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Maitri-The Story of a Girl

It was a pleasant morning of winter. It was early morning of 5.30 AM. The window of the room was open. The sparrows were coming inside the room and going out and some of them sat on the window, chirping. It felt as though there is no need of alarm clocks to wake up because the chirping sounded so sweet. But the room was empty. No one was in the room. The bed was clean, all the blankets folded and pillows arranged neatly.

The front door of the house opened. A girl of around 13 came out from the house in a track suit and she closed the door behind her. She was wearing running shoes which indicated that she was going to have a run. After she made a round on the whole colony footpath, she came back home. She sat on the steps in front of the main door, took out a pencil and started solving a Sudoku on the newspaper that had just arrived. Then, she got ready to school. When the bus arrived, she got into the bus and went to school.

Her name was Maitri.

Suddenly, when everything was going well, there was a noise of a woman shouting-“Maitri wake up! It’s already 6.30. You’ll be late to school.”

Then she realized that it was all a dream. Her mother was opening the curtains and after mother opened the window, the sweet chirping of sparrows started.

She woke up, brushed her teeth and got ready. She had her breakfast. She was sitting at the steps with her school bag, waiting for school bus. When the bus arrived, she got into the bus and settled at a seat.

When they reached school, she went to her class at the second floor.

After the prayer in the ground, all the students of VIII-A (Maitri’s class) went back to their class. The first period was science. The next was social studies. Both the teachers gave holiday homework because the mid-term vacation starts from tomorrow.

The bell rang. It was break. The break was for 20 minutes. Most of the students prefer to eat up their snacks quickly and play. Even Maitri was the same. But she never played. She always wished so, but never did. She liked to stay as she was in her dream that morning. She liked to be fit, play, enjoy, be naughty, stay mischievous and after all that, study well, be good at electronics, painting, drawing, handwriting, writing fast, good at general knowledge, humanity, speed, kind, honest etc., and finally all this means, likable by everyone, everyone’s ‘ladli’ at school and even at home and neighborhood. But in reality, she didn’t have all these qualities. She wasn’t good at sports, she wasn’t fit, she wasn’t naughty or mischievous (when she tries, it all goes wrong), she wasn’t good at electronics(she never did a practical of at least a simple circuit), she wasn’t that good nor perfect at drawing and painting(it was average), she neither had a good handwriting nor brilliant GK. She just knew what the others generally know, not more than that.

She could write really fast and really type fast on a keyboard. She was good at studying; she was honest and kind towards elders and nature (animals and plants). But even though she was likable by the fellow students and neighbors (because she is kind and honest).

During break, she just finds a good place to stand or sit and keep waiting for something interesting to happen. Or else, find a place to have a view of greenery (as the school is surrounded by forest and also there are many guava trees and many other trees and also plants in the school campus) and feel the cool air pushing her into her head. She starts thinking. She never enjoys as the others do. The others find a way to enjoy and don’t care about how the teachers or ayahs think about them. But Maitri bothers about this and kills her thought of enjoyment at school, in bus or at neighborhood. She has everything which is required to stay happy (good parents, good family, all the facilities, good house and finally good life) but she is bothered about how the others would feel about her behavior and never dares to do something which only she likes.

When she was thinking about all this, the bell rang which indicated that the break time has completed.

Maitri went back to her classroom.

The next was mathematics period and later English period. Even those teachers gave their respective holiday home works.

The bell rang which indicated that it was lunch break. She finished her lunch very fast (as she does every day) and began roaming in the school campus. Then, she was fed up by walking, so she sat near the steps near the ground (steps which take you to the ground/you can go to ground even from a different way but steps were shortcut). There was a small playground for kids behind her. She sat there blank faced.

She heard a voice from somewhere around-“Maitri! Maitri!”

Maitri looked around and then finally the person who called her. Her name was Anusha. She was Maitri’s classmate. Anusha was standing near the school building , a little far from Maitri (about 25 meters).

“Maitri! What are you doing there, alone?” called Anusha once again.

“Nothing,” Maitri answered back.

Anusha started running from there towards steps where Maitri sat. as Anusha reached near her, she jumped and sat beside Maitri on steps.

“What are you doing and why are you sitting alone, huh?” asked Anusha.



“Yeah, of course!”

“I don’t think so! Anything wrong?”

“No. Not yet.”

“What do you mean by ‘not yet’ then?”

“Hmm… … … can’t explain. It’s difficult to explain.”

“Explain ‘what’?”

“Can you please stop interrogating me?” asked Maitri, exhausted (but not angry).

“Oh, I’m sorry but I just wanted to know. If you feel that you are not comfortable, I won’t trouble you. But I was just asking you why are you sitting alone while you could enjoy like them?” Anusha said this, showing her classmates how some were playing and some were busy stealing some sweets from the school kitchens.

Anusha said-“anyway, any problems?”



“Are you suspecting me?”

“Of course not. I know you never lie. I like your honesty.”

“Oh, thanks for that.”

“Family problems?”


“Problem with friends? Or school? Or with me?”

“No. I have very good friends so, I need not bother about that and school? I really like this school and no problem even with the teachers. And also I am feeling really good that I’ve got a friend like you to bother about me.”

“Then what?”


“What do you mean by ‘hmm…’?”

“Come on! Say!” Anusha added.

“Myself “

“Problem with myself.”

“Sorry, but I can’t understand what you want to say.”

Maitri explains everything. At is indeed a problem.

After listening to everything, Anusha said-“hmm… so now I understand. So, you want to find a solution. Of course, that is indeed a problem.” I wanna give you some idea but let me think. I’ll think the whole day and find a solution. I’ll say you tomorrow.”

“But holidays start from tomorrow.”

“Oh! Well, by evening. I’ll think of something and say you.”

“Thank you so much.”

“Oh, you’re welcome. Now I’m going to class.”

Anusha turned towards the academic block and began walking towards it.

Then Maitri called out-“Anusha! Wait!”

Anusha came back.

“Anusha, you’re the first person whom I trusted to say all this. I hope you will not spoil my trust. Please don’t say it to anyone. I don’t want everyone to know it. I really trust you. And ‘thank you’ for understanding my problem and ‘sorry’ to trouble you and waste your time by saying all this.”

Anusha went red.

“Sure. You can trust me.”

The words seemed as though they came from her heart.

Then they together went to their class.

The next two periods were languages. Even the Hindi and French teachers gave homework. The next hour was library. Everyone chose a book and sat on the chairs and tables. This was a period which Maitri liked so much. She would always find a good place to sit and gets immersed into the book she reads.

