Mazy's Mystery at MayBell's Dance School



















Mazy’s Mystery at MayBell’s Dance School


By Melody Hope


Copyright 2016 Melody Hope

Published by Melody Hope at Shakespir




























Mazy paces the floor in her small, comfortable room in MayBell’s Dance School. Why didn’t they close the school? She wonders. There’s only one week left before final performances. A lot of the dancers here in the school have worked hard to win scholarships; but keeping the school open could literally mean life or death because who ever had murdered Jessie could still be among us. How can they be sure that everything is under control? Mazy continues to ponder over this. That’s what the instructors told everyone. They’re lies. She thought. No one left the building with the detectives and a few remained behind to keep watch over the school.

Mazy turns to stare at her door. Jessie’s room was down this hall. The thought made her spine quiver. She walked slowly. One step after another toward the door until she could stretch out her arm to just reach it. She rest her fingers on the turn lock, but to her own surprise slowly turns the handle instead and opens the door to peer out. Looking both ways down the hall to see it quiet and empty with a few dim lights on the walls.

Jessie kept to her self, but was a decent girl and a beautiful ballet dancer. Everyone wanted to know her secrets. Even Mazy had gone to Jessie once to have her help her keep a better balance on her pirouette.

Mazy nearly has the door closed when she hears something that sounds a lot like scuffling. Peering out the door crack with one eye, she stares towards where the noise seemed to be coming from. Jessie’s room!? Mazy held her breath until it made her dizzy, but she couldn’t help it. Staring at Jessie’s door handle she realized it was turning.


Mazy felt the hair raise up on her neck. I have to watch, she tells her self. This could help to figure out what happened to Jessie. Mazy finds her self crouched as low to floor as she could get, but intently watching. If Jessie was murdered the killer could be anyone. That’s what was most scary. Anyone.


A thud behind Jessie closed door interrupts Mazy’s thoughts, bringing her back to reality. The door knob stops turning, and the door opens with out a noise. Mazy could see the persons black shoes slowly walking out with a yellow bucket of…. cleaning supplies. CLEANING SUPPLIES?! Mazy gasps. The janitor?

What was the janitor doing in Jessie’s room? It was made clear from the authorities that Jessie’s room was to be off limits until further notice. What would the janitor have against Jessie anyway? What was he cleaning?

Mazy watches the janitor walk away quietly disappearing around the next hall before completely closing her door and turning the lock. Mazy finally could breathe! She let out a breath she had been holding in and took long, noisy, breaths in.

Jumping into bed she tossed the covers over her head. Going through every detail that just happened she felt she had to figure this out. One step closer to finding out what happened to Jessie. It would be a risk that she may not make it to the top charts because of it, but she hoped she would receive a good scholarship ether way. Her dance teacher Ms.Charlotte told her she had the ‘gift.’ Gift or no gift Mazy felt she had to do this. For Jessie.


The next morning Mazy slides off her bed landing right onto the floor exhausted. Her brain hadn’t shut off that night. “Ehh. Wake up Mazy, wake up.” She talks her self through getting ready and dresses for rehearsal.


Mazy securely pins her waist length strawberry blond hair into a bun on top of her head. Mama told her to never cut it. It was made uniquely for her. (Along with her green eyes and button nose.) That beautiful things like that happen to the ones who have a good heart. Never to be ashamed of looking different. Mazy often wondered if what her Mama always told her was true.


“Hey Doug…” Mazy whispers over to her best friend as they were stretching. “What’s up?” He asks casually. “Shh!” Mazy looks around the class but no one seemed to notice. “Doug, I need to talk to you later about something.” Doug stares at her a moment trying to figure her out.



Ms. Charlotte paces the floor while keeping strict eye on her students. Doing what she needed to keep her dancers movements in line but nothing more. Mazy liked to analyze her expressionless expressions. Wondering why she was so distant. Wondering if what was under was really so bad. She was a good teacher and taught Mazy many things.


Mazy knew warming up was over as Ms. Charlotte looks at her watch then gracefully with her graying ballerina bun held high walks over to the radio. Mazy knew she was going to have the class practice their routine now. (This was the routine they would all dance in front of the judges at the end of final performances.)


Mazy has seen the same routine every day that she’s been there. Finally Ms. Charlotte opens her desk drawer and takes her daily blood pressure pills. With a swallow of water she gets back to her class. “Places!” Ms.Charlotte voice echoes through the room. The class jumps up nearly simultaneously to find their positions.

Mazy looks at her point ballet shoes thinking about how sad it is that Jessie will never get this chance. Mazy forces the thought away so she could focus and goes into position.

A piece from Beethoven begins to play, and the grace of movement fills the room. Mazy had memorized each step so well she could barely remember exactly what it was she we doing until she ran into Doug’s arms and was lifted effortlessly above his head.

Her mind wouldn’t stop wondering. She was having to continually tell her self to stay focused a little bit longer until the music piece came to a stop.

“Nice job Mazy, but I think you missed a step.” Trisha sneered.


