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Long may she reign


Long may she reign





Danielle Joy



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This is a work of Fiction. Names,

Characters, Places,and Incidents are the product of the

Author’s Imagination. Any Resemblance to Actual Persons or Events is Coincidental.


















Long may she reign








Chapter 1



It was a early Friday morning, and Alyn and I were lying in bed together. I then turned to him, his eyes were shut sleeping peacefully, and I smiled looking at him. I then leaned closer to look at his face, studying him. He looks so beautiful when he sleeps. He then opened his eyes, and at the same moment he looked up at me, our eyes met.


Alyn: “Do you usually watch people when they sleep?” Alyn said with his accent, gently stroking my brown hair with his soft hands. Without warning, he then reached out and grabbed hold of me, pulling me into his bare arms.



Lindy: “Alyn!” I said in surprise squirming in the sheets.



Alyn: “There are other ways you could wake me up, ya know.” He said holding onto to me.




Lindy: “Like what?”



Alyn then grinned mischievously. “Like this.” His voice was syrupy sweet in my ear as he slid his hand behind my head. I then felt him press a sudden kiss against my earlobe and I squirmed.





Lindy: “Ahh!” I said in surprise as I felt his wet kiss.



Alyn then chuckled a laugh next to me. “Your so cute when you blush. I just love your reactions.”



I then huffed to myself. “That doesn’t mean you have to tease me first thing in the morning!” I said poking him in the chest.



Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and then it opened slowly and Leo peered into the room. His eyes widened as he looked over to find Alyn still in bed, and me sitting next to him, still wrapped in his arms.



Leo: “Sorry, am I Interrupting something good?”



Me and Alyn then notice Leo was standing right in the middle of the room, and I quickly covered myself with the sheets. “Leo!” I said embarrassed.



Alyn then scowled at Leo. “Get the hell out.”



Leo: “Ahh, you’re as cold as ever. The king is asking for you both. He said he has something important to discuses with you the both of you.”





Lindy: “What? So early in the morning?” I said rolling over groaning in sleep.


Leo: “Yes. You should both get going-”


Alyn: “Turn around.” He said serious.



Leo then flinched. “Why?”



Both Alyn and Lindy jumped out of bed half naked, and Leo quickly turned around his face turning red, as Alyn put on his shirt and pants, and Lindy grabbed her clothes off the ground.



Alyn: “You asked for it,” Alyn grinned at Leo.



Leo: “Ahh, you sure do put me in awkward positions.”







Alyn then knocked on the king’s door. We then stepped into the king’s chamber, and he beckoned us over to where he lay in his bed.



The king: “Sorry for calling you here so suddenly.” he said to both of us.


Alyn: “It’s no problem. Here, let me help you.” Alyn stepped forward to help the king as he tried to sit up, and the king looked up at him, his expression serious.



The king: “Thank you. Alyn, you said before that you want to protect this country both as a knight and its future king, right?”



Alyn looked at him surprised, wondering why he would say that. “Yes.”



The king: “Well, protecting a country is certainly the job of its ruler, However- It's no good for the person who should be protecting the country to be in a state like this. I’m sure you both know what I mean.” He said referring to his own health condition.



I looked at him in surprise. “Are you saying-”


The King: “Alyn, Lindy- I want you to formally become king and queen and govern this country in my stead.”




My eyes widened in surprise at the king’s words, my heart pounding. There was a silent in the room for a while. Both me and Alyn didn’t know what to say.



The king: “Will you both take over for me?”


I glanced up at Alyn, and as our eyes met, I nodded slightly. I took Alyn’s hand, and he straightened up, meeting the king’s gaze, and placed his over hand over his own heart.



Alyn: “Yes, we will.”



And just like that, it was decided. The king was going to abdicate the throne in our favor when the time came.








Later that day, Giles took Alyn into a new study room, after hearing the news the king is going to give the throne to Alyn and Lindy. Giles: “Starting from today, this will be your new study, Alyn. The princess will continue to use her study for work. With the princess system, it is customary for the prince consort to be crowned king before he marries the princess. It is to prove to everyone attending that you have formally become the king of the country.” he said. He then continued talking. “In a separate ceremony held some days afterwards, the princess is crowned his queen and the two are wed upon her coronation. I’m sure you remember the ceremony where the princess proclaimed you her prince consort. This time, there will be a coronation ceremony, which will be performed by the king himself. Things will get busier for the both of you, starting tomorrow. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”



Once Giles left, I then turned to Alyn in the room, holding his hand as I smiled at him.



Lindy: “I never imagined we’d become king and queen so soon.”



Alyn: “It still doesn’t feel real.”







I found my gaze caught by the paintings of the former kings and queens that were hung on the walls. I stood next to Alyn, as we gazed up at the paintings together, wondering if we’d be up there someday. Then I felt a sudden surge of loneliness as I imagined how much less time we’d have to spend together. We’re gonna be busier then ever, I’m worried I wont get to see you like I do now.



Lindy: “We’ve just got to do our best, right, Alyn?”




Alyn held me close to him. “Just don’t go overdoing it and taking it too far, okay?” He said stroking my hair gently. “You’re the only one I want by my side. That’s how I feel.” Alyn’s husky sigh caressed my lips, and then he kissed me.



I then smiled to myself. I’m just being silly. Now is hardly the time to be feeling lonely. I need to be stronger.



Lindy: “I know, I feel the same. I want to be with you when you’re happy, and when you’re sad. That’s how I feel.”







Alyn: “I know.” Before I realized it, he had me pressed against the wall, and my heart began to pound loudly in my ears. Alyn, when you look at me like that, I forget everything but you.



Alyn: “Don't forget those words- not ever.”



Lindy: “I won’t.”



Our lips came together in a sweet kiss, as if reaffirming our feelings for each other.




Before long, we were both rushed off our feet as preparations for the coronation ceremony moved forward.




My coronation as queen- our wedding- was to be held only a few days after Alyn's coronation, and there would be dancing at our wedding. I want to get lots of practice in before then, so I don't mess up at such an important event!



Giles: “Princess.” He said to me. “Alyn will also be in participation in the dance lesson. I hope you will work together to do your best.”



(Whose going to be teaching us both?)



I then headed into the ballroom, and spotted Alyn as soon as I stepped through the ballroom door, and my heart skipped a beat. He was standing in the center of the ballroom, patiently waiting.



Alyn: “What’s with that face?” He said to me as he saw my expression.


Lindy: “With all the work, it feels like it’s been ages since I saw you. I guess I’m just happy.” I smiled up at him as I spoke, and his eyes shifted away from me, his cheeks flushing faintly.



Alyn: “Silly girl. Don’t say embarrassing thing like that.”


“Could you two cut that out?” We heard a sharp voice say behind us, and we both turned around.



Louis: “Could you two cut that out? It makes teaching you all the more difficult.”






I turned in superise and saw Louis approaching us in the doorway, a frown on his face. Alyn seemed to notice my response, and he roughly ruffled the top of my hair.


Alyn: “This sort of thing will be over soon.” Alyn caught hold of my hand and pulled me gently toward him. “Come closer.” He slid his arm around my waist, pulling me into his arms and into the right position for dancing.



Meanwhile in the study:



The bureaucrats had gathered in the princess study, their voices raised.


Bureaucrat 1: “We must think about what is most important for the king.”



Giles then sighed to himself. “Are we having this discussion again? I thought we had agreed that this is a difficult topic that will take some time. The coronation ceremony hasn’t even been held yet.”


Leo: “I agree with Giles on this one.”


Bureaucrat 2: “Then we would like to reconsider this issue after the coronation ceremony.”



Our dance lesson is over, and Alyn had to go back to work looking over some documents. Wow, time sure flies. I feel a bit sad to see you go again, but-


Alyn: “I have to get going.”



Lindy: “Okay, see you later.” I smiled as brightly as I could in farewell, but Alyn only muttered under his breath, his tone concerned.


Louis: “You don’t have to worry. I’m not going to do anything with the princess except dance.”


Alyn: “It’s not that. I just wanted to say… be nice to her.”


I then smiled at Alyn. Your always thinking about me, aren’t you?


When Alyn left the ballroom, Louis then turned to me.


Louis: “Once Alyn really is the king, things are going to get a lot more difficult, princess.”


Lindy: “What?” I looked at Louis concerned.


What exactly are you trying to warn me about, Louis?



When I returned to our room, I found that Alyn was there before me for a change. His arms were tight around me, his hair brushing gently against my cheek. Alyn caught my lips in a kiss, more passionate and needy this time. His deep red eyes were serious and intense as they met mine, and I felt captured by them. I clung to him, giving myself over to the kiss, as he pushed us down onto our bed, our kisses growing more deeper and more passionate.



The sweetness of his kisses seemed to thrum through my whole body, and I shivered under him.




Alyn: “How do you still get me like that? It’s not like it’s our first time.” Alyn buried his face in my shoulder, his breath warm against my neck. Some things about you never change, Alyn, no matter how long we’re together.



Lindy: “I want to forget. About everything, and everyone.”


Alyn “Then let me find a way to make you forget.” The sensation sent a thrill of delight coursing through me, and I closed my eyes for a moment. Alyn nibbled on my neck, his lips and teeth gently teasing my olive skin.


It was the next day: I took a walk toward the knight’s training to see how they were doing, and I couldn’t help but stare at Alyn, and the act of love we did last night. Alyn then noticed me standing there, and came towards me.



Alyn: “Lindy,” He said with a grin on his face. “So, what we did last night… You were grinning at me cause you were thinking about it, right?”


I then brought back to attention. “Whaat maakes you sayy that..” I said stuttering, while turning red.


Alyn then grinned at me. “It’s written all over your face.”





Thanks to his words I couldn’t stop thinking about the night before in front of him, and my cheeks turned bright red. I could hear him laughing behind me as I walked away embarrassed.


Alyn watched Lindy flounced away from him, her cheeks still red. He forced himself to look away from Lindy, trying to cool the heat rising up inside him.



Meanwhile in the study room: I was studying with Leo, but wasn’t really paying any attention. My cheeks were still flushed when I still saw Alyn in the knight training hall. Leo then looked at me, and saw I was in a daze.


Leo: “Thinking about something interesting?” Leo smirked in spite of his response, as if he some idea of what I was thinking.


I then turned to him. “Very funny. Hey Leo, what changes when a prince consort becomes a king? Alyn is already doing a lot of the same work the king does. I was just wondering what will change.”


Leo then thought: “The obligations he has, I suppose.”



Bureaucrat 1: “He clearly needs someone with close blood ties to the royal family.”



Bureaucrat 2: “Very well. Let us seek another queen.”





