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Love with a crazy girl


Love with a crazy girl

Anmol Tyagi

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means-except in the case of brief quotation embodied in articles or reviews-without written permission from its author

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by author

Copyright 2016 Anmol Tyagi

All rights reserved


I was taking tea in restaurant with some biscuits. I had a blue pen and some paper for writing something on table but I didn’t know what to write?

‘How can I be a good writer’, I mumbled.

As I took a first small sip of tea with tiny bite of biscuit, I screamed for calling a waiter.

‘What happened sir?’ waiter said

‘How do you satisfy the customers with this bad tea?’, ‘I said’

He gazed.

‘Why are you speechless now’ I said

‘Sorry sir, but we offer the same tea to everyone’ waiter said

Most of the boys kept silent apart from those who were talking to their girlfriends.

‘How disgusting is this’ I grimaced and said

‘How much do you want from me for this tea?’ I said

He kept silent.

‘Tell me, I am asking something’ I said

‘250 rupees only sir’, ‘waiter said ’

‘but I don’t want to pay anything for this ’,’I said ’

He nodded and turned back.

I finished my cup very badly because I was going to pay 250 rupees for this.

I wrapped a paper and threw towards the dustbin because I had no clue even to write first line for my book.

A guy with a black T-shirt and white trousers was noticing me from last one hour. He sat alone on his chair and also was taking that bad tea. After finishing his cup, he stood up and put up that paper from the dustbin.

He was looking at me while checking that paper but there was nothing at that paper besides my name.

‘How are you friend?’, ‘he said’ but I was not expecting anybody who could say me these words from there therefore I didn’t answer for this question and kept quite.

‘How are you friend?’, ‘he said to me again’

‘Fine ’,’I replied without taking a look at that person and kept quite again’

‘Are you sad, friend?’, ‘he asked’

I wondered and I wanted to know that person who was questioning to me so I took a look at that person. He was that person who had noticed me from his chair.

‘Yeah, you are right. I am very sad’, ‘I said with a glum expression’

‘Do you want to write something?’, ‘he said with smile’

‘Yes, but I am unable to write anything’, ‘I said ’

He sat in front of me and tried to cooperate with me. He was looking like those who never feel uncomfortable during talking to strangers. I forgot to shake hands with him.

‘Would you like to write about my life?’, ‘he said’

He was expecting from me to give answer in his favor but I didn’t give answer directly. My answer was yes but I kept in my mind.

‘What type of story do you have?’, ‘I said by keeping my feelings to myself’

‘Romantic story?’, ‘I asked’

‘Yes’, ‘he said’

I was failed to control my feelings at that time and seemed that god has sent to me that person for help. I was happy because I was about to achieve my first love story for my book.

‘I will write your story definitely but you didn’t tell me your name’’, ‘I said’

‘You didn’t ask my name actually’, ‘he said’

I felt guilty because I didn’t ask his name even we had talked to each other from the twenty minutes.

‘I am extremely sorry’,’ I said with a little smile’

‘It’s okay. My name is Edward’, ‘he said’

I couldn’t notice that whether that guy was Indian or not. But this was truth that guy was not an Indian. There were so many questions at that time in my mind because I had began my conversation with a foreigner who was looking like an Indian guy from the U.P state.

‘Oh you are foreigner’, ‘I said like a mature boy ’

‘Yeah’, ‘he said’

‘Do you live here in India?’, ‘I said’

‘Nope, I just visited here for enjoying my vacations. I know something about your country because I read some books related to culture and history of your country. I really like your country because there are so many historical buildings here which make your country like a heaven.’, ‘He applauded ’

I nodded.

‘Where do you live and what do you do in your life?’, ‘I asked

‘I am fashion designer and I live in New York’, ‘He said’

‘Really?’, ‘I said with excitement’

‘Yes’, ‘he said’

‘New York is a beautiful city’, ‘I said’

I could say about New York because I had seen it in bollywood movies only.

‘When would you go from here?’, ‘I asked

‘I will go after ten days’, ‘he said’

‘So, when would you begin to tell me about your love story?’, ‘I asked’

‘Okay, I would begin from today and you would come in my hotel room’, ‘he said by pointing his finger to me’

I nodded. He gave me his contact number and turned back.

Next day, I went to hotel to listen his love story. A receptionist was sitting on a chair near the hotel main gate. This was first day when he was about to tell me his story.

‘May I help you sir?’ ’Receptionist said’

‘Can you tell me the room number of Mr. Edward? ’, ‘I asked’

‘Sorry sir, we can’t tell you because we can’t share any information of anybody ’, ‘She said with smile’

I called to Edward on phone and told him what was happening with that receptionist. He came and took me in his room. I learned the room number which was 233 by entering in his room.

He sat on the bed and took water without offering to me. I ignored because I was there only for a romantic love story. He began.


I took admission in an institute for the course of fashion designing. My course duration was only one year because I didn’t want to spoil my life in studies so I elected for one year only. I wanted to be a clothe designer. I went out to my institute on first day. Timing of my batch was from 10:30 to 4:30.There was forty five students in my batch. Most of them were girls. I was bored because all girls were talking as they are in market.

There was girl who was sitting beside me. She was looking very beautiful in t-shirt and jeans. I took a look at her for two minutes when she was gazing down. I didn’t dare to talk with her because she was looking like those who have friendship only with the books but she proved me wrong within two minutes.

