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A Mitch Crowne short story

Written by: MacShayne

(2017 re-issue)

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Copyright 2017 by MacShayne. Smashword Edition

Copyright 2014 by MacShayne. Original Edition

Edited by: MacShayne

Coverwork by: MacShayne

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, persons (living or dead) are coincidental.

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Table of content

Chapter 1: Eveline Turner

Chapter 2: Unknown Caller

Chapter 3: List Of Names

Chapter 4: The Shooter

Chapter 5: The Assassination

Chapter 6: Malta

Chapter 7: Leap Of Faith

Chapter 8: Everybody Pays

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Chapter 1:[
**]Eveline Turner

Easing, Mai 5 2009

Chief Holland was sitting behind his desk and looked at a picture of the old team. Now that former chief Roberts and Lisa Neagley were gone, he was the last one of them to remain in Easing. Since the events that occurred six weeks ago, things have changed dramatically in Easing. City police took over the investigation and worked five consecutive weeks on it. A picture of Mitch Crowne was released nationally and eventually in Belgium and Germany. There was only one reply that was proven to be false information. Chief Holland was a few years away from retirement now and he had considered to transfer to Ameland a few times. Somewhere more quiet.

After those five weeks the whole city circus disappeared as easily as it appeared. Nothing left behind to investigate. Damn, when he had spoken on the phone with Lisa lately, he found out that the three bodies of Butch, Simon and Richard were found in a trunk. Holland had difficulties coping with the disappearance of the Barnes brothers, but the whole Mitch Crowne thing overshadowed that in his opinion. It would be probably something that happens once in a thousand years in a place like Easing. It was probably never going to happen here again, and Holland was glad about it. He always asked himself where Alan went, such a normal and quiet man turned into an associate for a madman that Mitch Crowne was. Or was he wrong about the fact that Mitch Crowne was simply a madman, a drifter?

Later that day, the chief decided to “do his round” and to take a look at the crime scenes. Holland realized these houses wouldn’t be sold in the near future. Heck, for Easing’s sake, it could be a straight downfall. Who wanted to live in a village where murder and missing occur year after year. Even though he was daydreaming a little, someone caught his eye. From the way she looked around to the way she moved, she was not from around. Chief Holland thought about her for a few seconds and then decided to ask her what she’s doing. After he left his private car, he stared at her for a while. If she was a model for some big ass magazine, he would believe it immediately. She was slim but she probably had a toned body. He estimated her to be 1.77 metres and she weighed something near 64 kilogram. As Holland came closer he would describe her arms as sinewy muscled. She was wearing a black pantsuit and white blouse under her black leather jacket. Really FBI sort of thing. Her dark blond hair blew perfectly in the wind. Before Chief Holland was about to talk, he saw her brown eyes.

‘Good afternoon madam, do you need any help?’

‘Hello mister Chief Holland, I didn’t knew you would find me this fast.’

Chief Holland looked surprised and yet he stayed calm. ‘I don’t know if we have ever met before, but it looks like you’re lost or something.’

She turned around and looked right into Chief Holland’s eyes. ‘Six weeks ago you were visited by an extraordinary male, about 1.88 metres long and…’

‘Yeah I know madam. But we’re not on that case anymore.’

‘You’re better than I thought you would be Holland. But, I assume you can’t tell me why there is nothing to be found at the crime scenes?’

‘Listen, I was here when the things happened, so does the rest of Easing’s population. We like to erase this memory and would appreciate if not some other stranger continues the outburst of aggression that madman started! But, if you want to find out anything more about it, you should visit City Police department in Groningen. I recommend personally my former colleague Lisa Neagley.’

‘First of all sir, I don’t take orders from you. But, I appreciate you’re cooperation. I can’t promise that I won’t come back, for now I’m done here. There’s nothing to find here anyway.’

‘Have you visited the crime scenes?’

‘Yes I did. Like I mentioned before.’

‘That’s a felony madam. I should arrest you right now.’

‘You don’t even know the slightest bit about me. You don’t even know what hit you’re town a couple of weeks ago.. so hard.’

‘Listen, I don’t like being downgraded like you do now, which is in this country another felony! Second, I almost arrested that madman myself, I saw him leaving a house but I couldn’t leave my partner. ‘

‘So, you have seen Mitch Crowne with your own eyes you say?’

‘Yeah! And I almost caught him.’

The women looked the other way and a smile appeared on her face. ‘You’re lucky Chief Holland.’

‘Why, last time I checked I didn’t win the lottery.’

‘You’re lucky to be still breathing. Funny joke though.’

The women turned around and walked towards her black BMW (5-series F10) which was probably a rental. Chief Holland blew of steam as he felt being humiliated. Eventually, he followed her to her car. The women was about to drive away when Chief Holland tapped her window.

‘I still don’t know who and what you are madam.’

‘Good police work sir. I’m far above you’re pay grade. But because you helped so well, my first name is Eveline.’

Eveline drove away afterwards and headed towards Groningen. She looked beside her on the co-driver’s seat and looked at a document with the name Mitch Crowne written on it. Above the document was a picture of him taken just three months ago. It was perfectly clear that someone wants to catch Mitch Crowne, but why? And who is Eveline and does she know mister Crowne?

Groningen, Mai 6 2009

Lisa Neagley worked for city police now. She has her own office and is part of a cold case team led by Anthony Starr. Lisa Neagley just promoted to city police after her work in the Mitch Crowne case. Her methods during those events were praised by her former Chief of Police, but also by her new boss who took over the case. But as of now, the Mitch Crowne-case was not her primary assignment. They were on the brink of closing an even older murder case involving a rich widower. Lisa Neagley was working on her computer when she was informed that someone was here to speak with her.

‘What do you have for me this time Earl?’, Lisa asked. Earl McGrad was an intern who was working in the telecom department where employees patched through important calls. Earl was not appreciated in the office because he had too much ambition in becoming a field agent. Even Lisa Neagley wasn’t given the chance to “get in the field.”

‘A women is standing in front of me and wants to talk with you.’

‘Earl, I’m not here at work to socialise, what does she want?’

‘Well, she only wants to talk with you she said.’

‘That’s all?’

‘She looks kindda serious Neagley.’

‘Well I’m quite busy right now, let her make an appointment.’

‘Okay, I’ll try.’

Lisa continues working on her case while she is called again. ‘Earl again, jees. What does he want now!’ Lisa said to herself while picking up the phone. But before she could say something, she was overwhelmed by her visitor.

‘Lisa Neagley, I have your name on my list and I need to talk to you in person about Mitch Crowne. I don’t care if you’re busy, we’ll talk, I don’t care if you’re annoyed, cause we are going to talk right now and I also don’t care that you’re working for city police, because… You know what. So, where can I find you?’

‘Room three zero eight. It’s on the…’

‘Third floor, see you in a minute.’ Eveline interrupted her.

Washington, 20 January 2001

Governments are always the same, you have the people a President can rely on and then you have those who will be the first to embark their own path to glory, thus committing treason in the cause of greater good. President Harry Barnes was in his last days of presidency before David Palmer would take over the seat in the Whitehouse. His eight year span was coming to an end. He knew about the attempts to take out David Palmer but never knew that someone in his own administration was attached to the attack.

At the time a special federal agency within the CIA called CPU was led by Edouard Russel. His agency was small with ten employees. Four of these employees were assassins, referred to as field agents. They were used a few times in a year to prevent chaos from going viral. So, the exact meaning of CPU is a mystery, but most of the times it’s referred as the Chaos Prevention Unit. At this time, their best agent was going dark and there were reasons to believe that Mitch Crowne went rogue and was about to assassinate President Harry Barnes running mate Willard Elderson, whom CTU believed was involved in the plot to kill David Palmer. Edouard Russel walked towards his supervisor at division, George Dreyfuss, and things were about to get even worse than he thought.

Edouard was in his sixties and was almost completely bold. His length was 1.74 metres and he was far too heavy to be healthy. He respected Mitch Crowne very much, but he also knew that Mitch wasn’t going to be alive any longer now that he was uncontrollable. Edouard was Republican, was married and divorced six times and participated in the Vietnam war as soldier. Edouard almost adopted Mitch as his son when his father died in desert storm. Twelve year old Mitch at the time was already showing particular skills that no one at such a young age had shown before. But Mitch ended in a foster home and Edouard never heard from the little boy again until he joined his unit four years later as a sixteen year old student. Edouard was sweating for this long walk. The elevator was being repaired, so Edouard had to use the stairs to get to George’s office. “Damn you Mitch, damn you!” He said to himself. Edouard was about to knock on George’s door but George already opened. Something important here was about to be decided, that was for sure.

Groningen, Mai 6 2009

Eveline appeared at Neagley’s office pretty soon after she called her from downstairs. As Eveline walked in, Lisa Neagley was not that impressed of her. She looked more like a model than the stone cold agent she thought she would be.

‘Hello Lisa Neagley, we talked on the phone just a few minutes ago. I figure you’re a bit smarter than you’re former colleague in Easing?’

‘You walk in here like you’re a big shot and already talk down my friend in the first second. Why do I want to help you in anyway?’

‘Because Lisa, you met someone that might as well end up to be you’re death sentence.’

‘Okay, first tell me what and who you are, and then we might continue this conversation.’

‘My name is special agent Eveline Turner. I’m working with a secret service for the United States government. That’s all you need to know.’

‘Listen Eveline, I’m not sure that you are what you are, can I see some identification?’

‘You’re good at what you do Lisa.’ Eveline shows her identification.

‘Okay, that seems to be good enough for me.’

‘What can I do for you Eveline?’

‘You’re right to the point miss Neagley, I appreciate that.’


‘Mitch Crowne, Eveline said. You have met him a few times when you were still working in Easing. You also were working on his case when he became you’re primary suspect in the murders of three gentleman.’

‘No Eveline, they were scum. But that didn’t make it right what Mitch Crowne did to them.’

‘I also got to know from you’re former colleague and now Chief of Police mister Holland that you almost caught the man.’

‘That’s false information, we thought we did. But after six weeks of spending my free time on it, we never got to him even close unless he wanted us to.’

‘I’m glad you’re honest with me and not as stubborn like Chief Holland.’

‘The man has experienced something’s he wasn’t cut out for Eveline. Give him a break.’

‘Maybe you’re right. But he also told me to find you.’

‘Why would he tell you that?’

‘Because you have information regarding Mitch Crowne that I need in order to track him down and perhaps take him in. He’s a dangerous man with his own will and rules. He has a lack for authority and can’t be controlled.’

‘Maybe I can help you further, but before I hand over anything, I have some questions of my own Eveline.’

