Merging With The Light - Removing Negative Thoughts

Merging With The Light

Stopping Negative Thoughts.

Rosemary Christie

Merging With The Light

Stopping Negative Thoughts

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I dedicate this book to everyone on Earth. Let it help bring peace to all.


Thanks to everyone I have met along my life’s path. Thanks for the lessons learnt through knowing you. Thanks to those that have stood up against me and allowed me to improve myself. I am truly grateful for any help you have given me and for the love we have shared. May your lives be truly blessed.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Divine Light

Chapter Two

Are Your Thoughts Friend Or Foe?

Chapter Three

A Trip To The Post Office

Chapter Four

Ego Verses Divine Light

Chapter Five


Chapter Six

Ways To Bypass The Ego

Chapter Seven

Living In The Now

Chapter Eight

Emotional Clearing

Chapter Nine

The Pain Body

Chapter Ten


Chapter Eleven


Chapter Twelve

Who Am I

Chapter Thirteen

I Am

Chapter Fourteen

Merging With The Light

Spiritual Poems




Hello, I am so pleased to have you on board! Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in England UK in 1947 and lived there until I came to the sunny island of Cyprus with my Husband Keith in 2004. We have been here just on ten years and are extremely happy. The suns shines nearly everyday and gives us a glad to be alive feeling.

My life as a child was not so happy, it was traumatic and left me with many emotional scars; I was not able to function normally and felt I was odd, but didn’t know why. I didn’t fit in and felt alone. I had no memories of what went on so wondered why I was fearful. I didn’t trust anyone. I thought myself ugly, dirty and hated myself. I was a serious child unlike my twin brother who was a happy soul. I wondered why I wasn’t happy too. Everyone loved him but I felt no one loved me. Not even my parents. At school he was in a higher grade and found school work easy. Me I found it difficult and struggled. However I did like school as it kept me away from my home for a little while. I dreaded weekends and holidays when I would be at the mercy of my mothers anger.

I found out in later years what had gone on for me and it was not just my mothers anger that thwarted me and I talk about it in Knowing the Secret – Revealing the truth my former book. Everything I write about in this and my other book is the outcome of my suffering, as it led me to great spiritual knowledge. I feel blessed to have suffered, for the knowledge I have gained has far surpassed the suffering and I thank my parents for giving me the lessons I needed to learn.

Eventually my life changed and in 1984 I learnt Transcendental Meditation and that aided my healing process and led me towards great spiritual advancement. I learnt we create our own reality and my childhood had served me well. I have no regrets because I believe I chose the circumstances which lead me to a profession I love.

I have been a Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist, Reiki practitioner, Yoga teacher and Spiritual Practitioner for many years. I gained these tools to help myself and others heal. The outcome of my therapy is allowing clients to know who and what they are, and subsequently lead them towards enlightenment.


In my book Knowing The Secret I use the word God many times however in this book I don’t, and only use it occasionally where no other word will do. The word God to many denotes a man sitting on a throne judging us for misdemeanours and ready to throw us into hells fire should we sin. However I do not see God as this; I see it as Energy Being of Light the greatest Power there is. I do not see it connected to specific religion either. I’ve found there are many that wouldn’t read my former book who have missed out on knowledge that could have helped them tremendously in their quest for a happy life. I hope these people will now read Knowing the Secret after reading this one.

The world is at a critical state and humankind more worried than ever. However all is not lost and it is time for each of us to lend a helping hand. The way to help the world is helping yourself. Yes that’s right by altering ourselves we can change the world.

We can do this without leaving our homes; without spending a penny; without talking or pleading with anyone; without standing on a podium and demanding our rights. It’s all to do with energy transference. As a sender and receiver of energy we affect the world. If we are merging with the Light instead of being stressed we will send that Light out. Light is a great healer. I will be teaching you ways to bring more Light into your life.

Lots of people are unhappy and you may say it’s a natural state with all that is going on. Some of you may have lost your job, lost money from a bank that you trusted, as here in Cyprus. You may be on your own after a divorce, or be starving because you cannot meet the ever increasing bills; you may even have ill health.

If the above is true for you I say, ‘HELP yourself as I have done’. Did you know you can do it with a little practice? As I said it won’t cost you a cent. It won’t take you away from where you are. It won’t even make you unhappy. In fact it will make you happy. Yes that’s right happiness, peace, and light are yours for the taking.

One of the ways of helping yourself is living in the NOW. When you LIVE IN THE NOW you bring more Light into you and your consciousness rises. When you say yes to wherever you are in life at this moment (good or bad) and be in the Now, then your circumstances can change overnight.

You will learn how to live in the Now; you will learn who the culprit is that upsets you and keeps you out of the Now. You will learn there is a Power, the greatest living Power that can help you succeed, and it is there for to connect to. Your consciousness will expand when you join with this Power by living in the Now.

When you change your consciousness you alter the world. Like a stone thrown into a pond the ripples go out further and further and merge with the ocean. Likewise you will merge with all of life and affect it positively. The world and all that’s in it will be affected. Also your life can change; if you have lost a relationship, money, job or have ill health something can turn up and change your life for the better. This is because you will not be the little you that’s on your own, but the powerful you, that attracts what you need for yourself and the world.

This book is written to help you recognise who you are, that you are an energy being in a body travelling through life to grow to your full potential. You are not alone, quite the contrary, you belong to the Greatest Energy there is. However you are thwarted by the culprit who stops you knowing your oneness with the Divine Light. I wish to share with you spiritual practises that have helped me, and are still helping me on my journey home to the Light.

The part of us who makes us so unhappy is the ego, who is a sad old soul who has got it all wrong who lives within our mind-set and is more a part of this world than we ever could have realized. It is running this world at the moment; it has taken over and speaks to us through the media. It is showing us violence, crime, sexual abuse, killings, poverty, famine and destruction. You may say all these atrocities have been with us for millions of years. Yes it is true but destruction is far more prominent in our world now than ever before because the above are broadcast on TV as well as newspapers and is part of everyone’s mind-set. The latter is the problem, for, whatever we believe we will achieve. So, the more of us that think about trouble – the more it is presented to us.

For many years during my spiritual advancement I denied the fact that there could be a devil, and hell as I had had enough of the devil caused by my catholic upbringing. I had lived my life in fear for the first 36 years of life dreading going to hell when I died. When I started to meditate my consciousness expanded and from then on I saw the devil as a figment of people’s imaginations. I saw churches using the devil to control its devotees to believe that they were ‘less than’ and in need of the religious hierarchy.

Then a time came when my thoughts frightened me to death, they told me things that made me fear. My body reacted as if I had seen a ghost. After this I thought, ‘Is there a devil?’ ‘Is there something in me that wants me to suffer?’ I could see my thoughts were irrational, but that conclusion didn’t stop them carrying on their destructive work.

I agreed with my original belief that hell wasn’t a place to visit when we died. I had thought it was a state of mind but had not understood what state of mind it was. Now I knew it wasn’t MY mind but the ego. It was a false self working through me to control me. I saw it as an IMPOSTER. Something inside of my consciousness that could bring me pain in many forms. I was pleased with my findings but at the same time wary of what it could do to me if I let it. From then on I made it a practice to be in the Now (one of the practices I teach you about in this book) and so I was on guard listening to my thoughts and choosing them, instead of being ruled by them.

This book can help you learn that within your consciousness lays the ego who is trying to help by controlling you – using beliefs that are not true because of limited knowledge; knowledge that has been put together from our experiences from this life and past lives – if you believe in the latter. If you don’t believe in past lives there is enough in this lifetime to destroy the most sensitive of us with the help of the ego.

The ego is not something that is bad; it is just ignorant of what it is. It judges from a set of beliefs gained through his false perceptions. And so I wish to help you understand what is going on within you allowing you to take control of your life instead of being ruled by it.

It isn’t until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are – not necessarily a religious feeling, but deep down, the spirit within – that you can begin to take control. Oprah Winfrey

How true; without the above knowledge you can go nowhere towards changing your life for the better. You may think you’re on your own in this life. It’s you against the world, which isn’t true. We are all ONE life force, we are one consciousness and that’s it. We came from consciousness we will go back to consciousness eventually. That is once we have realized we are no more than an idea in the mind of Spirit. A beautiful idea but in most cases an ignorant one. Ignorant of the truth of whom we are. We were not given this information when we came into this lifetime so of course we are ignorant.

A Metaphysical belief is that the universe and all that’s in it is a hologram, including humankind. What is a hologram? It is no more than energy. They are discovering now what all the wise sages have been saying for thousands and thousands of years, that we are all spirit, which is Light Energy. We are more powerful than we know so let’s not let the ego win! Let’s, by the help of this book, bypass this intruder. Let’s move into the Now and connect with the true us. Let’s heal our lives whatever we are going through and bring peace to earth.

Chapter One

Divine Light.

_ No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things._ Demi Lavato[

If you have not read the Preface and the Introduction you may want to go back and do so now; it will give you a clearer understanding to the philosophy being presented. I have found that reading a book a few times, particularly books related to spirituality enhances my understanding of the subject. It often brings to light something I’d overlooked at the first reading. In order to gain maximum benefit I’d like to suggest you do the same.

Energy can neither be destroyed nor created. It however, can change form. Ernest Holmes the founder of Science of Mind says that energy at its most subtle is a Conscious Awareness. It is all there is. It has been called many names such as God, Light, Spirit, Creative Consciousness, Unified Field, and even referred to as ‘I AM’. Here I attempt to explain a complex subject of creation in story form, calling the Energy, LIGHT.

There lived a DIVINE WHITE LIGHT ENERGY which was eternal; Its nature was Peace, Love and Joy, and so could be described as Goodness. Light lived in the NOW and decided to set out on a Journey to have some fun. It realized, to have some fun it needed somewhere to have some fun in. So it created, out of itself, a wonderful Universe and chose one of Its planets (the most beautiful one) to have some experiences on*.* This planet was called Earth and on this planet it created, out of itself, various things, such as the mineral, plant, animal and the human kingdom.

Although Divine Light experienced through all of its kingdoms, it chose the human being to be Its favoured vehicle, and divided the species into two, creating male and female. Divine Light lived inside them and experienced through them. So in other words, It had varied experiences through every person who lived. Each viewed life from their perception, and this is what it wanted. It didn’t want each person to be a clone. Just think how boring it could be for it if everyone was having identical experiences – there would be no point to its adventure. If they were the same as itself they would never know joy, because they were joy; never know peace, because they were peace; never know love, because they were love. It knew that to know these things the human had to experience opposites.

Quite rightly they had the same nature as Divine Light (because they were made out of It) and their TRUE nature was love, light, peace and joy. Unfortunately they didn’t know this! What was worse, they were given FREE WILL, to live the life they’d chosen. If they weren’t given free will, they would have had the same experiences as each other. As I said, the Light wanted to have fun and you can’t have fun if you don’t have different experiences.

Divine Light designed the human being with SENSES. It created hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. Giving them these, helped each to have a range of experiences because it is a known fact, no two people see, hear, touch, taste or smell things the same.

Divine Light also gave them a container to put their memories of experiences and subsequent beliefs in. This was essential to individuality; they had to have somewhere to store their experiences. This is so they could make judgments from them. This container was called the ego which can mean ‘Experience Going On’. However the ego ‘perceived’ what was going on around it from a limited point of view. It didn’t know the truth; it didn’t know it was an aspect of Divine Light. This faulty perception subsequently determined the life it had, and the human being’s personality. If they had good experiences they were likely to become positive people with a friendly outlook, but if it had bad experiences could have become negative with fearful personalities.

The human Being was designed to use Divine Light’s THOUGHT independently, allowing it to create anything it wanted. This again was fun for it, watching the antics they got up to. Divine Light loved giving them what they asked for even if it was suffering, because It knew one day they would realize who they were once they had had enough suffering.

The humans believed in various things that didn’t exist; for instance they believed in PAST and FUTURE. This was because they remembered events that had happened, and also could think about things that might happen; so they believed past and future was a reality. However think about it, you cannot live in the past or future. You can only live in the Now.

They believed in OPPOSITES like darkness and light, which again were not real, because there was only the light; darkness only happens when we move away from the light, or shut it out. Likewise, the human presumed there was good and bad, actually there is only good because Divine Light is goodness, and the human being is made of It; so bad only comes about when we move away from good.

Another error the human believed in was TIME. However time is an illusion. Time seems to go slowly; time seems to go fast, but it is only the awareness of time that makes it seem real. If there was no awareness of time (nobody there to view it) there would be no time. So time doesn’t exist. Time only exists when it is being observed. So you can see the poor old human being had many faulty perceptions due to ignorance of the TRUTH – the truth that it was Divine Light and so, Energy.

They didn’t know that whatever the ego perceived as bad created more of it. They failed to realize, if they had positive thoughts, they connected with their true self Divine Light (goodness) and had a lovely time. On the other hand, if they had negative thoughts, coming from their ego they consequently moved away from Divine Light and had a bad time. They didn’t know that their ego wasn’t real; that it was just a container for those experiences, and all that was real was Light. They didn’t know that if they lived in the NOW they would be one with It and because of the latter their lives would be favourable, and so everything they needed would be supplied to them.

So they went out into the world ignorant of the truth about themselves and the universe. They searched outside for peace, love, light and joy not knowing it was there in the NOW, inside them. They believed they had a mind of their own, not realizing they shared Divine Light’s mind. They believed sometimes they were their senses or their thoughts and beliefs. They even thought they were their personality, the ego, and/or their body. As I have said they didn’t know that they were Divine Light and so eternal, LIGHT ENERGY. This confusion led them to suffer greatly and they are still suffering. That is until they learn to be in the Now, in Divine Light. So the conclusion to this story is, everything in the universe is Light including the human being. Nothing else exists, all is imagined.

