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Meaningless Words: A Collection of Short Stories




Meaningless Words: A Collection of Short Stories

By Chris Munoz


Copyright 2016 Chris Munoz

All Rights Reserved

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Meaningless Words

The Score

Knowing Too Much

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Meaningless Words

Anna stood over her kitchen sink with an empty wine glass in her hand debating whether to pour herself another serving. It had been a rough week, she lost her job, has thirty days to leave her apartment and found out her fiancée was cheating on her. It had been going on for some time and in a way she always knew it was happening. Though she hadn’t confronted him about it, but she knew he was doing it. Earlier in the week she went to see him and from the street saw him kissing the other woman in the window. It had felt like something out of a movie, but she didn’t feel sad, just hurt and betrayed. Anna slid on some blue jeans and boots before looking out the window at the cloudy night.


“Yeah, of course it’s still raining. All day and all week.”


She headed for the door grabbing her jacket on the way out. Walking down her steps from her apartment her landlord glared at her from the hallway.


“Shit, I got thirty days. Give it a rest I’ll be gone,” Anna said out of ear shot.


Bracing the wind and rain she jogged to her car splashing her boots across the grass and slippery cement. Her car was nothing great but it wasn’t terrible either. Had that ‘classic’ look to it. She turned on the car and wiped away the water from her windshield. Anna looked at her phone and saw her fiancées name still on speed dial. She sat debating whether to call him before heading over to end things. She wasn’t one to handle things over the phone.


“Nah, screw him,” she said tossing the phone on the passenger seat.


On the way there she tuned her thoughts out with the music blasting as loud as her car would comfortably allow it to. Finally there she put the car in park and pondered what to say. She could go off on him like a real housewife or try to be as mature as one can be in a situation as hers. Undecided she got out and slammed her door shut. Looking up she saw his light on. Making the walk to the building she thought back about him.


She met him in a coffee shop. She was wearing jeans and blue t-shirt and he was wearing white shorts with a dark V-neck. Anna remembered like it was yesterday. She was in line just scrolling her phone when he tapped her shoulder.

“Hey…sorry your next,” he said.

“Oh sorry,” Anna said shaking her head.

“Hey it’s no worries but if you’re interested and since were here, could I buy you a coffee or whatever you’re having? Maybe a conversation too?” He half smiled, hopeful.

“Oh. Yeah why not,” Anna said. She was a little taken back but liked his straightforwardness.

“I’m Ben.”



She was now making her way up his stairs. Ben lived on the third floor. She was on the second. She always thought they were perfect together. Reminiscing about their first kiss, their first date and of course when he asked her to marry him.


It was six months prior. They were at his apartment, which was the same one she’s heading to now. Sang her a song he had written after a dinner he had made. But what stands out and burned in her head were the words he spoke after all that.

“Anna, You have changed my life for the better. I knew from the moment I saw you in that coffee shop that we were meant to meet each other. We are each other’s halves and I love you with everything I can love you with. Will you marry me?”


Anna opened the door on the third floor.


“Well I guess I wasn’t the one to change your life. They were just words. Useless, meaningless words,” she said to herself. A lot can change in six months. The hallway was long and she took her time knowing she would never see the gray carpeting she always thought was ugly or the eggshell white walls with the typical hotel paintings on them. Anna reached his door and heard mumbles inside. A guy and a girl were inside. Just then a tear fell from her eye as she slid off her ring. Her lips started to quiver and her heart started beating faster as she raised her hand to knock.


Knock knock.


The Score

Anna’s eyes opened slowly, blurry and weary she looked around a room unfamiliar to her. Making moans she realized her mouth was gagged and her hands tied down to the metal chair. With her eyes adjusting to the dimly lit room she saw a man sit across form her, no more then four feet. He was tied down to his chair as well, but had a sack covering his head.

Anna heard boots stomping down what sounded like stairs behind her. The heavy stomps continued and grew louder and louder as they grew closer to her before stopping directly behind her.

