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Men without Honor- Men without Authority

Men without Honor

Men without Authority


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Long Train of Abuses

Chapter 2. The Common Law county grand jury

Chapter 3. Enter William Wolf

Chapter 4. Government Propaganda

Chapter 5. Power Struggle

Chapter 6. Lupine Extraction


Forward. For many years our government has created, nurtured and monitored it’s opposition, thereby controlling it.

But when dissident groups form on their own right- and outside of government control- government actors are known to join those groups and commit crimes in their name.

Devil’s Work. Join your enemy and destroy him by any means necessary, including breaking your own law. Then cast your shame onto someone else.

Misdirecting the blame for the crimes you just committed is the work of the Devil through his Men without Honor.

This report details a nefarious plot to prevent lawful inhabitants of Montana from investigating abuse perpetrated on them, done by their own government.

Chapter 1. A Long Train of Abuses- Gallatin county chapter

Bozeman, Montana Policeman David R. Petersen rapes cadet, moves on.

Bozeman Police Chief refuses to release info to newspaper

Gallatin County Attorney refuses to prosecute Petersen

Missoula County Attorney: no charges needed, Petersen should be fired

Bozeman Daily Chronicle sues City, wins ‘Right to Know’ lawsuit

On March 8th, 1992 Bozeman City cop Sergeant Dave Petersen raped a female cadet at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Bozeman. A week later the director of the Academy reported the rape to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The Chronicle attempted to investigate, got resistance from the Police and Sheriff’s departments. No records or names were released at that time.

But Petersen resigned under pressure from the Chief of Police.

The Chronicle sued the Bozeman City Police and the Sheriff in District court and prevailed. The Court ordered the name of the cop to be released, but not the names of victims or investigation documents. The City released Petersen’s name.

The Court ordered the City to pay attorney fees to the Chronicle. The City appealed that issue to the Montana Supreme Court, and lost again


Jailer assaults handcuffed man. Darren Schultz was jailed on December 31, 1996 in the Gallatin County Detention Center for partner assault/criminal mischief. Deputies Ray Irby and Rick Lower instructed Schultz to put his head against the wall and spread legs apart. Schultz became “verbally abusive”. Deputy Irby punched and pushed Schultz to the ground, then forced his knee into Schultz’ neck. Schultz complained that he was about to pass out. Schultz was handcuffed behind his back during the incident.

A state investigator stumbled onto the video footage of this event and the investigation began. Deputy Ray Irby admitted to punching Schultz, but said he was in fear that Schultz was trying to touch Irby’s groin. State prosecutor John Connor, Jr. pointed out that Schultz was “handcuffed and in custody”. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported that the video only showed Deputy Irby’s 3 counts of assault and did not show Schultz spitting or reaching for Irby’s crotch.

In January of 1997 Deputy Irby became “Ex-deputy Irby” and on February 7, 1997- Irby pled guilty to assault, lying to superiors. The judge told Irby he could avoid jail if he followed the law over the next 18 months. Irby was fined $980 and lost his “credentials”


Police officer vs Bicyclist

October 10, 1997 Bozeman Police officer Dave Wolny had an altercation with a bicyclist on 8th Street. Witness stated that Wolny struck the bicyclist and knocked him to the ground. Several eyewitnesses who saw the accident filed written complaints with the police department about Officer Wolny’s actions towards bicyclist William Hurly. The Gallatin County Attorney declined to press any charges against Wolny.

Wolny apparently filed a false report about the incident. Police Chief Tymrak then ordered Wolny to answer the false report allegation, orally. Wolny refused and was terminated from position for two reasons: he filed a false report and insubordination toward Chief Tymrak.

Wolny sued Bozeman all the way to the Montana Supreme Court, and lost his case. The Court ruled that Bozeman had violated no termination rules in firing Wolny, and that Wolny did indeed use too much force on the bicyclist.


Welsand molests 14-year old. 1997- Gallatin County deputy Gary Welsand is accused of having a “two year relationship” with a 14 year-old girl.

Welsand made initial contact with the teenager to investigate sex crimes allegations concerning the girl.

Now detective Welsand himself is “accused of attempting to molest a girl”.

Welsand was charged Jan. 6, 1998 with “felony attempted sexual assault felony solicitation of evidence tampering and four misdemeanors indecent exposure, endangering the welfare of children, official misconduct and obscenity.” The crimes were allegedly committed throughout 1997.

Deputy Wesland failed to appear in court on January 27, 1998 to answer the charges. Welsand was reported to be in a “undisclosed” hospital with a “secret” mental disorder, according to attorney Herman A. “Chuck” Watson III.

In April of 1998, attorney Watson settled the case “outside the courtroom”:

In November 1998, the county agreed to pay $140,000 to a 15-year-old girl who was victimized by a former sex crimes detective in the sheriff’s office. Gary Welsand pleaded guilty to child endangerment and official misconduct and to solicitation of evidence tampering, all charges stemming from his two-year relationship with the girl.

Attorney Watson asked judges to keep basic information from the public, such as what the detective allegedly did to merit the charges. He often turned away press inquiries, or if he did respond, it was under his own terms. “I just don’t want the public to judge a good man by one mistake,” Watson said of Welsand. “I don’t care if I’m going to get criticized personally for that position.”


Bos vs Detention Center. June 2, 2000 Tommy Miller arrested for violating a restraining order. Miller bailed out later that day and went back to the subject of his restraining order- his wife Leanne. Tommy Miller killed his wife and burnt down the Churchill home. He was killed in a shoot out with law enforcement officers. The owner of the Churchill property sued the County in District Court, claiming the County had a duty to protect life and property:

But District Judge Mark Guenther ruled that Gallatin County had no duty to Bos with respect to releasing Tommy Miller and, because duty is a necessary component of negligence, Guenther dismissed the case.”

The owner of the property- Donald H Bos appealed to the Montana Supreme Court, and lost his case: “On June 2, 2000, following multiple violations of the restraining order, Tommy was arrested and booked into the Gallatin County Detention Center. After learning of Tommy’s arrest, Leanne requested that the Detention Center contact her upon Tommy’s release, pursuant to Detention Center policy. At approximately 5:45 p.m. on June 2, 2000, Tommy posted bail and was released from the Detention Center. The Detention Center did not contact Leanne per her request.”


Commish accused of DUI. Gallatin County commissioner Jennifer Smith Mitchell was arrested in 2000 for drunk driving. The arresting officer was on a bicycle when he spotted Mitchell driving erratically- running a stop light. She smelled like alcohol and “ she had slow, methodical movements, slurred speech and bloodshot and glassy eyes”.

Mitchell blew a .107 on the breathalyzer and was issued a DUI.

The breathalyzer results were thrown out, as the equipment had not been calibrated recently. Mitchell’s six-person jury was not allowed to see the officer’s arrest report on Mitchell.

The jury was deadlocked- 3 for and 3 against conviction.


Deputy sex harassment 1994-96 Gallatin County sheriff’s deputy Tamie Claar is sexually harassed by Deputy Steve Schaak. Ms. Claar filed suit and won an $87,500 judgement against the County (October 6, 2000).Billings Gazette. Posted: Friday, October 6, 2000 11:00 pm

BOZEMAN (AP) – Gallatin County had no insurance coverage at the time and will have to pay all of the $87,500 settlement to a former female jailer who accused her supervisor of sexually harassing her, an official said Wednesday. ”This was a hit,” said Commissioner Bill Murdock. The settlement was approved earlier this week. Tamie Claar, now a Montana State University police officer, won the award after filing a civil claim in 1998 against Steve Schaak, her supervisor at the jail. Also named were Gallatin County, Sheriff Bill Slaughter, Undersheriff Jim Cashell and jail administrator Anita Shaw Tymrak.


Social Worker buys cocaine. Rita Watson Bennett was a social worker for Department of Public Health and Human Services in Bozeman. While still employed for DPHHS, Bennett sent her “client” on a cocaine buying excursion. The client went to the police instead. Bennet was sentenced to 5 days in jail and fined $2,700.


Jorgenson death. Christopher Jorgenson was found dead in a trailer house west of Bozeman on April 2, 2004. Fours hours after coroner McNabb received the body, he declared the death to be a suicide. A handgun that was purported to be the weapon used was found fully loaded, including a live round in the chamber. Bill Jorgenson, father of Christopher Jorgenson sued Gallatin County for botching the investigation of his son’s death. In that trial, Sheriff Jim Cashel answered attorney Jim Kommers’ questions:

“Where did the bullet come from that went through Chris’ head?” Kommers asked. “I don’t know,” Cashell responded. “I can’t explain how that clip was described as full.”

The jury never heard testimony from the only known witness- Amanda Gillam. The bullet that killed Jorgenson was not retrieved and no fingerprints were taken from the supposed weapon.

The jury sided with the sheriff, concluding that Jorgenson had killed himself.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle has extensive coverage of this story

11-7-08 Lawsuit alleges faulty murder investigation


War in Livingston law enforcement. 2004-Park County sheriff’s Sgt. Ed Kinnick sues Sheriff Clark Carpenter and Park County. Kinnick says the sheriff fired him for opposing Carpenter in the 2002 sheriff’s race.

The dirty laundry hit the fan, accusations of sheriff misconduct such as “favoritism, pilfered drugs from the evidence locker, conflicts of interest, political retribution and officers viewing Internet porn in the jail.”

Carpenter said his reason for firing Kinnick was that Kinnick failed to properly investigate an accusation that the Livingston City police choked a handcuffed man.

To counter Carpenter’s explanation for the firing, Kinnick’s attorney

“Put several current and former law enforcement officers on the stand, trying to show hearings officer Terry Spear that other officers had done worse and received no punishment.”

In 2005 the court sided with the Sheriff


Bozeman: Town Pump Rape while Police Standby. April 3, 2005. Pregnant clerk at Town Pump East calls 911 to report that she is being robbed. Police arrived and surrounded the building. The clerk later reported that the knife wielding robber raped her on the floor of the bathroom, “which occurred minutes after they surrounded the building.” The police were on standby waiting for the Hostage Rescue Team. Before the team arrived, the robber/rapist exited the building, where Police arrested him. The Police also arrest the clerk briefly. The robber/rapist admitted his guilt and was sentenced to 180 years in State Prison.

The clerk later sued Bozeman for the incident and lost her case, with the Montana Supreme Court saying: the City had no duty to protect her, as the Police had not made contact with the victim.


Belgrade Police misconduct. June 15, 2005 Gallatin County District Judge Mike Salvagni releases County Attorney’s 100 page ‘notebook’ detailing Belgrade City Police misconduct. The notebook cites criminal cases that have been mishandled by the Belgrade Police:

“ It details more than a dozen Belgrade police criminal investigations over the past two and half years that the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office believe were mishandled, including: drug cases that were dismissed; sexual crimes that weren’t investigated; and assaults that were dropped because evidence had been tampered with.”

Charges were dropped against a man accused of stabbing another man over a drug deal, the County saying the Belgrade Police did a “shoddy” job on the case.

The whole issue went dormant when County Attorney Marty Lambert had a meeting with Belgrade Police chief Greg Waldon:

“ Lambert visited with Waldon for nearly three hours and recommended that the sheriff’s office no longer oversee Belgrade felony cases, citing about 15 improvements made within the police department in response to his concerns.”

There appears to be a rift between Waldon and Lambert, Waldon accusing Lambert of being a “power monger” and a “little kid throwing temper tantrums”


Butte taser death. Man shot in forehead and hip with dual prong electric ‘taser- gun’

March 2005 Butte police receive first 2 ‘taser-guns’

July 1, 2005 Butte police -first use of taser-gun.

July 5, 2005 Butte police 2nd use of taser- Otis Thrasher is hospitalized

July 15, 2005 Otis G. Thrasher dies at St James Hospital

Nov 21, 2005 Butte jury clears police of wrongdoing, says Thrasher died of bad heart, plaque arteries and meth use.

July 5, 2005 Sheriff John Walsh stated: “I really believe that the officers were justified if they had used deadly force. They tried to use something less and it just turned out differently.”…“Without the Taser, this gentleman may have been shot.” Montana Standard

November 21, 2005 The policeman who tasered Thrasher- Capt. George Skuletich stated:

“It appeared to me when he started kicking and thrashing and yelling at us that he had recovered from the Taser,”

Butte police continue to use Tasers. Since this incident, they have used them numerous times without any serious injury. (11-21-05)


Mayor Drunk, Beats Wife. November 9, 2005 Bozeman Mayor Andrew Cetraro is arrested at 5a.m. for domestic violence at his home in Bozeman. Cetraro stated that he had been drinking and had thrown up. Cetraros pregnant wife Natosia stated that Cetraro had stuck her in the face with a closed fist at least twice. Natosia’s sister stated that Cetraro had stuck Natasio ‘3 or 4 times’. Cetraro pleaded innocent to misdemeanor partner assault and was released on his own recognizance.

November 10, 2005. Natasio Cetraro asks the Court to dismiss the charges against the Mayor, to permit him to visit her and the children.

May 17, 2006. Cetraro pleads guilty to misdemeanor ‘endangering partner’, apologizes to family and court. “Judge Karl Seel sentenced him to two years on probation, fined him $485 and ordered him to attend anger management counseling.”


November 23, 2005 Josephs dies in Gallatin jail

Kathryn Leibrock-Josephs was taken to jail for family member assault on Wednesday November 23, the day before Thanksgiving. Her family later stated that she suffered from obesity, high blood pressure and alcoholism. Bozeman City judge Carlson chose not to bring Josephs to court for her initial appearance until the following Monday- five days after the arrest. Josephs was not afforded the opportunity to be released on bond.

Sunday morning detention center officers found Josephs lying on the floor of her cell. She was taken to Deaconess Hospital, where she died.