‘Hello’ she said

‘Hello’ I said and I thought for a five seconds that she would be first friend of mine in that batch.

‘Can I have your pen please? ‘She asked

How would a boy deny for giving his pen to any girl? That’s why I did what every boy does.

‘Here you are’ I said as I handed over my pen to her

I wondered because that was our first day and we had nothing to write.

‘What do you want to write?’I asked when she was about to write something on his notebook first page.

‘Do you have any problem with this? She exasperated

She had spoken so loud that entire batch heard her. I took a small glance to every batch mate and kept silent for a while.

‘Why did you speak so loud?’ after a while, I asked, I expected her to give answer but she didn’t.

‘This was my style ‘she asked

I glared but I had nothing to say her at that time. I grabbed my pen and took a gap between us. I knew that batch would take time to begin because first day, the management department of every institute takes time for some formalities. I put out my phone and headphone for appreciating music because I wanted to ignore that what happened between us before five minutes. But she didn’t want me to take relief. She tugged on my right shoulder to ask something bullshit.

‘Why are you so lean?’ she asked and giggled at me

‘I don’t know’ I said and closed my eyes to ignore her.

She knew the reason why I was ignoring her but still she wanted to have silly talk with me.

‘What is your name? Honey’ she asked again feelingly

Now, I decided to talk with her and tried to ignore previous silly questions. As I opened my mouth to her my name, madam with blue coat and jeans whose name was Christina came in our class room.

‘How are you girls and boys?’ she asked and smiled

Madam was looking hot in her dress coat. She had got a massive attention from the boys.

‘You are looking very hot, Miss Christina’ A boy having good muscular body asked

I anticipated that Miss Christina would be angry at that boy but she didn’t.

‘Thank you’ she said with smile

Miss Christina introduced herself but she forgot to tell us whether she was married or not. I wanted to know the name of that boy who was having this most beautiful lady so I was too desperate to know about her marriage but I had never stood up for asking anything among the class. Still, I controlled my mind and raised my hand during her speech.

‘Stand up ‘she asked

I stood up hesitantly.

‘Do you want to ask me something? ‘She said

‘Yes madam’ I said like a descent boy

‘Okay, what do you want to ask?’ She said

‘Are you married?’I asked

Everyone started to laugh at me but I ignored this laughing moment and focused on her eyes for answering to me.

‘Yes, I’m married’ she said

‘What is your husband name?’ I asked

‘My husband is Peter .Is anything left? ‘She asked

‘No madam’ I said and sat down

I felt like I was wounded. I didn’t think anymore and paid my attention to her speech.

‘Do you know about fashion designing?’ Miss. Christina asked

‘Anybody knows? Just raise your hand’ she asked

That crazy girl who was sitting with me raised her hand to give answer. She did as I expected .she gave a silly answer to Miss Christina.

‘Madam, fashion designing is made of two different words which are fashion and designing’ she replied

She made a joke with Miss Christina because everyone knew that this answer would be very easy but not acceptable. For a while, a girl from the first row stood up and gave an appropriate answer but I was failed to listen that girl just because of that crazy girl. She cooed to tell her my name. But I didn’t want to tell her within the batch. I thought how unlucky I was because I was sitting with a crazy girl. Her behavior was like a ten years old girl. I couldn’t understand her behavior.

I wrote my name on my notebook last page and showed her. She saw and wrote her name also in her notebook and showed. This was the only talk which we did without any problem. Her name was Jennifer.

I didn’t get anything about fashion designing from Miss Christina in my first day. I attended my first class very badly because I had got a headache (Jennifer) in my batch. Class was going to off so I hung my bag on my soldier. I stood up and turned towards the door. As I came out from the room I heard voice of a girl. Unfortunately she was Jennifer.

‘Edward, Wait?’ she screamed

She managed her bag and came to me.

I was very uncomfortable because Jennifer was with me. She asked something but I reacted as I didn’t listen.

‘How many members are you in your family?’ she asked again

She tried to talk with me again. But at this time I got frustrated and I intimidated her. I didn’t answer. She sulked but I thanked to god because she had gone away from me. After some time she was not appeared to me. Good riddance, I said to myself and breathed again. I went to my home at 6:00 ‘o’ clock in the evening. My father had come from the office. My father was advocate. He prepared a cup of coffee for me. My father was the only one friend who I had in my life. My mother had died eight years ago. Because of this, my father always used to try to keep me happy. I did not want to tell this anybody. I went to my room for sleeping. I did not try to learn about fashion designing from my side. I was about to sleep when my father came.

‘Aren’t you sleeping? Edward’ he asked

I replied no. I knew that my father wanted to talk with me. I offered him a chair to sit down and started some silly talk but this silly talk was better than that of Jennifer.

‘How was your first day?’ he asked after having fun with me

‘Not bad’ I said

‘Not bad means? Day was not good?’ my father asked prodigiously

‘Yes, I had a very bad day because of a silly girl’ I told to my father

‘Why?’ he asked

I didn’t reply and I tried to change the topic. My father was so friendly but still I didn’t want to share what happened with me in that day.

‘Dad, I want to sleep’ I said

‘Okay’ he said and went out from my room

I tried to sleep but I couldn’t because of that girl. I felt that she had got an importance in my life. I tried to ignore these thoughts and feeling for sleeping. I slept finally. I got up late and I was being late to attend my class. I tried as much as I could but I couldn’t attend the class on right time.