Coming up…..


You always look like you’re having fun when you’re with kids, Alyn.


A strange man appears while I’m in town for an inspection..



Man: “Go ahead. Just try to and become queen. But I can’t guarantee you’ll live.”



To be continued…….











Chapter 2



It was a peaceful afternoon, and the sky seemed to stretch on forever overhead. Alyn and I were visiting the local orphanage in Wyesteria to see how things were going. While me and Alyn were outside, one of the young boys there approached us who looked like he was 8 years old. With brown hair, and brown eyes, his eyes shining as he stared up at Alyn.


Alyn: “Hey kid,” Alyn said looking down at him ruffling his hair.


Child: “When I get big, I want to be a knight too!” the boy said in awe. I smiled at him, watching as his cheeks flushed happily. So that’s why you’re looking at Alyn with such adoring eyes.


Alyn then bent down toward him: “Sure. I’ll be waiting for you up at the palace, so work hard, okay?”


Child: “I will!” he said happily. The young boy smiled brightly up at Alyn, his eyes full of wonder and awe. My smile widened, and I watched as Alyn crouched down and patted the boy on the head. You always look like you’re having fun when you’re with kids, Alyn.



Alyn stood up, and his smile then turned into a serious scowl and he looked straight ahead. Alyn: “Stay back.” He suddenly pushed both me and the young boy behind him in one move.


Lindy: “What’s wrong?”


A tall fair skin man with pushed back black hair, black glasses, with a beard while wearing a long black colored trench coat, approached us.


Man: “Damn. Jumped- up knights sure do have some keen senses.” Alyn scowled at the man as he stepped out of a nearby thicket bushes.


What’s going on? Where did you come from?


Man: “So some upstart commoner townie girl just goes and decided who’ll be king, huh? There’s still plenty of us who don’t approve of that.” He said in a aggressive voice.


Alyn squinted his eyes at the man. “Who’re you?”


The man turned his glare at me, and I shuddered at the anger in his eyes. “The name’s Dan, but go ahead. Just try and become queen. But I can’t guarantee you’ll live.” He spat the words at me, and then turned and vanished a midst the trees again.


Alyn glanced back at me, and reached out to take hold of my shaking hands. He then looked at me, “Your shaking.”


Lindy: “He threatened me,” I said scared. Alyn can see the fear in my eyes.


Alyn then took me afar from the boy, and pushed me against a tree so none can see. “Clam down-”


Lindy: “I can’t calm down!” I said whispering to him.


Alyn: “That’s what they do. They want you to be scared-”


Lindy: “I am scared!” I said looking at Alyn afraid.


Alyn: “They got just want they wanted to see a terrified queen to be, you can’t let him get to you. You can’t show them your afraid. I swear I won’t let them hurt you, please believe that.”



Back at the palace: Alyn and I returned back to my chamber. I just sat in a chair, and Alyn approached me.


Alyn: “How much longer are you gonna keep making that face?”


Lindy: “Well, what do you expect?” I didn't realize there were still people out there who oppose the princess system- and me- so strongly. The man's words echoed in my mind again, sending an ache through my heart.


Giles: “Alyn, may I speak to you for a moment?” He said coming in the room.






Alyn then turned to me. “There’s nothing to worry about. Just forget about what happened today.” Without thinking, I reached out and caught hold of Alyn’s hand. Alyn squeezed my hand gently back, and then stepped out of the room with Giles.


Giles led Alyn to his study, and then drew an envelope from his pocket.


Giles: “This arrived today.” He then handed the letter to Alyn.


Alyn removed the letter from inside and read it slowly, his eyes narrowing.


Alyn: “Dammit.”


Giles nodded. “But I had hoped that the excellent work she does would calm those voices eventually. However, with the man from today, and this letter warning us to cancel the marriage…. If we go ahead and hold the marriage directly after your coronation ceremony as planned, it may end up putting the princess in danger.”


Alyn stared down at the letter in his hands, his fingers gripping it tightly. He was silent, his expression both thoughtful and worried.





Giles: “I suggest that we hold the coronation ceremony as scheduled- the opposition is focuses on the princess, not you. But I do believe it would be better to postpone the wedding for a while, instead of holding it directly after.”


Alyn thought about Lindy’s worried face as he’d left her, and he sighed softly.


Alyn: “Okay. But I’ll be the one to tell her. Until then, keep it quiet for me, okay?”


Giles: “The king wants you both to rule. This way we can get you in power now, and then we only have to worry about Lindy.”


I was wandering aimlessly through the garden when I ran straight into a young woman. She was a medium height, with long blonde hair.


Woman: “I’m so sorry for bumping into you!” The woman said in a scottish accent.


Lindy: “No, I’m sorry, it was my fault!”


Women: “No, not at all. I just had some things on my mind, and there’s so much bothering me, and I was starting to feel a bit down about it, and…” Our eyes met again, and we both realized our depression and dread was silly and pointless to get upset about, and we starting laughing at the same time.





Not long after I returned from my walk in the garden, Alyn returned as well.


Lindy: “Welcome back, Alyn.”


Alyn’s eyes widened a little at my cheerful greeting.


Alyn: “Here I thought you were all upset, and now you’re looking cheerful.”


Lindy: “Well, I met a woman in the garden who seems really nice. We were both feeling down about something, and somehow that made us both feel better.”


Alyn: “Well, that’s good to hear. Hey,when the coronation ceremony’s over, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”



Lindy: “About what?” I said curious.


Alyn: “You’ll see.” He didn’t say anymore, and simply turned away from me and stepped towards the closet to get changed.


At last the day of the coronation ceremony arrived-


A long, red carpet stretched out before us, down the center of the throne room. The king was seated on the throne, and I sat next to him, my heart fluttering. Alyn was walking along it toward us, his expression serious. This is it, after this, Alyn really will be the king of Wysteria.




Alyn keeled before the throne, and the king stood up and began to speak, his voice loud and authoritative.


The king: “As current king of Wysteria, I formally name you, Alyn Crawford, the new king of Wysteria, and abdicate the throne in your favor.” The king removed the crown from his own head and placed it on Alyn’s head.


Alyn stood and looked at the audience in front of him. “As king and knight of this country, I dedicate my life to protecting the citizens, their lives, and the peace and harmony of the nation. This I do swear, upon this crown.”


The trumpets sounded a fanfare, and the people gathered in the room began to cheer and applaud for their new king. As princess and future queen, I want to do my best to support you however I can, Alyn.


Alyn glanced at me, and our eyes met.


Alyn: “I’ll let you get a good, long look later.” he said grinning at me.


I then turned red with embarrassment. Ahh, how can you say something like that at a moment like this?



Alyn smiled. “C’mon, its just a joke. Focus on being the princess for now, okay?”


I then nodded. “Okay.”


I lifted my head again and looked out across the crowd, and as I did, I spotted someone familiar. It was the women from the garden! But if she’s here at the coronation ceremony she must of pretty important, even for a noble.


We soon returned to our room, and Alyn closed the door behind us and leaned against it, and gave a loud sigh of relief.


Alyn: “Finally over. Hey, do you want to go out somewhere?”



Lindy: “Are you sure?”


Alyn: “I told you I had something important to talk about.”


Lindy: “Is it something we can’t talk about here?”



Alyn: “ I just think it’s nice for us to go out together sometimes. C’mon, let’s go.”


I glanced around, feeling suddenly nervous, but Alyn reached out and took my hand.







Coming up………..


Alyn takes me to the shore of lake.


(I wonder what’s wrong?)


Alyn wraps his arms around me, trying to ease my anxiety.


Alyn: “No matter what happens, I want to protect you and keep you safe.”



To be continued…………..
















Chapter 3



If were going outside-


Lindy: “Can I just change my shoes?” I said looking down at my red dotted heels. Alyn gave me these to wear to the coronation ceremony. They’re special and I want to take good care of them.


Alyn then smiled at me. “Sure.”


I then fetched a different pair of shoes from the closet, and sat down to change my shoes. As I did so, Alyn approached me and knelt down in front of me, his fingers caressing my ankle.


Lindy: “Alyn?” I said looking at him.


Alyn: “I’ll change them for you.” He slid the shoe gently off my foot, and put the other shoe on.


Whatever you have to tell me it’s not going to be good, is it?



Alyn took me far away from the palace, to the shore of a nearby lake. We walked along the shore for a while, until at last Alyn stopped and turned towards me.


Alyn: “Lindy.” he said serious. The soft moonlight painted Alyn’s skin a silvery color, and I caught my breath.


Alyn: “I want to postpone the wedding for a while.” Alyn was silent for a long moment, staring right into my eyes.


Lindy: “What?!” My heart seemed to be breaking, yet I felt unable to look away. My thoughts were a jumbled mess of confusion, and my voice was shaking


Lindy: “Why would you want to postpone the wedding?”


Alyn reached out to caress my cheek, his frown deepening.


Alyn: “There’s people out there who oppose you becoming queen, and they’re getting active and hostile about it. I think it’s best to postpone it, just for a little while, before something bad happens to you.”


I looked up at Alyn, seeing the worry written clear across his face.






Alyn: “I knew telling you about having to postpone the wedding would make you feel uneasy. I’m not gonna just ignore it, and let something bad happen to you. Things are different than they were then, but-”


I couldn’t hide how disappointed I felt, and I dropped my gaze away.


He then took my face in his hand. Alyn: “My feelings for you haven’t changed at all.” Alyn wrapped me tightly in his arms, and I buried my face in his chest.


You made this choice because you care about me.


Alyn: “No matter what happens, I want to protect you and keep you safe.”



The next day, I was in the study and Giles was teaching me a lesson. I then caught his attention.



Lindy: “Giles,” I said. “Alyn explained to me about postponing the wedding yesterday. Thank you for being so considerate about everything.”



Giles: “I see. It’s been nothing but superises for you, hasn’t it?” His smile was gentle and reassuring, and I felt warmed by it.


Giles: “I know there are people out there who don’t accept you as the princess. But I for one am very glad you’re the princess.”


I then smiled at Giles. “Thank you, Giles.”






Meanwhile in the other study, Leo sighed at the person in front of him.


Leo: “What a disaster for you to be brought here. Isn’t’ it, Greer?


The long blond haired Scottish woman standing in Leo’s study frowned as well, her expression troubled.


Greer: “It really is. It’s not as if there’s any need for a another girl in line to be queen. Besides, I’ve already refused the idea of a political marriage of convenience. I don’t want to hurt her.” She said with her Scottish accent.


The sun was setting overhead as Alyn steeped into the stables. He was exhausted from all the work he’d been doing, and he wanted to take a break with the horses.