Kathryn Leibrock-Josephs’ family sued the City and County for a violation of her civil rights. The case was thrown out by federal judge Haddon, who stated:

‘ did not find any justification for concluding that the county’s policies or absence of policy at the jail were the cause of Leibrock-Josephs’ death’. [[update- the case was reversed, family wins millions]]


Lawyer arrested and convicted for touching a city employee with his finger.

Michael H. Ditton is an attorney in Bozeman, Montana. Ditton was accused of DUI by the Bozeman Police in 2006. When Ditton went to the City attorneys office to pick up ‘discovery’ for his defense, some sort of altercation occurred with city officials. He was charged with assault on a city employee.

Ditton lost his DUI case in city Court and appealed all the way to the Montana Supreme Court. His conviction was upheld.

Ditton was convicted of assault in Justice court.

Ditton was later denied admittance to the Montana Bar and apparently had some court dealings with the state of Virginia. Ditton appealed his law license denial to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, which disbarred Ditton in 2009. That court stated that Ditton was mentally ill- apparently alcohol related. Listing some of the reasons for disbarring Ditton the Appeals Court cited two DUIs in Montana and the “assault” which occurred when Ditton attempted to receive discovery


Verdi v Bozeman

August 12, 2007. An intoxicated and naked man was sleeping in his home when he heard a knock on the door. Jesse Verdi answered his door and was tasered by Bozeman Police Officer Mark Ziegler and Sgt Greg Megargel. Verdi went down hard and crushed his skull, requiring 3 brain surgeries. Verdi filed a lawsuit against Bozeman in federal court in 2009. [[and won a judgement]]


Woman hangs herself in Gallatin County jail. March 24, 2008. Christina McLinden hanged herself in the Gallatin County Detention center. She had been arrested on March 19, 2008 for stealing $140,000 from Manhattan Plumbing and Heating. Christina’s husband Dustin McLinden later stated that his wife had tried to kill herself on March 7th, about a week before her arrest. She was on medication for bi-polar disorder and attention deficit disorder and suffered from mental illness.

During the coroner’s jury inquest, the County and the medical provider were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by a 5-4 jury vote. Jury findings in inquests do not have to be unanimous.

Dustin McLinden sued the County for failure to “take any measures whatsoever to prevent her suicide.” The County denied “ any culpability in McLinden’s death, saying the family’s “injuries or damages, if any,” were caused by the intentional or negligent conduct of Dustin McLinden and his wife.”

Dustin McLinden filed suit against the county in June of 2010


Belgrade pedestrian killed on Jackrabbit. November 11, 2008 Chong Suk Everett was walking on Jackrabbit Lane in Belgrade. She was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by Lora Kathryn Whitmore of Bozeman. Belgrade Police arrested Whitmore and forced a blood-alcohol test upon her. Whitmore tested .14% blood alcohol, a level well above the .08 legal maximum. She was charged DUI/homicide.

Whitmore later agreed to plead out to a lesser charge and receive a 3-year deferred sentence. District Court Judge John Brown would not allow the agreement as it conflicted with a statute that forbids two deferred sentences on the same defendant. Whitmore had a conviction and deferred sentence in 1998 and was not eligible for a second deferred sentence.

Whitmore’s lawyers convinced the court to drop all charges against her, because the Police had erred in forcing the blood test, plus the Police had erred in denying her an attorney and the Police failed to read her Miranda rights.

[Many postings in the Chronicle against the Police].


Police Beat Down Wrong Man. February 14, 2009. Bozeman Police officers Cody Andersen, Greg Lannon and Gallatin County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Allen forced their way into Matthew White’s apartment, looking for another man. The officers pushed White down, causing him injury. White sued Bozeman and won a $90,000 judgement

Bozeman Daily Chronicle October 29, 2009 ‘Lawsuits against Bozeman cops become federal cases’


Meigs vs Livingston Police

William Meigs is peacefully arrested by Livingston Police in a local hardware store. Meigs complains about the tightness of the handcuffs. He falls off a bench in the police station twice, and breaks his neck. Meigs sues Livingston P.D.

Police Officer Joseph Harris responded that Meigs “appeared sober from alcohol, he may have been under the influence of illegal drugs. He was shaking, had not bathed recently, his hair was greasy and his manner was lethargic and subdued.”

Harris also implied that he was doing his job properly and is therefore immune from prosecution.

Meigs prevailed in his suit and we now wait for the decision on the amount…….


Bozeman City Policeman Shotguns Dog. August 10, 2009 Bozeman City policeman Zach Heninger spotted a dog “behaving aggressively” toward a citizen and then himself. Heninger shot the dog with a shotgun but the dog kept coming, so he shot the dog again. The dog ran under the porch and hid, where officers pepper sprayed the dog and used a ‘catch pole’ to subdue it. The dog was taken to a veterinarian where it later died.

Billings Gazette: Bozeman police officer shoots, kills dog.


Delaney v City of Bozeman $3 M lawsuit

During May and June of 2003- local real estate developer Mike Delaney entered into a deal to buy the Mandeville property. Delaney would build an industrial park and a waste transfer station on the property- the later of which Bozeman is in urgent need. Delaney relays his plans to Clark V. Johnson- Bozeman’s city manager.

Bozeman then starts negotiations directly with Mandeville, without Delaney. Delaney was unaware of the city’s contact with Mandeville and felt that he had been unfairly cut out of the deal. The city purchased the Mandeville property.

Delaney sued the City in local District Court, claiming Bozeman had interferred with the transaction. . Bozeman’s defense was under the direction of the Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority (insurance company). The MMIA hired a private attorney to defend the city. The attorney failed to produce ‘discovery’ information to the Court- presumably Clark Johnson’s paper trail for the transaction with Mandeville. The jury awarded Delaney a $3 million judgement. The Court struck down any defense the city would appeal on, because the city failed to produce discovery. Delaney charged the City with interfering with the deal, which caused him loss. The City never denied the charge, but did question the amount of the judgement.

The City appealed the judgement to the Montana Supreme Court on the grounds that the District court erred in jury instructions, and that the 3 million dollar judgement was excessive. The city claimed that $750,000 was a fair judgement, according to statute.

On December 23, 2009 the Montana Supreme Court ruled in Delaney’s favor, upholding the $3 million judgement.

August 9 of 2010 the City met to discuss how pay the $3 million. Options: sell the vacant Mandevillle property, get money from the federal Waste Treatment Fund, raise fees or raise taxes. The MMIA said they would pay the bill for now, until the court decides who has to pay.

Story pending…….12-19-2003 Johnson announces resignation, moves to Washington, D.C. to become chief of staff for Montana senator Conrad Burns (1988-2006). Senator Burns was accused of taking over $150,000 from convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff in a massive scandal in 2006. Burns returned the money. Johnson returned to Montana to take a state position.


Rape at Chief Kent’s Home

A woman and her daughter reported a rape to the Gallatin County sheriff’s office. The rape took place on March 15th, 2010 at acting Bozeman City Police Chief Marty Kent’s house north of Bozeman.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle carried the story on March 23, 2010.


Policeman Urinates on Public. 5-28-10. An off-duty Billings police officer was attending a Styxx concert at the Billings Metra Park complex. Officer Curtis Eckhardt is accused of exposing himself and urinating on people attending the concert. Eckhart resigned from the police force, rather than facing disciplinary action.

5-29-10 Billings police officer Steve Swanson was involved in a one-vehicle crash on Hillcrest Road in Yellowstone County. Swanson received a four-week suspension from the police force after being convicted of misdemeanor DUI.

Both stories were reported in the Missoulian newspaper on July 13, 2010:


Fire chief accused of misconduct

June 2010- Firefighters from Central Valley Fire Department send whistleblower letter to Belgrade City and Gallatin County, Montana officials. The letter accuses fire chief Brett Waters of misconduct. The Montana Department of Justice opens an investigation.

August 2, 2010- Chief Waters denies the allegations

August 3, 2010- Waters tells Belgrade News “Its not what it looks like”

November 13, 2010- One of the allegations is that Waters is getting paid twice for the same hours. Waters is also Gallatin County’s rural fire liaison.

County nixes contract with Fire Chief Waters, Waters says County Attorney Marty Lambert is “mistaken”

December 5, 2010. The County hires another liaison.

December 17, 2010- Waters attorney Chuck Watson says:

“He didn’t intentionally do anything wrong, and we continue to unequivocally deny the specious allegations raised in the past six months, particularly the misrepresentation that he has been engaged in double-dipping,”


Butte Judge on methadone; gets DUI. April 8, 2011. A Butte judge is taking methadone “for back pain”. One Saturday morning, the judge drives nine miles to Butte to preside over a marriage as ‘Justice of the Peace’. But the judge shows up at the police station “confused” or “under the influence”. The police take the judge to the hospital, where he is found to be on methadone- a narcotic drug. The judge is then charged with DUI. Judge Lee pleaded not guilty. Lee’s lawyer states that the judge wasn’t confused until he got to the police station. Lee says that may have been the result of a prescription he took for back pain. Lee remains seated as a Butte-Silver Bow Justice of the Peace. The trial will be in November.



Deputy Chokes 17-Year Old Girl

From KBZK –TV Bozeman:

Gallatin County deputy charged for grabbing teenage girl by throat

Posted: Mar 9, 2011 4:07 PM by Erin Yeykal
Updated: Mar 9, 2011 4:19 PM

A Gallatin County sheriff’s deputy is charged with mistreating a prisoner after he was caught on video grabbing a 17-year-old girl by the throat and holding her against a wall while she was in custody.

Thomas Madsen is scheduled to appear for his initial hearing at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 29 on the felony charge.

The incident dates back to February when a lieutenant with the department contacted the Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigations to report the incident. An agent from the DCI reported in court documents that the video from Feb. 9 shows a 17-year-old girl handcuffed to a belly belt, which prevents her hands from moving away from her waist. The video goes dark as if they lights have been turned off and then the lights come back on.

“You turn the lights off, you’re gonna find yourself in a whole world of hurt, girl…Understand?” Madsen is heard saying on the video, according to court documents.

“No,” the girl replies.

The conversation continues and the Madsen reportedly tells the girl to sit down. When she says “no” Madsen enters the room, grabs her by the throat and pushes her backwards against the wall, according to court documents. The video shows Madsen “tightly gripping” the girl’s neck, and the initial contact has such force that her hair is “momentarily extended due to the rapid movement,” court documents state.

Bozeman police Sgt. Colton Schumacher is then seen entering the room and reaching “calmly” between Madsen and the girl, documents said.

During an interview with the DCI agent, the girl says she was at the Law and Justice Center on Feb. 9 because she was being detained as a runaway. She also told the agent that in January 2011 she was detained at the Law and Justice Center and tried to knee Madsen to get away from law enforcement.

Madsen reportedly told the agent that he never intended to hurt the girl when he grabbed her, but “intended to scare her into complying and get her attention.”

Madsen resigned last Thursday, a day before the charge was filed in Gallatin County District Court, Gallatin County Sheriff Jim Cashell said.

“We do take it seriously. We took immediate action on the entire situation and now we have to sit back and see what’s going to happen with the criminal charges,” Cashell said.

Cashell said an internal investigation has been completed but did not wish to comment on it Wednesday.

“We take these types of allegations and circumstances very seriously. We conduct our own internal investigation. You know, we don’t expect the deputies to act in a manner inconsistent with our policies of good judgment,” he said.

Madsen is not in custody. A summons has been issued for him to appear at his initial hearing.

[[In June of 2012 the District court dismissed the charges against Madsen]].


Livingston parole officer resigns amidst federal criminal investigation

The Billings Gazette | Posted: Wednesday

“Conduct like Thurlow admitted to (Thursday) violates the trust citizens place in government authorities,”

April 20, 2011 LIVINGSTON — A Livingston man has resigned his position as a probation and parole officer and his supervisor says he’s the subject of a federal criminal investigation. No charges have been filed. Department of Corrections regional administrator Monty Le Texier told the Livingston Enterprise on Tuesday that parole officer Bill Thurlow resigned on April 8, a day after the DOC told Thurlow he was going to be placed on paid administrative leave due to criminal allegations against him. Le Texier says the FBI is investigating while the DOC has undertaken an internal investigation. Le Texier said he could not discuss the allegations against Thurlow.

Thurlow had worked for the Department of Corrections for four years, including as a chemical dependency counselor at a Deer Lodge boot camp.

Thurlow declined comment Tuesday.


Traffic stop causes death

Helena, Montana

April 24, 2011: Lewis and Clark County deputies attempt to pull over Jeffery John Lefferdink for a traffic stop. After a short chase, Lefferdink is stopped and some sort of gun battle ensues. Lefferdink is killed, no other injuries are reported.

Five months later crime lab pathologist Walter Kemp testifies that Lefferdink shot himself in the right temple, committing suicide. Kemp testified that there were 33 shots fired by deputies and five of those shots hit Lefferdink, including one shot to the back of the head. Kemp said Lefferdink’s self inflicted shot was “instantly incapacitating” and therefore the deputies bullet in the back of Lefferdink’s head was not the cause of death.

“Deputies testified they believed the [self-inflicted]shot that went through Lefferdink’s head and through his car window was aimed at a Montana Highway Patrol trooper who was on scene to assist.”


Police Pistol vs Pickup

May 4, 2011 Helena policeman Pete Callahan attempts to question Brian Temple about stolen coins. Callahan “felt threatened” and alleges that Temple drove his pickup toward the policeman. Callahan shoots Temple in the chest, but Temple survives. The “State” removes the windshield, now unavailable for evidence. Temple is found to be on drugs, but Sergeant Callahan’s blood and urine screen are “misplaced” by hospital.


Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Three Forks councilman charged with misdemeanor after arrest

Posted: Saturday, July 9, 2011 By ALYSSA SMALL,

Three Forks City Councilman Matt Jones faces jail time on a misdemeanor assault charge after being arrested on suspicion of choking and pushing a woman.

