Memoirs of a Suicide Rooftop (A Musical)





*For MiDori Budd, Mariel Williams, Megha Patri, GSA, and for all the families who’ve lost a loved one to suicide. * 


Quinn Handlen: A high school graduate, cynical and hard to the earth, with a hidden compassion in his heart. (19) 

Sid Parks- A loving and naive teenager, who cares too much about being the hero everyone needs. (17)  

Young Quinn- About 9  

Teenage Quinn- About 14  

Young Sid – About 9 

Tween Sid- About 12  

Mary- Sid’s past friend  

Ensemble- People in memories/etc  


Memoirs of a Suicide Rooftop 

QUINN stands on the edge of the second level of a set. It looks over a small town in Westport, Connecticut.  Looming over the edge, ready to jump. [_A clock above them ticks. _]SID enters out of a window on to the roof. [_They do not see each other at first. _] 


To the top of the rooftop 

Where I’ll take my last step 

To the top of my apartment 

I’ll take my last breath 

Highest building in Westport 

But I will not be afraid 

I will stay strong 

My choice has been made 


I have made my decision 

It’s time to die 

[*Jump from the *] 


Tallest building in Westport 


The world is a mess 

It doesn’t deserve me 

They don’t deserve me 

I don’t deserve this 


I am a failure and I need to die 

Jump from the roof and end my life 


End my life 


Screw life 


I’m worthless 

I am nothing 

I will jump 


I will jump 


[*From the highest point *] 

In all of Westport 

In all of Wesport 

From the highest point in all of Westport 

SID sees QUINN, though she is going to jump, she is compassionate and doesn’t want anyone else to die. She talks in a concerned manner. 

Sid: Are you about to jump? 

Quinn: Go away. 

Sid: Are you about to friggin’ jump, dude? 

Quinn: Go away. 

SID sneaks up behind QUINN and pulls him away from the ledge. His backpack swings off of him to the side of the platform. 

Quinn: What the hell. Get off of me, leave me alone. 

Sid: Why were you gonna jump off of my roof? 

Quinn: That’s absolutely none of your business. 

Sid: Correction. Yes it is. My roof. 

Quinn: Nobody would miss me anyway. 

Sid: You don’t have any family? Friends? Anyone? 

Quinn: My family doesn’t listen, my girlfriend doesn’t- 

Sid: You have a [_girlfriend _]and you think nobody will miss you? Dang, kid. You’ve got some serious delusions. 

Quinn: She won’t be my girlfriend much longer. 

Sid: Because you were about to throw yourself off my roof? 

Quinn: It’s not even your roof. 

Sid: I live here. 

Quinn: Yeah, so do I. The thing about apartments is lots of people live there. 

Sid: Stop avoiding my question. 

Quinn: You can’t just pull random guys off ledges and then expect them to tell you why they’re about to…uh… 

Sid: Kill themselves. 

Quinn: Yeah… 

Sid: Well, I’m assuming you think nobody cares, and nobody would listen, or understand. SO consider it your last chance. 

Quinn: You’re a stranger. 

Sid: ([_Extending her hand to QUINN) _]Hi, I’m Sid. 

Quinn: Quinn. 

Sid: Now I’m not a stranger. 

Quinn: But I don’t even know you, you’re just some random chick who’s stalling a suicide. 

Sid: Exactly. And I know you aren’t deadset on it because you haven’t tried to jump. You’ve stayed and talked for a minute. So you can be swayed. 

Quinn: I don’t know you. 

Sid: My name is Sid. I’m 17 years old, my parents hate me, so do my siblings. No friends, no boyfriend. Alone. Miserable. And I, too, have come up here to jump. And now I’m standing here with you. 

Quinn: You came up here to kill yourself? 

Sid: Indeed. But I figured I might as well save you while I’m at it. 

Quinn: Excuse me? 

Sid: Did I say something? 

Quinn: Save me? Who do you think you are? 

Sid: I don’t know. All I know is, I want to jump, and it’s my night for people to think about me, and sorry bud, but I don’t want people thinking that we were in love and in some sort of suicide pact, or we were part of a cult or something. So I don’t feel like sharing my death date with some random boy. 