The next was games period. She usually goes out into the ground for playing but again goes and sits in a corner. She did the same thing even today.

She started wondering. Anusha said that she would find a solution. But will she be able to find it? Can Maitri really trust Anusha? Will Anusha keep Maitri’s trust or will she just go on saying that to everyone like Vaishnavi? Vaishnavi was an old classmate of Maitri in the previous school she studied. She told Vaishnavi the same thing that she had said to Anusha. Vaishnavi didn’t say anything like “I’ll help you find a solution” or “a way out”. Vaishnavi was sort of a cunning girl. Maitri didn’t know that because Vaishnavi was pretty from outside but cunning from inside. In those days, Maitri just wanted to share this with someone. Maitri thought that Vaishnavi was the correct person. So, she said her everything. After about a week, the message was spread to the whole class and even some people of other classes knew it. The people would feel at least a little pity about it but Vaishnavi would always mix something bad in that and make alternations to the actual matter and made everyone dislike Maitri and also some would think that she was trying to get everyone’s concentration. Maitri wanted to get out of that school and luckily even her parents changed her school because that one was not good. Since then, she decided that she would not trust anyone easily.

Since then, she never shared with anyone how she felt.

Now, after a year, she trusted Anusha. This time Maitri did not want to be fooled. But Maitri trusted Anusha and Anusha seemed to understand Maitri.

While she was thinking about all this, Anusha came running and sat beside her. Anusha started saying-“I have a great idea for you. You are also lucky that you have time. We have 15 days holidays. So, you can try to be real you in this time. And also meanwhile think how you should behave at school also. I mean you should ju8st think how you should change in becoming an active girl at school.”

“That’s great! Please say what you’ve thought of.”

“Well, as there is time and also holidays, you’d better try to be as you like, like ‘real you’.”

“You mean try and motivate myself to change?”

“No. Not exactly that. Not only try. Bu the end of holidays, I should see a new Maitri.”

“Oh yes, not try, I’ll make a habit of playing sports, exercise and try to be happy. And also try my level best to wake up early in the morning and many more; and finally make my parents and my family happy and then be a good daughter and a good sister. Is that right now?”

“Exactly. And don’t forget to keep your confidence levels up always and think that it is easy and you can do it.”

“Yeah! That’s great. Thank you so much. Thanks for helping.”

“Oh, don’t bother about that!”

“Hey! Look at the time!” Maitri said showing time in her watch. “The bell’s donna ring in 5 minutes! I wanna stand first in the class while going out of school campus. I need to pack my bag!”

“That’s what is called a change!” shouted Anusha. “Well, let’s see who reaches the class first!”

As soon as Anusha said this, she started running. By seeing her, Maitri started running. However, Anusha reached first. Then Anusha said-“feeling bad that you lost?”

“Why feel bad, huh? I didn’t definitely want to win. I just wanted to make myself feel better by running. Winning doesn’t matter to me.” Maitri said.

“That’s the spirit!” said Anusha.

Both started laughing and packed their bags. As soon as they put on their bags, and reached the classroom door, one of their classmates, neha came into the classroom.

Neha asked-^“^didn’t you people come to the ground for playing?”

Anusha said-“we did.”

Maitri said-“surely we did! Oh yes. No doubt.”

It seemed like neha was confused. Meanwhile, neha went to take her bag while Anusha looked at Maitri’s face, with question mark face.

Anusha asked-“why on earth did you confuse her?”

Mairti laughed and said-“simply. I ‘just’ confused her. Oh yes, I did. I surely did. Just wanted to see how her face looks when she is confused.!”

“Well, how did you feel about her face?” asked Anusha.

“Hmm… FUNNY!” yelled Maitri and suddenly they stopped laughing when neha was taking her bag and approaching the classroom door.

“Are you people fine? is anything wrong with you?” neha asked in confusion, with same confused face.

“Yeah. Pretty fine,” said Maitri.

“Yes, indeed!” Anusha added.

Neha’s confusion increased. She was purple, blue, and red.

When neha went away, Anusha started laughing. They continued their laugh and reached the corridor. All the students of their class were coming back. After a wait of a minute or two, there was a long line behind them. Later when the teacher said to move, they started moving. After they reached the entrance of the school, all the students got distributed all over the campus. Even Anusha moved in a different way as she comes to school by cycle. Maitri proceeded towards the bus alone. Then she suddenly remembered what Anusha said and she started running towards the bus. That particular day, she was very happy. She could walk however in the bus. She could run. She could jump. There was no one to say her something. She felt it nice to jump but from the outside, the bus was shaking. From the bus, she saw two people coming near the bus. Immediately, she sat in her seat, putting an innocent face.

The two people were Tarni and Charitha. They were in a hurry to throw their Bags on the seats and run out to play. Then Tarni noticed Maitri sitting there and said-“hi Maitri.” Even Maitri greeted with a ‘hi’. Already Charitha was outside the bus.

Aftyer sometime, a few more people came, kept their bags and went away. Even she wanted to go out. She got off the bus. She saw Tarni and Charitha playing out-out with Girish, Pankaj, Aneev, Sooraj and Bunny. Girish and Pankaj were brothers, Aneev and Sooraj were good friends but Maitri didn’t know who they were and Bunny was a 6th class boy. Even Aneev and Sooraj were of same class. Girish was 8th too but of ‘B’ section. Maitri was ‘A’ section. Pankaj was of 7th class.

When Maitri got off the bus, Tarni was leaning to the bus. Then she said-“hey! Maitri, come and play with us.”

Then Tarni announced even to the others-“hey! Everyone listen, even Maitri is playing with us.” Then, Charitha said-“what!? Maitri? Playing? I can’t believe it!”

Girish said-“why? She should not play? What’s wrong if she plays?”

“That’s right! Come on Maitri.” Tarni said to Maitri.

They were playing and playing for 30 minutes. The bus didn’t start yet. After that they asked the bus in charge and learnt that there were very few drivers that day and so, the bus will not start till the other driver who took the responsibility of their bus comes back. Only then, the bus will start. All of them thought this was their opportunity and resumed playing. Later, the driver arrived and the bus started. They all went and sat in their seats in the bus. The driver asked-“how many go to Bhavanipuram?”

He got many answers from the students immediately.

Then, he asked-“Maruti Hills?”

Maitri, Girish and Pankaj were from Maruti Hills.

He then asked-“Suraksha Hills?”

Only one girl was there.

