Making Spontaneous Story

Author and Illustrator:

Setiawan G Sasongko


A writer, cartoonist, and illustrator. He make many themes of book: children stories, adventure stories, detective stories for children, teenage story, novels, short stories, mysterious stories, biography, etc. You can order him a story which your son/daughter become the main character. To know more about him, please click: setiawan-sasongko.blogspot.co.id



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p<{color:#000;}. Storytelling Is Important

p<{color:#000;}. Make A Spontaneous Story, Easy!

p<{color:#000;}. Naughty Sparrow

p<{color:#000;}. The Fire Girl

p<{color:#000;}. Sky Mother and Black Cloth

p<{color:#000;}. Cricket and Cockroach

p<{color:#000;}. Kadalu, The Hero

p<{color:#000;}. The Sun Egg

p<{color:#000;}. Tupi A Little Squirrel

p<{color:#000;}. Planting Competition

p<{color:#000;}. Butterfly and Nosy Bee

p<{color:#000;}. Angry Horse



Storytelling Is Important

Storytelling become an important element for children life. Stories also become a tool for parents to bring more information for children. Indirectly, a story (fairy tales) as educational medium of noble values which give moral messages. So, for example, it is not wonder if anti-corruption education is also delivered with story. Since long time ago parents had used story as a tool of communication to teach morals in a fun way. Wether a storytelling an effective education for a family? Yes, because your children become better understood what he should do and what not to do, what is good and what is bad, without having to scold your child. The values of humanism in the story more easily understood by children than to dictate them. Such as banning your children to not do something for no apparent reason.

Storytelling requires special skills, but it is not absolute. Don’t be worry because how to become a good story teller can be learned easily. The most important is how to convey the messages to your children with a story. Indeed, the conveying of messages is more effective if told in a better way. A story can develop your children’s fantasy power and stimulate them to think more creatively. In addition, storytelling can form the moral development of children. It also develops the language repertory, so your children receives more vocabulary.

By a story, your children more easily to accept the circumstance occur around them and how to respond it. Storytelling habits must be developed. By storytelling there is an emotional attachment between children and parents. Parents also can instill good values so that your children has good way of life. Storytelling becomes a very effective medium for education, both moral and science.

Values wich was absorbed from a story will greatly imprint on the children heart. But to tell story need a good skill, although this is not an absolute. You would be a good storyteller or not, it will affect your child, whether they enjoy and appreciate the story. Basically, to tell story is easy and everyone able to do that.

Fortunately if you are a parent who can make story, though it was only a little. By your skill you will easily to get story matter. Storytelling can be done by spontaneity. If you tell a story which not made by yourself, you must be competent with the story. You must know “the story spirit”, because your children will often interrupt when listening the story. If you not competent with the story, you will get trouble. Maybe they will ask or comment about the story, characters, etc.

There are many variety of story matter: book, vcd, or you can get from internet. Are you think if your children can read they do not need storytelling from their parents or teacher? Books, vcd, or others are inanimate object, unlike you who have emotional attachment with your children. A lesson would be more fun when presented with story. Story also increase reading interest for children. For example, after finished your storytelling of “Timun Emas” or “Cinderella”, yau can say, “The story more exciting if you read this book!” Of course, the advice applies to children who have able to read. The activity of storytelling ever be ignored because it was considered out of dated. But the activity was promoted again because proven to be a good tool of children educational. By storytelling, messages which is delivered to children will be accepted easily, especially if done by their parents. Not only that, the relationship of parents and children will be better. After finished storytelling, it can be followed with other communications. If you scold your children before, a storytelling can be used as tool to foster good relations again, to cure his wound heart.

Whether is difficult to tell story? There are two answers. For you who usual to tell story the answer is easy. The contrary, there are many people who claim that it is not easy. Do you have to tell story like a puppeteer, that each character of the story has distinctive voice? Of course not! Indeed, the storytelling will have a plus if done with certain techniques. When told a story my father used his original voice, not like a puppeteer, there were no distinctive voice for the characters of story. But a professional storyteller, who was paid to tell a story, will not get money if he works like my father.

Is it ok to do storytelling by reading book? Yes, it is. Give a special intonation at the dialogues! I am sure, when you have done it, it is become a fun activity. It is easy, even for people who begin to do this. Maybe, you did not satisfied with the first presentation, but you can improve on the next story.

In fact, what is needed to storytelling? Time! Storytelling can be done anywhere and anytime, but it need free time. That is the reason why storytelling was done before the child sleeping. At the time, usually, children ask to be accompanied. To take them to sleep, parents do storytelling, so there is a term “bedtime story”. And it is be effective because children can reflect the content of story and absorbing the messages. Do you very busy? If your answer is yes, please take a time to spin a yarn for your children. Indeed, the activity of storytelling can be delegated to your assistant, but how about the emotion aspect? When it is happen, you lose the golden time of your child development. In this time the emotional relationship between you and your child is good established and will imprint on their heart. You do not have to tell stories every day, once a week is sufficient. You can do on a Saturday night.



Make A Spontaneous Story, Easy!

There was an advertisement on television which presented a teacher and kindergarten students who was trapped in a stuck elevator. To calm down the students, the teacher told a story spontaneously. When she finished her story the rescuer team had opened the elevator door. Although it was only an advertisement but what do you do when you have a same episode? Is it possible to create a spontaneously story? Of course you can do it because it is not a difficult work, but you have to know the technique. The idea of story can be taken from objects, animals, events, or human behavior. We can take brief incidents to create a story, as you do a reflexes movement.