Leo: “Alyn, have a got a moment?” Leo said coming into the stables.


Lindy: “Alyn, do you have a-” I then noticed Alyn wasn’t in his study. Don’t tell me you went to brush the horses for a while? I know it always relaxes you. I left the room, and decided to go look for Alyn in the stables.


As I was walking down the hall, I couldn’t help but think to myself. Maybe I just need to work harder and prove that I’m worthy of the position. I want all of the people of Wysteria to trust me.


As I headed into the horse stables, I saw Alyn, but I also noticed to see Leo talking to him as well. I then hid in the corner. What is Leo doing here? It’s rare for the two of you to spend any time together.


Leo: “Alyn, there’s something you need to know: A second queen hopeful is coming tomorrow.”


Alyn then looked at him shocked. “Say what?”


Leo nodded and sighed. “I’m saying that it’s possible someone else besides Lindy may end up becoming queen.”



After hearing those words, I accidentally dropped the horse brush out of my shaking hands, and it fell hard to the ground.


Leo and Alyn heard the loud echo, and turned toward me standing there, and saw my shocked expression face.


Alyn: “Lindy!”


Leo: “Lindy!’‘























Coming up……


I’m confused by the mention of another girl who might become queen.


Then Giles appears before me and Alyn at the breakfast table.


Giles: “There is someone I would like to introduce you too.”


Who could this new person be?!


To be continued……..






Chapter 4



I came back to myself with a start as I realized both Alyn and Leo were staring at me in the stables.


I then turned red. “I’m so sorry! I was just looking for Alyn. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop-” But my mind was screaming the words ‘‘queen hopeful’‘ over and over.


Alyn reached towards me, his hand gentle as it wrapped around my shoulder.


Alyn: “Don’t say anything more.” He pulled me into an tight embrace, pressing my head against his chest as he spoke to Leo. “I don’t need another candidate for queen. Tell them that,”


He hugged me a moment longer, then took my hand and led me roughly away. Leo watched Alyn and Lindy leave the stables, and then sighed loudly in the emptiness.


Leo: “Ahh, what a mess.”


We walked as far as the gardens could take us, before Alyn finally stopped.


Lindy: “I’m sorry for overreacting.” I promised myself I wouldn’t let my sad feelings show, but-






Alyn: “You’re not. It’s totally understandable. It’s a sensitive topic especially when it threatens your title,

anyone would feel uneasy.”


I looked away, but Alyn reached out and caught both my hands in his, squeezing them tightly. Alyn’s hands were warm and sure as they clung to mine.


Alyn: “I’ll protect you, no matter what. Now let’s get back.” Alyn smiled, and we turned and headed back to our room, still holding hands.




(Morning breakfast)


Giles: “Today you both have a busy scheduled. Enjoy your breakfast my lady and king. However, before that… there is someone I would like to introduce to you.”


Alyn’s eyes narrowed at Giles words, and I knew he must be thinking the same thing I was.




Suddenly a fair maiden women approached us at the dining table


Giles: “This is the daughter of the Castleroy family, Greer Castleroy.”


Greer: “It’s an honor to meet you both, your majesty, your highness.”


As I was heading to my lesson, I couldn’t help but think to myself: Why is she here? and why is there a another potential? How did this happen? Alyn was walking next to me, and saw that I was in a daze. He then poked my forehead.


Alyn: “What are you thinking about? You don’t need to worry about it. The bureaucrats will give up soon enough. And I’m not interested in anyone but you. But never mind that. Louis’s helping us out in preparation for the wedding.”


We then stepped into the ballroom, and Alyn took my hand and pulled me into his arms.


Louis: “Princess, chin up.” he said with his accent. “Look at Alyn as you dance.”


As Alyn spoke, he leaned closer and kissed my ear lightly, out of sight of Louis.


Alyn: “If you can’t focus, I’ll do it again.”




If you do it again, Louis will notice! Were supposed to be practicing!



Leo: “I’m so relived that Greer has no interest in marrying Alyn.”


Giles nodded in agreement. “Yes, so am I.”


Leo: “Surely the other bureaucrats will have to give up now.”



Our dance practice was over, and Alyn looked at his watch.


Alyn: “I have to get going.” he said to me.


Lindy: “Okay. Don’t work too hard.”


Alyn then gave me a smile. “I won’t.”


Alyn nodded, and then without warning, he leaned forward, his lips soft against my cheek, giving me a quick kiss.



I then blushed. “Alyn! What if someone was looking?”


Alyn then gave me a grin. “I doubt anyone’s gonna complain to the king.”


Lindy: “I hope not, for your sake!”


His smiled broadened, and I felt myself smiling as well. We stood there smiling at each other for a moment, and then Alyn waved and turned to walk away.


As Alyn left the hall, I heard a women’s voice behind me.


“Do you think we could talk?” I turned around and saw it was Greer.


Lindy: “Sure.”



The place that Greer took me to talk was Leo’s study. I was superised to see Leo standing there.


Leo: “Come on in.”


I then looked confused. How do you two know each other?


I blinked at them in confusion, and Leo began to explain.


Leo: “Greer’s father is a very skilled bureaucrat.”





Greer: “And since Leo and my father know each other, we’ve met before.” Greer paused for a moment, and then looked at me, her expression serious.


Greer: “Now, as for what I wanted to talk about-” Her face then turned serious to me. “The truth is, I have no interest in becoming queen.”


I then raised my eyebrows. “What? really?” But if that’s true, then why are you here?


Leo then turned to me. “Isn’t that a relief, Lindy?”


Greer: “I’m so sorry about all this, but I don’t want to be at odds with you. I want to be the one to choose my own husband. After all, its my life after all. Somehow I just need to keep arguing with those stubborn bureaucrats with their fake white wigs, until I can make them give up.”


Lindy: “I understand, thanks for telling me how you feel.”


Greer: “Good! And now that that’s sorted, you’d better hurry.”


Lindy: “Hurry? What for?”


Leo then turned to me: “Greer and Alyn were scheduled to go on a date today.”


I then looked at Greer in shock, “what?!”



Greer: “But I’ve no intentions of going, so you and Alyn go and have fun instead.”



I didn’t know what to say, but Greer shooed me out, so I hurried back to me and Alyn’s room.


I then stepped into the chamber, and found Alyn sitting on the sofa, with a angry scowl on his face.


I then approached him. Lindy: “what are you doing?”


Alyn: “ They told me to go on a date with that woman. But I told them I refuse.” Alyn’s scowl deepened, his voice a rough growl. “Geez, don’t they have anything better to do with their time?”


Lindy: “Greer told me to go on the date with you instead of her.”


Alyn’s eyes widened as he looked up at me. “What?”


Lindy: “She doesn’t want to go either. I think this is good chance for us to go out on a date, just the two of us.” I hadn’t forgotten that Alyn was now the king, and I couldn’t imagine how we could just go on a regular date.


Alyn then sifted a smile.“It’s not like we get a chance like this very often. Let’s take it.” Alyn then smiled at me. “Go on, get ready. I’ll wait outside.”





I watched as Alyn stepped out the door, feeling excited and happy all at once.




Coming up…………


Greer collapses, and Alyn carries her in his arms.


My heart aches at the sight.


Alyn: “Do you want me to do the same thing to you?”


To be continued………….














Chapter 5




I changed into the frilly red dress I’d chosen from my closet, and stepped out into the corridor hall. I found Alyn waiting for me outside, leaning against the wall. Alyn stared at me in silence for a long moment, his expression thoughtful as he took in my appearance.


Lindy: “I look weird, right?”


Alyn: “No.” he said blushing a little. “I was just thinking, if you're gonna dress like that- There's someplace I want to take you.”


Lindy: “Where?”


Alyn: “you’ll see.” he said with a smile. The place Alyn took me was a stylish bar down in the town.


Alyn took my hand as we went inside. “We’ve never come to a place like this together before.”


Lindy: “You’re right.”


It’s kind of new and exciting coming here with you.


As we sat down at a table together a man holding a Voilon spoke to us.




Shopkeeper: “What a lovely couple. Let me play you at tune. Please feel free to dance.”


Lindy: “What? Really?”


I’d like to dance, but I’m not sure about Alyn…. I glanced at Alyn, and his expression relaxed into an amused smile.


Alyn: “You’re so easy to read sometimes. I don’t mind.”


Lindy: “In that case, I’d like to dance.”


Alyn stood up and reached out to take my hand.



The man began to play tune, and Alyn slid his arms around my waist. I placed my hand on Alyn’s shoulder and we began to dance together with his hand in mine, taking steps on the floor in a waltz. This is even more fun than I expected.


Alyn: “When did you get so good at dancing?” he said with his accent, and it made my heart skip a beat. Do you remember when you were first chosen as princess? You fretted so much about how you couldn’t dance at all because you had two left feet,”


Lindy: “That was so long ago,” I said blushing.


Alyn then flicked my forehead. “dummy, I’m saying how good you’ve gotten at dancing.”




Lindy: “I’m surprised you still remember that,”



Alyn: “Then remember this as well. From now on, there’s only one person you ever need to dance with. You don’t need to choose anyone else but me.” Alyn’s breath was warm against my skin, and his voice was sweet in my ear.


Alyn and I smiled at each other, and around us I could hear the cheerful voices of the other people in the bar as they danced to the tune of the slow violin. Sometimes I wish time would just stop, so I could enjoy this moment forever.


I leaned against Alyn’s broad chest, wrapping my arms around him,closing my eyes as I heard the music surrounding us. We were having so much fun that time seemed to pass in a flash, and soon it was time to return to the palace.



As we made our way up that staris in the palace, in a seceded hallway, Alyn reached out from behind me and caught hold of my arm. I stumbled on the step, and a moment later found myself wrapped in Alyn’s tight embrace.



Lindy: Alyn?” I said putting my hands on him. But even as he spoke, he pulled me towards him.



Alyn: “ Let’s just stay like this for a bit.”His embrace was warm and strong, and I leaned against him closing my eyes. I reached out and wrapped my arms around him, lifting my head to speak softly.


Lindy: “I love you, Alyn.”


Alyn continued to frown down at me as he caught my chin and lifted my face towards him.


Alyn: “Silly. You’re supposed to let me say that first.”


Lindy: “But you never say it.”


Alyn then looked at me. “There are plenty of words to say it without using words.” he said staring into my eyes. “Like this,”



He kissed me then on the staircase in the hall we were at, his kiss strong and passionate, and I closed my eyes. I felt myself trembling as I clung to him, awash with bright desire. I gasped softly into his mouth, and he seemed to swallow the sound as his kisses grew deeper.







