Making Money Online: 23 Amazing Tips to Easily Earn Money From the Internet


Making money online

23 Amazing Tips to Easily Earn Money From the Internet




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Chapter 1 – Making Money from the web: 1 – 10

Chapter 2 – Important Things to Note When Working Online

Chapter 3 – Making Money from the web: 11 – 18

Chapter 4 – Skills Upgrade

Chapter 5 – Making Money from the web: 19 – 23

Chapter 6 – Evaluate Your preparedness



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Several years ago, if we hear people saying that it is possible for an average man to make millions of dollars by simply making use of the internet, many of us would laugh at such a ridiculous statement. But these days, the reverse is entirely the case. The internet has become a global market where there is a massive flow of currencies all over the world. Billionaires have been known to have amerced huge wealth via the internet. The power of the web today knows no boundaries when it comes to the amount of wealth that can be created.

The beautiful part of this is that although wealth can be created using highly professional and sophisticated methods, the ability to acquire wealth is not limited to these so called sophisticated methods. With little or no skills, a novice can make massive wealth from the internet. All that is required is your computer and access to the internet. In little or no time, you will be rolling in millions. Below is a list 23 carefully selected ways to make good money from the internet at very little or no cost.

Chapter 1 – Making Money from the web: 1 – 10

1. Paid Surveys

I have heard many people make comments like “this is definitely too good to be true. How can one make money only just by sharing their opinions about issues? That definitely sounds too easy.” Well yes, it is easy but it is true as well. You can make money by simply sharing your opinion online. You don’t need any advanced writing skills. All that is required of you is simply share your thoughts and you do so through what is called “Paid Surveys”.

2. How Do Surveys Work

In many cases, big brand companies create avenues to receive customer feedbacks regarding their products and services. They are willing and ready to pay you in exchange for your valuable information and feedback. Paid survey web-pages are agencies that allow you the medium to communicate your views with those companies through the use of online surveys. You might want to ask – what if you do not give a positive feedback. You do not need to worry about this. Companies do not worry about your feedback being positive or negative. That does not affect your being paid. So, whether you have provided a positive or negative feedback, your opinion is welcome and will be paid for. Companies are usually open-minded in terms of accepting the various types of opinions as these serves as feedbacks channeled towards their product development strategies.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is another great way at your disposal to make money online. You earn money by promoting another person’s products and or services. You do so without as much as carrying any inventories. This is possible by incorporating affiliate advertisements into your own website or page or blog, through the use of articles that link such. It is usually a great advantage when you have content that is very strong and persuasive. But an important factor is that the content should be put together in a way that it does not look plagiarized.

You can post a variety of content ranging from product placing videos to advertisement banners. You do not only need a website to do these. You can still be an affiliate marketer even if you do not own a website. You can earn money from posting videos on YouTube which contain links to products. E.g., a site like Commission Junction for instance has some products and services that can earn you income on these levels:

p<>{color:#000;}. Cost per click: Although this does not earn you much from clicks, it does base your earning capacity on the number of visitors that you have and how many they are.

p<>{color:#000;}. Cost per Acquisition Advertisement: you can make use of this if your content is solid. This will help you make commission either on fixed rates or merely on commissions depending on your pre agreed terms. Each time someone makes a purchase via your affiliate company, you get paid.

4. Audio Transcription: From time to time, websites improve contents by making provisions for material contents for people who are impaired in hearing. What this means is that transcription jobs come up quite often. Although they have a low pay, they do come up and are paid for when you get them. You can get some of those on eLance and oDesk.

5. Entering Contests: There are contests that are put up online from time to time. In most cases, you do not just get paid for entering but you do get paid when you win a contest. Go online and search for a wide range of free contests in fields where you possess quite a large amount of possible entries and submit entries for them. Make submissions of your work to as many places as possible that will have them. You might need a few days to get through to all of them but don’t relent in your efforts. A few small successes or even bigger ones will make up for the time spent. And besides, your efforts and experiences might ginger up in you some creative processes.

6. Marketing of Webinars: Here is another good income stream that you can look into. What you need to do here is to simply market seminar materials online. If you have a good knowledge in certain areas of expertise which you recon people would want to know or learn about and are willing to pay for such knowledge, record yourself giving a lecture about it in a professional mode. Ensure the recording has a good production and post it online advertising it for sale.

