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Lost End


David remembered when he worked security at the quarantine center he remembered when he used to pick off infected he remembers making a target and shooting at them killing people with the virus no one saw it as killing they were dead after all some even begged to be shot he can’t get any of it out of his head he know that this will be with him forever not the killing but the virus he knows that this won’t work you don’t need a doctor to tell you that the people are dead but the virus is not. He looked to his little brother and thought poor kid he’s been to hell and back they both were from new Mexico and ended up in a red cross refugee center in central park with about 100 other survivors and they had been traveling all day and have now landed in London. As logan woke up when the plane landed. the pilot had made an announcement “ please do not get up you will be given a number for processing and then you may get off the plane thank you and enjoy your stay.”


I looked at David and i was given my ticket he grabbed my hand and lead me to the front we skipped the line and went to get processed. blood test virus test eye test blood pressure test everything was normal all i had was mild anemia. i looked at David as he got his blood taken he’s been through so much we got separated and we met up in New York i swear i thought in new Mexico that was the last time i was going to see him. we walked to the train and got on with the rest of the refugees. “ welcome to district zero your new home welcome’s you. the untied states army is in charge of your safety the isle of dogs is completely safe the rest of London is not yet it is forbidden to go out of the safety zone and unneeded you have over 20 shops and even a bar. we have 24 hour hot water and power and internet. so please enjoy your stay.”

“ i wish they’d stop saying that.” i said

“saying what.” david said.

“enjoy your stay.” i said.

I looked outside at the army burning body bags. I can help wondering did they have time to say there goodbyes did they have anytime before they died. If infection was still alive a community of 1500 will be nothing in hours . It took only 12 hours for new york to be infected by the time they even thought of quarantine it was to late thats how it spread to other countries and in our own. i remember over hearing a conversations my parents had about the trip to new york. Mom and dad were both virologist i can remember the conversation mom had with her boss.

no sam i don’t think my email was emotional we both no what’s about to happen so don’t expect me to be fucking calm and i have to leave my children here.” she had said. New York she was so nervous t go on that trip i was alone david was gone my parents were gone and they ended up withe the virulent strain that killed you in hours not days. That’s what i saw in the body bags a family dyeing together how awful it must have been to see your loved one die and knowing you are to follow. but what’s meant to happen is going to happen. like david said we all take everything one day at a time. the train had stopped at a train station and we got off me and david left the train and looked at the flyers that said welcome home. we walked through people. “david look people.” i said.

“yes logan people.” he said

As we walked i saw everything i had in my old life but was not thankful for. “ ok we are here this is our new home.” he said.

We walked into the a building and waited for the elevator ok floor 25 the top i heard thats the pent house. we smiled at each other. as we got to the floor

“no way we got the penthouse.’’ he said

I walked into the bed room and see a welcome packet on both beds.

welcome to district zero if you have any symptoms of the common cold or the flu please report them as soon as possible.”

I saw David plug in his phone. i saw mine i haven’t seen mine in a year. i forgot about our back packs. i looked through mine and i saw a picture of me David and amber. David i am sorry about amber.” i said handing him the photo.

“this is the only photo i have seen of amber in a year. can i have it.” he asked.

“sure keep it.” i said.

My computer and my iPod and my iPad i plunged them in and let them charge. I walked into the kitchen. “david look at this welcome package.” i said as i opened it.

“oh my god chocolate look david chocolate.” i said as i opened the chocolate bar.

“look at the bathroom.” he said.

“anything beets the chemical toilets and the hand sanitizer.” i said.

“hey now that we are in the Uk should we start talking with accents.” david said.

“Please don’t. hey i wonder if Paul is here.” i said.

“that creepy guy that tried to kill him self and is all depressed no you can do so much better logan.” david said.

“ya but he was nice to me.’’ i said

“you will find a new boyfriend hey you always wanted one with an accent so nows your chance.” david said.

“what are theses cards bank cards.” i asked.

