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Make My Body Great Again - 2in1 Natural Bodytuning Bundle: Penis Enlargement & T





Make My Body Great Again

2 in 1 Natural Bodytuning Bundle: Penis Enlargement & Testosterone






















Penis Enlargement



Chapter 1: Nutrition and Supplements for a Bigger Penis

Chapter 2: Exercises to Stimulate Penis Growth

Chapter 3: Devices That Enlarge the Penis

Chapter 4: Testosterone Boosters or Surgery

Chapter 5: Drugs and Over-the-Counter Pills

Chapter 6: Things to Avoid









What is testosterone exactly?

What happens when you have a testosterone deficiency?

The incredible benefits of a high testosterone level

The right diet for a higher Testosterone level

5 natural methods to increase the testosterone level

The largest 5 Testosterone Killers you should absolutely avoid

7 day action plan







Penis Enlargement

Learn How To Increase Your Size Right Now!


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Nutrition and Supplements for a Bigger Penis

Chapter 2: Exercises to Stimulate Penis Growth

Chapter 3: Devices That Enlarge the Penis

Chapter 4: Testosterone Boosters or Surgery

Chapter 5: Drugs and Over-the-Counter Pills

Chapter 6: Things to Avoid


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Congratulations on downloading Penis Enlargement and thank you for doing so.

The following chapters will discuss different methods of enlarging your male member. You’ll learn about both chemical and physical options, their drawbacks and their strengths. This includes natural approaches such as exercises and natural supplements and also covers some of the myths about this sensitive subject.

There is a lot of information on what for many, is a very sensitive subject. Much of it optimistic, but mistaken. Even more is designed to get you to buy something that may or may not work.

Male sexual performance is a sensitive subject for many of us. It goes to our manhood both figuratively and literally. It’s hardly surprising that many men try anything they can to improve themselves in the bedroom sexually. Penis size is part of that effort.

There is certainly hope for those who consider their “rod” to be less than what they’d like to have. There is also hope for those who are concerned about their overall performance in the bedroom.

It is important to remember, some, if many of the “solutions” to be found on the internet are of questionable safety and can damage your health. This book will try to offer some sense of what risk an approach entails.

This book will help you improve your performance and your size. It may not achieve miracle results, but it will help you improve your situation.

You’re going to learn about multiple ways to increase the size of your male member. Some of these can be combined, while others should be tried only by themselves. Please remember that common sense is important! If something seems particularly uncomfortable, or feels like it is causing pain or damage, reconsider! This is not a “no pain, no gain” situation. You may experience some soreness when you try the exercises described in this book, and using a penis pump or cock ring will cause some discomfort, even while producing results.

This book begins with the least expensive, least hazardous solutions, and progresses through the options working up to the most expensive and aggressive solutions.

There are plenty of books on this subject on the market, thanks again for choosing this one! Every effort was made to ensure it is full of as much useful information as possible, please enjoy!

Chapter 1: Nutrition and Supplements for a Bigger Penis


We are going to start this book off by looking at how exercise and diet can help our sex life. There are things a person can do that will help with penis size and erection quality. Some of these involve getting healthier and losing some weight, while others specifically aim at making your penis bigger.

There are several advantages to this approach. Cost is one, no one is asking you to put up your money for the answers this chapter offers. You won’t need to buy expensive “workout” equipment, or hire a “penis” trainer (can you imagine the help wanted ad for that position?). You won’t even have to worry about workout clothes.


Diet and Losing Weight


It probably isn’t very surprising to hear that being healthier leads to better sex. There’s more to it than that though. If you’re overweight it actually has the effect of making your penis smaller. What happens is the as the fat accumulates in that area of the body, the shaft of the penis sinks into that fat robbing you of as much as an inch or more.

In addition, certain foods can have an adverse impact on penis size. This is because there is a correlation between blood flow to its size and erection quality. This is an oversimplification, but the penis is like a balloon in that it needs to be “inflated.”

While a balloon is inflated with air, the penis becomes enlarged via the flow of blood to the penis being increased by arousal. Foods and drugs that restrict blood flow have an adverse effect on both the penis size and the strength of the erection.


Foods That Help Your Penis


There are foods you can incorporate into your diet that will help achieve better blood flow to your penis. These include:

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Fish

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Deeply colored fruits and vegetables

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Nitric oxide producing compounds

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Red wine

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Lean meats

Here are some of the specific foods that you can consider adding to your diet: salmon, mackerel, and sardines for fresh fish; almonds, walnuts, pistachios, (nuts help your “nuts,” who would of thought it?); fruits such as cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Thankfully there’s no liver or cod liver oil on that list. Some of those can even be part of a romantic dinner (red wine, lean meats, sushi, fruit cup or chocolate covered strawberries, cheese and nuts).

Basically, any kind of vasodilators will help with improved blood flow, and improved blood flow will among other things, help with penis and erection size.

Nutrients for Penis Enlargement


You’ll see many claims for nutrients that promote penis growth. Often, they are in supplements that claim all sorts of “miracle” results. The truth is while there are some nutrients that have been clinically proven to affect penis size, there are also many false claims.

Unfortunately, nutritional supplements and vitamins are not regulated with the same degree of scrutiny by any federal agency or reputable health organization. This means the companies that sell these products can make claims as far as what the ingredients in their products can do that they wouldn’t be able to claim for food or drugs.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular nutrients for penis enlargement. Some of these have actually been proven in clinical trials, others haven’t been proven as of this writing, and others have been discredited. Each will be identified according to this criteria.


This is an essential amino acid. If you eat a healthy diet, your body already should produce enough of it. If not, most dairy products, beef, pork, poultry, lobster, salmon, granola, oatmeal, nuts and others. (Consider an overnight oatmeal with nuts, fresh or dried berries, and milk or cream for breakfast several times a week). It’s generally found in foods containing protein.

There is a warning to go with Arginine though. According to the Mayo Clinic, too much can be dangerous for someone with a heart condition. This is probably a bigger worry if you are taking a supplement than it is if you’re getting it from your diet. Some sources recommend pairing it with Citrulline, another amino acid. Add watermelon to your high protein foods and you’ll get your Citrulline (the body also produces some).

Arginine is naturally occuring in the body (which manufactures it) and has been shown to improve penis size. The consensus from reputable sources recommends adding it to your diet through eating more of the foods that contain it. If you’re considering a nutritional substitute containing Arginine, check the other ingredients and be careful not to exceed the recommended doses.

Bee Pollen

You may have seen ads for bee pollen as a male enhancement aid. There is no research though, that shows any benefit to your male member at all from bee pollen. While there may be some health benefits to consuming small amounts of bee pollen, too much can be harmful.