Trisha wasn’t too fond of Mazy when she got knocked off the board placement because of her. (Mazy was now in the lead only because of what happened to Jessie.) Trisha had to be first in everything. Even bored placement. Which really didn’t mean anything important besides how well you do that week in rehearsal.

Mazy just stares at Trisha’s ‘I dare you to challenge me’ look change into a pout once she realized she wouldn’t have the satisfaction of reaction from Mazy. Trisha and her blond curly hair bounce away frustrated.



“Hey Doug, over here!” Mazy calls him out into the schools own garden.


“What’s been on your mind Maze?” He asks as he comes running over.



Mazy begins to the walk the garden path beside Doug. “I saw something last night. Someone was in Jessie’s room.” Doug stops in his tracks and turns grabbing Mazy’s shoulders. “You saw who was in her room?” Doug whispers. Mazy nods. “It was the janitor.” Doug thought that over a moment. “You sure?” He asks. “I saw him Doug.”

They walk again. Doug kept close. “The detectives have their eyes on a few people.” He whispers close to her ear. “How do you know?” Mazy asks surprised. “Ive been keeping my eyes out too. They’re watching us.”


Mazy stares at him. “Should we say something about what I saw?” Doug looks down thinking. “Not yet.”

They walked around the whole garden until they where back where they had started.


“Stay safe Maze. Don’t get your self into too much trouble, I’ll see you later.” Doug lays his hand on her shoulder before heading back inside.

Mazy walks the school halls making her way swiftly through the crowds. Everyone looks at each other. Since a week ago things got more quiet and everyone is suspicious.

Stay safe and don’t get your self into too much trouble.” Doug’s words replayed in her mind. She would be wise to listen to them, but something else was telling her to find out more. It was about lunch time so the halls were clearing out. Mazy decides last minute to turn the corner to her hall and walks up to Jessie’s door.

There was caution tape, but she could crawl under it if the door was unlocked. Mazy turns the handle and it opens. She makes her way under the tape, closing the door when she makes to the other side.

She had to be quick, she thought. Who knows how often they checked the halls. The school was old, they had no cameras. Then Mazy stopped in her tracks. The school may not have cameras, but could the detectives have brought there own? Oh no! Mazy thinks. She may have just walked her self into this mess. “Nice going Mazy.” She whispers irritated at her self.

Already being in Jessie’s room she begins looking around anyway despite the disturbing thought. The floors were clean. I guess it wasn’t quite clear how and where she was murdered, Mazy figures. [
Mazy runs to Jessie’s desk that was covered with papers. She flips through them. There were letters from home, journaling, reminder notes… Mazy wasn’t sure what she was looking for in the first place, but thought she just found it. She raises the paper just enough to read.

‘Stay out of my way sweet Jess. Daddy can have you transferred or I can do things my own way. Your choice.’ Trisha.

“Trisha!” Mazy eyes narrows. Now Mazy thinks of it, Trisha would always threaten Jessie.


“Hi sweet Jess.” Trisha smirks. Jessie was undoing her ballet shoes and said nothing. “Oh come on Jess. Aren’t we friends?” She smiles her big fake smile.


“Leave her alone Trisha Jones!” Mazy snaps.

Jessie stands up touching Mazy’s arm. “Don’t. She’s not worth it.”


Trisha shorts. “Oh, I’m worth it! So stay out of my board placement.”


Jessie and Mazy stare at each other a moment then back at Trisha.


“You heard me, stay out of my way or I will make your life miserable.”


Mazy snaps a picture of the note from Trisha with her phone then sets the paper back down on the desk. Would Trisha be so desperate to actually hurt Jessie? [
Mazy made her way out. Crawling under the tape and closing the door the same way she came in. She was making her way back down the hall to head to the lunch room when a she felt a tight grip on her arm.


Mazy spun around to see the janitor. Frightened she was about to scream, but before anything could come out the janitor put his hand over her mouth. Pushing her into the next hallway Mazy squirmed in his grasp, but she was no match against someone much taller and stronger. She knew she was in trouble and she didn’t know what she could do.


“Hold still! I’m not going to hurt you.” The janitor says leaning her up against the wall. Mazy calms her self down enough hear what he was going to say while the adrenalin was still running through her veins.

Mazy stares at him. What does he want then? Was he the one who killed Jessie? The janitor loosens his grip and pulls something out of his pocket. “I’m under cover.” The janitor whispers softly as he hands the badge to Mazy. As Mazy sees this she gives a sigh of relief. “Your a detective!”

“Agent Reed. Why were you in Jessie’s room?” He demands.


Trying to push aside the fact she was so scared a moment ago that she could have fainted Mazy tries to think. “The other night I saw someone go into her room. I thought it was the person who might have – “ Mazy tails off not sure how to word it. “It was just you.”


The detective considers that a moment. “Alright. I believe you, but you know how this could look right?” Mazy nods. “Talk of this to no one. If you do see something out of place, you know where I am.”


Mazy acknowledges that and slips around the corner shaken. So it wasn’t the janitor! She finally realizes. The janitor is the detective.

Coming into the lunch room she scans the room until she spots Doug. Making her way over she hopes no one knew what she was thinking. It felt as if it was written all over her.