7. Selling eBooks: I must say this is not something everyone can be involved in. Not everyone has the skills of writing. But if you do find yourself having this skill, you can definitely make money online by selling eBooks. Do you think you have found a solution to a desperate situation and feel like trading your knowledge for some cash? Then you can turn such knowledge into an eBook on that particular subject. Simply look around on forums online for trending issues that people are looking for answers to. I advice you not to waste your time writing an eBook on topics that people can easily and readily get answers about. Write something for people who really need the information desperately.

Students are generally known for being very good at most things that have to do with research work. With the “Amazon Kindle store” you won’t be lacking in money. That is a very good online store where your eBooks can be published and you can make a good fortune. The Kindle apps are currently available in most devices like laptops, Smartphones, iPads and of course, kindle. You have a very wide market at your disposal. You place your eBook on sale for a specified fee and you are allocated 70% of total book sale. Judging from Amazon’s reputation in terms of eBook sales, it is a great deal with huge financial benefits.

8. Freelance Writing: Being a freelance writer is a very good way to make an income. You can work for people who need particular contents or you can simply write yours for publication. You can write articles, eBooks with great contents both based on client demand or you write based on your own specific publication purposes. Subscribing to places like Elance and Odesk is a great place to start from without wasting your time and energy. These sites are among the best freelance sites you can find on the web. There are various job openings posted daily for freelance writers. Quite difficult not to find one that suits your competence. If you are very patient and not very much in a hurry for compensational tasks as you have a good skill with keyword researching techniques, you can make money from writing on “Hubpages”.

9. Selling of Articles: many websites, small businesses and marketers require quality contents with great keyword integration as a means of getting traffic to their sites. Although you might not make much for a start, with time as you prove your competence. You can begin to charge more for your services. If you are skilled in writing, you can take a step forward in submitting your own writings to be published formally.

10. Search the Web and get paid: if you are interested in getting paid while you do what you are already doing online, then this is an avenue for you to do that. I would say this is one of the easiest ways to make money online that does not require any special efforts or change in your work behavior. Innovative ideas like the idea of “Qmee.com” give rewards to web users who search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. All you need to do is install a simple add-on on your browser. When you carry out a search, there could be some sponsored results that appear along with your usual search.

Chapter 2 – Important Things to Note When Working Online

Working online is as important as our usual day to day jobs. For this reason, it is important to take job tasks with utmost importance and dedication. The fact that you do not have a supervisor constantly on your neck is not a license for mediocrity. We therefore need to create a good impression be it a first impression on a continual work impression. Whatever you choose to do online, let it be done with an edge of excellence to it. Just like you find in any other business, your branding, be it a website, store or portfolio, etc, should be able to have the ability to grab your prospective clients’ attention. Because it is an online market, your branding and image need to be attractive and capable of enticing your prospects. This is the more reason why you should create a good image for whatever you choose to do online. A good branding should include:

p<>{color:#000;}. An intelligently crafted copy.

p<>{color:#000;}. A good description of what you have to offer

p<>{color:#000;}. Your product overview

p<>{color:#000;}. Information, news as well as the various opportunities that is available as response.


Your Branding should include the following:

p<>{color:#000;}. Differentiate your own product and or service from those of your competitors. Think about what makes your particular business unique and peculiar. Focus on your brand and what makes it unique. Do this by specifically taking a deep look into the specific suit of your provided services as well as how your products and services will assist in solving your customer’s problems. Take particular cognizance of these differentiating factors so that you can easily set your brand aside from other brands you find around.

p<>{color:#000;}. Ensure you have a concrete contract with your partner company if you have one. Possibly enlist the service or assistance of a lawyer or you have a lawyer review your contract so that you can have a good stated understanding of payment procedures. For instance, if your payments are based on work produced, sales, sign ups, referrals, or conversions, your attorney will have these terms and conditions properly highlighted for both parties.

p<>{color:#000;}. Very importantly, you need to maintain an approachable friendly tone with your clients. You will sometimes need to invite your customers to interact with you so you will need a good customer relations technique. While you try to ensure that the copy that you have on your site or portfolio is informative enough, you also ensure that you have a friendly tone and good communicative skills.

p<>{color:#000;}. After an initial interaction, you need to have a good method of following up with your clients. This is necessary as you have not had the privilege of a face to face meeting. You will need to be proactive in a cautious manner so that you do not also send your potential clients wrong signals that will send them away. Do not operate like a stalker. You need to be very sensitive as many people easily develop cold feet when it comes to online business. As much as the internet is used for good businesses, it is also used for very dubious purposes. You will for this reason, need to prove to your potential client that your services are genuine. You do not only say it, you need to prove it. You can only do this with your method of operations and way of relating with your clients.