Sadly, this vital component of the magical, elixir known as “coffee,” provides no help in making your penis bigger, stronger, or even more wide awake.



As noted earlier, this amino acid actually does provide some help in penile improvement, mainly because it helps increase nitric oxide production, but at a slower rate than other supplements. The general recommendation is 500 to 1,000 mg. Combining this supplement with Arginine is generally considered a good idea, and Citrulline can also be used with other penile enhancement substitutes. Just remember, the general consensus is it is better to get these nutrients from your food.



You may remember this one from baseball’s great home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Creatine is now a banned substance in many pro sports, but it is still a perfectly legal supplement. There are several benefits to taking this supplement including increasing cell energy and improve muscle recovery time. It also affects smooth muscle growth (there are smooth muscle areas in the penis), so it can help with penis enlargement. Two to 3 grams a day is considered sufficient. It is better though if you are physically active if you’re going to take this supplement.

Cnidium Monnieri


There are a couple of studies that show Cnidium Monnieri can help with penis growth, also by helping the body produce more nitric oxide. Look for a supplement pill that includes this plant in it, rather than buying it by itself. It’s not necessary for the supplement to have much either. A little bit is enough for this one.

Cayenne Pepper


No. Not even a little bit.



Colostrum is milk, but a form of milk a pregnant mother makes near the end of pregnancy through to shortly after birth. Notice the use of the non-species specific word “mother.” Generally supplements that provide this nutrient use bovine milk. It does have some benefit for penile enlargement since it helps with growth. Try 2 to 10 grams twice a day.


Damiana is made from a Mexican shrub. It’s used for a few different purposes, including increasing sexual desire, which would also aid in blood flow to the penis (Webmd). This is another one that is probably better obtained through food although it often included in penile growth supplements. Too much Damiana has caused health issues for users. It can also have a synergistic effect with diabetes drugs, possibly causing low blood sugar.



Epimedium is probably better known as “Horny Goat Weed.” This is another supplement that helps the body produce nitric oxide. It’s been shown to enhance libido and improve blood flow to the penis.



This amino acid is thought to help the body increase human growth hormone production. A clinical study at Shenondoah University (Virginia) does lend credence to this, however there is not a lot of information available on potential side effects or drug interactions.



This is an amino acid that is frequently deficient in human diets. It helps the body in a number of ways particularly with cell recovery. It is considered at least to be helpful with penile issues and worth taking as part of a supplement. You can try to add from 5 to 40 grams to your daily regiment, but much more than 10 grams probably isn’t necessary.

Stay Away from These Foods


There are also foods you should try to stay away from. Sadly, some of these rank high on the “Dude munching scale,” and the “Today I’m watching football” scale.

These foods include:

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Alcohol

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Nicotine

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Saturated fats

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Processed foods

The good news is that many of these nutrients can be found in a combined penile enhancement over-the-counter or online supplements. Unfortunately, supplements alone are probably not going to be enough. The next chapter introduces exercises that should also help.

More specific info: http://doctorenlargement.com/penisenlargementbible

Chapter 2: Exercises to Stimulate Penis Growth

There are muscles in the penis, so exercising them can make them bigger, thus increasing the size of your penis. While this may suggest some “workout” possibilities to you, it probably takes more than a men’s magazine and a soapy shower to show improvement.

There are a number of different exercises you can try to enlarge your penis. Keep in mind, you can’t expect immediate improvement any more than you could expect immediate improvement from a weight lifting session at the local gym.

Plan on warming up before doing these exercises and cooling down afterward. You can do this by using a warm, wet towel wrapped around your penis for about five minutes.

Penile exercises fall into several different categories you’ll learn more about in this chapter.

Stretching Exercises


These involve stretching your penis, not “warming up” the way the words stretching exercises are normally used. These can be pretty simple, don’t cost anything, and are easy enough to do. It will probably take some time to see any change in length, but you do have a handy tool for seeing if they are working. If your erections seem to be improving, you’re benefitting; if they aren’t, then something’s wrong. Try reducing pressure when doing the stretches if that happens.

One tricky thing about any exercise designed to lengthen or thicken the penis is the issue of pain. While you may experience some discomfort while doing such exercises, pain is a warning that you are trying to hard (no pun intended). It is certainly possible for you to damage your organ if you overdue an exercise, so don’t overdo it! It’s fine to use a lubricant if you wish to minimize chafing with these stretching exercises, but stay away from anything that may irritate the penis skin (soaps and shampoos for instance). Some of these exercises will be easier with lubricant, some may be more difficult, so use your own judgment.

The basic stretching exercise goes as follows. Begin by making an “OK” sign with your fingers (you want the thumb and first finger circle, the rest isn’t important) while circling the shaft right behind the head. You’re going to be stretching the penis in five directions, one at a time and holding each stretch for about 30 seconds. These directions are:

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Up

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Down

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Left

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Right

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Straight

Take your time raising the amount of stretching you’re doing. The first couple of weeks err on the side of caution. As you gain experience, you can start using more force, but still ease up if it becomes painful. Do this exercise either standing up or sitting down. You should also only be doing this with a flaccid penis (less likely to cause injury).




This is another type of stretching exercise. Start off with the same “OK” hand formation you used in the penis stretch, but this time place it at the base of the shaft. Then slow move your hand up the shaft until just below the head of the penis. Don’t overdo the pressure. Light pressure is best. You should repeat this exercise for at least 2 minutes, but not more than 5 minutes.



If you’re wondering, “Kegels” are also a good penis enlargement exercise. They can also be helpful with improving prostate performance, which can also help your sex life.

Kegels are simple “do anywhere” exercises. Just clench and hold your lower pelvic hold. WebMd suggests holding for a count of 5, and then repeat 10 times. The site also recommends doing a set three times a day. Even if you don’t get the size results you want, there are other benefits from kegels, including improved orgasms, so don’t give up on them. With practice, you’ll be able to hold the clench for 5 to 10 seconds.



Ballooning is an exercise where you prolong ejaculation by placing the hand over the head of your penis and holding back ejaculation. This is supposed to stretch tissues inside your penis to help your penis grow.

Now we know why there’s a market for all sorts of supplements, and pills. While eating the healthy foods wouldn’t be that much of a chore, giving up the bad stuff would seriously put a cramp in many lives.

Of course if diet and exercise were fast and easy, we’d all be super models. Some of the nutrients and supplements discussed in this chapter should be helpful, but don’t feel bad if you think it’s going to take more than some supplements to get the results you desire. This next chapter will introduce you to some exercises that may also help.