Quinn: So I’m supposed to go back inside and leave you to kill yourself. 

Sid: Yep. 

Quinn: You make no sense. 

Sid: You make no sense. 

Quinn: Really? 

SID tries to push QUINN into the window she entered from, he pushes her off of him and accidentally slams the window shut. 

Sid: [_(Angrily, almost screaming) _]YOU SHUT THE WINDOW

Quinn: It was an accident! 

Sid: It locks from the inside! You just locked yourself out! 

Quinn: You mean it locked [_you _]out. 

Sid: I’m [_not _]going in. 

Quinn: Well, you’re not jumping. 

Sid: You aren’t then. 

Quinn: Welcome to suicide watch. 

Sid: Ditto. 

Quinn: Suicide Watch on a Suicide Rooftop. 

Sid: Ha. 

Blackout[*  *] 

Scene 2 

SID and QUINN are scene on the top, staring out. Below them, 2 children, TWEEN SID and MARY are scene, on a bed, talking. The clock is ticking backwards. 

Mary: I’m really sorry about your parents. 

Tween Sid: I really don’t care, honestly. 

Mary: If it helps, my parents are divorced too. It’s pretty fun. Two Christmases and all. 

Tween Sid: I don’t want two Christmases, I want two parents, together. 

MARY exits. As the scene shifts, TWEEN SID looks through her mother’s diary. SID speaks as the scene changes. 

Sid: I couldn’t believe they were getting divorced. They were so happy together, at least, that’s what everyone thought. 

Quinn: Then why did they get divorced if they were so happy? 

Sid: Well- 

Tween Sid: “November 28, 2008. John cheated on me. I saw him come home with lipstick on the corner of his mouth and I knew I hired a personal investigator. He told me that-” 

Sid: He was seeing a prostitute. Saw her 4 times in the month my mom had someone investigate. 

Quinn: Oh my god! 

Sid: Right. 

Tween Sid: (on the phone) You’re never gonna believe this my dad was cheating on my mom! 

Sid: They got divorced not long after that. I fell into a depression. Stopped talking to people, my dad was verbally abusive. I hated being with him. But I never told anyone, until now. What about you? When did you hit your point? 

Quinn: I was 15. 

Sid: Wait, how old are you? 

Quinn: 19. 

Sid: 19?! 

Quinn: Are you going to let me talk, or? 

Sid: Sorry! Go on. 

Quinn: I was 15. 

TEEN QUINN enters, along with a group of boys

Teen Quinn: I’m sorry guys, I didn’t mean to mess up! 

Quinn: I had messed up a super important game. Basketball. It was when the boys were teasing me that I realized I was- 

Boy 1:  



Boy 2: 


Sid: Don’t use that word. And I thought you had a girlfriend. 

Quinn: I was telling the story like it happened, and I do, but it’s mostly a cover up. 

Sid: You’re using a girl to prove- 

Quinn: Sid! 

Sid: Sorry. 

Teen Quinn:  

I’m not gay! I like girls. 

Boy 1:  

What about girls? Their sense of style? 

They boys laugh. 

Teen Quinn:  

[* Their- boobs *] 

SID giggles 

Teen Quinn: Hey cutie, nice tits! 



[* I thought it was the only way to seem straight.*] 

And I’ll admit, for a minute I felt great 

Then the guilt set in and I felt gross 

And the principal heard so I was toast 

But I 

I kept pretending to be straight 

And I 

Never stopped to celebrate myself 

And I 

Would’ve been fine 

Had I stopped 

Sid: Jeez, Quinn… 

BOY 1 high fives QUINN and they walk off


[* It put me in the clear, but I realized I was gay. I didn’t want to be.*] 

[* I started to cut.*] 

I started to keep my mind closed shut 

I hid in my room day after day 

And swiped the blade and felt the pain 

And I 

Never thought that that would be my life 

[*But I *] 

Never wondered, never gave it a thought 

So I’m stuck in this neverending cycle on this earth 

Feeling the pain 

Feeling the hurt 

Blade after blade 

But it never worked 

[*And I *] 

Never thought I’d end like this 

In Westport, on the top of my home 

But here I am 

And here you are 

Both alone 

And soon to be gone 

All gone 

Sid: I’m sorry, Q. 