Me and Alyn were walking in the hall, when we found Greer there to greet us.


Greer: “Welcome back. How was it?”


Lindy: “It was lots of fun.” As soon as I spoke, Alyn reached out and lightly pinched my cheek.



Alyn “Stop saying embarrassing things.”


I knew Alyn was just joking, he was referring to the sex afterwards. Before I could say anything, I realized that Greer was scowling at Alyn.


Greer: “That’s no way to treat the person you love!”


Alyn then fliched: “Huh?”


Greer: “I feel sorry for Lindy, being stuck with a person like you!”






They both feel silent, but the tension seemed almost unbearable. Greer stared angrily at Alyn, her eyes blazing, and he scowled in response. They wouldn’t stop glaring at each other, and I tried desperately to change the topic.


Lindy: “So what did you do while we were out, Greer?”



Greer: “What? Me? Oh, I-” Greer cut herself off suddenly and put her hand to her forehead, her expression twisting with pain. Greer straightened quickly and shook her head, giving us a pained smile.


Lindy: “Are you alright?”



Greer: “I’m fine. This always happens, I just feel a bit dizzy for a moment.” But she didn’t seem to have the strength to do more, and she put her hand against the wall, leaning heavily on it.


Alyn gave a resigned sigh, and a moment later, he lifted Greer into his arms. I felt a sudden ache in my heart at the sight of her in his arms.


Alyn: “Lindy, you go on ahead. I need to take her to the doctor.” he said quickly.


I then got attention. “Oh! Yes!”


Greer was told to rest in her room, and the rest of us gathered in the study to discuss the matter.


Giles: “According to the doctor, it may be severe emotional strain. Apparently her condition should improve if she rests for a while.”


Lindy: “Did they say what caused it?”


She told me that she doesn’t want to be queen. She must have been worrying and fretting about this non-stop.


Lindy: “I’m going to go see how she’s doing.”



Alyn: “Okay.”


After Lindy had left the room, Alyn turned to stare at Giles.


Alyn: “Nobody involved even wants this. Why is it happening?”


Giles: “I feel the same way you do, Alyn. But there are some things in this world that cannot be fixed just with words. You are king now. It is up to you to change the very structure of the palace itself.”


Alyn fell silent at Giles words, his expression pensive.


I visited the room where Greer was resting, and sat down next to her bed. As she was sleeping, I then held her hand softly.





Lindy: “ Please, get well soon.”



When I reached the garden, I found Robert there, sitting on a bench sketching.


Robert: “Hello Lindy.”


Lindy: “Robert!” I smiled back at Robert, and sat down on the bench next to him. “Is that a yellow rose?”


Robert: “Yes, it is.” he said smiling. He put down his pencil, and reached out towards the flower, gently touching the soft petals with his hands.


Robert: “It’s strange, isn’t it? In the language of flowers, the red rose means ‘love.’ Yet the yellow rose means ‘jealousy’… Maybe it’s because love and jealousy are so closely related?” I then looked at the flower Robert was holding, and it got me thinking: Have I been jealous of Alyn and Greer?



Later that day, it was night time, and I was laying on the bed with Alyn next to me. As I sat quietly sipping a cup of hot milk, I found myself glancing at Alyn.


Lindy: “Hey Alyn? Have you ever felt jealous?”


Alyn: “What?” he then turned to me, with his eyebrows raised.


Lindy: “You know, like about someone you love…” my words trailed off as Alyn turned to stare directly into my eyes.


He then fell silent for a moment. “Of course I’ve felt jealous.”


My eyes widened in superise at his unexpected answer. What? Really?


Lindy: “Like when?”


Alyn: “Huh?” Alyn’s eyes widened. Alyn frowned at my question, falling silent for a moment, but at last he answered.


Alyn: “Like when you’re having dance lessons with Louis.”



Wow, really? I had no idea. I thought I was the only one who got jealous.


Alyn: “Well, now that I’ve answered, it’s your turn.”


I blinked up at Alyn in superise, my cheeks turning even redder.



Lindy: “My answer? Well, yes. I’ve been jealous too.”


He reached out to touch my cheek, his hand warm against my skin, and I hesitated before speaking again.


Alyn: “ I thought so. You’re been different than usual lately.”


Lindy: “When you picked Greer up when she was feeling sick….”


Alyn: “Oh that?” Alyn nodded slowly in understanding, his gaze never leaving mine.


Alyn: “Do you want me to do the same thing to you?” His smirking lips moved towards mine, catching them in a sudden kiss. I moaned softly as our lips moved together, feeling the a shiver of anticipation in my tummy.


Alyn took my cup away and put it down on the table out of the way. He started to push me down on the bed, when-


There was a knock at the door and a servant’s voice echoed through the room.


Servant: “Your Majesty, sir Giles requests your presence.”






Alyn narrowed his eyes, glancing over his shoulder at the door. He sighed and then moved slowly away from me.


Alyn: “Tell him I’ll be right there.” he said. “Lindy, think about your answer before I get back.” he said looking at me.


I nodded as I watched Alyn turn and leave the room.


Alyn was walking through the palace when he noticed something.


Alyn: “What are you doing?” Greer was leaning against the balcony railing, and she turned in superise at the sound of his voice.


Greer: “I’ve been sleeping all day, so now I can’t sleep.” She gave him a wry smile, and he crossed over to lean against the balcony railing next to her.


Greer: “Hey, I’m sorry about today. I know I’m supposed to be strong, but-”


Alyn put a hand on the railing as well, looking up at the night sky as he spoke.


Alyn: “If there’s something you wanna say, say it.


Greer then turned to him. “what?”


Alyn: “I’ll pretend I never heard it.”




Greer sighed again, and then spoke softly, her voice hoarse.


Greer: “The truth is… when they told me I had to try to be queen, it was so hard for me. And when I think about the fact father is always in control, and I have no free down…. well, it still hurts.” Greer spoke hesitantly, her eyes filling with tears.


Alyn then stared at her: “It’s only natural you feel that way. I’m sorry,”


Greer: “No, it’s not your fault. I’m sure its rough on you and the princess as well.” Greer blinked, and a few tears slipped free, sliding down her face.


Alyn: “I promise I’ll give you your freedom.”


Greer: “….”Thank you.”


Alyn: “You should get back to your room.” He turned and walked back into the palace, disappearing from view.


Greer reached up to touch her flushed cheeks that were now pink, as she watched Alyn walk away.


Greer: “No, there’s no way that’s possible….”






Coming up………


Greer: “I want you to tell me all about you and Alyn.”


Greer is smiling, yet she seems sad somehow.


And then there’s another unexpected development in your relationship?!



To Be Continued………….







Chapter 6



Giles: “Sorry for calling you here so late.”


Alyn: “It’s fine.” Alyn said coming into the study room.



Giles then continued. “Is is my opinion that we should have Greer return to the Castleroy mansion for now. I’m just thinking of her health.”


Alyn: “Your right. I’d appreciate it if you arrange it right away.”


I then visited Greer room again the next day to see how she was doing.


Lindy: “Are you feeling okay? How are you feeling?”


Greer then sat up a little in her bed. “Yes. I’m sorry for worrying you.”


Greer, your eyes look a little red, like you been crying. There was a knock on the door, and Alyn stepped into the room. Alyn gave a wry smile as he looked at me sitting next to her bed.


Alyn: “You two sure do like to gab.”






Greer then suddenly grabbed me, in her happiness. “Of course we do! Lindy is a very dear friend to me already.” I didn’t realize you thought of me that way. Thank you, Greer.



I then left the room. As I left, Alyn gave a little grin to himself. Greer then looked at him, Alyn then noticed it.



Alyn: “What is it?” he said with a stern look.


Greer: “Nothing. I was just thinking how obvious it is that you love Lindy.”


Alyn didn’t seem to notice as he glared at her, trying to cover up his blush. “Glad your feeling better.” Alyn said and walked out of the room.


Greer smile then turned into a frown. “Why did this have to happen? What a mess…”


I was in the study studying, when Giles came to me and found me with important information.


Giles: “I spoke about this with his Majesty already. I thought Greer should leave the palace for a while and return to her home.”


I then caught attention. “What? Why?”


Giles: “Well, there’s her health to think of.”




It would probably be better for her to rest in her own home.


Lindy: “Very well. I’ll let her know myself.”



After I’d finished my work for the day I paid a visit to Greer’s room again to tell her the news.


Lindy: “Do you have a moment?”


Greer: “Of course. I’m always happy to have you visit me.”


Lindy: “Giles came to talk to me about something today.” I explained what Giles had told me, and Greer fell silent for a moment before nodding.


Lindy: “So I thought you might be better off resting at home for a bit.”


Greer: “Thank you. That might be best.” she said with a almost sadness in her tone, “But before I leave- I want you to tell me all about you and Alyn.”


I then raised my eyebrows. “I’m sorry?”


Greer: “All this time I’ve been dying to ask you all about your relationship with Alyn! Tell me what’s it like to be with him, what do you love best about him?”


Lindy: “Well… It’s a secret, okay? But-”



I began to tell Greer all about Alyn and the little things he did that I loved best about him. and a incident that happened a few days ago.






Lindy: “Have a good day.” I said in our chamber in the morning as we both prepared to go to work.


Alyn then smiled at me. “ I will.”


Alyn headed to the door to leave, but suddenly he stopped again.


Lindy: “Alyn, did you forget something?” Before I could finish talking, he pulled me into a tight embrace, his arms warm and strong around me.


Alyn: “Stay still for a bit.” he said as he hugged me in his arms.



My heart was racing at his sudden warmth and closeness. He tighten his grip on me for a moment, and whispered in my ear.


Alyn: “You’ve been overdoing it lately, haven’t you?” he said stroking my hair with his hands. “I don’t get much time with you, so this is the only time I can ask.”



I then smiled to myself at Alyn’s caring ways. You’ve been worried about me, haven’t you?


Lindy: “Thank you. I’m okay.”



Flashback over



I then smiled to myself as I thought about the incident in my mind.




Lindy: “He’s usually pretty blunt and straightforward at times, but he can be so sweet and very kind. I think that’s what I love best about him.”


The next few days, it was a dazzling sunny warm day.

Alyn was giving me a riding lesson. Holding the reins, Alyn looked up at me sitting astride the horse.


Alyn: “Here we go.”


I nodded, and the horse started to walk. Just then-



Ow! A small twinge of pain ran along my temples. Noticing my painful expression, Alyn then stopped his horse.


Alyn: “Lindy,what’s wrong?” He said concerned, It wouldn’t be like me to pretend to be ill, like Greer.


