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“Somebody help me,” Frank screamed.


Everything was so…..huge! The only thing Frank remembered was receiving a text message that had the picture of a roach. He had to accept the text message just before downloading it. It took a moment, where the next minute he found himself scurrying along out of his clothing and out into the hallway just outside his apartment. Now, he scurries along inside the apartment building seeking help as he yells to the top of his lungs….yet no one can hear him in his miniscule state.


Frank Crawford had just gotten off of work. Of course, the thought of getting home from a long days work, only to shrink completely out of his clothing, didn’t at all cross his mind. He was still quite young, twenty-five and ready to burst. A Caucasian man with much ambition, Frank had his whole life ahead of him……but then this night would come here in the fall in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.


“Someone please help me,” Frank yelled again. He hadn’t made it that far, having scurried under his apartment door. The view from his new perspective, having been reduced in size, was indescribable. The doors were all high. The floor that he scurried along, a hallway that he was so use to normally walking down just seemed miles long instead of something measured by foot. He was so consumed with being small now that he hadn’t even grasped the more obvious change that he had endured. Interesting how the very picture he saw in the text of the roach happened to spell his future. He instantly became an actual roach…..inside out!


BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” Suddenly, it was as if the earth began to shake. There was a vibration about the floor as if an earthquake was in the works. This however wasn’t an earthquake. It was footsteps being made by a blonde bombshell of a woman that was highly familiar with Frank.


Frank stopped there in the middle of the hallway. It didn’t take him long to figure out that this wasn’t earthquake. This only because there didn’t seem to be any outward panic from any of the residents. It was at this moment as well that he began to question the movement of what appeared to be antlers in front of him. Of course, anyone could see this on the head of a roach, yet Frank still had no acceptance of this.


The booming sound drew nearer and nearer. The sound was getting louder and louder. So suddenly, Frank looked towards the other end of the hallway ahead, where he saw a giant sized woman walking towards him on this hard cement floor. As she got closer, Frank noticed that she was staring at him. He simply felt that perhaps now was his chance to get help and possibly an answer to this unexpected surprise in size change.


“Hey….please help me,” Frank yelled. His thoughts were all over the place. In an interesting way, this change he endured only made his ability to reason a little disoriented. Once this woman got up close and personal, Frank was blown backwards just a bit by the gush of wind as result of this giant woman’s footfall.


There she stood – a Caucasian blonde woman with no makeup on. She didn’t need makeup anyway with her natural beauty. She had on a red and black long sleeve top. She had on black Capri dress pants. On her bare feet were a pair of black flat skimmers with pointed tips – plain looking flat shoes. As she stood there with her hands on her hips, she looked down at Frank as he looked up in deep curiosity. He certainly had no clue who this woman was, however, she certainly knew all about him. Then again, it’s only that Frank knew nothing of her personally. When she spoke however, things began to get real clear real fast.


HELLO……SLAVE,” the woman said. Frank only knew of one woman that would ever address him as such. It was about a little over a year prior to this date that Frank had met a dominatrix online who for about four months, communicated with him via email and text messaging. It was agreed that he send her one thousand dollars a month. She warned him however that should he be late, there would be serious consequences. Interesting enough, not only was Frank late but he cut her off completely. He stopped communicating with her after the fourth month.


“Mistress Kate? But this is…….impossible. Did you do this to me? Oh god…..please…I swear…..I will get your money. Just change me back……please,” Frank cried.




"Nooooo....please....give me a chance to -," Frank yelled. He stopped speaking as he witnessed Kate's size nine foot fly quickly in the air and within seconds, it began to descend.....directly towards him.


CRAAACCK….SQUISH!” Without hesitation, Kate stomped Frank flat. She kept her massive size nine planted on him with full force as she looked down at her flat shoe with a sick smirk on her face. Once she was satisfied, she removed her foot off of Frank and smiled at the site of his flattened roach body. Having blown him a kiss, Kate turned around and began walking away. What was that she said……“And now that it is your time to live a cockroaches life, I am going to give you a dose of your destiny. Mistress always gets first dibs……”. There was in fact more to this than Kate had revealed…..something that Frank would soon figure out in his new life. Not to mention that much was in the works shortly after this kiss!!


FAREWELL COCKROACH,” Kate cooed. A resident, having heard some of the commotion, opened his door to find a blonde woman walking away. But suddenly, this resident was startled by a very short streak of fire that shot up from Frank’s remains. This would be Ronald Thomas. His wife was in the bedroom already in bed. This is an African American couple living together without children and married now for nearly ten years.


“What the hell was that,” Ronald thought.


“Honey, are you coming to bed or what,” Ronald’s wife Jenny yelled from the bedroom.


“Yes honey…..just hold on a sec,” Ronald said. Ronald looked beyond the smoke from the sudden flame and was able to see the blonde bombshell walking just around the corner towards the end of the hallway. Kate looked at him as she walked away….and gave him a wink. Once the smoke completely cleared in the hallway, Ronald would look at the source there on the hard cement floor. He could clearly tell that it was a roach – burned to a crisp. In fact, it looked hardened. Once Ronald shut the front door, he headed back to his bedroom. Being a bit insensitive, he ended up sharing with his wife that there was a strange roach outside in the hallway. His wife Jenny was petrified of such vermin. Completely disgusted but not too afraid to squash them at first site. She just hated them. His mention of it wasn’t at all helpful. Interesting it was that this wasn’t the only thing that he mentioned.