Quinn: Q? 

Sid: It’s a nickname. Might as while be friends while I’m still alive. 

[*Blackout  *] 

Scene 3 

The clock ticks faster until SID speaks. 

They sit awkwardly 

Sid: Why now? 

Quinn: What do you mean? 

Sid: Why are you here now? Why- you know, do this now?  

Quinn: Why are you afraid to say suicide? 

Sid: Stop deflecting. Why now? 

Quinn: Why is anything now? We’re all a bunchy of little ants that do whatever they want when the circumstances of life allow them to. 

Sid: You’re still deflecting, Q. 

Quinn: My mom kicked me out. 

Sid: She what? 

Quinn: She looked through my phone and she saw me come out to a friend. She got livid and she- 

Sid: Oh Quinn. 

Quinn: Don’t. 

Sid: Don’t what? 

Quinn: Give me fake pity. 

Sid: It’s not fake- 

Quinn: Oh c’mon Sid. We both know you don’t care. You just say that to be nice, or convince yourself that you care. That you are truly a good person. But that’s BS, Sid. It really is. Nobody cares, nobody will ever care. We’re all mindless drones, dragging ourselves across the earth, pretending to be good people. But nobody is a good person, Sid. Nobody. 

Sid: That’s not true. There are great people in the world! 

Quinn: You don’t know they’re darkest secrets. What they’ve done, who they’ve been. Rapists, murderers, thieves. Nobody is pure. 

Sid: You don’t have to be a saint to be a good person. You just have to have good intentions for the world. 

Quinn: And what if I think human extinction is the best way to help the world. 

Sid: Nobody thinks that! 

Quinn: And what if I do?! 

Sid: Do you? 

Quinn: Maybe! 

SID eyes the bag QUINN has with him on the roof platform and runs to it. 

Quinn: Sid! Don’t! 

A beeping sound is heard. A large bomb is in QUINN’S backpack. 

Sid: Holy cow. 

Quinn: It’s not what it looks like. 

Sid: Really?! What else could it possibly be? 

Quinn: Electronics. 

Sid: Don’t toy with me, Quinn. What is this for? 

Quinn: I’m taking this building with me when I go. 

Sid: You were suicide bombing? 

Quinn: That’s not what suicide bombing is. That has to do with planes. I’m just bombing a building and committing suicide. 

Sid: So suicide bombing? 

Quinn: They deserve to pay, Sid. 

Sid: No they don’t! They deserve to live their own lives. You want to take them away! What kind of sick- 

Quinn: You’re here to die too, Sid. Just think about it. Think about all the people here that have hurt you, think of how they’d pay. You’d live, and they’d die. 

Sid: I [_want _]to die, Quinn. I want them to live. 

Quinn: They deserve to die. 

Sid: Quinn- 

Quinn: I’ve made up my mind, Sid. 

Sid: Quinn. 

Quinn: You die, they die. You live, I’ll think about it. 

Sid: Quinn, please. 

Quinn: If you stay here until morning, I’ll tell you how to disarm it. 

Sid: Quinn. 

Quinn: Like I said. I’ve made up my mind. 


Quinn please 

Think of all the good in the world 

Quinn please 

Think of all the people here in Westport 

Quinn please 

Look at me and tell me that you’re joking 

Please tell me you’re joking 

My mom and friends they live here in this building 


Now you’re just a liar and a fraud 

You said you didn’t have any friends 


[*Acquaintances then. *] 

Please don’t kill them ‘cause you’re angry 

Please don’t kill them ‘cause you’re hurt 

This world is not the monster you say it can be 

Listen to me 

Quinn please 


The people here, they’ve lied and hurt and cheated 

They’ve hurt me and now they’ve got to pay 

I’m lighting this town ablaze 

To show them the monster they’ve made 


You stay with me 

Unless you keep seeing what I see 

I’ll disarm in in you stay right here 

[*Instead of jumping off to disappear *] 

Stay right here 

And they live 




Blackout[*   *] 

[* *]

Scene 4 

Sid is pacing on the rooftop, panicking. Quinn sits, relaxed against the window 

Quinn: Sid, being a nervous wreck isn’t gonna solve your problems. 