To make a spontaneity story, we should be nimble to grab ideas. For example, when we eat a banana which have seeds. Why is there a type of banana which have seeds and not? Maybe, in the ancient times, there was a man who brought gravels in banana tree so the fruit have seeds. When I saw a tempe, a populer food of Indonesian people which made of soybean, I had an ask, when did tempe was made? When did people know the rhisopus fungus to make tempe? Whether it is coincidence or teached? How if the recipe to make tempe was stolen from a giant village? Well, it is a interesting idea to make a story.

Even though the ideas seem silly and childish, but do not be shy to create it become a story. More stories are made for children. If the children’s story was made with adult’s logic, it became strange. OK, now I’ll show you how I got the ideas of these stories spontaneously.


p<>{color:#000;}. Naughty Sparrow. I got the story idea when I saw a sparrow’s nest in a bunches of banana. The nest was small, narrow, and there was five eggs. Then I though if the eggs craked open. Maybe the sparrow’s children would be jostle and hot. Then I added a naughty idea. The greatest of sparrow child threatening his brothers and ask a new nest. But the naughty sparrow child was only transferred to a former another bird’s nest.


p<>{color:#000;}. The Fire Girl. Glance, sugarcane and bamboo are similar because both of them have segments. The segments of sugarcane contains sugar, but bamboo not. Maybe the ancestors of sugarcane is bamboo. It is a good idea. But how to create an interesting story from the idea? OK! The segment of bamboo was filled with honey so became sugarcane, because sugarcane is sweet like honey. But, who is filling the honey? Bees! However, if the story only told about bees is not exciting. I created a character named Roe who has a weird disease. If angry she produces fire from her body. To cure her illness, she was told to look for honey from the red bees.



p<>{color:#000;}. Sky Mother and Black Cloth. I got the story idea when I saw a pictures of women who were spinning black cloth. At the same time there was a news about moon eclipse. An Indonesian legend told that the moon was eaten by a demon named Rembuculung. But I created a new version story. The eclipse was happened because sun and moon were covered by a black cloth. Who is the owner of black cloth? Sky Mother.


p<>{color:#000;}. Cricket and Cockroach. There was similarities form of crickets and cockroaches. Whether crickets and cockroaches have a kinship? Probably, long time ago, they came from same parents. I thought that initially the male crickets did not creak, but the male cockroaches creaked. Now, why is the male cricket creaking and the male crockoach not? Because they had exchanged their wings.


p<>{color:#000;}. Kadalu, The Hero. I remembered about my teacher’s experience that he made a fight between a lizard and a scorpion. The fight was near of the buffalo droppings. When the lizard was stung by the scorpion, he inserted the lizard to the buffalo droppings. Then the lizard became so eager to fight again. I created a story about the heroism of a lizard which became a saviour for the lizards which was colonised by a bad scorpion.


p<>{color:#000;}. The Sun Egg. When the sunlight coming through the slit hole, it will form the light dots on the floor like eggs, and I named it as the sun egg. I used it to create a story. There was a king who met a forest girl. The king feel in love with the girl but she had a condition for him. She would be his queen if the king could give her a sun egg.


p<>{color:#000;}. Tupi, A Little Squirrel. Squirrel eats fruits. But how a squirrel baby knowing if the fruits is delicious or not. Whether the little squirrel only guess that the taste of fruits which have red color is sweet and delicious?


p<>{color:#000;}. A Planting Competition. I saw a child who was idle and only watching television which present a monkey was eating a banana. Then I made a story about a lazy monkey and a diligent monkey. The lazy monkey just only relaxing and does not want to work. When there is a competition to plant a banana tree, the lazy monkey plant a banana tree which already flowering in order to harvest quickly. Is the lazy monkey become the winner?


p<>{color:#000;}. Butterfly and Nosy Bee. There was a cocoon at rambutan tree. A cocoon was formed from a caterpillar and it will change to be a butterfly. What will happen when a butterfly become a cocoon again? Will it become a more beautiful butterfly than the first?


p<>{color:#000;}. The Angry Horse. One day I saw a show of “kuda lumping”, a traditional performing art from Indonesia. Kuda lumping is made of woven bamboo and the dancer as if riding the fake horse. When the show had over and they packed the equipments to go home, a young man, one of the dancers, worked reluctantly. He threw the kuda lumping. He did not respect the equipment which used to make a living. What would happen if the kuda lumping changed into a real horse?

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The Naughty Sparrow


There were male sparrow and female sparrow. They made a nest at banana bunches. A week later their nest was finished. The female sparrow laid five eggs. Fifteen days later the eggs hatched. The parent of sparrow became very happy. “Now we have five children who funny,” said the male sparrow. The sparrow’s babies should be hugged by the parent because they not yet have their own feathers. The parent of sparrow became very busy to look for food and keep their children. When their babies got bigger, the parent of sparrow had to work more hardly. They looked for more foods. The sparrow’s babies should be hugged by the parent because they not yet have their own feathers. The parent of sparrow became very busy to look for food and keep their children. When their babies got bigger, the parent of sparrow had to work more hardly. They looked for more foods.

The biggest young sparrow was called Sulung, then followed Number Two, Number Three, Number Four, and Bungsu who was the smallest. As the biggest baby, Sulung often misbehave. When their parents came from looking for foods, Sulung whined that he had to the first to be fed. Then, when he was full, he allowed his siblings to eat.

“Sulung is very naughty,” said the female sparrow one day.


I will push my brothers and my sisters to fall!”


