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Step By Step Guide to Traffic Monsoon LLC

All the guideline which I have mentioned in this ebook are my own personal understanding and experience since I have been with TrafficMonsoon LLC.

I am not making any claims of earnings, nor giving you any guarantee of earnings.

I will not be held responsible or take any liability for any damage, loss or expense that you have incurred or may incur in any way, shape or form.

You agree to use the information provided within this ebook at your own risk.

I have made every attempt to ensure that all the information that has been provided in this ebook is accurate to this date.

All financial opportunities both offline and online come with elements of risk.

I advise all members that there are lots of scams on the internet. I therefore advise all members to carry out their own due diligence and only risk the amount of funds which they are personally comfortable with.

These are my thoughts. This ebook is not in any way or form associated with TrafficMonsoon LLC. I’m an independent member of TrafficMonsoon LLC.

Traffic Monsoon Income Disclaimer

Traffic Monsoon shares revenues from sales of multiples services, including banner advertising, email advertising and various account services. By clicking 10 ads per day you qualify to receive a share of any profits up to $55.00 each share with a minimum of 1 active revenue share. Your revenue share is a purchase of a service, which in itself is of high value. Your earnings come from your own efforts of selling ad services to others using your referral link and sharing in site revenues. What your individual earnings are may vary based upon your skill, drive, motivation, talent and persistence. Rate of earnings may vary from day-to-day as amounts given to each share are related to how many shares are active and how much advertising services have been sold.

Table of Contents

Contents Page No

p<>{color:#000;}. Law 3

p<>{color:#000;}. Other Important Information 4

p<>{color:#000;}. Certificate of Existence 6

p<>{color:#000;}. Home Page 7

p<>{color:#000;}. How to Sign Up 8

p<>{color:#000;}. Dashboard/Back Office Part 1 10

p<>{color:#000;}. Edit Profile 11

p<>{color:#000;}. Transaction Pin 13

p<>{color:#000;}. Account History 13

p<>{color:#000;}. Getting Started 14

p<>{color:#000;}. Buy Adpacks w/Sharing 15

p<>{color:#000;}. My website 18

p<>{color:#000;}. Cash Links 21

p<>{color:#000;}. My Banner 23

p<>{color:#000;}. My Text Ads 24

p<>{color:#000;}. TM Package 26

p<>{color:#000;}. Dashboard/Back Office Part 2 27

p<>{color:#000;}. My Tools 27

p<>{color:#000;}. How to setup your Rotator 28

p<>{color:#000;}. My Sharing Positions 29

p<>{color:#000;}. Affiliate 30

p<>{color:#000;}. Finance Management 33

p<>{color:#000;}. My Payment History 33

p<>{color:#000;}. Withdrawal 35

p<>{color:#000;}. Snap short of your account 36

p<>{color:#000;}. Referral links 36

Compliance Rules, Every member has to follow these rules, this is the LAW!

1. All direct sales, internet programs, etc., must offer real products and/or real services. TM offers real advertising, real services, real profit sharing.

2. Cannot pay bonuses and commissions based solely on just recruiting. TM pays on the sales generated through the company on a daily basis. No one is paid unless sales are made.

3. Members/owners MUST NOT MAKE INCOME CLAIMS to anyone, apart from ‘declaration of typical income claims’ stated on website.

4. Cannot force people to buy products, must be on voluntary basis. Clause will be added to reflect this.

5. Unlawful for companies to expect or demand that members buy unreasonable amounts of inventory, i.e. people getting in at a higher level than they can afford. Charles encourages members to purchase only what they can afford and not to overextend themselves. CANNOT USE THE WORD INVESTMENT. You are purchasing a service and doing something to get paid (looking at advertisements).

6. Must offer a reasonable cancellation policy. Charles does everything suggested and TM will be around for a long, long time. Zero tolerance if people break the rules because no one has the right to compromise the integrity of the company. Never compromise the integrity of the opportunity because it affects everyone.

It’s the Law!

Regulatory Compliance Laws dictate that all Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Affiliate programs, and Internet marketing programs must offer “Real Products and/or Real Services”

TrafficMonsoon LLC offers its Member network a

“Real Opportunity”


“Real Advertisers”

“Real Services”


“Real Profit Sharing”.

Most Regulators dictate that companies and their independent contractor members and employees MUST NOT make Income Claims other than the published “TYPICAL INCOME OF TYPICAL PARTICIPANTS in its plan.

It is UNLAWFUL for a Company, its employees or independent contractor members to imply or to make any guarantee of income to any person participating in its program.

Making income claims other than the TYPICAL income stated in the Traffic Monsoon LLC Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures may be considered “MISREPRESENTATION” in most countries. In certain circumstances, making such claims or promises may be construed as “FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATION and a violation of the Criminal Codes of certain countries.