In an abandoned building

A man in a grey suit wearing black sunglasses with dark grey hair was entering an old and abandoned building opposite the City Police headquarters. Before he entered the building, he catches a glimpse of Eveline Turner entering the City Police building. The man in the grey suit is a tall man, about 1.96 metres and he is very muscled. The man takes the old stairs to almost the roof of the building. He stops at the fourth floor and has a look around. The space is empty except for falls and old furniture shattered in pieces. This building is about to be demolished pretty soon. But after he walked for a further twenty metres, something caught his eye. His sniper rifle was already put into place. He took out his cell phone from his pocket and typed a message (Ready) to someone with the alias “Black Angel.” Then he took off his glasses and positioned himself. He had a clear view of Lisa Neagley in his scope and put his earpiece in. ‘Target in sight.’ He said. ‘Great, now wait for the order.’

[Chapter 2:
**]Unknown Caller

Washington, 20 January 2001

George Dreyfuss walked towards his desk and took a deep breath. He did not look nervous and that’s why he got his job in the first place. He was only 51 and if he had accepted the opportunity, he could have been in President Palmer’s administration. He made career as Navy Seal where he was one of the surviving team members of his squat. During desert storm he received a purple heart and a silver star for saving the other surviving team member (Edward Stiles). But he didn’t leave the Navy until President Harry Barnes demanded him to become an important staff member at Division. In three small years he became the head of Division as the youngest Chief ever. He was once accused of being responsible for killing Harvey Crowne who was the third surviving member in his crew during desert storm but there was no proof of Harvey’s survival. Edouard stood right in front of Dreyfuss with shaking hands and a tired look in his eyes. Both men didn’t say a word.

In the building next to Division in Washington, a young man entered room 536. The room was empty at first sight. He wore a black shirt with jeans and brown shoes. He had short dark brown hair and wore sunglasses. The first thing he did was to take the mattress of the bed. Then he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. He opened the secret storage that was hidden under the bed. He took out the parts of a sniper rifle and put it together with huge care. Like this was his most important job.

‘Edouard, you know we have to put him down don’t you?’

‘We don’t have another option, Mitch Crowne has turned his back against the United f*cking States!’

‘How could you let a man like Mitch Crowne run around like a Wildman?’

‘We trusted him Dreyfuss, we all did. He’s the best man for the job.’

‘It’s a mess. And I have to clean it up. Just like his father.’

‘What do you mean like his father?

‘His father always tended to commit treason. It was a feeling we always had.’

‘Harvey Crowne died with much more honour than you life now Dreyfuss.’

‘His son is about to assassinate the Vice President because you gave him the space to do so.’

‘Why does he want him so badly?’

The young man was laying on the ground behind his sniper rifle. He put his eye against the scope and took a few deep breaths. This was going to happen right now. This man deserved to die, and the only way he could have thought of, was where he was the most vulnerable. Years he was the second best assassin the United States government had. He killed over 13 targets since he became a “field agent” four years ago. Number fourteen would be a special one. ‘Target in sight’, he whispered.

‘Great, now wait for the order’, were his instructions.

Groningen, Mai 6 2009

‘Mitch Crowne’s file declares him to be a former fugitive. He was released three years ago after serving time in a highly maximized security prison. No one is released from that type of prison in such a short time after being put in. As a prisoner he was called The Savage! Why would they call him that way besides him being a monster?’

‘I think that you already know the answers on your questions, you’re just looking for confirmation.’

‘Of course I am. I dug a little deeper and I think that Mitch Crowne was involved in some highly classified missions. He was a government product and that’s why they let him go after five years breaking other inmates for necessary answers.’

‘You’re question is really, what got him in there and why did he agree to the job terms. Neagley, even I don’t know shit about Crowne’s career history. I only know that he’s a name on my desk and that I need to find him.’

‘And there’s something else I dug up.’

Eveline sighed and was about to interrupt Neagley when she noticed a red dot on Neagley’s head. When you see the red dot, it won’t last longer than two or three seconds before a bullet finds its way to its mark.

‘Take out the target’, was all the hitman needed to know.

The bullet crushed through the window before it exploded in Neagley’s skull. Eveline was hit by the same bullet. Moments later when Eveline got her act together again, she saw what happened. Lisa was assassinated just in front of her. There was almost nothing left of her skull and bone fragments were scattered around her office. Within nine minutes, the remainders of Lisa were taken away with the medics while she was being questioned. Within half an hour they found the shooter’s nest. It didn’t last long before it was officially confirmed that the shooter had been here when he or she killed Lisa Neagley.

Four hours later

‘Who gave permission to kill Lisa Neagley god dammit!’ Eveline almost yelled at her commander.

‘Eveline! No one gave permission to kill anyone.’

‘What do you mean by that. The whole set up was professional. I mean I have taken a look at the scene where the shooter did his job, and I must say that this has to be one of us.’

‘And how are you that certain of your case Eveline?’

‘Everything was already set in place before the shooter arrived. There’s no possibility he could have done this all by himself today. The planning, the set-up, even the goddamn confident that he must have had during the shot! I would have done it this way, and aren’t we trained in an exclusive program?’

‘You are right about something, the shooter has been trained. Not by us. We train every individual differently so that we can always figure out who must have taken the shot.’

‘There are not many skilled shooters who can do this. The distance the bullet had to cover was more than nine hundred metres.’

‘Listen Eveline, this is not you’re mission, let the Dutch police handle it and you have to get your act back together and find Mitch.’

‘They won’t find squat!’

‘Probably not, it’s not our business. But send me you’re rapport and I have it analysed. Maybe something in our database comes up and bring some answers.’

In the evening

Simple Minds was playing on the radio, the sun was slowly going under and there weren’t many cars on the highway (A7) she was driving on. Eveline thought about what happened earlier. What are the odds that at the same moment she asks a respectable but unknown agent about Mitch Crowne and that same agent ends up being assassinated. As she read once in his file, Mitch always said he didn’t believe in much, and of the things he certainly despised was coincidence. What if her assassination had something to do with what she knew about Mitch Crowne. Eveline drove another couple of miles and passed Heerenveen while driving toward a small city called Joure. Suddenly, something came up in her mind, what was the last thing Neagley said? There was something else she dug up about Mitch Crowne. Eveline decided to stay over in Joure and to have another look in the files.

Eveline was considered the best assassin of the present CPU but she never was a detective. The only reason why she got this special mission was because at CPU, they knew that Mitch Crowne was from a different level. You needed to catch wolves by using one. They didn’t want to use their best man and thus you could say they thought no one would last well against Crowne. Eveline was motivated and didn’t felt that she was just an expandable number two. She wouldn’t f*ck up, that’s why they send her. Just before she started re-reading the files, she got phoned.

‘Eveline, we compared the details of the assassination with our database. There are three possible suspects of whom we know are and capable of taking the shot and are familiar with this manner of doing so’, Eveline’s superior known as Mr. Home told her.

‘Am I going to be interested in these names?’

‘I am convinced you will. One of them is Shane Connors, he was one of the best assassins whom the bureau has ever known. He is still alive but has a desk job. We are certain that he’s not our man. The second person is classified. However, after pulling some strings I found out that his name is Ewing Tanner, a former Delta and CPU agent who has been suspected of trying to kill former Chief of Division George Dreyfuss. The third possibility is just an interesting twist. His name was Harvey Crowne and he died during desert storm.’

‘Harvey Crowne? Is he in anyway related to Mitch?’

‘I am not certain Eveline, they share the same surname, but that’s all I found out as of now.’

‘Before Neagley was killed, she was about to tell me something she found interesting enough to mention. However, she was taken out before she could say anything. I think that may be the reason why she is killed.’

‘And everything is linked to Mitch Crowne, you’re doing a good job so far Eveline. But stay focussed, this could be Pandora’s box were about to open.’


‘We need to keep a low profile about Crowne’s possible involvement in Neagley’s death.’

Later in the evening

Eveline Turner tried to tie the loose ends to each other. Of course it was obvious to say that Harvey Crowne was related to Mitch and that Neagley was killed because she knew something she shouldn’t know. But if that’s the case, that she was killed because she could help bringing Eveline closer to Mitch, than someone else was out there trying to find him too. Why?

Den Helder, Mai 7 2009

It was early in the morning when he arrived in the harbour of Den Helder. He knew that some agencies had his picture spread around the globe and that someone wanted to find him badly. Lisa Neagley didn’t deserve to die and he also didn’t knew the exact reason. What he did know, was that his former employer put a person out here to track him, find him and bring him in. But then again, why would they put so much effort in finding him. It wasn’t because of the killings in Easing, that was for sure. If Mr. Home was still the leading man, than they tried to find him to use his skills once more or to get rid of him. He did like the attention and the thrill, but he wasn’t planning on making it them easy. Then again, he had his own business to take care off. As he walked on the TESO boat which would bring him to Texel, he ordered a delicious home grown bear called Skuumkoppe. As the boat reached the open water, he decided to make a call. The view was beautiful, the sun was rising, the waves were breaking against the boat.

‘Hey, who is this?’ a female asked after almost two minutes of silence.

Shortly afterwards he hung up. “So it’s Eveline Turner, interesting”, he told himself.

[Chapter 3:
**]List Of Names

Texel, near Cocksdorp, Mai 7 2009

George Dreyfuss was home watching a Dutch television program called Flikken Maastricht in a re-run. Since his retirement last year, he decided to emigrate to a country in Europe. Eventually he followed his only daughter Kimberly to the Netherlands. George lived remotely in a beach house near the North sea. After the events in 2001 he became a senator and he almost became a vice-president in 2007. He owns two small planes which are being maintained at Texel International Airport. One of his hobbies is flying. He likes the thrill but mostly the feeling of being bound with the open air, being independent. As his second wife was staying at his daughter’s, he was home alone. It was already ten in the morning and he decided to light up a cigarette before he would go to a small village nearby (De Koog).

De Koog is the place to be for youngsters to party. It has also a supermarket where George normally buys his groceries. Just a few metres outside the village is a beautiful camping. Probably the only where caravan’s and tents are located in dunes. His daughter recommended them always to stay over at that camping when they decided to visit her. George’s wife liked the island so much, that they eventually decided to life on Texel. As George was looking at the dunes and listening to the breaking waves, a small airplane came over his house. Probably tourists he thought.

At the same moment, a car pulled over in front of his house. Because of the plane, George didn’t hear the car pulling over. The car was a Bornite Mercedes. Probably the one that was stolen in Den Helder earlier in the morning. But who would notice, in this remote area, no one would see the car. And the man who was driving it, wasn’t planning on staying for a long time. He wore a black sweater, had dark brown short hair and was wearing sunglasses. He found the black jeans that he wore in the trunk and he bought the shoe’s two days ago in a discount shop in Alkmaar. The man entered the house via the front door which wasn’t locked. He saw a picture of George and his family and a picture more recently taken. ‘Haven’t changed much George, except getting older.’ He whispered to himself. As he put back the pictures, he heard a noise coming from the back of the house. The sound of a man stepping on a wooden porch. As George finished his cigarette, he stepped on it to make sure it wouldn’t lit up the porch. Before he could turn around, he heard someone else stepping on the porch and he saw in a shadow that this man carried a gun.