Lindy: “I’m sorry, Alyn. I just feel a bit-”


Dizzy. I then closed my eyes, and collapsed falling off the horse, and hitting the hard ground.


Alyn: “Lindy!” Alyn yelled and jumped off the horse and ran towards me. He then grabbed me in his arms for support.


Lindy: “Alyn..” I said weakening. Opening my eyes a little as I struggled for words, I could feel Alyn climbing up on the horse with me.


Alyn: “ssh, It’s alright, just stay still.” he said. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, and place a light hand against my forehead.


Alyn: “Your burning up.” he said superised.


But without saying anything more, Alyn pulled my head to his chest.


Alyn: “Were going back to the castle now, lean back against me.” Holding me with one arm, Alyn took the reins and urged on the horse.



I didn’t remember much from the ride back, just the warmth of Alyn’s chest against my face, and the sound of the horse’s hooves.


We returned back to the palace, Alyn carried me back to my room, and immediately laid me down on the bed.


Alyn: “I’m getting the doctor now, just rest.”


Lindy: “Thank you, Alyn.” My eyelids fluttered open to see Alyn peering down into my face.



Alyn: “Hey. How long have you been feeling sick, anyway?” he said while putting a white cold cloth on my forehead to clam my fever down.


Lindy: “I don’t know. I just felt dizzy all of a sudden.”I said. “I’m sorry I had to interrupt our lesson.”


Alyn: “I’m just glad nothing worse happened.” Alyn said while continuing patting my forehead. “Just sleep for now,” he said gently stroking my feverish cheeks.






When I awoke, the sun had gone down and the room was dark. I must have been asleep for a while. The bed creaked as I rolled over, and I saw Alyn sitting in a chair next to my bed, he looked up with a start. He’d must of been sitting next to me this whole time.


Alyn: “Are you okay?” he said to me with a concerned look on his face.



Lindy: “Alyn, have you been here this whole time?”


Alyn: “Yes. The doctor said that you had a fervor, he gave you some sleeping medicine. I didn’t want you to wake up alone.” Alyn said as he placed his affectionate hand on my head to check my fever.


My heart twinged sweetly at his words, hes so kind.


Alyn: “Do you think you have some strength to eat some soup?”


Lindy: “ I think so,”


Alyn: “I’ll go get it then,” Alyn walked over to the other side of the room and started preparing the soup. After a bit, Alyn returned with the soup, and he frowned slightly as he looked at me.


Alyn: “What is it?”


I smiled up at him and told him honestly how I felt.



Lindy: “I think you were right. I would of have been uneasy if you weren’t here.”


A smile flickered at his lips, “In that case, I’ll stay by your side. Until your not lonely anymore.” He set down the tray with the soup, and came closer to the bed.


Alyn: “I’ll help you up. Here grab on.”



I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed. Alyn wrapped his arms around my back and slowly lifted me up.


Alyn: “Is this good?”


Lindy: “Yes, thanks.”


Alyn: “Let me know if you’re hurting or anything.”


Alyn put the tray on his lap, and scooped up a spoonful of soup. “Hey, open your mouth.”


I blinked in superise at the spoon in his hand. Seriously? He made a bit of a face at me.


Alyn: “Come on, this is no time to be shy, you dope. If you don’t eat, you won’t get better.”


Lindy: “I suppose that’s true.”


Still a bit embarrassed at how far he was going for me, I opened my mouth and let the spoon in.



Lindy: “It’s good. Is this corn chowder?”


Alyn grinned at my question. “Yeah.”


Lindy: “Wait, did you make this yourself?”


Alyn: “Well- yeah. I sweetened it up with a lot of milk, so hopefully you can eat it all.” He blushed a bit, trying to cover it up by bringing the spoon to my mouth again.



Lindy: “Thank you, Alyn.” Alyn’s face softened again into a smile as he continued to feed me.


Alyn: “I’ll stay by your side until you’re feeling better.”


I’m so happy to have him here with me.


Lindy fell asleep, and Alyn reached out his hand toward Lindy, who was breathing softly in her sleep. With the softest touch, he brushed the hair off her forehead.


Alyn: “Seems like her fever’s gone down. But-” Despite his touch, Lindy showed no signs of waking, and Alyn gave another loud sigh. He left his hand resting lightly on her forehead, and sighed.


Alyn: “She’s so defenseless.” He smiled, his cheeks a little pink, and wound some of Lindy’s hair around his finger.


He brought the hair to his lips, and kissed it.



















Chapter 7




The next day, I felt completely refreshed. I was just starting to get out of bed, when I heard a knock. The door opened, and Alyn poked his head into the room.


Alyn: “You sure look better today.” He came inside and put his hand against my forehead.


Lindy: “Yes, I think I’m fine now.”


Alyn: “Don’t push yourself too much, okay? Rest when you need to.”


Then he stopped, noticing that my hair was a little wet. Because of last night’s fever, my nightgown was sticking to my body a bit with sweat.


Alyn: “You sure sweated a lot during the night.”


I looked back up, and the saw the corner of Alyn’s mouth twisting up into a smile.


Alyn: “Why don’t you take a bath?”


A bit later, I was curled up in the hot water of the bath, my arms around my knees. I should of realized Alyn would accompany me.


Alyn: “What?”


Lindy: “You know what!” I splashed him a bit with the water, sticking out my tongue at him.


He laughed, and then beckoned to me.


Alyn: “You don’t need to stay curled up in the corner like that. Come on over here, and I’ll wash you.” He reached out as he spoke, wrapping an arm around my shoulders, and I dove into his chest.


Alyn: “A little excited, are you?” Alyn whispered hotly in my ear, his arm around me and our bare skin touching under the water.


Lindy: “I’m just glad I’ve finally got some energy back.”


Alyn: “Yeah, but don’t overdo it. I’ll wash you so you can save some of that energy for later.” His grin turned mischievous. “Just relax for a bit.”


Alyn pulled me onto his lap, and I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders. His large palms started stroking my bare back with the soft scrubber. Oh, he really is going to wash me!


My body twitched as Alyn ran his fingertips up my back to my neck.


Alyn: “You sweated so much, you must be exhausted. Stay still. Hold onto me until I finish washing you.”


Lindy: “Alyn. This is a little embarrassing, you know.”


Alyn: “I can tell. Your whole body’s flushed.”


Lindy: “This is a little one-sided, don’t you think?”


Alyn: “Not at all.”


Lindy: “What do you mean?”


Alyn suddenly took my hands, and pressed them against his own chest.


Alyn: “You’re not the only one whose heart is pounding.”


With my hands directly over his heart, I could feel it beating hard.


Alyn: “Feel that?”


Lindy: “Yeah.” I said blushing, and Alyn squeezed me tightly against him.


Alyn: “There’d be something wrong with me if I didn’t want you right now.” he said. “I am a man, after all.”


I want you too, Alyn.


Alyn: “Don’t look at me like that. You think I’m going to throw you down against your will?”


Lindy: “No. You’d never do that.”


Alyn: “True. So just relax. Even though I want you very much-”



His smile turned gentle, and he leaned forward and kissed me. He seemed to be holding back because I’d been sick, and I felt a warm glow at his thoughtfulness.


Alyn: “I’ll satisfy myself with just your lips for now.” he said gently stroking my lips, and pulling me close to him.

“Tell me what your thinking.” He pulled me up against him again as he spoke. I leaned into him, pressing my cheek against the side of his neck.


Alyn: “Go on, say it.”


Lindy: “I want you to kiss me.”


I whispered right next to his ear, and Alyn turned his head to whisper back.


Alyn: “As you wish.”


I could feel the smile on his lips as they pressed against mine.



A few days have passed, my fever has gone done, and



When I returned to our room, I found Alyn already there waiting for me.


Lindy: “Alyn!” I said in superise.


Alyn: “Your late.” he said sitting in the bed with his red silky pj’s on.


Lindy: “I was just talking to Greer for a bit. Giles came to see me a few days before and said -”


Alyn: “Sending her home is the best thing for her as well.” he said serious. He then reached out to place a gentle hand on my head.


Alyn: “What work do you have this week?”


Lindy: “Oh, I been asked to attend a literary salon.” I said climbing into bed next to him.


Alyn: “I see.”


You normally never ask about my schedule. Is something happening ?


Meanwhile, a group of bureaucrats had intruded into Leo’s study invited.


Bureaucrat: “There needs to be a meeting soon about Greer being a potential queen hopeful.”





Leo then sighed loudly: “But Greer herself has no interest in being the queen. Isn’t it pointless?”


Bureaucrat: “None of you seem to understand the true danger of those who oppose the princess. Thing’s may appear to be fine for now so long as the wedding continues to be postponed. But you don’t know what will happen.”





Sweet white and pink flowers bloomed everywhere in the town, giving it a bright, fresh vibe. It was a season for new beginnings, a summer season for things to change.



Giles: “You will have a special job to do starting from tomorrow. This is the season in Wysteria when thoughts turn into marriage.”



Atop Giles hand was a small box, the outside made of red plush velvet.


Giles: “Who will be your husband for the next three days? I will leave the choice up to you.”



I stared up at him with wide eyes as I reached out to take the small box from him. Inside I found two rings, sparkling brightly….


Lindy: “I’d like to choose Alyn.”


I turned around to see Alyn standing in the doorway.


Alyn: “What?”


Giles: “Alyn, what perfect timing you have.”


Giles smiled with amusement and went on to explain the situation to Alyn.


Alyn: “You want me and her to practice being married?”


I then turned to Alyn. “What do you think?”


Alyn: “Whatever, I don’t mind.” he said. “Come to my room later.”


Giles then sifted a laugh: “Alyn never changes. It’s so obvious that he’s trying to hide his embarrassment.”


I hope Alyn doesn’t totally hate the idea of pretending to be married. I then knocked on his door.


Alyn: “Ahh, it’s you.” I went in, and he shut the door behind me and then held out his hand.


Alyn: “Show me the box Giles gave you.”



You mean the rings? I pulled out the box and handed it to Alyn. He took it and slowly opened the lid. He stared down at the two rings nestled against each other inside it.


Alyn: “I know you’re the one who chose me. But this part is something I wanna do as well.”


Alyn took my hand in his, and slid one of the rings onto my ring finger. I hadn’t expected Alyn to actually put the ring on for me, and my eyes widened in suprise as I stared at him.


Alyn: “C’mon. Your turn.”


Lindy: “Oh! Right!” At Alyn’s prompting, I took the other ring from the box, and slid it onto Alyn’s ring finger.