Regulatory Compliance Enforcement Agencies throughout the world specifically prohibit the act of paying commissions and bonuses based solely on “head hunters fees” attached only to the act of recruitment of people into any program.

The Traffic Monsoon LLC program rewards its members based on their personal sales efforts and on the sales generated by their team and their advertisers. Commissions and Bonuses are based on all of the sales generated throughout the company on a DAILY Basis.


And The Traffic Monsoon Program is followed.

Important Information to remember!

Traffic Monsoon LLC is not MLM SITE

Traffic Monsoon LLC is not MATRIX SITE

Traffic Monsoon LLC is not HYIP SITE


Traffic Monsoon LLC is not INVESTMENT SITE

Traffic Monsoon LLC is not PONZI SITE


You (members) will earn 10% commission from your referrals. It does not matter if you are FREE or PAID member. You don’t have to make any referrals.

The only requirement is to click 10 members’ ads per day

Traffic Monsoon LLC Pays DAILY

Please treat this as your own business, follow the rules and guidelines which are given by Charles Scoville, This is to protect Traffic Monsoon LLC, and your business!


Step by Step Guide for this Amazing Program


This is the Traffic Monsoon LLC, Home page, the Website has been professionally designed. Best thing about the home page is it is very user friendly. Anyone with no experience on how to work on the internet can navigate the site.

On the home page you can see sign in/sign up button very easily. Here you will see a few links which clearly state what anyone is looking for.

CEO Mr Charles Scoville has shown his honesty by putting everything right in front of public to see what this business is all about and how it works and what people are saying about Traffic Monsoon LLC. Once people read all this information they can make their own informed decision.


Please sign up with my enroller username schumi8484 and then they are in my team and I can you sponsor you as present on other sites.

You will need to fill in a sign up form. Please see the picture below. Updated Sign up Form.

Sign up form has been divided into three small sections. This is done for security reasons.

p<>{color:#000;}. Personal Information. In this section you will need to give your personal information. Please make sure you use Gmail email address. Please do not use any other email address, as they will not receive activation email which is send by TM once you have made your account.

p<>{color:#000;}. Account Information. In this section you will need to provide your account info such as your Username and other information. Please make sure you do not share this information with any other person.

p<>{color:#000;}. Payment Information. Here you will need your payment processor information. Traffic Monsoon use Payza, SolidTrustPay and Paypal. You will need to your account in anyone of these online processor.

Here you will also need to click TM terms and conditions which you will need to accept once you did this you will click Proceed button.

After this you will receive Activation email in your Gmail in Box. Open this email and click on activation link.


Making your account secure is your individual responsibility. Please make sure you are not using your Surname, your Date of Birth or adding 123 after your password or in your transaction pin. Hackers are well aware of this. Please try to make your password and transaction pin as difficult as possible, it’s good to have strong password and transaction pin but they are of no use if you don’t remember them so please make a note of these. Again this is your own responsibility.

Once this is done you are in your back office.

Welcome to this Amazing Program.


Part 1

I have divided Dashboard/Back Office, into 2 sections. It is important that you should know everything here, because this is the place where everything takes place, from here you will be able to purchase your shares and take your money out which you have earned.

Edit Profile


First thing you need to do when you are in your back office is to complete your profile. Click on Edit Profile. You will see this form you will need to update this. It is very simple all you have to do is to answer these question. I will strongly advise you to upload your picture. By doing this when you advertise your other business everyone can see you. This is another way for creating yourself as a Brand and people can trust you. This also you’re your down line to see what other opportunity you are working in.

The very first time when you enter your Dashboard/Back office, it is always good to familiarise yourself with every part of Dashboard.

Security Setting

TM have done all this for their members to have extra peace of mind that their accounts are safe and secure. Here if you want to you can change your password. If you really want to change your password, you will need to provide your new password, of course that’s needed to be confirmed, and you will also need to provide your current password. Once you are happy with your new password you will then need to update.


When you are choosing your password it’s good to have your password at least 8 digits long with the combination of Capital letters, some digits and special symbols.

For example:

[email protected]

It is very important that you have a secondary password – it is extra layer of protection for your peace of mind. Once you have done this you will need to press update button.

If you are not sure about your secondary password you can press Generate and send to my email, the system will automatically generate one for you and it will be sent to your email address

Transaction Pin

Here you can change or create your transaction pin. This pin will be require when you want to take money out from your account. I will strongly advise you to make a note of this and do not share your password and transaction pin to another person.

Once you request new transaction pin this is only send to you by email. This is the same email which put when you were creating your account.

Account History

This is snap short of your account which tells you everything. Here you will be able to see when you login. When you made any purchase or did withdrawal from your account.

Everything get recorded for example, date, time and IP Address. This is also extra protection to your account. In the event of any mishap to your account that is traceable.

Congratulations: you have completed your first task (you have updated your account details.)