“Hey.” Mazy whispers as she takes the seat next to him. “Where were you?” Doug asks. “Getting my self into trouble.” She admits under her breath.

The lunch room was too quiet to talk so Doug stood up and lead Mazy out into the hall. “What happened?” He asks.


“I ran into a detective…” Mazy says trying not to make eye contact. “Because I went into Jessie’s room.” On hearing that Doug looks around the halls making sure no one was around to hear this.


“He keeps watch on Jessie’s room. Thats how he knew I was in there. Doug it wasn’t the janitor. Trust me on that.” Doug stares at her. “Are you sure?” He asks seriously. “Yes. The Janitor was the detective.” Doug steps closer being very aware of their surroundings. “Okay.”

A few kids come walking by. Mazy and Doug act casual but keep quiet. Watching them until they turned the next corner.


“Doug, I found something in Jessie’s room.” Doug watches Mazy as she pulls out her phone to have him look at the picture she had taken. Doug takes the phone an reads it quickly. “You think it was Trisha?” He inquires.


“Would she be desperate enough to do that?” Mazy asks. Doug shrugs. “I don’t know. What are you suggesting to do?” On hearing that Mazy sighs. “I’ll figure her out. Have you seen anything odd?” Doug shakes his head. “Only that everyone is being odd.”



“One! Two! Three! Four! Five!” Ms.Charlotte guides the class into positions. Today was just review but Ms.Charlotte always told the class you can never practice something too much.

“Trisha.” Mazy whispers in between positions.


“Mazy.” Trisha responds with out looking.


“I’m giving you board placement.”


Trisha drops out of her position to look back at Mazy.


“I was thinking and you’re right. You deserve it.” Mazy tries to make her self sound as convincing as possible. Trisha’s expression from shock turned soft. “That is so sweet of you Mazy! I do deserve it.”

“Trisha! Back into position. You’re never going win talking to your friends.” Ms. Charlotte speaks loud enough for the whole class to hear.

“Oh that’s right!” Trisha looks over her shoulder. “You’re my friend. You can sit by me at lunch.”


It was taking Mazy all the concentration she had left to not let out her groan of disgust. She didn’t want to sit with her, but that’s exactly what she needed to do.

“What on earth are you doing Mazy?” Doug’s voice comes from behind her. “Trust me.” She lips back to him. “Yea.” He sighs. “That’s the problem.”

“Alright class, very good. You may go.” Ms. Charlotte tells them. “Enjoy your


Mazy gathers her things. Putting her bag strap over her head as she watchs Trisha do the same. Now that she was considered Trisha’s ‘friend’ she wasn’t letting her out of sight.


“Trisha?” Mazy couldn’t contain her self any longer. “Hmm…?” Trisha stuffs her mouth with a spoonful of apple sauce. “How well did you know Jessie?”


Trisha straightens up. “We used to be best friends actually. When we first started dancing. That’s how we met. Then when my parents divorced I was tossed around like a hackie sack. I took everything out on her and she couldn’t handle it.”


Mazy thought that over. “She never talked to you again?” Trisha was silent a moment. “We did. Then I got into some trouble with some other girls and she wanted nothing to do with me.”


Smart girl. Mazy thought. “Then why were you so mean to her?” The question accidentally slipped past her lips. Trisha stops in mid bite. “Jessie was competition! Just like rest of you. I need a new start on my life and this is how I’m going to do it.”

Mazy takes a bite of her sandwich thinking about what she was about to ask next was even more risky, but she couldn‘t help her self… “You felt the need to send her threating notes?”


Trisha shoots her the death glare. “That’s none of your business! And…. wait. Are you accusing me of something here?! I DID NOT kill Jessie if that’s what you’re getting at.”


Mazy stays calm as the cafeteria quiets immediately. “No! Of course not.”


Mazy and Doug discuss all that had happened with Trisha at the edge of the hall by the teachers conference room that was in session. “Do you think Trisha could do such a thing that could actually destroy her dance career?” Mazy asks. Doug thinks carefully before shrugging. “They keep files on us right? Would that be in there?” He pointed at the conference door.

“What’s the progress on finding out what happened to Jessie? Was she murdered?”


Mazy and Doug hear before the could discuss the files further. They lean in close to the wall sitting side by side.


“They’re not quite sure. They’ve been talking to all the teachers, but no one is completely ruled out. We’ve all have had bumpy roads before coming here. Not all of us are going to look pretty to them.” The words behind the door continue. “Other then that no progress. The detectives will soon be questioning the dancers who knew Jessie the best. It’s possible one of them had witnessed something. Anyone have anything to add?” The teachers kept silent. “Then we can dismiss.”

Doug turns towed Mazy. “Go, go!”





“This way!” Mazy whispers leading Doug briskly down the hall to the janitor’s room. They stop just few feet from the door and lean up against the wall. “There has to be more than cleaning supplies if detective Reed likes to hang around here.” Mazy mentions.

Mazy creeps up to glass window and looks in. Hoping that if the detective was in there now he wouldn’t notice her. Sitting on the desk was a lamp left on and underneath a messy pile of papers, but the detective wasn’t there.