Joure, Mai 7 2009

She immediately phoned her boss to track down the number that had called her moments ago. She left the Motel and continued her journey down south early in the morning. She didn’t even took the time for breakfast, because she had a feeling that the person that reached out to her half an hour ago, was the same person she was looking for. Eveline was speeding on the highway towards Amsterdam. She drove 96 miles/hour. She left Friesland via the Afsluitdijk (Translated: Closure Dike, a Levee). The Afsluitdijk was build between 1927 and 1932 and has a length of 32 kilometres. It connects the two provinces Fryslan and North-Holland with each other. Eveline just passed Den Oever when Mr. Home called her back.

‘Eveline, the person who phoned you may be on his way to Texel, it’s an Island in the Wadden sea. We couldn’t figure out who could be the one that was calling you, but it’s likely that it was either the person that killed Neagley or even better, Mitch Crowne himself.’

‘Why would he risk getting caught by going to an island?

‘Listen Eveline, there’s a lot we don’t know about Mitch Crowne. We don’t know how he thinks or what drives him. All that we do know is that someone named George Dreyfuss lives on the island. Mitch and George have a history together.

‘How am I going to get there as fast as possible? If this is Mitch Crowne, than we might never get such a great opportunity again in a long time.’‘

‘Go to the harbour of Den Helder. I’ll sent someone that brings you to the Island by boat. We can’t arrange a helicopter in such short notice, but you’ll be at the Island in five minutes. On the Island, a car is waiting with George ‘s address.’

‘Why haven’t you already send the Dutch police on the island to him. George may be in danger.’

‘We have our reasons Turner, don’t you worry about that.’

‘Yeah, reasons unknown, his death will mean blood on your hands!’

‘The man can protect himself Eveline, now do your job and take him in.’

‘If it’s him..’

‘Oh, and I want you to do your job alone, so lose the other two will you.’

‘Same old, same old.’

Den Helder, Mai 7 2014

Eveline arrived in the harbour around 7.45 in the morning. A ferry left just fifteen minutes ago, but Eveline was not going with a ferry. After she left her car, a guy called Dick van de Maarel picked her up one minute later. He was working for the Dutch marine and was given the mission to bring Eveline to Texel and accompany her in catching Mitch. Dick was in his early twenties and didn’t wear an uniform as was requested by Mr. Home. Dick wore a brown t-shirt and dark blue jeans which had Marine written all over it. His hair was short-cut blonde and his brown eyes didn’t cover the fact that he really was of Dutch descent. He spoke English with a Dutch accent but his vocabulary was very skilled. The two of them jumped into a speedboat and left immediately. Not a word was spoken until Eveline’s stomach began to complain.

‘A little seasick miss Turner?’

‘No, I just missed breakfast this morning. How much more time is this going to take?’

‘Probably, until you eat something miss Turner.’

‘So, you’re a comedian?’

‘No, miss Turner.’

‘Let me ask you a question Dick. How old are you?’

‘I am 23 miss Turner.’

‘Listen, I am not much older so stop calling me like I could be your grandparent. Or else I am going to consider to teach you some extra swimming lessons, understood?’

‘Understood, Eveline.’

‘Is that Texel over there?’

‘It’s definitely not a mountain Eveline.’ (Eveline frowned)

‘I mean, yes that’s Texel, just two more minutes.’

The two of them arrived at Texel just before it was eight o’clock. Eveline jumped out of the boat and walked towards a line of cars. Someone must have waited for the two of them because it only lasted twenty seconds before a car pulled over in front of her. Eveline got into the co-driver’s seat and only then it occurred to her that she was partnered up with a female agent. ‘Drive’, Eveline told her new partner and they drove away, leaving Dick behind.

Eveline’s new partner was a female in her early thirties. Eveline had to lose both Dick and her before she would go to George’s mansion. Dick wasn’t difficult to lose. And for god’s sake was she happy that the moron wasn’t fast enough to get into the car. It would make this job a little easier. Plus, she didn’t like someone that wasn’t focussed on doing the job. It made them vulnerable, it made her vulnerable. Before her new partner could introduce herself properly, Eveline already got rid of her. At the first gas station Eveline asked her to get some food while she would make an important call. Eveline drove away alone leaving also her female partner behind.

‘I’m on my way to George’s mansion.’

‘Good, if we are right, then the person that has called you, still has to be on the island.’

‘I’ll keep you posted.’

Washington, 21 January 2001

She was young and very intelligent. Eveline Turner was selected for a special and secret program. At this time she didn’t know what the job was all about, but it didn’t matter. Eveline was 19 years old and she already had developed interesting skills. Her IQ was above 135, she was the best in both the psychological tests and the practical tests. She would be the first female employee CPU ever had in the field. But the program would last another three years before she was even ready to start working in the field. And normally, a youngster would be working together with a more experienced field agent, but not this time. They were two man short, both Ewing Tanner and Mitch Crowne went rogue during the same period. Eveline however was not like all the other field agents. She was not an orphan like all the others. As she was walking in a hall towards George Dreyfuss’ office, she saw how another office was closed and covered with yellow crime scene warnings.

‘Eveline, welcome to what we call home. Make it yourself comfortable, cause after today, you will be exposed to a whole new world.’

‘I’m not sure I am mister…?’

‘I am George Dreyfuss, I was expecting you. Follow me to my office and we’ll talk.’

‘Your office, with all the respect, is in lock down’, Eveline told George while walking away from the crime scene.

‘See Eveline, that’s why we wanted you. Now please, have a seat. Want some coffee?’

‘No thanks, but I’m curious. Was whatever happened here the reason why I’m here on your doorstep?’

‘You would understand if I politely refuse to tell you about what happened here.’

‘I’ll take that as a yes. Let’s continue then, what do you have to say before we can start?’

‘Eveline, you may be though, but believe me your going to need it.’

‘That’s all?’

‘You are going into training as of tomorrow. Part of this job will mean you will have absolutely no social life outside of work. We are you’re new family, we are there for you.’

‘I know where I have signed for, but you can’t expect me to act like my mother’s death.’

‘You are the first person ever that wasn’t orphan, but we have covered that. You see, you’re mother has a new job. You should ask her today.’

‘Mr. Dreyfuss, as I said before, I know what I have signed for. As I see it, we’re wasting time, you need me more than you act like and I haven’t got any plans. Let’s start right now.’

‘You’re motivated, I like that Eveline. But today you have to take care of some loose ends. Mr. Walker here will help you with that. I will see you a lot more often the next couple of years.’

‘I guess so.’

Texel, near Cocksdorp, Mai 7 2009

‘Hello mister Crowne. You’ve gotten older.’

‘I can’t say differently about you George. But I see you’re still doing well.’

‘You’re right Mitch, I’m doing just fine. But I guess this will not be a friendly visit?’

‘I’m not here to execute you George. You know why people like me take some precautions.’

‘You could have been the best Mitch. It’s a shame you let yourself go. You shouldn’t have been put in that hell hole. But it was your own fault.’

‘I had every reason to kill a vice president who endangered his own country and the people that voted for him.’

‘And that’s why you’re still breathing. But it was not you’re duty to kill him. You lost your believe in the system and that was inacceptable.’

‘George, you’re brother and wife died partly because of him.’

‘But I didn’t pull a trigger Mitch. I believe in the system.’

‘The system is one big fail created by people that are death for centuries and wouldn’t even understand the world were in now. How can we possibly continue using history books as a guide to lead a country.’

‘Why are you here Mitch?’

‘After I finished my sentence in Sweden, I put together a list of people that are still unpunished. One name is still on it and I’m not planning on letting him go.’

‘Mitch, nobody betrayed your father. You were the one to work in the dark.’

‘George, you know he killed my father, and he has to pay for it.’

‘Mitch, you’re sense for justice makes you a loose cannon. Use your head. Just a few weeks ago you caused a bloodshed! And going up against one of the best protected men on earth on your own will be you’re death sentence.’

‘I know that there are two governments trying to catch me. And they will. But before they apprehend me, I have to clear my conscience. If that means that I’ll die, I die. I don’t care.’

‘Mitch, I didn’t like you’re father much, but he was unreliable.’

‘I don’t care what my father was. Edward Stiles killed one of his own, twice. And neither you or our stupid system did anything about it.’

‘How are you going to do this?’

‘I don’t know the time or the way, I have not planned anything yet. But I need you to help me. And I know you want to see justice being prevailed.’

CPU send someone after you. You know who it is, don’t you?’

‘Eveline Turner.’

‘Listen, I will help you, but you must promise me not to harm her in anyway.’

‘You have my word.’

[Chapter 4:
**]The Shooter

Washington, 20 January 2001

Ewing Tanner was ready to shoot George Dreyfuss but was waiting for the order to kill. Ewing was unlike Mitch Crowne blonde and short. He was only one meter and 67 centimetres. But he didn’t care about the fact that he was short. No, not at all. And if someone joked about his height, he would perform one of his fighting skills that he gained during his youth. Ewing has a lack of conscience and has killed more than fifty targets since he works for CPU. Tanner is forty years old, an age where most of his contemporaries are either retired or death. He saw how George Dreyfuss and Edouard Russel were debating. He waited for minutes, patience was a necessary skill in this job. One wrongly timed heartbeat could be the difference between success and failure. And failure would likely mean his death. Tanner knew that after today, he would be a fugitive for the rest of his life. Was it worth it? Should he abort the mission? He didn’t hesitate of course. This was the perfect time, CPU would be too busy with apprehending Mitch Crowne. Little did they know that he was going to take advantage of his colleague going rogue. Tanner took his eye of the scope and looked at the picture, George really had to do something about his weight. He wasn’t nervous, his blood pressure at a low when he heard the word that would make him a rich former government assassin. ‘Take him out.’

The glass burst and Edouard Russel was hit right in his head. He was death as soon the bullet went through his forehead. George fell to the ground just two metres away from his death colleague. Russel’s skull was shattered all over the place with little pieces of brain and a lot of blood.

‘Target assassinated’, Tanner reported before he stood up and walked towards the door. He could hear the alarm was set off, he didn’t rush or became nervous. After every assassination, Tanner always stayed calm. In this job it meant the difference between survival and death. Before agents found the shooters nest, Tanner was already sitting in a bus heading for Washington International Airport.