Now let’s start your business!


I will highly recommend to spend some quality time on this page. This is an overview of entire website. Here you will find videos on frequently asked question. This page will help you get started with this amazing opportunity.


Here you’ll need to make a decision, either you want to buy adpack with sharing or without sharing. Adpack with sharing mean that Charles will share his profit with every member who has bought adpack with sharing position. Each adpack cost $50. When this adpack matures you will get $5 profit. Approx. it takes 55 days for one adpack to mature. You will earn 2% i.e. $1 for $55 days.

In order to get $5 profit, each member has to surf 10 ads per day. If you fail to surf 10 ads you will not receive that day’s profit.

Adpack without sharing provides you with Pay-Per-Click Banner Credits. $0.25 per click, and $0.50 per click with country targeting. Minimum budget varies based upon banner size.

My advice to you to buy adpack with sharing position, so you can make extra cash.

Before you buy adpack you will have to setup your campaign. This mean you will have to setup your banner for advertising. You can advertise anything apart from adult sites. If you are not sure about what to advertise, you can advertise your Traffic Monsoon page. Click on Setup a New Banner Ad, this will take you to second page where you will setup your banner ad.

There are 4 fields where you will need to put in the information. Banner Size, here you will select the size of your banner, there are three different sizes, 125 × 125, 468 × 60, 728 × 90. As I said if you don’t have anything to advertise you can advertise your Traffic Monsoon page. Your will find all the information on this page, all you have to do is copy that info and paste in right field then press Save button, it will take you to new window where just in few second you’ll see your website and your campaign. Once your campaign is setup you will have an option to go back. Here you’ll see your banner.

Congrautaltion you have setup your first advertising campaign. Now you are ready to purcahse your adpack. Click on Buy AdPack button it will take you to new page.

Where it says Number of Purchases you will need to put in number of adpacks you are interested in to buy. Then select payment processor. Traffic Monsoon deal with 3 different payment processor. Paypal, Solid Trust Pay and Payaz. You will need to select a payment processor which you want to use. Note, all these payment processor has there transaction fees. Click on Preview button it will tell you exactly how much money this processor will charge you. 1 adpack with Payza will cost you $52.65. Here $2.65 is Payza transaction fee.

You can buy adpacks from your account balance if you have any. Buying adpacks from your account balance will not have any extra fee. Click on Pay Now button. This will take you to that processor site which you have selected, complete the transaction. Once you have completed your transition you will see adpacks has been added to your account instantly.

If for some reason adpacks does not shows in your back office, just copy the transaction information and send it to support. They will add adpacks in your back office.


Here you can setup your advertising campaigns. You can advertise your business opportunities in 3 different ways. You can buy Credits for your existing campaign if you have one. You can buy Start Pages or Login Ads. Login Ads are when you log in to Traffic Monsoon, you see ad before you go to your back office.

You can transfer your credits to different campaign. You can have 15 different campaigns at one time.

If you want free credits for your campaigns, all you have to do is to view more ads. In order to get paid you will have to view 10 ads per day. If you view more than 10 ads then you will earn free credits. There is 2:1 ratio for Free members. This mean every 2 ads view you get 1 credit. For paid member it is 1:1 ratio.

You can Geo Target your campaigns. Geo Target means you can select specific country where you want your ads to be display

Traffic Monsoon is very user friendly. You don’t have to be computer guru to work on it.

In the above picture I have created my campaign. Right now I have put this campaign on Pause as you can see. If I want to Run this campaign I have to click Run button and my campaign will be on. If I want to add extra clicks to my campaign, I can do this by clicking Add Clicks.

I can change my campaign any time. For Example, let say I have set up campaign on business A. I want to advertise my business B, all I have to do is click on Edit URL.

If I want to remove this campaign I can do this by just clicking Remove button.

To setup your Start Pages, press Create New, it will take you to next page

Give name to your campaign. You can have any name, paste the link of your website/page/blog and press update.

To setup your Login Ads press Create New, it will take you to next page.

Give name to your campaign. You can have any name, paste the link of your website/page/blog and press update.


Cash link are excellent way to earn Free Money. Charles, wanted to help everyone to work in this amazing opportunity. Charles came up with this idea. Here you can earn FREE Money.

Click this Green button and it will take you to new page where you will have different Cash Links, with different colours.

Each code has a different value associated to it. All you have to do is to click ads links view ad. Some ads has a 5 second timer and some has 60 seconds. Once you have finish viewing ad, just type in the number which display where timer was and update.


How to setup your banner campaign, please read Buy AdPacks, section. I have explained this in detail.


To setup your Text Ads campaigns you need to click Setup New Text Ads. You can setup this campaign with a minimum amount of $10.