“We’re good.” Mazy nods. She grasped the handle, but it didn’t budge. “It’s locked.”

Doug puts his hand in his pockets and takes out some paper clips and gum wrappers. Giving the wrappers to Mazy he bends and shapes a paper the clips then wiggles them into lock.


“Wait.” Mazy watches. “Where did you learn to do that?” Doug smiles proudly. “I’m just good like that.” Mazy squints her eyes at him. “You found that off the internet you cheater!” Doug says nothing, but continues trying to pick the lock.


Doug opens the door and bows before Mazy. “Your royal highness.” Mazy walks in rolling her eyes. “Doug, stop. Why do you pick on me so?” Doug closes the door behind them. “Yes highness.”

Mazy looks over at the Janitor’s desk. The lamp was over a file. Turning the file to read the name she gasps. “What is it?” Doug comes over. Mazy turns the file around for Doug to see. Charlotte Hanson.

“Ms.Charlotte?” Doug asks surprised. “They have to check everybody. They probably already went through us too. I’m sure it’s nothing.” Doug tries to convince himself.

Putting the file back the way they found it they look through the closet doors. Mazy opens one on her side and to her surprise hangs extra janitor clothes. “Doug there clothes.” Doug opens the door on his side of the room to see shelves of old dance books.

“Then…. where did that file on Ms.Charlotte come from?” Mazy asks. They think a moment. Doug hits his forehead. “Mazy, the desk!” Mazy groans. “Aren’t we just the brightest.“Going over to they desk again they find the file had been left out and the bottom desk drawer was open a crack. Mazy open the drawer and flips through the files.

“Okay, find Trisha’s file fast and let’s get out of here. I don’t have a good feeling about this being already open.” Doug says.


Mazy fingers through the files. “Trisha’s file isn’t here. I‘m taking Ms. Charlotte’s. Mazy hands Doug the file as she puts the drawer back in place. “Let’s go.”

They headed for the door. Mazy was about to reach for light switch when Doug stops her. Pushing Mazy down to the floor he blocks her view from the opened door.

DOUGLAS! What are you doing in there?” A voice calls out. Mazy backs closer to the wall. That voice was Ms. Charlotte’s! Mazy realized.

"I- um..." Doug starts. "Douglas Mason. What do you have?" Ms.C harlotte demands. Doug knew she had already seen the file in his hands. There was nothing he could do to hide it. He held the file out and Ms. Charlotte takes it with out even looking at it.

Mazy put her head in her arms. No! She thought. No, no, no! Before Mazy knew it Ms. Charlotte was leading Doug out by the arm. Mazy blamed her self for Doug being caught. She dragged him into this mess in the first place.


Mazy decided to wait a moment before heading out. Last thing they needed was for Ms. Charlotte to turn around to catch her too.

She put her head back into her arms as the closed door swings open making Mazy jump in terror. She was afraid to look. Oh no, oh no, oh no! She slowly lifts her head to see the detective Reed staring right at her.

Mazy stands up. “I’m sorry I’m in here. I know I shouldn't be. I was- waiting for you." Mazy words coming out of her mouth all at once. The detective raises his brows. "Fair enough." He walks around the desk tak ing a seat. “What can I do for you?”

Mazy slow steps foreword. “All respect of course, but for fun lets say there was a really big mess and someone needed you. They may come in here looking for you to clean up that mess. Since you are the janitor.” She explained.

Mazy studies the detective’s face hoping what she had just said wasn’t too bad of her to say. His face hard as rock stares at her making Mazy think that this wasn’t the best way to go, but then the detective gave way to a small smile. “Young lady, you may be right.” He says.




“So what happened?” Mazy asks.


Taking a seat nearest to her bed Doug begins to explain what happened after Ms. Charlotte pulled him away. “She asked what I was doing with her file. I told her I found it on the janitors desk and wasn’t sure why the janitor would have it. She said not to worry myself and that next time leave things the way I find them, as she put the file in her desk.”


“After you left the detective walked in on me. I said I was waiting for him because I remembered something that might help.”


“What did you tell him?” Doug asks.


“I might have said something about Trisha.” Mazy admits shyly.




“Good luck!” Mazy tells Jessie.


“Break a leg!” Trisha shouts from behind.


Jessie was the last one to perform that night. She waited behind the red curtains until they would call her name.


“Thank you Mazy.” Jessie smiles.


“Jessie!” Ms. Charlotte makes her way over handing Jessie a pair of purple ballet shoes. “I found these. It will match you outfit better then your pale pink ones.” Jessie takes a seat allowing Ms. Charlotte to lace up the purple point shoes on her feet. “There! Jessie, you look like a princesses.”


“Why do I feel so nervous?” Jessie half laughs.


“Do you want some of my orange oil?” Mazy asks.


“I got it Mazy, thank you.” Ms. Charlotte gets up quickly to get her some.


“Do the natural calming oils and pills really help you?” Jessie inquires. Mazy shrugged. “Doesn’t hurt.”


“Jessie, your up!” An attendant calls threw the curtains.