Texel, near Cocksdorp, Mai 7 2009

She arrived at George’s mansion around 10 in the morning. His house was located near the sea in the dunes and hard to find. Eveline left her car with her gun in her hand. Eveline carries two guns, a Beretta 8000, in black colour and a heckler & koch MK23. She almost never used the Beretta which was in her leg holster. The reason she hasn’t, is because she was to good in her job to let things go out of her hands. The Beretta is easy to carry, but it’s only an effective gun in short distances. This Beretta was only used two times when she executed one of her secondary targets in a mission. The heckler and koch was her favourite hand gun. It performed great under difficult circumstances and it was usable in a long distant compared with normal hand guns. She also used a silencer. Before Eveline went into the house, she noticed another car was parked in front of the building. It must have been Mitch’s car. She texted Mr. Home to find out more about the car. License plate was ZF-04-GN. An old Mercedes type (190D). By the colour, Eveline figured out that Mitch had a good taste. The colour was bornite.

Eveline opened the front door and expected to find at least one person in the house. But whoever was here to meet George, he didn’t kill him and left him in his own house. She went to the backyard were also no one was to be found. What has happened here? Eveline went back into the house and searched the house for secret spaces. She found a hidden basement were George kept his gun collection and eventually stumbled on a computer. Before she could start it, she was phoned again.

‘Did you get the information I asked for?’

‘I’m positive that the Mercedes with licence plate ZF-04-GN was stolen last night in Texel’s harbour.’

‘Damn that was fast.’

‘Eveline, you are in George’s house as of this moment. Have you found any tracks of Mr. Crowne or George?’

‘None of them are in the house. I found a computer and I detected some cameras through the house. Maybe they can help me further.’

‘Be fast Eveline, Dutch authorities will be on their way also. You must be gone before the party begins.’

‘He’s not death!’

‘You disbanded two Dutch agents. I assure you, they didn’t like your actions.’

‘Understood. But I need help with cracking George’s password.’

‘We already have, George is a very predictable man.’


‘You can leave the bureau, the bureau will never leave you Eveline.’

‘Thanks. I’ll get to you as soon as I find out more.’

Eveline found the camera recordings. She was seeing how the Mercedes pulled over when an airplane was flying over the house. “Nicely timed” , Eveline said to herself. The man who was getting out of the car probably knew about the cameras. He wore his sunglasses which covered his eyes. But from Eveline’s point of view, she somehow knew that she was looking at Mitch Crowne. He entered the house and managed to stay as invincible for the cameras he could. This was the first footage of him being alive and well since he left the Swedish prison. The cameras didn’t record audio, but she witnessed how Mitch and George were talking to each other on the porch in the backyard. George’s face expression had no signs of stress and panic. Mitch put away his gun and eventually they left the porch together. She followed the two and figured out they went to George’s garage. “Dammit!” She shouted. Eveline send the camera footage to CPU in a rush before deleting the files of Mitch Crowne’s appearance and her own. She left the house and ran to her car when a shot was fired almost killing her immediately. She took cover behind her car and got phoned.

‘Eveline, we have confirmed that Mitch Crowne was the man behind the sunglasses. Good work.’

‘Listen! I’m being shot at from a far distance!’

‘Is it Mitch Crowne?’

‘Listen, send me back-up. I can’t do shit from this distance. He must use a sniper.’

‘Did he miss you?’

‘Dammit, how could I speak with you if he did shot me!’

‘It’s not him. This must be someone else.’

‘What if Mitch didn’t kill Neagley?’

‘Than the guy behind this sniper is probably the guy who did.’

‘Why didn’t you tell me that we’re not the only ones hunting for Mitch!’

‘We have no intel about other parties involved in the capture of Mitch.’

‘Well you’re intel sucks, were stays that back-up.’(another shot fired)

‘You must take care of yourself Eveline. We have no one on the island and the Dutch authorities won’t be on time either.’


Earlier that morning; Georges house

‘Edward Stiles life’s remotely in a big mansion on one of the Maltese Islands. I can lead you to his house and give you a hiding place, But I think you will cover that one up yourself.’

‘You have to be more specific George.’

‘I can show you the exact address and direct satellite visual, but not here.’

‘Where do we need to go?’

‘Have you already thought about a way of the island?’

‘You have one plane too many George, I will fix that problem.’

‘I was afraid you would say that.’

‘George, where do we have to go. I’m on a very strict schedule. ‘

‘We need to go to the hangar. I have a container near it where I kept some of the bureau’s good stuff.’

‘You’re a good man George, but if you screw me, I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger.’

‘You have my word Mitch.’

‘Then let’s go. We’ll take your car.’

Ten minutes later; George and Mitch

George and Mitch took George’s old ford Mustang. George drove it while Mitch was sitting behind him. with his hand on his gun. While they were driving away from George’s house, he noticed a car pulling over next to his. ‘She’s good.’ Mitch told George.

‘She was the best replacement we could ever get for you and Ewing. The second best assassin we have at this moment in my opinion. Perhaps better then you.’ George had a small display in the middle of his car between the driver and the co-driver’s seat. It was a visual from above his house. ‘Mitch, have a look at that.’ Mitch leaned forward and saw a visual of George’s house and the surroundings.

‘How can you do that?’

‘I don’t. This is CPU moderating Eveline’s mission.’

‘The technical department must has been working very hard. We didn’t have this in my time.’

‘One of these flies above Stile’s mansion.’

‘A satellite?’

‘A drone. We use smaller more operable technology these days.’

‘And you have access?’

‘The bureau never leaves you Mitch. I’m tasked with keeping an eye on some targets. Malta does not extradite. But the bureau is secretly working on getting Edward Stiles into the UK who does. Then he can finally be put on trial.’

‘Did you see what I see George.’

‘A second man? Is he working together with Eveline?

‘Damn, that’s not looking good for her. She won’t stand a chance from that distance.’

‘We need to help her Mitch, she does not deserve to be killed!’

‘George, pull over.’ George pulled over and Mitch didn’t move a muscle or say anything for a minute. Then he left the car. Don’t see this as me being nice. Let’s say that this is me paying for your help. I don’t need to remind you of what I’m going to do if you aren’t here when I return.’

‘I won’t leave, but hurry up!’


Ewing Tanner

He was laying nine hundred metres away and missed his first shot. How could he miss his target while she didn’t knew what was going to happen. He never missed. Maybe he was indeed getting to old for this job. But the Russians paid him very good. Killing Mitch Crowne would become a pay check of two and a half million dollars. Bringing him in alive would be the double. But Ewing knew better than that and he wasn’t greedy. Killing Eveline Turner was not his plan. But she was getting in his way. She was a good replacement, that he did know. However, you can’t beat the best with a Heckler en Koch with a distance of nine hundred metres. She brought him right on track to find Mitch, but she knew too damn much. Soon she would find out that Neagley was killed because she was about to find out that the Russians were responsible for the murder of the Vice-President back in 2001. And all because of good luck. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to inform Eveline about her knowledge. Because Eveline would sure as hell put the pieces together and find out about what happened in 2001. Ewing shot three more times at Eveline, just to scare her and get her to move. She was patient.

Eveline Turner

Eveline didn’t know what to do. If it was Mitch behind the sniper, it would mean her death if she moved a muscle. If it was someone else, she maybe had a chance to reach the house in time before getting killed. Three shots were fired but it didn’t scare her off. She knew she would be safe if she wouldn’t move. But when a forth shot was fired, she knew that the situation just had changed from dangerous to deadly. The shooter was moving. How could see know which range the shooter had. She couldn’t see him so she had to think. The shooter was nine hundred metres away but moving to the west. If he would keep the same distance and wanted a clear shot, it meant another five minutes before he was on the right spot. Another was shot fired that went right through the car. .50 bullets. This was bad. He only had to shoot six times after each other with these bullets and she was death. In Mitch Crowne’s document she read his favourite line in bad situations was: “Sometimes, you must take a leap of faith.” Well this would be a giant leap. Eveline sighed a few times and took a deep breath. She stood up and ran as fast as she could towards the house, the window to be precisely.

Ewing Tanner

She had balls, he couldn’t deny that. But she just signed her death sentence. Of course he could shoot a few times after each other to kill her, and she must have known that. But he would move as long as he needed to kill her with a headshot. He liked to play a little. But now that she stood up it was getting easier, much more easier for him. A shame she had to die, that he had to tear apart her beautiful face. While he said in himself ‘I’m sorry my lady.’ He pulled the trigger…

[Chapter 5:
**]The Assassination

Washington, 20 January 2001

It was all over the news, worldwide. Vice-president Willard Elderson was assassinated in Philadelphia by an unknown assassin at the time. Elderson was a president candidate to take over the seat in the white house from President Harry Barnes. He was preaching about religion and faith in front of the Philadelphia Museum of art building. After his speech he was about to leave the podium. The crowd panicked as two gunshots were fired. Elderson was in his sixties, 1.73 metres long and weighed 86 kilogram. His grey coloured head was hit one time above his left eye which cause to crack open the back of his skull. A second shot hit him 0.87 second later straight in the heart. Six minutes later his body was covered with a white sheet and a small army of secret agents kept press and other folks away from the crime scene while FBI agents were about to start their investigation. One day prior to David Palmer’s presidential inauguration.

In the meantime

Mitch Crowne knew that there wasn’t much time. He disabled his weapon but did not take it with him. It would be the last day he would use this weapon. The weapon he already killed more than 25 targets with. Vice-president Willard Elderson was suspected of holding contacts with other influential government persons around the world behind the presidents back. Who the other’s were was a death end, but Mitch knew about Elderson’s involvement and he would never get a serious trial. With the current system, he would even get away with it.

Today’s action would change his life dramatically. It wouldn’t last long before every agency of America would hunt him down. And he would let them. Because it was his mission to do so. And he never questioned his superiors. Willard Elderson had to die because if his treason would be exposed, there was no way of preventing a national wide or perhaps an international wide conflict. His weapon was now divided into pieces and all the parts were put in a bag. He left the roof via a cable that burned itself when Mitch lit it up. Mitch walked towards North 20th street where he dumped the bag in a container. A car was waiting for him but he didn’t get in. No, he wouldn’t make it that easy for them. Mitch put on a wig, a cap and sunglasses and took the bus. Before anyone would find his gun or his agency would find out that he fled, he would be already out of the city. Since it was before the attacks of September 2001, cities didn’t have a concrete plan to close the city.

Two hours later

“Always have a back-up plan,” that’s how he stayed in the game. A plan that nobody knows about except for himself. The last link he had with the chaos prevention unit (CPU) was his cell phone. Mitch was standing in front of Cross keys airport where a private plane would bring him to Canada. Somehow he couldn’t reach Edouard Russell. Why didn’t he answer his phone? He sure as hell wouldn’t lose it. Russell was a careful man. He tried to reach him again and his call was being answered by an unknown man (George).

‘Mitch Crowne, where the hell are you for god’s sake?’

‘Who is this?’