Sid: And blowing up a friggin’ apartment building isn’t gonna solve yours! 

Quinn: Agree to disagree. 

Sid: No! No agree to disagree! You can’t just blow my home up! You can’t just kill everyone! 

Quinn: I see. 

Sid: Stop being so calm, you’re about to commit mass friggin’ murder! Disarm the bomb, Quinn. 

Quinn: I made you a deal, live, and I’ll disarm it. 

Sid: How do I know it won’t go off by morning? 

Quinn: Guess you’ll have to trust me. 

Sid: Trust you?! I tried to trust you, I am saving your damn life, Quinn. And you don’t already disarm the bomb. You were sweet to me and now you’re going to kill hundreds of people! 

Quinn: People are deceiving, Sid. 

Sid: Screw you and your bomb and your- 

Quinn: Woah, look, the little girl almost swore. 

Sid: You think because I’m younger than you I can’t swear? Well- 

Quinn: I wasn’t asking you to prove it. 

Sid: Well- I can. And I can convince you that-  

Quinn: Sorry, but I made up my mind. You live, they all live. You die- 

Sid: Why?! 

Quinn: I believe we just discussed this, Sid. 

Sid: Why. 

Quinn: I’m helping the world, Sid. I’m stopping all the hate, and evil people in this building. 

Sid: What about the good people, and the kids. 

Quinn: Kids who’ll grow up to be murderers and thieves. 

Sid: You don’t know that! 

Quinn: And what if I did. Would that change your mind? 

Sid: No, and you don’t know that! 

Quinn: I know that mankind is evil. 

Sid: Not all of it. Mankind can do bad things but that doesn’t make them evil. We are complicated. We are a series of people who aren’t perfect. We make mistakes. We do bad things. But we do good things too. 

QUINN is visibly upset by SIDs comment 

Sid: Please don’t bomb my home. 

Quinn: [_(Angrily) _]You’ll be dead anyway. If I choose to bomb this building, it’s on you. 

They are both uncomfortable 

Sid: I deserve to die, I’ve done wrong. 

Quinn: So do they. 

Sid: I will die to save them, Quinn. Let me take their place. 

Quinn: There you go again. 

Sid: What? 

Quinn: Trying to be a good person, thinking you’ll be everyone’s hero. You’re so selfish, Sid. All you care about is yourself. You aren’t going to die to save them. You want to die for you. 

Sid: That’s not true! 

Quinn: Then tell me why you want to die, Sid.  

Sid: I just- I feel like I’m drowning and I’m just-  

Quinn: Did you catch that? 

Sid: Catch what? 

Quinn: How [_you _]feel like you’re drowning.  

Sid: I- 

Quinn: You have to give something up to save those people. You want to die, so you have to live.  

Sid: I- 

Quinn: No exceptions.  

Lights fade into below the tower, where YOUNG SID and YOUNG QUINN stand together. Looking up at the two of them, crossing fingers and holding hands. The clock pauses. 


Scene 5 

It is morning. SID is waiting for the sun to rise for QUINN to deactivate the bomb. 

Sid: It’s morning. 

Quinn: Indeed. 

Sid: So… 

Quinn: So what? 

Sid: You said you’d deactivate the bomb. 

Quinn: I said you had to not want to die. 

Sid: No, I had to stay here, alive. 

Quinn: Are you going to kill yourself? 

Sid: Not if you deactivate the bomb. Are you? 

Quinn: This isn’t about me. 

Sid:[_ (Not wanting to fight) _]Fine, whatever. Just deactivate the friggin’ bomb. 

Quinn: I…You have to swear. 

Sid: Swear? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Quinn, just…(realizing in the moment) You don’t know how, do you? 

Quinn: I- 

The bomb begins to beep. SID stares at it. 

Sid: How could you, you promised! 