Jessie walks out into the middle of the stage, seeing the judges eyes all on her. She may have done this many times before, but she could still feel those butterflies deep in her stomach. Her heart beating hard in her chest, she could hear it. When the music begins she can feel the energy run through her.


Coming in with a perfect fall turns into a dramatic jump back up. As the music speeds up so does Jessie. Jumping and landing so softly.


Mazy watches Jessie’s performance from the side. She had never seen anyone with such passion and determination. You could clearly see it in Jessie face. The expressions changing as quickly as her moves.

The dance was nearly over when Jessie went into her next spin, but struggled to keep her balance. She worked something in to make it look as if it was part of the routine.


Macy caught the mistake and knew something was wrong. Jessie was perfect on her spins. What had happened? Looking over at the judges it was hard to read their faces. Did they notice? [


“Doug, I want to take a peek into Ms. Charlotte’s file. We can’t rule anything out.” Doug agrees. “Okay, be at the dance room early tomorrow for practice, and we can take a look at it.”


Early the next morning Mazy sneaks out and makes her way to their studio.


Opening the door she looks around. Where is Doug? She wonders. Not wanting to wait she goes straight to Ms. Charlotte’s desk. Pulling the first drawer open. There it was! Pushing aside Ms. Charlotte’s blood pressure pills and Orange pills off the file, she takes it out carefully. Flipping through the papers she finds the basic health, but where was everything else?


“Mazy!” Doug calls in quietly.


“Where were you!?” Mazy tries to keep her cool.


“Sorry” Doug apologizes. “Did you know they have some night guard walking around now too?”


“They’re only healthy papers, where are the rest?” Mazy asks. Doug thinks.


“What if they were laying on the desk back at the janitors place?” Mazy stomps her foot.


“Crap! What if they were?”


“Come on!” Doug waves mazy. They run out, heading back to the janitors room.


“Can you pick the lock again?” Mazy inquires. Doug finds the paper clips from before and starts to tinker with the lock.




Mazy wastes no time pushing the door right open and heads to the desk to start searching. Doug stays at the door to keep watch.


“They’re right here!” Mazy says taking out her cell and snaps pictures of all the papers.






“Very good rehearsal! All of you are working hard, but is it enough? There are only two days left. Practice, practice, practice! How bad do you want this? You FIGHT for this!” Ms. Charlotte instructed, pounding her fist in her hand.


Mazy noticed that Trisha never showed up for class. Where was she?


“Ms. Charlotte, where is Trisha?” A classmate asks. Mazy wasn’t the only one who noticed Trisha was absent.


“Trisha was sick this morning. She will be rehearsing with me later.” Ms. Charlotte answers simply.


Mazy, Doug and the rest of the class gather their things and head for the door. “I almost forgot!” Ms. Charlotte interrupted. “All of your costumes have arrived. It took a lot of convincing just to get them in since we are kind of locked in the school at the moment, but they are here. Get them tonight after three.”



Detective Reed opens the door. “What can I do for you Mazy?” He asks letting her in. “Trisha wasn’t at class.” She admits straight up.


Detective Reed takes a seat and leans himself back. “I’m afraid I cant give you any information to why that is. Thank you Mazy for all your help, but I think we have the rest under control. You have that big dance coming up. Do yourself a favor and don’t get consumed in this mess. That’s what we are here for.”


“So that’s it? I can’t do anything to help?


“I don’t want you getting involved.” Detective Reed keeps his stand. “I wouldn’t want you or anyone else to be in a position that could possibly be dangerous.”


Mazy couldn’t take that answer. She was involved and she couldn’t stand by to watch. “EVERYONE that is IN this school is being put in that position detective. Each of us could have a target on our back.” Mazy snaps.


The detective walks around the desk to the door. “Mazy, I can’t risk anyone’s safety. It’s my job to keep you safe, but I will tell you we have someone in mind, but nothing is conclusive. If you hear anything more you can let me know. Otherwise, don’t get caught up in this.”


Mazy sighs. “Okay.” Lifting her self from the chair she walks through the door detective Reed held opened for her.


Mazy walks down the hall heading back to her room. When she remembered she had taken pictures of Ms. Charlotte’s papers on her phone! Pulling her phone out of her back pocket she scrolls through the pictures trying to read the blurry words as best she could.


She skims through the pictures until she comes across something interesting. Ms. Charlotte had already been talked to. Mazy saw the questions and the answers were all on the page. What is your full name? How long have you been teaching? What was your relationship with Jessie? They seemed like ordinary questions to Mazy.


Continuing to read them through she came to one that caught her eye. Are you related to anyone in this school? That was forbidden. Mazy could remember that was made a rule a few years ago, when a teacher cheated to help out her student.



“Are you related to anyone in this school Ms. Charlotte?” The man asking the questions inquires. “I am.” Ms. Charlotte takes a breath. “I had never meet her before in my life. I did not know she existed. My family left me on my own long time ago because I was rebellious. I wasn’t ever welcomed back after I cleaned up my act. She does not know who I am and I have not tried telling her.”


“How are you related to this person?” The man asks. “She is my nice.” The man not satisfied with such a blunt answer posed another question. “Who is ‘she’?”