I held out my hand to his, admiring the matching rings. Oh gosh. I’m so happy right now!


Lindy: “So you don’t mind?”You were really gruff about it in the study, so I thought-”


Alyn: “Oh, that. It was too embarrassing, with Giles right there. I couldn’t act happy, or do this with you, or anything.”



So Giles was right- you were just trying to hide your embarrassment.




I felt glad to know how he really felt, but I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. A moment later Alyn pressed his lips against my cheek in a sudden kiss.


Alyn: “that’s payback for laughing at me.”


Lindy: “I wasn’t!”


Alyn: “Well, you can do it back to me if it’ll make you feel better.”


I mock-pouted at him, my gaze dropping to look at the ring on my finger again. So were going to go off and pretend to be married.



Later that day, I changed into my nightgown and climbed into bed, and Alyn reached out to catch my hand. I was lying on the far side of the bed, but Alyn reached out and pulled me towards him.


Alyn: “You’re too far away.”


I blushed a little, looking up at him. “Are you gonna sleep like that?” I said looking at his shirtless body.



Alyn: “Why not? It’s hot in here. I’m wearing pants. What’s the problem?”


I couldn’t help but smile and he hugged me tighter in his arms.




Alyn: “Hey. Since were living together, can I make a selfish request?”


Lindy: “Like what?”


Alyn: “Let me hold you in my arms until I fall asleep. I don’t wanna let you go.” His voice was a husky, enticing whisper, and then he nuzzled against my neck.


Alyn: “I want to fall alseep like this, holding onto my happiness” Alyn snuggled up against me, his eyes falling shut, and the sight warmed my heart.


I’m so happy right now, too. I reached up and began to stroke his hair gently. “ Goodnight, Alyn.”


And so my so- called married life with Alyn began.





Chapter 8




We left the palace and went to stay in a small cottage near the lake. We’d finished most of the unpacking, and I turned to speak to Alyn.


Lindy: “How about I make us some food?”


Alyn: “Sure, let me help.”


Lindy: “What? No, you sit down and relax!”


Alyn: “Why? It’d go faster if we do it together.”


Lindy: “We don’t get many chances like this. I want you to realize what a good wife you have.”


Alyn’s eyes widened in superise at my words. For a moment he looked completely dumbstruck, as if he had no idea what to say.


Alyn: “Well, when you put it like that- guess I'll just have to wait and look forward to it.” His smile was more than enough to motivate me, and I put on a pink apron and headed to the kitchen.


Right! Now I’ve just gotta cook something amazing!






The scent of beef stronganoff wafted up from the big pot on the stove in the kitchen. Well, it smells amazing. I hope it tastes delicious too! I pulled out a spoon to test the flavor, but right then Alyn came into the kitchen.


Alyn: “I can’t wait anymore. I’m starving.” Alyn peered over my shoulder into the pot on the stove.


Alyn: “Looks good.” He wrapped his arms around me from behind, his warm body pressed up against mine.


Alyn- I know were only pretending, but- right now we're a married couple, aren't we? He tightened his grip on me and pulled me closer. I dropped my gaze for a moment, looking at the ring sparkling on his left hand.


Lindy: “Do you want to taste it?”


Alyn: “Sure.”


I scooped some of the sauce up with the spoon and blew on it to cool it down. Then I lifted it towards Alyn’s mouth, and he swallowed it in one gulp.


Lindy: “How is it?”


Alyn: “Great.” There was satisfaction in his smile, and I breathed a sigh of relief.


Then I realized he was sliding his hand under my apron, putting his hand on my thigh.




Lindy: “Alyn, hang on-”


Alyn: “what?”


Lindy: “Well obviously, your hand!”


Alyn: “Don’t mind me. Keep cooking.”


Lindy: “I can’t cook like this!” I could hear the laughter in his voice as he pressed a soft kiss against my neck.


I pulled a face at him, but I couldn’t deny that his silly teasing made me feel warm and happy inside. We really are like newlyweds, aren’t we?



The next morning dawned bright, the sunlight peeking in through the window. I heard a knock at the door, and I rolled over in bed, and opened my eyes slowly.


Alyn: “Geez, who’s coming by at this hour?” Alyn climbed out of bed shirtless, his expression still sleepy as he crossed the room.


He opened the door, and- “Huh?” I heard Alyn's startled voice, followed by the murmur of conversation.


After a long moment, Alyn returned to the room. He was carrying two large baskets with him, and I sat up in bed.


Lindy: “What’s going on?”





Alyn: “A message from Giles. Apparently were meant to take care of these babies from the orphanage for a day or so.”


Kids? Wait, what?


I climbed out of bed and peered into the baskets Alyn was carrying. Each of them contained a small baby girl, wrapped in blankets sleeping soundly.


Lindy: “Twin babies?”


Alyn: “Apparently.”


Alyn peered into the baskets with me, and then spoke softly.


Alyn: “Guess were going out. We haven’t got a single thing to feed them.”







We found a baby carriage in the local town, and we put the babies in it and headed into the stores. As we wheeled the carriage through the market, I then turned to Alyn.


Lindy: “You know, since there was a baby carriage in the town already, that means Giles planned for us to take care of them right from the start.”


Alyn: “Yeah, I guess so.”


Alyn picked up a bottle of donated breast milk from a local towns woman and stared to look at it curiously.



Alyn: “Does this stuff really work?”


I opened my mouth to reply, but right then-



Voice: “Ahh, parenthood looks rough.”


I turned at the familiar voice and saw Leo standing just behind us, grinning at us.


Alyn: “What are you doing here?”


Leo: “Giles told me to come see how you two were doing.” he said. “Lindy, you look just like a real wife and mother.”





I blushed at his words, and Alyn scowled at him even further.


Lindy: “Thanks I think.”


Alyn: “Stop intruding on our married life.” Alyn said to Leo.


Leo: “Yes, yes, If anything happens, make sure you contact the palace right away. Madame Crawford.” Leo smirked at the both of us and walked off down the street giving us a wave.


Lindy: “We really do look like husband and wife, don’t we?” I wondered aloud without thinking, and Alyn smirked at me.



Alyn: “Of course we do. We’ve got matching rings too. And at the very least, I-” I waited for him to continue, but he stared at me, his cheeks turning red.


Lindy: “What?”


Alyn: “No, it’s nothing. This stuff must work, right? We’ll get it.” Alyn hurriedly picked up the bottled breast milk again and turned to pay for it.


What were you about to say, Alyn? And why did it make you blush?




Our shopping finished, we took the babies for a stroll around a nearby garden park. As we did so, we ran into a man taking his young son for a walk. The little boy let go of his father’s hand and ran over to Alyn, throwing his arms around Alyn’s legs.


Father: “Ahh, what adorable twins you have.”


Lindy: “Thank you very much.” I said happily, staring at the twin girls in the twin stroller.



Alyn: “How old is he?” Alyn leaned over and ruffled the boy’s hair as he spoke.


Father: “He just turned two. It’s rough raising kids, isn’t it?”


Alyn: “Yeah it is. There’s so many things I still don’t understand. What did you do about milk and feeding?”

His expression was serious and intent as he listened to what he was told.


Oh Alyn you seem just like a real father. If we got married and had kids… you’d take such good care of them, wouldn’t you? I felt warm and happy just thinking about it, and I smiled as I watched him.




Me and Alyn returned back to the cottage, and we worked together to warm the milk, and feed it to the babies.


Lindy: “Ahh, thank goodness! I wasn’t sure if they’d really drink it.”


Alyn: “Yeah, me either.” Both the babies looked happy as they fell back asleep, and Alyn stared down at them.


Alyn: “Aww, heck.”


Lindy: “What?”



Alyn: “They’re so damn cute.” His gaze was gentle and loving as he stared at the babies, and I smiled at the sight.


Lindy: “That reminds me, Alyn. When we were buying the milk, you look like you were about to say something, but then you changed you mind.”






I looked curiously up at Alyn, and he frowned a little. Just then there was a knock at the door. He chatted for a short while with the person at the door, and then came back. Alyn reached over and patted the babies on the head before heading towards the door.


Alyn: “Sorry. Some work came up. There’s a problem with the troops.” Alyn looked regretful, and I smiled reassuringly at him.


Lindy: “I understand. Don’t worry about me. Do you have to go now?”


Alyn: “Yeah. Will you be okay by yourself?”


I looked down at the babies as I considered his question. The truth is, I feel a bit uneasy being alone with two babies, but-


I don’t want to worry you, not when you have to work.


Lindy: “I’ll be okay.”


Alyn: “If anything happens, go straight back to the palace.”



Alyn reached out and gently caressed my cheek.


Alyn: “Okay, I’ll see you later.” He pulled me towards him and gave me a soft, feather-light kiss.




Both the babies began to grumble a little after Alyn left, almost as if they could sense that he was gone. I picked up one of the babies, cradling her against my chest, and offered the other a toy to distract her.



Alyn reached the palace and headed straight for the study.


Nico: “Alyn?”


Alyn: “Lindy and the kids are at the cottage.” he said. “If something happens, she’s all alone, and she’ll get worried. I want you to go check on her.”


Nico: “I see. Did Lindy say anything in particular?”


Alyn: “Nah. She just said she’d be okay. But you know, just in case.”







Nico: “Alyn, you’re acting just like a real husband.” he said cheerful. “ Your worry for her is written all over your face.”


Alyn frowned at Nico’s words, and turned back to face him. He stepped forward and flicked Nico lightly on the forehead with his finger.


Nico: “Ow!”


Alyn: “I love her,” And with that he turned and strode out of the room.


Nico: “Wow. I wish Lindy could’ve heard you right then.”


That evening, Alyn was still back at the palace. One of the babies wouldn’t stop crying no matter how much I tired to soothe her, and I was starting to fret. She ate so much when I fed her earlier, but now she won’t eat at all. I hope she’s not feeling sick or something.



I reached up to touch her forehead, and realized she felt much hotter than she had before. I need to take her to a doctor!










I put the two girls in the baby carriage and headed straight into town to a doctor I’d always visited before. But when I arrived, I found a sign the door stating that the doctor was out and the clinic was closed.


I then looked at the sign in disbelief. “No way!”


Before I could even process my shock, the baby began to cry again, her wails echoing through the night street. I picked her up and began to rock her, my heart filled with unease.


Lindy: “I’m sorry, sweetie! I’ll find another doctor!”


No, this is no time to panic and freak out. I’d promised Alyn I’d be okay. I’ll figure this out! I picked her up and began to rock her, my heart filled with unease.


I put the baby back in the carriage and began to wheel it down the street again, when-


“Are you okay Lindy?”