If you found this chapter easy well done, but if you found some of the ideas I put to you difficult to comprehend don’t worry, as the book transpires you may understand more of what I have said because I repeat these subjects in various ways. It is complex, but as your consciousness expands all will be revealed to you. I talk about many ways to raise your consciousness and this in itself brings enlightenment to the topics mention.

Chapter Two

Are Your Thoughts Friend or foe?

[Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
__]Author Unknown

In Knowing the Secret – Revealing the Truth, I talked much about the Higher Self and lower self, these affecting our lives. I explained how being in Higher Mind is essential for a profitable life; how being in lower mind brings about adversity. I explained that Higher Mind was real and lower mind wasn’t.

In this book I call these two levels of consciousness Higher Mind (Divine Light) and lower mind (ego) to simplify a theory that can be, for some, difficult to comprehend. Some people are born with a connection to Divine Light. They are naturally happy, contented and positive. Their lives seem to pan out with everything going in their favour, from birth. I believe these people have come along to earth to enjoy the fruits of life, and do not have too much work to do this time around.

On the other hand, there are people who have come to learn lessons. They seem to suffer greatly and are affected by the ego. They find obstacles in their path whichever way they go, and sometimes these force them to seek help. Once someone does I believe it is there for them, they are never alone. The Master Jesus said ‘Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened to you’.

If you have a problem it always stems from the mind. So let’s begin with the mind; we believe we have one, actually we don’t have an individual mind, as explained in chapter one, we live in MIND which is Consciousness. No one has ever found a mind in the body. They have found a brain, but that is not the mind. The Mind is a universal creative consciousness that we live in, and all share. It creates for us whatever we believe.

As we know we have countless thoughts, and it is the quality of our thoughts that make us happy or unhappy. Many people have not realized that most of their unhappiness comes from their thinking. They believe it’s something outside of them making them unhappy, angry or sad. For instance, they blame someone’s behaviour towards them, the environment in which they work, the surroundings they live in, or simply the weather, the list is endless.

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking. Santosh Kalwar.

It’s the ego that tells you, ‘I don’t like her she’s cunning’. You may verbalise it, but this perception came from your thoughts. ‘I hate living in this country, I hate my job, and I hate myself’. These statements fail to make you happy. Some people spend their lives grumbling and think it the right thing to do. I used to grumble all the time. I wasn’t happy unless I grumbled. But was I happy? Not really. I was tense and irritable and suffered with many nervous complaints. I thought my thoughts were who I was.

Thoughts come from two places; the ego (lower mind) or from Divine Light (Higher Mind). Some thoughts bring us loving, peaceful, joyous feelings and some; angry, resentful, hurtful ones. These two types of feelings come from both categories of thoughts. A ‘negative feeling’ comes from a belief buried deep within us, which causes a thought, and triggers a sensation in the body; all coming from the ego. Positive, loving joyous feelings come from Divine Light, they are inherent in us.

Some people believe that to gain happiness they must change themselves or change something outside of them in some way. When my children were born I was determined that they should have self-esteem, something I lacked. The ego led me to believe that if they became famous, they would be admired, and so feel good about themselves. It also led me to believe that if my children were famous, others would admire me, and so my self-esteem would grow, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Self-esteem is a must if we are able to function in this world because if we have none we find nothing goes right for us. We are always the underdog; always treated unfairly; always feeling down, and these I felt. The ego was certainly at work inside me.

To gain self-esteem the ego encourages you to go to great lengths and some people become one of the following for prestige. They say ‘I will become a doctor, I will become a nurse, I will become a scientist then people will look up to me’. However after years of study some of these people find, when they have gained the required commodity, they still don’t feel good about themselves. You cannot acquire self-esteem from outside of yourself; you can only gain it from within. When you have merged with Light everything in your life works and you feel at peace. Your self-esteem is intact. You are the highest form of LOVE, so how could you feel bad about yourself.

I certainly went to great lengths to gain self-esteem. I decided my children should be a famous singing group, like the Osmond’s. There were five of them and they were adorable. So I set to work teaching them to sing and entered them in competitions at various holiday camps and seaside resort functions. They won trophies and toys but I still didn’t feel happy. In fact just the opposite, I felt stressed; this is what the ego wanted. It is never happier than when it is inflicting stress because it cuts us of from the Light. I was totally cut off from Divine Light, worried, fatigued, depressed, unhappy, and anxious, you name it, I suffered it. I even found myself taking pain killers because they lifted my mood for a while.

I never stopped to think what I was doing to my children. They must have been stressed too. They were trying to please their mum, living up to my expectations. Then one day my elder brother learnt Transcendental Meditation and I saw such a difference in him. I decided to learn, and after practicing it for a while started to feel much happier. I didn’t know I was merging with Divine Light and so the ego was losing its foothold. My children saw such a difference in me, that when I asked them would they like to learn, they said yes. So the five of them started to meditate, and we all became a happier family. After a while I asked the children if they wanted to carry on singing; four said they didn’t. The one who wanted to be a singer went on to work in holiday camps and eventually Cruse Ships. She was very happy.

After meditating for a while, self esteem, self worth, and self love grew in me, as the Light became a part of my life. I saw such a difference in my children too. All have done well and are the loveliest people you could ever meet.

Fulfilment is a must. From the day we are born we have been looking for it, or should I say the ego has been looking for it, through us. Now there is nothing wrong with feeling fulfilled, quite the contrary, it’s a plus when it comes from within, but when it is a need in you, you are driven. You are never at rest. People spend their lives, till the day they die looking for it. On their death bed, they may feel disappointed they had never achieved anything. How sad. Ask yourself do you really feel fulfilled. If you do then you are merging with Divine Light in some way. If you don’t, you have been merging with the ego.

There are people whose job is menial, and yet they feel fulfilled, because fulfilment is inherent in them. You do not have to be famous, be in some high ranked job, be a Queen or a King to feel fulfilled. You could live happily wherever you are, be it in prison, living in a tent, living in a bedsit, in a boarding house, or even living on the street because mergence with Divine Light people are content with whatever they have.

Although good feelings are inherent in us because they come from our spiritual nature some people rarely experience them in their life-time. They might say they are happy when they have gained something like a new house, car, or clothing etc but this happiness is short lived. The acquired can cause them unhappiness too. Happiness and peacefulness are not the same. Here is a statement that you may be able to comprehend once I have shown you that you can feel peaceful all the time because IT IS YOUR REAL NATURE. It is who you are. It is your birth right, everyone’s birth right, regardless of who you think you are.

So who’s doing the talking, which thought is it; the Light’s or the ego’s? The ego is the most prominent thought in our world today. It lives in the past or future, never in the Now. If you are depressed, you are living in the past. ‘If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present moment’. Lao Tzu

Think about it. Where are your thoughts most of the time? Are they on what you did yesterday, or an hour ago or on what you will do tomorrow? Some people experience life living in the past or future. To some it’s the only way they feel happy, but that happiness is always short lived. Someone said to me, ‘Do you know what makes me happy? It’s looking at old photographs of my children when they were babies’. I do it often to cheer myself up’.

Some folk look foreword to their holidays, they get excited and try to live in the future; planning what will happen which enhances their expectations of it. They live all year for that holiday, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t turn out the way they wanted. It would be better to purchase your holiday, get what you need for it, and forget about it until it arrives. You cannot live in the future. You don’t even know if you will have a future. Why not spend time in the present and enjoy the moment.

People often ask me, ‘Are you excited about your holiday Rosemary?’ I say, ‘No’, they cannot understand this. I explain that my holiday is in the future and I know nothing about my future so how can I get excited about something I know nothing about. It might never happen; we do not know what tomorrow brings.

I used to live in the past for years – condemning my parents and all the atrocities that went on for me. I was surely miserable! By focusing on this I went on to create more atrocities which added to my negative burden. As I have said we create our reality by our thoughts. Think negative thoughts and bad things can happen.

The ego, which isn’t you, or indeed as I have said, isn’t real, will tell you things that make you fearful, angry and resentful. It will make you feel jealous, envious; cause you great sadness, give you much pain, either emotional and/or physical. It will tell you an injustice has been done to you; subsequently you feel angry with the people or circumstances in question. The ego will turn you into a spiteful, cunning, selfish person who cares nothing about anyone, if you let it. At its worse it will make people rape, kill, torture, go to war and tell people these cruel acts are right, and will make them happy.

Ten signs that the ego is running your life:

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you constantly worry about this, that or the other?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you think about the misfortunes that have happened to you?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you spend time feeling sorry for yourself?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you rejoice in the misfortunes of others?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you spend time thinking about all the bad things people have done to you?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you wish bad things will happen to those that hurt you?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you criticize others and/or hoping to hurt them?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you feel angry often, with people and situations?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you feel hurt when others don’t praise you?

p<>{color:#000;}. Can you listen to others achievements and be pleased for them, or do you ignore what they say, and boast about your own or others people’s achievements.

You may be feeling guilty that you do some of these things; or you may feel you are right to behave in this way. Whichever is true for you KNOW these thoughts and behaviours are not you, you are above these.

The Light on the other hand, the real you will bring you a beautiful life of love. Divine Light is the Essence of you. It is always there, always watching, always aware of all that you do. The good or bad, It enjoys every minute of the experience you are having. However Divine Light doesn’t know sickness in any form. The Light sees everything as good. That’s Its nature. But the Light lies dormant until you find a way to merge with It, and realize your oneness.

Divine Light is positive. It will tell you everything is okay. The Light loves you unconditionally whatever you have or haven’t done. It brings you peace and a feeling of love when you merge with it and your relationships are sweet; be it with the shopkeeper, doctor, spouse, partner, boss at work, EVERYONE! Life works for you; everywhere you go things turn out in your favour. There’s always the parking space, the person to lend a hand when you need someone. You love everything you have from the smallest to the largest. Even if you don’t own much you feel contented. You feel you don’t want anything anymore. You have all you need because you have Divine Light and so peace of mind. The funny thing is, when you are not in need you gain.

Ten signs that you are merging with Divine Light:

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you feel relaxed at all times, and take everything in your stride.

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you realize whatever has happened to you has been a good thing as it’s made you wiser and stronger?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you spend time living in the moment?

p<>{color:#000;}. Are you happy for others achievements?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you realize you create your reality and so don’t blame others for their actions towards you?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you wish good things will happen to others?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you praise people however little their achievement?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you love others, even if they have hurt you?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you say yes to life, whatever you are going through?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you live for the moment and not worry about what tomorrow brings?

If you do all these, you are well blessed. But don’t worry if you don’t. I’ll show you how to merge with the Light. People are waking up all over the world and finding Divine Light. Whether you realize it or not, you must have found Divine Light and/ or want to find Divine Light or you wouldn’t be reading this book.

Chapter Three

A Trip To The Post Office.

Here is an experience of a client of mine who was never happy, who lived her life ruled by the ego. She has read this narrative and given her permission to include it. Her only request is that her name be changed.

Jess had visited me a couple of times and on the third visit she was in a foul mood and started shouting before she had taken her coat off – she was very angry.

‘I had a terrible time today, I went to the post office for a parcel, but the Staff was not at all cooperative. I had the tracking number and took it to the Clerk at the desk. She told me to ring a certain number on my own mobile phone, and to ask where my parcel was’.

By this time, Jess was going red in the face; she looked as if she would burst; just like a balloon would if it was blown up too much.

She continued. ‘Well I told her in no uncertain terms, it’s here at the post office! I told her I tracked it on the internet and was informed that it had reached its destination, oh I was livid! The woman insisted I phone the number she gave me, I was so angry! Stupid woman!’

Jess took a deep breath and went on talking. ‘Anyway; I rang and he told me, exactly what I knew; that it was here at the post office. I shouted I KNOW it’s at the post office – I’m at the post office! Anyway he gave me a number to give to the clerk. I took the number to her and she said that she will have to see the manager, and wandered away leaving me seething. Eventually she meandered back without a care in the world and informed me I had to go to see him in his office – the cheek of it! He told me that you will have to come back in two hours. I shouted I am here NOW! He said he was very busy sorting many parcels out, and insisted I come back in two hours. They are idiots in that post office!’

‘You look awfully stressed Jess,’ I said feeling very concerned for this very unhappy lady. ‘Would you like to take your coat off?’

‘Stressed I’m ANGRY!’ proclaimed Jess in a forceful way.

‘Please do take your coat off Jess and sit down and lets try to sort this out for you.’

Jess took her coat off and sat down, I saw her hands shaking.

‘Who made you feel angry Jess, who made you so unhappy?’

Jess thought about my question for a second or two, and continued ‘They all did. They weren’t listening to me’.

‘Would you like me to help you with this Jess? Maybe help you understand what was really going on for you?’ I felt concerned for her, but at the same time knew the experience she’d been through, was of her own making.

‘You can try if you like, but it won’t make the people change their behaviour’. She looked despondent.

‘Did you know there is a part in you that made you angry, not the people?’ I said gently to her. I felt so sorry for her.

She didn’t look very convinced and I was not surprised. She had spent her lifetime being angry, angry with others and angry with herself. Life was not working for her.

‘Okay Jess there is two parts, affecting our life – the Higher Self and the lower self. But to simplify, I am going to call the Higher Self, Divine Light, and the lower self the ego’.

‘It’s not religious is it? I’m not into religion, can’t be doing with it. The killings that have gone on in the name of religion, it’s a farce religion’, she said indignantly.

‘No Jess it isn’t you see when I say Divine Light I mean Energy, I do not mean a man up in heaven who is sitting on a throne. Divine Light has many names; It can be called the Light, Spirit, Energy, Universal Consciousness, Unified field, I Am – It has lots of names. What would you like to call it?

After considerable thought Jess said, ‘I would like to call it the Light’

‘Okay Jess that is what we call It’.