But not only the matter of foods that made Sulung be fussy. When the day was hot he kept to fuss. He wanted to sleep alone in the nest and he pushed his siblings. They cried because they was pinned by Sulung. “I want to have my own nest! This nest is already narrow!” Sulung said grudgingly. The parent of sparrow became sad.

“It is better to sleep together. We can joke and talk,” said The Number Two.

“Ah! It is very narrow. I am hard to breathe!” Sulung said and pecked his brother’s head. “I want to stay here alone!”

“It is good to sleep together. When the air become cools you will be crowded to get a warm,” said the female sparrow.

But Sulung became angry. He asked for his own nest. “I want to sleep alone. When I have my own nest, I will have a deep sleep,” said Sulung, sulking. Sulung also made a threat, “If you do not give me a new nest promptly, I will push my brothers and my sisters to fall out of this nest!”

The parent of sparrow surprised to hear the threat. Then they conferred to solve the problem. “I have an idea. There is an empty nest at a banana tree in the next garden. I will take Sulung to the empty nest,” said the male sparrow.


Not long later the rain fell heavily.”



“But how is to take him there?” asked the female sparrow.

“I will take him on my back,” the male sparrow replied. The female sparrow agreed with the idea. They worried if Sulung was not taken to the new nest it would be dangerous for their other children. “If Sulung really push them, they will fall and die,” said the male sparrow, sadly.

Finally the male sparrow met Sulung and said, “There is an empty nest. Are you willing to live there?”

“Huray! I am not going to feel hot again! I will have a deep sleep!” Sulung cried out happily. “Good bye the narrow nest!” said Sulung when his father took him on his back to the new nest. When Sulung arrived at his new nest, he danced and danced. “Father, I am not yet able to fly to the stuffy nest. So, if the time of eating have come, please come here to feed me!”


““Forgive me mother, forgive me father!”


The male sparrow ignored Sulung’s words, however, he was his child. Sulung was very happy. He could sleep alone. The new nest also was not covered by a leave so he could see a beautiful views. “Really, it is my dream nest!” said Sulung.

Unfortunately, at night, the sky was cloudy. There were lightning and thunder. Not long later the rain fell heavily. The new nest became wet. Sulung was very scared. He called his parents but they did not hear his voice. The naughty bird cried and cried. The morning, the female sparrow went to the new nest to see her child. The female sparrow found that Sulung was crying and shivering with cold.

“Mom, I want to go home,” said Sulung, stammered. His body was soaked.

“It is will not happen if you stay in our own nest. Our nest was covered by banana leaves as umbrella. Your parent’s wing also will protect you from the cold,” said the female sparrow. Then the male sparrow took Sulung to home. Sulung said, “Forgive me mother, forgive me father, forgive me my brothers and sisters. I promise that I will be a good sparrow.” (*)





The Fire Girl

Once a time, there was a girl who lived in lakeside, her name was Roe. She lived with her parent, Mr. Brado and Mrs. Pit. They left their village because Roe had a peculiarities. When upset or surprised, her body produced fire. Because of it, Ro was called as Fire Devil by villagers. There were no physician who could cure her disease. Basically, Roe was a nice girl who did not like to hurt anyone. But her illness made her confused. Instead, she asked her father to make a small shack near the lake. In hope, when she produced fire, she soon could plunge into the water.

One day, when Roe was playing in the lake, a strange creature emerged from the middle of the lake. She was a mermaid. “Do not be afraid!” the beautiful creature said and holding out her hand to shake hands. “My name is Pink, because my scales color is pink!”

“My name is Roe, but villagers call me Fire Devil,” said Roe. Roe did not welcome Pink’s shake hand. She was afraid if she would burn Pink. “I am sorry, I do not welcome your hand,” said Roe, sadly.


You must look for honey of red sting bee!”


“What is happen with your hand?” Pink asked, curious. Roe told about her strange illness. “Roe, do you want to go with me to the lake bottom. Maybe my grandfather can cure your pain.”

“Go to the bottom of this lake? I can not breathe in the water!” said Roe. “Do you not know if human breathe with lungs, not gills?”

Pink laughed. “If I touch your nose, you will can breathe in the water. Believe me!” Then Pink touched Roe’s nose. “Please, you try to breathe in the water!” Ro put his head into the water, she could breathe! Pink and Roe swum to the bottom of lake. Oh dear, the bottom of the lake was very beautiful. Pink was live in a under water palace. Pink invited Roe to meet her grandfather who was a king. Pink told to her grandfather about Roe’s problem. Then the lake king touched Roe’s head to diagnose. The lake king ordered Roe to look for honey of the red sting bee.


The bee punctured the bamboo and filled it with honey.”


The red sting bee was very rare. Her father gave her a stem of bamboo. The next day, Roe went to the east of the lake, to the mountain rocks. Midday, she arrived at the mountain. She looked for the bee house, but not found. Because very tired, Roe asleep. When wake up, she was very surprised. Her bamboo was surrounded by the red sting bee. The bee punctured the bamboo and filled it with honey. Roe took her bamboo.

Suddenly, there was a shining man. The man said, “Do not bring all of the bamboo. Leave half of it!” The bamboo was split into two. “Look and remember. I plant the half of bamboo here. If it become a lot, you can harvest it.” She left the place and went to the bottom of the lake. She gave the honey to the lake king. Pink’s grandfather made a special concoction of the honey and Roe drank it.


It is containing sugar water!”