‘Promise me you weren’t the one who pulled the trigger!’

‘One last time before I throw away this phone, who are you?’

‘Why did you kill Edouard Mitch! He was like a father to you.’ Mitch didn’t say a word. ‘Answer me!’

‘It wasn’t me.’ Mitch said before he threw away his phone.

Texel, near Cocksdorp, Mai 7 2009

Eveline Turner opened her eyes. Her hands and arms were bleeding some because of the injuries she incurred by jumping through the window. A few seconds ago she ran as fast as she could towards the window in order to prevent a sharp shooter from killing her. At the moment she ran, she heard two shots being fired. But she was still alive. Was she hit somewhere? She couldn’t feel it anyway. Maybe because she was filled with adrenaline. She turned around, so she was lying with her back on the ground and saw where she jumped through the window. If the shooter was still alive, he was on his way to check upon her, so she had to act quickly. She felt her legs, arms and torso, she wasn’t shot. She survived, again. Eventually luck would run out, but not today, well not yet. Slowly she was catching her breath again and pulled herself towards the wall. She grabbed her gun and checked it. Then she was called.

‘So I have seen you survived Eveline.’

‘Why am I not surprised that you call me.’

‘I guess you want to know why your still alive.’

‘Was it Mitch Crowne who pulled the trigger?’

‘Yes.. He saved your life Eveline.’

‘What do you mean he saved my life?’

‘Get your ass moving Eveline, he took out the shooter for you. He must like you I think. But now you must take advantage of it.’

‘I don’t get it.’

‘We have a drone above the house, we can see live footage from here. A second guy shot the sniper at the same time it fired at you. It cause the bullet to move on inch more to the left so it didn’t even hit the house.’

‘Why would the hunted save the hunter? And I never met him in my whole life.’

‘He saved your ass and lost a lot of time fighting with the shooter. Wherever he is going to, you must hurry.’

‘You have a drone up there, why don’t you follow him yourself?’

‘We lost him. And we don’t know when we can catch up with him again. Your our last chance in getting him today.’

‘Where would he go, how is he planning to escape? He can’t just go back with the ferry.’

‘How would you do it?’

Moments earlier

Ewing was too much focussed on taking out Eveline that he forgot about the basics. When you can, finish it. If you don’t, it will finish you. Mitch wasn’t in time to interrupt. His 9×19 parabellum bullet was. He was surprised to see his former colleague Ewing Tanner was the person behind the sniper. Ewing was even more surprised to see his nemesis. Mitch could have killed Ewing with a bullet, but he had other plans.

‘Didn’t expect you here Ewing, what’s your deal?’

‘Two and a halve million, for just your head.’



‘Okay, shall we finish our relation like wolves, or perhaps you want to go like sheep?’

‘Bring it on Crowne.’

Ewing attacked Mitch with his southpaw but missed him. ‘Getting slow Tanner.’ Mitch kept dancing on both his feet and dodged two more attempts. Then he kicked with his right feet on Ewing’s knee and broke it. Ewing couldn’t move anymore and two seconds later Mitch placed his left elbow on Ewing’s kidney. This caused Ewing to fall on his back trying to breathe without much success. Mitch took his time and walked towards Ewing.

‘You never knew the Russians made you do it didn’t you. Mitch, you can kill me, they will never forget what you did. (laughing) They first played you and then the Americans did the same for five long years in Sweden. They will come and get you Mitch one way or another.’

‘Well, I’m not planning on becoming a granddad Ewing.’

Mitch choked Ewing to death and left a mark on his body. ‘You were good Ewing, now you are free. Goodbye my friend.’

Texel, Postweg, Mai 7 2009

Eveline was driving the Mercedes that was stolen by Mitch since her own car didn’t start as result of one of Ewing’s bullets. She had asked herself a couple of times what she would do. Texel was surrounded by water, Mitch would never be able to flee by boat. Not even by the boat she arrived that morning. So there was only one more possibility. Air is everywhere, you just have to find an airplane. And there was only one spot at the island that had airplanes. Mitch was heading for Texel International Airport!

While she was driving on the Postweg she was again phoned by her boss. If the things would go as she had planned, Mitch would be apprehended before it would be twelve o ‘clock. It would be the catch of the year she knew. But the only question that remained was, why did he save her life? It bothered her along the way, but it didn’t change her mission.

‘You found him again? A little late isn’t it? He’s heading for the airport.’

‘How did you find out Eveline?’

‘Not because of the pay check I receive at the end of the month.’

‘Good one, nice to hear you haven’t lost your sense of humour.’

‘It’s not that hard to find out what he’s planning. George owns two planes here on the island. Since a boat is no option, it only can be possible to flee by plane.’

‘Where would he go?’

‘I will ask him when I catch him.’

‘Be careful and keep me posted.’

Texel, International Airport, Mai 7 2009

Eveline was a fast driver. She liked speed so much that she would have made a terrific formula one driver. She the airfield within twenty minutes after she got shot at George’s house. She already forgot about that. She had only one thing in mind and it would be another mark on her successful career. Mitch Crowne was the best of his days, after today, she would become the best of hers.

Texel International Airport is not much of a normal airfield. Well, it is a field, green as grass and a small airstrip. This was used primarily for tourism, and a few private pilots with their private airplanes. With only two hangars it was hard to say in which one George’s planes were standing. But she found George’s car across the Airport hotel. What if they weren’t in the hangar yet? Eveline didn’t take any risk. She first checked if Mitch and George where in one of the hangars. But she couldn’t find them.

Texel, International Airport Hotel, Mai 7 2009

Then she received a text. “In the hotel,” probably from Mr. Home. Eveline trusted him blindly and ran towards the hotel and asked a clerk.

‘Have you seen two men arriving together here the last couple of minutes?’

‘yes, mister George Hammond and his nephew.’

‘Great, he’s my uncle and I need to speak with him badly about my nephew.’

‘Why madam?’

‘Because my nephew carries a gun.’

‘Shall I call the cops, yeah I, I must call them.’

‘First you help me kid! Where can I find them?’

‘I can’t put you in danger. I need to protect you.’

‘I ask one more time politely, where?’ (shows her badge)

‘Room five-eighteen.’

‘Thank you, now close the elevator, that would help me a lot. oh, and don’t try to kill yourself with that ha.’ (Pointing at a baseball bat)

Texel, International Airport Hotel, Mai 7 2009

‘George, you need to finish up, she’s on time for the party.’

‘That’s what I like so much about Eveline Mitch, she’s a women and always on time.’

‘You’re and old and strange man George. Are you done?’

‘Yes I am, I have uploaded everything about Stiles’ residence into this USB-stick. You will find yourself a way in, I made some suggestions but in my opinion, you will find a better one.’

‘I can see it. Perfect. Thank you for your help George.’

‘You know you’re probably going to die in that house, don’t you?’

‘I can’t see a better way to die George. At least I am the one who can choose a date and a day.’

‘You we’re a special kid in your youth. So talented and so strong for an orphan. Edouard loved you as his son. I liked you as my employee. Guess this is goodbye.’

‘Don’t get to sentimental George, we both know that I’m better for this world when I’m death.’

‘Good luck.’ (Both men shake hands)

‘So which plane do you love the most?’ Mitch asked jokingly…

[Chapter 6:

Texel, International Airport Hotel, Mai 7 2009

Eveline took the stairs to the fifth floor. Mitch Crowne couldn’t get out of the building unless he would pass Eveline. And that wouldn’t happen in a thousand years. She was better than Mitch and she was about to proof it. With her Heckler & Koch in her hands she passed the fourth floor. He was within reach and she almost was on the fifth floor when she got phoned. “Not now, not now.“She told to herself. Eveline Turner was highly skilled as assassin, from today onwards she would also be known as one of the best bounty hunters. She wasn’t up for a career change at first, but the chasing began to become addictive. Perhaps she would consider a career change afterwards. Room Eighteen was of course on the end of the hallway. Why would George even have a hotel room she asked herself? Mitch still had to be inside, couldn’t be otherwise. Unless the clerk lied, but she didn’t felt that way. And she was good in reading people’s minds, just like Mitch. Only Mitch was able to read others on his twelfth! But he grew up in different circumstances. He had no choice in becoming what he is today, she did and she found it worth it every minute. How many life’s she already had saved were uncountable. She passed door 5-16 and knew the moment of truth would come within the minute. Then she remembered her boss telling her that Mitch saved her life. Get him alive was the mission. Should she thank him for saving her? Was that professional? Didn’t matter, Eveline stood right next to door five eighteen. Just as she was about to kick in the door, she heard George saying: ‘You’re too late Eveline.’ He was still alive. Wait! What did he say? Kicking in a door has nothing to do with weight or muscles, speed is the important factor. Take a good run-up and you can kick open a locked door.

Eveline stood in the middle of the room where George was sitting in his chair. Not bound and unharmed. With a slightly visible smile it seemed like he was waiting for her. His eyes told her she was welcome, but where was Mitch?

‘While I’m really glad to see you in flesh and blood again, I won’t waste your time Eveline. He’s gone and you can’t catch him now.’

‘What do you mean he’s gone? Where is he?’

‘Probably in my favourite plane making his way out of here.’

‘How did he escape me?’

‘You really should have answered that phone. Although I’m glad you didn’t.’ (A plane motor can be heard) Eveline walks towards the window which is still open.

‘Always have an escape plan, you could find that in his file.’

‘How did he leave the building?’

‘He has some special tools that he buy’s on the black market.’

‘The same kind as when he killed the vice president?’ (The plane drives towards the airstrip)

‘There you go. Want a coffee?’

‘I really thought that I would get him today.’

‘You will catch him very soon Eveline, I know that.’

‘Why would you know that?’

‘Because he wants you to. Only not yet.’

‘I don’t care about his agenda, and I’m very capable of catching him on my own.’

‘Mitch is what you say a different story. He has no conscience and is pure evil from inside. That’s how we created him. But we did teach him about justice. To feed his needs, he was thought to use his rage for the good. Now he has only one name left to take care of before he’s finished. After that his life has no purpose anymore. He doesn’t care if he’s going to die which he probably will.’

‘Where is he going?’ (the plane takes off and heads towards south.)



‘As I said, there’s one name left to take care of. Edward Stiles was responsible for killing his father Harvey. Then he hired someone to kill the last man that Mitch cared about. Ewan Tanner was the man behind the sniper, Edward was the one who ordered the hit.’

‘Why did Tanner agree?’

‘He thought it was me getting killed. I refused to save him from being apprehended by Chinese authorities back in 2001.’

‘I need to go.’

‘Do you ever wonder why you have to bring in Mitch alive?’

‘I’m not paid to ask questions George. You should know.’

‘It’s funny how things come full circle Eveline. But I think it doesn’t matter anyway what they want with Mitch. After all he’s about to commit suicide there in Malta.’