Jones, 35, pleaded not guilty Tuesday after appearing in Gallatin County Justice Court. He was released on $500 bond after spending two days in the Gallatin County jail.

Three Forks Mayor Gene Townsend said he didn’t think Jones violated the oath of office. He said it was unlikely the councilman would face ramifications from the city.

“The only details I know is there was a (dispute) and that the police were called,” Townsend said.

According to court documents:

Jones got into an argument with a woman at 5 a.m. Sunday.

Jones “placed her in a choke hold and slammed her arm in the exterior door several times” before throwing her out a door.

The woman ran away. Deputies found the woman and observed marks on her neck and left forearm.

Deputies then questioned Jones at his house.

Jones told deputies he had pushed the woman. He said the woman then kicked the door open.

Jones was arrested after talking with deputies.

Jones didn’t return the Chronicle’s phone messages Friday.

Jones is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 22. If convicted, he faces a maximum one year in jail and $1,000 fine…


Helena Taser death. Roger Chandler in “excited delirium” and must be saved from “harming himself”.

Lewis and Clark deputies tase Chandler twice- eight minutes later he is “unresponsive”.

Dr. Walter Kemp of the Montana State Crime Lab confirms the cause of death as “excited delirium”.

Helena Independent Record newspaper

Helena man hospitalized after arrest requiring Taser

By ANGELA BRANDT Independent Record helenair.com | Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 12:00 am |

Officials say a 41-year-old Helena man is in intensive care following an altercation with law enforcement officers. Roger Chandler was admitted to St. Peter’s Hospital and remained in serious condition Monday afternoon, according to a hospital spokeswoman. Lewis and Clark County sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an out-of-control man acting violently at a home on the 800 block of Ross Road at about 9:40 p.m. Sunday.

“We are suspecting a substance caused his erratic behavior,” Sheriff Leo Dutton said, adding that an investigation is ongoing.

Dutton noted that several of the determining factors of “excited delirium” were present.

Excited delirium is a medical condition usually tied to chronic drug abuse in which a person has a lot of strength, doesn’t seem to feel pain and will exhaust themselves to death.

The initial report from a neighbor was that Chandler was screaming and had possibly kicked in a door at a family member’s home. Responding officers later learned that Chandler had allegedly pushed a family member to the floor.

A Montana Highway Patrol trooper responded to the call and located Chandler in a camper next to the residence, reports said. The trooper and responding sheriff’s deputies attempted to talk Chandler down, and they could hear commotion inside the camper.

Dutton said responding officers were concerned Chandler was harming himself.

Chandler then suddenly burst out of the camper and was acting uncontrollably. Dutton said Chandler attempted to flee from law enforcement.

“Officers felt he could harm himself or others because of his erratic behavior,” Dutton said.

Several officers had their Tasers drawn; one sheriff’s deputy eventually used his Taser 18 minutes after the initial call, according to Dutton.

Chandler continued to be combative after the first time a Taser was used, so the sheriff’s deputy stunned him again, Dutton said.

After the second time Chandler was shocked, officers were able to put him in handcuffs. Officers asked for a restraining device to be used while transporting Chandler to the hospital.

Eight minutes after the deputy used his Taser for the second time, Chandler became unresponsive, Dutton said.

Officers began to initiate CPR, which was continued in the ambulance ride to the hospital.

Dutton said a total of five sheriff’s deputies and two troopers responded to the incident. He declined to release the names of any of the officers involved.

As a matter of protocol when serious injury or death is a result, Dutton has called in state detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division to conduct an inquiry.

Dutton added he feels his deputies responded appropriately to the violence that was presented to them.

Chandler, who was working as a restaurant manager in Helena, had an **** with multiple felony charges out of Florida and New York. He also had an active probation violation warrant out of Florida on a charge of vehicle theft.


Butte Judge Kambich accepts bribes -trades favors for campaign help

MONTANA STANDARD:http://mtstandard.com/news/local/judge-to-plead-guilty-to-bribery/article_923a4cda-2b99-11e1-9d5d-001871e3ce6c.html. A former Butte city judge intends to plead guilty to felony bribery for taking money in exchange for dismissing traffic and other misdemeanor tickets while in office.

Steven J. Kambich admitted to accepting cash and check payments on approximately 10 occasions in exchange for dismissing tickets, according to charging documents released Tuesday in Butte federal court. He deposited the money into a personal account.

Kambich has agreed to plead guilty to the charge and faces a maximum punishment of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, according to the plea agreement.

Kambich submitted his resignation on Dec. 8 citing “personal reasons.” His resignation was effective Dec. 15 for the $66,033-per-year job he had held since 2004.

A message left on Kambich’s cell phone from The Montana Standard seeking comment Tuesday afternoon wasn’t returned.

Charging documents claim the FBI received a tip in March 2008 that Kambich was accepting bribes. The FBI started an investigation by looking into bank records and conducted several interviews. Investigators determined Kambich took at least four bribes — three in 2008 and one in 2009.

In January 2008, Kambich dismissed a ticket for no insurance, a second offense, in exchange for $250, charging documents state. He also dismissed a speeding ticket on the condition that the recipient of the ticket allow Kambich to place a campaign sign on the person’s property.

In another incident in January 2008, Kambich dismissed an insurance violation ticket in exchange for $400. The recipient of that ticket wrote the $400 check out to Butte-Silver Bow, but Kambich is accused of crossing out that information and writing his name in its place.

In July 2009, Kambich dismissed a ticket for driving with a suspended license in exchange for $300 in cash. He also faxed documentation to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get the license reinstated as part of the bribe.

Investigators also found unexplained cash deposits in Kambich’s bank accounts in 2008 in the amount of approximately $13,900. This would indicate that he accepted bribes on more than 10 occasions, according to the charging document submitted by U.S. Attorney Michael W. Cotter.

Kambich was interviewed by agents with the FBI and IRS on July 27, 2011, the court document claims.

However, when The Montana Standard contacted Kambich in November to ask him about rumors of an investigation involving him or his office, he denied there was any investigation. A Montana Standard reporter also made contact with Kambich a few days after he resigned, but he declined to comment.

Kambich initially took time off indefinitely on Dec. 1 without giving a reason. A local attorney filled in for Kambich temporarily. Most of the cases handled by the city court have been transferred to the Butte Justice Court. Commissioners expect to appoint a new city judge in early January.

Kambich, who was visited at his home by The Montana Standard last week, is not detained, according to court documents.

— Reporter John Grant Emeigh may be reached via email at [email protected]


O’Pinion: The stories listed above are examples of a system breaking apart. The government always protects itself first, by design. Only the most outrageous examples ever come to light, meaning this system is in deep trouble. The system has a plan to put self-perpetuation above honor, and cares not about its outcome.

Has the government ever provided you with a vehicle to hold them accountable in any way?

No, nor should they. That’s our job. Back to TOP


Chapter 2. The Common Law county grand jury and county court.

Would any government ever commit crimes against its own people? If so, what is the chance that the government would correct this behavior on its own? Our history shows that no government will correct itself.

Then who will? Who has that duty?

The answer by tradition is the common law county grand jury and the common law county court. This remedy has been in place for a very long time, but has been attacked by certain employees within the government itself, and others.

This grand jury MUST BE completely independent of said government, or it would be akin to asking foxes to guard the chicken coupe.

This grand jury and county court history is “well-settled”; it is the law of the land until no one can remember its name. Our ancestors were aware of it, and now so are we.


Steve McNeil came up with the idea of forming a common law grand jury for Gallatin county, Montana. Please note the small case ‘c’ on county; this separates the common law grand jury from any corporate COUNTY, STATE or NATION.

McNeil approached the Bozeman Public Library on December 8, 2013 and scheduled an assembly for January 15, 2014.

Steve formed a steering committee for the possible grand jury group and then organized a presentment for the first meeting, in the Big Room inside the Library.


Enter the ‘false flag’ grand jury. Steve got the attention of the TV station while attending a hearing for Ernie ter Telgte, outside the Bozeman justice court. Some officials must have taken notice of Steve’s appearance on TV and heard his ‘common law county grand jury’ announcement.

There must have sheer panic among these beholders, as a man from Cuba/ Florida was soon rushed to Bozeman, probably by airplane to Billings, then by car to Livingston and on to the Bozeman Public Library.

The Cuban man represents a national group promoting the organization of citizen grand juries. Wow! What a coincidence… Wasn’t Steve just talking about that very idea on TV?

The spokesman for the national group was a man named Joaquin

I spoke to Joaquin outside the Small Room in the Bozeman Public Library and asked him what brought him to Bozeman.

He replied that he had seen Ernie ter Telgte’s videos on Youtube and the video attracted him to Montana.

Someone had put several ter Telgte videos on Youtube, one being Ernie’s confrontation with a Three Forks judge concerning ‘fishing without a license’.

Glenn Beck mentioned Ernie’s video on his national radio show, as did other national news outlets. Ernie got Joaquin’s attention via Youtube, says Joaquin.

Joaquin’s National Liberty Alliance was in Bozeman to organize the Gallatin local grand jury group and put the local group under its national guidance.

The NLA was operating in early 2013 as a national grand jury group and was promoting some very questionable ideas. The group “indicted” President Obama for treason connected to his health care bill, and other political infractions that displeased the NLA.

The group attempts to issue a Writ of Mandamus to a body over which they had no jurisdiction.

They also make claims that can not be carried out, and now they want Montanans to join in.

By May of 2014, the NLA ordered its subchapters to:

From: John Darash

Date: Fri, May 9, 2014 at 9:34 PM


To: [email protected]***.com

Hi Averil


Details on our Monday night call, find out why we think we have a huge chance of winning, be there!

This is what we are looking to accomplish on June 2, 2014 in Albany.

The Federal District Court was constitutionally created by congress and is a Common Law Article III Court

The Federal District Court has a constitutional duty to guaranteed a Republican form of government in ”EVERY” state.

We are requireing enforcement through Writ of Mandamus as follows: (to be used in every state)

(1) Order the courts of the united 50 Republican States of America to provide for, receive and facilitate

for the administration of the common law jury by the people, in order for said juries to function within

the courthouse under the auspices of justice.

(2) Order the Clerks of every county and court to file prima fascia documents from the Common Law

Grand Jury without exercising tribunal powers.

(3) Order all judges to obey the Constitution, and the laws of the United States that judges in every state are bound to obey.

(4) Order the judges of every court to perform their duties as magistrates by processing and executing true bills from the Common Law Grand Juries.

(5) Order the Sheriffs to arrest any judge, clerk, officer, agent or other elected or appointed servant who refuses to comply with said orders.

(6) Order the arrest of any Sherriff by federal agents should they refuse to comply with aforesaid arrest orders.

Therefore a win in Federal Court will be a win in every state. In other words sucess on June 2 will give

us the enforcement in all 3142 counties. That means if your county has been constituted you will be impowered on June 3rd.

If you have not constituted your county yet you need to do so next week. Please lets take back America NOW! Read the papers here > http://nationallibertyalliance.org/breaking-news

Be on our Monday night call at 9PM EST > http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/mondaycall call everyone involved to get them to this Monday night call.

Jefferson said if a People expect to be ignorant and free they expect what never was and never will be.

Therefore we need to expose People and oath takers to the real law, please join our campaign to teach the people the real law by handing out Jurist Handbooks.


NOW: 65 cents each, includes postage – http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/jurist-handbook WE NEED TO GET THESE HANDBOOKS INTO THE HANDS OF ALL OATH TAKERS IN EVERY STATE AND HAND THEM OUT AT LIBERTY MEETINGS: PLEASE Support NLA give $5/mo or more -


John Darash

[email protected]

(845) 233-6560


O’Pinion: While the above email is loaded with misspellings, I believe the document was well contemplated. The contemplation was not in the field of law, as the words here show that these people do not comprehend the concept of a common-law local grand jury by any means. Maybe they don’t have history books or ancestors from New York, like I do.

My great-great-grandfather was from Cattaraugus county, New York. He became a judge in Montana in 1884. I am certain that he was aware of the local grand jury concept.

The contemplation achieved here in Darash’s email is the thought of causing people to act inappropriately, by physically arresting some federal agent or sheriff- should that sheriff resist this unfounded attack on the federal government.

If the sheriff won’t arrest “any judge, clerk, officer, agent” then Darash instructs the “federal agents” to arrest the sheriff.

Darash’s order is an attempt to muddy the waters of discontent, and then blame the real grand jury for acting inappropriately, should they ever come into existence on their own right. Darash and Joaquin want to get ahead of the local grand jury, and steer them back into port.

The NLA doesn’t like what President Obama is doing, so lets indict Obama for treason and then arrest any fed that resists the county sheriff doctrine. Arrest all of them after the court victory of “June 2, 2014”.

Does that sound sensible to you, as a reader here? I hope not.

Plus, we have a monstrous ‘coincidence’ here. The arrests suggested by Darash are EXACTLY the same actions to be suggested by William K. Wolf in Bozeman, Montana, four days later. Wolf is supposedly opposing the NLA, while exposing the same doctrine of making threats to arrest. More on Wolf later.

Lies on top of lies. The NLA is connected to a local woman named Averil Heath. Heath was virtually unknown to the ‘patriot’ community of Gallatin county in 2013, and had no background in studies of law or patriot issues in our area.

In my 20 plus years of attending political meetings of every sort, I never heard of Averil Heath.

After reading the NLA literature provided by Heath, it became very clear that Heath had no special knowledge in any related field, and is merely repeating the doctrine of the National Liberty Alliance.

But that in itself does not disqualify her to form a group or from being a patriot. My guess is that she is a patriot.

Political groups are great vehicles to locate like-minded people. There is nothing wrong with Heath’s passion for organization. Heath does not disqualify the NLA,

The NLA doctrine disqualifies itself, as seen in Darash’s email above.