What we have to know is both the Light and the ego are parts that affect our life. The Light is positive and is inherent in us. Its nature is love, peace, and joy. The ego is mainly negative and manipulative and doesn’t make us happy’. I wondered if this was too much for her to take; I was wondering if I had gone a little deep. I continued. ‘So let’s look at the ego. It is not a real part of us, it just thinks it is. It is made up of all the things that have happened to us, and forms beliefs about them – all the hurts and disappointments that lay deep within the ego. If we have had a tough time in childhood the worse the ego is. It rules us. It takes us over. It forms our personality. It is miserable because it hasn’t found love. It is the opposite of what we really are, but we don’t know this. It likes to live in the past or future. This is where it can dream about being happy, or miserable which makes it feel real. It takes us out of the moment by its thoughts, because it cannot live in the now. It sees the moment as boring, doing the same old things day in and day out. It cannot see the wonder of life; the magic all around. It likes to scare us. It tells us all sorts of lies, and we believe them. It may tell us not to trust people. People are bad. People are out to get us. It makes us feel inadequate because it loves criticising us. Telling us we are not clever enough. And do you know it talks through other people, when they tell us we are stupid. And then we feel other people are better than us, so it makes us feel jealous of them.’ I looked into her eyes; I could see she was listening intently. Maybe, I thought, ‘she will change her ways’.

I went on to say, ‘The ego makes us hurt people. Be cruel to them, to make ourselves feel better. Oh it is so devious. Sometimes when we help people it makes us feel good about ourselves, in-as-much as we go around bragging, showing off that we are really good people. It does this because it feels inadequate. However, then it makes us feel resentful because people don’t help us the way we help them’. The latter seemed to make sense to her as she was nodding.

‘It will make us say something to upset someone just to make them feel small, so we can feel better than them. It has made people kill; telling them it is in the name of God. It has made people burn women at the stake, saying they are witches because they thought differently than others. It doesn’t like people to be different, it can’t cope with that’.

Jess thought about what I had said, she seemed more relaxed. All these years she had thought herself to be right. She had believed her thoughts were true. Now she was questioning them.

‘Do you know Rosemary I think it has been ruling my life. But how can I stop it. How can I get rid of it? God I hate it’.

‘Jess, the part of you that hates it, is it. You can never get rid of it, because it is the part that allows us to see opposites. You see if we didn’t know the negative, we wouldn’t know the positive’. What we have to do is love it.

‘I could never do that. Love something that has made me miserable all my life, you must be joking.’

‘Yes you could Jess when you merge with the Light. It will be natural for you to love it and everyone who has hurt you. Love will become your natural nature. Actually love is your real nature now, but you have lost the truth. You have been living your life through the ego’.

Jess was quiet for a while pondering on what I had said. It was a lot for her to take in. She had been angry for many years. She had felt anger and aggression was okay and part of life. Her parents were always angry. They criticised her all the time. She reckoned she had never been as good as her sister Adele, whom she says was her parents favourite. I went on to say.

‘The Light is our real nature; contact with it will make us feel peaceful, joyful and loved. The Light created us, so it could have experience in life. The Light gave us free will to behave as we liked. The Light is always with us but lies dormant until we tune in with It. There are ways to do this, and I will be teaching you how to tune in later if you like. The Light looks through our eyes, feels through our senses, smells and touches things through our body, and has a wonderful time. The Light loves to help people and wants no praise. The Light loves all unconditionally. The Light cannot see badness, because it is goodness. As I said, it made us out of itself, so initially we are goodness too. But we’ve forgotten this and that’s the way the Light wanted it’. By now Jess had sat back in her chair and looked as if she was pleased with what I was saying.

‘Jess, let’s look at your trip to the post office if you had been merged with the Light. The Light lives in the present, at all times. The Light’s nature sees that the now is wonderful. It marvels at everything, even if it doesn’t have much, because It needs only the basics. The Light marvels at doing things however meaningful the task. It sees the wonder in everything and in everybody. It feels peaceful, calm, does not get agitated, and loves everything and everyone just as they are. The Light doesn’t condemn anyone, and would have loved its trip to the post office with you’. Jess looked amazed.

‘If you had merged with the Light, instead of the ego, you would have greeted the lady at the desk with a big smile saying, ‘Good morning’. You would have believed the clerk was helpful when she asked you to phone, to see where your parcel was. You would have trusted that she knew best. You would have been very pleased receiving the identity number of your parcel. You would have waited patiently at the desk, when the clerk went to the Managers’ office. You wouldn’t have been worrying about the time it took. You wouldn’t have felt in a rush. You wouldn’t have been worrying about being somewhere else because you would have trusted everything would work out well. When you met the manager you would have greeted him with a smile, and would have understood he was very busy, and that he would get your parcel in two hours. However Jess, if you’d have been tuned into the Light chances are, the people involved, would have assisted you sooner; because everything works out well, when you are merging with the Light’.

‘The ego was very much alive in you this morning. It was the ego that told you, the lady was uninterested in you. It always looks at things negatively. It’s was ego that told you ringing someone about the whereabouts of your parcel is a waste of time, and so inconvenient. It didn’t realize an identity number was needed. Even when you were given the number, it made you feel angry, telling you that it is so inconvenient having to go back to the clerk. It was fuming that you had to wait because it wanted to be somewhere else – because rush is all it does. It never lives in the moment. In the managers office it thinks it is so important that the manager should stop doing what he is doing, and look for the parcel. It doesn’t think about other people being important too. It cares for no one other than itself. All this time it is you that is suffering. Your blood pressure could have risen. You could have been feeling tension in your head, neck or shoulders. Your energy will definitely have been depleted because you were not connected to the source of your being – which is the Light. You could have been knocking time off your wonderful life all for the sake of negative thoughts that come from the ego. This is what it did to you – and it’s you that let it – all because of ignorance. Because you are ignorant of the truth of whom you are. You were under the impression that it was you thinking those thoughts but it wasn’t. For the past 56 years you have listened to it. You thought that you are your thoughts, so you must be right behaving the way you do’. Jess looked bewildered and yet happier than I had ever seen her. It’s as if someone had put the light on in a darkened room.

‘Can I get rid of the ego Rosemary? Can I ban it from ever coming into my mind? I do hate it you know’.

I realized Jess had not understood about saying I hate it. She thought this was the right thing to say.

‘Who said the words I hate it Jess?’

‘I did’. Jess was troubled. ‘I don’t understand what your saying Rosemary. I just opened my mouth and said those words’.

‘Yes you did Jess but the words came from the ego. You see if you were in the Light you would be feeling love for the ego – the Light loves everyone and everything. The Light doesn’t see the bad in anyone. It sees that they are in ignorance of the truth of who they are. The Light loves you; it knows you are ignorant of the truth of you. It knows It is you, so It could never do anything but love you. When we merge with our true self with the Light, we become love. We stop seeing things as bad. We see everything as working just as it should be working. The Light looks out into the world through us knowing that what is going on in the world will eventually bring everyone back to the truth of who they are. The Light doesn’t see pain and suffering It sees experience’.

‘Why doesn’t the Light do something about it and make everything right,’ said Jess feeling very concerned.

‘There would be no reward for the Light doing that,’ I said, trying to help Jess understand. I knew I had to explain more about this subject. ‘Nobody would realize who and what they are and wouldn’t come home to be ONE with the Light Jess. Imagine that you are an artist and you are painting a war picture with people being killed and tortured. This is your creation and the reward for it will be great when it is finished. You don’t feel the pain the people are feeling in the picture. You are not aware of how those people in the picture will be suffering because their houses have been blown up. You know that it is all not real. It’s just a picture. To the Light it is just a picture that’s it’s created through allowing itself to go out into the world through the human being to experience’. Jess was starting to understand as she nodded a couple of times, as if it was becoming clear to her.

The writers of ‘A course in Miracles’ say, we and everything in the Universe are not real, and I am beginning to think this too. It could be a dream and one day we will wake up in the Light thinking, ‘Haven’t we had a nice time in that dream’. Jess laughed, she saw the funny side.

‘Have you had a nightmare Jess that upset you, and when you woke up you realized it wasn’t real? You were happy it wasn’t true. You had returned home to your own bed to your own little house safe and secure. I believe that’s how we will feel when we return to who and what we are’.

Jess attended more sessions. I taught her methods that would line her up with Divine Light. I taught her meditation. I taught her how to pray properly. Not to a Divine Light far away who might and might not help. But a Divine Light that she lived in and had her being in, a Divine Light that was in her and around her – and never, ever, would leave her. I taught her to live in the moment, in the Now, merging with Light all the time. She ended up very happy. You can too, once you know who is doing the talking!

Chapter Four

Ego Verses Divine Light.

The problem is that we have allowed our egos, the part of us which believes that we are separate from God and separate from each other, to dominate our lives.’ Wayne Dyer

The ego is not real but serves its purpose as our personality. If you believe we only have one lifetime, then the ego can be explained as, the individual experiences a child has from pre-birth ( in the womb we can suffer) through to seven years of age. The perception of these experiences is decided upon by the ego. These form the person’s personality traits.

I didn’t believe in past lives but when I realized that all is energy including me it wasn’t hard to believe in them. I had learnt energy can neither be destroyed nor created it has always been, so if I was energy it made sense that I would never die and so go on to live more than one life.

Metaphysics says that we have lived many lifetimes and consequently taken on other forms (bodies). It is taught the ego experiences started when the soul set out on its first journey on earth. Each time the soul manifests as humankind it brings beliefs with it. The person attracts into their life what they believe. For instance it is said that the soul attracts its parents, place of birth, and experiences by beliefs held in ones mind-set, and goes on attracting throughout their lifetime. The ego is seen by some as the container of all these experiences and so develops perceptions. From these perceptions your life pans out.

The ego deciphers all the experiences the person has and acts upon them; limited of the knowledge of what it really is. The ego is on a journey in search of love and happiness but it looks outside of itself. It uses experiences the person has and forms beliefs, and then these are turned into reality. For instance a child suffers abuse. It is too young to understand, but there was much pain felt both physically and emotionally. The baby didn’t like this experience and the ego labels this. ‘People are not to be trusted’. For the rest of the person’s life this premise sets up its thought pattern coming from the ego. So the person is always in fear, trusting no one. The ego believes this is what is needed to keep the person happy. Actually it does the opposite and keeps the person unhappy. I know this to be a truth as I was extremely unhappy, I was in depression for many years due to painful experiences I had in childhood. Depression can be the outcome of depression.

However Divine Light, the real nature of this child sees experiences as positive whatever they are. It sees it as a pathway to illumination – knowing whatever the person suffers will eventually bring them to Oneness with itself. Divine Light speaks through peoples’ thoughts as Intuition. This can be a strong signal or a weak one depending on the state of consciousness brought into life. If it’s a strong signal the person will have a positive out-look, seeing life as a creative experience that can be used for spiritual advancement. If it’s a weak signal, the person will be stronger in negativity and the ego will run its life. The person will think they are correct thinking the thoughts they have, and be ruled by them. Fearing life and its experiences and living hell on earth can be the outcome. However there is always hope and a person can turn their life around instantly with spiritual guidance.

Divine Light brings us joy; we feel everything is okay, just as it is, but as soon as we are feeling happy the ego can step in to our mind-set, if we are not on guard, and get angry. It throws in some sneaky remark like, ‘This cannot last.’ We are brought down with a bump. What we have to learn is to take no notice to its sly remarks. We need to be aware all the time. Laugh at it and get our self back into the NOW. That’s the secret; it’s not hard to do. Bring yourself into Divine Light with your breath, be aware of it. Watch it flow in and out. You always have your breath with you. It goes with you everywhere. It’s the easiest way to get into the Now, to get into Divine Light. The worst thing we can do is get angry with the ego for when we get angry, it’s the ego getting angry with itself. What we have to do is accept it. When we can love the ego and accept it as being part of the human being we are free. It is part of your life’s plan. With this love comes your own power to trust yourself to choose what you want to think.

Loving the ego is not the same as being in love, these are two different aspects. Loving someone comes from Divine Light and being in love comes from the ego. The former type of love is selfless; it is a love from the heart. It deals in unconditional love and says nothing, expects nothing, and would go without to help someone else. The love that comes from the ego is selfish. It asks, ‘What can I get from this person?’

I have known people who always seem positive, who look on the bright side of life being affected by the ego. The ego uses the positive nature to turn it into plusses for itself. Say for instance a child gets much praise when it helps its mother and no praise for anything else. It has learnt praise brings with it a good feeling and the ego sees this as a way of getting love. As the child grows up the ego makes them feel good about the deeds done, telling them you are such a wonderful person. The person is then driven to help others, for the reward of feeling good about itself, or even high and mighty, feeling better than others. You can always recognise a person who has an inflated ego they inform everyone they meet about their good deeds so getting more plusses. Many people say ‘Oh you are such a good person’. Would the culprit help others if they didn’t have a reward of praise? I doubt it. However there are many people who give because they feel it their duty as a fellow traveller on life’s path. They tell no one of their deeds as they are not searching for love and praise, as they feel love inside them. These people are powered by Divine Light.

When we have lost awareness of our true nature, we spend most of our time ruled by the ego. But we came to the earth plane to discover who and what we truly are. We have spent many lifetimes doing this. Each one brings us a step closer to the truth. We are programmed to think ourselves separate from everything else when in fact we are just the opposite. We are linked to everything in the universe because everything is us. Everything we see, touch, taste, smell hear is us. All are a manifestation of the ONE. When you can grasp this and treat it with respect you open doors to fulfilment. You become a co-worker in life’s plan. You stop judging, you stop criticising, and you start loving. There is just nowhere to go anymore. There is nothing to do but experience whatever is happening in the Now. I will be talking about the Now in chapter seven.

Have you ever stopped and realized that the only certainty in life is change. Day turns into night, night into day. One moment you’re happy next moment you are sad. A meal is over in a flash. You go to work, you come home. You go to sleep, you wake up. Once you were a baby, now you are adult. You are born, then you die. Nothing ever remains the same.