She was Avanthika. The driver said to Avanthika-“for this one day you will be dropped at the last. First the bus will go to Bhavanipuram. Is that ok?”

Avanthika said-“does that mean that I will reach home at last and late too?”

Driver said-“yes.”

Avanthika started murmuring to herself. It felt as though she took the matter seriously because, her home was the nearest and next was Maitri’s. Maitri thought that she was angry because even though, her house is near, she has to go home late.

Avanthika was of 7th class. Driver ignored her and the bus started moving.

They started moving in a different way. Maitri said-“shall we continue our game now?” aloud, with excitement.

“What! Play here in the bus?” said Tarni astonishingly.

“Yes. There isn’t any Ayamma to stop us. I agree to play.” Charitha said.

“What about water tank?” Tarni asked.

“What water tank? Which water tank?” Maitri asked with a piuzzled face.

“Oh! That cleaner who is standing there and performing stunts. We call him water tank.” Tarni said.

Tarni pointed towards the footpath of the bus where the cleaner was indeed busy in doing stunts. He was holding the handle which is usually used as a support in getting into the bus, and hanging outside. He was a black one with bald head, to cover which he wears a red colored cap. He looked like a teenager. He also looked like a black joker.

“He is really a humorous person. He cracks many jokes,” Girish said.

“We don’t need any of his stupid jokes because we’ve got our own entertainment. Its better if he stays away from our entertainment,”said Maitri.

Maitri thought that it is better to stay away froim him because he looked like he was one of the teenagers misleaded by someone very badly. She was afraid that he might mislead even them. So, he wanted to stay away from him.

“Well, what are we playing now?”Asked Girish.

“Out-out. We are gonna resume our play!” said Tarni. “Didn’t you listen what Maitri said before we brought the water tank’s topic?

“And how are you gonna do that?” asked Girish.

“Like this!” Tarni said, beating Girish on shoulder and running back into the seat. Charitha and Maitri started laughing.

Tarni shouted-“hey! Maitri be careful! Girish is chor. He is sitting behind you. He can out you easily.” When Girish tried to out Maitri, , she ran near the front seats. Then she again came back. Just then, Girish had Charitha out. Tarni wasn’t sitting in her seat; she was standing, leaning to her seat. Charitha was coming to out Tarni. In order to escape, Tarni moved back and back and finally fell on Maitri. Then Charitha had Tarni out. Tarni thought that this was the chance and had out Maitri who was just beside her. Maitri wanted to out Tarni, but she ran near the front seats. Maitri thought of Charitha but even she ran away. Only Girish was left. He was eating chips, holding the packet in hand. He wasn’t actually sitting on the seat, but he was sitting on the resting seat. So Maitri had decided that she would out Girish. He was looking outside the window. The chips packet fell out from the window when she pushed him on the knees and he fell into that back seat where a senior boy named Krishna Prasad was sleeping. The worse thing was, his head was in the direction where Girish was about to fall.

Then Girish shouted-“arey! Someone lift me up or else thin Krishna Prasad will die!”

Then Pankaj who was sitting in the seat beside Girish’s seat came and helped Girish to sit.

Girish asked-“why did you push so hard?”

Maitri replied-“sorry. But that was fun!”

“Yes, indeed!” Tarni and Charitha said. “Hey! Let’s play something else. What do you all say?”Asked Maitri.

“Yes. What do we play then?” asked Girish.

“Hmm… Antakshari?” asked Maitri.

“Right,” said Girish.

They started playing and soon everyone got bored. Thus, they stopped playing.

Later, gradually, the people in the bus decreased. Then Tarni sat in the last seat and even offered Maitri to sit. Tarni sat in the middle of the seat and Maitri sat on the other corner. While they were still continuing the game, Manaswini came. Even she was 8th class but different section. ‘D’ section. Nobody knew why she came because no one offered her to. She came, sat behind Girish and started talking.

She spoke something like-“you will go walking with your grandmother? I’m asking you because I saw you previous Sunday near heritage fresh, walking with walking shoes.”

Meanwhile, Tarni murmured to Maitri-“what else are used for walking other than walking shoes? I think everyone in the world will use walking shoes for walking except her.”

Girish replied (to Manaswini’s question)-“oh, that wasn’t me. It was my brother.”

She said-“what is your name? Girish or Pankaj?”

Girish said-“I am Girish and my brother is Pankaj.”

“Oh, I often get confused with your names. Your names are very weird,” Manaswini said.

Girish looked irritated. She kept on talking all nonsense and then she asked-“who is that donkey?” pointing towards water tank (cleaner).

Then, Tarni said-“water tank.”

Manaswini shouted-“Oy! Water tank! Nice name, huh!”

Water tank turned back with a serious look and said-“what?”

Girish said-“nothing.”

Manaswini interfered and said-“how do you do, huh?”

Tarni murmured in Maitri’s ear, “I think ‘water tank’ in the perfect name for him.”

Maitri asked-“who named him in that way?”

Tarni replied-“Charitha”

Maitri said-“I forgot about her. Where is she?”

Tarni replied-“got down long back.”

Maitri said-“hey! It’s raining.”

Then again they looked at the water tank but he had turned that side long back.

Now, Tarni got down. Only, Maitri, Manaswini, Pankaj and Girish were left. Manaswini was busy in eating Girish’s brain. Later, Manaswini got down. Then, Girish relaxed and said-“Phew! Is she a bit mad?”

Maitri said-“I don’t know.”

Girish said-“from next time, I will run away before she opens her mouth.”

They both started laughing.

Maitri went and sat in her own seat along with her bag.

It was getting late. She checked time in her watch. It was 5.56 PM. The rain reduced. It was only drizzling.

Then, water tank called out-“hey! Girish! hey are you sitting there man? Come here.”

Girish shaked his head.

He again called out-“come on man!”

Girish went. They were talking something. Maitri couldn’t understand it but it’s ok. Why should she bother about them? She just enjoyed the view from the window. Later, Girish came and asked-“were we talking about him?”

Maitri looked confused.

He again asked-“were me and Manaswini talking about him?”

Maitri said-“no.”

“Can you please say that bit to him?” he said pointing towards water tank.

Water tank turned back. Maitri started scolding him-“if they talk, is there any rule that they’ll talk only about you? Are you a celebrity that they don’t find any other topic than you? Do you think yourself great you filthy evil little cockroach!?”

Water tank opened his mouth to speak but Maitri said-“shut up! Don’t speak a word you dirty wicked gargoyle! Turn that side!”