Quinn: Sid, I know how I just- 

Sid: How were you going to talk me out of suicide and then kill me? 

Quinn: I was just trying to help. I- 

Sid: You’re a monster, killing all these people. 

Quinn: Sid, they deserve to- 

The bomb beats quicker. YOUNG SID and TEEN SID enter, speaking over SID and QUINN. Repeating their lines over and over. 

Young Sid: I met a boy today. He lives in my building. We never spoke but he’s really sweet. Maybe we’ll get married someday. 

Sid: No! They don’t deserve to die! They did nothing wrong! 

Teen Sid: There’s a boy in my geometry class. He’s a senior, and I’m only a freshman. He’s cute. But there’s something going on. He’s dark and mysterious. Maybe I like him. I wonder if I’ll ever meet him. 

Quinn: Sid! Listen to me! 

SID realizes the bomb will destroy the apartment building, and grabs the bomb and leaps off of the building. Falling. 

Teen Sid and Young Sid: I met a boy today. He was- 

There is a thud. Everything is silent. The clock begins to rewind. It ticks faster and faster backwards 

Sid is in her bed, in the first floor

Sid’s Mom: SID! Wake up! It’s time to get up! 

Sid: What the hell? 


End of act I 

[+ +]

[+ +]

Act II 


SID paces her room, confused and concerned, it is the day of her suicide, but she has gone back in time. The clock passes time normally. TWEEN SID and YOUNG SID enter. They will now be addressed as T SID and Y SID. 

Sid: I don’t understand. I need to kill Quinn, I have to find the bomb. 

T Sid: Kill Quinn? You don’t need to get yourself arrested, the police wouldn’t believe your story anyway. 

SID is in complete shock in seeing her younger selves enter her room. 

Y Sid: Don’t freak out. 

T Sid: It’s just a hallucination. 

Y Sid: From last night. But don’t worry! We can explain! 

Sid: Explain what? 

T Sid: Last night you jumped off the building with Quinn Handlen’s bomb, in attempt to save your home. 

Y Sid: Which we’re so proud of by the way! 

T Sid: You were so noble, that the universe granted you, well us, the gift to go back one day to stop the bomb from being set up. It’s 24 hours now from when you jumped off the building. 

Sid: And if I stop the bomb the past is gone? 

Y Sid: It is the past! Your suicide hasn’t happened yet! 

Sid: Oh… 

T Sid: You have to convince Quinn Handlen not to set up that bomb. 

Y Sid: He goes to University of Connecticut, his first class starts at 8:10, better get a move on. 

Sid: How do you know all this? I thought you were a hallucination. 

Y Sid: The universe sent this hallucination, we know things. 

T Sid: Good luck, oh and take this. 

TWEEN SID hands SID a watch 

Y Sid: Good luck! 

TWEEN SID and YOUNG SID exit. SID exits out the other side, the scene changes, SID knocks on QUINN’s apartment door. 

Quinn: Sid? 

Sid: You remember me? From last night? 

Quinn: I remember you from Chemistry class last year, what about last night? 

Sid: Wrong person, I- um... I brought you breakfast.  

SID hands him a brown paper bag. 

Quinn: [_(Confused) _]Um, thanks? Look, I have a class to go to, what do you want? 

Sid: [_(Thinking quickly how to follow him around for the day) _] I need to write a um- a paper for class. About a college student, and the college life. Could I um write it about you?  

Quinn: Beat it. 

Sid: No. 

Quinn: Excuse me? 

Sid: I said no. I am writing this paper about you whether you want me to or not. 

Quinn: [_(A grin spreads across his face. He likes her feisty-ness) _]Ok then. One day. 

Sid: One day, that’s all I need. 

Quinn: C’mon in, kid. What’s this paper even about? 



[*This paper, is a very important paper *] 

You see this paper is about all the college lies 

Does college change a man? 

Do grades affect his psyche? 

Find out now in this paper that I’m writing 

This paper is the most important paper 

Because this paper is worth half of my grade 


What class? 


Contemporary relationships! 