Chapter 3: Devices That Enlarge the Penis

There a number of different devices that claim they will lengthen or enlarge your penis. Some them exert similar forces on your member as do the stretching exercises discussed in the previous chapter. As such, they may make it easier for you to apply those forces with a device rather than your hand.

We can break these up into two categories:

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Devices you wear on your penis that stretches it

p<>{color:#1c1c1c;}. Devices that exert vacuum pressure on your penis to enlarge it

As you might imagine, these tools are used in different ways. You could even resort to one of each and use them at different times. Let’s start with the extenders.

Penis Extenders


Traction devices are one form of penis extender. They work by exerting opposing forces on the penis, stretching it. It’s very important that the device you choose exert gentle pressure on your member. Penis extenders have been known to add an inch or more of length when used properly. Also, used incorrectly, one of these devices can damage your penis, even requiring surgery to repair.

You use a penis extender by affixing collars to the base of the shaft and right below the beginning of the penis head. Several rods separate the collars. The user then extends the rods to stretch his penis. Many users wrap their penis in gauze or cloth to make using it more comfortable.

Follow the instructions that come with whatever extender you’re using to attach it to your penis. Once it is securely in place, try covering it in a warm, wet cloth, or gym sock for added comfort plus helping the penis relax, and increasing blood flow too. It’s probably best to avoid moving around too much since it might loosen the extender.

As far as penis enlargement devices go, extenders are a bit pricey. Even at the low end of the price range hovers around $100. More expensive ones can pass $300. With consistent use over time, these devices can produce measurable results, but used improperly can also damage your penis. Follow instructions carefully if you go this route.

One caveat. If you search online for “penis extenders,” be aware there is another version offered by retailers. This type is designed to fit over your penis to increase length and girth. While this kind of thing may do the job in the bedroom, I’m guessing this isn’t the answer you’re looking for in reading this book. Make sure before buying a “penis extender,” make sure you know what you’re getting. If you are on a tight budget, then one of these might be worth considering, depending on your relationship with your partner. You can find ones that fit over your penis, but with an opening that lets the head of the penis extend beyond the device. These are usually more for thickening the shaft, rather than lengthening the penis. Some even vibrated, which might improve the experience for both of you.

In a 2011 report, CBS news reported that using traction style penis extenders can make a difference, based on a few research studies the organization referenced. If your budget allows, then using one might be worth a try.

Hanging weights


Believe it or not, some companies offer devices that make it possible to suspend weights off the penis. These devices usually consist of some kind of collar that fits around the shaft and provides some sort of suspension wires or chains, which the user then hangs weights on. We’re not talking about those little gram weights you see in a drugstore either. These things actually recommend suspending 10 to 20 pounds worth of weights.

As you might imagine, there are definite hazards to this approach. Besides being painful, this method can permanently damage your penis. This can occur by suspending too much weight or over tightening the collar. If you do decide to try this approach, start out carefully, and make sure you follow the directions that came with the device.

Cock Rings


While technically not an extension device, cock rings seem to fit in this section, especially since you can find some slip over the shaft extenders/enlargers that do include a cock ring function. The proper name for them is “Penoscrotal” rings, but few people besides doctors refer to them that way.

Cock rings come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to fit over the shaft of the erect or semi-erect penis. Some are even battery powered and include a small vibrator (usually referred to as a “bullet” vibrator) for added sensations for both participants. Many cock rings also provide a decorative function, so it isn’t readily apparent they are being used for enhancement.

These aids help by constricting the base of the penis (which is where they are positioned) and retaining blood in the shaft. They will enhance both length and girth, and if you have trouble maintaining an erection, will help with that too.

Users say they aren’t particularly uncomfortable or unpleasant, although experts warn that they shouldn’t be worn for more than a half hour since they are cutting off circulation.

Cock rings are merely a situational device. There is no permanent improvement and removing the ring also ends the affect fairly quickly. Still, they are inexpensive, easy to use, and can enhance your sexual experience.

If you’re not comfortable to the equivalent of putting your penis “on the rack” so to speak, then consider the options in the next chapter.


Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps provide no long-term improvement in penis size or girth. What they do, do though, is provide temporary enhancement. You can use one in conjunction with exercises, nutrition, pills, cock rings, and other assistance.

They vary in price from cheap (under $20) for a basic unit with bulb for hand pumping, to fairly expensive ($300 or more) for a high-end powered vacuum devices.

As noted for other tools discussed in this book, care needs to be taken when using such a device. The suction provided by a penis pump does make your penis bigger, but it doesn’t work miracles. Using one can make a noticeable difference in length and girth though. Even the Mayo Clinic describes them as effective in helping men develop a better erection.

There are some shortcomings to be aware of. For one thing, the effects of the pump tend to temporarily discolor your penis (a little more bluish, mainly because of its effects on blood flow), will be a little bit uncomfortable (so long as you don’t overdo it), and do carry a risk of permanent damage if you over pump it. Regarding the discoloration, it’s only a little bit noticeable, not enough to freak anyone out.

When using a penis pump, make sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned. Most users prefer a cleaning solution specifically designed for sexual aids. You can probably get by with some kind of gentle soap too.

It’s important to make sure you get a good seal against the base of your shaft to maximize the effectiveness of the pump. It’s hard to say how many pumps you will need, since the effect varies from pump to pump. It will be a bit uncomfortable, but not too bad. Over pumping though can cause injury, so if you plan on using one after consuming alcohol or recreational drugs that can impair your judgment or pain tolerance, exercise extra care.

Considering the modest cost, risk, and discomfort, you might give a penis pump a try while you work with some of the other methods covered in this book. It will help give you a larger penis (both length and girth), even if only a temporary solution. You can also pair it up with a cock ring to help make sure the effects last through intercourse. A penis pump can also be used in combination with an erectile dysfunction drug.

For more details: http://doctorenlargement.com/penisenlargementbible

Chapter 4: Testosterone Boosters or Surgery

Testosterone boosters can be helpful with both erectile dysfunction and improving penis size, although the size improvement may not be as much as you desire.

Prescription Testosterone Gels


For men with low testosterone levels, there are prescription medicines that can provide some help. These can help a man regain some lost size and performance, but really aren’t for increasing size just because a person wants to get bigger.


Is Surgery the Answer?

There are some surgical solutions to sexual performance problems, although most of them are oriented towards curing erectile dysfunction. One approach that can effectively make your penis longer if you are overweight is liposuction in the area of the groin surrounding the penis. As mentioned earlier in this book, if you’re overweight, part of the shaft recedes into the fatty area, so selective liposuction will help.

