hunt was not much of a hunt. It was a brutal assassination, all about a killing, and nothing to do with hunting. It was about proving that you can take other man’s life if that is what’s required, proving that you are ready to do whatever it takes if that is what is expected from you…The brutality of it shook him often when he stopped to think about and often when he closed his eyes and fruitlessly sought for a rest in sleep.

Fifteen years later, Irkoniss stood in the darkness again, again with a long curved blade in his hand. Except that one didn’t have an eagle’s head handle, and its blade was not as cold or sharp.

The palace he entered a few minutes ago was supposed to be empty of people. He was sure that the thermal scanner he used to make sure it is so was functioning right.

So, why was he then hearing voices coming from above? Where did they come from?

He knew that the stealth suite that he ‘borrowed’ from Mikka would make him almost invisible, but instinctively he hid anyway underneath the large wooden commode.

If he was just a bit quicker knocking out the security system half an hour earlier, he could have already been in the study….it was only a few steps away. He could have already been home.

The contract said that two paintings decorating its walls had to be retrieved. A piece of a cake for a master thief like him. Fifty thousand credits that the job would give him would be enough to keep them all safe, at least for a year. At least for a year, Mikka wouldn’t have to go away.

Now, as he heard the steps of heavy men approaching, their voices becoming clearer, he wondered if he will be able to finish the job at all and if he is going to have to make the blade in his hand dance again. He needed the money from the job, wanted that money. So he decided to wait.

He knew that one of the things that would give him away is making a sound. So he just lay there, not even breathing, not even moving an eye-lash. And they passed right next to him.

“We cannot expect that the government will not find anything about this-” the words that one of them said attracted Irkoniss’s attention.

“Oh, come on! The emperor himself could not care less of what happens to-“

“You better not talk so loud. I know we are supposed to be here all alone, still you can never know…”

“You don’t need to worry at all about that. I have installed a new type of anti-spying fence around all of the house. It’s one of the coolest things you ever saw. Nobody can zoom in on us, and it cancels out all the noise emitted from the house.”

“Is it legal?”

“I bet for some high government official it is…”

Men laughed.

I guess that explains a lot…That’s why my thermal scanner didn’t pick anything out…Cool…They have a way to block it all out. I have to get my hands on that stuff. It could be worth a fortune on the black market…

“Well, if you can get that to the capital, it certainly would be worth quite a bit of credits.”

“The transportation right now is very tricky, very difficult.” The other man added after a while. “Ever since that transport was destroyed, they are going crazy over security. They are scanning everything now. I don’t think you could even import a needle without it being scanned first. Plus, almost nobody wants to fly in space…People are still scared.”

“You could always use smugglers…I hear there are people that have old transporters which do not need to go through the Space Station at all. It is rumored that they just go straight from the planet to anywhere in the empire…So I hear.”

“Those are only rumors…I’ve never seen any of them. And even if it was true, and there are people like that, I would certainly not entrust my shipment to them. How can you trust a thief, a smuggler, a liar with something so precious?”

“Well, you do not need to tell them what they are transporting for once?”

“And you don’t think they could find it out on their own? Of course they could. And what if they find it valuable, more valuable than what you paid them. What then? Could they not just take it, and then what do you have?”

“Yes, you have a point there.”

“Anyway, we are getting ahead of ourselves…How much do you think the ‘stuff’ would be worth here in the Capital?”

“Probably 15 million credits, at least.”

15 million credits…what kind of stuff are they talking about? I want it. Whatever it is. I want it. Irkoniss brain waves went in overdrive.

“Those kinds of things usually have a very good market. Now, I am only guessing, but if you want me to, I can look for placements and commitments on the black market right away, talk to some of my clients, and…I could probably even get some down deposits, and give you a final price.”

“Hum, that is interesting. I could use some credits right now, but I think I would rather wait. I think we can wait until I solve the transportation problem, and then we can start taking down deposits. That seems the smartest thing to do…And what would you consider to be a fair compensation for your troubles?”