This paper going to be a major paper 

Because this paper is all about you 

This paper could change college as you know it 

[*This paper could shape the entire world *] 

It’s about the average man in classes 

It’s about the average college year 

How it changes a person 

[*How it hurts a person *] 

How it fixes a person 

[*This paper, is a very important paper *] 

You see this paper is about all the college lies 

Does college change a man? 

Do grades affect his psyche? 

Find out now in this paper that I’m writing 

This paper is the most important paper. 

It’s the most important paper that I’ll ever write 

Quinn: This better be one hell of a paper. 

Sid: It will be, Q. 

Quinn: Q? 

Sid: [_(Improvising) _]If we’re going to work together I might as well be able to call you something easy. 

Quinn: They’re the same number of syllables. 

Sid: [_(Writing in notepad) _]Difficult and hard to deal with 

Quinn: I didn’t say you couldn’t call me it. (chuckles) 

Sid: Alrighty, Q. [_(Scratches off note she made) _] 


Scene 2 

SID and QUINN eat muffins, at QUINN’S kitchen table. SID is obviously very on edge, but plays it cool. 

Quinn: So what class is this for again? 

Sid: Uh- Contemporary Relationships.  

Quinn: What class is that? 

Sid: It like-uh-teaches you how to handle life and the outside world and stuff. 

Quinn: Oh? Since when does Westport High School offer that? 

Sid: It’s new. 

Quinn: Who teaches it. 

Sid: Why so many questions? 

Quinn: Because you randomly showed up at me and my Mom’s apartment? 

Sid: You live with your mom? I thought she- oh.  

Quinn: What? You thought she what? 

Sid: [_(flustered, irritated at what she said out loud) _]I was thinking of someone else, okay? 

Quinn: Okay. 

SID writes something in her notebook 

Quinn: What are you writing? 

Sid: Inquisitive. 

Quinn: Big word. 

Sid: Big vocabulary. 

Quinn: Fair point. 

QUINN grabs his backpack and heads out the door, SID scurrying behind him, following his every move, careful not to lose him. She looks at her watch. 

Sid: Okay, so what class do you have first? 

Quinn: Psych, with Femmingdale. 

Sid: Gotcha. 

SID and QUINN sit in desks, implying they are in class but a teacher and students aren’t seen. On the upper level YOUNG SID and YOUNG QUINN are speaking. 

Y Quinn: Nobody understands me, and I don’t get why. All the other kids love these girls and are so…happy. I want to be like them. There’s a boy in my class named Chris. He’s handsome, and cute and pretty and his mom said we should have a playdate. I would like to have a playdate with Chris. Maybe I could marry him one day. But mom says boys can’t marry boys. I think boys should marry whoever they want. I think boys should be able to kiss whoever they want. I would like to kiss Chris. He probably tastes like sugar. 

Y Sid: Mom and Dad are fighting again. But it’s okay, because one day, they won’t fight anymore. One day we’ll be one big happy family. Like we were. We moved to Westport last week. It’s pretty! There is a boy in my class named Alex. He tells me stories at recess about tornadoes, I like tornadoes, I think they’re cool. I think people are like tornadoes because people are cool too. People like to blow around like tornadoes, they destroy things when they blow around. That’s what my mom says about my dad. He destroys things. My dad must be like a tornado, he is cool, but he destroys things. 

SID writes down something, no one can hear her as she says her line…except the audience 

Sid: Quinn is like a tornado, he seems cool and collected but he is destroying himself. 

Blackout[*  *] 

Scene 3 

QUINN is typing on his phone, the coming out message his mom kicked him out for. SID realizes this and strikes her opportunity. 

Sid: What are you typing? 

Quinn: None of your business 

Sid: Delete it when you’re done 

Quinn: Huh? 

Sid: Uh-um if you don’t want me to see it then delete it. 

QUINN suspiciously deletes the texts off his phone. 

Quinn: You’re a strange kid, you know that? 

Sid: I try. 

They laugh 

Quinn: What do you have written so far? 

Sid: Nothing yet, I’m taking mental notes. 

Quinn: Um? Okay. 

Sid: What? 

Quinn: What? 

