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Christian L. Reissen

Copyright © 2017 Christian L. Reissen C.P.

All rights reserved.

ISBN-10: 1544182767

ISBN-13: 978-154418276


1. White Wolf

2. Cities 20xx

3. Level up

4. Pointless finesse

5. wanderer I

6. My way

7. Hugss

8. People “Dating” (All the people in the dark)

9. Pop star life

10. Fairy

11. Πλεκτάνη

12. Επικίνδυνη Ισορροπία (Ήττες)

13. Ακτίδα

14. Famechildren

15. John Applerose’s note to the “Master”

16. Sleep

17. Dream

18. A Tale of Secrets (version 2)

19. Διαλυμένο Δακτυλίδι

20. Zombieland

21. wanderer ΙΙ


1. White Wolf

oh noble white wolve of the night
how strangely on you carry light

you went in whitish moonlight

Just waiting to be judged by the night

one mythic thief of recent time

in hellas met his weirdly plight

his father robbed by a merchant

and he avenged with reaquaire

2. Cities 20xx

Selfishness is the foundations stones for cities.
Buildings Monuments in a Mega ego.
Civilizations fall and rise to fame,
but all they have element of Submission.

Where to stand? Where to spend the time?
asks shyly a woman of the moment.
Where to stand? Where to spend the time?
when I i steals the meaning of the moment.

Years of fighting for them (the people)
current, the swords tongues of the serpent
so that forgetting unnecessary
that will not reach to the ocean holding

How will people be happy if they do not leave the cities?

Where to stand? Where to spend the (/our) time?
asked looking at indicators of silence.
Where to stand? Where to spend the time?
asked looking at the leaves of of soul

How  will you people be happy if you do not leave the cities?

3. level up

level up

for people will flatter you

people will find things or comment on you

they will say to you what you need to hear

to serve them

unserve them observe them discern them

in secret

and keep your energy

it is for you alone

you briefly may rent it

use it to serve God

put it in good use



Oh beautiful one

4. pointless finesse

People wake up everyday /
seeking a purpose chasing a passion/
some may last some may matter /
I looked down at the city it was a made up(/pointless) kind of beauty a polished perfection.. my what a tragedy


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  • ISBN: 9781370163526
  • Author: Chris L Reissen
  • Published: 2017-08-01 02:05:09
  • Words: 2500
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