‘Not if I catch him first.’

‘I wish you all the luck you can get, but you must not underestimate him. Want one last piece of advice?’

‘Depends on it old man?’

‘Let him do what he wants to do, afterwards if he survives, it will be much more easier to catch him. Alive.’

Moscow, 10 September 2001

John Raiser was in Moscow for one purpose, while he was investigating a double homicide together with his Russian counterpart Ivan Groyetski it became clear that the suspect was an American. That made things even more tense but both Groyetski and Raiser kept their new knowledge quiet in order to find out why an American assassinated an American diplomat and a Russian Ambassador. It was clear that the assassin went rogue earlier that year when he killed the vice-President. However, before John Raiser and Groyetski could finish their task, they were both pulled off the case. Raiser returned to the United States while Groyetski had to write a rapport about the case. In the plane on his way to Maxwell Air force Base (Mississippi), John Raiser received the reason why he was pulled of the case.

‘Major Raiser, you’re speaking directly with George Dreyfuss. I know about you’re last case and I would like to explain why you’re pulled of it.’

‘I’m listening.’

‘Earlier this morning, Mitch Crowne was apprehended in Sweden by the Swedish secret service. As you already knew, he was also responsible for killing the vice-president. That he also killed a Russian ambassador, caused a very tense situation between America and Russia. Because of his involvement in the assassinations, we decided to close the case and pull you back for your next mission. We will take over from here. Do you understand?’

‘What’s happening now?’

‘That’s classified as you would understand major Raiser. Anymore questions?’

‘Of course, but I already know you’re answers. My report will be available tomorrow.’

‘You don’t have to write one Major Raiser, we want to keep things off the record. If you have no more questions than I’m going to end this conversation.’

‘Which conversation?’, Raiser said before Dreyfuss hung up.

Malta, International Airport, Mai 15 2009

After she missed Mitch in Texel, she took the first plane to Malta. She was stationed in Haz-Zebbug with a small team of technical specialists. The only way that Mitch would arrive in Malta was by plane. Of course there was the opportunity to travel by boat, but Mitch would have no reason to hide since Malta doesn’t extradite. With the assistance of drones, her team could easily keep an eye on the airport while Maltese stationed agents also were alerted about the arrival of Mitch Crowne. In one week, there was no sign of Mitch Crowne anywhere near Malta, the last thing that Eveline knew about Mitch was that George’s plane was found in France near Clermont-Ferrand. From there he either stole a car or he travelled by train further south. Eveline predicted that Mitch would take an airplane in Marseille to Malta, but which day that would be was uncertain. Waiting is normally one of her biggest assets, patience is very important when you take a shot from eight hundred metres or more. Today would be her lucky day.

One of Eveline’s technical team members was Gary Johnston. He was twenty-six years old, had a wife and two children. This was his first job across the border. He was considered a great asset to CPU and was the youngest employee. He was tall, approximately 1.94 metres and had a slim figure. He knew everything about Mitch Crowne and somewhat envied him. The man who could only be found when he wants you to. The man who shot the vice-president and got away with it. He must feel like he’s the most free man on this globe.

‘He’s here, I can’t believe my eyes but that must be him!’ He shouted.

Eveline walks towards Gary and takes a look at the screen he’s looking at.

‘He dyed his hair?’

‘I think so, he doesn’t look like the type that wears a wig.’

‘Are you sure it’s him?’

‘He checked in under his own name. Guess that China and Russia are wide awake also.’

‘What a fool’, Eveline said.

‘That’s your opinion. He’s f*cking bad-ass.’

‘You want me to get an autograph for you?’

‘He saved your life because he felt like to do so. The person that hunts him down!’

‘You got that right, he’s going down!’

‘Yates, you’re coming with me. Gary, try not to get too excited about his appearance will you?’

Before Mitch even could leave the airport hall, Eveline and Yates were already waiting on the outside. Yates was an afro-American who was muscled like Will Smith, tall as Will Smith and almost had the same voice as Will Smith. He wore an Hawaiian shirt which displayed his biceps. Yates stayed close to his car while Eveline went to the other side of the entrance. Mitch went to a locker were he grabbed a suitcase looking like the one he carried with him. His short brown hair was dyed blonde in a local barbershop in Marseille. He also was tanned by the Mediterranean sun. He looked like a tourist. He left the airport via the emergency exit which caused the alarm to go off. This also resulted in Eveline being distracted. At the time she was focused again, she saw a glimpse of Mitch Crowne entering an almost empty bus. Eveline ran towards the bus which almost left. ‘Yates, I’m going to disappoint you. You’ll hear from me later.’ She left her earpiece on the sidewalk and entered the bus. ‘You need to buy a ticket madam’, the bus driver said politely. Eveline paid five dollars for a ticket and saw that there were only seven passengers. One man, one man with blonde short hair. She walked towards the four seat where the blonde man was sitting and took a seat in front of him.

‘I take it you already know who I am mister Crowne?’

‘Eveline Turner, how nice to see you again. Enjoying Malta lately?’

‘Not really, but the part where I enjoy is coming real close you might want to know.’

‘That’s great miss Turner. Or may I say Eveline.’

‘You may call me whatever you want, cause you’re going straight with me.’

‘Eveline, I wanted to meet you in person one time. That’s why I checked out under my real name.’

‘Really foolish Mitch, to do so. I would get you anyway, you’re just making it easier for me. Don’t try to outsmart me. I know damn well you carry a gun in that briefcase.’

‘You should pay some more attention, why would I carry a gun in a bag?(shows that he carries a bomb) Now that I have your attention, you better listen to me. I’m going to finish what I’ve started back in 2001 and you can’t stop me. I’m honoured that they sent a person with your capabilities after me. But don’t push your luck Eveline.’

‘You think you can just run around wild and get away with it?’

‘No, I don’t. You see, I don’t really care about rules and systems. Always had trouble with authorities. But I give you my word. If I manage to survive Malta. I will surrender myself to you, and only you. If I die, I die. I promise you this, if you get in my way, I am going to be the one that pulls the last trigger you are going to hear.’

‘What are you going to do with that?’

‘Oh this, just my insurance.’

‘Why did you save me?’

‘I like you’re smile and love your attitude.’

‘Should I feel thankful?’

‘As long as there’s only one thing you do feel, it’ll prevent you from ending up like me.’

‘See you soon mister Crowne.’

‘Looking forward to it Eveline. If you won’t mind, I’d like to finish my paper.’

[Chapter 7:
**]Leap Of Faith

Gozo, Stiles’ Mansion, Mai 16 2009

Edward Stiles was looking in the mirror. He was almost fifty-eight years old, rich and very much alive. He was starting to get bald but some surgery could fix that. He lived in a huge mansion, probably one of the biggest on this island. He owned his own private beach which was located directly behind his backyard. His brown eyes were the only thing of him that didn’t age since 1991. He survived desert storm and was rewarded the bronze medal two times. There were only a few that knew about his not so heroic actions. And he knew that the day would come that living in paradise like he did now, would come to an end. Malta didn’t extradite, so he wouldn’t end in jail. And he was a very clever man, he would never leave the island alive. He also paid his personal bodyguards enough that they would give their life’s for him. But he always had a plan if things would get awry.

For years he had thought that the only man that could interfere his comfortable life was a retired CIA director called George Dreyfuss. And Edward knew that the man was too old and too tired to hunt him down. He probably wouldn’t even survive entering the front gate. Years ago he ordered the hit on Edouard Russel, because Russel knew about Stiles’ connections with Russians. He bought his own caretaker and government assassin to assassinate Russel. Not with much money, but by pretending Russel was Dreyfuss. Ewing Tanner held a huge grudge against Dreyfuss for selling him out to the Chinese. But since guys like Tanner never knew about their superiors identity, he did the job for free thinking that Russel was Dreyfuss. Since that day Ewing did a lot of jobs for Stiles. The poor man would never know that he killed the wrong guy.

One year before Russel was assassinated, the intelligent man informed his best assassin about Stiles and his possible treason. That assassin started to spent his spare time on Stiles’ proceedings and eventually dug so deep that he uncovered a complete complot that involved high-ranked politicians from Russia and the United States. Stiles never knew about this assassin until one of the politicians involved was assassinated three hours later than Edouard Russel. Stiles always thought that it was a revenge act when he figured out that the assassin was Mitch Crowne. Son of Harvey, a man that Stiles killed because he couldn’t stand him. When Mitch was apprehended in September that year, it was believed that he was sentenced to death. Not a word was spoken about I’m again. And that was good news for Stiles. Before he was caught in Sweden, he was able to kill another four politicians involved in the complot. Two of them were a Russian ambassador and an American diplomat. The other two were kept classified. Only one person survived Mitch Crowne, only one person who was involved in the complot that never was resolved. That person was Edward Stiles himself. When he found out that Mitch was very much alive and reported missing for three years, he always expected that he would soon stand on his doorstep. He never came!

Eventually in three years, Edward would begin with looking over his shoulder and later became anxious. He was once a cold blooded man and would like to take care of Mitch Crowne. Three years went by and that man was gone. The waiting, the patience, feeling like a prey every minute he was awake, it was a terrible feeling that was slowly tearing Stiles’ ego apart. Some bodyguards joked that Stiles’ became very old in the last three years. After three years Edward had his doubts about Mitch being alive. But nonetheless his nightmare became true. One day ago, Mitch Crowne had checked out on Malta International airport. The boogieman was coming, his sins finally caught up with him.

He took a look at the left. Some pictures were hanging next to the mirror. Pictures of his old team, his children whom he hadn’t seen since their third. Then his phone began to ring. It was laying on the closet on the right of the mirror. With a last look in the mirror he took a deep breath.

‘Tanner?’, he said with a deep voice to sound confident.

‘You’re going to die’, the other voice said.

Edward walked towards the window and pulled the left curtain aside. He looked scared and his hands were shaking. If everything went according to his plan, he would become a very old and happy man. Before he could say anything, he saw a blink of light from far away. Probably four hundred metres away. If the bullet was meant for him, he would never have enough time to say: “Damn.” Again, another blink and again and again. It was desert storm all over again. Seven shots. None that killed him.. Panic everywhere in the house…

Malta, Haz-Zebbug, Mai 15 2009

Eveline and Yates returned to their base after Eveline had her chat with Mitch. She wasn’t furious or disappointed and hadn’t spoken a word with Yates about what happened in the bus. She was thinking about the why’s and the what’s. Why did her department want to catch so desperately this lunatic of a man and what will happen then. You won’t go through all this trouble just to put a man away they released from prison three years ago. It didn’t make sense! And she shouldn’t even think about it but after months of hunting and just one descent conversation with the primary suspect, she began to question her mission. If she wants to, she could finish it easily today. Killing him was easy. Why does she have to catch him?