Girish said-“thank you,” and sat in his seat.

It was dark. The time was 7:00 PM. The bus finally reached the colony but the driver dropped Maitri, Pankaj and Girish at the entrance of the colony because the driver refused to go inside the colony and said that it was late enough for him and he didn’t want to waste time. This driver was actually the driver of some other bus. The three tried to convinced him a lot but he stayed refused to listen.

Even Girish and Pankaj stayed in the same colony. They got off the bus and they went on their way. Maitri reached her house. She rang the bell and her mother opened the door.

Mother asked-“why are you late?”

Maitri replied-“Actually what happened is the driver was not available, so we had to wait and…”

“I don’t want to listen to any stories now. If you really came by bus, where is the bus then?”

“They dropped me at the gate.”

“Why would they drop you near the gate? The driver always drops you in front of the house. If your story is true, you could’ve said the driver to drop you in front of the house. I didn’t see the bus anywhere around. How can I be sure that you came by bus? It could be possible that you went to your friend’s house this long and now trying to cover yourself by blaming the driver. If you went to your friend’s house, accept it. I’ll forgive you.”

“No, I didn’t! Why don’t you and father trusty me? I’ve never did such things like going to friend’s house and I didn’t ever go even by asking you. If you are really very suspicious, ask anyone. Ask the guard near the gate, driver, my friends or anyone. I swear I didn’t!”

“Well, I’ll ask the driver then.”

She took her mobile and was about to call the regular driver. Then Maitri said-“the driver who dropped me today was a different one. I don’t know he is.”

“Ah, no problem. I’ll ask him the number of the other driver,” mother replied.

She called the driver and the driver and then he said a different driver dropped them. The driver gave mother the number.

She called him. He answered the call. Mother asked-“hello? I’m Maitri’s mother. Did Maitri come in your bus today evening?” as soon as she said this, she turned on the speaker. The driver said-“I don’t know any Maitri in today’s bus madam”

Before Maitri opened her mouth to say something, mother said ‘thank you’ and ended the call.

“Did you hear that?”

As soon as she said that, Anusha came running from inside.

Anusha asked-“aunty, anything wrong?”

Maitri didn’t notice her and ran into the house and then to the terrace with her bag, and she started crying.

Anusha said-“I’ll take care of her, aunty. You don’t worry.”

As Anusha said that, even she went onto the terrace to ask Maitri what actually happened. There Anusha saw Maitri sitting down, leaning to the wall, her legs positioned in upside down ‘V’ shape, her head hid by her knees. Her bag was a little far from her. Anusha went near her and spoke-“you all right Maitri?”

“How can I be fine? Why don’t they trust me? Many of our classmates-Neha, Nandini, Bhavya, Riya, Pranavi and even ‘you’ go to friend’s home. But not without permission. But I never said my parents that I want to go. In such case, how can I go without permission? Why do they suspect me? First of all, what is there to suspect actually? Everyone suspects daughters. I don’t understand why?”

“Even I don’t know that. But that is not happening only with you. In fact, you are still lucky that your mother only scolded you. Some people beat up their children so much.”

“Ok. Leave that. At least they can let me stay happy, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that, they can at least let me enjoy. If I shout or sing for fun, they will say that I am making noise. If I dance, jump or run, they will say I am behaving like a monkey. Other than that, what I should do to cheer myself?”

“I am not able to decide whether you are right or wrong.”

“Don’t worry; my mother will decide that because she’s got many supporters.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know that you came up to ask me what actually happened. I know my mother would be thinking that later, she can know the truth from you. But whatever I said to her was the truth. Only illiterate people behave so stupidly. But my mother is not illiterate! She is highly qualified and a chemistry co-coordinator! Even though being educated, still she’s behaving like illiterate people. Even some illiterate people give full freedom and never suspect daughters in this way! Not only my, mother, even my father! They feel afraid to send me somewhere alone! If they keep doing such things, after growing up, a daughter cannot go anywhere alone because from childhood they’ve never let her go anywhere alone. She would have to depend on others always for example, see my mother itself. She’s afraid of driving scooty and also afraid of going onto the roads unnecessarily. I don’t want to be like her when I grow up! That’s why I want them to change their way of thinking. She has already become a coward and now she even wants me to grow like a coward.”

Anusha stared at Maitri with a shock. Then Anusha said slowly-“You could’ve said all this to your mother.”

After the gap of a few seconds, she began speaking slowly (till then, she was speaking loudly).

She said-“I know. I’ve experienced many times, not about this, but other topics. Whenever I ask something, she always says the same thing-‘I am raising you the same way that my mother raised me.’ But that’s a different generation the way my grandmother brought my mother will be different from the way my great grandmother brought up my grandmother. There might have been many changes in those generations. Being this generation mother, she should give more freedom. Not only my mother, but also my father. Do you know why the driver said that ‘I don’t know any Maitri’? Because I am new to this school and no driver except the regular one knows me and I am not familiar to many people. So, when my mother asked the driver and said my name, he didn’t know me. But instead if she asked about the colony where he dropped me or instead said about Girish or Pankaj, he could’ve identified me.

Anusha replied-“I understand! Please calm down and come with me.”

For Anusha’s words, Maitri got frustrated and said-“I am just saying that they should understand.”

While Maitri was still complaining, Anusha’s face changed its expression by looking at something and patted Maitri and made a sign to Maitri to look at it. Maitri started her buk-buk and looked. Mother was listening to everything from a little far from the steps. Not only that, father was on line on mother’s phone and even he heard everything because the speaker was on. After a pause, mother came ahead and said-“if it’s all you wanted to say, I’ll see to it. I’ll make sure that you won’t complain again. Anything else you want to say?”

Maitri shook her head.

Mother said-“well then. Come and eat.”

Then she went away. Maitri and Anusha went after her. Maitri freshed herself up and then she, Anusha and mother ate on the dining table. Then Maitri asked-“where is father?”

For that, mother replied-“he’s out of station for some work.”

Maitri replied-“oh, I see.”

After that neither Maitri nor mother spoke a word until they were in the dining hall.

After dinner, Maitri and Anusha went into Maitri’s room and sat. Maitri was quiet. Anusha began speaking out-“so… what about you’re… hmm… I mean… changing?”

Maitri replied-“eh?”

Anusha said-“I mean you wanted to change. I mean all that happened in school. Maitri replied-“oh, that!? I’ll start from tomorrow. Well, anything new?”

“I’m leaving.” Anusha said, dull faced.

“Where?” Maitri asked astonishingly.