‘May I come in? Miss Christina’ I requested

‘No’ she said and continued her speech

I had nothing to say so I kept silent and gaze down.

‘Why are you late?’ Miss Christina asked, after a while

I had no answer in that situation .I didn’t want to tell her that I couldn’t sleep just because of a girl. I kept silent again.

‘Come in and sit’ she ordered me very oddly

I sat down and I took a glance for Jennifer. Despite of her misbehavior, I wanted to sit with her.

‘Hey Edward’ she cooed from my back seat

When I took a glimpse of her, my heartbeat could echo in my ears. I was happy to see her.

‘Hello Jennifer’ I said

I signaled through eyes to Jennifer to sit with me. I made an eye contact with her for 10 seconds. That moment was the most beautiful part of my life. She winked her eyes for ending that moment.

‘Okay’ she said

She came into my seat by creeping wisely and gave me a very tight hug during the class.

‘Leave me’ I said

I wanted that hug but I was afraid of Miss. Christina. She had bullied me because of coming late. She again gave me hug. I had known that Jennifer used to do what I used to deny. Miss Christina caught us when she gave me hug.

‘What are you both doing?’ Miss Christina asked

We had nothing to say so we both kept silent.

‘Get out and you are not supposed to attend this class till next two days’ Miss Christina said in a cruelty way

We both came out from class. After coming out from the class, I had nothing to do.

‘It happened just because of you’ I said by pointing out my finger to her

‘I was just kidding’ she said normally

‘Are you out of your mind? Can’t you wait for right place and right time? ’ I asked emphatically

‘Nope’ she said and ignored me

‘You are a silly girl’ I said and sat down on the stairs.

‘I am better than you’ she said as she sat down beside me on the stairs

‘Why? What do you mean?’ I asked surprisingly

‘You don’t do what you really want. That’s it’ she said

I took a look at her and gazed down. Jennifer was eighty percent right what she told about me. I wanted to change the topic so I tried.

‘If we wouldn’t attend the class, we will be failed in our forthcoming examination’ I warned her

‘I don’t think so. I am a brilliant student and I can study without attending these fucking lectures’ she said

Again I wondered. What was the type of that girl? I thought. I had never seen girl like her. She didn’t know anything except my name but still her behavior was weird for me.

‘I don’t what should we do now? Do you have any idea?’ I said to Jennifer

‘Yes’ she said

‘What?’ I asked

‘Let’s go for beer’ she said and smiled

‘I don’t take bear and all that’ I said and kept quite

But she didn’t agree with me and tugged my hand for taking beer. I couldn’t dare to deny her. Bar was so fare way from our institute and we had spoiled out three hours to reach there. finally we reached to the bar for beer at 3:00 p.m. I was unaware with these types of places because I had never gone there before. I looked around and everything was so weired there. Most of the boys seemed from very rich family and they were with his girlfriends. Music was so disgusting there. I tried to find out the singer name of that song but I couldn’t. A girl who was dancing on the floor took a glance on me. She was looking very hot, her dressing style was superb. She signaled me to come beside her. I was so scared still I approached her.

‘Are you ready for tonight?’ she cuddled me and asked in my ear.

‘No, No, No, what are you doing? Just leave me’ I said and turned back

‘You aren’t ready now but you will definitely come here and sleep with me in future’ she said very loudly

I heard clearly what she said. I was very much clear with that I would never go to that bar again. I didn’t try to know her name. But I got an image of her face which had been stored in my mind at that moment. I stood up near the table and waiting for Jennifer. After a while, Jennifer came with a girl whose name was Alicia. Jennifer had told her about me already.

‘Hello Edward, my name is Alicia’ she said

‘Hello Alicia’ I said. She was drunk that’s why she was toddling. I helped her to be seated. Jennifer had two beers in her hands. She put beers on the table and offered me in a glass. Alicia swamped in licker and Alicia didn’t take beer and slept.

‘I’ll take only this glass’ I said to Jennifer

She didn’t care of my commitment and finished her glass in one long sip but I couldn’t. I finished my glass in many small sips. Half bottle was remained and I requested her to take herself.

‘We’ve spent four to five hours in bar so it’s time to leave’ I asserted

She didn’t answer me and kept silent. I smacked on my forehead because my father was waiting me. I stood up for going outside from this bar. She tugged my hand and stood up. After controlling herself, she came to me and put her lips near to my lips and looked at me in a romantic way. I thought we had a moment to kiss each other.

‘I wanted to kiss you but your nose doesn’t allow me’ she said and took a gap.

‘What? What do you mean?’ I asked surprisingly

‘Because you’ve got a very long nose’ she said and went ahead

‘One day, I will kiss you definitely instead of this lengthy nose’ I followed her and said

We stood up on the bus stand to catch our buses to go home.

‘Bye, sweetheart’ she said as she caught the bus.

My father was waiting me at home. When I reached home my father was lying in the bad. He had a pain in stomach. I give him some medicine prepared food.

‘Why were you late today?’ My father asked

I didn’t want to tell him truth that’s why I went to kitchen to bring out water bottle for him and tried to think for idea.

‘There were some important formalities in my institute which was needed for a fashion designer ‘out of guilt, I said

‘Did you drink something?’ my father asked after coming to me

He smelled the beer. I got afraid and gazed down. My face expressions had been told everything but I still tried to keep it secret, I couldn’t.

‘I’m asking something’ my father said with high volume

I nodded.