‘So you don’t know where he is as of now?’

‘Yates! If I say I don’t then I don’t!’

‘You were together with him in that bus. You know that I know.’

‘It’s not your business Yates. Don’t stick your pretty boy face where it shouldn’t be.’

‘Fuck this Turner! We could have had him!’

‘He was carrying a bomb Yates. In a bus!’

‘So, you could have stopped him right? He wouldn’t blow up himself.’

‘You think that I wouldn’t stop him if I could?’

‘I never questioned you Turner until now. In my opinion you’re not up for the bounty hunting job.’

‘It’s not bounty hunting Yates. It’s just taking in a fugitive for a normal pay day.’

‘So what now? We’re going to wait until the guy is done with being a tourist?’

‘I know exactly where we can find him Yates.’

‘Why didn’t you say then?’

‘Because you don’t ask Yates. I tell you what to do. Now pack your bag, were leaving in half an hour.’

One minute later, Eveline receives a call from Mr. Home asking her how things go so far on Malta. She gives him the news about the appearance of Mitch Crowne and that they will have him in custody within two days.

‘I’m counting on it Turner.’

‘You have my word.’ (And Mitch’s she thought)

‘Very well, I will contact you tomorrow.’

Gozo, In the neighbour of Stiles’ mansion, Mai 16 2009

‘Seven shots Turner. How long do you want us to keep a low profile?’

‘I’m going in, dark. Yates, you’re in lead as of now, but don’t get in there for at least another fifteen minutes. Do you understand me?’

‘It’s not my decision to make, don’t get yourself killed special agent Turner.’ Yates said with a blink.

Eveline left the CPU fan and used some drone footage to retrieve Crowne’s location. He was located four hundred and eighty-eight metres away from Stiles’ mansion. Eveline walked towards the building and found a hole in the wall which was previously covered up with wood. She ran upstairs which was more dangerous then she thought. The stairs seemed to be just strong enough to hold her, but she knew that if Mitch could use the stairs, then she could use it also. The building could be described as one big concrete block with only the wooden stairs in it. The first floor, the second floor and even the third floor were all missing. When she reached the fourth floor it was clear to her that also this floor was about to collapse. The fourth floor was one huge space. The walls were almost all demolished, so the building itself could be demolished more easily. All the windows were covered with wooden plates, the windows that once gave a beautiful sight from within the apartments which were located in this building. There was only two windows that would give a clean shot at Stile’s mansion. Mitch was gone, so was his weapon. Eveline received confirmation from Yates that Mitch was spotted in Stiles’ backyard. How could he be so fast?

Mitch left the building via one of his cables that would disappear when they were lit on fire. He was too heavy to run hard on the wooden stairs with his sniper in a bag. He somehow knew that Eveline would show up within a few minutes. And he couldn’t risk being stopped by her. Cause if that would happen, he had to break his promise with George and kill her. After he left the building, he jumped on a moped that was parked in the alley next to the building and was within three minutes at Stiles’ front gate. He disabled the camera and put his moped against the gate. Then he used a can of benzene to create a distance between the moped and him so that he could safely enlighten the fuel trace which would blow up the moped and the gate.

Eveline was downstairs within two minutes and risked falling through the stairs. She knew that Mitch was going to kill Stiles, she wanted to be there in order to catch Crowne afterwards. But if her team already knew that Mitch was I the backyard, then how could it be that Stiles’ henchman didn’t already found out where Mitch was. While she walked in the street towards Stiles’ house she thought to smell benzene but ignored the smell. “If I was Mitch, how would I enter Stiles’ mansion?” She thought. If I go via the front gate, it will mean suicide, but weren’t the walls to high to climb without getting noticed? While she was standing against the massive walls that protected Stiles’ mansion, she began to realize that there’s one spot that isn’t covered with high walls. The beach! But Mitch would never be able to have travelled such a long distance in such a short time. She called Yates.

‘Time to get our hands dirty boss?’

‘No, not until we found Mitch. I need you to check something for me!’


‘Refresh your visual on Mitch, now!’

‘Still in the backyard, he’s moving.’

‘Something isn’t right Yates. it’s not him!’

‘Then at who are we looking at?’

‘I think Stiles’ camera system has been compromised.’

‘We’ll get into it. Anything else?’

‘Yeah, pack your bags, we’re going home within the hour.’

Mitch prepared everything in the detail. He had taken out seven of Stiles’ henchman. They were all cold blooded killers, so their blood on his hands didn’t affect the little humanity that he still thought to have. The camera he disabled was his way into Stiles’ camera system. Outsiders would think he was in the backyard, but he knew that Stiles’ wouldn’t be fooled with this trap. But he was prepared. The explosion that would happen soon would distract Stiles and his man, but it also would get the attention of Malta’s finest. Mitch didn’t plan on harm innocents, so he hoped that he was done before they would show up. Which meant he had three to five minutes after the explosion. While he walked through Stiles’ neighbours backyard towards the sea he decided to make one final call. ‘Scared yet?’

Eveline knew that Mitch would enter the mansion on the back. And Stiles would also have that idea. But Mitch was driven by revenge, it affects your ability to think straight. She climbed over a smaller wall and ran towards the back of the house. She saw how a phone was thrown away by a man who was standing in the shadows. It was him. Couldn’t be coincidence. She didn’t shout at him or tried to arrest him. She saw what he was, a man all by himself, never killed the innocence and about to fulfil his last life goal. Avenge someone that killed his only chance of a normal childhood. Mitch’s journey was about to come full circle. His life purpose was soon to be fulfilled. Eveline thought about her own purpose, about how this all changed her life and interests. She knew that she would quit her job with CPU, maybe a job at the FBI or something. Instead of killing terrorist, saving innocents. Maybe get a family. She became more and more a normal person during this mission then she hoped for. Was it because of Mitch? Would she also end up like him if she stayed in this business long enough? Be someone without feelings? Before she regained her focus, Mitch swam around the corner on his way towards Stiles’ beach. “Shit”, she said to herself.

Eveline needed to cook up a plan and real fast. She took a look around her and knew there was only one way to go after Mitch. It would take her too long. But then again, her life was all about improvising. She had a healthy lack of doing what was expected of her. She was making her own choices at a young age and didn’t make them to piss people off, just because her choices were simply defining her. It made her feel free. A drainpipe, a house with a balcony across a huge wall. There was always another way. Better? The hell with better, she started to climb the drainpipe towards the second floor. Now that she was standing on the balcony, there was only this jump that was standing between her and Stiles’ backyard. She began to run. Step by step towards the ceiling, she took a giant leap and…

[Chapter 8:
**]Everybody Pays

Gozo, Stiles’ mansion, Mai 16 2009

Mitch was standing with both feet in the water. He just had thrown a bag with his artillery over the wall and made one last call with Edward Stiles, the man responsible for murdering his father. Memories come and go, but Mitch wasn’t good in letting them go. He still remembered his father before he was killed. Harvey Crowne, a loyal soldier but filled with questions about life, war and the universe. It wasn’t surprising Mitch when his second father (as he saw Edouard Russel) told him that Harvey had sympathy for the enemy. Not the terrorist or army, but the innocent people. Just before Russel died he told Mitch that his father was in love with an Eastern women. Harvey had saved her and was planning on early retirement and moving to the East or bringing her with him to complete his family again. The death of his father led him tight into the hands of CPU. Mitch was showing incredible skills at a young age and would become a great asset. He was an solo operative field agent (Assassin) for five years and had killed more than twenty six targets.

After five minutes swimming, he set feet on Stile’s mansion. He didn’t expect any henchman of Stiles at the beach. Since he killed seven, there would only be five left and Edward himself. And Mitch knew that Edward couldn’t call the police or reinforcements in such a short notice. Edward would withdraw him into his bulletproof chamber protected by the reaming five bodyguards. Mitch walked out of the water but stayed closely to the wall. He walked for another four metres and found his bag. These were filled with guns, a small telescope, a cell phone and a body armour and some dry clothes. While he was busy with taking off his swimsuit, he heard some noise coming from behind the wall. At this moment his upper body was naked when he heard some deep sights and the sound of someone that jumped of something.

Eveline Turner made a small calculation mistake and didn’t land on the wall as planned. After she landed on the wall, her movements made her fall forward. She was about to fall another six metres to the ground. She was certain this would break her a bone or two. ‘Shit’, she almost whispered. As she fell to the ground, she saw someone else turning around, looking straight into her eyes. He opened his arms and eventually she landed on him. Both their fall was broken by the bushes behind him. She lay on top of him while he was laying on his back in the bushes.

‘You like to make quite an entrance don’t you Eveline.’

‘Where are your clothes?’

‘I was planning on putting some dry ones on before miss Tarzan here decided to try out her wings.’

‘Well I had some red-bull an hour ago.’

‘You’re retarded Eveline. You should visit a shrink once in a while.’

‘Did you just say that mister I don’t give a fuck about life?’

‘Hey, I just did.’

‘You’re under arrest.’

‘If you are arrest, I’m starting to get why some criminals like to be “under” arrest.’

‘Think you’re funny Mitch?’

‘I f I was, I would be a comedian Eveline.’ (putting his gun against her side.)

‘So this is how you wanna end this?’

‘I just saved you’re life for the second time, I thought you would cut me some slack by now.’

‘Oh, should I get grateful and start to cry and give you thank you kisses?’

‘I wouldn’t mind that last part.’

‘A shame you’re going to prison, we could have a hell of date.’

‘You could visit me once in a while.’

One of Stiles henchman was walking towards them. He was send outside as soon as they heard some strange noises coming from the backyard. Edward and his other three men were standing on the balcony giving the fourth back-up.

Eveline was still sitting on top of Mitch when she heard the footsteps coming closer. ‘Shit’, she whispered. Mitch pulled her of him and grabbed something out of his bag. ‘What are you doing?’, Eveline asked.

‘You’re not the only one who makes an explosive entrance’, he answered and called a number.

The moped which was still standing against the gate exploded eleven seconds later distracting Stiles and all of his men. Eveline saw how Edward and his three henchmen on the balcony went back inside the house. She responded in a second and shot on the fourth henchman who was only three metres way. Het Heckler & Koch always performed. But she only shot once. He was hit twice. ‘Nice shot Eveline. We do have something in common.’

Eveline pointed her gun at Mitch while he pointed his shotgun at her. ‘I’m not going to let you escape twice Mitch.’ Mitch looked at her and lowered his weapon and turned around. The last thing he saw was that amazing look in her eyes. Mitch knew that if he would make on surprise move she would pull the trigger. It was the same look that he would have. ‘Why did you lower your gun she asked and stop walking!’ Mitch continued walking towards the house. ‘I only grab my gun if I’m going to use it.’

‘How touching, now stop walking!’