“I’d be happy with the regular ten percent placement fee.”

“That sounds good to me too. So then, we have a deal.” The man said and the liquid, bubbly by the sound of it, could be heard being poured into glasses.

“Yes we do…We have a deal.” The other man could not hide the satisfaction knitted inside his voice.

Irkoniss then thought he heard the sound of glass clinking as if they were cementing and celebrating their agreement with a drink toast.

But, the toast it was not for one of them screamed “Oh, dear Lord!!”

Then he heard something heavy hitting the floor. He moved just a tiny bit, just to see what it was. But the partially opened door didn’t let his stare in.

“Oh, my Lord!!!” The man screamed again. “Are you…you dead?” The man asked, but got no answers. Irkoniss moved some more, and saw a body laying on the floor.

The man then, with a hurried step that almost broke into a run, left the study and trotted right next to Irkoniss. He could only see fancy black shoes partially covered by the long white dress-up pants made of Siliian silk.

He hurried out of the house through the main door leaving Irkoniss behind to wonder what to do. He thought about chasing after the man and checking out if his knife skills could get 15 million information out of him.

I better get out of here…Maybe the guy is really dead, he thought. But then he also thought about fifty thousand credits which was waiting for him in the other room, and how that would make Silent and Mikka happy.

Maybe I have a few minutes before the police comes.

He entered the study. Two thin and tall crystal glasses were placed on the round table, both half full of a golden liquid that was never drank.

He then saw a body, laying facedown, with hands unnaturally folded. A pond of blood under it was steadily growing bigger. He didn’t need to turn it around to know that the man was dead.

But how? Irkoniss thought and then saw a small hole in the window toward the dead man’s back.

A shot! Instinctively he ducked down, then realized that the other man walked away, that the dead man was the only target. He ran to the window, but outside he could see no one.

I better hurry…Police can detect flying bullets, and in this rich man’s neighborhood, I bet they will be here before too long.

Irkoniss looked at the wall where three similarly looking paintings were hanging, all portraying old spaceships that have not been clicking in centuries. They all looked almost the same to him. He could not remember which two was he contracted to snatch, so he picked all three of them, and raced out of the house as fast as his legs would carry him.

Chapter 2 – Mikka’s Wrath

Less than an hour later, Irkoniss was back to his apartment. It was a small place, located in a He walked to the kitchen where a woman in her early thirties with a long red hair was pouring a bowl of steaming soup to a young blond girl sitting at the table. They were in a middle of a laughter until they saw him enter and drop a ring on the kitchen table.

“What is that?” the girl asked.

“I did a job-“

“What job?” The woman fired the question right away.

“Just a job that paid…”

“Stupid!” The smile on the woman’s face disappeared, her red hair seemed to get on fire as her eyes stared him down. “What job? Is that why my suite was gone?”

“Mikka, let me explain…” the man was taking a step back, suddenly very unsure of what to do, and what exactly he did.

“Explain…Explain it to me…Now!” She demanded with any traces of softness left out of her look and voice.

Irkoniss breathed heavily, put his hands in the air, giving up, not knowing what to say.

“I thought you would be pleased. It’s loaded with 50,000 credits…That can buy us food for a year, and you don’t need to work. That’s good, isn’t it?”

“Good?” Mikka was just shaking her head. “Why don’t you tell me everything, everything that you did, and then I will tell you if it is good or not, stupid!”

Irkoniss nodded.

“And don’t miss on any details…If you do, it would be equal as laying to me. And you should never lie to me. If you do, it will be the last time I ever let you speak to me, you understand?.”

Even though Mikka was not quite sure how to present her thoughts, he knew she meant every word she said.

