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Love Formula



E.E. Evans
Shakespir Edition
Copyright 2017 E.E. Evans

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“Love is a formula, you either have it or you don’t.” That was what my best friend said to me the first time he had a broken heart. I, I was just unlucky in the love area. Cupid or whatever thing was in charge of love just jump right in front of me and the next person sitting beside me was the one lucky enough to fall by that road. My best friend had his first real heart broken when we were 21. He’s was kind of a player and I was just his backstage friend, I was okay with that I didn’t and still don’t like the attention.We were sitting on his house back porch on some old swing his dad built some time ago. It was our special place. We sat there for hours just talking and sometimes just sitting there one beside the other.“This thing called love is a formula, you need to have the right elements or you just will end up alone, I need to get it right this time or else I won’t survive. How can someone hurt you so much that your heart physically hurts so much? I am so going to get it right, this time, around.” You sold almost hear his pain in his voice, that girl really did a number on him. They were dating for 9 months and he found her kissing a guy in their own apartment and that same night he pack his things and move out to his dad home, which leads us to be sitting here at midnight and drinking hot cocoa. I was in my pajamas and he still had his business suit.

He wasn’t all muscle and hard but still he was good looking, the girl could easily fall for his big brown eyes, his jet black hair tousled by the wind, every now and then he would rake his hand to try and tame it. And his mouth just perfect symmetry, Yeah I was in love with him, everybody saw us like the real best friend but only My dad knew I was in love with him, but how could I not be; He was my own personal formula for love. “I don’t think you should try again that formula you have for love, Rhys. I think you should get some time and just be alone for some time and just forget about love for a while. Maybe if you stop thinking about it, then it may happen and with the right one.” “I don’t think not thinking about will help Danni. But then again maybe some time here will help. ”  We kept silent for some time I check my phone and it was 1:30 am, I looked at him and he was fast asleep in a very awkward position. I took his hand and he like a zombie walk inside, I took his jacket and his shoes off and laid him on his bed and got up to go home.

Suddenly a hand grabs my wrist and it was him. “Stay with me tonight Danni, please, you are my best friend and I love you, just don’t leave me tonight.” When he said those three words I was stand he never said it to me ever I was just his best friend and nothing more, sure we did still slept on the same bed since ever but he never said something like that. I felt him tug me to the bed and I just ignored the words and crawl in with him. It physically hurt to sleep in the same bed, touch him and not telling him I was hurting because I was in love with him, still I just went by life keeping it all bottled up and just avoiding looking him right in his eye so he wouldn’t see how much he meant to me.

A week pass by and he was better like he said, his heart was fixed up and he was back on the road to fix up his love formula. I was keeping my distance, this time, around it was so hard to keep it a secret that I fell for him, he would call me to something and I was always busy. I tried to avoid him the best I could with him still living next door.

I was one day lying on the bed crying because he had called me and said he was moving again to the town, he found a nice apartment and he was willing to try and experiment on love again. This time, it hurt me so much that I could not see him walk away one more time and leave to go in search of another girl. I was crying him one last time and then I was going to forget about him for good. I was experimenting a broken heart myself and it was the last time.I was sure this thing in love was the last time I could ever hear it and would ever bring me to tears. I was waking up tomorrow and this was going to be another chapter of a book. Finally my phone stop and it was just me and my tears. I was all alone once again and loveless. Dad was out of the house and I was all curled up on the sofa the clock said it was 9:00 pm a whole day wasted on Rhys.

I woke up and I was on my bed, I don’t even remember coming to bed. I think crazy is the new me. I curled up on the bed when suddenly a door was opened I turn around and there he was, Rhys. “What are you doing here?” I sat up on my bed still wearing my pajamas when he started walking to bed, he sat next to me and I turn my head to the window, he couldn’t see I was crying or even feeling sorry for myself, he was back and I was not over him. “How long Danni?” “How long what, Rhys?” I said back to him barely out loud. I was trying to keep from crying, he was just here but he was not mine. When he move his hand, my notebook was in his hand and in bold letters was written my formula for him. “How long I been your formula…” I closed my eyes and one tear slip away and when I try to wipe it away he beat me to it. He wiped away and I just keep my eyes closed. How can I tell him I love him and that he just doesn’t see me that way? How can you tell your best friend of your whole life you are in love with him and he doesn’t love you back? I just took his hand that was still holding my cheek and lower it down. I turn my head again to the window, got up and went to the same window.“I’m sorry, Rhys. I know you don’t feel the same about me and that is fine with me, I will just get over it, how I don’t know, I just don’t want you to feel sorry for me you are my best friend and that’s more important.” I dried once again the tears and just stood there , I heard him stood up and when I thought he was leaving he went to my side and gave me a paper, it was really old overused and in black letters was written his formula for me. I look up to find he was smiling at me and in his eyes for the first time in a love time, I saw love, passion and at the same time realization of what was happening.

“I was here last night trying to talk to you, and when I walk in you were on the sofa and you had your face flushed and had dry tears in your cheeks, I was getting you to bed when your notebook fell from your hand I ignored it and tuck you in bed and when I got to the sofa to get it, it was on that page, I was stunt I was happy and I was angry too, Danni, you have been always my formula, yet you never said anything or even did something that would give me a hint that you felt something for me.  And then when I get back last week you just keep quiet and just told me to wait. That night when you took me to bed because you though I was really broken-hear ted I panic and thought you were leaving forever and I said it…
“I love you…”

I repeated the words he said that night. “I love you, Danni I never been so sure of anything in my life.” I couldn’t believe it he was really saying it. I took his face in my hand and this time, I said it with so much feeling.

“I love you, Rhys!’ He broke out smiling and right there in that moment he kisses me, never have I thought something so simple would have such an effect on me. He was just pouring his love in that moment in that kiss and I was getting drunk on it, I was him drunk on my love. He finally had his love formula finish, the facts were by our side and the end results were our love.

Love Formula

Do you have the recipe for love, or maybe a formula? Find out how can a simple equation can lead you to a happy ever after or a hopeless affair.

  • ISBN: 9781370442416
  • Author: E.E. Evans
  • Published: 2017-06-13 10:27:35
  • Words: 1647
Love Formula Love Formula