“Devil Fire! I am not your friend anymore! Get out of here!” Pink cried, suddenly. Roe was very angry and gripped Pink’s arm. Strange, she did not produce fire again! She had recovered from her illness. “Do not angry, I just testing you!” Pink exclaimed happily. Roe went to home and told that she was recovered from her disease. They were happy. They returned to the village.

One year later, Roe and his father went to the place where she met the shining man. There found a grove of bamboo. They cut it. But, it was not a bamboo tree because the segments containing sugar water. “Swet as honey!” said Roe when licked it. Then, the plant was cultivation in many place and called sugarcane. (*)

Sky Mother and Black Cloth


Sky Mother has much children. They are Sun, Moon, and Stars. Sun is the eldest child and Moon is the youngest child. Mother Sky was devoted of her children, she be fair to them. Even so her children liked to fight each others. When quarrelled, they always blamed their mother. They thought that their mother was not fair to them.

“Mother is not fair!” protested her children if they were not pleased with something, especially a debate about dose of light.

“Mother, why is Sun’s light brightest but I am not?” said Moon. He wanted to have more light.

Sky mother answered, “Do not be jealous. The light of your brother is brightest because he have to illuminate whole of World.”

“Why the task was not given to me so my light became brighter than now?” said Moon.


Sky Mother weaved black yarn to make black cloth.”



Sky Mother said sadly, “Light was given with certain dose, adjusted to the task. Your mother never intended to discriminate you.” Moon was not satisfied with her explanation.

One day, Sky Mother weaved black yarn to make black cloth. Sun and Moon did not bear to wait her work. They thought that the black cloth would be given to one of them. Sky Mother did not know that Sun and Moon fighting over the unfinished fabric. When she know about the fighting of her children she became very sad. “What a pity if I am not continue to weave the cloth which nearly finished. But, if I am continue my work, I am worry that it will be a booty among Sun and Moon. The cloth will be torn and useless.”

Moon came to Sky Mother and said, “Mother, is the black cloth for me?”

“No! The cloth is for me!” said Sun, angry.


Moon pulled the cloth.”



Sky Mother intervened them, “Both of you must promise that the black cloth for me. After the cloth is finished, I will make a better cloth for you. Since the birth of you, I never have a new one.” But Sun and Moon did not answer her request. Basically they did not want to make a promise, they hoped that the cloth would be given to one of them.

“If Mother become confuse, it is better to make a lottery who is entitled to have the cloth!” Moon said.

“I had said that the black cloth is for me and the next cloth for you,” said Sky Mother, patiently. After the black cloth was finished, she draped the cloth on the clothesline. When Sky Mother slept, Sun took the cloth and run away. The act was caught by Moon. He chased Sun with screaming. The black cloth was waving to the back so Moon could reach it. Moon pulled the cloth so the black cloth was torn into two parts.


Sun and Moon were wrapped around by the black cloth.”


Their fighting was hard so Sky Mother woke up from her sleep. Of course she was very surprised. “Why do you not obey of my words? Does your mother ever break a promise?” Sky Mother said angry. Sun and Moon did not answer her question, they did not dare to look at her mother’s eyes. “Alright. But you must be remember that at certain time the black cloth will wrap you. At that time you will be teased by the creature of the earth that you neglect your task!” Sky Mother added, “From now, you must life far away to avoid a fighting!”

Sun and Moon regretted. Since then Sky Mother’s children live far away. If there was a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, it means they were wrapped around by the black cloth. How about Sky Mother? When you see the sky was blue and fair, Sky Mother was happy to see her children that never fought again. But, if the sky was dark by cloud, Sky Mother was sad because she was reminded of her naughty children. (*)



Cricket and Cockroach


It was said that the crickets and the cockroaches were siblings. But why did they live apart? Why does the cockroaches live in human’s home, while the crickets stays in garden or fields? Once upon a time there was a mother of insect that laid four eggs. The eggs hatched, two eggs became a male cockroach and a female cockroach, and the other eggs became a male cricket and female cricket.

The male cockroach had wings but the female cockroach not. The male cricket and the female cricket both had wings. Although had wings the male cockroach could not fly, he only jumped and jumped or run. He could tremble his wings to make a sound. The male cricket could fly but could not creak.

One day their mother said to them, “I hope you are live in different places so your posterity do not fight over foods. There were two choice, in human’s house or in garden and fields.” They determined the house with a lottery. The cricket lost the lottery and should be willing to live in garden and fields. Gladly, the cockroach lived with humans, at dark places or dirty places.



Human became very angry.”



Althaugh lived apart, but they always visited each others. “Really, it is a comfort to live with humans. Our foods is vary, depending on what people were eating. There was fried chicken, cakes, grilled fish, and etc. Though it is only remnants but we can full,” said the female cockroach when visited the crickets.

“We also lucky, we never have food shortages. We are just looking for leaves or dry stem to eat. If we want to eat vegetables, we just take the fresh leaves,” said the female cricket, not be outdone. In hope that cockroaches do not thought that living in garden was miserable.

But the male cockroach complained about his wings. “Lately, when night came my wings vibrate automatically and creaked so hard. My creaking interfered the humans so they became very angry. Then they hunted us. Whereas, my creaking is melodious.”

“It is better if you stay with us in the garden because humans does not sleep here,” said the male cricket.


Our stomach already fit with delicious foods.”



“If we do that, we violates our parent’s advice,” the female cockroach said unhappy. “We also will lose our comfort life if live in garden. Our stomach already fit with delicious foods which savory, sweet, salty, or else. Not like you who only eat leaves.”

“Alright. But you must accept your fate. It is a good idea if you practice to run, to survive when you are pursued by humans,” the female cricket said.