So Irkoniss told her everything that happened to him in the last few hours. He told her how he went to the guy he knew from before, and the guy told him of a quick 50,000 credits he could earn if he could just get two paintings for him. He gave him a whole sketch of the place including the outlines of a security system. Then he told her how he ‘borrowed’ her stealth suite, not asking her for a permission since she was not at home, and the rest of what happened that evening. He didn’t even miss details about the shooting, about the smell of the cologne that the man who died reeked off.

“I could have run, before police came…I could have just left. But I wanted to get that money for us…for you, two of you…so I went inside the study and picked up three paintings that were on the wall. The man asked for two of them, but I could not guess which ones. So I got all three.”

Mikka had to laugh, still shaking her head. She thought hard not to say ‘Stupid!’

“I thought you would be pleased?”

“Why would I be pleased? You risk your life for 50,000 credits…Not that I care about your life.”

“It was not that much of a risk, and actually, We need the money…I would have done it for less…”

“I know! I know you would. You are that stupid,” She could not help it anymore, “No wonder you finished on Pluk.”

“So what happened with the third painting?” Silent suddenly asked, not liking Mikka’s tone of voice

“Well, in the end, I figured which two were the ones that the guy wanted, so I hid the third one…”

“Away from here?”

“Yes, I hid it…”

“You understand, it probably has a tracker, and the police will find it very swiftly…At least you didn’t bring it here, otherwise we would have to leave right away.”

“Of course I know about that…”

“Do you have a tracker-buster?”

“No…Do you?”

“I used to…” Mikka said thinking about all her belongings which was impounded when she was arrested.

“I placed it safely away, far away, where it could not be tracked…Don’t worry about that.”

“You have to understand something…I am not used to being stupid, or being around stupid. So you better change how you think. If you want to work on a side, go ahead, and do it. I’ve already told you that you owe me nothing….I release you from your bond, or whatever that hand cutting was-

“The blood pledge – that was the blood pledge… And I swore my oath to you. I will not break it.”

‘Whatever…But as long as you are with me, around me, you better think hard when you want to take on a job, take on a risk. You better ask me everything…I mean, the place you cleaned, do you know who it belongs to? You do not. Do you know what you stole? You do not.

“You probably do not even know how much it is worth on a black market. Do you know that there will be an investigation now? And for what? 50,000 credits? That investigation might lead police to you, and that will be unfortunate since then it will lead them to Silent and me. And you know we cannot have that happen. So, what do we do?”

Irkoniss had no answers. He felt like a child being scorn by his father, holding on to his mother’s apron.

“And for what? 50,000 credits? That is not enough to buy you a decent place to live. Besides, you do not need do worry about the money…I’ve already decided to take on another job. And it’s worth much more than what’s on that ring.

“How much?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but, It’s worth a million credits, and that.. should be good enough to get me back in the game.”

“One million? That is…a lot…I thought you didn’t want to do those kind of things anymore.”

“I don’t…but…”

“How can I help?”

“You can’t. I work alone. I can’t worry about you making a mistake. I’ve done almost 100 of jobs like this, and I’ve never made a mistake. You understand? I’m not ready to start doing it now”

“But, really, maybe I can help.”

“Do you know how to kill the Commissioner?” Mikka asked. “How to kill him, and get away with it so nobody ever questions you about it?”

Irkoniss became suddenly very quiet again. In his silence, his mind started to play a trick on him. He set down, closed his eyes, thinking again about the night of his first hunt.

Chapter 3 – The Thirst

Irk threw a thick bear skin over his back and crawled out of the forest. He tried to be tough and fought the urge to look back to his father for guidance and assurance. He was not sure he would get any, so he was the first one to move ahead.

He saw shadows of his friends started to move to his left, and decided to pull further to the right, and distance himself from them.

We are supposed to do this all on our own, alone. Besides, whatever I do, nobody needs to see it. He told himself.

He picked a spot in the distance as his target, the place where the fire burned the hardest, and the light was the brightest.