“lucknow,” replied Anusha.

“When? Why!?” Maitri was completely puzzled.

“Transfer. I came to know about it today evening. That’s why I came to your home. I wanted to see a new Maitri after holidays, but I will not be able to see. I’m sad about that. But someday, I’ll see you. That’s my promise.”

Maitri questioned again-“when are you leaving?”

Anusha replied-“tomorrow morning. Today night, I’ll sleep in your house. Tomorrow morning, I’ll fresh up and leave when my parents arrive. They’ll board the flight at lucknow at 1.00 AM tomorrow and after they reach here at early in the, morning, they’ll go home. Morning, they’ll come back after they fresh up. They went to, Lucknow because they shifted all the louggage ansd things today. Tomorrow morning they’re gonna come and pick me up. I’ll miss you.”

Maitri said-“miss you too.”

Anusha added-“And… I need to say you something. Don’t know how you’ll feel about it and how you’ll react. You might even get angry. Shall I say it or not?”

Maitri replied-“go on!”

“Tarnisgonataekeabutuaftame.” Anusha said it very fast and thus, Maitri didn’t understand anything but Tarni.

Maitri replied-“what Tarni? Say whatever you said previously, slowly and clearly.”

Anusha said-“before that, answer my question. Do you like Tarni?”

Maitri replied-“oh! Yes I do! Tarni and Charitha are very good friends of mine. But whatever I said you, I didn’t say to them. Because they never questioned me like you did. So I never said them. They don’t know.

“Tarni knows.” Anusha said coolly.

“What do you mean?” Maitri asked astonishingly.

Anusha replied-“I mean that, Tarni’s gonna take care of you after me. If I go away, there’ll be no one to encourage you and you might not work hard. That’s why, I chose a perfect person to see you after me. Do you know one more thing? She has shifted to the same lane just an hour ago.

Maitri said-“what! That’s amazing! But she didn’t say me in the bus.”

Anusha replied-“she wanted to surprise you tomorrow morning. But when I said her that I am going to say you, she said ok and so, she didn’t say you.”

Maitri asked-“and how did you tell her?”

Anusha replied-“I messaged her today evening after going home.”

Maitri said-“I see.”

Anusha added-“and also you are her best friend. Even she is happy about your thoughts.”

While they were talking, then suddenly, they heard a voice. It was mother’s voice. She was saying-“are you people still talking? Sleep! You should wake up at 6.00 AM tomorrow morning. Anusha will leave at 6.30 AM.”

Then, they both started talking and slept.

The time was 9.40 PM. Slowly, Maitri woke up, took the blanket off her ehad, kept her legs down, wore slippers and got off the bed. She sat on sofa in her room, took her mobile and started typing an SMS-

“Hey Tarni. Sorry to disturb you but if you are still awake, please send a reply. How about jogging tomorrow morning?”

After a minute or two, Maitri got reply from Tarni which was-

“Hi. I’m still awake. Jogging at which time?”

Maitri sent a message saying-

“5.30 AM. Okay?”

Tarni replied-

“Perfect. I’ll be there at your home 5.30 sharp. Be ready in your tracksuit. Even I go jogging at 5.30 everyday. And… bring a water bottle too if you need.”

Maitri sent a message saying-

“Done then. Sharp 5.30. Okay. Good night.”

Tarni too sent a message saying-


Maitri kept the phone on her study table and took alarm clock from the table beside the bed and set an alarm at 5.30 AM. Then she kept it on the table and looked at Anusha. Maitri immediately turned off alarm clock and took the mobile and set the volume at zero and in vibration, and then set alarm. Then again she remembered her mother say that we should keep mobiles far from us while sleeping. Then she increased the volume again, connected headphones to mobile, kept mobile on the table beside the bed, wore headphones and went asleep. She was saying to herself in mind-“5.30! 5.30! 5.30!”, and finally fell asleep. Maitri woke up suddenly and looked for the time in mobile on the table on her left side. It was 4.45 AM. She decided to wake up. She turned off the alarms in mobile and alarm clock so that they don’t disturb Anusha and went into the bathroom. There she brushed her teeth, looking herself into the mirror in front of her, above the washbasin. She completed her brushing, then washed her face, came into the room and wiped her face with a towel. Then she went into the dining hall, grabbed a water bottle from the dining table and drank as much water as she can. Then, she went into the store room to search for her tracksuit because her mother generally keeps the clothes which are not used frequently in the shelves there. She found the suit. She wore it and looked at the clock in the hall. It was 5.00 AM. Tarni will be in her house in 30 more minutes. Will she really come? Then she remembered Tarni saying to bring water bottle. Then she took a full water bottle and was about to open the door when she realized that her mother would be tensed if she found that Maitri was not home. She took a paper and a marker, sat on sofa, kept the paper on teapoy and wrote-‘I went jogging at 5.30 AM.’ At last she signed and kept the paper aside on teapoy. When she looked up, she saw her mother standing. Maitri opened her mouth to ask permission. But there was no need of asking. Mother said-“you can go.”

Then Maitri ran to the front door with water bottle, hanged to wrist. She opened the door. The cool air touched her face. She felt as though she was running towards the ‘real Maitri’ and has already taken a few steps forward. Then she got back to the real world. She was in the lobby of the house. She left her slippers there and she felt the cold floor. Then, she took out her shoes from the shoe stand.

Her mother came holding socks in hand. She said-“were you about to wear shoes without socks?” as she said that, she smiled. Maitri smiled too and took the socks. Mother even gave her Maitri’s watch and said-“Anusha will leave at 6.30. So, come back soon.”

Maitri nodded and wore the socks and shoes, wore watch and ran on tpo the gate, opened the gate, closed it at her back and turned around. She was very happy. She couldn’t explain it in words but a question flashed in her mind. ‘Where is Tarni?’ Maitri looked into her watch. It was 5.29. Then from a little far away, she saw Tarni running towards her. As she came nearer, Maitri checked her watch. It was 5.30 and Tarni reached Maitri.

Tarni said-“I reached on time.”

Maitri replied-“oh yes, I can see.”

Tarni questioned-“did you warm up?”

Maitri replied-“no.”

Then Tarni showed a few exercises and Maitri followed her. Then they were ready. Maitri said-“I brought a water bottle.”

Tarni replied-“that’s good.”

First, they started running on road for some time. Then Maitri said-“Tarni, I think what we are doing is not correct.”

“Why so?” questioned Tarni.

“Because we are in the middle of the road. What if a lorry comes and dashes us?” answered Maitri.

