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Love, Lost, Torn: Prose from a meloncholy heart



This book is copyright © 2015 by J.D. Johnson

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Table of Contents


Copyright 1

Dedication 4

A Leopard’s Spots 5

Tart 6

Bleed This Rose 7

Fallen 9

Bittersweet Memory 10

The Devil’s Rose 11

Oh Bloody Rose 12

Silver Light 13

Leave Me Not 14

If Angels Cry 15

Lynn 16

The Amethyst Rose 17

Tina 18

A Rose Most Tender 19

Liebaber 20

Hell Kitty 21

Terah 22

Lover’s Red 23

Love, Lost, Torn 24

Tortured Screams 25

Soul 27

Sorrow’s Black Light 28

Glitter Light 30

Love’s Way 31

Twisted 32

Weary of Life 33

Deep Port 34

Sleeping Djinns 35

Ghost 36

Hard Won 37

Cling 38

Immortal Rain 39

Seven Stars of Elven Old 40

Phantom Twilight 41

The Land of Shadows 43

The Dryad’s Dark Magic 44

Transition’s Garden 46

Snapshots through Time 47

Author’s Note 48





For Heather,

Who always stuck by me and encouraged all of my ideas, both good and bad. You shall forever be my Lovers Red.


[]A Leopard’s Spots


I walk and yet I see no dawn for me,

How I doth bleed into this bow before me.

Like all men and women I bleed, red as roses,

Red the color of love, red as spilled blood.


Softly I sigh into the forlorn wind,

Memories carried away on a tear stained breeze.

Softly whispering stories of a past love,

Left bleeding into this cold all about me.


A leopard may change its spots tis true,

But a leopard it still shall be.

Singing song of the future to me,

Yet I see none, for the past blinds me.


I saw her face one night in the sky above,

The river telling me the mistakes I made.

She lays there around me I know,

Yet I can never see her.


Drift for me pale memories of bittersweet past,

Sail me down the river of pain I know all too well.

Walk with me on my path down to the grave,

I seek to sleep forever more.


Blindly seeking something I shall never have,

Yet onward I feebly struggle forth.

Love is that ring I seek so hard,

But alas it is the one thing forever denied.


When my bones have become dust in the Earth,

None shall remember my passing or life.

Yet this is not what I fear most of all,

Nay! It tis the knowing that I shall die alone.




Little tart, little tart,

Where is your heart?

I know where mine is,

It lays torn and bleeding in your hand.


Dripping blood and gore,

As you said you love me never more.

Swiftly you rip it from my chest,

My love shattered in an uncaring rest.


Love has left mine two eyes,

You care not one little bit.

For many come to your door,

If only to kiss you, forever more.


[]Bleed This Rose


Bleed this rose of its color,

Bleed this soul of its love.

Bleed this life of all its wonder,

Bleed my heart of all its thunder.


Tender death upon your lips,

Such softly spoken lies.

My heart lies asunder,

By your cold and cruel blunder.


Painted black from red,

My love lies cold and dead.

Never more of this I said,

Dark thoughts spiraling about my head.


Sad tune plays in the night,

Never more my heart has any right.

Lay me down with not a fight,

No longer has my word held might.


Bleed this rose of its color,

Bleed this soul of its love.

Bleed this life of all its wonder,

Bleed my heart of all its thunder.


Soft black petals falling,

Shadows of night calling.

Hot tears from my eyes falling,

Night mists, they are calling.


Your lies I took as truth,

My love for you was true.

Yet shatter me you did,

Into false love my soul did fall.


Why did you call me your love?

When another’s arms you found.

So sweet your lips did sound,

Like the soft cooing of a dove.


Bleed this rose of its color,

Bleed this soul of its love.

Bleed this life of all its wonder,

Bleed my heart of all its thunder.




Softly spoken lies wrapped in truth,

Mingled into one and the other.

Faded black a tender love,

Faded black on lips soft and true.


Someday I’ll be well again,

When death is knocking on my door.

A grave to molder, age and lay in,

Bleeding tears into the sand.


Oh weeping arms to hold me tight,

Beating heart silenced into my light.

Night of fright and terror true,

Weeping angels of velvet blue.


Sing to me of love gone to die,

Pray to me this poem to cry.

Weeping wonders in the garden bright,

My sickly love dies tonight.


In sorrow I beg forgive `Oer me,

But why do that when I pain thee,

Sad and lonely I walk the mile,

Turning time back without a smile.


Time you foul hag of a memory,

Love you twisted daughter of hate,

Sick let me be and alone once again,

Water the roses of my deathbed.


Sister I love thee like blood of my name,

Brother I need thee like air to lungs,

Lover you love but love not me,

I wound and stab and drive thee from me.


Twisted shattered broken me,

Thrust into a world I’d rather not see,

Limping sad and fallen to my knees,

Drowning on the filth I am to be.


[]Bittersweet Memory


In darkness lingers the flaming fire,

Send to me my sweet desire.

Mortal coil upon my funeral pyre,

Soft words spoken proven to be a liar.


Bittersweet songs twitter in my mind,

Like drifting leaves upon the wind sight blind.

Phantom dreams to me do come in the night,

Like demon’s laughing in sadistic delight.


Spurned in love like all the times before,

Leaving my heart screaming in lost love as before.

Pained in suffering as time passes me by,

To all that came before they told me a lie.


Sad eyes that see beyond time’s veil of the world,

Into creation I can see this false love’s bond.

Love is not to be,

Love is not for me,

Alone with only my bittersweet memory.


[]The Devil’s Rose


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Love, Lost, Torn: Prose from a meloncholy heart

This chapbook of poetry contains 38 original poems written by the author as he struggled with depression, starting in his teenage years and moving into his twenties. The chapbook's poems are organized to represent the author's transitions through depression, love, and acceptance of his melancholy feelings. In addition 25% of the royalties will be donated to the charity "To Write Love On Her Arms", an organization that assists individuals dealing with depression and anxiety.

  • ISBN: 9781370673087
  • Author: J.D. Johnson
  • Published: 2016-08-20 06:05:15
  • Words: 6285
Love, Lost, Torn: Prose from a meloncholy heart Love, Lost, Torn: Prose from a meloncholy heart