Soon the night swallowed all three of them, and he could not even guess where his friends were anymore. After a while of crawling forward, and stopping to listen for any sounds, he realized that he was going way too slow. Certainly, he didn’t plan to be the last one to return with a chopped head.

So, he got up, and started to move faster, using tree stumps for the cover. His eyes steadied to the ground, and he made sure that no twig was stepped on, no sound emitted. It took him almost an hour to get close enough to lights to understand that things will not go as smoothly as his older brother told him would be.

They didn’t say anything about the wooden wall guarding the village. I was just supposed to go, catch the warrior, sitting and sleeping by some fire and slice his life away from him…Now what do I do?

The wall was at least twenty feet tall, composed of rough tree trunks. IT was the longest construction he ever saw. Every fifty feet, there was a tower on which a pile of logs were burning bright.

I guess that is why they need to chop all that wood from the forest…but why? That wall cannot keep me out. He lost just a bit of respect for sky people, thinking that maybe it is true that they are actually very stupid indeed.

They may know of heavens and stars, but certainly not of earth…No fence can keep us out.

He thought about climbing it. He certainly could do that easily. But that might make too much noise. He was a good climber, but could he do it without making the sound? Maybe if he took his leather boots off, used his bare feet.

He felt the dirt under the wood planks. It was soft. Winter didn’t freeze it yet here. How deep did wood planks go into the ground? He could not tell. At least a foot, he thought. For such a tall trunk to be firm, it had to go deep. And how long would it take him to dig a hole, and go underneath it? Maybe an hour, maybe even more if no sound was to be heard. He didn’t want to wait that long.

The thought about going back and telling them that they were wrong about sky people has leaped through his mind. But to face the shame, and mocking? He doubted any of his friends would not tease him for the rest of his life. No, he could not do that.

Don’t hesitate…he heard his uncle’s voice. Decide, and go for it. Don’t wasting even a blink of an eye on guessing if you can do it or not…for that blink of an eye can cost you your whole life. Do you understand?

He steadied his breathing and went closer to the wall. The second moon was already way past zenith, guarding his back. In less than an hour, it would be gone, lost passed the forest, his village and melted in eternal snowy mountain tops that lay further west. He wondered if his mother was watching the big moon at that very moment.

He realized he didn’t have to go inside the village at all. There were guards, two as he could see, being posted in each of the guard towers. So he will get two of them. He will take two heads, and not just of anyone. Those would be guards, warriors. He would take their weapons as well so he could show it to everyone in the village. How would his father feel about that? That would be even better than his brother did.

He picked the tower which seemed to have the least fire coming from and watched it. Guards there seemed to be sleeping already as they did not move at all.

He didn’t take his eyes of them for another minute, and then decided to climb.

It was easier than he thought. His knives slid easily between the wood trunks, and he used that as a support to move higher. His heart raced though, trying to leave his chest, and jump out of his mouth. He thought its beating could be heard through entire forest. Even his breathing seemed way too loud. But in less than a minute, he was already halfway there.

Guards seemed still sound asleep, motionless, not making even the smallest of chit-chat.

Stupid sky people, tonight, you pay for your ignorance.

Even the fire on the tower seemed to have died completely down providing even more darkness to hide his slender figure. In another few minutes he was but a jump away from them.

He visualized how it was all to happen. The one guard showing him his back will get a knife right in the back of his head. That should kill him instantly. If he makes any sound, that will be the dying breath. He will leave his knife there, in the back of his head. With the dagger that was given to him, he will attack the guard that will face him. If he has no time, he might make the eagle fly…if he had to. He would not miss for the awaken warrior would be slow…

The other man will definitely be scared if he wakes up at all. His bear skin was still guarding his back, and the charcoal powder his face.

I would be scared. If I ran into myself right now, even I would be scared. He will probably, instinctively try to protect his face.

So he will stab his hearth, just to make sure, and then cover his mouth with his free left hand, and then no sound will ever leave his mouth.