“Ah, you’re awake. Finally,” a voice whispered behind her. The warmth of his breath felt chilling against the back of her neck. The man walked around and stood in front of her, kneeling.

“Now, I’m gonna take this gag out of your mouth and you’re not gonna scream, or make a noise. Nod if you understand this?”

Anna nodded as the man untied the gag and dropped it on the floor.


Anna nodded.

“You are probably wondering why you’re here tonight? Well your husband is not the man you think he is. In fact, he’s a very bad human being who has wronged me,” he said.

The man stood up and walked a few feet to the other person tied in the room.

“This guy isn’t talking,” he said as he pulled a knife out of his coat, “so you might as well start.”

“I..dont know anything. Thomas is a good man,” Anna said.

“Ah, you’re so naïve. It almost breaks my heart whats gonna happen to you tonight. The Orlando job, what do you know about it?”

“I don’t know anything I swear.”

He walked over to her again putting his face right against her ear.

“If you don’t start talking, he dies,” waving his knife at the masked man.

“But I don’t know what any of this is about?”

“I’ll give you to the count of three. One..”

“I don’t know..”


He walked over the other guy and pressed the knife against his neck, allowing the blade to the pierce the skin letting blood drip out.


“Three,” he said as he sliced the throat of the unknown, unmasked man, “his life is on you. He had a family too. I just want my share. Your honorable husband you love so much crossed me the wrong way. Just give me what’s mine and we can forget all about this.”

Anna, now sobbing, “I don’t know.”

“Jonny, she doesn’t know, like I said, it wasn’t me who crossed us?” an unknown man said from the shadows.

“Fine Thomas, we can let her go,” Jonny said as Thomas walked into the light.

“Happy now? Now we have to kill her. I told you I didn’t sell out and tell her?” Thomas said.

“Actually, buddy, you did,” Jonny said as he pierced the knife through Thomas’ neck.

“Confused Tommy, she’s with me.”

Jonny walked over to Anna and untied her, “Good job babe, you really sold it for him, together we can retire of this score.”


Knowing Too Much

Slowly gaining consciousness she realized she didn’t know where she was. She was sitting upright bound to a chair. She couldn’t move her arms or legs. Her mouth gagged shut and her eyes covered. By this point she was panicking, squirming in her seat

beginning to sweat and trying to make any noise possible.

She tried to remember how she got there, but couldn’t recall anything other then opening her front door. How did she get here? Where was she?

Just then she heard the sound of boots pounding on the floor echoing in the room she was in. Suddenly they stopped and the unknown person pulled her mouth gag off slowly.

“I’m sorry this is happening to you. But it does have to be done,” a man’s voice said softly.

Beginning to tear the woman said, “Who are you?”

“You already know too much. You have to be taken care of.”

“Oh god.”

“He can’t save you.”




About the Author

Chris Munoz is a graphic novel writer and short story author. His storylines tend to lean more towards the mystical and science fiction. He holds and Associates in English and is earning his BFA in Creative Writing form Full Sail University. He also plans on completing the Masters program from the Full Sail. When he isn’t creating stories of his own, he enjoys obsessively reading DC Comics and is often referred to as “The DC Guy” to his friends and family. He loves social media and is very active on his accounts.




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Meaningless Words: A Collection of Short Stories

Meaningless Words explores a relationship that is falling apart. it follows Anna as she makes the decision to end a relationship despite the memories of who they were. The Score, explores the ramifications of a robbery. When a team of criminals suspect a trader in their midst, they must come to a realization of who it is and how it affects their score. The final story in this collection, Knowing Too Much, is a short story revolving around a woman who knows far more then she should. And how the consequences of information can be severe.

  • Author: Chris Munoz
  • Published: 2016-08-28 09:35:09
  • Words: 1641
Meaningless Words: A Collection of Short Stories Meaningless Words: A Collection of Short Stories