In general, it can be hard to find a surgical approach to penis enlargement simply because it is considered cosmetic surgery, so many insurance plans won’t cover it. More often, surgery is an option for erectile dysfunction sufferers who can consider penile implants or other solutions.

There are a couple of surgical options although their track record is a bit iffy. One approach is to sever a ligament in the penis (suspensory ligament) and transfer some skin from the abdomen to the shaft. This appears to make the penis look longer, in part because it hangs down more, but doesn’t do much to increase the actual length.

Another approach, which increases the girth of the shaft, involves taking fat from somewhere else in the body, and injecting it into the shaft. Another version is to remove tissue from somewhere else in the body and grafting it to the penis. Since at least some and maybe most of the fat is reabsorbed by the body, the results are often less than desired and the grafting approach hasn’t been proven to help much either.

Chapter 5: Drugs and Over-the-Counter Pills

When it comes to drugs and other similar products, the claims advertisers make are unrivaled. While a television ad may have to meet some small legal standard with its claims (the ads are usually very carefully worded to stay legal), many of the claims found on the Internet tout benefits that are imaginary rather than medically accurate.

Let’s start this section by breaking your options down into 2 categories: erective dysfunction cures and penis enlargement pills.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

If you’ve ever watched TV in the past decade or so, you’ve seen a commercial for erectile dysfunction medications. The good news is that some of these are actually medically tested and approved and get the job done for many men. They don’t do anything for penis enlargement other than helping you get an erection, but on this particular topic, anything that actually works as advertised is a win.

WebMd lists almost 20 different medications that require a doctor’s prescription, meaning they’ve actually been tested and approved by the FDA. This isn’t a guarantee of safety by any means, but it does mean at least some scrutiny has been applied to them.

About a dozen of these drugs are taken orally, including the most heavily advertised ones Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, plus the generic forms of these drugs. Since they’re so well known, it seems a waste to spend a lot of time on them here. Keep in mind, while they work well for many men, certain health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and interactions with other drugs (such as blood pressure meds), can inhibit their ability to work.

Injectable Dysfunction Medicine


There is another type of erectile dysfunction medicine that can be injected rather than taken orally. The good news is that your doctor can show you how to perform the injections yourself, so you don’t have to make a trip every time you think you’re going to need to use the drug. The bad news is where you have to inject the drug. And yes, the answer is directly into to your penis.

Users do report good results with these drugs, but also report some pain in the penis from the injections and the drug, as well some pain in the wallet do to the expense. Others report no or poor effects if the drug is mixed or injected improperly.

Injectable erectile dysfunction drugs are sometimes used in conjunction with oral meds. Doctors can and do prescribe the two for cases where one drug doesn’t get the job done. This of course, makes an already expensive boner even more costly, since drugs such as Viagra and Cialis aren’t cheap either, particularly if your health insurance doesn’t cover the cost or if you don’t have health insurance.

Urethral Medicines


If you thought having to use the last class of erectile dysfunction meds was daunting, wait to you read about this next group.

Basically, these are suppositories designed to be inserted into the penis, an action one user described as being “akin to loading a musket.” Now, I know a lot of guys who think of their best buddy in terms of weaponry, but I’m guessing a musket is not the first image they bring to mind. Another user found his experience even less pleasant. “[It] hurt like hell!! Some enlargement, but pain caused very poor sex.”

Oh, they’re also expensive. One user said he paid $300 for 6 doses.

Over-the-Counter Products/Solutions


There are a lot of over-the-counter options available that claim to either cure erectile dysfunction or enlarge the penis. These are not as heavily tested or regulated as FDA approved drugs.



As it happens, this ages old medical approach does have some credibility for helping with erectile dysfunction, although it doesn’t necessarily help with penis enlargement. There are some studies that show improved performance for ED sufferers; there are no studies supporting its use for penis enlargement.

Chapter 6: Things to Avoid


There is a lot of snake oil out there when it comes to penis enlargement, particularly online. Some of these are dangerous to your wallet; some are dangerous to your health.

Perhaps the biggest area for you to worry about is trying penis enlargement supplements you buy from online resources without carefully checking the ingredients. There isn’t much in the way of testing or regulation of these products. Even worse, it’s pretty easy these days to order something from a country that has virtually no safety or testing standards for these kinds of products. There is another hazard with these products and that is often they contain ingredients that aren’t listed on the label.

Another type of product that is readily available but completely unproven are creams that claim to thicken or length penis length. There is little to no evidence to suggest these do any good either. If you have sensitive skin, they can even be painful.

One of the worst ideas you can try is reducing the dosage of high blood pressure medication or not taking it at all, since blood pressure meds can effect your erection. You make get a harder boner, but you also increase your chances of a stroke.

Trying Too Hard


Often enthusiasm is your worst enemy. There are all sorts of ways trying too hard can be counterproductive. The worst-case scenario is injury, but even lesser issues can include things best to avoid such as pain or trouble getting and maintaining an erection because of damage to the penis.

It’s bad enough to injure your penis during stretching efforts, but you can do long lasting or even permanent damage by overdoing it with stretching or vacuum devices. As noted earlier in this book, cock rings when misused can also be dangerous.

Too Good to be True Deals


How many times have you seen or heard an advertisement offering a “free trial?” “Free” is great, but often these “free” deals are anything but. Their usual practice is to require a credit card number and to enroll you in an automatic shipment/automatic payment system; you need to actively cancel to stop the drain on your wallet.

Another version is a type of “upselling.” In this one, the product is offered for one price and a second unit is available for “just shipping and handling.” You’ll sometimes find a stubborn sales person insisting you take advantage of this “free” gift, even though the shipping and handling fees seem a bit exorbitant.

Watch the Snake Oil


The subject of penis enlargement is a sensitive one for many males. If you believe yours needs to be bigger, you’ll find a lot of products designed to help for a small (or not so small) fee. You’ll hear lots of great claims too.

The reality is there isn’t any magic pill or tool that will make you bigger (short of putting a penis extension on top of your member) immediately. Weigh your options carefully before throwing your money at a dubious solution. It’s also a good idea to talk to your doctor about any effort you want to make, especially if you have health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes.






Thank for making it through to the end of book, let’s hope it was informative and able to provide you with all of the tools you need to achieve your goals whatever it may be.

The next step is to decide what approach or approaches you want to try. Some of the solutions in this book can be started immediately, done safely, and cost nothing. Even if you have decided to pursue different options, consider trying some of the easier ones too.