He decided, and didn’t want to wait anymore. With his left hand and legs, he pulled himself up, inches from the guards head, and shoved, with all his force, his dagger through it. It went in so easily, frightening easy, nothing like butchering a deer. But he didn’t wait another second, as he pulled himself up in the tower and jumped on top of the second guard, just like he planned. The eagles dagger was gripped in his hand, and he lifted his hand high up to strike a deadly blow.

Only then did he realized, there was no second guard. He looked around. There was no any guard. He killed nobody.

They were only scarecrows, made of straw, made to look like real guards. He felt so stupid and took his knife out of the scarecrow’s head.

If they ever find out what he did, the whole village would laugh at him. They would even tell the stories to their children, and their children would laugh at him as well. Anywhere he would go, they would point a finger at him, and laugh. Maybe even the other tribes would know him as ‘the hunter of the scarecrows”. They would make fun of him until the end of his days.

They can never find out. He looked around to see if he could see his friends. The shock of embarrassment could not make him think or do anything else.

Until he heard voices of men approaching, talking. He hid.

“I think that is all kind of spaceshit mambo-jumbo! Of course, I don’t believe it at all. I can’t imagine you do…I know of no bears that could chop person’s head off and leave the body laying there. Maybe eat the whole body, but chop his head off just for the hell of it? And you said you heard this from whom?”

“I’m telling you…this guy on the space dock, he swore on his mother’s life, that’s what he saw…He said after spending two years in the hell here, he was tired of being scared…easier money to be made elsewhere, he said…

“So, tell me then, if that is true, why did we place those scarecrows there, I mean if we are afraid of the bears coming and chopping our heads off? Who are they supposed to scare off? Maybe craws chop people’s heads off?”

“I do not know…I know I like to keep my gun next to me even when I sleep…This place gives me creeps. “

“This all doesn’t make any sense…Instead of mining the river for gold, we wasted time doing this…”

Their accent was hard for Irkoniss to understand at first, but as they got closer and stopped next to his watchtower, he could make most of their words out.

‘How come sky people speak the same language as us? Can it be true the stories my mother told me, the ones she heard from her grandfather, about us being from the sky as well? Can it all be true?’

“Look, that is what the town’s mayor said to do, so who am I to know? He has been here longer than us, plus he is the man in charge, so who am I to debate that with him?”

“But bears?”

“Well, they may not be bears… Some say, they are monsters…forest monsters, beings belonging to the forest that come out…who knows man? Did you see the size of the forest to the north? You know, nobody even cared to map it yet. In a few years, maybe the colony will have enough credits to get ships to run thermal scans of the whole area and find out what kind of beings live there, find out who those monsters are…”

“Spaceshit! I don’t believe it. I do not believe in monsters. I’ve seen too much space to believe in such a child scaring stories.” They were right underneath him. “I mean, I heard stories of other beings, some which even had great intelligence, like us…but it is said that humans exterminated them all tens of thousands of years ago, and there you go…

“Believe whatever you will, but the people who lived here for a while say that beheadings happened here last year, on this very day. A guy lost his head, I am telling you. And nobody saw or heard anything. That’s why they decided to put that wall up. And other villages along the coast have the same types of stories. It is not just here.”


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Mikka’s Chronicles: The Story of Irkoniss, Part 1

Thirty one planets make up an empire where humans prosper in peace and justice. They achieved importantly, except it does not come for free. Many decide to break the law in order to get enough credits to buy it. Those that are caught are sent to Planet Pluk to server their sentences. When Mikka help Irkoniss escape from Pluk, his luck seemed to have finally changed for good. But it soon runs out as he witnesses a murder of a prominent member of the high society.

  • ISBN: 9781310123269
  • Author: Al Scott
  • Published: 2016-02-15 12:05:08
  • Words: 30100
Mikka’s Chronicles: The Story of Irkoniss, Part 1 Mikka’s Chronicles: The Story of Irkoniss, Part 1