“The papers say that Trisha is Ms. Charlotte’s niece!” Mazy insists. Doug taps his figures on the arm of the chair thinking. “Well that is a surprise, but listen Maze. You’ve been so caught up in this case. If detective Reed says it’s time to leave it be. So be it.” Doug says.


Mazy just sits on the bed deep in her own disappointment. Helping with the case meant something to her.


“Hey, lets go have some fun. To loosen up.” Doug smiles.


“What are you up to Douglas Mason?” Mazy asks suspiciously, looking at him through her narrowed eyes. Doug takes Mazy wrist and leads her swiftly out of the room and down the hall.


They stop at the corner hall leading up to the costume rooms. “Costumes are up for grabs tonight, right?” Doug whispers.


“Yes.“ Mazy confirms.


“Coast is clear!” Doug smirks.


“What are you up to?!” Mazy asks more forcefully.


“Come on.” Doug leads the way up to the girls costume room. “What’s the harm in little prank the night before performances?” Doug says mischievously.


Mazy smiles. “What do we do?”


Sneaking into the girl’s costume room they see the racks of outfits with names written on the hangers. Mazy found her outfit immediately. It was long and white. It’s beautiful, she thought.


Her fingers searched through the rest of the hangers when she comes across Jessie’s. Mazy feels the silky fabric, letting it run through her fingers. It was a lot like hers, but it was pale purple.


Mazy closes her eyes a moment as a spiral of sharp emotion ran through to her heart. She should have been here. She needed that satisfaction knowing she had the chance to perform. She deserved that much. Mazy thought as a tear ran down her right check.


“You okay Maze?” Doug asks as he lays a hand on her shoulder. “It’s sad.” Mazy sniffs. “They’ll figure out what happened.” Doug assures her. Mazy just nods. “Come here.” Doug wraps his arms around her. Mazy took a moment before taking in a gulp fresh air. “Lets finish the prank.”


Doug pushes the girl’s rack of costumes toward the door Mazy held open to the hall. Right next door was the boys costume room. Mazy went to open the door for Doug to push the cloths rack in.


“It’s not a bad prank Doug. They might just think it’s a mistake someone made.” Mazy says. “That’s why we switch the hangers!” Doug explains. Mazy laughs. “Assign the biggest guy to the most pink and petite costume!”


“How about Gorge? He’s almost six foot!” Doug suggests. Mazy jumps in excitement. “Perfect.”


Helping Doug sort out the rest of the guys hangers they carefully place them to tutus and sparked dresses.


“Doug, we should probably leave soon, they could come anytime.” Doug places the last few hangers to the rack. “Okay, done!” Running out the door and around the corner of the hall they wait for the rest of the fun to come.






Not long after waiting they saw a group of dancers coming down the hall along with Gorge. “How did someone like him get into dancing? He could have played for the football team.” Mazy whispers.


Doug chuckles. “Late growth spurt.”


“What is this? This is not ours.” Mazy and Doug could hear coming from the girls costume room. Some of the girls came out to peek into the boys room as George comes running out holding a small, pink, lace tutu on his hanger.


“Who did this?!” He roars.


Doug and Mazy couldn’t hold back there amusement and burst out laughing.


“WHAT KIND OF SICK JOKE IS THIS?!” George looks around the hall when he finds Doug and Mazy nearly falling over in there laughter at the corner of the hall. “YOU RATS!” He charges after them.


Coming to realization George was heading their way Mazy and Doug take off around the corner and run down the hall, through a group of kids coming their way and turning off to the next clear hall.


Mazy quickly pulls Doug across the hall into the girls bathroom just in time before George saw what direction they had went. “You owe me.” Mazy giggles.

Squeals came from a couple girly girls. “There’s a guy in the bathroom!”


Doug crosses his arms and holds his head high. “Oh yeah. I get that alot.” He stares at Mazy laughing at him as the other girls walk out in disgust.

“Okay!” Mazy pushes him. “Get out before one of the teachers decide to come in. I’ll be out in a second.” Doug pretends to be offended. “Pushy, pushy.”

As Doug walks cautiously out Mazy turns to check her make up in the mirror when she sees Trisha behind her.

“Hi Mazy.” Trisha says in her high pitched voice. Mazy sees Trisha with a half smile on her face.


“Trisha.” Mazy says back plainly as she studies her in the mirror over the sink.


Turning around to face Trisha, Mazy was trying to figure out what it was Trisha wanted from her this time. Was Trisha here to threaten her?


“I saw you ease dropping in the teachers meeting. So yea, I want to know something.” Trisha hissed.


Mazy turns around to stare into her evil eyes. “What do you want Trisha?”

Trisha slowly brought out into view what she had been hiding behind her back. Mazy froze. It was a gun! How did she get that? She thought. Mazy kept note on Trisha’s every move and the gun that was being held in her hand.

“I was just interrogated just now… What did you do? Tell them that I killed her?” Trisha’s smile faded. Mazy thought through carefully every word for Trisha understanding. “Trisha, I did NOT tell anyone anything.”


“Oh. I think you did.” Trisha starts pacing the floors.