You will need to give “Title” to your ad, please note that you are only allow to 25 chars, for example (Welcome there are 7 chars in Welcome), keep it “simple and power full”

In total you are only allowed to have 60 chars. You can create an ad with 60 chars. Divide your ad into 2 lines, then just copy and paste into these two fields.

I know everyone love “KISS” so “Keep It Simple Stupid” if you follow this you will not have any problem creating your text ads

You will have to setup your budget. Each click will cost you $0.25, if you want your text ad to be display anywhere in the world. $0.50 per click is for Geo target.


This is excellent service that Traffic Monsoon provide for your business. If you want to have massive exposure to your business, this is the service you need.

It is very simple to setup. Click on Add Advertisement button. It will take you to the page where you can easily setup your campaign.

You can setup your campaign in 2 different ways. You can have it setup to anywhere in the world or you can Geo Target your campaign.




I just love this. Now we advertise all our other business here in Traffic Monsoon. Just a tip, as in Rotators we will be advertising more than one business, they fall in different categories, for example, some of our programs might be “Rev Share” and some might be “Matrix Programs”, so the Banner which we should have “must to mislead our prospect”

My advice is to have your own banner made which incorporate all of your business. Same in description section, try to incorporate all of your business.


If you want people to see how much you have earned form Traffic Monsoon click this little box, so when your ads are showing it will let other people know how great TM is and how much you have made from TM, excellent way of promoting TM. This is optional you don’t have to do this, I prefer this way!

Please give “Title”, your title should be very powerful so it can get the attention of others.

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page click on “Add Site” tab.

In this field you will need to put your referral link of your other business which you want to promote here.

Once you are happy with everything you will get your “unique TM link” please copy this link.


This is section where you will get the information about your adpacks. Here you will see how your adpacks are performing. How much each of your adpack has earned. This is where you can plan your business. Here you will know how many packs are about to mature.

When you click on history, it will also show you how many packs have been matured and when they matured.


Here you can get the links of your Traffic Monsoon banners to be advertise in other opportunity you are working in.

There are 3 different banner sizes. You just copy the html code which is below the banner. Just paste this code where you want to advertise your Traffic Monsoon opportunity. This html code already have your referral link. Anyone who join Traffic Monsoon with this banner will join under you in Traffic Monsoon.

Traffic Monsoon give you opportunity to promote you Traffic Monsoon business with your friend and family. There is sample email with your referral link inserted.

Just type in your friend First, Last name with their email address and click Send button. Everyone in the list will get your email.

This is where you get information about your team performance. Here you will also see which member is working as a FREE member and who has upgraded their account to Paid member.

Here you will also get to see your downline team and how many shares they have. You will get information about your downline for example. Their Username, Name, Email and their phone number.

This is excellent tool, as you have their Name and email address you can communicate with them and motive them. If they need any help or to understand how Traffic Monsoon work, you can explain them.

My Genealogy is where you can see how many people you have sponsored in total. This number will have all of your team, paid and unpaid



Here you will have all the information about your payment. This will have everything you need just in case if there is any issue.

In the above picture I have information about what service I bought from Traffic Monsoon, I have date when I bought this service. How much I paid for this service with my Transaction ID and how I paid, my payment processor detail.

Here I will get information about my withdrawal history. There are 3 options available here. Pending, means I have made a request for withdrawal and that request is pending for approval.

Completed status mean that my request have been approved and money has been sent to my online processor.

Declined mean that my withdrawal request has been declined. In this situation all you have to do is to contact support to find out why your request has been declined


When you want to withdraw money from your Traffic Monsson you will need to click on Withdraw button.

Minimum withdrawal is set to $2. This limit will increased as your business expand. It will tell you what your minimum withdrawal limit is, in the second page.

As you can see my minimum withdrawal limit is $10.

I can withdraw my money into 2 different processor. One is STP and Paypal. At the time of registration if you use your STP account then you can only withdraw into your STP account.

If you want to transfer into your Paypal or Payza account, you will have to link your account with Traffic Monsoon, and you can only do this by purchasing service from Traffic Monsoon. This is done to protect you and the company

Withdrawing money from Traffic Monsoon is very easy, select the processor you want money to go in, enter the amount you want to withdraw, put in your pin, this is transaction ID, which you made at the time of registration. If you have forget then you will need to go to your security page and request for new transition pin. This pin will be send to you by email.

Put in security number to confirm you are not a robot and press Process button. Payment from Traffic Monsoon is instant.


I think this is the most important place in your back office. This give you information about your performance in Traffic Monsoon.

You will see how many active shares you have in your business, total number of share include how many active and mature shares. You will also see how much you have earned from your shares. It also shows how much Commission you have earned from your team.

You will also see how many active referral are in your organisation. Money from Cash links you have earned plus how much money from your referral cash link you have earned.


This is where you get your referral link. You will also have referral links for your splash/landing pages. All you have to do is to copy them and advertise in other opportunities you are working in.

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