Tarni said-“then get onto the footpath.”

Both of them were on different footpaths; Maitri on the left one and Tarni on the right one.

Some time had passed.

Then Maitri again said-“ I can’t do it anymore. I am running out of my breath. I think we should walk for some time.”

Tarni replied-“tired so fast? Ok, this is the first time you came for jogging so for 1 week, we will just walk. Then, after a week, we’ll start jogging.” They had decided that they’ll make two rounds around the colony footpath. They walked and walked. Then suddenly Tarni realized that the footpath on which she was walking was used by the people who come from that side. So, she ran on to the left footpath on which Maitri was walking. They went on walking and walking and they completed the first round; Maitri and Tarni could know that because they passed from Maitri’s home again.

Then Maitri shouted-“1 round more!”

Halfway, they realized that sun was rising and also there was a lake ahead and they couldn’t notice it previously because it was dark. So, they decided that they would watch the lake and the sun for a while, standing there because the lake was on the east side. Soon, they reached the lake. The sun was rising; the lake and the sun were very beautiful. It was like a blessed vision. After a while, they started walking. In their way, they say beautiful gul mohar trees, there were no houses in this area and the clouds, sky, and everything was beautiful. Then Maitri said-“its 6.10. Anusha will leave at 6.30. we need to be there as fast as possible. Shall we jog?”

Tarni replied-“oh, sure.”

They started jogging. Later, Maitri started running because she feared-“what if she missed Anusha?”

Maitri ran so fast that Tarni got shocked and wondered-‘Is that Maitri?’

Even Tarni started running and was soon near Maitri. They ran and ran. Maitri kept looking into her watch. They were very near to the house. Just about 25 metres. Maitri looked into her watch. It was 6.15. so, she slowed down but walked very fat.soon they reached home and the time was 6.25. maitre went inside the hose. Even Tarni went along her. Maitri saw Anusha completely dressed and standing with a bag. Maitri ran and hugged Anusha tightly and whispered-“miss you.”

Anusha again whispered-“miss you too.”

The surprising thing was that Maitri was not crying, she was smiling. She stood like a statue as Anusha got into her parents’ car, said a ‘goodbye’ and went away. Maitri watched as the car disappeared.

After the car had disappeared, tarni asked-“you okay?”

Maitri said-“I’m fine.”

Tarni got surprised because she couldn’t see a single tear in Maitri’s eyes.

Tarni said-“let’s go inside.”

Maitri said-“okay.”

They both went inside the house.

Maitri ran near the kitchen where mother was cooking and said-“I’m starving! I want breakfast. What’s for breakfast?”

Mother replied-“idly. Can you just estimate and say around how many you want? Four are enough?”

“I want a dozen and also so muck of chutney! I’m starving!”

Maitri shouted and said and she was laughing and she also seems to be enjoying that shouting and laughing. Even mother started laughing.

Mother questioned again-“are you sure?”

“Of course I am!” Maitri said coolly.

“Then take a bath and come. You can eat then,” even mother said coolly. Then Maitri said Tarni-“see you after an hour. Then we’ll decide what to do next.” Tarni went away. Maitri ran towards her room and went into the bathroom. After a few minutes, the door of the bathroom opened. A lot of water vapour came up which indicated that the water which she use d for bathing was very hot. Maitri came out with her hair tied up she wore a t-shirt and a pant with white towel on her shoulder. As she came out, she reached the switch board, turned the fan on and fell on the bed and relaxed. After a few minutes, she realized that her mother would be waiting for her, got off the bed, combed her hair into one braid and went into the kitchen. By seeing her, mother called out-“come and eat. She handed over a plate which consisted of 4 idlis and chutney. By seeing it, Maitri said-“I said dozen.”

Mother replied-“first eat this.”

Then Maitri sat and ate. Mother thought that maitri cannot eat a dozen. But after sometime, about a minute or two, she said-“one more.” mother kept an idly in her plate. After a few seconds, she said-“2 more.’ Mother n kept two in her plate.

Maitri said-“chutney!”

Mother had put only one spoon of chutney. Then, Maitri said-“more!” mother had put some more. After a minute, Maitri said “three more! And chutney too!” mother did as she said. Then later, “two more and chutney! More chutney!”mother did as she said.

After sometime, mother asked-“three more?”

Maitri said-“no. I’m full now.”

Mother said-“very good. You did what you said”

Maitri started laughing like ha! Ha! Ha!(like a monster). Then she went to washbasin, washed her hand and drank water.

“Ah! I’m feeling very good now.”Maitri said as she fell on the sofa. The time was 7:45on the clock Maitri thought that she was wasting her time. She grabbed her cycle keys and took out her cycle. Suddenly she remembered that she forgot to wear her watch she ran inside and took her watch which was lying on her bed. She came out running, wore her slippers and went to Tarni’s house cycling. She called out from the outside of the house. She heard no reply. She parked her cycle in Tarni’s garden and went inside for calling her. Then, Tarni’s mother said that she was on the terrace. Maitri went and saw. Tarni was sitting on water tank. Maitri called her, then, she turned back. Then Tarni spoke out-“Hey! Whatsup? How was today’s day?

She said this as she jumped from the tank and landed on the floor. “great. Uh… anyway, what were you doing up there?”Maitri questioned.

Tarni answered-“nothing. I was just feeling bored. It’s good that you came. Do you have any plans for today?”

Maitri said-“actually, the thing is that even I came for asking you the same thing, whether you have any plans.”

Tarni said-“you say something. Both of us will follow the same thing.”

Maitri said-“actually, I want to play on roads, run on roads, play with everyone and many more. And also I want to play cricket with some people in the middle of road. But we can’t bring players. There’s no one around here for us to call. Only kids are there and we can’t compromise because we don’t like the way they play and they will not like the way we play. Then what can I do? You’ll have to think a solution for that. No doubt, I will not play well but I want to play regularly and become good at playing.”

Tarni replied-“you said there’s no one around but you don’t know about the whole colony. If we just look in the whole colony during evening, we can find someone to play. What do you say?”

“What you said is correct. If we take a round in the colony during evening at 4.30 or 5.00, we can find a solution.”

“Oh! We have holiday homework. What do we do ‘them’ then? Ok, we’ll do one thing. Today whole day we will sit and complete all the holiday homework, from tomorrow we will be free. I’ll better come to your home. We’ll do the work there. Fine?”