The ego doesn’t like change and tries to hold onto whatever is going on. Take aging the ego doesn’t like this. It is there in the mirror looking at perfection turn to old and wrinkly and it wants to do something about it. People spend millions to stop change. Many have plastic surgery to change different parts of their bodies. This is the ego saying that you’re not good enough. I have known people decorate their house every six months because it’s not perfect anymore.

Perfection is the highest rated commodity on the shelf of life. What people need to realize is that everything is perfect just as it is. Actually when we come to see that it is perfect we are on our way to self-realization, we are merging with Divine Light.

People strengthened by Divine Light’s nature are different than the ego type people. Divine Light doesn’t get upset over change, It is change. Change is natural to It. Change is life. Divine Light loves everyone no matter what they do or say because It always sees the bigger picture. It knows no one is bad and that they behave the way they do because they are in ignorance of their true self – they are sick and the sickness is lack of love. When you’re tuned into Divine Light It guides you with wisdom, through your intuition. Divine Light is full of joy and fears nothing – not even death, because It knows there isn’t any death. It goes with the flow saying yes to everything. Whatever is happening to the world, to its inhabitants, Divine Light sees as right, seeing it leading people towards the truth, of who they really are.

The ego has many traits, anger, jealousy, envy, hate, resentment, cunningness, and manipulation, using these to get what it wants. It is always cautious about anything going on, looking for flaws in situations. It controls every situation and causes the person unlimited stress. The ego sees the world as a frightening place to be and trusts nothing and no one. It sees the world going to the dogs, so to speak. It loves the Newsreels about death and destruction, and revels in it because it strengthens its beliefs. It really craves safety and security but never gets it because life is changeable. It will stop at nothing in its search for happiness which it deems to be love.

When you have these feeling and the thoughts that go with them most people think they are right. However some people really and truly hate themselves for their behaviour, like I did. Whether you are the former or the latter know, this it is not you. This may come as a relief to those who feel bad about themselves once they know they have an imposter on board. The ego is an imposter and you do NOT have to have it in your life! If I threw a brick at you would you stand there and let me? You wouldn’t. You would retaliate. We must retaliate, we must do something. Do not allow this monster to run your life. Do not allow the thoughts, words, and actions in your life. Keep telling yourself this isn’t me. This isn’t who I am. Listen to the thoughts. Would you let someone into your house that speaks like the ego? I bet you wouldn’t. Well you own a house, its called human being, and you are letting something in who thinks they are real and right. They are not. They are no more than presumptions made from experiences you have had either in this life or others – based on ignorance of the truth of you. You are not limited in anyway or form. You are light, love, joy, peace and all the goodness that could ever be mustered up. You are strong, powerful, full of wisdom, and knowledge of the truth of you. All you have to do is realize this.

Chapter Five


Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung.

The ego lives within our consciousness, and as I have said, is not us. However some would deny this. They may say it lives within others consciousness. These people see themselves as good, and only see bad traits in others. These are doing an injustice to themselves and are repressing the ego. They project the ego onto others. They judge others all the time, and see themselves as righteous. I think all of us have been guilty of this at one time or another, to a higher or lesser degree. It is actually the ego that makes us judge others so we do not recognise it within ourselves.

Carl Gustav Jung a German Psychotherapist born July 1875 – June 1961 brought to light what it termed the Shadow side of mankind. It said that if we didn’t recognise this side to us, we could be in big trouble. He proclaimed ‘Everyone carries a Shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. What he was saying is, if we don’t bring this side of us to light and acknowledge it, it will be worse than ever, and we will project it on to others and the world. Jung saw the Shadow as a part of us, but I state again that it is not us, it is the ego. A false self that we need to acknowledge.

There are people who do not see the ego within themselves, who are righteous people. They condemn others for their Shadow side, and end up doing wicked acts that they thought was impossible for them to do. A classic example is a religious teacher and or preacher denying their sexual side, and end up raping woman and children.

Many years ago I went on a Spiritual Course and we were led in meditation to find our Shadow side. I was shocked when I saw in my mind a vision of a member of my family standing there. He had occasionally condemned me for acts I had not done, and I condemned him, thinking, ‘He is the one that does these acts, he is talking about himself. I realized, not only was it my Shadow side, but I was his. He saw in me, what was in himself, and I saw in him, what was in me. It works both ways sometimes. People have often said we were alike; they could see what we couldn’t.

Now I’d like you to stop reading and think about someone who irritates you. It may be a family member, or a spouse. It could be the boss at work, or a colleague. Let’s say you see this person as a jealous person. Now think about whether you are a jealous person. You may say you are not. However, it could be that you have repressed your jealous feelings, and downright deny that you could ever be jealous. The latter is what many people do, especially people who have been brought up to be good either through a religion or through strict parenting. Believe me; all of us, through the help of the ego, can be jealous.

Now that I know about the ego its makes it so much easier to understand this member of my family, and, understand myself; that neither of us is bad. We are just ruled by the ego now and again. If we are on the earth plane, then we will be ruled, unless we can find ways to merge with Divine Light. ‘The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. Carl Jung

So if you are someone that finds fault in others, occasionally or most of the time, realize, it is the ego finding fault, so you don’t discover it. These people are your Shadow side, which is the ego. When we acknowledge it, we become balanced. ‘Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people…Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves’. Carl Jung

Some people use ‘Reaction Formation’ a ‘Defence Mechanism’ found by Sigmund Freud, a Psychotherapist that lived at the same time as Carl Jung. There are many Defence Mechanisms that are used, and they are there, so we don’t feel negative emotions. If you want to know more about all the defence mechanisms read Fraud’s work its very interesting.

Reaction formation is, turning around something that you believe, and saying the opposite. For instance the ego could make you hate someone, and yet you do not like that feeling, so you repress it. You push it out of your consciousness, thus burying it. You then state the opposite to the person in question, saying, in an exaggerated way ‘I think you are the most wonderful person living, I love you more than anything; you are my life’. You may tell others about this person proclaiming your dying love. However at the same time as your proclamation, you may treat the other person unkindly.

[_‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate’. _]Carl Jung

People say its fate when things happen badly in their lives, and feel they are being treated unfairly. But actually they are creating everything that happens to them by their thoughts. A thought goes out as a vibration and attracts back to them whatever they believe. If you make the unconscious, conscious, by knowing the ego is within you, causing you to judge, and knowing, what you see in others is in yourself, you will be free to have the life you want. You will send out a positive vibration.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Jung

An enlightened being knows that they have within them something that can make them underhanded, deceitful, spiteful, cunning, angry, pitiful, and judgemental. They know that they could murder, rape, torture others, and kill if they allowed the ego to run their lives. They don’t judge others; they love others, however bad they are. They say as Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.’ They also say, ‘Father forgive me, for sometimes, I too, know not what I do.

To confront a person with their own Shadow is to show them their own light. Jung

Know who you are, and that is Divine Light. Know who the ego is and that it is not real. Know it is however a part of your life till the day you die. Know it can rule you if you let it. Know the truth of others, that they are not bad, just sick, because they are ruled by the ego. Know that what is going on in our world, the violence and crime, is our projection. Yes all of us are projecting. Each of us is responsible for what we see.

So connect with Divine Light, and have love for the world and all that is in it and the ego will lose its foothold. Love the ego too, and most of all – LOVE YOU!

Chapter Six

Ways To Bypass The Ego.

Love and ego cannot go together…they cannot keep company; they are like darkness and light. Darkness can only be if light is not there. Osho

. And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves. King James Bible

Many books say we must slay the ego and so destroy it and to my mind that is incorrect. We cannot live without the ego it is there from the day we are born to the day we die. Nobody can get rid of the ego even Jesus. He lost his temper and so he was definitely in the ego. The anger was certainly not coming from Divine Light. When we are merging with Divine Light we only feel love for others. If Jesus had not lost his temper he might have gone over to the people and asked them nicely to leave. Chances are because he was with his father as he told us many times, ‘I and the father are one’, he would have had the backup of the celestial and so when you have, everything works for you.

We actually need the ego. It is helpful sometimes. The ego keeps us safe however it only understands at the level of the material world. Its safety is dependent of the house it lives in and the income coming in; it worries about these. It likes feeling special and that’s okay too; we are special we are divine. But the ego takes this one step further and makes sure we feel more special than other people.


There is always something cunning in the ego’s way of thinking. It is the ego that moved you towards the spiritual path so you can feel better about yourself. That’s okay until you start going round saying mine is the only religion there is no other way to Divine Light. This is the ego thinking. So as you can see it does have its purpose. We wouldn’t be able to live without it. This is why it is important to use the ego to get you to where you want to be but to be aware of its cunningness. This is why it is important to merge with Divine Light regularly because when we are merged we think unselfishly, the latter something the ego knows nothing about. The ego is totally selfish. We need to examine our way of thinking regularly to make sure we are not getting too high and mighty. That’s the stumbling block on the road to the divine. We need to BYPASS the ego everyday and merge with the DIVINE LIGHT.


There are ways and means of bypassing the ego and unifying with Divine Light, and Meditation is one. When we meditate we merge with Divine Light. There is stillness in meditation that you don’t get in day-to-day life, unless you live in the moment. I will be speaking of the latter later. I have practiced meditation daily twice a day for many years. I would never stop because it fused me with Divine Light the first time I ever meditated. I felt at peace for the first time in my life. Over the years I bypassed the ego more and more. My feelings changed and more importantly what I believed changed as well.

I had been a stressed person who the ego lead to believe was totally inadequate. It informed me I wasn’t good enough, that people were better than me. It told me I was a sinner and that I would go to hell when I died. It caused me low energy because it kept me away from being connected to Divine Light. The low energy caused sickness. When I was a child I discovered when I was ill I got attention, so the ego led me to believe sickness was profitable; that it gained love. So I spent the following years, until I learnt to meditate, in sickness of one form or the other. However it didn’t bring me love and rarely got me attention.

The ego encouraged me to boast about every single achievement. I wasn’t liked for it. The ego led me to moan; to moan about anything, from the weather, the state of the country, other people and how badly they treated me. When I practised meditation daily the above dropped away. I saw the error of my ways. I questioned my motives about why I was pushing my five beautiful children into being famous singers. I could see clearly it was to make myself feel powerful. Wow! For the first time in my life I was seeing the truth.

Meditation is so simple once you know the requirements. First of all you have to grasp the fact that you CANNOT silence the mind. You can only go beyond mind, but you won’t know you’re there. You cannot stop thoughts completely! Some meditation teachers say, ‘Close your eyes and ‘still’ your mind’. Stilling your mind is not a truth. I doubt if they are successful with meditation if they believe this.

For meditation you require thoughts and a mantra. A mantra is a word or words. I use the words ‘I AM’. It is said that these words align you with the Divine Light – the ENERGY the POWER. I believe this mantra alters your life and helps it work for you instead of against you. The later I have found to be true.

To meditate, find a quiet place. Sit on a chair, back straight and head erect with feet planted firmly on the floor. Take three deep breaths through your nose and sigh the air away through your mouth. Then repeat in your mind ‘I AM’ or any other mantra you wish. Peace, Love, Light are excellent mantras. You can use breath with your mantra as I do. I breathe in slowly and say ‘I’ then I breathe out slowly and say ‘AM’. You’ll discover thoughts continually enter your mind. THAT’S RIGHT! However as soon as you realize this, STOP the thought, and return to your mantra. Continue in this way for 10 to 20 minutes. You may have lots of thoughts – THAT’S RIGHT you should. But what’s important; as soon as you realize you are thinking return to your mantra. Do not get frustrated with thoughts as they are as much a part of the meditation as the mantra is. Flowing from mantra to thought, mantra to thought is right. It is wise to meditate twice daily if possible.

Using the above strategy; you go beyond thought, unaware of it taking place. However, as the meditation proceeds, you can feel very calm. The latter indicates you are meditating correctly. Time eventually goes quickly the more you practice. Having a clock or a watch nearby; squinting at it occasionally, helps in time management. However, eventually you will develop a built in clock; then you will automatically know when you have finished

The best times to meditate are first thing in the morning and in the afternoon. If you’re working then the second one could be practised after work, before your meal. If you are wise you will practice everyday; twice a day for the rest of your life. I’ve decided I am not returning to negative behaviour in this lifetime or another.

Another way to bypass the ego is to make positive affirmations. Affirmations connect you to Divine Light. When you use words that are positive they energise you. You could repeat the following words ‘Love and Light; I am happy to be alive; I love life; or everything works for me’. Buddhists may repeat ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ which is Sanskrit words meaning ‘jewel of the lotus’ this is said to be linked to the Godhead. The former and the later words have positive vibrations.

There is something I must warn you about; tiredness can connect you to the ego. The ego’s most powerful time is when you go to bed at night when it starts having a little chat with you. ‘How dare you say that to Malcolm’? ‘’You sounded like a callous cow’. ‘How could you have been so selfish to Mary when she had given you all those things?’ ‘You never think of anyone other than yourself.’ ‘You’re putting weight on and you look gross.’ The ego can go back twenty years. ‘You have been selfish all your life, remember when you were first married to Kevin you ignored his wishes and put yourself first’. These interpretations, perceptions and judgments come from the ego and it seems like it is trying to make you a better person but just the opposite is happening. You get more stressed, more negative and that’s what it likes. It is in total control of your mind. A mantra to go to sleep on can solve this problem. You could say the word LOVE over and over again as you go to sleep.

Another way to bypass the ego is by realizing these are lack of love thoughts. Lack of love is lack of Divine Light in your life. Divine Light loves you as you are, the ego doesn’t. So what are the words that you want to hear? You want to be told you are loved. How good it feels when someone says that to you. However when you are being told the above rubbish from the ego I doubt if anyone will tell you that they love you. So to solve the problem tell yourself that you love you. These words ‘I love you’ will eliminate negative thoughts if said frequently, because they come from Divine Light.