If you want to learn more, additional information can be found here:


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Many men are self conscious about the size of their sex organ whether that concern is merited or not. Thanks to the popularity of adult entertainment, the pressure on them to “measure up” is enough to make many men worry, whether that concern is justified or not. This book attempts to wade through the snake oil and sales talk to help the reader learn more about how to safely and practically improve the length and girth of his penis.

It’s a complex and emotional subject. Let’s face it, when the term “Penis Envy” practically makes up its own category of a filed like psychology, you can tell it’s a big deal. It’s also an area filled with misconceptions, bad influences, and ego concerns. Quite a few less than scrupulous businesses have taken advantage of this to come up with all sorts of dubious “answers” for this issue.

For a woman who desires bigger breasts, there are several easy (although not necessarily cheap) solutions. Whether it be a bra that maximizes their “assets” or surgical implants, a woman can make her choice and expect success. No such option exists for men. Even the few surgical “solutions” that are out there are dubious, and risky.

There are safe, effective ways of improving your penis size and also your erections. They may not promise “huge” results or overnight improvement, but they also aren’t snake oil. In at least a few examples in this book, there is no need to spend money or provide a credit card either. The reader is provided a wide selection of options along with an honest assessment as to the effectiveness, cost, and risk of a particular approach.

There is a section of this book that will help the reader learn all about exercises to improve their size. Another chapter is devoted to devices that can help you increase your size. You can also learn how changing your diet and adding certain supplements can work with other solutions to give you the best possible results. There is also a section on drugs that can also help make the penis bigger and provide better erections. The reader will also get advice on how to avoid the snake oil and other dubious solutions. Here he will get the best possible advice on how to deal with this issue.

There is also information about supplements and nutrition that can help boost your size and improve your erections. The book also covers what devices actually help and whether they are short term or long term solutions. You can expect good results from the information in this book.


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[Increase Testosterone with natural methods – more muscle, more power, more self-confidence

Table of content


What is testosterone exactly?

What happens when you have a testosterone deficiency?

The incredible benefits of a high testosterone level

The right diet for a higher Testosterone level

5 natural methods to increase the testosterone level

The largest 5 Testosterone Killers you should absolutely avoid

7 day action plan

[] Introduction

Testosterone is the name given to the fundamental sex hormone that men have. It controls male physical elements. It is produced in the testicles (balls). It’s not only produced by men, women have testosterone as well, however in much littler sums than in men.

Testosterone brings on the physical changes that transform a kid into a man. This season of life is called pubescence. The changes due to the production of testosterone are as following:

• Growth of the penis and testicles

• Growth of facial, pubic, and body hair

• Deepening of the voice

• Building muscles and solid bones

• Getting taller

This hormone is the basic requirement for the production of sperms and to give birth to the new generation.

[]How does testosterone work?

The cerebrum and pituitary organ control generation of testosterone by the testicles. From that point, testosterone travels through your blood to do its work. Your testosterone levels change from hour to hour. They have a tendency to be most astounding in the morning and least at night. Testosterone levels are most elevated at the age of 20 to 30 and gradually go down after the age of 30 to 35.

Irregularities may occur for some reasons, testosterone can get to be—and stay—too low. Less regularly, testosterone levels can turn out to be too high. When this hormone is not on normal levels, wellbeing issues can come about. Inquire as to whether you ought to get your testosterone level checked in the event that you have any of the issues said underneath. You can motivate treatment to settle hormone issues by consulting it with your doctor.

Early side effects and signs of low testosterone in men are as following:

• A drop in sex drive

• Poor erections

• Low sperm check

• Enlarged or delicate bosoms

Later, low testosterone can prompt diminished muscle and bone quality, less vitality, and lower richness. A few things can briefly bring down testosterone, for occasion, an excessive amount of activity, poor nourishment, or genuine disease. Carrying on with a solid way of life with standard activity and a decent eating regimen keeps up typical testosterone levels.

At the point when young men have an excess of testosterone, they can begin adolescence too soon (before age 9). Some uncommon conditions, for example, certain sorts of tumors, cause young men to make testosterone sooner than typical.

Young men likewise can have an excess of testosterone in the event that they touch testosterone gel that a grown-up man is utilizing for treatment

[]How can you know what your testosterone level is?

This is a very common and a simple procedure to deal with. To quantify your testosterone level, your specialist can arrange a blood test. The test ought to be done in the morning somewhere around 7:00 and 10:00. On the off chance that the outcome is not ordinary, you ought to rehash the test to ensure the outcome. In sound men, testosterone levels can change a great deal from day to day, so a second test could be ordinary.

In men, testosterone is thought to direct various capacities notwithstanding sperm production:

Most testosterone is delivered in the testicles.

Sex drive

Bone mass

Fat dispersion

Muscle size and quality

Red platelet creation

How lower testosterone levels influence men as they get older?

The impacts of continuously bringing down testosterone levels as men become more seasoned have gotten expanding consideration as of late, prompting a term known as late-onset hypogonadism.

After the age of 40, the convergence of circling testosterone falls by around 1.6% consistently in most men, diminishing to a level in numerous men matured more than 60 years that would prompt a hypogonadism in more youthful men.

Low serum testosterone levels have even been connected with expanded mortality in male veterans, and late-onset hypogonadism has turned into an inexorably perceived medicinal condition, albeit a considerable lot of the indications are connected with ordinary aging.

Men’s sexual execution can be influenced by erection and discharge issues, by and large known as male sexual brokenness. The accompanying indications generally onset hypogonadism – a large number of which are natural as a piece of maturing – are ascribed to low testosterone levels:

Decreased wish for sex

Diminished erectile quality, especially for evening time erections

Changes in state of mind

Reduced scholarly and intellectual capacity

Fatigue, sadness and outrage

Decrease in bulk and quality

Decreased body hair

Skin adjustments

Decreased bone mass/mineral thickness

Increase in stomach fat mass.

Chapter 1

What is testosterone exactly?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is vital for sexual and conceptive improvement. The National Institutes of Health sees testosterone as the most vital male hormone. Ladies likewise produce testosterone, yet at lower levels than men. This hormone plays a significant role in the reproduction process.

Testosterone has a place within a class of male hormones called androgens, which are sometimes called steroids or anabolic steroids. In men, testosterone is created mostly in the testicles, with a little sum made in the adrenal organs. The cerebrum’s hypothalamus and pituitary organ control testosterone generation. The hypothalamus trains the pituitary organ on the amount of testosterone to create, and the pituitary organ passes the message on to the testicles. These correspondences happen through chemicals and hormones in the circulation system.

Testosterone is included in the improvement of male sex organs before birth, and the advancement of optional sex qualities at pubescence, for example, voice extending, expanded penis and testicles size, and development of facial and body hair.