“Trisha! I swear!” Mazy raises her voice.

Wait, Mazy thought. Where was Doug? He should have been outside the door waiting for her.

“I don’t believe you. You think it was me.” Trisha says.


“Trisha, I said I SWEAR.” Mazy raises her voice again hoping it was enough for Doug to hear if he was out there. Mazy eyes the door a moment but no one comes in.

“Okay. You want to know the truth?” Trisha asks closing the gap between them. “You want to know if I really have the GUTS to kill?” Trisha whispers right into Mazy’s ear.


Staring down at the gun being held in Trisha’s hand and her hot breath on her neck, Mazy heart pounded against her chest so hard she could hear it sharply in her ears.

“Maybe it’s for the best Jessie’s gone. It works out for me at least. Like I said your all competition and no one is getting in my way. So now it’s your choice Mazy. Keep your mouth shut about this and back down or THIS.” Trisha walks a few steps backwards and raises the gun.

Mazy could feel Trisha’s threatening words soak in. Every fiber in her body quivered. Her palms were sweaty and tingled. Could i fight her? Mazy thought. What if I did? What if the gun went off on Trisha? Either way the out come didn’t look good. Could Trisha be bluffing? Would she really pull the trigger? [
“Trisha, I will not give you board placement. I will win the scholarship and you won’t come out with anything.” Mazy knew Trisha thought she had her cornered. It was all over her face until she heard that.


Trisha stared at her. A face Mazy had never seen before that made chills ripple down her back. Mazy thought she had a good death stare before.


“You disgust me Mazy. I guess this is the part you find out if I really killed Jessie.” Trisha fiddles with the gun in her hand.

Mazy still analyzing Trisha’s every move every second they stood there. Doug, anytime now. Mazy repeated in her mind, but that bathroom door didn’t budge. Trisha’s finger moved onto the trigger of the gun and pulled it.


Doug had went down the hall to the boys bathroom. He never heard Mazy when she raised her voice for him to hear. It was only now Doug was wondering what was taking her so long and went on his way to see.

“You disgust me Mazy. I guess this is the part you find out if I really killed Jessie.” Doug heard someone say inside the bathroom.


“Oh gosh Mazy!” Doug ran into the bathroom to see Trisha pointing a gun at Mazy, but it was too late for him to do anything. Trisha has already pulled the trigger.

It hit Mazy hard in the chest. Hard and cold. Mazy put her hand on her chest. Water. It was a high powered water gun!

Doug came running to Mazy side.


“It was a water gun.” Mazy found the words to say through the throbbing pressure in her chest.


Doug faces up to Trisha. “A water gun?! You scared my cousin half to death! WHAT WAS WITH THAT TRISHA?!” Doug yells.


Trisha crossed her arms. “To prove I didn’t kill Jessie.”

“Your one of a kind Trisha!” Mazy snaps. “But, I do believe her Doug. She didn’t kill Jessie. Let’s go.” Mazy grabbed his arm an they walked out.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there sooner. I should have been.” Dough apologized. “It wasn’t your fault Doug. It wasn’t your fault.”



That night Mazy took it easy. She had been hard on her self everyday this week and today she got hit pretty hard in the chest. She crawled up on to her bed and just laid there. Thinking about everything that had happened this year has definitely out done all the other years. Mazy closed her eyes, trying remembering all the good times she had despite losing a treasured student, dancer and friend. She lay there just thinking away until she drifted off to sleep.




Mazy maps out the recital room in her mind from her view behind the red curtains. On the balcony detective Reed and a couple other detectives stood. While the other detectives stood at every corner of the recital room. Seats were filling up with people who were teachers, new students for the next year, and those who would have the power to give them a dance career. The four judges were looking over their papers preparing for the performances they would watch that night.


The lights were lowered in the room and the stage was brightened. All the dancers behind the curtain were in their costumes and ready. All that was left was for the names to be called out.


“My students.” Ms. Charlotte calls out. “This is what you have worked for all your lives. You’ve trained hard. I want you to go out there and do what you do best. Remember though, don’t dance just with your head, but with your heart.”


“Ready Maze?” Doug comes through the crowd.


“I’m nervous.” Mazy admits.


“We all are.” Doug assures.


“I doubt Trisha is.” Mazy points her out with her eyes.


Doug smiles. “I’m sure even Trisha gets nervous too.”


“So, Robin Hood,” Mazy teases. “Are you nervous?” Doug puts his hands on his hips and holds his head high. “No way!” Mazy laughs. “Okay, good!”


“So are you someone in particular or …” Doug trails off.


“I’m just Mazy.” She says looking down at her long white costume.


“I like that character best anyway.” Doug says.


“Trisha Jones.” The man by the curtain called out. Trisha would be the first dancer performing in Ms. Charlotte’s class. Part of the class watched her start her performance.


Ms. Charlotte goes to the desk against the wall. The place the teachers keep all there extra needed stuff. Ms. Charlotte pulls open her drawer taking out the orange calming pills. “Should have got these out before Trisha went to perform.” Ms. Charlotte says.