So when you hear the ego, and you will know it’s the ego because thoughts that come from it are always negative say, ‘I love you ………………… whatever your name is. So I would say, and do say often ‘I love you Rosemary.’ Saying these words merges you with Divine Light and changes the program in your mind. When we say words like this over and over again they become our reality.

Prayer can bypass the ego too. However if you are praying to some distant God and begging for mercy because you think you are a sinner this will not bypass the ego. It just merges with it. Realizing there is no distant God and that Divine Light is within you and around you, is the way to pray. Divine Light is the Energy that lye’s within the heart of all creation – including us. In the following prayer you can use the word God if you like or Divine Light or Energy whatever feels right for you A prayer which says:

I know there is only God, and I am one with God. God fills me with love, light and joy every moment of my life. I am thankful this is so, and I let go knowing my word is spoken’. This is the way to merge with God with Divine Light. You can find out more about this type of prayer in Knowing the Secret.

Chapter Seven

Living In The Now.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, or worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Buddha

All we have is the Now; all anyone has is the Now. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can have fulfilment in the Now. Fulfilment is the main requisite of life. The Now can bring you this. It doesn’t get any better than that. Every day we have things to do, things we like doing, and things we don’t. Some people don’t like the work they have to do. Take housework for instance, it can be for some tedious and boring. We know we have to do it; otherwise our homes would get dirty and untidy. Some people get bored and frustrated with their job and they spend a large portion of their life at work. Isn’t it a shame that most of their life is spent being unhappy.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could use the work we have to do to improve the state of our mind, health, relationships, in fact every area of our life – well we can. We can gain fulfilment working in the Now. Concentrating on what we are doing and so bringing our mind into the moment brings about calmness, a peace and loving feeling. With it comes increased energy, better health, vitality, and better relationships, but not many people know about this.

We have wasted our time listening to the ego; it doesn’t like the Now, it is always trying to make it better in someway. It complains all the time. ‘Wouldn’t it be better if I was somewhere else?’ Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a new car or a different relationship? Life is so boring! Wouldn’t it be good if people supported me instead of criticising me’ It is always dissatisfied. When you pay attention to these thoughts and listen to its complaining you are depleted of energy, you are open to disease; disease of the mind, body and spirit. You couldn’t be further away from the Divine Light.

Living in the Now is a good way, and to my mind one of the best ways to merge with Divine Light. I started practicing it with dedication a while ago. I had a recurring negative thought that wouldn’t go away. I won’t tell you what it was because it will be giving it energy and I am not prepared to do that. However I am sure most of us have been plagued with a thought that makes us so unhappy and can even get our heart racing as in my case. I was going through the fight and flight response and couldn’t think straight. My body at times shook. I had to do something. I thought that if I could concentrate on what I was doing I wouldn’t have time to think. So I went in search of my book, ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. It had been years since I read it, and now and again I tried living in the Now, but it was difficult, or so I thought. I gave up many times. This time however I knew it was essential, it was a matter of life-or-death, because I was heading for a heart attack.

What I realized was, I had learnt many things in my life, my 123 and my ABC and I had practiced, and eventually found it easy. I’d learnt to drive a car, use a computer, and they seemed very hard at first. But I succeeded. I realized that I had to start practicing being in the Now with ‘baby steps.’ I also realized I should not put any pressure on myself, when I couldn’t be in the Now. So each day I was able to do a little more, and as the weeks passed – I got proficient at it.

I found right from the start those thoughts; that incidentally were coming from the ego, ceased, and a lovely peaceful feeling came about. I felt elated, and a happy feeling took over, and I realized I was tapping into Divine Light, very much like I feel when I am meditating, only this wasn’t just for twenty minutes it was all day. And as the weeks passed by, I became aware, at all times, of my thoughts, and, any that I didn’t like, was able to change straight away, into what I did want to hear and it was easy to do. I felt I had discovered a gold mine.

Are you untidy? If you are it’s a clear you are not living in the Now. You are in the past or the future allowing your mind to run the show. This state of affairs can lead to great negativity and a lowering of your energy levels thus merging with the ego. Tidiness comes about with no effort when we live in the present moment. DH Lawrence says, ‘I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade. It’s amazing how it cheers one up to shred oranges and scrub the floor.

Love your experience whatever you are doing. You can start to do this by giving attention to it. It might be an experience that you have loathed for years. It could be ironing, washing the dishes, making the beds, whatever it is give attention to it. This will reward you in many ways. One, you will get to like what you are doing and two you will become very calm and relaxed. Giving your attention to anything is a meditation in its self. It is a merging with Divine Light. When we merge with Light everything goes right for us. How rewarding is that? Through giving attention to what you are doing, to what you hated, you begin to have a good life.

I actually started to love my experience and enjoyed putting things away in the right place. I found it fun to do. I found great accomplishment looking around at my lovely tidy rooms. Life became so much easier. I was not wondering where this that and the other was. Believe it or not it saved me time and energy being in the present moment. The pluses were great and the best thing was I felt peaceful 24-7. Live neither in the past nor in the future, but let each day’s work absorb your entire energies, and satisfy your widest ambition. Sir William Osler

Have you ever stopped and realized that most people are rushing. Rushing a meal, rushing to work, rushing to get the chores done, rushing to be first in the queue. Rushing is another one of the ego’s traits. It tells you that the moment is not good enough as it is. It wants to move into it because it feels that this moment offers little.

Have you ever studied how you eat? I started to do this. Before I was having my meal I took a look at the food on my plate. I realized that this food I was about to eat went through a process before it came to my plate. Many people helped to get this food to my table so I said a little thank you to them. I realized this food is energy just like everything including me. It is made of Divine Essence. So I stopped before I eat and gave a little thank you to Divine Light too. As I started to eat I tasted every mouthful. I chewed it slowly to savour the moment. What peace I had at my mealtimes.

I was guilty of rushing into the day too, so I decided that to live in the moment I must prepare myself before I opened my eyes. I said to myself, ‘Today I will live in the Now.’ I found making this decision before I got out of bed helped me not rush into the day without thought of what I was doing. So I concentrated lying there in my bed – feeling into every part of my body and noticing it. I took a few minutes doing this. Then in a deliberate manner I got out of bed, feeling my feet touching the floor. I concentrated on my legs walking to the bathroom. I concentrated on my bathroom chores, brushing my teeth, bathing myself etc. I concentrated on each garment and accessory as I dressed. Being in the Now naturally slowed me down. I had prepared myself for the whole day and so living in the Now for the rest of it was easier then attempting it halfway through the day.

You may say I have not got the time to get dressed slowly; well this can be soon rectified. Get up a little earlier. You may say I will be tired all-day if I do this. What you need to realize is that doing things more slowly gives you more energy, so getting up earlier wouldn’t be a problem – you won’t require as much sleep.

Do you ever notice your emotions, most people don’t. When you are being taken over by the ego with its negative thoughts you will have many emotions. Bringing your awareness to these is another way of being in the Now. I will be talking about this in the next chapter.

When I practice being in the Now, I keep telling myself, very gently ‘Be hear now Rosemary,’ every time I wander off to the past or the future. These words bring me back and centre me in the Now. You have to be on guard otherwise the ego comes in if your not.

To be permanently connected to your inner body is an excellent way to be in the Now. You can be in awareness of your body even if you are feeling ok, even if you have no negative emotion. You may be reading a book or watching TV and at the same time you can have your attention in your body. We give very little attention to the body until it breaks down in some way. We should appreciate our body for all the work it does for us. Realize how wonderful it is. Have you felt your own energy field oozing throughout your entire being?

I have created a CD which when practised as a relaxation each day helps you to go to each part of your body and feel the energy flowing through you, and so becoming aware of your energy field, you will also relax deeply. It is for sale at the end of this book.

If you don’t want a CD as you can lie down on your bed or the floor, when you are not sleepy. Starting at your feet, feel into each part of your body as you travel up, until you get to your head. Make sure you include your arms and hands. Spend a minute or two in each part. Feel outside each part and more importantly inside each part. At first you may find that there is little sensation but as you practice this exercise you will find that your energy field becomes more noticeable to you.

If you keep your awareness in your body you will bring more Divine Light into it. More light means a better life. Light is all around us, and within us, but by failing to be in the Now you cut off from it. Light is the essence of you. You may have heard the saying, ‘lighten up’ and these words can be taken literally. When you lighten up there is no place for the ego, so no place for negative thoughts. So become the Light live in the Now ‘and all else will be added unto you’. Matthew 6:33 .King James Bible.

[]Chapter Eight

Emotional Clearing.

Do you have issues with emotions? Do they run your life? Do you find you are easily hurt by people? Do you believe it’s other people that hurt you and it’s not your fault? If you have answered yes to any of these you could be suffering with emotional overflow. Emotional overflow comes about through repression of emotions in this lifetime and lifetimes of the past. As I said earlier it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in past lives there is enough in this lifetime to cause you heartache.

As a child the natural thing to do is repress your feelings. Abuse, hurts, disappointments, etc can be too much for a child to cope with because if a child had to face some of the things that go on for it, it could die. This is why we are kitted out with a natural ability to repress. However to continue to do this into adulthood is not wise. The emotions build up and start to make us ill. Fatigue, depression, anxiety and physical illnesses are the outcome of repression. If children were taught to deal with emotions from the age of seven then they wouldn’t suffer with them when they grew up.

You cannot get hurt when you are free of emotions. Let’s say there are two people Joan and Carol who are having a talk in a cafe. After a while they are joined by another friend Pauline. Pauline is the type of person who doesn’t think before she offers her opinion. She says, ‘Do you know I think I have the best husband in the world.’ Both turn to her and say that they have the best husbands in the world. Pauline begins to argue and says that their husbands are rubbish because they are selfish. Joan gets very hurt and starts to argue with Pauline. With tear-filled eyes she feels attacked. Carol just smiles at Pauline’s statement and says that her husband might be a bit selfish but that she loves it to bits. Both Joan and Carol received the same statement about their husbands but one got hurt and one did not.

Joan goes home feeling terrible thinking that her friend Pauline is jealous of her and wants to hurt her. Carol goes home and doesn’t think about what Pauline said. It is not an issue. Both had the same thing said to them but both acted differently. You see Carol isn’t suffering with emotional over-flow but Joan is. Joan never speaks to Pauline again she is so hurt. Carol remains friends with Pauline; in fact she has lots of friends and accepts them as they are.

You cannot get hurt if you are emotionally free. However there are not many people who are. The world is full of repressed people who cause arguments; wars take place because of perceived wrongs. The Government blame the other country for hurting them, and pay them back with such destruction that many innocent people are killed in the name of righteousness. Simple statements have caused family feuds that have lasted an entire lifetime. Let’s not let this happen to us.

John Ruskin’s book ‘Emotional Clearing’ helped me immensely. I had completed years of healing work and had altered my way of thinking but I was still plagued by emotions dating back to childhood repression. I found writing my feelings down very successful as mentioned in Knowing the Secret, Chapter eight, and I can recommend these exercises to begin with before attempting Emotional Clearing.

On my 50th birthday my brother Tom had given me John Ruskin’s book Emotional Clearing, and I was annoyed that it wasn’t a new copy. I was extremely affected by the ego. I said to myself, ‘That’s all he thinks I am worth, a second hand book’. Also he had given me a birthday card which I was not happy with too. I always longed for a card from him that said that I was a wonderful sister, but I never got one, and that year was no exception. It was supposed to be a funny card, one which made out he was wonderful and I was not. I could not see the funny side and reacted badly. Instead of being happy and blessed he had given me a book and a card for my birthday I was stuck in emotion; the feelings were extreme. I knew I was overreacting but I couldn’t do anything about it. I had learnt that we create our own reality and lived by it most of the time. However I knew I still had self-esteem issues and I had tried affirmation, meditation, yoga etc. but these hadn’t helped totally. Emotions ran my life.

Ruskin believes that we come into life for the purpose of healing. He states that feelings are composed of energy and so emotions are caused by energy blocks, gathered over lifetimes. It’s the energy of these feelings that influence our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and our health. He says that energy builds up in the subconscious and starts to attract negative experiences, for the main reason of clearing the emotions, bringing about balance.

After reading Ruskin’s book I could see clearly my thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, was not true that day. I knew my health was affected and I practiced emotional clearing to free myself of this negative burden. Unfortunately most people don’t know about this process and repress the emotions, and so they grow in the subconscious and subsequently the ego has a lovely time. Ruskin says that most people are asleep and blame everyone else for their feelings. I had certainly awoken on that birthday.

Ruskin’s knowledge helped me release every emotion I felt. I was pleased when I came up against adversity because I knew I was one step nearer freedom from my emotions because the more you heal the less you feel. Releasing emotions allows you to move away from the go and merge with Divine Light. A metaphor for repressed emotions is, they could be seen, as a huge iceberg inside of us. When we bring our consciousness to the emotions instead of repressing them, the iceberg begins to melt. It is said by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now. ‘Anything unconscious dissolves _][_when you shine the light of consciousness _][_on it,’ which is a great truth.

I have witnessed in myself and in others that when we clear the emotions, favourable experiences arise. You begin to merge with Divine Light and find you are thinking positively. My relationship with my brother got better and I didn’t feel I needed to say anything to him about the card or the book, which I would have done in the past. This would have caused conflict between the two of us and so more heartache.

Ruskin says, ‘because of the psychic connection between us you don’t have to confront someone directly…when you integrate emotions that concern another person changes in the relationship spontaneously occur’.

To heal any emotion you have to realize that we create our reality, Ruskan says, ‘You can go nowhere in transforming any feeling or experience until you own it. He goes on to say, ‘when you become aware, you stop reacting – you own your experience instead of rejecting it.’