The low and high levels of testosterone can easily be checked nowadays. For individuals who are stressed over low or high testosterone, a specialist may play out a blood test to quantify the measure of the hormone in the patient’s blood. At the point when specialists discover low-T, they may endorse testosterone treatment, in which the patient takes a counterfeit form of the hormone. This is accessible in the accompanying structures: a gel to be connected to the upper arms, shoulders or mid-region day by day; a skin patch put on the body or scrotum twice per day; an answer connected to the armpit; infusions each a few weeks; a patch put on the gums twice per day; or inserts that last four to six months.

Men utilizing testosterone gels must avoid potential risk, for example, washing hands and covering ranges where the gel is connected. Ladies and kids ought not to touch the gel or the skin where the gel or fix is connected.

In more seasoned men with genuine testosterone inadequacies, testosterone treatment has been appeared to build quality and quantity of sex drive, specialists say. Be that as it may, now and again, side effects of erectile brokenness are because of different conditions, including diabetes and sorrow. Treating these men with testosterone hormone won’t enhance indications.

Chapter 2

What happens when you have a testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency is a problem which has serious side effects but this can easily be detected and treated.

Low T

Low testosterone, otherwise called “low T,” is a typical condition in men as they get more seasoned. Testosterone levels actually decrease with age. In their 60s, approximately 20 percent of men have low testosterone. Among men in their 70s, that number ascents to 30 percent. What’s more, when men have achieved their 80s, about half of them have had a significant drop in testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is created in a man’s testicles. At the point when a male infant is building up, this hormone helps the sex organs structure. Amid adolescence, testosterone assumes a key part in physically forming young men into men. It makes hair develop on the face, manufactures muscles, and causes the voice to extend and deepen. Further down the road, testosterone likewise assumes an essential part in a man’s sexual capacity.

Why Do Testosterone Levels Drop?

Diminishing levels of testosterone are a characteristic part of the maturing procedure. The more seasoned a man gets, the lower his testosterone levels may drop. A few causes other than maturing can likewise prompt low testosterone, nonetheless. These incorporate wounds to the balls and also chemotherapy or radiation for treating tumors in the genital range. Different causes incorporate illnesses of the pituitary organ, and solutions that influence this organ, for example, steroids.

How Low Testosterone Impacts Your Sex Life

Low testosterone can have genuine and essential wellbeing impacts—particularly on a man’s sexual performance. Men with low testosterone may experience difficulty getting and keeping an erection. The erections they do have may come less frequently and not as unequivocally as some time recently. A man’s longing to engage in sexual relations additionally diminishes as testosterone drops. These elements can prompt less regular sex. This can really affect accomplice connections.

Different Effects of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone level has its own symptoms and causes different effects. Having low testosterone doesn’t just influence your sex drive and your capacity to engage in sexual relations; it can bring about different side effects too. In case you’re experiencing low T, you may see that you’ve put on weight, and that you have less vitality than you used to. Low T builds muscle to fat quotients and decreases bulk. It additionally can influence your mind-set, making you feel discouraged. A few men with low testosterone experience difficulty concentrating.

Wellbeing Worries

An absence of testosterone can in some cases have long haul, genuine impacts on the body. In men with low levels, the bones can get to be feeble, possibly bringing on a condition called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis makes individuals extensively more inclined to damage.

Diagnosing Low T?

On the off chance that you have side effects, for example, lessened sex drive or erection issues, you ought to see a specialist. The specialist can do a blood test to figure out if you have low testosterone. Since testosterone levels can raise and fall amid the day, you may need more than one test. Your specialist may take the blood test in the morning, which is when testosterone levels are most noteworthy.

Chapter 3

The incredible benefits of a high testosterone level

A high testosterone level is considered beneficial and has several benefits. This single hormone has supernatural abilities. It influences basically every part of your body and life. It will help to look great and manlier and it can bring your childhood-like energy level back.

A decent measure of testosterone in your body is vital, yet it is dependent upon you, how you accomplish it. The best and most hazard free path are through regular ways. Sport and a good eating routine are important. However there may be circumstances in which it is unrealistic. All things considered, you can go for outside organization of testosterone through a testosterone substitution treatment. The rundown of the advantages of high testosterone is large to the point that it merits contributing your time and cash.

Some of the great advantages of a high testosterone level are as following:

1) Relieves despondency

Despondency is a standout amongst the most widely recognized mental illness is today’s general public. Make a supposition, which can help discouraged individuals battle misery. Testosterone, it is. An ideal level of testosterone is connected with mental prosperity.

2) Improves memory and focus

Research done on various men (50-80 test persons), demonstrated that the gathering that was infused with testosterone showed a positive change in memory. Another examination recommended that expansion in testosterone have enhanced the intellectual capacities in Alzheimer patients.

3) Sense of prosperity

Have you ever woken up with a feeling that the world is delightful, life is awesome, and no errand is conquerable? Or feeling solid as a stallion? The odds may be that your testosterone level may be high around then. Testosterone makes you feel great. This is a standout amongst the most vital advantages of high testosterone.

4) Low cholesterol

Having a low level of testosterone for the most part intends to have abnormal amounts of cholesterol. The rationale behind it is extremely fundamental. In the wake of getting sign from the pituitary organ, the balls begin the creation of the testosterone. The testosterone is created by the testicles by changing over the cholesterol.

5) Libido

According to a report, which examined different testosterone levels and its effects: The gathering of test subjects which was given a high measurement of testosterone felt a critical improvement in their sex-drive. Numerous such studies have pointed in the same course.

In this way, alongside body and brain, testosterone additionally deals with how you perform in bed. It is seen the lessening in drive is not really an indication of maturing, but rather it is an indication of low testosterone. Truly, low testosterone is a reason for low charisma in ladies as well. High charisma is partly a detectable advantage of high testosterone.

6) Makes heart more grounded

The most unmistakable capacity of testosterone is to develop muscles. The heart is the most critical and most utilized muscle of every one of us. It pumps blood day and night. Along these lines, testosterone gives strength to the heart muscle. Additionally, it diminishes cholesterol levels, which likewise diminishes the danger of other heart related infections.

It was found that the general population experiencing Coronary conduit disease (CAD) has low level of bio-accessible testosterone in their blood. A measurement of testosterone was infused into their body, which brought on an enlargement of the course and permitted a better blood stream.

7) Makes you a daring individual

Here is another advantage of having high levels of testosterone in the body. The testosterone level of men increases by 10% when they are around wonderful ladies. Yes, more elevated amount of testosterone gives the certainty and drive to men, to go for broke. Furthermore, in this universe of rivalry, without going out on a limb it is difficult to achieve any objective. Hazard taking is a standout amongst the most imperative advantages of high testosterone, in the event that you want achievement.