A few of the others kids including Mazy and Doug came over as Ms. Charlotte was pouring the orange pills out into her palm. Mazy realized something as soon as both her and Doug received one. “Wait, don’t eat those!” Mazy raises her voice. “Ms. Charlotte these aren’t the orange pills, are they?” Mazy ask handing her a few. The pills had to same color and size, but difference in shape.


“Jessie Reynolds.” The man beside the curtain called off his clip board. Everyone became quiet and turned to look at him. Even Trisha who was just walking back from being on stage stopped to stare. “My apologies.” The man said after her realizing his mistake.


Mazy started pondering over the thought that no had taken her off the list. She would have been here if not for what had happened. What happened. What happened? Mazy thinks. Spinning around the room she could imagine Jessie sitting in the chair by the desk, lacing up her ballet shoes, dancing on stage. The fall…


Mazy ran to Doug. “Doug, I know what happened!” Mazy barely containing herself. Doug looks at her surprised. “What?” Mazy spins around figuring out what she needed to do. “I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!” Mazy repeats louder.


As she was spinning around she spotted detective Reed still standing on the balcony and immediately takes off running.


“MAZY!” Doug shouts.


Mazy runs her way around the room until she reached the stair way that would lead her right up to detective Reed.


“Mazy Thompson.” The announcer called out. Oh no! Mazy stopped to look back. It doesn’t matter, I have to do this. Mazy decided and continued making her way up the stairs as fast as she could make her legs go.


“Who are you?!” One of the officers came forth and stopped her at the top. “I have to talk to detective Reed.” She pleaded.


“What is this about?” He demands.


“Please!” Mazy insisted. Detective Reed turned to see who was there and gave the other detective a nod.


“I know what happened to Jessie.” The detective just raised his eye bow. “I know, but I do! Please believe me.” Mazy talking fast, as she heard another announcement being made.


“Mazy Thompson has been disqualified.”


Mazy lowered her head a moment. “Detective I wouldn’t have let my self be disqualified if I didn’t think I knew what happened to Jessie. Please. Just hear me out.”


Detective Reed thought that over for second, then waved for one of the other detectives to come over. He whispered something into his ear and then took off down the stairs.


“Okay young lady, what happened?”


“That night. It happened all that night. I should I have seen it before. It was so obvious. Ms. Charlotte has these calming pills that were approved by the school because they’re all natural. Orange pills. That night we had performances and Ms. Charlotte gave those to Jessie for her nerves. The bottle was sitting on her desk. The thing is, so was Ms. Charlotte’s blood pressure medication she has to take. Jessie’s hands were shaking as she reached for the bottle she knocked them both over.”


Detective Reed crosses his arms. “The report on Jessie’s autopsy came back this morning and showed that in her system. So, she was drugged on purpose or she overdosed.”


Mazy was in shock. “It was an accident! I can show you the pills. They look very similar. When she went to pick them up she must have just guessed what pills went where the best she could. Anyone could have made that mistake.”


“Show me.” Detective Reed tells her. Mazy lead the way down the stairs the same way she came up.


Mazy goes to the desk as all the dancers watch her take out the pills from the desk and hand them over to detective Reed. He puts them in bags and seals them shut. “We will have to look these over, but now we have a third reasoning.”


Mazy smiles. “I hope that gives enough proof to show it was only an accident.”


Detective Reed pulls Mazy to the side. “If that’s what happened, this very well might be enough evidence to conclude that. Thank you Mazy.” He says before pulling out his walkie-talkie and informs the rest of the detectives what was going on.


Mazy felt so good to have that closure.


“You did it.” Doug says.


“Not with out your help!” Mazy gives him a hug.


“What now? You’re disqualified.” Doug asks. Mazy shrugs. “I have next year. Then I’ll be good enough to know I will get a scholarship.” Doug pauses a moment. “Well…. You are just going to have to work hard and catch up to me again. Since we wont be in the same class anymore.” He teases. “Oh, you better believe it!” Mazy punches him in the arm.


“Mazy Thompson.” The man by the curtain called her over.


“Yes?” Mazy asks.


“The judges said they were just informed by an authority that you were being questioned beyond your will. They’ve discussed at length and have concluded that they will let you perform tonight.” Mazy face light up. “They will?!” The man scribbles Mazy name in an empty space. “Yes, your up next, so be ready.”


Mazy turns around and smiles at Doug. “I guess I wont have any catching up to do after all.”


Doug smiles. “Go!”


“Mazy Thompson.” Her name was called. She walked out on to the stage and into the beam of light. She worked so hard to be here, but she felt that what no matter with happens tonight, she had already won.



Mazy's Mystery at MayBell's Dance School

There's been a death at MayBell's dance school, but the school continues on their usual routine. Mazy, one of the dancers there, had known Jessie and feels obligated to figure out her case, even though she comes across some shocking discoveries alongside her cousin Douglas. With all the trouble they get themselves in worth the effort in solving the mystery?

  • Author: Melody Hope
  • Published: 2016-04-07 01:35:08
  • Words: 8096
Mazy's Mystery at MayBell's Dance School Mazy's Mystery at MayBell's Dance School