Chapter 3 – Making Money from the web: 11 – 18

11. Get Paid To:

The same way we have sites that pay for online surveys, there are also sites that give rewards in form of cash and vouchers just for you completing several ranges of offers and online activities. The most popular of this type of sites are the” Swagbucks.com”, “PaidOffers” and the “InboxPounds”.

12. Music Review

For music lovers, this is an opportunity for you to make money from simply reviewing artists or bands that are not signed on the net. Opportunities for such exist with companies like “Slicethepie”. It takes quite some time for your reputation to be built. However, some users of the site have confirmed making as much as 40pounds per month. It might look or sound little, but if you love the process, you will enjoy doing it while you earn money from simply doing what you love doing.


13. Working as a Virtual Call Center Agent:

You can work as a virtual call agent in places like LiveOps.com. This is a company that usually hires virtual call center agents who have the responsibility of answering their customers’ calls. First, you will be responsible for paying for your own criminal background checking which is usually done prior to your being hired. This usually costs around $30. You will also need your own telephone line for work in a very quiet environment. As soon as you have all you need for work, Live Ops will conduct an online training for you to teach you how you are expected to handle the customer calls and enquiries you receive. You have the responsibility of taking calls from different companies.

As soon as you start working, your telephone will ring and a scripted screen will pop up on your phone screen. You simply need to read the script exactly the way it comes up, word for word and input the customer as you proceed. If the customer has questions, there is a section you find on your screen that has the FAQ’s. Also, you are logged into a virtual chat room if for any reason you need to ask for support from an online supervisor. The pay is usually around $.25 per minute of your talk time. One beautiful aspect of this work is that they are very flexible. You are able to choose the shifts you want to work in each week. Shifts are also broken down into half an hour basis which gives you maximum flexibility with work. You are even allowed to log in to work even when you are not scheduled in order to make some quick cash.

14. Network Marketing: This is also referred to as “Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). This business method allows businesses to generate an ongoing income base using two key methods. Making commission sales on products and services and also by recruiting other members to join. When you recruit other members, you are able to make money from their sales. You might begin to wonder why this method has been included as an online wealth creation method. This is because, some of their products and services require services to be conducted both online and on one on one individual bases. It is not all of their activities that require physical contacts. Some of them have platforms online where wealth can be created and built upon.


15. YouTube Income: Yes, it is now possible to make money by simply posting videos on YouTube. With the very recent introduction of the “YouTube Partner Program”, people can make profits by simply producing and uploading videos. You are entitled to receiving a certain percentage of the advertisement revenue collected per thousand views. Also, depending on how much success you have based on online content subscription bases and topic index, you are able to make good money with several stories and YouTube users who subscribe to your posts and make a career out of them to your advantage and earning power.

16. Getting paid to Tweet: It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Yes it real. Advertisers do go as far as paying you to send out tweets about their products and services. Of course you can imagine how this will work for you, the bigger your audience, the more your earning power.

17. Teaching English or other languages Online: Are you aware that English speakers are presently in high demand in Asia? Due to this, many people are turning to freelance English teaching. Websites like “italki.com” comes in very handy in maximizing this service. People are turning to freelance teachers for online tutoring. Anyone can offer to give lessons to students at their own set prices from as low as $15 per hour of tuition.


18. Skills Advertisement: Take a good look at your skills and what you can do very well. Things that you can do with ease where other people tend to struggle. Fixing things, computers, writing, website creations, making cakes or as simple as making lemonade. Yes. The key here is being creative and having the ability to think outside the box. History has a wide record of the extent simple creativity can go. You can make money online by being creative with your skills and posting advertisements online for people to look for your skills.