“yes we have an unlimited balance because i am in the army.” he said.

“where are you going.” i asked.

“i first patrol look at that roof thats where i am going to be tonight.” david said.

“be safe.” i said.

“ok little bro.” david said as he left.

as i walked to the bath room i opened the shower stale and walked in first hot shower in over six months. It felt good to wash myself and not have to sweat in the heat on a cot with 100 other people.

As Amanda went into the meeting.

“we should not have minors here.” she said.

“well where should we put them back in refugee camps.” doctor edwards said.

“yes the virus can still is still out there.” she said.

“amanda the last infected person died six months ago.” he said.

“person for all we know the virus could live forever on a surface.” she said

“what do you think is going to happen.” he asked.

“reinfection. the second wave of infection killed people in days. this one can kill in hours.” she said

As logan walked out of the shower he got dressed. after i got dressed i went to the kitchen i opened the cabinet and got bottle of water and an other chocolate bar and went in to the room i looked at the picture of me david and amber i remember she got infected me and david got up in the middle of the night and drove away from our house she ran after the car for a little bit. i got my laptop and got on it i typed a little story “ [_before infection i used my will power for stupid stuff like for money and diets. during infection i used it to keep going i did things i am not proud of and never will be in the name of survival. after infection i am using it so that one day mine and davids lives will go back to the way they were and thats. how i live now” _]I looked at the page and then i wrote another one i know my story of is no different then any other person here. I lied down and fell asleep. i woke up screaming i had a nightmare that i was infected and just the thought of it was scary. a security guard came to my door asked me if i was ok and i said i was fine and then got my keys and left walked outside some people were outside walking to the bar and some stores. i walked into a coffee shop and i heard the name Philip. Philip no way Philip Collins. i looked at him as he got to get his coffee. “philip.” i said. i ran over an gave him a hug.

“logan.” he said as he hugged me back.

“why are you out it’s 2:30am.” i said.

“i was in a fight. i am staying in this weird shelter some kid was picking on me they gave me 20$ to cool off.” he said as he cried

“come on lets go to my place.” i said

we walked to my building as we went into the elevator. We went up to my floor and walked into the place.

“wow. You guys get a nice place all i got was a bunk and a tooth brush.” he said.

“want some chocolate.’’ i asked

“ya it been six months half a year and now i am in a pent house with my old boyfriend eating chocolate.” he said.

“you know we can make it work.” i said.

“i want to.” he said.

i kissed him i can taste the chocolate he stops and puts more in his mouth and we begin kissing both of us are half naked and then he said. “logan i haven’t showered in a while.”

“ I don’t care.” i said as i took off his underwear his body was warm the smell of him the taste of him made me fall in love with him all over again. as his body and mine were one we looked at each other and kissed the kiss i only had with him and only him.after we had sex we redressed and got in bed and he hugged me. “logan i love you.” he said as he snuggled with me.

“Philip i love you to.” i said. we snuggled and i fell asleep in his arm as i use to do when he spent the night. in the morning we woke up to the smell of coffee. we walked into the kitchen and saw David pouring himself a cup.

“hey David.” Philip said.

“why did you guys have sex last night.” he asked.

“David he’s my boyfriend i haven’t seen him in a year.” i said

“so you don’t just lose your virginty like that. well i hope you guys used a condom.any way Philip your allowed to stay with me and logan you can live here.” he said

i poured Philip a cup of coffee. and i got the creamer as i made my coffee David and logan watched the news. it feels like home. we all sat down and watched the news.