I turned around and saw Nico hurrying towards me, his expression worried.



Nico: “Ahh, I’m so glad I did what Alyn said.” he said. “He told me you’d get worried about being all alone if something happened at the cottage. So he asked me to come and check on you.”


Alyn must be so busy with work, yet he still did that for me. Relief and joy flooded through me to know that Alyn had been thinking of me so strongly even then.


Nico: “If we go back to the palace, the doctor will see them right away. C’mon, let’s go.”





We returned back to the palace, and the doctor reassured us that the baby just had a cold. The medicine he gave us seemed to work well, and soon she was sleeping soundly again. She looks so much better already.


Lindy: “I’m sorry I didn’t realize sooner, sweetie.”







Alyn: “Lindy.” Alyn stepped into my room, and I realized he must of have finished work. He went and quickly hugged me in his arms in a tight embrace. “They told me Nico found you, and you were here, and the doctor checked on her. They told me she just has a cold.”



Lindy: “Yes. She finally gone to sleep.” He then pulled me into his arms, cuddling me against his chest.


Lindy: “Alyn, I’m so sorry for worrying you.”


Alyn: “You’re not the one who should be apologizing.” he said stroking my back. “I’m sorry. I should’ve made you come back to the palace with me, even if I had to insist. When Nico told me what happened, that he found you on the street, with our twins.. I was so worried, I almost had a heart attack. I had to see you at once to make sure you were alright.”


I could see the concern and worry written clear across his face, and I reached up to touch his cheek. My heart clenched, and I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him tightly back.


Lindy: “Well, I’m sorry for pretending to be tough and telling you I’d be okay when actually I was worried,”






Alyn: “you know-” Alyn's cheeks were flushed, his expression grave as he studied me. “I wasn't going to say this, but- I looked up to find him gazing down at me, his red eyes dark and intense.



Alyn: “Just being by my side is enough to make you the best wife in the world. Just smiling at me is enough to make me happier then anyone.” Alyn reached up and touched my cheeks, his fingers gentle against my skin.


His sweet words filled me almost to overflowing with happiness.


Alyn: “That’s what I was gonna say when we were buying the formula.”



Lindy: “Alyn- thank you. That makes me so happy.”


Alyn: “There’s too much work right now, so I don’t think I can go back to the cottage just yet. But with the babies like this, I don’t wanna leave you there alone.”


Lindy: “I understand, Alyn.” I said with a smile. Alyn slid his arms around me again, pulling me towards him.


Alyn: “I know the three days of our practice aren’t over yet, but.. you should stay here in the palace”


You’ve been thinking and worrying about me and the babies the whole time, haven’t you?



Alyn: “I don’t ever want to make you worried if I can avoid it.” Alyn hugged me tightly, as if trying to reassure me, and I felt warmed right through. It’s true that I feel a little worried about returning to the cottage, but-


Lindy: “Alyn, If it's possible- I'd like to send these two home from the cottage.”


Alyn turned his gaze to look at the two baby girls, sleeping in their beds.


Alyn: “I get it. I want to be with them too. Tonight, I’ll stay with you and take care of them. And if there better tomorrow, we’ll go back to the cottage.”



Alyn and I stayed with the twins for the rest of the evening, taking care of them. They’re both sleeping well. Maybe they’ll be okay.


I pressed a hand against one forehead and then another, breathing a sigh of relief that they both felt normal.


Alyn: “Why don’t we get some sleep?” Alyn was standing next to me, and I smiled up at him.


Lindy: “That sounds nice. But I’m still a little worried, so I’ll stay up a little longer.”


Alyn: “You sound as if you’re gonna stay up all night.”


Alyn continued to stand next to me, looking down at the baby girls.


Lindy: “Alyn, you have work tomorrow, you should get some-” I started to shoo him off to bed, but he reached up and ruffled my hair. There was a gentle light in his eyes as he spoke, and I smiled again.


Alyn: “Who do you think I am? I’m way stronger then you.”


Lindy: “I guess you are.” I stepped a little closer, snuggling up against him as we watched the babies sleep. I felt warm and happy, having him right there beside me when I needed him.



It was early in the morning, and the sun was just peeking in through the window. The babies had both slept well, and they looked healthy and happy as they gurgled and waved their arms around.


Neither of us got a wink of sleep in the end, but- I smiled as I watched them, and Alyn stepped out from behind the changing screen, dressed and ready.


Alyn: “Someone’s coming to get them today, right?”


Lindy: “Yes. They said they’d send someone from the orphanage to pick them up from the cottage.”


Alyn: “Okay. I wanted to see them off with you but- I have to work, so I don't have that option.”


Lindy: “Alyn, are you feeling okay?”



Alyn: “Sure, why?” He said with his eyes raised.


Lindy: “You didn’t sleep at all last night.”


Alyn: “Hmm, maybe I’m not okay.” he said teasing.


Lindy: “What? Really?”


Alyn: “I need my goodbye kiss. I’m sure I’ll feel much better if I get it.”


I laughed softly and stood up on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek.



Alyn: “Not enough.”


What? A moment later, he slid his arm around my waist. He leaned close and placed a soft kiss against my lips.


Alyn: “That’s better.” He grinned down at me in amusement, and I shook my head with a wry smile.


Alyn: “I feel much better now, thanks to you. See you later.”


After Alyn left I made my way back to the cottage with the babies. Soon someone from the orphanage came to pick them up. It was a bit rough there for a while, but I’m so glad they were smiling as I said goodbye.


I then headed into the kitchen and began to prepare dinner. I was halfway trough making it when Alyn came back home to the cottage.


Alyn: “I’m home.”


Lindy: “Welcome home!” I ran to greet him throwing myself on him in a deep hug.



Alyn glanced at the baby carriage, still sitting in the living room.


Alyn: “So they went home?”


Lindy: “Yes. I was here to see them off.”


Alyn: “That’s good.”



Alyn, you look a little lonely. His vulnerability in that moment just made me love him all the more.


Lindy: “Hey, Alyn? Do you want to have dinner? Or do you want me to prepare a bath for you?”





Alyn’s eyes widened in superise at my question. His cheeks flushed red, and I blinked at him in confusion.


Lindy: “What is it?”


Alyn: “Do you understand what you were asking just then?” he said turning red. “The answer to that is obvious. I want to have you.”


Alyn stepped closer and slid one arm under my knees, and the other around my back, lifting me into the air. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, blinking up at him.


Alyn: “I’m not gonna drop you, so hold on tight.” Alyn grinned at me, his eyes dancing with amusement.


Alyn: “I’ve been waiting for this, and I’m not gonna let you go, not even for a second.” His face was so close I could feel his breath against my cheek, and my heart began to pound as he carried me across the room.


We reached the bedroom, and he set me down on the covers.


Lindy: “Oh!”


Alyn: “Lindy.” He said leaning over me. “Why are you so tense?”






Lindy: “You startled me is all!” I leaned back against the pillows, my heart still racing as he leaned over me. A sweet smile crossed his face as he reached out to stroke my cheek.


Alyn: “So long as that’s all it is. Although it’s true that this is our first time as a married couple. Being with you, I could imagine what it might be like if everyday was like that.” There was a teasing smirk on his lips as he leaned closer to me.


Lindy: “What do you mean?”


Alyn: “We had kids, and you were cooking me dinner, and sleeping next to me every night. I was so happy being with you like this, I almost couldn’t stand it.” Alyn’s voice was throaty and full of emotion, and it sent a thrill right through me.


Lindy: “I felt the same way. I kept thinking, if we got married for real, you’d be such a gentle, devoted father…”


Alyn: “silly. Don’t just evaluate me as a father, evaluate me as a husband too.” He lifted my chin, meeting my gaze, and then pressed a rough kiss against my lips. His mouth was passionate on mine, and I closed my eyes as I gave myself over to it.








Alyn: “After all, I’m sure you’d hate it if your husband was bad at this.” There was a roguish gleam in his eyes as he grinned at me, and I pulled a face at him. My pulse began to speed up as I spoke, and I saw a flush creep up Alyn’s cheeks.


Lindy: “I would, but you're not, so I don't. It's like you said- just being by my side is enough to make you the best husband in the world.”


Alyn then blushed. “You know when you say stuff like that- I really, really dont wanna let you go.”


(I never want to let you go either, Alyn.)



He kissed me again, and I lifted my head, closing my eyes as I responded eagerly. Alyn reached out with his left hand and twined it with mine, our matching rings sparkling faintly in the dim light. I can’t wait for the day to come when were wearing matching rings for real. I wrapped my arms around Alyn and gave myself over to his passion, imagining the sweet, joyful future that awaited us….


Chapter 9




Our three day practice of married life was over, and we’d returned to our normal life at the palace. It was a warm day, and Alyn and I were giving Arthur a bath.


We poured water over him to wash off the soap, and a moment later he shook himself all over. Water splattered off Arthur, drenching both Alyn and I in moments.


Alyn: “Waah!” he said. “Geez, you little-” Alyn frowned and then stripped off his shirt, and I blinked at him in surprise.


Lindy: “Alyn?”


Alyn: “What? If I leave it on, I might catch a cold.” Alyn turned to look at me, reaching out to touch my damp hair.


Alyn: “You should strip too.”


Lindy: “Well-”


Alyn: “C’mon, just go for it.”


Alyn was more then happy to help me remove my wet clothes. Soon we were soaking in a warm bath together.





I glanced over at the little tub that was on the floor next to the bath. Arthur was happily soaking in the warm water we’d put in it for him.


(This feels a little odd somehow.)


My heart began to pound faster then usual, and I glance up at Alyn.


Alyn: “come closer.” Alyn reached out and pulled me towards him. My skin pressed directly up against his under the water, and I blushed a little. He grinned suddenly, tightening his grip on me.


It's funny, but- all of us having a bath together like this reminds me of- I smiled as I thought back to the married life we'd practiced, and the baby girls we'd taken care of.


Alyn: “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do anything with Arthur right here.” Alyn reached out past the edge of the bath and patted Arthur on the head.


Lindy: “It’s almost like were married again.” I said. “Like if Arthur was our kid, and we were all having a bath together.”


Alyn: “If Arthur was our kid?” Alyn’s eyes widened in superise and he glanced over at Arthur. “He’s a dog, ya know.” At the same moment, Arthur gave a soft howl as if protesting.





I laughed softly, reaching out to pat Arthur on the head as well. It was so nice to just spend time with Alyn and Arthur, and I just didn’t want it to end. But as I snuggled back against Alyn again, I realized that I was feeling light-headed from the heat of the bath.


Alyn: “You’re getting pretty flushed. You sure you don’t want to get out?”