A writer at the “save the Student” made little models from beer cans and wire strings and sold them to other students and made good money from that. As a student, there are several other creative methods you can apply to make money. Remember, it is all about maximizing your creative abilities. Be you a student or working class individual, you can never know how far you can go until you decide to think outside the box. When you have been able to identify these creative skills, you can market your skill online and get good customer base for yourself. People have been known to get a large number of clientele simply by making use of online advertisements.

Chapter 4 – Skills Upgrade

Most people do not start online jobs with the most perfect skills. This is why everybody can make money from the internet. But it will definitely get to a point where you will desire to expand your earning capacity by diversifying. It will be a good thing for you to upgrade your skills especially in certain areas of your interest. For instance, you might have a talent for selling but you might not know how your talent can be used online. You can upgrade your knowledge in any of these ways:

p<>{color:#000;}. Search Engine Optimization Training: You can take a course in Search engine Optimization. You can do this online or if it is offered in any of the local institutions around you. Your learning about the Search Engine Optimization is a necessary component if you want to have a successful online career. Training in SEO will help you learn how you can position your brand on a higher level on Google search engine ratings so that your business comes on the topmost rankings when hit by potential clients while carrying out a search.

p<>{color:#000;}. Business Plan: Craft a business plan. Even if you feel you do not need it, you still need to draw up a business plan. This has a huge advantage as it will serve for you as a guide towards your specific goals and direction for your business. And this will ultimately help you stay on tract and focused.

p<>{color:#000;}. Consultation: take the pain to consult with experts in your chosen field. You might have a friend or colleague who you know has had good success in making money online, try to tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience so you can learn how to include a few of their success secrets into what you do. This is not the same as copying. You can tap into their knowledge base without copying their ideas. You learn the principles behind their successes and how they have been able to achieve those successes. You particularly need this when you are just getting into online business. Remember you do not have a basis for operation. Having a guide who has succeeded in it won’t be such a bad idea. You will be able to make fewer mistakes and achieve better results faster.

Chapter 5 – Making Money from the web: 19 – 23

19. Selling Stuff on eBay: Virtually everyone has knowledge of eBay when it comes to getting rid of their junks. Online auctioning is a great way to turn junks into cash. Some eBay traders take time to look at what is in the trend and use the prediction to get a good way ahead of the market demands. If you are quite good and you do not mind taking a risky leap at this method of exploration, you can decide to buy early and sell when the demand is very high to yield you great income.

20. Blogging: This is a wonderful way to make income online. Again, you are able to do something you love doing and make money from doing it. Whether you have a particular passion for something or it is simply an obsession and you have something to say about it, you can go into online blogging. This can be a profitable way for you to simply express your thoughts and also make money from them. A major key here just like you find in other online activities is using your link and domain as a platform to sell advertisements. When you start up your personal blog, there will be several writers who will sign up for advertisement services on your blog.

There are advert services like the Google AdSense. They post the usual sponsored links that are often seen at the top, sides and bottom parts of web sites. The more the number of times that your blog readers click on those adverts, the more the money you will be making via the advert services. This might work quite ok for you if you blog on a casual level. And you can also make some little cash. But if your blogging prowess is very vibrant and consistent in the flow of interesting and well constructed writings, companies can approach you when they see your blog as a good means to reach your fan base with the use of graphical or pictorial advertisements all around your blog posts. Some blog creators have been known to make massive wealth from their blog posts to such an extent that they have gotten rid of their daily jobs and are blogging on full time basis.

21. SEO: The Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO is an area that has been growing widely in recent times. The use of the SEO online has become a very good method aimed at improving online search results acquired from the use of search engines, so that these results can get the closest matching results that can be obtained from the most relevant online resources for the user’s desired results. If you work as a contract SEO reviewer, and you work through a company like “Leapforce”, you are able to provide aid in these SEOs. You will begin by evaluating each of the tasks and exploring users intentions based on the key word allocation that are provided by a user.

Being an SEO reviewer, is a good source of providing regular income from the home. However, this comes with its own risks. To safeguard against these risks, an SEO reviewer must run good and reliable antivirus software as well as a very strong defense against malware. This is necessary because, when certain websites are viewed during evaluation processes, they launch certain malware into the computer. Also, an SEO reviewer has to be willing to view materials even if they are potentially offensive. In working as a reviewer, you may likely put your computer at a huge risk as a requirement of your job description.