Sid: Why’d you say um like that? 

QUINN raises his hand to speak and his sleeve slides up, showing fresh self harm marks. SID looks at them, and shys away, the lights dim and go back to the second level, where TEEN SID is speaking. 

T Sid: I cut myself today. I needed to. I’d never done it before but I hit my limit. I started sobbing and I couldn’t control what was happening. 

T Quinn: I got a letter from my girlfriend today. I feel shattered. Josephine wrote it. She said; 


[*Words can not describe how mad at you I am right now. *] 

I am writing this because I can’t even look at you. 

I know what you did. 

[* I know you were the one who texted Anna.*] 

[* Don’t deny it.*] 

[* And if somehow it “wasn’t you” then it was you telling someone about it.*] 

In case it wasn’t implied we’re through. 

[* Because of you I lost my best friend.*] 

[* Because of you my parents are beyond mad at me*] 

[*. It was stupid of me to really think that you changed for me to actually trust you. *] 

Actually trust you 

Turns out you’re like everyone else. 

[* A JERK.*] 

A jerk 

If I am found with you I’m being pulled out of the field trip on Thursday. 

[* Don’t talk to me, don’t get near me. My life was better before you came back in.*] 

My parents told me you were an asshole 

[* but I didn’t believe them at all.*] 

[* Now thanks to you, you proved them right.*] 

Bye for good, 


I don’t understand. I never did anything. 

T Sid: My friend Josephine wrote her ex a letter today. She blamed him that we don’t hang out anymore. I don’t hang out with her because she’s mean and manipulative. She’s using him. Everyone uses him.  

[_SID remembers this memory and her head shoots up, thinking of an idea to convince QUINN not to kill himself. _] 

Sid: Everyone uses him  


Scene 4 

[_The two are back at QUINN’s apartment talking. _] 

Quinn: Y’know you were always way better than me at chemistry.  

Sid: I am fully aware of that.  

Quinn: How were you so good at it? 

Sid: I don’t know. [_(writing in her notepad) _]Bad at chemistry.  

Quinn: Very funny.  

Sid: Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Hey, do you have a bathroom? 

Quinn: Down the hall and to the left.  

[_SID exits, scene shifts to QUINN’s room. SID looks around for the materials to build a bomb. She picks up wires. She opens her backpack and stuffs them in there. _] 

Sid: [_(writing in her notepad) _]I have wires. A red one and a yellow one.  

Quinn: [_(Calling from outside) _]Sid?! You okay?! 

[_SID runs back out to the kitchen table. _] 

Sid: Yep, just had to take care of-um- lady things.  

Quinn: Didn’t need to know that.  

Sid: I figured.  

Quinn: So-  

Sid: Hey can I ask you a stupid question? 

Quinn: I mean, sure I guess?  


When you were younger 

Did you ever feel alone 

[*Like the world was collapsing *] 

And you had to build it on your own 

[*Did you feel like it would never be okay. *] 

Cause that’s how I feel today 

When you were younger 

Did you ever want to die 

Ever feel like there’s no reason why you’re alive 

[*Ever feel like you’re always being used *] 

Cause right now I feel like I lose 

And I’m afraid 

Of the world 

Of the people who will hurt me 

But I know that it’s fine 

Because all will work out 

In due time 

Because all will work out 

In due time 

When you were younger did you feel you didn’t fit in 

All the other other kids were mean and smart and thin 

And you wonder if you’ll ever be like them 

And you wonder if ever then just when 

When you were younger, did you ever fantasize 

About growing up and the waves you’d have to ride 

And then you feel like you’ve crashed upon the shore 

Cause that’s how I felt when I came to your door 

And I’m afraid 

Of the world 

Of the people who will hurt me 

But I know that it’s fine 

Because all will work out 

In due time 

Because all will work out 

In due time 

You can’t give up on the world 

You can let the people get into your head 

The world is scary but guess what? 

We are stronger than them. 

We are stronger than them. 

You take the world on your chin 

You bear it with a smile and never give in 

Cause who knows? 