“guys i don’t feel like cooking so let’s go down and eat and then let’s shower and then see whats district zero has to offer.” David said.

we all walked to the elevator and went to the first floor and saw sign that read breakfast is to your right. it was amazing eggs bacon brownies and muffins me and philip looked at each other and we got our plates and went crazy on the buffet together we finished 12 plates of food. after that we went back up and took showers and got dressed. after philip got dressed we walked out and walked outside i need time get use to the people. we went to the mall they built and it was cool i bought a new computer and a new phone with the new cell carrier. everything going to be ok from now on i feel like a burden has been lifted. The burden of survival mode now i can stop and smell the flowers. Look at where you are your in a safe zone with your brother and your boyfriend. “ it doesn’t feel right.” i say. i walk away from them and put my earbuds on and lose my self in the music for the first time in forever and just walk not for any reason but just walk around say hi to people get coffee simple things that i missed. I looked at my phone and it was midnight i walked to the building and went up the elevator and walked in our home. “logan what happened you kinda walked away.” they asked.

“i was out for a walk. i don’t like it. it’s not going to work this the virus is going to comeback i know it’ is.” i said and went to the bathroom.

It’s been a week and i feel much safer here and i think that this is going to work. as i walked into the kitchen i looked outside and saw army guys in gas masks walking into a building. the PA system went off. “Please stay in your homes refrain from the windows or doors.” i heard a click on the door i walked to the door. david and philip were asleep “fuck i can’t get the god damm door open fuck.” i said trying to knock it down.

“logan stop.” david yelled.

“no it’s the virus i knew it let me go we need to get out of here.” i yelled.

as the PA went off again “ This has been a test of your security system and emergency protocol.” A test i damm test your fucking kidding me i am so pissed off fuck i open the door and open shut it open shut it open shut it till i just stormed off i went to the main building and look around for any information on infection. nothing like it never happened.


I walked back to the building i took the elevator and got off as i looked at the door i swiped my key and then walked in. i looked at the kitchen and walked in it and got a bottle of water i looked outside a window wow i am home i went into the main room and turned on netflix david and philip walked in we all watched 28 days later. “wow it’s like what happened.” i said. they looked at me and did not speak. later we went down for diner we ate in silents we all knew that we were going to be safe so we didn’t have to worry anymore it felt amazing to be back to normal. “ i am going to look for a job.” i said.

“oh cool.’’ philip said.

we went back to eating.

“so after dinner i think we should go out and see a movie.” david said.

“sounds good.” i said.

Week 28

Its been six months now and i feel completely safe. i think i am ready to start the next step of recovery turning off survival mode. i think i will feel much better. Today is christmas Philip and i were in the kitchen. The army said they would normalize the situation and they did. No more rolling power cuts now it’s a solid flow and they have been working on the rest of london it is a success story. I looked out the window and saw the christmas tree it reminded me when things didn’t matter.(Please stay in your apartments you may have temporary losses of water and power but know that the united sates army will normalize it as soon as we can may god bless you all.) what the hell is going on. David walked in.

“david whats happing.” i said.

“nothing.” he said knew he was lying.

“david what’s happing.” i said

“nothing you should worry about.” he said

“david don’t give me that army bull shit tell me.”

“no.” he said

“david look at me i have lied i have cheated i have stole i have killed. when you left i had to kill i have killed 20 people. so tell me whats happing .”

“someone has the virus it was dormant in his body and we don’t know who has it. We are under a quarantine affective 10 minutes ago.” david said.

“David we need to leave leave now.”i said.

i went to the door and opened it an army guy said get back in your room.

“go to hell G.I Joe.” i said

“I will dentine you.” he said

“where.”i said

“get in inside.” david said.

in a panic a got davids gun form the table and opened fire on the army guy as he fell to the floor i dropped the gun i ran and got my unpacked backpack and ran to the medicine cabinet and took everything in to it and got davids backpack and filled it with water bottle.and the picture of amber and me and david. “what are you doing.” david said.

“it my bugoutbag. i am leaving with or with out you.” said

“we can’t.” david said.

i knew a back fence with a hole no security. i have no idea how but we did now in shock i am an a zombie walking the streets of a London.

Lost End

  • Author: ozzie8768
  • Published: 2015-12-05 07:05:05
  • Words: 2928
Lost End Lost End