8) Makes you enthusiastic

Testosterone makes your more enthusiastic and there can be numerous explanations for this. The hugest is expanded creation of RBC’s. “RBC” remains for “Red platelet.” The fundamental employment of RBC’s is to convey oxygen from lung to the next part of the body.

Testosterone is in charge of the generation of RBC’s. More RBC’s methods the oxygen will be transported all through the body all the more proficiently. Aside from keeping you far from weariness, more oxygen will likewise profit for all intents and purposes each substantial capacity.

9) Weight misfortune

At the age 30 – 40, contingent on individual to individual, the testosterone level in the body continues diminishing. This reduction in testosterone expands the fat in a man’s body. The purpose for this is basic, less testosterone implies more (estrogen: testosterone proportion).

What’s more, when the measure of estrogen turns out to be moderately high in your body, it begins putting away fat, particularly in the paunch locale. Then again, testosterone smolders fat quick. Thus, to invert this impact more testosterone is required, whether you deliver it actually or take it remotely.

10) Gives you an etched look

Have you seen a model in a spread photograph and considered how he got that extremely sharp look? Really, some portion of it is their body structure; however the component is the “free testosterone” coursing through their blood. As you most likely are aware at this point, testosterone helps muscles to become greater, get more grounded and get hard. Also, our face has around 33 distinct muscles and testosterone works its enchantment on these muscles to give you that Alpha male look.

11) Attracts more ladies

This is one of the reasons that will appeal a lot of men to look into. Along these lines, testosterone gives you greater muscles, more keen facial muscles, decrease your weight and in the event that this was insufficient, it has something more to add to your general identity to draw in ladies considerably more. That is the scent. It has been found that ladies, particularly amid their menstrual cycle, evaluated the scent of men with high testosterone more alluring.

12) Increase bone thickness

An ideal level of testosterone is required to expand the bone mass. Individuals who are experiencing Osteoporosis have low levels of testosterone. To increment or keep up great bone thickness the testosterone is changed over into estrogen. In individuals, with low T, this transformation is negligible, on the grounds that your body would prefer not to drain testosterone as it expands estrogen all the while. Something else, your body will get to be estrogen prevailing and that is not in the least useful for male. Along these lines, such individuals will have low thickness. Testosterone plays a vital role in improving your physical beauty.

13) Lower death rate

On top of all the above advantages, testosterone additionally builds the quantity of days you’ll live. The explanation for this is extremely straightforward. It makes your heart more grounded, advantages your mind, diminish your cholesterol level, and build blood stream and numerous different things. It expands your body’s general quality. Henceforth, clearly you will carry on with a long life.

Chapter 4

The right diet for a higher Testosterone level

Intake of right diet would be very beneficial and including following foods in your regular meals will definitely increase testosterone level.

1. A wide range of Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, russets, red potatoes, purple potatoes, and so on. In the event that it’s a potato, you ought to eat it. Potatoes are phenomenal no-gluten wellspring of testosterone boosting sugars, furthermore exceptionally thick in supplements. Stock heap of them, and makes potatoes your fundamental starch source.

2. Macadamia Nuts

The sorts of fats that have been connected to expanded T generation are soaked unsaturated fats (SFAs) and monounsaturated unsaturated fats (MUFAs). These nuts will increase your blood testosterone level if you use them on daily basis.

4. Hamburger Gelatin

You must be thinking that why might gelatin be expert testosterone then? For one thing, once you offset the neurotransmitters in your body, your rest quality and hormonal flagging will enhance, only this will prompt huge increments in testosterone and life-quality.

5. Espresso

Espresso is extraordinary. It gives you the caffeine which animates the sensory system and jars you up, while likewise boosting camp levels, prompting expanded testosterone generation.

Beyond any doubt espresso can likewise build cortisol levels (which is an anxiety hormone famous for bringing down testosterone), yet it’s urgent to comprehend that the cortisol support from caffeine is short in, dislike the T smothering long haul (typically stretch related) cortisol height.

6. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are shelled in a thick cone, so in fact they’re seeds; however these do increase the testosterone level. 

7. Additional Virgin Olive Oil

Additional virgin olive oil can be straight on marked as a testosterone promoter.

8. Raisins

Raisins are incredible nourishment that helps testosterone levels for different reasons.

For instance, they’re calming and crammed with cancer prevention agents, for example, resveratrol, which has been connected to expanded testosterone and brought down estrogen levels in few studies

9. Parsley

Parsley is an incredible little plant. That is a direct result of a compound in it called apigening.

Apigening expands the sum StAR (steroidogenic intense administrative protein) inside the testicular leydig cells.

10. Ginger

Ginger is a typical family unit zest, yet it can be utilized to numerous different things than just to add flavor to sustenance’s.

11. Crude Cacao Products

Crude cacao, cocoa, or chocolate items are nutritiously thick testosterone boosting super foods.

In any case, I’m not discussing the chocolate or cacao that a great many people distinguish as chocolate. Genuine chocolate is not warmed (this devastates the cell reinforcements and numerous vitamins), it’s not handled, and it’s certainly not refined.

Along these lines, stuffed with cell reinforcements, live microorganisms, and compounds. They brim with testosterone boosting minerals. It additionally has flawless fat proportions, making crude cacao items a powerhouse sustenance that supports testosterone levels.

12. Eggs

Eggs are considered as “the ideal protein” since they contain an almost culminate equalization of amino acids for human needs.

The most critical component that makes eggs a high-T sustenance, is the way that the yolk contains powerful measurements of cholesterol, which like you may definitely know, is the immediate antecedent of testosterone.

14. Argan Oil

Argan oil is the oil squeezed from the argan tree bit. It’s vigorously utilized as a part of the Mediterranean eating regimen.

In any case, there’s clinical confirmation demonstrating how it supports testosterone by 20%, so you better are eating this.

15. Avocados

It is specifically connected with expanded testosterone generation. Also, that, as well as the sorts of fat that expansion T appear to be immersed fats (SFAs) and monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), while polyunsaturated (PUFAs) really tend to lower testosterone

Avocados are likewise stacked with fat-solvent vitamins, large portions of which are significantly essential for sound testosterone creation.

16. White Button Mushrooms

These are commonly used on pizza toppings and are responsible in increasing your testosterone level.

17. Preparing Soda

It is used as a supplement (pre-workout, and for increased T) than a staple thing, yet since it can be purchased at any store, it fits consummately to this rundown.