“Well, that’s a good idea. Hey! One of us will bring the print out of the information required for the project and the other, 2 sets of print outs of all the pictures required, and complete. Why don’t you have lunch in my home today? Ask your mother. If she says ok, then you come. If she says no, during lunch time, go back to your home, have lunch and come back. Done? Ok. You have internet and printer right?”

Tarni replied-“yes. I’ll bring the information and you be ready with pictures and all your things, i’ll even bring a few papers for my use. Now the time is 8.20 AM. I’ll be in your home at 8.45 AM sharp. Ok?”

“Perfect!” Maitri said.

Tarni added-“we’ll complete all the work today itself. From tomorrow, we won’t even touch homework.” then they went into the house and Tarni said that she would ask her mother and say about it when she goes to Maitri’s home at 8.45. So, Maitri came home and said everything that happened and even that Maitri would ask her mother about lunch. Mother said ‘ok’ for everything. Maitri took print outs and all the things were ready in her room with everything speeded on the floor. At 8.45, Tarni arrived. She said that her mother agreed and Maitri said that to her mother.

They started. They were doing it continuously. They gave a break when Maitri’s mother called them for lunch. The time was 12.15 PM. They came, ate lunch, drank water and went back. They finally completed the work at 4.30 PM. They both lay on the floor and started talking.

Maitri said-“we completed at last. So we can make a round today evening itself. We’ll meet again at 5.00 PM and we’ll go with cycles. First we need to clear this room. Then Tarni went to her home with all her belongings. When Tarni went out, she came running back. She said-“come with me and see what’s going on.” Then she turned to Maitri’s mother and said-“aunty, you too should see it.”

Three of them went into the garden and saw a dog biting the tyres of the cycle which was lying down. Mother said-“hey! Shoo! Shoo!”

Then the dog ran away. The three of them went near the cycle. Not only the tyres but the dog has also bitten the wires connected to the brakes of the cycle. The cycle was of pink colour.

Mother said-“we’ll throw this cycle now.”

“Throw it! Anyway I don’t like these girly cycles. Next time when we buy a new cycle, we’ll buy a cool one with cool colours. When are we buying new cycle?” Maitri yelled.

“Soon,” Mother replied.

“Your cycle’s gone. How do we go now? Shall we walk?” Tarni interrupted.

Maitri replied-“that’s the only way left. We’ll walk and go.”

So, Tarni went into her house, came back after five minutes saying-“Are you ready? We can reach here before it gets dark only if we start from right now.” Then immediately, Maitri took her watch, a water bottle and then wore slippers and said her mother that they’ll be back soon.

They started passing in front of every house in the colony and every lane in the colony. Till a few lanes, they didn’t find anyone playing, but just standing near road, walking along the road, talking people were seen and they often saw groups of children and teenagers sitting and talking. After about three or four lanes, Maitri and Tarni saw a group playing there. There was a bench nearby, so they sat there and watched those boys and girls from a distance. After sometime, few of them went inside the house and brought cricket bats. After that, the boys went to a different side (a little near to Maitri and Tarni). They noticed that girls and boys were not playing together actually; boys were playing cricket and girls standing a little far, giggling and talking to them. Maitri and tarni did not bother about giggling girls but concentrated on the play of the boys because, the match seemed interesting. So, they both moved to a nearer bench to have a clearer view. Later they moved to a much closer bench. They were immersed into the match and they fixed themselves as audience and some World Cup match is going on in their minds because the players were playing sincerely. The boys were divided into 2 teams and were playing then. The spectators encouraged a team but did not discourage the other team. They actually did not think of supporting only one team. They both were on the sides of both the teams and were supporting both the teams. If the player shots a ‘six’, they would feel happy and if the same player is out, they would feel sorry about that. Finally, they supported the batsman of any team. The current batsman was out and a new player came to bat. To Maitri and Tarni’s surprise, it was Girish, their classmate who came to bat. The target was 25 runs in 10 balls. The first three balls were not played properly and scored only 4 runs. Then the next ball, he hit a 6 and which made the target 15 runs in 6 balls. Then again he hit a six which made the target 9 runs in 5 balls and it was quite easy. Maitri and Tarni were screaming like anything and shouting-“come on! It’s quite easy!”

The next, he hit a 4 which made the target 5 runs in 4 balls. The next ball missed. The next ball was also a 4. The target was 1 run in 2 balls. The next one was a six and the team of Girish won by 5 runs against the other team. Maitri and Tarni were screaming madly. Then they observed that the both teams were one. They just divide for playing. One person from the crown spotted Tarni and Maitri and screaming and said that to the other one beside him. They both began coming towards them. Tarni and Maitri spotted that and tried to get out. Then one of them called out-“hey! Both of you. Stop!”

Then Tarni said-“sorry” in a low tone and then Maitri added-“we’re really sorry.”

The other one asked-“What are you sorry for? For watching the match?”

Maitri and Tarni nodded. The first one said-“you need not be sorry about that. Instead, we should thank you for encouraging.”

Maitri and Tarni have put question mark faces.

Third one came running from there and said-“I’ve never seen girls encouraging and enjoying roadside matches as you did. Actually, girls should be like you. You are role models for girls.”

Maitri and Tarni turned red.

The third one continued again-“look at those stupid girls who are giggling and don’t have any work. They clearly show how girls should not be.” He said this pointing towards those giggling girls.

Girish came running and said-“Maitri! You were awesome. You too Tarni!”

Like that, everyone started praising them and cursed that ‘giggling gang’.

Then the first one asked-“will you play with us? We have 20 people but to make perfect two teams of 11 people, we need 2 more people. So, we want you to join us. What’s your decision then?”

Maitri replied-“we are happy about that because we actually came in search of a cricket team to join in. but you people play so well and we can’t play properly. We are not good at playing but good at watching matches and we know almost everything about cricket. We have no objection to join if you accept us even though after saying that we don’t play well.”

The second one said-“oh that isn’t a problem. If you keep playing, you’ll become good at it.”

The second one tuned to everyone and then announced-“Guys! From today, even these girls are in our group. Any objections?”

The crowd shouted at a time-“NO OBJECTIONS!”

The third one asked their names and then announced-“she’s Maitri,” pointing towards Maitri and “she’s Tarni,” pointing towards Tarni.

The first one’s name was Rishi, the second one’s name was Abhi and the third one’s name was Anish. From the crowd, Girish said-“Hey! It’s getting late. We need to go home.”

Even Tarni said the same thing-“we need to go.”

Maitri asked-“when are you playing next?”

Rishi said-“we don’t know. We don’t decide it before hand.”