“Was there something going on in the hallway…..besides a little bug problem? I didn’t hear anyone knock but you just opened and closed the door rather harshly,” Jenny said. Ronald had been in the living room watching football all night.


“Well, it sounded like some woman with a British accent talking. When I opened the door, I saw her walking away calmly. She even smiled at me. Just before this however, that roach went up in flames. Baby…..I am not certain….but I swear that woman looks rather familiar. Like some woman I saw in an article concerning a black magic cult here a year ago,” Ronald explained.


“Huh? Ahhh…….dear..are you back on drugs? And why the hell does this building have bugs. Eww…I hate bugs,” Jenny said.


“C’mon honey, I am not on shit. You should know better than that,” Ronald replied. After his response, he got into bed with his wife and rolled the other way facing away from her. Jenny just shook her head feeling that his response was a display of guilt. But seeing how fast he fell asleep, Jenny didn’t bother him at all.


Ronald was finally in deep sleep and in dreamland. Ronald found himself in what seemed only like a strange sci-fi dream. Everything seemed so huge. He knew he was in his room but he found himself shrunken just as Frank did. He noticed antlers moving around in front of him much like Frank did. What he wasn’t able to grasp was the fact that just like Frank earlier on, he too was transformed into a roach. Suddenly, walking out of the bathroom, his wife Jenny began heading back to bed. She spotted him immediately and was ultimately disgusted with the site of him. She would therefore charge for him – in her silver silk robe and white Isotoner slippers.


“Eww….nasty ass roach. I hate roaches,” Jenny said.


“No honey……wait….it’s me. I am not a bug. It’s me Ronald,” Ronald cried. He noticed she stared at him as she spoke. He began scurrying the opposite direction. But so quickly it was that Ronald found himself swallowed in the shadow…..of his wife’s huge descending slipper clad right foot.


POOF!” Jenny crushed her husband into the carpet. Although she was disgusted by roaches in general, she certainly wasn’t shy about crushing them underfoot. After having flattened him, Jenny removed the slippers from her feet and walked back to bed.


“I’ve got to get an exterminator….how gross,” Jenny said to herself. She simply got back into bed for it was a bit too early for her to be up. Interesting it is that “in reality”……both Ronald and Jenny were having the “exact” same dream!




Jenny awoke feeling a bit strange. Normally, her and her husband would awake in each other’s arms. Instead, Jenny awoke from an odd dream about having crushed some nasty roach after using the restroom. She stretched her arms and cracked her neck. She sat there looking at the wall with a blank morning looking on her face. Her brown hair was going every which way and her eyes were still somewhat puffy from the long nights rest she received. The sun wasn’t up just yet, but there was enough daylight in this darkened room to notice an odd mess in bed just behind her. She turned around to find the oddest thing….disgusting in every way imaginable.


AHHHHH…….,” Jenny screamed.


Ronald lye in bed……flat and dead. His face was like “mush”. His eyes were crushed. His nose was bent and flattened sideways. His body was grossly flattened and contort to where it seemed his head was a part of his ass and his legs were never in existence. His feet were seen just beneath his chin. His remains could have been picked up and slid easily under a door. For Jenny, this was the nastiest thing that she had ever seen. She jumped out of bed and quickly backed up to the wall there only a few feet away. With her frantic movements, she ended up kicking her slippers over inadvertently. She was just about to call the police to report Ronald’s dead remains found in bed. As she breathed heavily in panic, she brought her attention toward the floor but couldn’t keep her eyes from catching the bottom sole of one of her Isotoner slippers. There, stuck to the sole……was a dead flattened roach.


“What? But this is impossible…..I……I was dreaming,” Jenny said.




Kate Williams is a very sick and twisted witch. As she sat in her limo, now hundreds of miles away from the apartment complex she was just in, she smiled and laughed about the horror both Frank and Ronald experienced. What she did to Frank she felt was just. What she did to Ronald, she really did for kicks. Nearly forty-five minutes later, Jenny’s apartment was flooded with all police officers and forensics specialists. Jenny was in her living room, comforted with a blanket and a cup of coffee. She was being questioned by detectives. Eventually, an inspector would arrive on the scene with a few questions of his own concerning this most odd occurrence.


“Good morning mam! My name is Inspector Jason Reid. This is very difficult mam. Now….you are saying you have no idea how this person has ended up in your apartment! Please Mrs. Thomas, are you certain about this story? We have to take you down to the precinct for questioning,” Jason said.


“I am serious inspector. I am just a single woman living in this apartment on my own. I have no idea who this dead guy is seriously,” Jenny said.


Jason just looked at her and shook his head. He knew the surrounding officers didn’t believe her…..but he did. Kate Williams……her magic is real……..and often times induces an alternate reality for her victims!


The End?


Mercy Priestess Mercy

This is a short story about a witch (priestess) known as Kate Williams. They don't really come with the combination of being beautiful and at the same time merciless. But this is only the beginning of Kate's wrath as she shrinks, manipulates, and even alters the state of anyone she see's fit. This is only the first of many....the beginning of a witches scorn!

  • Author: JasonReed
  • Published: 2015-12-03 17:40:07
  • Words: 2232
Mercy Priestess Mercy Mercy Priestess Mercy