The NLA is organized out of New York and Florida; and they should have nothing to do with Montana grand juries. Their literature indicates that they wish to form a corporation with administrators, trademarked names, dues and a corporation substructure beholden to their New York authority.

The NLA was demanding that its subchapters carry forth the Obama indictment, and then arrest any sheriff or agent that opposed the NLA.

That order in itself disqualifies the NLA from any legitimate remedy in a real world of tyranny. You can not oppose tyranny by adding to it.

Any serious student of history would know that the entire concept of a corporate national grand jury is the exact opposite of a true common-law county grand jury.

But most people are not serious students of anything. They know that something is wrong with a government that would shoot a woman in the face, while she held her baby in her arms.

They know there is something wrong with a system that allows a husky deputy to choke a 17-year old girl in the police station, because he lost his cool.

They know that it is wrong for the FBI to ambush a carload of people heading to a grievance meeting with an Oregon sheriff, in a public place.

Readers have read the accounts above about bad government and remember them in real time; yes the abuse by government is real in history and is also happening right now.

But the readers do not have the time to study the cause of that tyranny, or the remedy. People are ripe for a solution here, but don’t know what that solution might be, or even if there is a solution. It’s hard to even ponder all of this information.


Government propaganda machine: Joaquin; Wolf; Newspaper; and the US Marshal’s office.

The Cuban organizer was named “Joaquin”. The spelling here is from his email address, as his name is mysteriously absent from the newspaper accounts of HIS Bozeman, Montana meeting.

Instead, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle lists Heath and Julie LaDuke as organizers of the NLA.

LaDuke is from Park county, further confusing the local grand jury mission statement.

Heath introduced Joaquin at the gathering and then sat quietly at the back of the room. The heavily accented “Joaquin” was the main speaker for the entire NLA grand jury presentation.

The meeting was held at the Bozeman Public Library on January 11th, 2014.

The NLA organizer(s) secured a meeting room at the Library on December 15th; the date reserved for January 11th, 2014- told to me by Averil Heath.

This was an emergency meeting by the NLA, meant to get ahead of the Steve McNeil’s local grand jury meeting, that meeting being announced on the TV prior to December 15th. First in time, first in right, I guess. The NLA group got the jump on Steve’s group.

However, the NLA had a problem.

Steve’s group was already scheduled for their meeting in the Big Room at the Library ahead of them, so the later NLA group was forced into the Small Room.

The NLA got the jump on the date, scheduling for January 11, 2014, four days ahead of Steve’s meeting.

The move was clearly meant to steal Steve’s thunder, and his attendees. But the plot backfired, at least in part.

There were 40 attendees at Joaquin’s national grand jury meeting, me being one of 40. Most of them were from Steve’s group, and we ‘smelled a rat’ from the onset.

Joaquin would then crystallize our suspicions when he declared that he had contacted the US marshal in Billings, prior to coming to Bozeman.

I asked Joaquin if he was “proposing a federal grand jury or a local grand jury”:

Joaquin: “no sir. The only reason to co-mune-ee-cate to the marshal is because ease their duty to protect and defend all judgess, all lawyers and all official members of the judicial department.” [1.34 second pause- 19:08/1:45:00 on tape].


At that point it became very clear that Joaquin was working with the Billings US Marshal’s office and had no idea what a true grand jury even was. Back to TOP

Chapter 3. Enter “William Wolf”.

As it turns out, William Wolf was also some kind of undercover operative. His mission was to insert himself into the grand jury, any grand jury or any other group- and spoil it. He would cast doubt upon the group by joining it and then commit crimes in plain view, under the guise of being an active jury member. More on that later.

Joaquin (speaker) and Wolf (audience member) gave a theatrical performance for the January 11th, 2014 NLA grand jury meeting. The two actors pretended to argue about various points, all of which escaped my comprehension. The point seemed to be not what they were arguing about, the point was that they were arguing. Therefore, no matter which side you took, you backed a fakir.

Most of the people from Steve’s crowd were wise to Joaquin’s performance, but not all of them.

This is weird stuff for some people, mental theatrics for some political point. Hypnosis on stage; and some of the audience are in a trance and become subjects of the deception.

The way to sort out any issue is to ignore the players and examine their doctrine.

The NLA group really had no legitimate doctrine. They simply wanted the 40 people seated in the chairs to vote to form the Gallatin NLA grand jury, under the leadership and procedure of the New York based group.

These NLA guys had no idea what was happening locally, because they were not local people. There is no way they could have comprehended local law.

Joaquin showed the 40 attendees a video describing the problem of government tyranny generally; and then instructed us to join the NLA sponsored national grand jury group, by voting to join.

The NLA will guard the chicken coupe now, if you only vote for them. Sorry NLA, I ain’t buyin it. We ain’t buyin it.

People in the group sensed the deception. After 90 minutes of this theatre and spirited discussion, Joaquin demanded that this group vote to approve the NLA style citizen’s grand jury group.

A vote was taken, and the group rejected the entire premise. I voted against Joaquin’s idea.

This outcome was easily predictable. Joaquin’s presentation was weak, his language was barely readable, and he was offering to lead a group that did not yet exist, or know why they needed to exist.

This presentation would never work to start a citizen’s grand jury. But the fertile ground of a common law citizen’s grand jury had been poisoned, or so they had hoped; Joaquin collected his disapproval vote, and skee-daddled.


The Bozeman Daily Chronicle. This newspaper worships at the feet of government, no matter what political party is in power. See -“authoritarianism”.

The Chronicle is in favor of the Patriot Act in most all respects, and against the people’s right to vote on new taxation, opposing their previous Initiative.

The Chronicle favors gay marriage, opposing the Montana ‘one man, one woman’ doctrine, a doctrine that was approved by voters.

The Chronicle favors expanded government, a reduction in personal rights, and the Chronicle ridicules all dissenters.

When the Chronicle had a monopoly on news and opinion, they ruled southwest Montana. When the people of Bozeman were given a choice of news sources, the Chronicle became a dying newspaper. Without the news and opinion monopoly, their leadership slowly disappeared, along with their readers. Mom cancelled her subscription after 50 years of payments.

But they don’t care. The Chronicle is the print propaganda arm of the government, and nothing else. The words in the Chronicle point to that very sad fact, every time.

You will not find Joaquin’s name in the Chronicle. They would not dare to risk the credibility of their ‘grand jury’ story by telling their readers that a man from Cuba is trying to control the Bozeman citizen’s grand jury.

So they simply forgot to print his name. Instead, they print the names of two ‘local’ gals that sat in the back of the room, almost silently. It would be too kind to label this as merely poor journalism.

The local CBS TV station did interview Joaquin. You could not understand his words, being a man that barely speaks our language.

A man that can’t speak English well was describing a process that nobody was familiar with. The fertile ground for a citizen’s grand jury was being confused one more time, on air and through CBS TV.


Steve McNeil’s group held the real grand jury meeting four days later. And thanks to the Chronicle and the TV’s coverage of the fake grand jury group, the real group actually had more attendees, including the Chronicle, again.

The core members of Steve’s group were already seasoned veterans of the ‘patriot’ movement. We were already familiar with the concept of a grand jury and county court, and we had doubled down on our research into this ancient remedy.

And unlike Joaquin, Steve’s core group comprehended the concept entirely. Grand juries are local only, being governed by local rules. That is the tradition, that is the custom since long before statehood, even long before the formation of this nation.

Yes, the US government has a grand jury because its tradition comes from the same source as our tradition, i.e. common sense. But the US government began to overtake its grand jury from the onset, in 1789.

The government acknowledges our ancient law by writing it down; they ruined it by modifying it on paper later in time.

The true citizen’s grand jury has been the buffer between the citizens and corrupt governments since the 13th century. The grand jury was NEVER to be controlled by the government or the king; or else it would be ineffective. There is no legitimate purpose for a government controlled grand jury.

The common law grand jury procedure was completely the domain of the grand jury on the day it assembled.

The object of the grand jury is to determine if it is likely that a crime had been committed, and nothing else. A grand jury is NOT a trial jury and cannot convict or acquit anyone. A trial is the province of petit jury alone.

A grand jury has no powers to arrest anyone. Arrest is the province of the sheriff.

In days of old, especially prior to the Civil War, the grand jury ‘finding’ was made known to the sheriff and the public and then a county trial jury might try the case.

This method was used to prosecute all substantial crimes, whether the crime was a case of murder or a case of a corrupt deputy sheriff taking a bribe. This is a time-tested procedure, older than any other court in our land.

As you might imagine, criminals don’t like the grand jury; a corrupt deputy would oppose any citizen’s grand jury and call it “illegal”, especially if he is the one accused of the crime.

Criminals in government- or anywhere else for that matter- fear exposure, they fear a grand jury. ONLY CRIMINALS fear a grand jury.


I discovered that there was an attack upon our grand jury system. The apparently corrupt leaders of early America wanted to throw off the grand jury entirely; replace it with the King’s court of chancery, now known as the corporation “district court”.

But the grand jury and county court were in effect in America from 1607 to the Civil War, and beyond.

Lincoln’s henchmen had won the Civil War in 1865, and so began their complete expulsion of the county grand jury and its companion “county court”. A change in ‘who says the law’ was the true motive for the Civil War, in my Humble O’Pinion

I have read hundreds of supreme court grand jury cases, covering the time period from 1789 through 1930 or so.

The grand jury and county court were eliminated in Montana with statehood in 1889.

After statehood the Montana supreme court cases mostly say the same thing. According to the courts: the people are not qualified to criticize their own government or to correct them; the grand jury and county court are a waste of time and expense and MUST BE ELIMINATED.

The US legislature put this concept onto paper and sent it out to its conquered nation:

1879-UNITED STATES FORTY-THIRD CONGRESS. SESSION I. CHAPTER 80. [PDF page 53/1047] -- An act concerning the practice in Territorial courts, and appeals therefrom.

WHEREAS, by the organic acts establishing several of the Territories of the United States, it is provided that certain courts thereof shall have common law and chancery jurisdiction, and doubts having been entertained whether said jurisdictions must be exercised separately, or whether they may be exercised together in the same proceeding, and whether the codes and rules of practice adopted in said Territories which have authorized a mingling of said jurisdictions in the same proceeding, or a uniform course of proceeding in all cases legal and equitable, are repugnant to said organic acts respectively: therefore,

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall not be necessary in any court of the several Territories of the United States to exercise separately the common law and chancery jurisdictions vested in said courts; and that the several codes and rules of practice adopted in said Territories respectively, in so far as they authorize a mingling of said jurisdictions or a uniform course of preceding in all cases, whether legal or equitable, be confirmed; and that all proceedings heretofore had or taken in said courts in conformity with the same are hereby, validated and confirmed: Provided, That no party has been or shall be deprived of the right of trial by jury in cases cognizable at common law. [PDF 53/1047].


O’Pinion: The federal congress- with the stroke of a pen- caused the elimination of the grand jury and county court. The obedient vassals in Montana obeyed with glee:

1884 Montana constitution, Judicial Section 23. The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate in criminal cases; but a jury in civil cases in all courts, or in criminal cases not of the grade of felony, may consist of less than twelve men, as may be prescribed by law. And the Leg- islative Assembly may provide by law that, in civil cases, any number, not less than two-thirds of a jury, may find a verdict, and that such verdict, when so found, shall betaken and held to have the same force and effect as if all of such jury concurred therein. Hereafter, a grand jury shall consist of twelve men, any nine of whom, concurring, may find an indictment; Provided, The Legislative Assembly may change, regulate, or abolish the grand jury system.


O’Pinion: Grand jury “system” refers to the grand jury and its companion county court. In 1884 the legislators of the territory of Montana wrote a third constitution for a third attempt to gain statehood. The convention legislators submitted their approved petition to the feet of the federal congress, and waited for the reply.


The US congress said no. The will of the people and even the legislature was simply ignored. There are too many references to Common Law in that 1884 petition. Try again.

The War of Northern Aggression continued through a concept known as “Reconstruction”. Resubmit your petition and this time remove the grand jury and the county court.

The Montana adherents to Reconstruction followed the 1879 order as though the convention legislators were new vassals of old feudalism.

The federal congress issued public notice and the corrupt legislators of the 1884 Montana constitutional convention bowed their spineless necks in homage and fealty. Embarrassing as it might be, this is YOUR new government at work.

The 1884 constitution of Montana was rejected by the federal congress because of the mention of the grand jury and county court would be too hard to explain to the recently conquered nation. A generation later, it would be unnecessary to explain.

Even now, no published historian dares to explain why the federal congress rejected the 1884 Montana constitution.

The third attempt at a constitution was short of the federal goal of total ‘FEDERAL UNION’ language. Montanans took the time to write the 1884 constitution and print it, approve it and then have it rejected by the U.S.congress.

In “Montana, A History of Two Centuries”, on pages 194-198, author Malone, etc. attempts to explain why the U.S. congress rejected the 1884 constitution.

In 1883 the Montana Legislature called for a special election to chose delegates for a constitutional convention. Forty-one delegates were chosen “on a non-partisan basis” and assembled on January 14, 1884, according to Malone. The delegates wrote a constitution and submitted it to the Montana voters at the November general election. Voters approved the 1884 constitution by a wide margin.

Malone states “Surely, if Montana drafted a proper constitution and presented it to Congress, the lawmakers must respond favorably.”

What makes a constitution favorable?

Malone continues to reason that the constitution passed by a wide margin in Montana, showing that voters only cared about statehood, and not the constitution.

Malone does not explain what the problem was in the 1884 constitution.

The 1884 constitution was rejected by the U.S. congress in 1885. Malone believes that Congress rejected the 1884 constitution due to “political considerations”. The Democrats controlled the House and the President, and the Republicans controlled the Senate.

According to Malone “neither political party would allow a new state into the Union that had voted regularly for the opposition”. Democrats wanted Montana and New Mexico admitted, and Republicans wanted Washington and the Dakotas admitted.