‘What did you take?’ he asked but this time his voice was showing some mildness.

‘I took beer with a friend’ I mumbled

‘Say loudly?’ he said

‘I took beer with my friend’ I said

‘Promise me, you won’t do this in future?’ he asked and kept looking at me

‘Sorry dad, I won’t do this again’ I vowed and scolded myself

‘Good, go and sleep’ he said

I went into my room for sleeping. I had forgotten for last six hours that I am studying to be a fashion designer. I forgot to buy some books of fashion designing.

‘This type of fun is not for me’ I said to myself and kept scolding myself

‘But this day wasn’t bad for me because a girl had tried to kiss me’ I talked to myself

After some time, I remembered my insult by Miss Christina and promised to myself not to get up late before I slept.

I got up early and it was lovely morning for me. My father had prepared breakfast for me. But I was unable to look at my father without guilty.

After taking bath, I wore my dress and sat on the chair for taking breakfast. When my father tried to look at me while taking tea I changed my glances because of my last night tangle.

‘Son, forget that what happened’ he said by keeping his right hand on my right soldier.

‘I’m sorry dad. I hurt you’ I sighed

‘Never mind son, okay go now’ he said with smugness

I was happy because my father had forgiven me. I went to the institute on right time and attended my lectures. Jennifer was absent on that day that’s why I attended my class without any problem. Jennifer had gone in my subconscious mind in this day. I bought my books from the market and tried to have interest in my studies.

I studied and gained knowledge about fashion designing as much as possible and I didn’t try to know about Jennifer from anyone till first two days after Sunday. Jennifer was absent from the last one week. Monthly examination date had been announced and I was worried about Jennifer. I tried to know her address and contact number from my batch mates but they didn’t have. I went to office of our director sir and told him everything about Jennifer.

‘Sir, I want address of Jennifer. Please help me’ I requested

I was missing her misbehavior in her absence and I was unaware what was happening with me. Maybe I was in love. Director Sir gave me permission for taking address and contact number of Jennifer. I didn’t take food properly from the last two days because of her.

When I knocked at the door, a lady, 35 above, opened the door. I felt that there is something wrong in that house because lady was having some glum expressions on her face.

‘This is Jennifer’s house?’ I asked

‘Yes, but she doesn’t want to meet anyone, go now’ she said in a rudely way

‘Aunty, I am Edward, we study in same batch’ I said calmly

As I told this, I heard the voice of someone from the room near the stairs who was Jennifer elder sister.

‘Who is there, mom?’ she asked to that lady

‘I don’t know. But he wants to meet Jennifer.’ As the lady said, a girl came out from that room and looked at me.

‘Are you Edward?’ She asked

‘Yes’ I said

‘Jennifer told me about you. And she said you will come’ Jennifer’s sister said

I wondered that how did she know that I will come.

‘How’s she? She is not attending classes’ I asked

‘She is not good. She is facing some health problems nowadays’ she said

‘Can I meet her?’ I requested

‘She doesn’t want to meet anyone but still I will try to manipulate her. Come inside and sit’ she said

I entered into her house and took a couch. Her mom brought water for me. I took water and put the glass on the table. I saw some photos of Jennifer with her mother and elder sister. I spent time by looking at these photos and ceiling fan. After ten minutes, Jennifer’s sister came to me.

‘Sorry but she is sleeping. When she will wake I will tell you’ she said and took a chair for sitting

‘Jennifer always applauses you and says that you are a nice guy’ she said for hiding her pain with smile

Her smile was mock. I felt that there was something very painful in this house. We had talked for ten minutes and that was all about me and Jennifer.

After ten minutes, Jennifer’s mom came to us from the room of Jennifer.

‘Jennifer has woken up. You can talk with her’ Jennifer’s mother told me and turned back to kitchen

When I went to her room, she was lying in the bed and having tears in her eyes. I sat down on the bed and crossed my legs.

‘How are you Jennifer?’ I captured her noise and said for making a fun with her

‘I am good’ she said and turned her face to left side for hiding her tears from me

There was some pain in her voice. I felt I am going to cry but I controlled myself.

‘You know what? Monthly examination date has been declared.’ I said

‘Oh, really?’ she said surprisingly

‘Two days are left. You are supposed to go for study’ I said

I didn’t ask about her problems related to health. It was too tough for me to show my glum expressions. But after a while, she wailed and I started crying after looking at her tearing eyes. I took my hanky for wiping her tears. I wiped her face and tried to soothe her.

‘Don’t worry Jennifer, I am with you and I will help you in studies’ I said by putting my hand on her hand

She lifted and cuddled me. She kissed me after glancing on me for a while. This moment gave me an energy which was enormous for me. She closed her eyes and sighed .I took out books from my bag by ignoring that lovely moment of my life. She was looking quite comfortable now after taking medicine. I seemed that Jennifer was burying something from me. Her behavior was something different.

‘Shut the door, Edward’ she said

‘Why? We are just studying here. Is it necessary? I said

‘Nope, but I always do studies in a closed room’ She said

I closed the door. I opened the first page of the book where an introduction about that book was mentioned. I kept opening that page and remembered that kiss which we did.

‘It is necessary to read the introduction about this book?’ she said and giggled

‘No No’ I said and smiled

I opened the next page where book had a definition of fashion designing.