The female cockroach said, “The key is your brother’s wings. If his wings does not creak then we will be safe.”

“It is not a problem if we are exchanged the wings,” said the male cricket. “You do not live far apart with other. But we are often far apart because the garden and fields is very wide.”

“I always difficult to see him because he have not a signal,” said the female cricket.

The male cricket added, “I need a signal to informe where I am.”


“Now I can already creaking.



The male cockroach hesitated, but his wife persuaded him to exchange his wings. “You must select, wings or good meal?” Finally, the male cockroach removed his wings and replaced it with the male cricket’s wings. Then they went home.

“Now I can already creaking,” said the male cricket to his wife. “When I vibrate my wings and there is a sound, you must come to me.” The days after, the crickets and the cockroaches had many children and grandchildren. Time run away and their grandchildren forgot of their ancestor’s history. (*)






Kadalu, The Hero


Kadalu, a young lizard, was confused. Why? Because a few days ago a bad scorpion challenged him to duel. The scorpion who named Kalajengking even vowed to quell the lizard people from the earth. “It is a big problem for me. A week later I must fight one by one with Kalajengking. I am worry because the scorpion had kill all of the brave lizards. Am I become the next victim? No! I do not want to die!” Kadalu said to himself.

Especially Kadalu was the only lizard who was expected to help the lizard people. Unless has strong body he also a smart lizard. “But I must seek a knowledge to get the antidote of his poison.”

Then he travelled long way. Kadalu asked to every animal how to counteract the scorpion poison. Kadalu even asked an advice to a man. “You better not go near a scorpion. The scorpion poison is equal with the snake poison,” said the man.

Kadalu was not satisfied with the man’s answer. Then he walked again and met an old frog. “Mr. Frog, how is to neutralize the poison of scorpion?” asked Kadalu.

The old frog said, “If you take my advise, I have a solving for your problem. Ereyday you must wallow into mud and then sunburn to dry. Your skin will be thick with mud then the sting of scorpion will not able to hurt your body.”


Mr. Frog, how is to neutralize the poison of scorpion?”


“It is a good idea. Thank you Mr. Frog,” said Kadalu. Days Kadalu wallowed into mud and sun. Several days later his body became fat with dry mud. But he still felt worry. “But what happen if the scorpion’s sting hit my body that is not protected by mud? I still can die!” Kadalu said to himself. Then Kadalu met an old buffalo and told about his problem. “Mrs. Buffalo, please help me. How is to resist the scorpion’s poison?”

“It is very easy!” said the old buffalo, laughed. “You must ask the scorpion to fight near the buffalo’s dropping or cow’s dung which still wet. And you must enter into the wet dung when he sting you. Believe me, the poison will not work!”

“Enter into buffalo’s dung which still wet? It is a bad idea!” Kadalu said and closed his nose.

“But it is only the way,” said the old buffalo.

Kadalu had not other choice. “For my life, no matter if I have to vomit. The important thing is how I won the duel.” Kadalu consoled himself.

The day for the duel had come. Since the morning Kalajengking waited Kadalu at the agreed place. The lizard people came to view their duel. They were worry that Kadalu would fail like the others.


You must enter into the wet dung when he sting you.”


Kadalu came later and Kalajengking mocked him as a coward. “Really, I am not afraid of you. I was late getting out of my deep sleep,” said Kadalu. “Are you still challenge me to fight?”

“Of course. Because today is your turn to go to hell.” Kalajengking replied smugly.

“Okay, but I have one ask to you,” Kadalu said.

“I obey your ask because it is your last request on your life.”

Kadalu said, “Can I choose a place to duel?”

“Ok, no matter where you will die, even if you hide behind the dry mud,” the scorpion scoffed. Kalajengking let Kadalu to find a place to fight. He did not know if Kadalu just looked for a place where a buffalo dung was still wet. When Kadalu saw a wet dirt, he asked Kalajengking to stop.

Here is the ideal place to duel!


“Here is the ideal place to duel,” said Kadalu. But he did not sure whether it was buffalo’s dropping or cow’s dung. Not easy to distinguish it, stink!

Then they started to fight. Kalajengking was very strong for Kadalu. Though his body was covered by dry mud, but Kalajengking still capable to hit his sting to Kadalu. It was danger, Kadalu’s body became feverish by the scorpion’s poison. Without wasting time Kadalu entered into wet dung. The old buffale was right, the poison of Kalajengking was neutralized by the dung. When got out he became healthy and fought again. Many times Kadalu was stung but many times he was safed by the buffalo’s dropping.

Kalajengking was surprised with the strong of Kadalu. “Is he have a magic power?” thought Kalajengking, wondered. The duel took a long time. The scorpion was until fatigue, running out his poison, and eventually die. The lizard people free from the evil scorpion. Kadalu was a great hero. Then Kadalu met the old buffalo to say thank you.

“Fortunately, you were willing to wander seeking knowledge. If not, the lizard people were still colonized by Kalajengking,” said the old buffalo. (*)


The Sun Egg


Raja Agung ruled Pongah Pongih Kingdom. He led the people by fair and wise. However, the king did not have an empress. The king likes hunting in the woods. One day, the king and some guards hunted to a forest which never visit before. Although there was many animals but no animals was captured. They went deeper into the dense forest. “We take a rest!” said Raja Agung. Because the breeze, the guards fell asleep. Only the king who was still awake. Suddenly, there was a melodious singing. The king looked for the source of the singing. He found a beautiful girl. To see her beauty, the king fell in love. “Beautiful girl, may I know your name?” asked the king.