Rejection is a very important point. Repressing emotions is rejection. People reject themselves much more than others reject them. We are our own worst enemy. If your finger was bleeding would you reject it? No you would quickly wash it and cleanse it with antiseptic and put a plaster on it. However, an emotion can hurt more than a cut finger. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, eating excessively, becoming a workaholic, and repressing, are ways and means of rejecting ourselves and running away from our emotions. I have put together six steps for clearing emotions which I use.


p<>{color:#000;}. Acceptance of the emotion, it’s okay to have emotions!

p<>{color:#000;}. Become aware of the emotion; find where it is in your body.

p<>{color:#000;}. Become the observer of the emotion; watch it let it expand.

p<>{color:#000;}. It may move to different places, follow it.

p<>{color:#000;}. Stay with the emotion for 5 to 10 minutes – no more at one time.

p<>{color:#000;}. If a deep emotion breathe into it and out from it.

The above will eventually dissolve the emotion; no more will it bother you, gone for good.

Do not do the following as these repress the emotions-:

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Analyse the emotion – it doesn’t matter where it came from.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. React to the emotion – blaming someone else does you no-good.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Push the emotion away – it will get bigger.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Suppress the emotion with drinking, drugs, eating, etc.

Before using these steps we must know, it’s okay to have emotions. Some of us have been taught the opposite – from childhood. We have been taught to repress emotions. Any of the following can repress them. For instance a child that is given a lollipop to stop it crying may repress its emotions. Children are sometimes punished for being angry or having tantrums, this can make the child repress its emotions too. Others suffer rejection from parents, schoolteachers, friends etc. when they get upset – again they may repress emotions.

To start processing emotions I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and sigh the air away. Then I think about the negative time that took place. I do this for one purpose, and that is to bring the feeling into my body, not to blame anyone or anything. Then I let go of the thought and concentrate on my inner body, noticing the feeling is in a certain place.

Occasionally I find them in more than one place, so I concentrate on the strongest one. My client’s have reported feelings in their head, throat, heart, stomach, spine and even legs and arms, no two people are the same. I advise them to practice a few minutes at a time at first, and never more than 20 minutes when proficient at it. During my practise if the feeling has not dispersed I attend to it at another time in the day. It may clear in one sitting or it may take many sittings over days or weeks.

WARNING – if your heart begins to race STOP practising straight away. You would be better to write your feelings down as taught in Knowing the Secret. Maybe in time when you have worked with the writing exercise you will be able to return to Emotional clearing,

During the process I find my body relaxes and the feeling changes. As you allow yourself to have the feeling the feeling will change. Pain will dissolve, becoming neutralised*.* John Ruskan Emotional Clearing.

After I have completed this process the perception I had of something or someone hurting me had vanished. I see the truth, and that is – I projected my distorted energy on to life’s screen. I created the person, place or thing in my life, to bring about a feeling for processing. Maybe I had carried this for lifetimes. ‘Projection results from the accumulation of energy…others are usually criticised for the very qualities that have been projected onto them. Emotional Clearing John Ruskan.

We create our reality from repressed emotions. And Ruskan says it is for the purpose of healing. Not only do I heal the feeling but I have melted the iceberg somewhat, and I have moved forward to becoming emotionally clear. The latter is the outcome to be desired. These days I rarely have to process emotions because I am emotionally clear most of the time.

When you become emotionally clear you connect to Divine Light, you don’t get upset when someone says something hurtful. Rather you see it as their problem. You don’t get upset when you lose your purse or are stuck in traffic jams. You don’t get upset when the banks become bankrupt as in my experience here in Cyprus. You always see the bigger picture. You see that there are solutions to all problems. You go with the flow. I ask myself what is the worst that can happen? I see that even if the world came to an end today I will survive because I am eternal. Even if being eternal isn’t a truth and I cease to exist, I wouldn’t know about anything about it, so why worry. This is the outcome of healing emotions, and merging with Divine Light.

[][][] Chapter Nine

The Pain Body.

Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now called the part of us that suffers ‘The Pain Body.

Enlightenment is the most desired commodity of the one who seeks God. It has been on the agenda of every spiritual person. Elkhart Tolle reckons there are portholes that can lead us to enlightenment and the greatest of them is the Now.

He also teaches the ‘Pain Body’ is another porthole and… ‘is caused by accumulation of painful life experiences causing old emotional pain living inside of us’. He goes on to say it is an ‘aspect of egoic consciousness.’ To me this means – a characteristic of the ego. He describes it as an entity. The ego could be seen as an entity and sees pain as strength to control us. Be it physical, emotional, or mental. All these can drive us crazy. They bring us out of the Now. They keep us away from Divine Light. The ego is fearful of losing its foot-hole, and when we are living in the Now, in Divine Light, it doesn’t like it – it is frightened of extinction. It is angry when it is not being listened to. It feels that it is going to die, but die it must, if you are to find Divine Light. When I say die I mean bypassing it; as I said we cannot live without its help in some areas. However when we bypass it, we merge with Divine Light, and then everything works in our life.

Many emotions are felt when the ego has a foothold; anger, resentment, fear, frustration, pity, despondency, resentment and hate are just a few of the emotions. The ego loves this; it is in charge of us. It rules us. How scary is that?

Being in the Now is essential when we have the slightest pain; for instance, a little frustration because the train is late. When this happens the first step is to be aware that we have created this incident, and this can be difficult, because the first thing most do is blame. But it’s not you that blames, it is the ego. It always blames something or someone for anything that happens to you. This blaming attitude takes you out of the Now, a place it hates you to be. When you hear the blaming words its up to you to take them or leave them. Ignoring them is difficult because it’s a habit most of us have got into from childhood. We were taught to blame. It is a natural thing to do. Our parents blamed, our siblings blamed, our teachers blamed and our friends blamed. Blaming is making someone or something responsible for the misdemeanour, and sometimes with blame punishment ensues. Getting back at the culprit is a natural response in most cases. The ego is never happier than when it is punishing someone, it makes it feel powerful, and occasionally you are left with guilt for the act. The ego loves guilt because it is a formidable feeling and can wreck our lives.

We have to be on guard and watch our thoughts. As soon as we think something that makes us feel uneasy realize, it’s the pain body, it’s the ego. What’s needed is to question the thought. For instance you hear it tell you that you are not clever enough for the job you are going for. Ask yourself is this true. See that you have as much intelligence in you as anyone else. Actually you have great intelligence because you are Divine Light. Do you know many people are employed because they are confident and positive in their being? Not because they are clever, but because they are likeable. They exude a delightful energy. When you go for a job in a negative state you exude an unlikable energy. Who wants to be around this type of energy?

You may say that if I go for a job with a positive energy and get it I might not be able to do the job. Again that will be the ego talking. It likes making you feel worse. Many people have been employed with little experience but because of their positive attitude they learn very quickly. You can talk yourself into being a failure, or should I say the ego can talk you into being a failure. It can give you lots of reasons going back to your infancy. ‘My brother was better than me at school.’ This is what I heard time and time again. I have a twin brother who shone like the sunshine. He was always happy and always positive. Better looking and always liked better than me. Why? Because I was always feeling sorry for myself, always miserable! I was lost in the pain body. The ego had a hold on me until I began to meditate. Mediation brings a merging with the Divine. So you see it wasn’t until I merged with Divine Light that everything changed.

If your children lack confidence teach them to meditate. If only my mum knew what I know now, how happier my life would have been up to the age of thirty four. I encouraged my children to meditate, after meditation had done wonders for me, and because of this they are confident in life. They are likable, and as I have said, that goes a long way.

With their likeableness come warmth, caring, and a beauty that cannot be explained. But I know who it is, its Divine Light shining through them. Yes they have their ups and downs and get into their pain bodies just like us, but these don’t keep them down, that is the difference between them and others. They see the good in the world; they see the good in others and themselves. They have been confident to go out into the world and not be tied to my apron strings. They don’t feel responsible for me like many feel they owe something to their parents. I am proud of them and yet have let go of them. Something many Mothers cannot do.

Our children are part of Divine Light. Give them the tools I have talked about; then grant them the freedom to live the life they choose. I believe parents should get on with their own life and they will be free to grow into Divine Light.

Realizing whatever happens in your life, you created it. It’s not by chance things happen. The ego likes frustration. For instance as mentioned, your train is late. You take responsibly, and know you created it. This is NOT blaming yourself. Blame and responsibility are two different words. Being responsible is powerful. It says I am responsible so I can choose what to do about it. I can recognise I feel frustrated but I know this is coming from the ego. You can use these feelings productively; you can heal them and move one step nearer to becoming emotionally free. Using life situations instead of being abused by them is the wisest decision any one can make.

So the second step (after responsibility) is to heal the emotion and it will bring us one step nearer to becoming emotionally clear. So what we need, is to bring our consciousness to the feeling; find where this discomfort is, and process the emotion. Frustration is a sign that we are not in agreement. A sign we are saying no to the situation – a sign of disagreement. The ego says ‘No’ very often to situations, Divine Light emerged people would have said, ‘Yes that’s okay the train is late, I will read my book’. But we cannot get into Divine Light if we are harbouring emotions that have been with us for lifetimes. When we free emotions we naturally think positively.

For many the pain body is dormant most of the time unless the person has had bad experiences in childhood. In those people the ego is more alive than ever as in my case. I spent my life in blame, blaming my parents and all the atrocities that went on for me not realizing I was causing more atrocities by my negative thinking. The ego was exceptionally alive in me. Once I learnt to heal my emotions the atrocities ceased.

When the pain body is active, you will hear the ego saying things like, ‘Poor old me. It’s always me that the train is late for’. This is the time to nip it in the bud. This is the time to take responsibly. This is the time to bring yourself into the moment. This is the time to go to the emotion. But seldom are people even aware of the ego.

When in the ego the conversation goes from better to worse. ‘I think I would be better giving this job up. Travelling all this way everyday is stupid, and I am just not appreciated by anyone. They have their flashy cars to go home in. I don’t have a car I can’t afford one. The wife doesn’t appreciate me either, I feel like leaving and finding a place of my own’. This commentary stirred up resentful, angry, hurtful emotions, with nearly a divorce into the bargain, that’s what the ego likes. It feels powerful and you feel depleted. If you are not being conscious of your mind, of your feelings, listening to what is being said by the ego; you can be in big trouble!

The ego is so pleased when it can feed off someone else’s reaction – this as a double whammy. It is alive in two pain bodies. For instance you get home because the train wasn’t on time. Your wife says something innocently like ‘You’re late’. You glare at her angrily. She glares back. Both ‘pain body’s’ awake now helped by the ego. This leads to a full-blown argument. ‘You’re always late’, she says ‘I bet you have another woman, I have never trusted you.’

You say, ‘I would be better getting another woman you are never satisfied, you don’t appreciate what I do. I go to work every day, slogging my guts out and what for. Your never satisfied, you make me sick.’

‘I make you sick, you make me sicker, I really hate you and always have, I should have married Larry; he would never have treated me like you do.’

Things are thrown across the room at each other and she eventually packs her case, and leaves you. And this is all because the train was late. You are left asking, ‘What was that all about?

If only you could go back to the train being late. Realizing that you felt frustrated but saying to yourself. ‘I created that one.’ Then finding a place to sit down, and then closing your eyes and finding where the emotion is. Watching it, as it moved to different places and eventually allowing it to disperse. How much happier your life would have been. You would have gone home with a loving heart and enjoyed your evening with your lovely wife.

Pain can start with a slight headache. You ignore it. Your shoulders begin to ache as well as your head, you ignore it. You pop a pill, it distracts it for a while, but it comes back. The pain body is alive; the ego is having a good time. It’s beginning to control you. You go home, you down a few glasses of wine to take your mind of it. You go to bed and awake up in the morning with a worse headache than you had the night before. And so the pain persists. You go to the doctors he helps you to ignore it by giving you a stronger pain killer and a week off work. The ego is still at work as you spend the week worrying if this time off work will lead to the sack, as you have had many weeks off this year. More pain, emotional this time. You eventually lose your job and end up in a sad state. Wouldn’t it have been better when you get a headache to move into the moment? Bring your consciousness to the head pain; it may move – follow it. Eventually the headache disperses and you feel relaxed. You had been conscious of the pain body, of the ego, and stopped it winning. You still have your job, and you have been promoted to a higher rank. How good does it get when you live in the moment.

[]Chapter Ten


The word Synchronicity was originally brought to our attention by Psychologist Carl Jung who said there is no such a thing as coincidences. The word was also used in the book, ‘The Celestine Prophesy’ by James Redfield.

When you practice living in the Now everything is divinely taken care of and synchronicity takes place more than ever. When synchronicity happens most people say it’s coincidence, but there is no such thing as coincidence. We live in a world of energy and as I have said the universe, the planets including earth and everything on this planet is energy. Thought is energy, it is a decision maker, notice I said maker, and not creator. We don’t create anything; we choose. Divine Light does the creating. Thought is an energy which attracts energy of likeness. Thoughts turn into beliefs that can be buried in our subconscious and come to life at an appropriate time.

Let’s say I had wanted a new house a while ago, and had forgotten all about it; Divine Light can deliver me with circumstances that attract the new house when the ‘time is right’. I say when the time is right because the circumstances are divinely guided.

I find I bump into an old friend I haven’t seen for years who tells me she is selling her house in the area I had dreamed of. She informs me that although it is a four-bedroom house she is selling it cheaply because they are going to live in Australia and must sell it soon. Not only is it priced at the exact amount I wanted to pay, but it has four bedrooms too – just what I wanted. Is this coincidence? No it’s not. You may say I was lucky, or it was just by chance that I bumped into this friend. When synchronicity happens it can be overlooked and eventually forgotten about until more of these strange occurrences happen.