‘Do you know the appropriate definition of fashion designing?’ I said

‘I don’t know’ she said

‘You should write that definition in answer sheet which you told on first day of our batch to Miss Christina. You will get five out of five marks’ I said for making a fun

‘Yeah definitely, I will write this in answer sheet’ she said and laughed

She was looking beautiful while laughing despite of having dark circles around her eyes. I squatted on the bed to make myself comfortable. She put her head on my left thigh and tried to read the book without keeping in her hand. I told her the definition of fashion designing. We had studied from the last four hours.

‘This is enough for today. I don’t want to do study more. Now you can go’ she said in roughly way

She made me wonder because I didn’t expect her to behave like this. But this was truth. I had nothing to say after this misbehavior. I went out from her room to depart from her house. This was wailing for me. Jennifer sister and her mom were sitting outside but they didn’t notice me when I left her house.

‘Why did I come to her house?’ I scolded myself because may be this was my wrong decision.

‘Why am I worried about her problems? I shouldn’t care of her. I don’t have any relation with her. I won’t go tomorrow’ I vowed

I reached to my home at night because her house was too far away from mine. I was unable to study that night because of that insult.

‘She doesn’t have emotions or feelings for me. Why does she behave like this after the completion of her work? , Nobody cannot understand her.’ I exclaimed to myself

I couldn’t sleep properly at that night and study for myself. I got up at 5:00 am in the morning.

‘Why is she doing like a clumsy girl?’ I kept looking at the fan and mumbled

I wanted to ignore that painful event that’s why I took bath and after that, I prepared breakfast for my father and myself. I adorned the table by a kettle of tea, a cup and some sandwiches. My father took bath and went to the kitchen for preparing breakfast.

‘Breakfast is ready dad’ I said and smiled by pointing out towards the table

My father beamed to me and took a look at the table. I was happy because there were some lovely smiles on my father’s face. My father sat on the chair and wiped his hands by hanky. I served a cup of tea and two sandwiches to my father.

‘Have you taken breakfast?’ My father asked as he twiddled the handle of cup

I nodded. ‘Should I go to her Jennifer’s house? if I’ll not help her ,he would not be passed’ I thought while gazing down .

‘What is wrong with you? Edward’ My father asked

‘Nothing dad, take one more sandwich’ I said and ignored as I touched the sandwich

‘Are you sure?’ My father asked

‘Yes dad, I am happy’ I said

My father stood up and put his hand on my soldier as he departed from home for office. I kept thinking about Jennifer as I went into my room for studying. I was alone in my home that day and I had nothing to do apart from studies.

‘Let her go to hell, Edward. Just concentrate on your studies. It’s your life’ I said to myself

I had studied for the last five hours. After a while, I appreciated the favorite songs and enjoyed my time by dancing and singing in loud volume in my closed room. For a while, I had forgotten Jennifer and done which was giving me good feelings. But it wasn’t that much easy to forget Jennifer as I was thinking. I didn’t know the actual meaning of love but there was something fishy in my life which wasn’t in my hand. I had taken all the details including contact number of Jennifer from the institute. I was itching to call her at once. I called her at 5:00 pm in the evening before my father came.

‘Hello’ Jennifer said

‘Hello Jennifer, I am Edward’ I said as I expected her that she would identify me by my voice

‘Who is Edward? I don’t know you’ she said roughly

‘Edward your batch mate’ I said as I slid my books aside from my hand

‘When did you find my contact number from?’ she screamed

‘I got your all information from our institute because you were absent from the last eight days. I was worried about you that’s why I did’ I convinced her

‘Okay, can you come to me? I need your company’ she said

‘I don’t want to come there to get insulted. Your behavior irritates me always. You are so rude. You don’t have manners and you don’t know that how to talk’ I said as much as I could

She kept quiet for five minutes. I didn’t say anything after that.

‘Do you want me to change my behavior?’ she said

‘Yes, of course’ I said

‘I always consider you as my best friend. I seem that you’ve got some misunderstandings’ she said calmly

I wondered because we had kissed in just friendship. I kept silent for a while.

‘Say something, Edward. Do you want some changes in my behavior?’ she said

‘Yes’ I said again

‘I’ll try. Bye’ she said as she ended the call

I had discussed everything which was in my mind. I didn’t scold myself after talking to her in my style.

One day was left for taking exams. I was prepared for my exams because I had completed my whole syllabus which was about to come in exam. I imagined that I would get the first position in my batch. I was happy because I had something which was useful for my carrier. I worked hard as much as I could.

On my exam day, I got up early and prayed Jesus as every student does during examinations.

‘Good luck son’ my father said and smiled

‘Thanks dad’ I said as I went outside from my home

I reached to institute very early. I looked around to find Jennifer but she had not come till then. I found my roll number and that of Jennifer in white board where sitting arrangement was mentioned. We were in different rooms. I went my room and sat on my allotted seat. Everyone was waiting for exam. At the right time of exam, a madam entered into the exam room. She was looking very strict. Anybody wouldn’t dare to cheat because of her strict personality. I thought

She kept silent for first fifteen minutes. She wandered in the whole room. I kept writing and had attempted my seventy percent paper in just first thirty minutes. She stood up near to my seat. She was looking at my answer sheet suspiciously.

‘Are you cheating?’ madam asked in high volume

‘No madam’ I said as I was afraid

‘Your writing is much cleaned’ she applauded me

‘Thank you madam’ I said in very low volume as I was near to her lips

I didn’t know why did she do like this. But by the grace of god, she went away from me. I guessed that this was the warning to others through me. I had known that females are not easy to understand are out of minds.