‘You know I can’t do that Eveline. So you’re either going to shoot me or you help me finish this before we get company.’

‘How much time do we have?’

‘Enough Eveline, three middle class henchman and an old scared man. Two minutes and I’m in the back of your fan that’s two streets away from here.’

Eveline dropped her gun and walked after Mitch. As they entered the house at the back, she saw through front window how the front gate was blown away and the remaining flames. Mitch walked upstairs without hesitance. She followed him quietly but did mad a phone call.

‘Yates, it’s me. Time to get out here. Park the fan in front of the gate. We’re going to be there in two minutes from now.’

‘Copy that boss. But we’re picking up movements from Gozo’s police department. You really should hurry up.’

Eveline didn’t even respond.

Edward Stiles sat on his bed. His second bed in this house. He never slept here because he was only in this room in time’s of emergency. His three henchmen were standing in different rooms to protect him. The walls were bulletproof. The door however was never materialized. He never thought that he had to use this room once. He looked again at his old team picture and knew that soon there would only be one survivor still alive. He had an appointment with death and he knew it. Soon he would pay for his sins. Mitch Crowne was not the boogieman, he was the one who got called to kill the boogieman. He didn’t kill just twenty five targets, he also killed allot more in order to kill those twenty five targets. And then there was his career in the Swedish prison where he became known as The Savage. Stiles knew that the things that Crowne did there dehumanised the man to such a deep, he could have better been put a bullet in too. Stiles was not scared at all. He sure as hell was nervous, but scared didn’t appear in his dictionary. He accepted his downfall. He lived his short life in a way ten life’s were spend. yes, you could say life would come full circle if Crowne would kill him instead of some other punk.

Eveline looked outside a window and saw that Yates had followed her instructions. She also saw how Mitch just continued to walk further. He must have been death empty if you could face death so senseless like he did. There were four man that could come from anywhere and kill him, yet he didn’t give a single fuck. Suddenly a door opened left of Mitch. Eveline aimed her gun on the door left. She knew how fast Mitch could react. She was right. The man was shot twice with Mitch’s shotgun. In his stomach and later in his head. When you get shot by a shotgun in your head, there won’t be much over of it afterwards. One minute was over and she heard the police coming from a distance. The second henchman had his door opened. Mitch grabbed the man’s gun and pulled the poor man to him with eventually his shotgun against the man’s stomach. He was death a tenth of second later. However, the third one was a surprise. He came from Eveline’s back at the same time that Mitch kicked open the door of Edward’s bulletproof room.

The third henchman shot at her but missed her by a hair. A shame, if she had the same amount of time she would easily put two bullets in the man’s brain. She shot at his hand which cause him to drop the gun. He tried to grab his knife but before he could throw, she also shot the knife out of his hands. Edward better had spent some more money on his bodyguards. But he could be proud of them, they all would catch a bullet for him. Not this one.

Eveline emptied her gun and the henchman seemed to get it. He tried to punch her but she dodge and responded so fast that he couldn’t even have enough time to regret his first attempt. Eveline isn’t heavy, but being strong in a fight has nothing to do with how much you weight. Speed is the important factor. And she was fast., One punch and she disabled his right shoulder. With her left wrist she hit his chin so hard that his jaw broke. Before he could blink for a second time she kneed him in the stomach. He fell backwards on the stairs and broke his neck. Eveline turned around and saw a wounded Mitch coming from Edward’s room. He was covered in blood and she saw he was hit. ‘You promised two minutes Mitch’, she said. ‘I’ll survive.’

At the same time Mitch completed his search for revenge. He walked into the chamber knowing that Edward wouldn’t carry a gun. He was wrong. Edward shot him in his left side before Mitch could respond and shoot him in the stomach. Edward fell against the wall and his knee’s collapsed when Mitch shot at both of them.

‘Didn’t think I could shoot Mitch?’

‘Like father, like son Stiles.’

Mitch took his knife and slit Edwards throat slowly and painfully. Before Edward died, Mitch dropped his list with names on his lap. The police would find him and the piece of paper was destroyed by his blood.

Eveline Turner arrested Mitch Crowne at exactly 2.47 minutes after she decided to help him fulfil his revenge. He was treated in the fan and she and her team got away from the gate within another minute just before the local police arrived. She quit her job with CPU after handing over Mitch to the American authorities and was given a job as field agent in the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU).

Two months later, Super-max security prison Florence

George Dreyfuss was informed about Eveline Turner’s missing. Before they could say to him what exactly happened, he had to confirm his cooperation for one last assignment. And this would be a hard one. Three days later he appeared in the super-max security prison near Florence in Section-X.

Section-X is a secret cellblock which is three hundred metres beneath the ground. In this block there are only eight cells were highly dangerous but usable inmates are being kept. Mitch Crowne was in one of these units. These inmates are locked away so far from freedom that there’s no attempt possible of breaking out. The inmates also never leave their cells and only get company when they can be used for one important task. Food arrives via a small elevator from above. Guards are not needed and the only way out is via one highly protected elevator. In the middle of these eight cells is a space where they can be interrogated. Mitch was already put in the locks. He was surprised to see George. Mitch was in a good shape, more muscled then before his capture.

‘Never expected to see you in here George.’

‘It’s not exactly me spending the holidays here.’

‘Is it already Christmas then. I forgot to buy some gifts.’

‘You know better than that Mitch.’

‘So they send you, it must be really important.’

‘Eveline Turner disappeared two days after she was stationed in Los Angeles.’

‘So she took my advice?’

‘She was transferred to CTU Los Angeles.’

Mitch nodded. ‘So where comes my part. You wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t be much of importance.’

‘Russians have kidnapped her and they only willingly release her in a trade.’

‘Damn, I really must have pissed them off.’

‘Probably the son or brother from the ambassador you had to silence.’

‘You shouldn’t have come down to this hell hole.’

‘We ask you to sacrifice yourself in order to safe her Mitch. And they figured I was the only person that came the closest in being considered a friend by you.’

‘I’ll do it, for her.’

‘May I ask why?’

‘I Like her smile, I really do.’

In the woods, Russia/Polska border

Estimated at four kilometres above the Polish town Nowa Karczwa is a border between Polska and Russia. A secret army of American delegates were standing on Polish territory with Mitch Crowne 50 metres in front of the border. A private army of Russians were standing 50 metres away from the border at the north side with Eveline Turner. George Dreyfuss and Ivan Groyetski were responsible for the trade. At the same moment both Mitch and Eveline started to walk towards the border. Exactly at the border both were invincible for a few seconds because of the fog. Eveline and Mitch stood still for one moment in front of each other.

‘Why are you doing this Mitch? They will torture you and put you away in a hell hole!’

‘You have a life ahead of you Eveline. Make it count.’

Mitch went further. Eveline didn’t look around but starred ahead for a few seconds. She remembered something that made her smile for a second and also continued to walk towards George…


Thank you for reading this book. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I did writing it. I’m still perfecting my storytelling and grammar skills and hope the mistakes you encountered weren’t too disturbing. Mitch Crowne will return, enjoy a preview here. More of Mitch Crowne? Have you read the previous instalment yet?


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MacShayne is the pseudonym of a Frisian born Dutch writer and actor. He mainly writes English romance- or thriller short stories. Apart from short stories, he also writes lyrics and film scripts. Currently, he is also working on his first Dutch novel which will tie-in with some of his romance short stories. As an actor, he has made multiple appearances in Dutch or Frisian (short)films and series.

Apart from writing and acting, he also completed Small Business and Retail Management at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen in 2017. His other interests include supporting football club PSV Eindhoven, collecting various CD’s and DVD’s, sports, history, travelling and reading books. In the future he wants to learn at least three more foreign languages.

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[]A Dangerous Man Preview

Eventually Mitch stood up after finishing his first and last Caipirinha. He wasn’t carrying any luggage or something else. He was wearing a white blouse and dark blue jeans and finished his appearance with expensive cowboy boots. His long dark brown hair was tied into a knot while his sunglasses hid his eye colour. Mitch Crowne was 1.88 metres long and weighed 86 kilo’s. He paid for the drinks and his lunch and left the change as fee. Before he passed the women in the red dress, the trouble began.

‘So why don’t you want to have sex with me?’

Mitch didn’t feel uncomfortable. He stopped just beside her and said: ‘I couldn’t afford you.’ before he walked further to the front door.

‘What!’ she said furiously.

‘Come va?’ The bartender asked (What’s up?)

‘Mi ha chiamato una puttana!’ (he called me a whore) she screamed.

The two older guys looked at her fnally but probably were too drunk to fully understand what was happening. The bartender called out two names and before Mitch could leave the bar, two guys were blocking the exit while the bartender stood behind him with the women in the red dress. The bartender started to say things in Italian.

‘Così si chiama lei una puttana!?’ (So, you call her a hooker?)

‘Serious? You dont care about her and now youre suddenly mister hero?’

‘Huh’, he said.

‘Ha detto wimp’ (he said you’re a sissy), the women in the red dress daid provoking him.

‘Sei morto, sei morto!’ (you’re death) He began to scream.

The three of them took position and threatened Mitch in Italian. But they were surprised when Mitch began to speak Italian.

‘l’ospedale ha luogo per tre uomini?’ (does the hospital have space for three more men?) Mitch said jokingly. The three men were distracted and Mitch began his attack. The two at the door were his first targets. He kicked the tallest in his balls before giving him a knee on his nose. One down. The second man was still in a haze and before he knew it, Mitch punched him under his chin and gave him a head butt, two man down. The bartender already drew his arm and was about to punch Mitch in his stomach. Mitch saw his reflection after giving the second man a head butt and danced to the left, turned around and grabbed Mario’s arm with both his hands and pulled him forwards causing Mario to fall against the wall. Before Mario realised he was against the wall, Mitch ended the fight by breaking his leg and a final punch on the side of his head which put him also out of conscious.

The women in the red dress stood flabbergasted next to her bar stool. While Mitch was done with the three men he turned around and walked towards the women. The two older men were probably in the toilets. Mitch drew his gun, which had a silencer and stood still in front of her.

‘Who and what are you?!’ Mitch asked furiously but still in a calm way.


‘Tell me!’


Mitch grabbed her by her hair and put her down on her knees. One hand kept her on the ground while the other held the gun against her head.

‘Give me one god damn reason not to shoot you!’


After the cruelty and bloodshed that occurred in a small village called Easing, Mitch Crowne is exposed as the main suspect. His past might catch up with him when the best government assassin, Eveline Turner, is set out on a mission to find, apprehend and assassinate him who was once the best. When the best they have goes up against the best they had, more than just Crowne's motivations for what he did and is planning to do will come to light.

  • Author: MacShayne
  • Published: 2017-09-18 16:20:09
  • Words: 18693
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