Anish said, ‘When we wish to play, we just go to their houses and call them.”

Abhi asked-“where do you stay?”

Tarni said-“Lane 3, house 5.”

Maitri said-“Lane 3, house 3.”

Rishi said-“Well, it’s done then. If we play, anyone of us will come and call you.”

Tarni said-“ok! Bye everyone!”

The crowd said ‘bye’ too.

Even Maitri said ‘bye’ and also received one ‘bye’ from the crowd. Maitri and Tarni started walking. The sun was about to set. When Maitri reached home, the sun was setting and Tarni said a bye and went away.

The next day morning also she woke up at 5:00 AM, went for walk at 5:30 AM, came back at 6:30 AM, bathed, had breakfast, spent some time with Tarni, then read a book for some time, played with soccer ball in the lobby, watched TV and waited for anyone to come and call. Then that day, one boy from the team came to call. She didn’t know his name. he even called Tarni, meanwhile Maitri would take watch, bat, wear slippers and run. They played and Maitri returned home for lunch. Then for some time, she slept in sofa, listening to songs, using headphones, from iPod. Then again someone would call, she used to go and come back when the sun was about to set. The next day, Maitri got a brand new latest cycle, which was really cool and also a cricket set. She spent all her holidays in that way. The holidays were for 15 days. In the 10th day, Maitri and Tarni heard about the match between two colonies an 15th day. For the next 4 days, the whole team kept on practicing. Out of 22 players, only 11 were selected for the match. Tarni and Maitri were in that team. They practices so hard that the players ate lunch in the ground itself while practicing and their mothers or some other people brought lunch for them, and for some people, their mothers fed them while they were practicing. They practiced even in the hot sun. They did exercise all together early in the morning and all together, they even went jogging.

Finally, the day had arrived for which the team had been practicing so badly to defeat the opponents. The match was held in a stadium located between the two colonies. The colony which wins will win the stadium because the two colonies have been fighting for the stadium since years. So, finally, the colony presidents came to an agreement that whoever wins the cricket match will have the stadium. The other team ‘Vidyanagar Colony’ won the toss and chose to bat. Maitri was a fielder and Tarni was the wicket keeper. The first innings began at 9:00 AM and ended at 11:45 AM. Their score was ‘254 all out’. There was a lunch break in between. The second innings started and the target was 255 in 120 balls (20 overs).

The opening batsmen were Rishi and Avinash.

After and over, the score was 29-0. In the 2nd over there was a wicket fall and Avinash was out and Abhi came in his place. Thus the score was 31-1. In the same over, Abhi was also out and Pankaj came in his place. In 3rd over there was no wicket fall and in 4th over, there was a wicket fall. Rishi was out and Karthik came in his place. The score was 70-3. There wasn’t any problem in the 5th, 6th, and 7th overs. In 8th over Karthik was out and Kushal came in his place. The score was 92-4. There were 2 wicket falls in 10th over. Both Kushal and Pankaj were out. Their places were covered by Maitri and Anish respectively. The score was 95-6. Maitri was batting and the first ball was defense, the second was a four, the third was also a four, the fifth was a miss and the sixth was a defense. Then Anish batted and then again Maitri batted. Thus the score rose to 130-6. The next ball was defense and meanwhile, the opponents caught the ball, she made one run and now, anish was batting. Anusha was out and Tarni came. She hit 1 four 1 six, 3 defense and 1 miss respectively. Thus the score was 153-7. Then again Maitri was batting. It was the beginning of the 13th over and Maitri hit 1 six, 1 four, 1 defense and 2 misses. The score was 164-7. The target was 90 runs in 42 balls. It was the 14th over and Maitri was out. Then, Harsha came in her place. He scored 23 runs in the whole over. The target was 67 runs in 36 balls. Tarni scored 15 runs and was out at the last ball of the fifteenth over. Girish came in Tarni’s place. It was the 16th over and score was 202-9 and target was53 runs in 30 balls. Girish and Harsha scored 23 and 14 runs respectively in 2 overs. It was the 19th over and the score was 239-9 and the target was 16 runs in 12 balls. The nineteenth over didn’t’ go well. So they only scored 4 runs. It was the last over. Score was 243-9 and the target was 12 runs in 6 balls. The first ball of the last over was played by Harsha and it was a four. It felt as though now, the crowd got hope that maruti hills would win. The second and third balls were defense. The target was 6 runs in 3 balls. Then again it was 4. The target was 2 runs in 2 balls. Then Girish took charge of batting. The first ball was a miss and the second was a six! The crowd was crazy with excitement. The commenter said-“Maruti hills won Vidyanagar colony by I wicket and 4 balls. The crowd lifted Harsha and Girish because they were the last batsmen who made the team win. The Maruti hills colony received the cup and the stadium.

The next day, the cup was taken to school by Maitri, Tarni, Girish and Pankaj, the cup was awarded to them again in the assembly. Everyone appreciated them and they became something special in the school. Evening, while going home in bus, four of them were talking and Pankaj asked- “Who will take the cup to the president’s home? Tarni said-“his home is far it’s even difficult to cycle.”

Girish said-“ok then. Me and Pankaj will take it on scooty. Give that cup t me then.”

Tarni handed the cup to Girish. Thus, they kept talking continuously and even Charitha was a part of their group about how the talk was in their class and how everyone said that Maitri had changed and taking active part in everything.

Maitri had thought that finally, she is living the way she wanted to live. Later, the bus had dropped Tarni and Maitri near Maitri’s home and from outside the bus, they both waved to Charitha and the others. After the bus moved, Tarni advised Maitri-“hey! Why don’t you write a book on what all happened to you? I bet! It’s going to be a best seller.”

Maitri liked Tarni’s idea and did so. What Tarni said was true. It was best seller now. In addition to that, Maitri even went to p[lay cricket at state level and became popular in the whole state!

During the book release ‘My Journey’, Maitri gave a speech about how her parents had helped her, Anusha, Tarni and other friends. After the speech, everyone applauded. Then, Maitri saw Anusha standing in front of her, near the audience. Maitri ran and hugged her. Anusha whispered-“I knew you could do it.”

Next, Maitri hugged Tarni who was standing almost near and whispered-“Thank you.”


Author’s note:

I can’t say much because my hand is paining because of typing continuously since three hours. So, I’ll say it in a short way.

“Imagination is the most important thing if you want to do something big. That’s why, ‘Dream Big’.

Maitri-The Story of a Girl

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Maitri-The Story of a Girl Maitri-The Story of a Girl