“My name Iola, my king,” the girl replied with the smooth words. When Raja Agung wooed Iola as his empress, the girl asked a strange condition. She asked an egg of the sun.

Only a fool who looking for the sun egg!”


“The sun egg?” the king exclaimed in surprise. “I just heard that there is the sun egg.” The king was silent, then for a moment he said, “I will fulfill your request. But I need a time. Wait me here a month later.” The king decided to look for the sun egg himself. He decided to wander. For a while the government was submitted to his commander. The king disguised as a wanderer and went out into villages and cities to get the strange egg. He always asked to anyone where the sun egg was.

“The sun egg? I only know the sunflower!” said a woman. The wanderer disappointed and moved on. In a stall he asked to a man. “I just know omelet and fried eggs!” said the man, laughed laudly. “To find the sun egg is a futile job! Should you be looking for lizard egg? It is more easily!” said the other, laughed uproariously. The other added, “Or you are looking for a elephant egg! Only a fool who looking for the sun egg!”

But the wanderer never despair. One day he met a hermit. “If you succeed to kill the boar I will give you the secret about the sun egg,” said the hermit. The wanderer agreed the request. Then he went to the designated village. The village was deserted because the residents evacuate.

The wanderer met the hermit.”


When he met the boar, he aimed the boar with arrows and lances. But the boar was impenetrable with weapon. His arrows and lances were broken. Even the boar chased him. To save himself, he climbed a tree. The boar waited him under the tree. Because of exhaustion he fell asleep hugging a tree branch. He dreamed that finding a nest of eagle. The parent of eagle told to their children about the secret magic of the boar. “The power of the bear is the chain which named pig chain. The boar never put out the chain, unless the boar was wallowing in mud,” said the eagle.

The king who in disguised awakened from sleep. While the boar was wallowing in mud, he stole the pig chain. After that, his spear could penetrate the heart of the boar. The wanderer met the hermit. He billed the hermit’s promise. The hermit smiled and whispered him about something. The wanderer smiled contentedly. Then he returned to his palace and became a king again.

These are the sun eggs that you had ask to me!”


When the time that had been promised to Iola arrived, the king and the guards went to the forest. Not for hunting but to meet the girl. “Let we go to a wide area,” said Raja Agung to Iola. When they found the place that he was wanted, they stopped. Raja Agung pulled out a wooden board which the midst were some hole. The king faced the board to the sun. The sunlight passed through the hole. “These are the sun eggs that you had ask to me!” said the king, smiled. There were some orbiculars formed by the light, like eggs.

“Thank you, my royal king. You have managed to fulfill my request,” said Iola. The girl was invited to the palace. The wedding of Raja Agung and Iola was very festive. The Pongah Pongih Kingdom became more affluent and prosperous. Raja Agung and Iola lived happily. (*)


Tupi, A Little Squirrel

Tupi was a little squirrel. His age was two months. He lived in a nest on a banyan tree. The nest was made of stacked twigs-pile. When Tupi still infant he was fed by his mother. But when he started to walk his parents brought fruits to their nest. They told him to eat fruits by himself. “Oek! It is very bitter!” cried Tupi when ate a jackfruit seeds. “Do not eat the seeds!” said his father. “Starting tomorrow you have to learn to look for foods.”

“Hurray! Father and Mother will invite me down from the tree!” exclaimed Tupi, pleased.

“We are not going to come down from the tree. Under was extremely dangerous. There were cats and dogs who will hunt us,” said his father. At first, his parents invited Tupi to a coconut tree. “You see, it is a coconut tree. Here you can find food, you can eat coconut meat. But you must pierce its skin and shell. Find an old coconut because it has thick meat.”


The water of coconut gushed his face.”


“How about this one?” Tupi asked while hold a little coconut.

“This coconut still very young. You will regret if choose it,” his mother replied. His parents also taught him how to peel a coconut by an example.

The next day his parents order him to look for food himself. Tupi went to a coconut tree. He tried to make a hole by his teeth at an old coconut. Really, it was not an easy job. After he successfully gnawed the coconut coir, he had to pierce the coconut shell. But it was very hard. Tupi became despair. Then Tupi glanced a young coconut and gnawed it. He did well so he very pleased. When the shell was broken, the water of coconut gushed his face. His body was drenched. Not only it, he also be disappointed because there was not the coconut meat. Tupi went home sadly. He told his parents about his painful experience.

“I already tell you to choose old coconut, not the young one,” said his mother.

“But shell of old coconut very hard!” Tupi complained.


The red color is sweet, the green color is very acid!”


“My son, we are must hard work to get something. Although the shell of old coconut is so hard, you able to perforate it by your sharp teeth.” His father said. They told Tupi to go to coconut tree again. “Repeat your work. Do not despair!” Tupi obeyed their advise. But until afternoon his effort did not succeeded. “May I continue my work tomorrow, Mom?” Of course. The next day he continued his work. The shell of old coconut was broken by his teeth. The coconut water flowed out, he drank it. Then he enlarged the hole and ate the coconut meat.

After that, he went to rambutan tree. He ate rambutans fruit, both green and red. “The taste of the green is bad, but the red one is very sweet.” Tupi also went to the star fruit tree, he ate the fruits. “The red color is sweet, the green color is very acid!” Then he climbed a guava tree. He also found that the green guave was not nice, but the red one was sweet. “I have an conclusion that the fruit which have red color is sweet and nice. Yes, now I am be a clever squirrel!” said Tupi, proudly.


My mouth is burning!”