22. Photography: you can sell your photo shoots and make money from them without having to be a professional photographer. People regularly need stock photographs to use on their websites, on their presentations as well as brochures. In actual fact, the list is endless regarding where and how they can be used. People are willing to pay for quality images when they find them. Usually, people will search for different images on the stock photographic sites by making use of keywords and not by photographers.

This serves as a good advantage for anyone as every picture has the same advantage and possibility of being chosen. Except where particular images have trademarked brandings, copyrights or particular people faces, otherwise, every picture has equal opportunity of making money. You will be amazed how and for what purposes people all over the world need pictures. So don’t make assumptions, as long as it is a decent photograph, you can upload it.

23. Social Media: Whatever you choose to do online to make yourself some money, always promote your work on your social media accounts. This is because there, you already have a platform of people who you have already interested in you. You are not starting with creating interest because they have already invested their interests in you. This is one of the best ways to maximize an opportunity you already have at your disposal. Very much easier and effective than looking for fresh opportunities. When you take advantage of this ready platform to promote yourself and your projects, you will be able to greatly increase your chances with people who will actually give you money in exchange for the goods and services you provide.

Chapter 6 – Evaluate Your preparedness

Checklist to consider

In order to have a good online work experience, you need to realistically answer these questions objectively:

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you want to make working online the major source of your income or you just want to use it as a temporary or skeletal income base? You will agree with me that the levels of commitment you need are not the same for both levels of work patterns. If you intend making it your major source of income, you will need to dedicate more time and efforts to its success than you would if you are using it as a temporary income base.

p<>{color:#000;}. Make an honest evaluation of the amount of time you will need to dedicate to have a quality online work input. Consider your status. Are you a stay at home mum with little kids or single with no commitments? Are you a full time or part time student? All these you need to consider and make a realistic judgment of your time allocation. Check the hours you can work during the day that you can dedicate to your business. Compare the number of hours you have with the amount of money you would like to make and see if the quantity of hours justify your expectations.

p<>{color:#000;}. Consider your work habits and be honest about it. Do you consider yourself a self starter? Are you self motivated enough to work without supervision? Note that working online requires a great level of motivation and focus in order to reach your income generation goals.


Like every good Endeavour in life, consistency is the key. Good and quality results are achieved in life’s endeavors by adopting consistency as a necessary prerequisite. The methods that have been mentioned and discussed in this book require consistency for the effects to be seen. It is obvious as stated in the methods discussed that you do not require any specialized skill to make money online. All you need is your skill with the use of computers and your internet connection.

Even though building a website is good and is an advantage to you, it is not a necessary prerequisite for you to make money. Understand that the world of internet usage is just like the normal world. Opportunities are available just as you find in the normal world. The only difference which becomes far much easier and effective is that instead of your customers being drawn from your immediate environment, you are able to reach a far larger range of customers around the globe. This definitely is the real deal. Why don’t you maximize this opportunity and start right away?

Making Money Online: 23 Amazing Tips to Easily Earn Money From the Internet

The internet has become a global market where very huge income can be harnessed worldwide. The internet has become so important nowadays that it has formed a daily routine for most people. What we can do over a simple Wi-Fi connection has become so versatile. You can do virtually anything online like reading books, magazines and newspapers , emailing, using the social medias like facebook, online shopping, use of Skype, google search, etc. the list is endless. But have you come across the lovely part that has to do with making money online? If you haven’t, then I guess congratulation is in order. Here is a wonderful opportunity placed on your laps. While many people have the erroneous belief that making money online can be very expensive or require several professional and technical abilities, I am here to tell you that making money online can be done with little or no professional skill. As much as there are professionally required skills for some aspects of online businesses like website building, blogging, freelance jobs, there are other easy to do work that you can do with little or no professional or technical abilities and you can make good money from them. This book has been written to show users just exactly how to do that – Make money from the internet at little or no extra or avoidable costs to your pocket.

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Making Money Online: 23 Amazing Tips to Easily Earn Money From the Internet Making Money Online: 23 Amazing Tips to Easily Earn Money From the Internet