18. Yogurt

Starting late, there has been a considerable measure of confirmation proposing that prebiotics, probiotics, live proteins, and different sorts of amicable microbes could positively affect testosterone generation.

19. Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

There’s simply no chance to get around the way that grass-bolstered hamburger is the number 1 wellspring of testosterone boosting protein.

20. Minced Meat

Whether its meat or a blend of hamburger and pork or even sheep, you’re getting a lot of excellent testosterone boosting fats, alongside some creature protein that your endocrine framework wants for.

Minced meat is verging on like a staple in numerous testosterone boosting formulas. It’s so natural to utilize, delectable, and professional testosterone. Why not stack up with it?

Chapter 5

5 natural methods to increase the testosterone level

It’s not necessary that you have eaten something to increase your testosterone level; you can also increase make adapting a healthy routine. The hormone testosterone assumes an essential part in men’s wellbeing. For one thing, it keeps up bulk, bone thickness, and sex drive. Testosterone creation is at its most elevated in a man’s initial adulthood and drops a tiny bit every year from there on.

At the point when the body doesn’t deliver the perfect measure of testosterone, the condition is called hypogonadism. At times it’s called “low T” too. Men determined to have hypogonadism can profit by testosterone treatment. Treatment isn’t typically prescribed, be that as it may, if your testosterone levels fall inside the ordinary reach for your age.

The following are some of the cures that will help you to boost testosterone level naturally:

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It doesn’t get more characteristic than getting a decent night’s rest. The absence of rest can significantly decrease a solid young fellow’s testosterone levels. That impact is clear after one and only week of diminished rest. Testosterone levels are especially low somewhere around 2 and 10 p.m. on rest confined days. The amount of rest your body needs relies on upon numerous components. Most grown-ups by and large need somewhere around seven and nine hours for every night with a specific end goal to capacity well and lead a solid life.

Lose That Excess Weight

Overweight, moderately aged men with pre-diabetes are likewise prone to have low testosterone levels. Low T and diabetes are firmly connected. Men who keep up a typical weight have a lower danger of growing out and out diabetes and additionally hypogonadism.

Losing some weight can support your testosterone. These discoveries don’t mean you need to go on an accident diet. The most ideal approach to accomplish and keep up a sound weight is through a sensible eating regimen and consistent activity.

Get Enough Zinc

Men with hypogonadism regularly have zinc insufficiencies. Zinc has vital influence in directing serum testosterone levels in sound men.

Eating food that is rich in this fundamental supplement may offer assistance. Shellfish have a considerable measure of zinc; red meat and poultry do as well. Other sustenance wellsprings of zinc include:

• Beans

• Nuts

• crab

• Lobster

• Whole grains

Grown-up guys ought to mean to get 11 mg of zinc every day.

Go Easy on the Sugar

Zinc isn’t sufficient to guarantee you’re getting the all the sustenance you require. The human body is an unpredictable framework that requires a wide assortment of vitamins and minerals for smooth operation.

Get Some Good Old Fashioned Exercise

The aggregate testosterone levels increment subsequent to working out, particularly after resistance preparing. Low testosterone levels can influence your sex drive and your state of mind. The uplifting news is that activity enhances state of mind and empowers cerebrum chemicals to help you feel more satisfied and more certain. Practice additionally supports vitality and continuance, and helps you to rest better. Wellness specialists suggest 30 minutes of activity consistently.

Chapter 6

The largest 5 Testosterone Killers you should absolutely avoid

To keep the notorious flames smoldering, you might need to keep these foods off of your night out on the town menu so that you can easily maintain your testosterone level. The following are the testosterone killer foods:

1. Liquor

There are a few realities about liquor that simply aren’t valid. Liquor may make drawing nearer somebody less demanding, yet it can genuinely harm your capacity to perform. Mixed refreshments do a one-two punch on your sexual coexistence by bringing down your testosterone and your sexual working.

2. White Flour

Prepared nourishments, particularly universally handy or white flour, are stripped of numerous segments which are imperative for sexual wellbeing. One such segment, the mineral zinc, is to a man’s regenerative wellbeing. Contrasted with whole grain or whole wheat flour, universally handy flour has around seventy five percent less zinc. Furthermore, eating universally handy flour can prompt insulin resistance and, in the end, diabetes. Diabetes can, thus, restricted one’s conduits, expanding the danger of coronary illness and erectile brokenness. In case you’re hoping to keep your sexual coexistence solid, look at our rundown of nourishments you can eat subsequent to expelling prepared foods from your eating regimen.

3. Beets

While eating beets before your workout can enhance muscle work, these flavorfully sweet vegetables may not do much to support your sexual capacity. Expending these popular root vegetables will bolster solid estrogen levels in your body, an aspect of a beet’s wholesome properties that has negative results for the individuals who have a current hormonal lopsidedness. On the off chance that your hormones are under wraps, however, beets’ common capacity to build blood stream may demonstrate helpful for men who experience difficulty getting “roused” for a touch of lovemaking.

4. Berries

From a healthful point of view, eating crisp or solidified berries is inconceivably valuable, yet delivers with palatable skin, particularly berries, contains a portion of the most elevated amounts of pesticides, which copy estrogen. In the event that you can locate some natural, without pesticide berries, you’ll see that their vitamin substance can enhance your sexual coexistence.

5. Filtered water

There are numerous, numerous motivations to maintain a strategic distance from customarily filtered water; however with regards to virility and fruitfulness, the BPAs found in plastic jugs are the biggest one. Bisphenol A, normally alluded to as BPA, is a compound part found in numerous plastic nourishment compartments that can hurt your body in more routes than one. You’re in an ideal situation keeping away from BPAs while selecting a reusable water bottle, particularly on the grounds that they can bring about erectile brokenness in men.

Chapter 7

7 day action plan

Day 1

Eat yogurt

Exercise for 30 minutes

Drink espresso

Day 2

Eat yogurt

Play any sports for at least one hour

Eat 300g of minced beef

Day 3

Eat yogurt

Do swimming or running

Eat egg

Day 4

Eat yogurt

Do cardiovascular exercises


Its Friday, a cheat day, so you can eat prohibited food


Eat yogurt

Brisk walk

Day 7

Go on a hike or in the suburbs of city to have pleasant air.

On every day, do take some rest and have proper sleeping routine.


Testosterone is a hormone that is very important in reproduction and also for growth. Low levels of testosterone can be dangerous but this can be overcome through maintaining proper diet and eliminating some of the foods from your routine. By including the natural methods, to your routine, as stated above you can easily increase your testosterone level and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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