One day, Tupi saw a woman who picked a little red fruit which the plant was not high. The woman eat the red fruit, looked very delicious. “It seem that the little red fruit is very nice. I want to eat it,” said Tupi to himself. When the woman left the garden, and it was so quiet, Tupi came down from banyan tree. He ran toward the fruitful plant which had red and green. “Do not take the green one, it is bad!” He remembered his experience. Then he took several little red fruits and taken to banyan tree. He ate the one. “Ouch! My mouth is burning!” said Tupi. He be very confused.

He cried need a help. His parents came to him. But they precisely laughed and laughed. “You are so funny, my son! You eat chili!” Then they told him to drink coconut water. Tupi became comfort again. His mouth was not hot again.

“I think that fruits in red color are nice and sweet,” said Tupi, shame. “But, why did the woman eat it and feel comfort? She did not cry like me?” “She did not only eat chili, at the same time she eat tempeh or tofu!” said his father. Yes, Tufi had to learn more. (*)


A Planting Competition

The Monkey King held a plant competition. He promised that the winner would be appointed as agriculture minister. “It is a competition to plant banana tree because the monkey people like to eat banana. If the plants have fruiting so we will not be lack of food!” said The Monkey King. “Who’s banana plant is the earliest fruiting become the winner!” Whereas, the real reason, because The Monkey King concerned with the forest bare. By the competition he expected the forest would be re-green.

The people of monkey welcomed the competition. Two of them were Monyetu and Munyuki. They were twins, but they had very different characteristic. Munyuki was diligent and honest so the people of monkey people loved him. Contrary, Monyetu had not praiseworthy, he liked cheating and jealousy. But he aspired to be a minister. “I have an idea to be the winner!” said Monyetu, pleased.

Monyetu, you are the winner!”

When Munyuki and the others droved to look for banana tree saplings, Monyetu seek a banana tree which almost flowering. “It is easy to know the banana tree which ready flowering, the top be enlarge as a sign that soon the flower sticking out!” Why did he do that? “If I plant a sapling of bananan tree, it is take long time to bear fruit. Although my banana tree have bear fruit, I am not sure if mine is the earliest!” And Monyetu got a banana tree which he was wanted. Then he cut it and planted in his garden.

Only a week Monyetu went to the king’s palace. He reported to the king that his banana tree had flowering. “It is very wonderful!” said The Monkey King.

Monyetu said, “I do not lie, my king. Come to my garden to prove it, please!” Then the king went to his garden.

“Unbelievable but true!” said The Monkey King. “Monyetu, you are the winner!”


Monyetu’s banana tree was die and rot.”


But, when the king would promote him as an agriculture minister, there was a protest by an old monkey. “My king, wait! It is unreasonable that in a week the banana tree already flowering! Wait a month to see whether the flower become fruits or not!”

Monyetu was angry, “Certainly, banana flower become banana fruit!”

“But, there was little miracle in the World,” said the old monkey who suspected him. Fifteen days, Monyetu’s banana tree was die and rot. The flowers failed to be banana. The king was very angry. “Monyetu cheating us. He planted a banana tree which ready flowering, in hope it could soon bear fruit,” said the old monkey.




You have help us to harvest the banana.


How was about Munyuki? He treated well his banana tree sapling. When the soil was dry he watered it. He also gave fertilizer. So, Munyuki’s banana tree sapling became thrive. Finally, his banana tree had flower and become fruits earliest. But the king waited until the banana fruits ripe to promote him as a minister. Monyetu was jealous. One night, in secret, he went to Munyuki’s garden. “If I steal his banana, he never be a minister,” Monyeti said to himself. Then he cut Munyuki’s banana.

“Thank you, Monyetu. You have help us to harvest the banana,” said The Monkey King. Monyetu very shocked and embarrassed. “Tomorrow is the day of coronation that Munyuki be a agriculture minister. You must come and join with us!” Monyetu bowed his head. The next day, the monkey people went to palace to attend the coronation of Munyuki. Monyetu also there, he promised to himself to be honest and not envy. (*)


Butterfly and Nosy Bee

A tiny egg adhered at a citrus leaf. A week later the egg hatched and a little green caterpillar out. “Why! It is a great world!” cried the little cartepillar. Every day she ate the young citrus leaves. Her body increased day by day so she became fat. “I am become so big!” But, after every day she had party leaves, she lost her appetite. The green caterpillar was confused. “If I am sick?” One day she wanted to take a long sleep. Then she looked for a hidden place and sleep. Over time only her top body which adhered at a leaf. She slept with his head swinging down. A few days later the form of cartepillar disappeared and change into pupae.

A half months later the top of the cocoon cracked and a head came out, then it was followed by another limbs. “Why is there a long whiskers on my head? Why my legs become thin and long?” whispered the cartepillar who had change as a red butterfly.


You still can enhance your beauty!”


Suddenly, she slipped down and automatically flapped her wings. “What happen? Why I am not fall to the ground? I am able to fly!” the red butterfly pleased. Then she flew around, moving from one tree to another tree. She also flew to a flower garden. In the new place she met bees, ladybird, wasp, and other butterflies. One of them was the nosy bee. Why he was named the nosy bee? Because he was very nosy. By his nosy there were many creatures who had woe. Despite he was nosy but he was friendly and good at talking. So if did not know him it was dangerous, would be persuaded by his words.

“I know that you are a new comer in this park,” said the nosy bee to the red. “Your wings is very beautiful. But there is a more beautiful than yours, she is the green butterfly!”

“Really? But I am happy with my wings,” said the red butterfly.