[*In 20 years who knows. *] 

And I’m afraid 

Of the world 

Of the people who will hurt me 

But I know that it’s fine 

Because all will work out 

In due time 

Because all will work out 

In due time 

[_QUINN hugs SID tightly and they both cry. They stand like that for a while, rocking back and forth in each other’s arms. _] 

Quinn: I-I feel so alone.  

Sid: I know you do. I know.  

Quinn: No. You don’t understand. I’m afraid and I’m dying inside and I don’t know what to do.  

Sid: I know. Trust me, I know. They hurt you. And it’s hard. But we can’t destroy because people destroy us.  

Quinn: How did you know about- 

Sid: You wouldn’t believe me.  

Quinn: I want to die, Sid. I want to die.  

[_QUINN hangs onto her. SID makes the decision to do what she believes is right. _] 

Sid: Show me where the bomb is.  

Quinn: I- 

Sid: I want to help you, Q. Please.  

Quinn: Okay.  

[_QUINN takes a deep breath and takes SID into his room. He pulls out pieces and wires. SID discreetly takes out her phone and dials 3 numbers. 9-1-1. She doesn’t speak, she just lets the cops listen in on the conversation. Purposefully leaving key information. _] 

Sid: So you were planning to jump from the top of Westport tower, where you live, where we are right now. How did you plan to get up there from apartment 213A.  

Quinn: I was going to use the elevator, sneak in through the empty apartment and out onto the balcony from that window.  

Sid: And when were you planning to detonate the bomb that you have in your hands right now.  

Quinn: When I jumped.  

Sid: Are you still planning to jump? From the top of Westport tower apartements? 

Quinn: I don’t know.  

[_The police ram down the door and grab QUINN. SID looks down at the floor. QUINN lashes against the police, trying to get away. He screams at SID. _] 

Quinn: How could you?! How could you betray me like this?! How could you do this to me?! You lying bitch! You child- 

[_He is taken offstage. _] 

*Blackout. * 

Scene 5 

[_At the prison. SID talks to QUINN. QUINN is happy to see her. _] 

Quinn: I’m glad you came. I’ve been requesting to see you for months and I am just so excited to see you! I’m sorry for freaking out- 

Sid: Quinn. I can’t talk to you.  

Quinn: What? 

Sid: I was there the night you tried to bomb the building.  

Quinn: I never did that.  

Sid: You did. But the clock turned backwards. The universe gave me a second chance.  

Quinn: I don’t believe you.  

Sid: And you don’t have to. But you deserve an explanation. I can’t see you anymore. I can’t talk to you. All I can see in my brain whenever you call is you on the edge of Westport tower. And I still hear the beeping getting faster and faster and my head starts spinning and suddenly I’m back in the airspace between the top of Westport tower and the ground, and it’s horrifying. And [_you _]did that to me. It’s all your fault. And just because you got a second chance too, doesn’t mean that I should give you one. Even now, when I look at you, I am afraid. I am terrified of losing myself again. Of losing my home. And I can’t do that again, Quinn. I can’t.  

Quinn: Sid, please-  

Sid: Goodbye, Quinn.  

[_SID exits. QUINN breaks down in tears. He sings the last thing he can think of SID telling him. The last good thing. The only hope he has left to hold on to. _] 


And I’m afraid 

Of the world 

Of the people who will hurt me 

But I know that it’s fine 

Because all will work out 

In due time 

Because all will work out 

In due time 

[* *]

[* *]

[* *]


End of Act II 

End of show 


[_ _]

[_ _]



[* *]



[* *]



Memoirs of a Suicide Rooftop (A Musical)

When Sid Parks runs to the rooftop of an apartment building in Westport, CT she meets Quinn Handlen. They are both ready to jump when Sid realizes the Quinn is putting the entire building in danger. In effort to save her family, one heroic action turns back the fabric of time, giving her 24 hours to fix Quinn's mistake.

  • ISBN: 9781370872961
  • Author: Persephone Litchfield
  • Published: 2017-05-13 21:35:12
  • Words: 5802
Memoirs of a Suicide Rooftop (A Musical) Memoirs of a Suicide Rooftop (A Musical)