~ O’Pinion: After the Vigilante Murder Spree, Montana became a Republican territory. From 1864 to 1884 Montanans “regularly” voted for Republicans. That changed in 1885.

Author Malone suggests that the writers of the 1884 constitution were “non-partisan”, and that the 1885 U.S. congress rejected the constitution to maintain a “delicately balanced competition”.

The logic employed by Malone seems to be stretching his credibility. Never has any election in Montana been “non-partisan”. Plus, if Montana was a Democratic territory in 1884, simply balance it with the admittance of the territory of Washington, a Republican state.

Or, if Montana is Republican territory, balance it with the admission of New Mexico, a Democratic territory.

We now jump forward by four years, to 1889. The Republicans swept Congress and the Presidency. Realizing that the GOP was about to “have its way”, the outgoing Democrat held House “gave up the fight” and allowed Washington, the Dakotas and Montana to enter the Union but rejected New Mexico, according to Malone.

Why would the Democrats reject New Mexico, but accept Washington and the Dakotas? And why would the incoming ‘Republican sweep’ accept Montana in 1889, when they rejected the same basic “starting point” constitution in 1885? Something is amiss here. ~

The reason why Congress rejected the 1884 Montana constitution was contained inside the document. Author Malone (Montana History of Two Centuries, page 194) hopes the 1884 constitution would be the “proper” document.

But it wasn’t proper, by Union standards. There were too many references to the common law concepts of the American People, like grand juries and county courts.

A statehood ‘constitution requirement’ (contract) is nothing more than a word or name change for the court and the governing bodies. The same concepts of 1866 are being proposed in 1884, and the same citizen body is claiming allegiance to the same form of federal government in both years. The U.S. still rules the courts through Article IV today, as they did in 1864. The problem in the judicial section of these constitutions has always been the citizen-controlled court. This citizen format is simply not acceptable to Washington.

The Montana grand jury was never used again after 1889, even though it was present in statutes. The constitutional convention of 1889 performed legislative fraud when it removed the last vestige of citizen overview.

In that convention, despots such as William Clark and others lambasted the grand jury as being too archaic. Do you remember the ‘copper king’ William Clark? Clark is the only senator ever to be rejected by the U.S. congress- for buying votes!

A corrupt individual such as Clark should be heard from often, and from his prison cell. He was the richest man in Montana by far at that time, so he feared no reprisal, except perhaps- the grand jury.


The information you have just read- and a whole lot more- was presented at Steve’s common law grand jury meeting, and similar information at every meeting thereafter.

I did at least some of the research and presented it as a part of our effort to teach our neighbors what a true grand jury is really about.

We asked nothing of our attendees, except for their opinion on what we were presenting and their direction in the rules of their assembly.

Compare our presentation with the hastily prepared NLA presentation, which offered nothing of substance except a film made by a third party, covering general topics of tyranny.

Joaquin demanded that our group approve the leadership and procedure of the National Liberty Alliance. This same NLA leadership would later call for dubious acts including threats of violence, as seen above.


Bozeman Daily Chronicle January 15, 2014.

Second group meets to discuss forming citizen grand jury

ERIN SCHATTAUER, Chronicle Staff Writer | Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 10:49 pm

About 50 people turned out Wednesday night for a meeting at the Bozeman Public Library to talk about forming a grand jury they believe would have the authority to present cases to the county sheriff.

It was the second meeting held in the past week in Bozeman by two different groups proposing to form citizen grand juries, which authorities say would run counter to Montana law.

According for information presented by Wednesday’s group, they would like to see a jury randomly chosen from people in a county. Then, that jury would decide whether a person should be charged with a crime. That information would then be presented to the county sheriff to enforce.

Those who spoke Wednesday voiced concern over what they believe is a corrupt government. Dissatisfied with how justice is being carried out, they believe they have a better way.

“We the people were supposed to be the judiciary. We gave it up. We went to sleep,” said Steve McNeil, who headed up the meeting. “What we have today is a system based on money. You are the sheep, and they’re here to shear you.”

“My nation is going down the tubes and that’s because of the Republicans and that’s because of the Democrats,” said Clint Cain of Bozeman. “There’s only one way to change it: We have to get the money out of it to start with. If that doesn’t work, we’ve got to use force.”

While most of those who spoke Wednesday night agreed with the concept, ironing out the details of how to accomplish their goal was not as easy. Some spoke of using force to regain what they said are their constitutional rights. Others proposed putting signs in yards and soliciting as many supporters as possible. A third said nothing would happen unless the citizens had a “well-armed militia” behind them.

Among those in attendance was Ernie Wayne terTelgte, the Manhattan man who gained Internet popularity last year when his courtroom outburst in which he said he had the right to forage for food because he is the “living man” went viral. TerTelgte was accused of fishing without a license.

At Wednesday’s meeting he voiced support of the formation of the grand jury.

McNeil said the purpose of Wednesday’s meeting was to get people together to discuss the issue.

“Let’s start with Gallatin County,” he said. “When you go into court, you’re considered a dead animal. That is the truth. That is exactly how it works. The judge takes over control of your trust and you’re guilty.”

Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert said in an earlier interview that he has serious doubts about the legality of the idea. In Montana, only a district judge has the right to summon or draw a grand jury, he said. He also said he could not recall the last time that happened in Montana.

Erin Schattauer can be reached at 582–2628 or [email protected] She’s on Twitter @erinschattauer.

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Chapter 4. Government Propaganda.

The January 15 assembly was Steve’s first grand jury meeting. Five members planned this meeting and facilitated it. William Wolf was NOT one of those members.

William Wolf was a man that walked in off the street, with unknown character, and attended our meetings as a member of the public. He was welcomed as such.

But Wolf’s character came into question from the beginning. In fact, the core members were becoming aware that Wolf was working against the group’s mission; that mission being to organize a working “citizen’s grand jury”.

Wolf’s ongoing threats to arrest someone, just like Darash and the NLA Writ, were highly suspicious; most members believed Wolf was aware of this suspicion.

At Steve’s January 15, 2014 meeting Wolf strapped on a headset and plugged into a laptop computer. Wolf walked to the front of the room, uninvited, and began to chair the meeting from the front northwest corner of the room. This bold move occurred at the same time that Steve and other speakers were speaking from the podium in the middle front of the room

Wolf’s mumbling into his headset interrupted Steve’s presentation. We had multiple speakers scheduled but Wolf was not one of them.

Steve convinced Wolf to return to the rear of the room, and let us continue. At the back of the room Wolf continued to interject his thoughts into our open discussion, attempting to dominate the conversation.

[Tape counter 1:39:00]- William K Wolf on grand jury: “A grand jury must be seated before an arrest can be made”.


What arrest? Whom does Wolf want to arrest? This is a grand jury group, not the sheriff or FBI office. Wolf was clearly attempting to soil our reputation by misdirecting our goal, on our very first meeting.

After this meeting the Chronicle reporter Erin Schattauer interviewed several people, including me. I was the main informational speaker, I was a researcher, and I was one of the core members putting this meeting on. You might think that the Chronicle reporter would be interested in my thoughts. And she was, or at least pretended to be.

After Erin asked her general questions of me, I informed her that Wolf did NOT speak for the group and is nothing more than a member of the general public.

I made it very clear to Erin that the grand jury has nothing to do with arresting anyone, that this is a grand jury group only, and not the FBI or the sheriff. We have no duty or will to arrest anyone.

Erin listened, took notes and batted her eyes at me. My words fell on deaf ears.

She did not print a single word I said. She did not notice my pocket recorder, but I noticed hers.

Erin Schattauer printed:

“Some spoke of using force to regain what they said are their constitutional rights.”


Erin was referring to Clint Cain and William Wolf, members of the public.

Erin walked around the room, cherry-picking comments from the crowd, and landed on the unnamed William Wolf and Jerry, and then named Cain and McNeil.


Oh! Look here Chronicle readers! Grand jury group #1 is a group that wants to organize under the New York based National Liberty Alliance. They watch films from New York. They have an administrator, and an existing structure. But we, the Chronicle don’t dare name Joaquin as their leader.

The Chronicle did not mention Mr. Wolf, either, even though Wolf and Joaquin dominated most of the NLA discussion period, in grand jury meeting #1, in the Small Room.

Grand jury group #2, (Steve McNeil’s group)- says the Chronicle- wants to be well armed and arrest people. A loud man (with a goatee and a ponytail) leads this second group from the corner of the room, and is available for some pretty inflammatory comments. We, the Chronicle, can not name the goatee man, even though we are aware of his name.

The Chronicle is must have observed that Wolf injected himself into the conversation at both grand jury meetings, making some very inflammatory comments. Yet they fail to name Wolf in the two articles about two grand jury groups. Is the Chronicle reporting the news or directing it?

The Chronicle names Wilson, Cain, McNeil, LaDuke and Averil Heath but failed to name Wolf at either meeting.

Grand jury groups #1 and #2 are so similar that they must be the same group, even though they held meetings separated by only four days- (implied) by Chronicle and Gallatin County Attorney Lambert.


Why would the Bozeman Daily Chronicle want to mingle these obviously different groups into one? Why would they want confusion in their own newspaper?

I was unsure if the grand jury concept was a remedy to government tyranny, until that very moment.

Instead of finding out what the mission of the local grand jury might be, the Chronicle shows its opposition from the beginning, by attacking the real grand jury with deceptions, and reporting someone else’s agenda in place of their true agenda. The Chronicle’s behavior begs us to investigate. That’s what grand juries do.


Bozeman Daily Chronicle Editorial: Common law grand juries extreme and ill-conceived

Posted: Monday, January 20, 2014 9:43 am

The more enlightened among us might have been tempted to chortle at recent efforts to form so-called common law grand juries in Gallatin and Park counties. But that would be a mistake. Those backing these efforts are seriously misguided and could pose a threat to our duly elected government officials.

This movement is troubling – even alarming.

The efforts are part of a national movement to create common law grand juries. According to websites associated with the movement, these juries would consist of 25 individuals elected by a handful of people who are part of the movement. The jury would supposedly be empowered to hand down indictments against individuals the jurors are unhappy with – largely elected officials. And duly elected prosecutors within the so-called “jurisdiction” of the grand juries would be required to prosecute those indicted or face indictments themselves. The movement claims to have impaneled grand juries in more than 40 counties around the country.

At a meeting organized to initiate the process of creating a common law grand jury in Gallatin County and attended by some 50 people, 15 voted in favor of forming such a jury; three voted against, and the remainder abstained demanding more information before voting on the plan. On the strength of that, organizers declared the motion passed. It’s unclear what happens next.

This whole idea is flatly illegal and unconstitutional. But that may not prevent participants in the movement from making troublesome mischief. These are people who are dissatisfied with the laws society has set and want to create an alternate reality that fits their worldview and self interests. And who knows the lengths to which they may go in such an effort?

Certainly all of us can find fault with some of the actions of our elected officials. But there are legal and constitutional ways to go about seeking change through the legitimate electoral process. The deluded individuals who are part of this movement have been unable to inflict their will because their ideas are too extreme to ever earn the support of a majority of voters.

If this movement continues locally, local law enforcement officials would be wise to keep a close eye on it and bring to justice anyone who steps outside of the legitimate rule of law.


As you can see in the above editorial, the Chronicle has but several errors in-fact.

Plus, they add inflammatory rhetoric. Gee, I wonder what their purpose for that might be?

The editor has made the judicial determination that grand juries are illegal and unconstitutional, even state and federal grand juries, I guess. If you want an opinion on constitutional or common-law questions- ask the editor of a pro-government, authoritarian newspaper.


Steve’s grand jury meetings continue. The real or fake grand jury group must have hit a nerve with someone. The Chronicle Internet page was busy with many comments. People were clearly interested, even if their interest was negative.

But not all people are against self-government. Some people were curious about this grand jury idea. Don’t we have a grand jury in Montana already? How do we find out…?

Steve secured locations for 6 more meetings:

#1 Jan 15, 2014 Bozeman Public Library assembly- 52 attendees

#2 Jan. 31, 2014 Manhattan Garden Café assembly- 24 attendees

#3 Feb. 1, 2014 Belgrade Public Library- Assembly- 20 attendees

#4 Feb. 4, 2014 Three Forks Methodist church- Assembly- 11 attendees

#5 Feb. 7, 2014 Bozeman Public Library- Assembly- 26 attendees

#6 April 4, 2014 Bozeman Public Library- Assembly- 11 attendees

  1. April 11, 2014 Corner Club near Bozeman-


Our group assembled at these locations and discussed theories and procedures. We pounded out our five mission statement documents, one line at a time. It was truly a group effort, with all attendees providing input on what our doctrine would look like. Even Wolf added to the discussion.

We built a framework to facilitate a functioning citizen’s grand jury. I volunteered to place our work in process on the Internet, via YOUTUBE and Scribed.com.

The framework documents became a template for our group, but by our own instant choice, the template was to be followed, modified or ignored.

The beauty of our group was in the ability of lawful, competent men to make decisions on the spot, agreed to by a majority. “Self-government” means SELF. Without SELF, all you have is government.

The bad guys at the Chronicle and in the government must have been in an uproar at our success. Sure, they had a couple three infiltrators in our group, Wolf being the lead dog. The core members were fully aware of this invasion, but decided that the truth stands on its own right, and can defeat all comers, and all tyrants.

Wolf continued his attack on our group, while simultaneously pretending to be a part of it. He began to make specific threats of violence against local judges, deputies and politicians. Many people in our group advised Wolf privately: “stop making these threats”. We were roundly ignored.

Instead, Wolf stepped up his threats.

Wolf’s “Militia” will arrest Judge West, Adams and Drusch. Wolf will arrest deputy Hopkin and the two deputies that escorted Ernie ter Telgte to jail. He will recall the judges from Park County; he will attack the county commission in Gallatin County.