After taking exam, I went outside from the room very quickly to meet Jennifer but she had gone without talking to me. I went back to my home with the some glum expressions.

‘How was your first exam, son?’ my father asked as I entered into home

‘Exam was good, dad’ I said

‘But your face expressions are not like that’ my father said

‘No dad, everything is great. I will show you in my result’ I said reluctantly

I got tired that’s why I went to my room for rest after taking a glass of water from the kitchen.

I had taken all exams but I didn’t meet her during these exams. She always went back to house from the institute before I met. Result date had been announced that’s why I was worried about her result whether she would be passed or not. I was too confident for myself that I will be passed with the good marks. Result had been declared, I got good marks as I expected for myself but Jennifer got average marks. Every batch mate congratulated me for my good result. Every teacher applauded me. I earned the identification among the batch and institute.

‘Congratulation Edward’ Jennifer came to me and said

‘Thanks Jennifer’ I smiled

‘I will never hurt you’ she said

‘Really?’ I said surprisingly

‘Yes’ she said

‘Would you like to take a cup of coffee with me?’ Jennifer said

‘Yes, Why not’ I said

I had forgotten the past bad events which I spent with the Jennifer. I took Jennifer to the coffee shop for cup of coffee. I selected the corner table and chair group for sitting. We sat on the chair and ordered for two cup of coffee. I was happy because Jennifer had changed for me but I had a doubt in my mind about our relationship. I want Jennifer as my girlfriend. Waiter put down two cup of coffee on the table. I took a gulp of coffee and put the cup o table but Jennifer was looking upset.

‘Do you have any problem?’ I said

‘No, No at all’ she said

‘I think, you are upset because of your marks’ I said and looked at her eyes

She nodded.

‘Don’t worry .these marks doesn’t have so much importance in final exams’ I said by putting my hands on her hands

‘Now finish your coffee, we will go to your favorite bar and take beer’ I said to make her happy

‘Yes, let’s have fun’ she said in high volume as everybody took glances on us

I stood up on the chair and screamed. She was looking happy now. She caught my hand and took me from the coffee shop. We went inside the bar and took two beers. I didn’t know about dance but still Jennifer and I went on floor for dancing. Jennifer was good dancer then me so she was looking so beautiful while dancing. I tried to correct my dance steps but I couldn’t .I didn’t care about that because something which was going on in my mind was not less than the enjoyment of dance. I wanted to take Jennifer to church that’s why I stopped to dance.

‘Come Jennifer. We have spent more time in bar so it’s time to go’ I said in high volume in her left ear

‘Please stay for one hour more’ she said loudly as I heard

‘No, there is a surprise for you’ I said and beamed

‘Okay’ she said and stopped to dance

We came outside from the bar.

‘Surprise?’ she asked

‘I want to take you in church’ I said

‘Why?’ she asked

‘I will tell you in the church’ I said

‘Okay’ she said

Jennifer and I reached to the church. Jennifer was surprised with my decision. We stood up in front of Jesus and closed our eyes for pray.

‘Jesus, you are the almighty of ours and you know very well which is going on between me and Jennifer but I don’t know if Jennifer loves me. Please help me what should I do’ I said after closing my eyes

‘Edward you will have to ask her because love is easy to say but hard to obey’ Jesus said

We opened eyes and beamed to each other.

‘I want to say you something Jennifer’ I said as my legs was wobbling

‘Yes, say’ Jennifer said calmly

I was trying to say her three words but my tongue didn’t allow me. Jennifer was looking at me as she was expecting those three words from me but ‘I love you’ had been changed into ‘I like your friendship’ in my mind. I didn’t say anything and ran towards the main gate of church. Jennifer was aware with my feelings and emotions.

We started to attend our classes again after monthly exams. We used to study together and take lunch together. We were happy with this friendship. We had completed our course and we had got time to go for the job. Jennifer gained good marks in final exams.

Everything was good between us but I didn’t purpose her till now. I was worried about this because I wanted Jennifer as my life partner. This was the last day when we met each other in the institute. We both were having glum expressions on our face because of last day. Jennifer came to me to say something.

‘How are you Edward?’ she asked

‘I am fine and what about you’ I said

‘Edward, we would never meet again’ Jennifer said as her eyes was full of tears

‘But why?’ I asked

‘I don’t know’ she cried

‘Jennifer, I love you’ I said with rigors because this was the last day when I could talk with her

‘I know you love me because of this I wanted to go away from you’ Jennifer said

‘I am patient of cancer and I don’t want to spoil your whole life’ she spoke in high volume

I felt as I died.

‘Cancer can be cured’ I said

‘Yes but I am not sure if I will be well’ she said and turned back

She went away from me but I kept standing up. I went to my home after taking my documents from the institute. I had nothing to think and nothing to say at that time. I went to my room and kept crying after lying down in the bed. My first love had gone away from me. i tried to call her but she didn’t receive my call.