Only last week my daughter reported getting a sofa bed that she had wanted for a while but couldn’t afford. She had decided to take some rubbish to the tip instead of paying someone to take it. As she arrived a man had just dropped off a nearly new sofa bed and the refuse worker was overlooking it.’ Hi,’ she said to the man, ‘Will you take £15.00 for the sofa bed?’ Never dreaming he would say yes. It is all she had in her purse.

‘Yes okay, for such a pretty lady I will. Worth a few hundred you know love.’ She did know it, and was so pleased.

What is Synchronicity? It is a set of circumstances that happen in our life when we least expect them. They seem like coincidences, but too many happen for them to be. When looked at closely they happen unplanned and unexpectedly. They can be large or small. Large ones can be a synchronised meeting with a person that is to become your life partner.

A friend asks you to go with them to a different town shopping and you are feeling despondent. You wanted to stay home as it is your only day of work and you had so much to do. As you don’t like saying no you go. In one of the shops you drop a box of eggs and feel so embarrassed when a young sales assistant begins to clean up the mess for you. He sees your embarrassment, and to calm you down, asks you to go to the cafeteria for a coffee with him. Bingo, the two of you start seeing each other and six months later are married. You had never thought about getting married as it was the last thing on your mind, as you had just come out of a long-term relationship, and swore you would stay away from relationships for a long-time.

A very large synchronicity took place for Keith and I. We had always desired to leave England because it had increment weather and we used to lust over sunny places shown on the TV program ‘House in The Sun’ How we wished it could be us. We thought it an impossibility, but did make a Spiritual Mind Treatment. A Spiritual Mind Treatment is a five-step prayer saying that you have the desired goods that you want. This following prayer is a shortened version of what I wrote

Step one; Recognition

I know that there is a Power that created the universe.

Step two; Unification

This power is within me and around me.

Step three; Realization

Keith and I have a beautiful new house with sea and mountain views. We live in a warm country where the sun shines nearly everyday. We are so happy living here together.

Step four; Thanks giving

I am grateful for our new house and the beautiful country we live in.

Step five; Letting go

I let go now knowing my word is spoken and so be it.

This kind of prayer works because you are placing in your subconscious mind what you want, and not, what you don’t want, as many do. Read knowing the Secret for a in-depth explanation.

Anyway I framed the prayer put it on my dressing table and more or less forgot all about it. About twelve months later I had seen in the local paper a photo of a friend I hadn’t seen or heard of for many years. She had written an article about her weight- loss classes. I thought I would phone her and catch up on old times which I did. She told me her husband Tony and herself had a Villa in Cyprus. After meeting up with them a few times they asked us if we would like to come over to Cyprus. So we did and they showed us around the beautiful Island. We fell in love with it, but thought there was no possibility we could live there.

We had a house each from our former relationships, but thought even if we sold them both we wouldn’t have enough money to buy a house in Cyprus. On my return I was taking my yoga class and I told my students about Cyprus and how we would love to live there but couldn’t afford it. They informed me that the price of houses in England had risen dramatically over the last month and that our houses were worth a lot of money.

So to cut a long story short Keith and I went to live in Cyprus. Our whole life changed for the better; the synchronicity that took place was incredible – the meeting of my friend after many years, and the price of houses rising, meant that the time was right for our dream to come true. Incidentally not only did that dream come true but another dream I had. Keith and I married in Cyprus the month after we arrived. I thought the latter would never come true. We have been married now ten years and these have been the best years in my life thanks to Divine Light.

As I mentioned small incidences can happen too, which can be just as fruitful. As I live in the Now there seems to be many incidents happening for me which prove living in the Now pays off. I was at the nail parlour and my son David text to tell me he would Skype me in half an hour. My nails were nearly finished so I text back, ‘Ok Dave’ I gave no more thought to the Skype call and concentrated on being in the Now. When I got home I decided to meditate, something I did every afternoon, again not giving the Skype call from David any thought. When I finished meditating I came down stairs and picked up my iPad to see if there had been any mail. At that minute David was there on Skype. ‘Sorry mum I didn’t Skype you before, I was very busy.’

In the past the ego would have been at work. I would have got up tight, worrying if I would be on time for the call. I would have filled my mind with, ‘what ifs’. What if I don’t get back on time he will be angry. What if I get back but he doesn’t Skype me when he says it will, and I miss my afternoon meditation. The ego would have been trying to control the situation as it always did. Instead I enjoyed my afternoon, I felt happy and contented. Divine Light knew I wanted to speak with David and made sure that both of us contacted each other when we were free to do so.

Another small incident happened around the same time. We had friends visiting Cyprus. Every time they came we would pick them up from the airport. Usually we would get there early. I always worried in case their plane landed sooner than the prescribed time and they would be left standing around. I didn’t like inconveniencing people. This time however I didn’t feel at all agitated because I had been living in the Now and was merged with Divine Light. So we watched our favourite TV program before we went to the airport, without worry about being late. I decided we didn’t need to get there too early. I even forgot to take the bits and bobs out of the car boot to make room for their cases. As we arrived at the Airport, we were stopped outside the terminal building by a couple of people we had known for years and got chatting. We must have talked for about twenty minutes. We didn’t worry and as we went into the terminal our friends appeared at the arrival door flustered because their baggage had been last on the conveyer belt.

The former time we had gone early to the airport, and to make matters worse they arrived nearly an hour late. We had sat there for two hours frustrated worrying about the large parking fee. So you see when you live in the Now synchronicity takes place. Incidentally, their cases fitted in the boot along with our belongings. No worry and no hurry!

When you live in the Now everything in your life is taken care of because you are connecting with the Universal Energy – with Divine Light. The Now is the gateway to the Oneness which is the Source of your Being.

Chapter Eleven


Physics states energy can neither be destroyed nor created and is capable of changing form. All energy that has ever existed still exists now. Divine Light is that energy and has always existed. It took Its Energy and created everything out of itself. Some say all was created out of nothing – ex nihilo, and to my mind that is wrong. Quantum physics has proved all was created out of Energy, which of course can’t be seen, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t real. In fact energy is the only reality there is. Inanimate objects are as much Divine Light as you and I. They are not a PART of Divine Light but are Divine Light, as you and I are. Everything is Divine.

For instance the plants and the trees are energy. The stones and the rocks are energy. Your table and chairs are energy. Your thoughts and beliefs are energy. Everything you see and don’t see is energy. Everything is Divine Light, the one and only ENERGY. Everything seen may seem solid but it’s not. If we could speed up our vibration like I have, through connecting to Divine Light most of the time, you would see energy in everything. Our bedroom is dimly lit because of a street lamp outside. Many times I have fallen asleep and awoke after a few hours. When I open my eyes I see fragments of light spinning very fast, filling the room, and just lately have seen our fitted wardrobes moving – as if breathing. No I wasn’t drunk. There will be a few of you that have seen what I describe but some of you will find it hard to believe. That’s okay, until you see it for yourself it is unbelievable, but if you follow what I teach in this book you will be able to after a time. You see everything is Living Energy, even your motorcar. The other day Keith said to me, ‘Do you know love when we have the car washed it seems to drive better. And this is true. The car is energy and responds to cleanliness.

A friend came to see me asking for help with her iPad. She had been finding it difficult to use. I noticed that she was forcefully using it. She showed no respect for it. She was rushing and being very harsh. I said to her, ‘Hey slow down and be gentle with it’.

She looked at me as if I had gone mad. ‘It’s only an iPad,’ she said.

‘It’s living energy, I said and it needs gentleness just like all of us do’.

I didn’t convince her so I gave her a talk on energy. From then on she was gentler with her iPad and found she was able to carry out her tasks.

If you be gentle with everything and love it, it will work better for you. In my 30s I had my own car which I loved. One weekend I took a long journey and decided to fill the radiator with water when I arrived at my destination. I took the top of what I thought was the radiator and observed it did need water. So I began to fill it and was surprised that it needed loads of water. Three weeks later I was shocked when my car broke down and bubbles arose out of the bonnet. My husband came to the rescue and said, ‘Where did you put the water when you filled the radiator,’ I pointed to the place I had put it. ‘That’s the engine’, he said in amazement. That little car had run for three weeks with water in the oil. My husband was astounded that it didn’t break down sooner. Because I felt love and affection for that car I believe it had kept going. I didn’t know anything about it being energy and being Divine Light at that time.

Your thoughts and words are energy and they attract likeness. Bob Proctor says in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne ‘What you hold in your mind, you will hold in your hand.’ In other words whatever you believe you will achieve. Every one of us is creating our world by our minds, and we are responsible for what is going on in it.

We live in, and are part of, an energy field which is moving in and out of form. Things seem solid to the human eye but are not. Microscopically examined everything is energy vibrating at different rates. This is a proven fact by quantum physics.

If you have ever been in search of somewhere to live, you will have experienced various vibrations of energy in each place you visited. Each house has its own energy field which vibrates with our energy field. Some will feel alien to you and you won’t like the feelings. In others you will feel more at home. It has little to do with the appearance and more to do with the vibration. You are drawn to that which matches your energy field. If you want to attract a lovely house think lovely thoughts otherwise you will attract damp, dismal, dwellings. You can have whatever you set your mind on because EVERYTHING is Energy. You can also attract things that you don’t want if you put your mind on it too. So watch out!

A few weeks ago I was sitting in our garden and I saw a rat run up our tree – we have tree rats here in Cyprus. I wasn’t pleased because I know rats multiply. A few days went by and I was sitting in the garden having a meal with friends. I leaned over and looked past Keith to see if I could see the rat again knowing the chances was slight. However there was the rat running up the tree again. The next night I awoke to go to the bathroom. Incidentally we sleep upstairs. I sat on the bed for a moment staring out onto our balcony. All at once I saw a rat. I couldn’t believe a rat could climb a wall. I realized that my thoughts created it to happen. I had become rat fixated.

Whatever you fix your mind on grows. Most of us watch the News on TV and are bombarded with poverty, crime, violence, killings, and suicide bombers. I believe if we didn’t know what was going on in the world; our world would be in a better state. Like me with the rat, people are becoming fixated and so seeing more and more of what they believe.

If we want good things to happen in our world we must stop the ego by merging with Divine Light. If we live in the moment more and more we will attract all that we want and not what we don’t want. The ego was alive in me stressing me about the rat. It knew it worried me and that’s what it likes. Incidentally I silenced the ego and merged with Divine Light and do you know I haven’t seen the rat since, hard to believe but true.

[]Chapter Twelve

Who Am I?

Who am I, I might ask myself? Am I Rosemary? Well I know I was called this name at birth. Who was I when I was in the womb then? I didn’t have a name then. However I know I was alive as babies move in the womb. Do I need a name to be something? Everything in the universe has a name be it the mineral, plant, animal, or human kingdom. Does that make all these things exist? Does my name make me exist?

Does a pebble exist? If it didn’t have a name would it exist? I think it would because I can see it. Well let’s say I was blind, would it still exist to me? Well yes because I could feel it. But let’s say I was paralysed and had no feeling would the pebble exist then? Well maybe I could smell it. Say I do not have smell either because I have lost my smell would the pebble exist then? Well I might say I could hear it if someone dropped it. Well I might say yes because other people could hear it. But let’s say other people had the same problems as I did, would it still exist? Do you think if there was no observer that things would exist?

One of the beliefs of Quantum Physics is that nothing can exist without the observer. G Greenstein says, ‘The universe brought forth life in order to exist; the very cosmos does not exist unless observed’.

Well let’s leave that there for a moment and ask the question; am I a wife, cook, cleaner, or house-wife? Am I my mind, a thought or a feeling, or an idea? Am I my senses, touch, taste, sight or smell? When I look at this list I notice one thing – all are changeable. I could cease being Rosemary by changing my name. I could cease being a wife anytime I liked. I also know I am not a cook, cleaner, housewife, because I could cease being these too. I also know I am not my thoughts, feelings, and senses as they change all the time. So if all these things are not me, then who am I?

Oh I might say all these things cannot be seen – they are not solid so they can’t be me. So let’s look at what might be solid. My body seems solid; might I be my body? No I can’t be my body it is changeable too. I don’t have the same body I had when I was a child or teenager so on. And when my body goes to the flames or soil it will eventually cease to be.

The Consciousness that says ‘I am’ is not the consciousness that thinks Jean-Paul Sartre.

If I listen to my thoughts and ask myself who is thinking, I might say, I Am. So who is the ‘I Am’ that said this. ‘I’ has been with me since I was born and is still with me now. It is the ‘I’ that witnesses, my thoughts, feelings, tastes, smells. It is the ‘I’ that watches what goes on around me. The ‘I’ that is aware of all. So I must be this ‘I’ as it is the only element in life. This ‘I’ is present all the time and was present when I was a baby, a teenager, a young woman, and an older woman. This I has been present all the time, it never leaves me. So what is the I. I cannot see it, touch it, taste it, smell it or hear it. Is it me? Or is it something else. Is it my thoughts? Well no because I can listen to my thoughts – do I need my hearing to listens to my thoughts. Well no if I was deaf I could still listen to my thoughts. Ah, but if I didn’t have a language because I had been deaf, dumb, blind, paralysed since birth could I still listen to my thoughts. Would I exist then? I might be ‘aware’ of something. Who is aware? Divine Light is sometimes called Awareness, so could it be that there is only DIVINE LIGHT that exists?

Maybe Divine Light set out on a journey and dreamed up a Universe, a mineral, plant, animal, and human Kingdom. Maybe Divine Light gave life to the human being so it could dream up things too. Maybe the human being dreamed up all that has ever gone on in our so called world. Maybe it dreamed up death. Maybe there is no such thing as death. Is there life then? The only life I can find after this exploration is Divine Light. Maybe the human being dreamed up darkness then. Well I know there is no thing as darkness as there is only Light. Darkness is the absence of light. Maybe the human being dreamed wars and famine, hate revenge and all the horrible things that have gone on. So is there goodness? Well I know that all the bad things are absent of goodness. So goodness must be all that is real. Goodness must be Divine Light too. Maybe the human being dreamed up fear then. Well if there is fear there must be peace. Well I know that peace is the absence of fear, so fear must not exist. So Divine Light must be peace. So we could say that the human being dreamed up hate, so if there is hate is there love? Well hate is the absence of love so my conclusion has to be that Divine Light is Love, Peace, Light, Life and Goodness. One more question, who am I then? Am I no more than an Idea that Divine Light dreamed up. Or am I Divine Light? What do you think?