Wolf drew the ire of the core members of the assembly, and I finally told Wolf in front of the seated group- “stop making threats in our name”

What was Wolf’s perceived injury by these public officials, the ones he assails, anyway?

There was no such injury. The injury was supposedly to Ernie, according to Wolf.

But Wolf was not even a witness to said injury or a victim. He was merely distant spectator, trying to inject himself into the controversy, a controversy that he was not a part of, whatever that controversy might be.

There was no injury to Ernie either. His entire “fishing without a license” drama was of his own creation. If Ernie truly wanted to feed his family by fishing, go to the mountains and fish and be quiet.

Ernie was trying to make a political statement with this drama, and for that I applaud him. Ernie is a patriot by my view, but I am partly disappointed with his association with William Wolf, as I am my own.

Wolf may have overpowered the trusting Ernie, perhaps connected to another meet-up group not associated with the grand jury group.

Ernie may have figured Mr. Wolf out, as did others.

But Wolf damaged Ernie’s reputation, by connecting Ernie to those arrest threats, and without Ernie’s permission. This of course, is part of Wolf’s mission to spoil any patriot or any group of patriots.

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Chapter 5. Power Struggle.

Wolf attempted to overtake Steve’s grand jury meetings at nearly every opportunity. Somehow, Wolf secured the attendance of the local TV station for our Manhattan grand jury meeting. He made no contact with the organizers, but showed up at the meeting with a news camera and lady reporter.

Steve chaired that meeting from the end of a 20-foot long table. Wolf sat at the other end, talking to the reporter, DURING THE MEETING. We finally convinced Wolf to stop talking and stop interrupting. The reporter was interested in no one other than Wolf.

Wolf pulled a similar stunt at the Belgrade library meeting. Wolf and I were sitting at the very back of the room; Steve was preparing to start the meeting from the podium.

Steve’s third meeting was held at the Belgrade Public Library on Saturday, February 1st at 1 p.m. There were 20 attendees including TV reporter Beth Saboe. Saboe interviewed Wolf before the meeting began, and that interview prevented the meeting from starting. Saboe set her TV camera and equipment up in the front of the room, placing the audience behind Wolf; Wolf is now seated in a chair in the front of the room.

Saboe did not interview Steve or anyone else except Wolf.

Saboe aimed her camera at the podium, but folded up the equipment and left the room about a third of the way into the presentation. She missed all the good stuff, but got her Wolf interview and aired it.

The interview appeared to feature “Wolf and his militia”, and it was clear there were threats being implied. Several members of the grand jury assembly saw the TV interview about Wolf, and were angered at the deception by Beth Saboe of CBS TV.

The Belgrade meeting clarified the group’s format, by approval; a format for audience participation was adopted and the group agreed to make a mission statement.

The group discussed and set a goal: to seat a certain grand jury. The group adopted the name ‘Advisory Grand Jury’, to make a distinction from any ‘statutory’ grand jury.

The group’s stated goal was threefold. 1. Examine the common law tradition of our ancestors. 2. To form an Advisory Grand Jury to sit as a fiction for the purpose of learning law and setting procedure. 3. To seat a lawful Advisory Grand Jury to hear real cases by Necessity.

Parties approach by the Advisory Grand Jury consent. The Advisory Grand Jury’s jurisdiction applies to all lawful neighbors in Gallatin county, also by their active consent.

Wolf’s suspicious behavior caused us to change our format, to silence him. He took advantage of our open format by interrupting, or following nearly everyone that spoke.

We were told that the Belgrade Fire Department had sent a man into our midst to monitor our Belgrade meeting. We welcome any such monitoring.

Wolf must have spotted this plant, and began to harass the man. The action was uncalled for, but considering Wolf’s dishonorable behavior so far, it was expected.

I shut Wolf down at the Belgrade meeting, as podium speaker. This time the group overpowered him.

We now have a new, more rigid format, and Wolf will no longer be taking over our discussion.

On April 4th, 2014 Wolf made a major blunder at the Bozeman Library meeting- (my tape log):

Informal; heavy discussion on procedure. Tape 1:06 in length. I announce that there is “a record”

12:20 Wolf: “my badge and my gun say what you will do what I say; not really my badge but my gun says you are going to do what I tell you to do.”

Whoops! Have you ever met a person that would say such a thing that was NOT an agent or policeman of some kind?

People in the room made no comment on the “my badge” statement. Wolf just exposed himself as an agent of some kind, and the disbeliveers were in shock. The bad guys scraped the barrel to find this guy; he is less than weak, he is stupid. He was shooting his mouth off, and hit his own foot!

There is an elephant sitting in the room now, and no one dares to look.

Wolf must have known that his cover was obliterated by then. So now what Mr. Wolf, will you head back to Louisiana?

Not hardly.

Wolf went into forward attack mode. Wolf somehow became qualified to speak FOR the grand jury and now FOR Ernie. Ernie was in his court battle, and the newspaper was glad to ask Wolf what the deal was about Ernie.

Wolf would volunteer info about his militia, the grand jury and Ernie ter Telgte.

Wolf called me on the telephone at that time and alerted me that he was going to speak to the Chronicle. This is now a “power struggle” between Wolf and me. We both know that I KNOW who Wolf is, and Wolf knew that our grand jury group was legitimate and lawful, and on to his deception.

A lawful federal or local agent would have no reason to continue to harass us.

I asked Wolf to mention the Advisory Grand Jury by name to the Chronicle, and indicate that we were NOT going to arrest anyone. He agreed, and then did the exact opposite.


Citizen grand jury movement concerns Gallatin County officials

By WHITNEY BERMES, Chronicle Staff Writer

Posted: Sunday, April 27, 2014 12:00 am

“I am the living man.”

The short phrase in a lengthy speech given by Ernie terTelgte….


“There’s the normal citizen that is upset with the government and they have concerns. Everyone has every right in the world to have their beliefs and their feelings,” [sheriff] Gootkin said.

But when people begin talking about bypassing the criminal justice system with citizen grand juries and arresting public officials?

“Then they are crossing a line they can’t cross,” Gootkin said.

Montana and federal law allow judges to call grand juries, groups of citizens called together to decide if there is enough evidence to bring forward a criminal charge.

William Wolf, who lives east of Bozeman, said a group he is involved with hopes to create an advisory grand jury. Wolf cites the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which says “no person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury,” as authority to create the advisory grand jury.

Wolf said people can bring complaints and evidence against a government agency or agent to the 24-person advisory grand jury, which will review the information.

Once reviewed, the advisory grand jury will present that information to the appropriate authority, whether it is the county attorney, county commission, sheriff’s office or the Montana Attorney General’s Office, Wolf said.

The advisory grand jury will also publish the information to the public, Wolf said.

“We are not vigilantes,” Wolf said. “We are here to expose criminals that we elect.… Sheriff Gootkin is afraid that a common law grand jury is going to turn into a lynch mob. We have no desire to do that.”

A second group is also proposing a common law grand jury. However, organizer Averil Heath said her group’s effort is different.

“There’s no connection,” said Heath, of Belgrade. “I didn’t even know about that group.”

Heath said the aim of her group is to establish a statewide common law grand jury. Heath also cited the Fifth Amendment, which she said gives citizens authority to create such a group.

“It’s established in the Constitution,” Heath said. “It gives power to the people.”

When a complaint is brought forth, a hired administrator would convene the grand jury, Heath said, and look into the complaint. The group would not be advisory, she said.

“Justice is not being served,” Heath said.

Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert continues to question the legality of common law grand juries.

Lambert said there is no distinction between the common law grand jury, proposed by Heath’s group, and the advisory grand jury, proposed by Wolf’s group.

“The distinction is meaningless,” Lambert said.

Montana laws govern the process for how a grand jury convenes and how it does its business. None of what these groups are proposing are in state statutes, Lambert said.

In Montana, only a district court judge can call a grand jury. The proposed citizen grand juries don’t follow that process, Lambert said.

Jim Taylor, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Montana, said that citizen grand juries are not legal.

“You can’t just make up law. Law is what it is,” Taylor said. “You can’t just say, ‘And we’re going to have a grand jury on my block.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

Gootkin and Lambert also draw comparisons between the Gallatin County groups and the Montana Freeman, an anti-government group that had an 81-day standoff with federal law enforcement outside of Jordan in 1996.

At the time, the Freemen were offering $1 million bounties for anyone — including the sheriff, the county attorney and a U.S. District Court judge — thought to be involved in the foreclosure of Ralph Clark’s property, a 940-acre farm.

Lambert said the sentiments he’s hearing and reading from the Gallatin County groups “are very consistent with the Freemen ideology.”

But both Wolf and Wilson adamantly deny that they are similar to the Freemen.

“For (Gootkin) to compare us to the Freemen is gross misinformation,” Wolf said. “I take offense to that.”

Wilson echoed those sentiments.

“He called everybody that understands those sacred documents to this country ilk,” Wilson said. “Sheriff Gootkin does not want to see (the movement) for what it is.”

Wilson said his group stresses at its meetings that members can’t be tied to or be considered Freemen. Their movement is peaceful, Wilson said.

“They are mad as heck, but they know that getting mad and using that emotion leads to bad things,” Wilson said. “We’re trying to present ourselves (as peaceful). And when people jump to conclusions and make statements that (we’re Freemen) and we’re ilk, the only way to combat that is to prove (Gootkin) wrong by not being what he says we are.”

Wolf raised eyebrows in February when he said he planned on making a citizen’s arrest of Gallatin County Justice Court Judge Rick West for what Wolf alleged to be numerous violations, a plan he said he still intends to carry out.

“This is not a threat. This is a right that every citizen has to protect themselves from abuse,” Wolf said. “They want to paint it that we’ve got bandanas and guns and we’re going to put a noose on him. No, no. We’re lawful citizens.”

Gootkin said the threat has put law enforcement on high alert.

“That obviously is a huge concern of ours,” Gootkin said. “Even when people are talking about that, that’s unacceptable.”

Gootkin confirmed that no one has yet to attempt a citizen’s arrest of West, but he said his office is still investigating the threats.

Moving forward, Gootkin said he hopes to have healthy communication with these groups.

“We want an open dialogue. We don’t want anybody getting hurt. We don’t want anyone to do anything unlawful, like kidnapping an elected official,” Gootkin said. “We’re trying to at least reach out to them before it boils over.”

Whitney Bermes can be reached at [email protected] or 582-2648. Follow her on Twitter at @wabermes.


What you have just read is a government “hit piece”. The article is riddled with lies.

Averil Heath says she never heard of the other grand jury group. That’s very strange, considering Heath and/or LaDuke was at our first meeting and was recorded commenting on audio-tape, at the real grand jury meeting.

If Heath’s comments to the Chronicle were post-dated, then say so. This April 27 article implies that Heath has never heard of Steve’s group on April 27th, yet she was on the AGJ mailing list since January 15th, 2014, by her own choice.

Heath’s NLA group was born and died on the same day (1-11-14) and was never heard of again, officially. She attended a single (Steve’s) group meeting, and no other, even though she was aware of the first 7 meetings-and was notified by email.

Now the Chronicle seeks out Averil Heath, as some kind of representative of a group she “did not know about”. Shame on the Chronicle for this deception.

Heath, Ernie and Wolf were not authorized to speak for the Advisory Grand Jury, other than Wolf’s single statement that the AGJ was not going to arrest anyone.

Gallatin County Attorney Lambert says “there is no distinction between the common law grand jury, proposed by Heath’s group, and the advisory grand jury, proposed by Wolf’s group.”

Once again- even though Lambert recognizes two groups- the fake NLA group is blended into the real grand jury group in the minds of the Chronicle writers, and now readers.

Heath’s group is run by Joaquin and is national. Wolf has no group, and Steve McNeil heads the group that doesn’t trust Wolf anymore. A good reporter would know that information.

McNeil’s name is strangely absent from the April 27 article, and we know the Chronicle has Steve’s phone number and has quoted him before, as a spokesman for his group..

Steve’s group is very different from the NLA group. The difference is in who or what controls the grand jury and its procedure. One is local; the other is not.

Lambert, Taylor and the Chronicle are propagating confusion here. Lambert knows, or should know the difference between a statutory and a common law grand jury. Lambert’s confusion is by design, to further spoil the fertile grounds of a real remedy.

“Jim Taylor, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Montana, said that citizen grand juries are not legal.”


Taylor is playing with words like any word twister worth his saltines.

Of course the common law grand jury is not legal! Legal means ‘statutory’, meaning the legislature wrote the statute rule on paper, defining its jurisdiction and procedure.

Lawful means ‘according to the common law of the land’ and the citizen grand jury is certainly lawful, and has been for many years.

Taylor does not say the citizen grand jury is “illegal”, because said jury is not forbidden by statute, nor is it authorized by statute. Common Law citizen grand juries are the province of the unwritten law.


Does the Chronicle seek out the real leaders of the Advisory Grand Jury to get their viewpoint?

Of course not. The Chronicle fears exposure, as the propaganda arm of a government that THEY must think is corrupt. Why else would they ignore the mission statement and inquiries of the citizen’s grand jury?

The real citizen’s grand jury might actually do what they say they will do- investigate crimes. Why would the Chronicle be afraid of such an inquiry?

Chronicle: “Wolf raised eyebrows in February when he said he planned on making a citizen’s arrest of Gallatin County Justice Court Judge Rick West for what Wolf alleged to be numerous violations, a plan he said he still intends to carry out.”


O’Pinion: The last paragraph is a clear threat of terrorism, and the Chronicle printed it. It is NOT attributed to the “advisory grand jury” in that paragraph; it is attributed to Wolf alone. Wolf just committed a terrorist threat in public, posing as the leader of the advisory grand jury in another paragraph. But Wolf will NEVER face charges for breaking that law. Wolf is immune from this charge for some reason.

Instead, Chronicle skim readers will believe that Wolf and “his grand jury” are going to arrest some judges, local deputies and anyone else Wolf pretends to hate.