‘What’s wrong with you son?’ my father asked

‘Dad, I am fired now’ I sighed

‘What happened?’ my father asked

‘Jennifer have got cancer’ I said

‘Jennifer?’ my father asked

‘I love her, dad’ I said as I cuddled with my father

‘Oh it’s very painful’ my father said

‘She love me but she doesn’t want to be with me’ I said as I wiped tears with my hands

‘I think she is right, Edward. Why would she like to spoil your life?’ my father said

‘But, dad’ I said

‘Son, forget her. If she is in your destiny then she will definitely come to you’ my father said calmly

At that time, I didn’t understand what my father told to me. I didn’t go outside to find any job because of her. I had spent fifteen days at home without searching any job. I felt as I got mad. I wanted to forget her but I had no way to forget her. One day I decided to meet girl who wanted to spend one night with me. I went to bar at 7:00 pm in night. She was dancing on the floor and staring at me. I had never looked at her with the wrong intention but I insisted me on staring at her like that. I took a look at her from her foot to head as I took a gulp of licker. I went to her and caught her hands.

‘I want to spend one night with you’ I said

‘I told you that you will definitely come to me’ she said and blew a kiss

‘What is your charge for one night?’ I asked

‘There is no charge for you honey’ she said and smiled

‘Why?’ I asked as I wondered

‘You are not here only for sex, you want to forget someone, Am I right?’ she said

I nodded.

‘You are a nice guy and you are not lecherous’ she said

‘I have seen you two times here but you never took licker or anything’ she said

I nodded.

She caught my hand and took me at the room upstairs. There was a tiny bulb which was blinking. There was a bed like a couch. She sat on the bed and signaled me by her finger. I was feeling nervous as she was taking off her clothes step by step.

‘Come to me honey’ she said and smiled

I kept standing up and kept looking at her body. She was looking hot without clothes. I came to her on the bed. She sighed as I touched her lips and her neck. I had spent whole night with her and I felt as I forgot Jennifer.

[* ACT 2 -JOB TIME *]

After that night, I had changed the ways of my life where I would never meet Jennifer again. I had got a job in New York as I wanted. I started my job with the least salary package and with the small company but after two months I had got better positions in my company. My father insisted on me to get married but I didn’t want to marry till next two years that’s why I denied for marriage. One day, I was going to represent my designs in front of the most senior employs of the most popular company in New York.

‘This presentation is very important for us’ General Manager of my company said to me

‘Don’t worry sir, I will handle it, I will give you good news after this presentation’ I convinced him

‘Everything depends upon you Edward, Good luck’ G.M said

I was ready for my presentation but we were waiting for the C.E.O of the company. Everything was ready for presentation. There were twenty two people except the C.E.O sitting in front of me and staring me as I am criminal. I was standing ten yards away from their lengthy table. They had a water bottle put on the table near their left hands. Everyone was looking like a veteran because they were spectacled and having Reynolds’s pen.

‘What percentage did you get in your education of fashion designing?’ A person sitting on the left most side of table asked

I didn’t want to give answer of any question related to my qualification but contract of that company was important for us so I had to give answer.

‘Sir, I’ve got eighty percent in my diploma’ I replied courteously

‘Are you satisfied with these marks?’ he asked

‘Yes sir’ I said with a tiny smile

‘Okay, Are you confident with your designs?’ he asked

‘Yes sir, I am too confident’ I said

‘Confident or over confident?’ he asked roughly

‘Confident’ I said hesitantly

I was surprised when I saw the C.E.O of that company because C.EO was Jennifer. She reacted as she didn’t know me. She slid the chair and took some water. I was happy as well as nervous because of the presence of Jennifer. She had achieved designation as C.E.O in her company. She was superior to me.

‘Who is presenter?’ she exclaimed

‘Madam, I am presenter’ I said courteously

‘Start now’ she ordered me by pointing on the screen

‘Good morning everyone, I am here to present my designs in front of you’ I said

‘Skip these fucking lines, show us your designs’ she said as I was about to tell my name

I nodded.

I started my presentation with the best designs. Everybody had listened carefully about my designs.

‘This was about my designs’ I said as I signaled for water to the peon

‘What is different in your designs?’ Jennifer asked

I had nothing to say so I kept silent.

‘I have seen your designs but I am not sure if our company will earn profit with these backward designs. It is totally money-wasted project.’ She said

‘Madam these designs are appropriate if you are considering the cost. We can manufacture the clothes at the lower cost with these designs.’ I convinced

She discussed with her managers for a while. I was praying to god for getting this contract in my mind.

‘We will give one chance to your company’ she said

‘Thank you madam’ I said courteously

Everybody had gone after this presentation apart from the employs of our company and everybody was happy with my presentation.

‘Well done Edward’ G.M said and smiled

‘Thank you sir’ I said

Jennifer made me wonder. I couldn’t decide what to do because Jennifer was looking cancer free but she had also been a C.E.O of the company and I was just a junior manager in my company. It wasn’t easy for me to purpose her for marry at that time. I thought why she would like to marry with me. There is big difference between our designations in company. I felt that it is impossible now to get marry with her so I decided to forget Jennifer forever.

Jennifer’s company had given the contract to our company that’s why I was attached to her through the work of my company.

One day, I got a call from her company which was about my visit to her company. I wondered because I had got a call from the Jennifer. I decided to go to her company.

‘Hello madam’ I said to receptionist

‘Hello sir, how can I help you?’ Receptionist said to me

‘I am Edward called by Miss. Jennifer’ I said

‘Okay sir, just wait, I will try to get appointment from Miss. Jennifer for you’ she said and smiled

‘Thank you madam’ I said

I sat on the sofa and waited for my appointment.

‘Excuse me sir’ receptionist said to me

‘Yes madam’ I came to her and said

‘Actually, Madam is busy in a meeting, you will have to wait for half hours more’ she said

‘Ok madam, I’ll wait’ I said

I was excited because I wanted to meet Jennifer very badly but I was unaware whether she would talk to me as a C.E.O or as my friend. I waited for half hours as receptionist told me.