Chapter Thirteen

I Am.

‘And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.’ King James Bible.

‘I AM’ is found in many world religions to describe the Supreme Being. I have found ‘I AM’ to be the most powerful words in meditation as it can lead one back to the core of ones being. When we form a deep relationship with the I AM by repeating this manta in meditation and/or during the day and night; whenever your mind is not wanted for your tasks – then we merge with the Highest Power, the Creative Power. This Power is the ultimate Divine Power that can triumph over every difficulty in our life. We have as much of this Power to use in our daily life as we can believe in and embody. Ernest Holmes, Creative Mind.

When we have a close relationship, thus giving unvarying glorification to the I AM our lives change, we are not alone anymore; we do not have to look outside of ourselves for happiness; we do not rely on others to be there for us. Our being lights up; every cell in our body is radiating with the Light. We feel totally loving and that love is picked up and spreads out to all.

That Love is Divine Light and It is actually working out it’s life through our individual consciousness. Jesus said that he will be with us till the end of time. Jesus was talking as the Great Consciousness – Divine Light, not from Jesus the man, but from the Christ Spirit – the I AM.

When we desire Divine Light, heaven opens its doors and gives us every bit of good we could want. Our desire should be to KNOW who and what we are, when we know this peace, love, light, truth and abundance is ours for the taking. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you. King James Bible.

The Light is the only Power, and yet it is portrayed throughout the world that there is two powers. Divine Light verses the ego – good versus evil – light verses darkness. But as I explained there is not two. There is but one Power; the ego, evil and darkness are not real they are the absence of their counterpart.

If you follow the ego you will remain limited, you will remain sick, resentful, greedy, having anger and condemnation. These rob you of your birthright. They rob you of love, peace, happiness, and contentedness.

But we do not seek the Divine to gain; we seek the Divine because it is the only Truth. We seek the Divine because it is our bread–and-butter, it is our nature, and is the very centre of our being. It is life itself. The ego can’t give you life it can only bring death. Those who deal with the ego, deal in death of the soul. They are tired most of the time, low in Divine Energy, cut off from a Divine supply. They may feel supplied with gadgets and gismos of every description. From the best house, car, boat, villa in Spain to the highest bank account and designer clothes. You cannot take any of these with you and they can cause you much worry as you can lose them. What you can’t lose is the Light, the ‘I AM’ that is YOU.

Once we accept we are the, I AM, we realize others are the I AM too. Every person, place or thing is the I AM. Everything is empowered with Love. Every human being’s true self is Love. However most do not know it. They look to others for it, but they fail to find it. The other becomes a drug to the loveless. They idolise them and FEAR losing them.

Drugs come in many forms. Idolisation of pop stars; some admirers even want to look like them, dress like them, listen to their music for hours just to be a part of them. Some attend their shows screaming and weeping, being overwhelmed with emotion. Some buy the same designer wear; shoes, bags, clothes just like they have.

Then there’s the football fanatics who fail to see sometimes we win some we lose. There is violence, all in the name of idolization. They sing songs in worship. I had a boyfriend in my youth who would come home in a foul mood if his team lost. He would be hateful to me when it lost, that I dreaded the team losing.

Loveless religious fanatics can rely on a religion as a drug to gain some happiness. They think they are above others because they go to church. They will even wage war on others who believe in something different. Many deaths come about in the name of so called religion.

We do not need drugs of any description when we merge with the Divine with the Light. I believe the whole world could be brought to peace within a short time if everyone living recited ‘I AM’ continuously, connected to the Light daily, and lived in the NOW. Peace would prevail. Wars would cease. That’s all it would take. Some people believe a messiah is coming as I said; well if he/she is, let’s hope they come with this message. When each of us aligns with the Truth of us – with the, I AM, we will all return like the prodigal son to the father. We will have come home.

The return to the Father is what mankind seeks, but they don’t know they seek it. They are ignorant of the TRUTH. They are sad and lonely because they have looked in the wrong way, in the wrong places. The world wouldn’t be how it is today if they had looked in the right place, within themselves and around themselves. Doesn’t the state of the world tell us we have been going down the wrong path? Even Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed to name but a few of the Greats have been followed by many people in religions, in the wrong way, to the extent of cruelty to others. I say stop searching for GOD. God isn’t anywhere other than within and around you. It is you. ‘God is the inner Self of your own being, a God not separate and apart from us to be worshiped from afar off, but actually a God closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet .’ Practicing the Presence – Joel Goldsmith

[]Chapter Fourteen

Merging With The Light.

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. King James Bible

God is referred to as the DIVINE LIGHT because that is what God is. In this chapter I am going to show how you can connect with the Divine Light. Not just theoretically but actually merge in the Light and feel the Light in your being. Feel the one and only Power move your body.

For eons spiritual people have wanted to connect with their Higher Self. This would be the desired outcome after years of austerity. However there are many highly spiritual and religious people that still cannot connect, because they don’t know how. They believe they are connecting when they pray and maybe they are to a certain extent, but unless they can feel the Light moving their body, from within, I don’t believe they are totally merged.

There is only the LIGHT that is real; everything is made out of the Light. It lives within you and surrounds you. It is the essence of you. It is always there. It is not a man, or a woman. It is a not some mystical phenomena that only some way-out people believe in. It keeps you alive and functioning in this world and will be with you in other planes of existence because it is the only Truth about you. You are not your body, you are not something insignificant, you are Consciousness, and you are Divine Light. You are an incredible being of LIGHT that is lost in a body who thinks you are your thoughts. You are NOT your thoughts. You are not limited.

Once everyone wakes up and realizes the truth of who they are, we will have world peace. Stop waiting for the return of the Messiah, the Messiah is here; it lives within you and surrounds you. It has never left you, it has never left anywhere. Jesus said I will be with you till the end of time. He was speaking, not from his humanity, but from his realization of who and what he is. He knew his oneness with the Divine. We could say the same as Jesus when we speak from the Truth of who we are. We could say, ‘I and the Father are one.’ We could heal ourselves and others like Jesus did when we know who we are.

Just because you cannot see something doesn’t make it unreal. I can’t see the ground beneath my house but it’s there, as it supports my house. The Light supports you. You wouldn’t exist without it. Who do you think gave you life? You may say my mother and father did. But who made your mother and father? Divine Light did. The Light creates everything and created you out of itself; just as a mother brings forth her baby out of herself; as above so below.

I can prove the Light lives within you if you are open to receive. The following technique can bring about a great calmness and peace. This is felt within you when you merge with the Light. You may find your body moves. You may find your irritating thoughts vanish. You may find stillness.

I am going to show you how you can merge with the LIGHT and become ONE with It. I ask Divine Light to do many things for me and It does it through my body. When I say, ‘Dance my body’ It dances my body, giving me steps I have never done before. I am a yoga Teacher and if I ask the Light to take the class It does. The Light moves me in Asana movements (exercises) which we have never done before. The Light even helps me clean my house and rearrange the rooms much better than I could, if I ask It to. I bet your thinking is this woman crazy. Well when you try it for yourself you will know I’m not. I have a relationship that will last forever with the Light. I will never be alone. Other things the Light does for me; It relaxes me, heals me, raises my consciousness, and allows me Joy. I feel peace with myself and the world.

I am not saying this will work for everyone. We are all different and have different levels of consciousness but it will work for the majority of you to some extent because you must be spiritually inclined to be reading this book. Also there may be people that shouldn’t try this if they have any health problems, be they physical, emotional or mental. Please check with a doctor or specialist if it’s okay to practice this technique (which is a form of relaxation) whatever your problem!

I suggest that you always stand in front a solid chair with your back to it; one that won’t move easily. When the Light moves you, you may sway backwards. Also you need a chair to sit down on to complete the process.

There are seven steps.

p<>{color:#000;}. Stand in front of a solid chair with your back to it, not one that will move if you fall backwards.

p<>{color:#000;}. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and sigh the air away, arms down by your side. Take about a minute or so between each of the following instructions. Say the following-:

p<>{color:#000;}. Merge me with the LIGHT – you may feel your body move slightly.

p<>{color:#000;}. Relax me in the LIGHT – you may become very calm.

p<>{color:#000;}. Sit me down in the LIGHT – you may feel your body sway backwards, if it does or even if it doesn’t sit down carefully.

p<>{color:#000;}. Stay there for about 20 minutes in that relaxed state – no longer. At first I recommend you stay there for only a few minutes if you’re not used to meditational practices.

p<>{color:#000;}. Get up slowly and stretch your body. Know that you have just connected with the TRUTH of who you are.


You can add any instructions you like. Be specific and use short sentences like I have. You may be at loggerheads with someone and feel angry, hurt, despondent etc. It’s not nice to be feeling this way and you can quickly change your feelings by saying; after you have connected to the Light. ‘Make me feel loving towards’ ………. and say their name. You will find that all negative feelings melt away and so you are sending a different vibration out towards this person. You could find this person gets in touch with you very soon. The Light loves you and wants you to feel happy, peaceful and calm.

Connecting with the Light regularly everyday, if possible, strengthens your connection. You will never look back, you will have the greatest friend you can ever have, and it is right inside of you at this very minute. Some of you will take to this as a duck takes to water but some of you may have a go at it and never bother again. If you’re the latter it’s not for you at this time in your life and that’s fine, if you are the former it is right for you and so well done! It can speed up your journey towards the LIGHT.

Well that’s the end of this little book; I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have, you will be doing me a huge favour if you write a review! When we give we receive and this is the greatest gift you can give me. When others see reviews it encourages them to read the book also. By writing a review you could be helping the world to find peace. If you haven’t read my book ‘Knowing the Secret – Revealing the Truth’ you may like to do so as it can shed more light on this one. If you want to contact me you can do so on. I wish you love, peace and light.


knowing[email protected] or [email protected]

Foot note

Spiritual Poems

Hello again I have included two of my spiritual poems.

I will be publishing a poetry book of Spiritual Rhymes early next year.

If you’re interested in them please contact me and I will put you on the list.

Ego and God

The ego is not real,

But is the culprit that makes us feel

Sad, despondent – angry too,

These feelings are just a few.

It is fearful and doesn’t trust

Produces thoughts of hate and lust,

Drives us crazy, it’s good at that,

Tells us we’re too thin or fat.

Always gives the should and shouldn’t,

Makes us feel that we couldn’t

Do anything that is right,

Keeps us away from the Light.

Now God is the Light Divine

One with us it is sublime,

Gives to us, peace and love,

And many blessing, from above.

In Its Being It holds us tight

Until the day when we take flight,

Back to the Oneness in truth and knowing

That we are Energy, and are flowing.

That is all there is you’ll find

We’re all one, the very same kind;

There isn’t you, there isn’t me,

There is just UNITY.


My Choice


Who is it that runs my life?

That gives me many thoughts of strife;

Who lives in me and never fails,

To bring me down, with morbid tales.


A little voice that says to me,

“You’re not good enough you see”.

It tells me, “You can’t trust that one;

They’re out to get you, you must run”.


Is it friend or is it foe?

Is it real, I must know?

Does it speak a word of truth?

This voice in me is so uncouth.


Ah wait! Another voice I hear

It says to me, “Never fear;

Connect to me every day,

And you will find life goes your way”.


It tells me I’m all that’s good,

I am its child and filled with love;

I am nothing but the Radiant Light,

Like a star that’s shining bright.


Now I know which voice I’ll choose

So I will never get the blues.

I’ll merge with it forever more

And show that vagabond the door.



Journey Back To Truth

(2 Track audio CD)

After many years of studying Science of Mind, I decided to make Journey Back to Truth to enable people to heal, create their dreams, and raise their consciousness and speed up their spiritual growth.

Track one:

Guided Relaxation:

Track two:

The philosophy of Science of Mind explained.

There is a Unified Field of pure Potentiality the Source of

Universal Creation that lies within Consciousness. Journey

there and experience the Truth of your being. Experience

complete relaxation and reap the rewards.

Journey Through The Body For Children.

This CD is made for adults and children between 6 to 10 years. It encourages them to be aware of their body. Children can be stressed easily with the numerous pressures inflicted on them. They need to be able to relax their minds to keep them healthy in mind, body, and spirit. When they relax daily they find it easier dealing with school work and friendships are formed more easily.

Awareness In the Now.

(2 Track audio CD)

This CD is made for children over the age of 10 and for adults. It is a Journey through the body which brings about body awareness and thus brings you into the NOW. Relaxation is essential for everyone; bring about good health and a healthy mind. Everything in your life works if you are relaxed.

Track one:

Guided Relaxation:

Track two:

Metaphysical Talk.


Self-esteem for children.


This CD was made many years ago by me and was originally on a Tape. So it mentions Tape during the relaxation. However it is an excellent recording that helps children from 4 years of age to 9 years old to become more confident have self – esteem, self love and confidence.

Payment For All CDs

£13.75 (please notice it is in English pounds, so it needs be converted from your currency) includes registered postage and packaging anywhere in the world.

If you would like a CD please contact me for my PayPal details or to arrange other means of payment to suit you. Thank You.




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Living in the Now: How to Live as the Spiritual Being That You Are. Gina Lake Kindle eBook and paperback.

What About Now? Reminders for Being in the Moment by Gina Lake.

Kindle eBook and paperback.

The Bible: Authorized King James Version

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Merging With The Light - Removing Negative Thoughts Merging With The Light - Removing Negative Thoughts