Sheriff Gootkin is hip deep into this deception. He was invited to the grand jury meetings, but never attended. But he was happy to meet with Wolf privately, along with the FBI.

Instead of meeting the grand jury, the sheriff badmouths the group that he does not know, and then says he wants a “healthy communication” with that same group.

The sheriff has a private meeting with Wolf to determine if Wolf is breaking any laws. The FBI makes the visit a 3-way, all at the same time.

I asked Wolf to carry a pocket recorder to that odd meeting, so we could verify the words spoken. Wolf agreed, but never carried through.

Wolf bragged he had the upper hand at the 3-way meeting at the Law and Justice Center. At that meeting the sheriff re-stated his assault on the Montana Freemen of 1996, by way of the Chronicle. How is Wolf now connected to the Montana Freemen of 1996?

Does sheriff Gootkin also associate the grand jury with the Freeman, a group that is long out of the news? Is this bad theatre or something much, much worse?

And why was the FBI at the Wolf meeting? How and why are they involved? The sheriff has some splainin to do.

In a later interview, the sheriff explained that he did talk to Wolf and that Wolf just “never crossed that line” [an illegal threat to arrest]. Sheriff Gootkin will stand on his statement.


CO-OP meeting.

Wolf comments were forcing the hand of Steve’s grand jury group. I contacted six members and called for an emergency meeting. We met at the CO-OP for a counsel of necessity.

We discussed Wolf’s newspaper interview and decided to call Wolf on the phone, while we were in session at the CO-OP.

I told Wolf he had violated our agreement on the information given to the Chronicle. I gave him the option of getting a retraction within the week or face further action by us.

He agreed to seek a retraction, but confessed that it would be difficult to do. I reminded him that it was imperative.

Wolf sensed that we were done with him, and his tone was one of panic.

Wolf claimed he would request the correction by email, and forward the email to me:

Sender: K Wolf

Subject: Fwd: Interview for a story in the Chronicle

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 22:10:47 -0600

To: “Tuff**** .”

Per the request of the GCAJG member. I have forward the request for clarification.

For the record, I have never asked the Gallatin County Advisory Grand Jury for its aid as the militia. I have asked the individuals would they support a militia group and have been told they would not for the most part, though a few have. We are all militia, period. You can sit on the sidelines or you can be involved I frankly don’t care.

So as per your request I have made the request to the newspaper for a clarification. If they print it great if they don’t, frankly I don’t give a flying fuck what actions you take against me.

No reply is needed, expected or wanted.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: K Wolf

Date: Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 10:05 PM

Subject: Re: Interview for a story in the Chronicle

To: Whitney Bermes

Greetings Whitney. Two things, First thank you for forwarding that to your editor. I appreciate it.

Second. The members of the Gallatin County Advisory Grand Jury too offense to certain statements that implies they were involved with a militia or a vigilante group. Because I did not have control of the article or how it would appear and because I did not clearly state that the GCAJ is not involved with a militia or vigilante group I therefore I am asking you to print this clarification:


“The Gallatin County Advisory Grand Jury nor any of its members are affiliated with any unorganized militia unit. They do not support any unorganized militia unit nor do they support nor subscribe to any vigilante action”

Thank you for printing this clarification.

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 9:24 AM, Whitney Bermes wrote:

I will forward this along to my editor, who will decide how to run it. I have no say on what runs on our opinion page, whether it be letters or editorials. But I will get this to the right person. Thanks!

Whitney Bermes | Staff Writer

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: empowering the community

P.O. Box 1190 | Bozeman, MT 59771 | 406.582.2648



From: K Wolf

Date: Sunday, April 27, 2014 2:53 PM

To: Whitney Bermes

Subject: Re: Interview for a story in the Chronicle

Thank you for the article, I however would like this reply posted as a rebuttal or editoral. Please contact me if this is possible as I will be asking the county council to take action on this matter soon.


It appeared that Wolf was attempting to correct the article and that correction would never happen. Everyone blames some other person, no correction, case closed.

The CO-OP Counsel of Necessity enacted its plan. A grand jury meeting was previously scheduled for May 4, 2014, coming right up. The subject was ripe for a remedy. The May 4 meeting was NOTICED in the Chronicle’s ‘legal notice’ column.

I contacted everyone on the AGJ email list, and announced I was proposing a motion to expel Wolf from our midst. I also invited Wolf to defend himself, as he had been attending almost every other meeting we held.

He did not show up for this meeting, a meeting meant to expel him.

I read the above email from Wolf to me at that May 4th meeting and gained his consent by that email. After a lengthy discussion, the group voted to expel Wolf by a vote of 17 to zero. The reason for the expulsion was Wolf’s ongoing, repetitive threats to arrest someone.

Alone Wolf’s words were outside our wheelhouse; but adding our name “advisory grand jury” in the newspaper- his threats became unlawful by anybody’s standard. He should have known it was wrong.

Maybe that is why he couldn’t muster the courage to attend his expulsion hearing on May 4th, and that’s why we HAD to respond. Wolf probably wondered what other information we might expose. Criminals fear exposure, they fear a grand jury.

The May 4th assembly also authorized me to notify the public of the expulsion, by email. I sent a press release to the Chronicle and several other sources on May 5th, 2014.

The Advisory Grand Jury of Gallatin c ounty, Montana. */PRESS RELEASE

May 5, 2014

The Advisory Grand Jury of Gallatin county assembled on May 4th, 2014 at the Bozeman Public Library at 6 p.m. for regular activities.

Sean David proposed a Special Motion for the purpose of expelling William Wolf from the Assembly. The Special Motion exposed two grievances:

1. William Wolf’s ongoing and repeated threats to bring an out-of state armed militia into Gallatin county and perform extra-legal acts.

2. William Wolf’s approved article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on April 27, 2014. Said Article contained phrases detailing Wolf’s repetitive threat to arrest a certain judge; said Article contained references to “his group” [Wolf] and Wolf’s connection to the “advisory grand jury”.

Any such activity is contrary to the Goal of the Advisory Grand Jury of Gallatin county, Montana

William Wolf failed to take advantage of the opportunity to face the Action brought by Sean David, and before the Advisory Grand Jury Assembly.

The Advisory Grand Jury Assembly of Gallatin county voted unanimously to expel William Wolf forthwith, and permanently.

The Advisory Grand Jury Assembly of Gallatin c ounty- approved this PRESS RELEASE on May 4th, 2014.

Not a single news outlet responded.


On May 20, 2014 I contacted Troy Carter of the Chronicle concerning today’s front-page article. I expressed my concerns that Carter’s article was inaccurate. The issue is whether Wolf is a leader of the common law grand jury or not, and who was Wolf’s “group”?

Carter was testy with me at first, until I told him the conversation would end with his argument. He backed off and I directed him to Wolf’s Expulsion documents, the AGJ Youtube website, and the AGJ blog. I informed Carter that Wolf had been expelled from the grand jury group

I told him that, while I did not speak for the AGJ, I would assure Carter that the Jury would want a retraction. I told him that I had sent links of the expulsion to the sheriff, court and commission, plus 6 news outlets. He finally read our documents, even though he said he did not possess them. Troy Carter said he was writing an article for tomorrow’s paper- on Wolf- and the County commission meeting coming up this morn.

I talked to Troy Carter at about 3:30 p.m. on the 20th, he must have gone to print within an hour or two.

Carter did not heal the bogus Wolf article in the beginning; instead kept up the same ‘Wolf is a leader’ deception. But at the very end of the second article, Carter spills the beans: WOLF HAS BEEN EXPELLED FROM THE ADVISORY GRAND JURY.

My goodness! How could Wolf lead a group that expelled him two weeks ago? While the May 20 article continued the deception, the punch line would be exposed on May 21. The Chronicle’s entire misdirection gambit would evaporate, but you had to read the entire article, and at least two that preceded it.


Bozeman Daily Chronicle logo

Anti-government group demands independent panel

By TROY CARTER, Chronicle Staff Writer

Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 12:00 am

The Gallatin County Commission today will consider a request to investigate an alleged government conspiracy against a leader in an anti-government movement to form citizen grand juries and expose supposed corruption.

Bozeman resident William Wolf submitted the request to the County Commission in February. The 10-page document alleges that Gallatin County Justices Bryan Adams, Wanda Drusch and Rick West, along with Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin, deprived Ernie Wayne terTelgte of his freedom and financial wealth and retaliated against him by falsifying documents and giving false statements.

Wolf is a member of a group advocating the use of a citizen’s grand jury to bypass the criminal justice system. Wolf previously indicated he would make a citizen’s arrest of West.

TerTelgte was cited in November for fishing without a license and resisting arrest. TerTelgte told the court that universal law allowed him to forage for food without a license. A video recording of his court appearance on the charges has gone viral.

An obscure 1995 Montana law allows county commissions to create independent three-member panels for reviewing complaints against local government officials.

The law, MCA 2-2-144, states an independent panel can be created to investigate public officials for ethical violations such as accepting gifts from lobbyists, using government funds for electioneering or making contracts with private companies they have interests in.

The Gallatin County Commission will consider Wolf’s request at 9 a.m. today in the community room at the Gallatin County Courthouse.

“They requested that we form the three-member panel. We won’t do anything else. We’re just going to decide whether to form that panel or not,” Commissioner Joe Skinner said. “A constituent asked us to do something based on what they thought was a correct statute. We’re going to respond in a public meeting whether or not we’re going to do it.”

County Attorney Marty Lambert will provide a briefing on the request.

“I am going to talk about the substance of the complaints with the commissioners,” said Lambert. “The very first page of the request cites U.S. criminal code, which raises some issues regarding the direction of Wolf’s complaint.”

Lambert said the allegations could have been first brought to the county attorney’s office but were not.

Gootkin said the complaints are “ridiculous.”

“I’ve met with Wolf, and it is just not warranted. You open up a can of worms with this. We have gone over all of this, and he’s just not happy with the findings and he’s going to continue until he gets his way,” Gootkin said.

Dan Clark, director of the MSU local government center, has never heard of a commission forming a three-member review panel for such complaints.

“Maybe this is a good sign that they’re trying to find a useful tool like this panel rather than some other venue that hasn’t been legitimized by the people,” Clark said.

Troy Carter can be reached at 582-2630 or [email protected] He’s on Twitter at @cartertroy.


The subtitle for this article: “Anti-government group demands independent panel”.

The subtitle is complete fiction. No ‘citizen’ was at the commission meeting other than Wolf. The Chronicle and the sheriff were there, but no grand jury group, and no militia.

The subtitle should have read: “William Wolf wants independent panel”.

The idea was Wolf’s alone and no one showed up to support his nonsense. The Chronicle is manufacturing credibility for Wolf, where none exists.

Sheriff Gootkin said “I’ve met with Wolf, … and he’s just not happy with the findings and he’s going to continue until he gets his way,”.


SHERIFF GOOTKIN! Why don’t you arrest him if he is going to continue making threats against officials?

While Wolf was quite aware that the AGJ has just expelled him, and Carter was still pretending that Wolf has something to do with the only grand jury in Gallatin county.

Carter’s legal staff must have told him to remove the AGJ name, but leave in the generic “grand jury” title, to avoid lawsuit. These men are without honor.

The very next day- after my second call- Carter printed the retraction, however small.

[Hard copy 5-21-14: “Commission denies request for investigative panel”];

Subtitle: William Wolf alleges that three judges, the sheriff and county attorney conspired against a leader of an anti-government group, vows to remove corrupt officials with write-in campaign”;

[[The body of the text is identical; ‘e-copy’ version 5-20-14]]

Gallatin County Commission denies conspiracy theorists

Local man says group will remove corrupt officials in coming elections

By TROY CARTER, Chronicle Staff Writer

Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 5:40 pm

The Gallatin County Commission on Tuesday denied a request to create a three-member panel to investigate allegations that three judges, the sheriff and county attorney conspired against a leader of an anti-government movement.

But William Wolf, the man alleging a Gallatin County conspiracy against Ernie terTelgte, said his group is planning to replace local officials via “write-in” candidates in the November election.

Wolf said the write-in candidates would only reveal themselves after the June 3 primaries.

“As a write-in candidate after the primary, you’re not subject to the commission of political practices,” said Wolf. “So there are venues for the people to have their voice, and that’s what we want. That’s why they come to me. That’s why I stay up all hours of the night.”

Commissioners Joe Skinner and Steve White denied Wolf’s request to investigate Gallatin County Justices Bryan Adams, Wanda Drusch and Rick West, along with Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin and Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert. Commissioner Pierre Martineau was at an out-of-town conference.

Wolf alleged the public officials deprived terTelgte of his freedom and financial wealth and retaliated against him by falsifying documents and giving false statements.

TerTelgte was cited in November for fishing without a license and resisting arrest and was later jailed for contempt of court. TerTelgte told the court that universal law allowed him to forage for food without a license.

On Tuesday, Lambert told commissioners the panel that Wolf requested has never been created and would be legally powerless to subpoena evidence related to Wolf’s allegations. Lambert said the county attorney’s office is responsible for investigating criminal acts.

Gootkin and Skinner said if people did not like the way local government officials were operating, they should be removed at the ballot box, not investigated by a citizen committee.

“If you’re unhappy with the way I do business, un-elect me,” said Gootkin.

Wolf asked commissioners to remove Lambert from the room. “We’re not going to do that,” Skinner said.

“That’s fine,” said Wolf. “I accept that.”

Wolf then delivered a cross-examination of Lambert’s briefing in what could have been a scene in a courtroom television drama.

Wolf’s monologue began with a historical review of “Committees of Safety.” He said they were used before the U.S. Constitution was created to remove corrupt judges.

“They may not have been used recently, but it is part of American history,” said Wolf.

Wolf also tried to agree with Lambert, using the county attorney’s words against him.