‘Excuse me sir’ receptionist called me

‘Yes madam’ I said

‘Sir you can go now’ receptionist said to me

‘Where to go’ I asked

‘Sir turns to left side.’ She told me by pointing with the finger

‘May I come in madam?’ I asked courteously

‘Yes come in’ Jennifer said

‘What is your name?’ she asked as she tried to remember my name

‘Madam my name is Edward’ I answered

‘Oh yes, sorry, it slipped from my mind’ she said

‘Please be seated’ she said to me

‘Thank you madam’ I said as I sat on the chair

‘Edward, I know you are surprised how I am here?’ she said

‘Yes madam’ I said

She shrugged.

‘Can I call you by your name?’ I requested

‘Yes, of course’ she replied without hesitation

‘Jennifer, have you got married?’ I asked

‘Not yet’ she replied

‘Have you forgotten our relationship?’ I asked

‘No Edward, I would never forget those happiest moments of my life’ he said and sighed

‘Will you marry me?’ An employ came in as I asked

‘Madam I want your signature in this file’ employ said to Jennifer

‘I am busy now, I will sign later. Put the file on the my table’ Jennifer said to that employ

Employ put the file and went outside from the office.

‘What were you saying? ‘She asked

‘I was asking about our marriage’ I said

She kept silent.

‘Do you agree with this?’ I asked to Jennifer

‘Edward, it is impossible at this time’ Jennifer replied

‘I was waiting for you, Jennifer. You don’t love me?’ I asked

‘I love you Edward but you don’t know time is changed now’ she replied

‘What will I have to do to marry with you?’ I asked

‘It’s not easy but if you want to marry with me then you will have to get good designation in any company. We both must be at the same position Edward otherwise employ of my company would be laughing at me. You can understand what I am saying’ she said and took a glance on my tie knot.

I nodded.

‘I am giving you three months’ she said as she gave me her contact number

‘I can understand Jennifer. We will meet after three months’ I said

‘May I go now madam?’ I asked looking at the right side

She nodded.

I came out from her office and reached to my company. I was depressed because designation had come between us. I had known that love doesn’t exist without success. I worked hard for getting good designation in my company. These three months were very important for me but it was not easy to get designation like Jennifer. I never give up in my life whenever I considered my carrier. I got senior manager post in my company after working hard but I didn’t think that it was enough to get marry with Jennifer. After meeting with Jennifer again, it insisted me on believing destiny.

I called Jennifer on phone and said her to meet in park in evening. I was very nervous because that day was going to decide the ending of my love story. I kept sitting alone when she came to me. Weather was allowing me to have some good feelings so I was smiling without any realistic good news. She sat near to me and put her soft hand on my soldier. I took a glance on Jennifer’s eyes. She didn’t say anything.

‘Jennifer, I’ve got the better position in my company’ I knelled down and said

‘That’s great, Edward’ she said and smiled

I nodded. She was waiting me to purpose her for marriage. I felt her heart beats in my heart.

‘Will you marry me?’ I asked

She nodded.

I was happy because she had accepted my proposal but I wanted her to say me clearly.

‘Tell me clearly, Jennifer’ I asked again

‘I will marry you’ she said and smiled

I felt as I flew in the sky for saying thank to god. I cuddled with Jennifer and kissed her on forehead. We both wanted to celebrate that moment so we went to that bar again where i had taken beer first time with Jennifer. We enjoyed.

My father met with her family and decided the marriage date. At marriage day, we both reached to church along with our families. Our family members sat on the chairs and we both was standing up in front of each other. Priest was between us and reading some beautiful lines in high volume after that he spoke some line with the addition of our names.

‘Jennifer, do you want Edward as your husband?’ priest asked as Jennifer was looking at me

‘I do’ Jennifer answered

After that we kissed for a while and finally we got married.

We enjoyed our first night which was awesome for both of us. I had achieved what I wanted to achieve in my life. I had got good job as well as beautiful wife. We again started to join our company.



After two year later,

Jennifer didn’t want to get pregnant till two year so she got pregnant after two years. A sweet daughter came to our life.

‘Have you decided the name, Jennifer?’ My father asked to Jennifer

‘Nope, dad’ Jennifer replied

‘I’ve got the name’ I exclaimed and put my right hand in the air as I was in the class room

Everybody started laughing at me but I didn’t care because an angel had come in my family.

‘Keep it properly’ Jennifer said as I lifted my sweet baby on my hands

‘Alina is a nice name’ I said

‘I accept this name. Edward’ Jennifer said and smiled

‘We all accept this name, Edward’ everybody said in high volume including the nurses

So this was my twisty love which I won’t forget in my life.




Love with a crazy girl

Sometimes we don’t have any explanations about our this wonderful life, just not because of that life is not easy to understand but yes ,we all have some tales of our life which are not easy to forget.Tales of our life are very funny because we never know what is going to happen in our life .I am here to tell you about a boy’s life who had a girlfriend or just friend who is very crazy for making a love. This boy is from New York who comes out for a visit to India. This boy is a fashion designer in his country whose name is Edward and his girlfriend name is Jennifer.

  • Author: anmol tyagi
  • Published: 2016-06-29 09:05:21
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Love with a crazy girl Love with a crazy girl