The nosy bee said, “If you still can enhance your beauty, why not do?”

“Become more beautiful? What do you mean?” the red butterfly asked.



Become more beautiful? What do you mean?”


The nosy bee explained, “Do you not remember how you able changed like this?” The red butterfly ignored him. But the nosy bee always stalked her. He persuaded her to become a cocoon again in order her beauty be more and more. “Before be a butterfly, you was only a ridiculous caterpillar, then you became a pupa, and finally as a butterfly. If an ugly caterpillar able changed as a beauty butterfly, especially if a butterfly become a cocoon again. I am sure that you will be the most beautiful among the butterflies.”

Gradually, the red butterfly was persuaded by the nosy bee. “How is the way to be a cocoon again?” asked the red butterfly, very curious. “Easy!” the nosy bee replied. “The web of spider will help you to be a pupa. All insects who landed at the spider’s web became cocoons.”“But how am I land on cobwebs?” the red butterfly confused. “Can you give me an example?”



Help me!”


“It is easy. You just rammed your himself into the spider’s web,” said the nosy bee. Such an explanation, the red butterfly flew fastly to the web. But suddenly she stopped. She said to the nosy bee that she could not rammed herself into the web, she need a real example. “You are a stupid butterfly. It is very easy. Look at me!” said the nosy bee. Then the bee flew to the cobwebs and touch the spider’s yarn. He did not know that the spider’s web contain gluten. The nosy bee trapped, he could not move. “Help me!” said the nosy bee.

The red butterfly would to help him, but an old ladybird came and prevented her to do that. “Never touch the web or you will die!” said the old ladybird. The red butterfly canceled to help the nosy bee. She saw the owner of the web came to him. The spider wrapped the bee with web yarn. The nosy bee dead. “You have help us to get rid of the nosy bee. By you, he made a mistake for himself. Lets go to our flower garden, our friends have wait us!”

“But when am I become a cocoon again?” said the red butterfly.

“Forget it! It is nonsense!” said the old ladybird. (*)



Angry Horse


Mr. Tora made a living by playing kuda lumping, a traditional performing art from Indonesia. He was assisted by his three children: Jalu, Jengger, and Lencir. The kuda lumping colour were blue, red, and green. They performed the kuda lumping by move from one place to another place so that the audience were not bored. Their performing was very interesting so that people were glad to pay them. Mr. Tora loved their children, but there was one thing that he did not like: Lencir’s attitude of kuda lumping. When they finished the stage, Lencir not willing to help tidy the equipment. He always abandoned kuda lumping which made of plait bamboo.

“Lencir, why you do not take good care of our kuda lumping?” Mr. Tora asked.




He likes to torture his kuda lumping.


“Well. I think that it is same! Stacked, thrown, or a good trimming! Kuda lumping are inanimate object! They will not scream in pain! If they are the real horses so I will give the grass,” Lencir said.

Mr. Tora said sadly, “But we use them to find sustenance. So, do not waste the kuda lumpings. If you still do the same, it is mean that you insult your father.”

But Lencir never changed his attitude. One day, his friends inveted him to walk in a very beautiful place. But gradually it transformed be a sea of sand. Lencir walked difficulty. Suddenly, there was a blue horse, the color like his kuda lumping. The blue horse so tame that he could ride easily. The horse carried him like a gallant hero. Then Lencir arrived a wide place. Oddly enough, the blue became very wild. Lencir was thrown from it’s back like a useless waste. Then, there were two horse that came him, their colors also reminded him to his kuda lumping. “This is the one!” said the blue horse.

“He likes to torture his kuda lumping,” said the red horse.

But beware if you are lying!”



The green horse said, “He must be punished. Lencir was lifted on the back of red horse. When he was already on the back, the red horse jumped and jumped. Lencir was fell down like when he thrown the kuda lumpings. The blue horse and the green horse also done the same.

Lencir was pain and very scared. He tried to run, but the horses ran faster. Lencir was catched and be made as a soccer ball. “Forgiveness!” said Lencir in his pain.

“Are you promise not to do bad to your kuda lumping?” asked the blue horse.

The red horse said, “What is the consequences if you lie?”

Lencir cried, “I am promise that I will not abandon my kuda lumping again.” The three horses discussed and agreed to release Lencir.


Lencir was dreaming.”


“But beware if you are lying!” the green horse threatened. “If you lie then we will bite you together!”

“Do not bite me! I promise to care well my kuda lumping!” said Lencir. At the same time, someone shaked him. Mr. Tora waked him. Lencir was dreaming. “Father, I am not going to dump our kuda lumping again.” Lencur sobbed.

His father stroked his hair and said, “My son. If we do not care well the bamboo horse, it will be easily damaged. When it is broken, we must buy the new one. But it is very hard for us to make money.” Then, Lencir groomed the kuda lumping sincerity. (*)


Making Spontaneous Story

Storytelling become an important element for children life. Stories also become a tool for parents to bring more information for children. The values of humanism in the story more easily understood by children than to dictate them. Such as banning your children to not do something for no apparent reason. Is it possible to create a spontaneously story? Of course you can do it because it is not a difficult work, but you have to know the technique. The idea of story can be taken from objects, animals, events, or human behavior. We can take brief incidents to create a story, as you do a reflexes movement. In this ebook you also get 10 chidren’s stories with attractive illustration.

  • ISBN: 9781310537165
  • Author: Setiawan G Sasongko
  • Published: 2016-01-08 01:50:12
  • Words: 9164
Making Spontaneous Story Making Spontaneous Story