“This three-man panel would have no power just like the attorney said. We would not — the panel would not be able to do anything to punish anyone. Their purpose is fact-finding,” he said. “He, however, did make an interesting statement that there would be a ‘deluge’ of complaints. Wouldn’t that concern you if the county attorney clearly stated that their would be a ‘deluge’ of complaints — that there is possibly something wrong?” said an impassioned Wolf.

Wolf said his request was a valid ethics complaint because terTelgte was jailed as part of a scheme by which county officials collect public revenue via the prisoner bed tax.

“His argument that Ernie terTelgte was found in contempt of court and put in jail for 30 days to raise revenue — no, it was exactly the opposite,” said Lambert. “That doesn’t create revenue. It detracts from the ability to raise revenue because that is a local prisoner, and so the taxpayers were paying full freight for that.”

Lambert said if the county jail’s bed tax was being used to make money, then no locals would be in jail. He said only federal or out-of-county prisoners would be jailed because those agencies are charged to house inmates here.

“It is illogical to argue,” said Lambert. “That the justice of the peace might have found Ernie terTelgte in contempt and put him in jail to raise revenue is specious.”

Earlier this month, Wolf was expelled from the citizen’s Advisory Grand Jury of Gallatin County for threatening to arrest public officials. A member of the non-governmental group said members are non-violent.

Troy Carter can be reached at 582-2630 or [email protected] He’s on Twitter at @cartertroy.


O’Pinion: Around the time Wolf was expelled from the grand jury group, he started another group to continue his mission of terror. Wolf’s handler’s must have been disappointed in his performance at that time, and so gave him an ultimatum: Find a patsy or you will be extracted as the patsy.

Wolf began to promote his “Committee of Safety” militia, as though no one even heard of the grand jury expulsion.

Wolf underestimated the Advisory Grand Jury and probably went into another panic after reading the above article by Troy Carter. The article was supposed to bolster his standing as the leader of some group.

Instead, it exposed him as a deflowered blowhard.

Discerning readers probably detected that Wolf was way more than some blowhard, that he was an enemy of all lawful men, that he was a man without lawful authority of any kind.


Grand jury continues. Meeting log. The Advisory Grand Jury continued to meet officially- every couple of months or so. Every meeting was posted in the Chronicle under ‘legal notices’. Steve volunteered to pay for every print. He also noticed the Mini- Nickel trade paper on a few occasions.

The object was to offer the community a forum of redress, whether or not anyone took advantage of the offer.

It was clear from the beginning that the general public is simply too afraid to complain about bad government. Most are sure they would be audited or investigated, so they better keep quiet.

But the forum is still available to all of them, complaint or not.

Most people are under a hypnotic spell, convinced that they should never complain, lest they feel the wrath of Government. We will break that spell and we will expose the agents of propaganda.



#8. 5-4-14 Bozeman Public Library- 20 attendees, 3 left (intoxicated spect.); 17 voting to expel detractor

#9. 6-4-14 Bozeman Public Library- 12 attendees. Doc 4, seated first c.l. grand jury “in 100 years”.

#10. 9- I missed a meeting or two in here

#11? 5-2-15 Bozeman Public Library

#12? 6-13-15 Bozeman Public Library

#13? 10-28-15 Bozeman Public Library

#14? 1-

#15? 3-9-16 Bozeman Public Library 14 attendees

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Chapter 6. Lupine Extraction.

William Wolf became more and more agitated at his own inability to locate some patsy militia member. There was no militia that Wolf was aware of and nobody seemed to pay attention to his threats anymore.

So Wolf began to turn up his threats from his internet radio show, even calling for 200 armed men to come to Montana and help Wolf form a militia and take out the police, which also numbered “two hundred”.

A real sheriff would have arrested Wolf immediately, but there was no need here, apparently. Wolf continued his threats in multiple forums, immune from prosecution.

In January of 2015 Wolf held his only Committee of Safety meeting. He notified me by email, breaking his silence since late April.

Undercover agents attended this Committee of Safety meeting west of Bozeman.

At this meeting Wolf’s “girlfriend” (or “daughter”, or “rape victim” (7-2-2010), or “anti-fluoride MSU professor”- take your pick) stated that she was in the process of getting Wolf’s property on Bozeman Hill into her name. She wore camo, a new short haircut and a sidearm.

Say what? Is Wolf going somewhere?


Right after the meeting- say witnesses- Wolf really pumped up his threats to a point where he could no longer be ignored. The government agents at that meeting took notice, but did nothing right away.

Witnesses stated that Wolf had previously threatened to use nukes on Bozeman, poison its water supply, and now he wants to “napalm” the Gallatin courthouse and shoot cops like “gophers”.

Mr. Wolf, a self-proclaimed militia leader and founder of the grand jury, founder of the Committee of Safety and leader of countless, unnamed militia units, wants a second “American Revolution”. He wants to shoot cops like “gophers”, perhaps with a machine gun-styled shotgun.

Wolf’s threats to arrest judges were of no effect; no one would bite. Plus, he was tossed out of the grand jury group as a result of his threats.

None of that worked for his goal of locating a patsy to commit some crime.

His new threats were ‘off the chart’ stupid. Wolf could no longer be ignored, and Wolf was about to change theaters.

On March 25th, 2015, exactly 19 years after the Montana Freemen arrests, Wolf was arrested in Livingston, Montana. But the charge had nothing to do with Wolf’s threats against Bozeman. NOTHING! The charge was ‘buying an illegal shotgun’, from an FBI agent.

And since the arrest and the only accusation of a crime were outside Gallatin county, the Advisory Grand Jury had no official interest. There would be no citizen oversight on this questionable arrest by the FBI. There would be no official involvement of the Gallatin sheriff at any time other than Wolf’s arrest for rape in 2010.

The gun charge was completely bogus. We are to believe that Wolf, the biggest loudmouth militiaman in Bozeman, was seeking to buy an illegal, automatic, shotgun from a man he never met before, a man from out of town, a man unknown to anyone in the area. If any of this were real, Wolf would at least suspect the salesmen were agents. But not our gun-savvy militia leader, Mr. William K. Wolf.

We are to believe that Wolf suspected nothing. He approached the agents with cash and his chrome 45, and this was not Wolf’s first meeting with the agents.

The man/men selling the shotgun provided Wolf with an Internet video of this illegal weapon, a shotgun that could fire 10 shots in 5 seconds or something crazy like that. According to the newspaper- it was not legal for Wolf to own this style gun. If any of this was true, what was Wolf thinking about?

Only an idiot wants a machine gun shotgun. Shotguns are only effective for 50 yards, and barely that. The usage of such a weapon is limited. And the government says they are illegal. Why would you want such a gun?

We are to believe that Wolf forgot the grand jury idea, forgot the militia army or the committee of safety, forgot that machine guns were illegal and said:

Give me a machine gun and I, the Lone Wolf, will fix this mess all by myself, whatever that mess might be. You folks in Bozeman won’t arrest the judges so I will napalm the courthouse. I will kill cops like gophers with my burp gun. I will poison your water supply, I will arrest Judge West.


Only the Chronicle would believe such dribble.

If Wolf was real patriot and of sound mind, would he EVER entertain such an idea?

Remember that this is a man with no militia, no grand jury and no committee of safety and has a self-proclaimed knowledge of guns. He is on his own now, wanting to start a revolution with his new big gun, a revolution of one.

The Chronicle presents this story to you because they think most of YOU ARE STUPID and will believe it.

But you are not stupid. You can see what is transpiring here, if you want to see it.

Wolf was arrested on March 25th, 2015. But he did not make it to the booking until the next day. Wolf was booked many hours later, wearing a fresh hairstyle. He was awfully handsome for his mugshot; a man just arrested by the FBI, and hauled 120 miles to Billings.

It gets worse. According to Wolf’s female friend (“Remmy” or “Yasmine” maybe), the FBI returned Wolf’s truck AND PISTOL to her, at Wolf’s large home on the Bozeman Hill.

The FBI never did ‘toss the house’- says Remmy- concerning the house where Wolf and Remmy spent their time.

Instead the government allowed everybody to continue as though no gun crime had happened, and Remmy collected Wolf’s Dodge truck and pistol back from the FBI.

Wouldn’t there be weapons of mass destruction in that house? Was Wolf’s chrome 45 ever used in a crime, like the day he bought an illegal shotgun? How did the FBI come to possess the chrome 45, anyway? Is any of this real, or is this all theatre of the mind?

Remmy posted this gun/truck information on Wolf’s email list, sent to all recipients except me. I noticed that Wolf removed my address from his open mailing list by May of 2014. But others forwarded his emails to me several times over.

Neither Wolf nor Remmy posted as ‘blind cc’ to the list of recipients; instead he/she let everyone on the list know the names of everyone else on the list.

It seemed clear that someone wanted us to know that Wolf’s girlfriend got his chrome pistol back and his truck and that the official badge-carrying FBI agents had not entered the house. Very curious…


Wolf declared he was a pauper in court and applied for public defender. He had previously expressed his great knowledge of affairs in court procedure, and professed the ‘sovereign freeman’ doctrine, and the ‘no lawyer needed’ doctrine.

Wolf was the self-proclaimed anti-government militia leader, Everybody knows that militiamen want and trust a public defender, and want and trust a federal trial; right-on, bro?

No, bro, not right-on.

Wolf declared himself broke, a pauper, even though he supposedly transferred his home to some suspicious woman two months earlier.

That woman was dressed in camouflage, at the Committee of Safety meeting; she wore a pistol on her hip, and cut her hair very short. She wanted to be noticed, apparently.This drama is like bad TV, with a plot for 6th graders.

The Wolf deception was way too easy to see. I believe the secret leaders wanted this drama to be found out, as part of their mind-control hypnosis experiment upon the patriots of Bozeman.

Wolf was convicted of the bogus gun charge, as I predicted from day one. Any honorable lawyer could have destroyed the case in a heartbeat. The FBI provided an ILLEGAL gun and Wolf purchased the gun, by direction of the FBI. This act defines entrapment, plain and simple.

Wolf’s lawyer allowed the case to exceed 6 months with no activity. The case should have been dismissed on the speedy trial doctrine.

But oh no, Wolf waived his rights from the onset. This is a patriot error times ten and even a bar lawyer should have prevented this error. Instead, the house lawyer facilitated the surrender of Wolf’s rights. Never waive your rights, silly.

This was a case to be used as a ‘message to patriots’, We will convict you patriots, no matter the charge.

In Wolf’s trial, the government used many hours of audio files to show that Wolf was making threats. But Wolf was never charged with threats. The only accusation was ‘buying illegal guns’.

Why didn’t the local authorities use these files to prosecute Wolf for making threats? Why did they give Wolf a free pass to threaten local judges?

The US was not afraid to prosecute Wolf. But Wolf never committed any crime, according to the FBI, until March 25th, 2015. Why was the FBI monitoring Wolf for “twenty-five months” (Chronicle 3-4-16 C2) prior to his arrest? If the FBI was monitoring wolf, why wasn’t the sheriff? Can the sheriff claim ‘no interest’ in this case?

Perhaps the feds and the sheriff wanted a confused FEDERAL grand jury and an even more confused FEDERAL trial jury to find Wolf guilty of some crime, any crime, even if it is a crime Wolf did not commit. To people that do not comprehend law, any charge is better than no charge. Lawful men should avoid the last sentence.

I made it known that I had these same Internet audio files and a whole lot more. My exclusive audio files would convict Wolf of terrorism against Gallatin County judges and prove him to be a badge-carrying agent. Wolf may have been on the scene of the arrest of Zachary A. Taylor, with other FBI agents. I was never contacted about my audio files by anyone, even though I contacted the sheriff, the undersheriff, the county attorney and two newspapers with my information.

Wolf was NEVER CHARGED with casting his threats of terror.

On March 3, 2016 FOX radio news national told the story of Wolf’s conviction in a Billings federal courtroom.

An anti-government activist getting a six-year prison sentence by a federal judge after a weapons charge. William Krisstopher Wolf heads to prison four months after a federal jury was convinced by prosecutors that he wanted to incite a second American Revolution by killing cops and dropping napalm. Judge Susan Waters’ says Wolf’s planned action demonstrated a shocking level of intent. Wolf bought a sawed off shotgun from an undercover FBI agent which he did not have a special permit to buy.

Prosecutors sought a 10-year sentence; that’s twice what federal guidelines call for.

Wolf’s defense argued their client should be sentenced to no more than 3 years because he had no history of violence. Wolf and his attorneys say he will appeal. [[On what grounds? More theater here]]


Wolf wanted a “second American Revolution” and wanted to shoot police, like “shooting gophers”.

Other news sources stated that Wolf made a 15-minute speech during his trial, still adhering to his American Revolution monologue.

Does that make any sense? You are charged with buying an illegal gun. For your defense, you say: ya, but I was going to kill police and start the second American Revolution.

That should solve the problem. Not only do you admit the claims against you are true when they are not, but you continue making threats that you are not charged with, in spades, in front of the jury. Not much of a chance to win that case, even if the jury was in favor of all gun ownership.

Epilogue. Our government employees are so bored with their jobs that they must manufacture an enemy out of thin air, just to keep their sacred jobs. The enemy is drawn from the good people of their own country, the same people that they swear to serve with honor.

The real terrorist here is domestic, and he is afraid of a grand jury.

He will be exposed, believe it. There is one big question mark upon his head and his very soul right now, and only HE can erase it.

Attacking lawful men and failing to prosecute lawbreakers violates the law of the universe.

Good men stand firm, and I/We do not consent to any such behavior nor to any such lack of honor.

Men without Honor are Men without Authority.



End of Report. By Humble O’Pinion. March 25th, 2016

What do you think of this report? Was the citizen grand jury lawful? Is William Wolf an agent? Did the FBI act outside its lawful purpose? Will Trump win the election?

Our opinions have equal weight, until expressed.

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Men without Honor- Men without Authority

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