Lindy: “I'm okay.” As I looked up at Alyn to smile reassuringly- my head began to spin, my vision wavering and going gray.


Lindy: “Alyn,” I said weakly.


Alyn: “Lindy!” My body began to feel light and distant, but I could faintly feel Alyn’s strong arms tightening around me so I wouldn’t fall.


Lindy: “Nnnnn-” I felt something cold against my forehead, and I opened my eyes to find Alyn peering down at me. I suddenly remembered our bath, and how hot and light- headed I'd felt.


Alyn: “your awake?”


A moment later, I realized that I was still completely naked under the sheets.


Lindy: “Did- you carry me in here naked?” I pulled his sheets tighter around me, feeling oddly shy, and Alyn laughed softly.




Alyn: “Silly. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. Here, have some cold water.” Alyn sat down on the side of the bed and handed me a glass of water.


I drank the glass of water, and then glanced up at Alyn.


Lindy: “Thank you. I think I’m okay now. I’m sorry, you’re not mad, are you?”


Alyn: “Why would I be mad?” Alyn spoke lightly, his voice gentle as he reached out to tuck my hair behind my ear.


Alyn: “Besides, it just helps remind me of how useless you are without me.” his tone was teasing as he grinned at me, and then he lay down on the next to me.


I smiled at him with relief as I set the glass down on the bedside table.


Lindy: “That reminds me, where’s Arthur?”


Alyn: “I let him out, he can take himself for a walk.”


Alyn propped himself up on his elbow, looking up at me curiously. “Here you are, all worried about Arthur’s welfare, and talking about kids… don’t tell me you’re ready to have a baby?”






Lindy: “Wait, what?!” I spilled water out of my mouth. My eyes widened in shock at the suggestion, my cheeks suddenly burning.


Lindy: “Well, I mean, one day, sure, but-”


Alyn: “Uh-huh. In that case- If you wanna practice trying, I'm happy to help out anytime.”


Lindy: “Alyn!”


I giggled softly, and he frowned, his eyes coming back to meet mine.


Alyn: “This is the only chance you’ll have to laugh. When you look at me like that it drives me crazy.”


Lindy: “Like what?”


Alyn: “Like this.” He pushed me down against the bed and leaned in for a kiss, soft and yet filled with an underlying passion.


His body pressed against mine, warm and sure, and I smiled as I kissed him again. His kisses quickly deepen, and the taste of his passion ignited my own. I reached out and wrapped my arms around Alyn, pulling him close to me.


It would be wonderful if we could have a family together, one day.





Coming up……


Alyn rebuffs Greer coldly.


Alyn: “Don’t touch me.”


Lindy: “Alyn? Why would you act that way?”


I’m confused, but Greer speaks honestly.


Greer: “No, he’s right, Lindy, I’m-”



To be continued………
















Chapter 10




Today is the day Greer is going home.


And she’s leaving while I’m at the literary salon, so I can’t even be there to see her off.


I was sitting at the breakfast table, looking a little sad. Alyn saw my face reaction, and put his hand on mine to get my attention. “Hey.” He said looking at me. “You’re getting too worked up over this. If you’re that lonely, do you want me to make you feel less lonely?”

Alyn’s sudden smirk made his meaning clear, and I couldn’t help but blush. Alyn’s smirk widened into a smile as he watched my reaction.


Alyn: “Silly. I’m just kidding.”


I then later head into my chamber to get ready for the Literary salon. I then heard a knock at the door.


Lindy: “Come in,” I said.


A servant girl came in with a present in her hand. I then looked at her curious.


Lindy: “What is that?” I said to her.





Servant: “A gift from his majesty.” she said. “He said to use it at the salon.” The servant held out a pretty pink laced parasol with a bright tied around it, and I took it hesitantly.


I then smiled to myself. Warmth and happiness filled me up inside, and I reached out to touch the ribbon on the parasol. Thank you, Alyn


Meanwhile, Alyn was visiting Greer’s room to escort her to her carriage outside her way home.


Alyn: “Let’s go.”


Greer: “Oh wow, the king himself is here to see me off, I feel special.”


Alyn: “Let’s get going.”


But as he did so, Greer reached out and placed a hesitant hand on his arm.


Greer: “I don’t want to go.”


Alyn then looked at her. “I’m sorry?”


Greer then got up from the bed. “Alyn,” she said leaning close to him, suddenly putting her head to his chest.


Alyn: “What are you doing.” he said serious and shocked she would do such a thing.


Greer: “I don’t want to go,” she said again.



Alyn: “What are you talking abou-” His words were cut off, when Greer grabbed his face and kissed him. Suddenly her lips were on his. Alyn stood there for a moment, till he realized what happened. He then pushed her away, and thew her to the ground.


Greer: “Alyn,” she said in shock.


Alyn: “What do you think you’re doing?” He said angry at her. “I am not yours. I have Lindy, and I only want her. She’s my fiancee. Maybe you forgot that.”


Greer: “Alyn I-”


Alyn: “I’m going to let this go.”


Greer: “I-”


Alyn: “love Lindy.” He said sharply. The only lips I want is hers. I’m sorry, but I have no interest in you like that. I am also your king,”


Greer: “I’m sorry. Forget I said anything.” Greer’s smile seemed forced, and she hurried towards the door.







The literary salon was lively, and I enjoyed the conversations with the friendly noblewomen. I was sitting on the couch, sipping on a cup of tea, at one point a noblewoman turned to speak to me, picking up a pink colored macaroon to nibble on as she did so.


Noble woman: “You look lovely Lindy,”


Lindy: “Thank you. Thank you all for inviting me to this event,” I said to everyone cheerfully.


Noblewoman: “Oh, yes. Did I hear that bureaucrats daughter Greer is going home?”


Lindy: “Yes. It is true,”


Noblewoman 2: “A second potential queen, really. That must be so rough on you, Princess.”


Lindy: “Not at all. As long as Alyn is by my side, I should of alright.” I said smiling to everyone.


As soon as I returned from the literary salon, I paid a visit to Alyn in his work study.


Lindy: “Alyn,” I said coming in the room.


Alyn: “Lindy,” he said superised I was paying him a visit. “What’s the matter?” he said looking at me.





Lindy: “Alyn, thank you for the parasol. It made me so happy when I received it” I smiled as I lifted up the parasol I was carrying to show him, and to my superise his cheeks turned red.


He shifted a little smile. “Well, I figured you’d be walking in the rose garden afterwards while talking at the salon.”


Alyn then got up from his desk, and came towards me. I then hugged him in a embrace.


Lindy: “Thank you Alyn.” I said happily. Alyn looked down and put his arm around my back, a sigh on his face, thinking about what happened with Greer a while ago. He feels like he betrayed Lindy.


Lindy: “Greer must be getting ready to go-”


Alyn: “Leave it.” Alyn said unhappy.


Lindy: “I’m sorry?” I said confused at Alyn’s sudden reaction.


Alyn: “Just leave things as they are. That’s all I’m saying.”


Is that really all? I feel like there’s more to it. It’s not like you to act like this.




I then left Alyn’s office, and I found Leo standing just outside, waiting for me.


Lindy: “Leo, what are you doing here? You could just came in,”


Leo: “You know what Alyn’s like, he’d get all weird about me visiting you inside his study.”



He then looked at me. serious. “Do you have a moment, Lindy?”




Leo and I headed out into the rose gardens before he’d say anything more.


Lindy: “Leo, what is it?”


Leo: “What I’m about to say might sound a bit harsh, but I want you to listen, okay?” Leo’s voice was soft and serious, and I nodded hesitantly, feeling uneasy about what was to come.






Leo: “Greer’s poor health condition, means they’ve had to give up on the idea of her as queen for now. But when she gets better they’re probably going to make her return back to the palace later this week.” Leo’s expression was serious as he met my gaze directly.


Leo: “If the forces opposed to you as the princess start becoming any more active- Well, you and Alyn may not be able to get married after all.”



Lindy: “What?” I said in shock. Alyn and I can't get married? But that's crazy! I don't know what to think. Even the king- the former king now- wanted me to be queen. Why is this happening?



Lindy: “And if that happens- then Greer will end up becoming queen instead of me?”


Leo: “Unfortunately. Do you understand the reason why I’m telling you this?”


Lindy: “No,”


Leo: “You can’t change the past, but you can change the future. I want this to work out for you Lindy, and for Greer. Neither of you want this. I’m doing what I can from my end to turn this all around.”


(For now, the best thing I can do is fulfill my duties as princess, and show them I’m worthy of the title.)




A week has passed, and I was walking down the court hall to go to my study room when Giles came toward me.



Giles: “Princess.” he said. Greer is feeling better and has returned back to the palace. She’s currently in her guest room.”


Lindy: “Greer has returned?” I then headed to Greer’s room.




Greer: “Lindy, how are you?” she said to me. I was superised to see Alyn there too.


Greer: “I’m sorry for the trouble,”


Lindy: “Not at all. I’m just glad to see you looking so well.”


Alyn’s expression was flat, and looked a little angry.

I wondered what was going on.


Lindy: “Isn’t that right, Alyn?” I glanced up at Alyn, but he said nothing, and I couldn’t read his expression.


Greer: “Geez. You haven’t said a word since you came in!” Greer then got up from the bed, and she was about to poke him, but Alyn grabbed her hand ruffly.



Alyn: “Don’t touch me.” Alyn’s voice was low and gruff, his words abrupt.


I could see the shock on Greer’s face, and I turned to Alyn immediately.


Lindy: “Alyn? Why would you say that? Greer is our friend. You should apologize to her.”


He was frowning as he avoided both our gazes.


Greer: “Don't tell me- you realized?”


Alyn: “With the way you’ve been acting, anyone would figure it out.”


What are you both talking about?


Lindy: “I don’t really understand what you’re talking about, but you still shouldn’t be so harsh to Greer.”


Greer “No, he’s right, Lindy.” she said looking guilty.


I then turned to her. “What?”


I turned to Greer in confusion, but she dropped her gaze, avoiding looking at me.



Greer: “I never meant for it to happen, but- somehow along the way-” Her voice was trembling, but it echoed loudly in the quiet room.



Greer: “I’m with child.”



Coming up……



Giles: “You already know that there are people in town who don’t want the princess to become queen.”


Giles: “It would seem they are starting to become active.”


Faced with Giles report, Alyn makes a decision.


Alyn: “We have no choice but to stop them.”



To be continued……..


Chapter 11




We all looked at her with shocked faces. Did you really just say-


Greer’s trembling voice echoed through the room, followed by silence.


Alyn: “Your… pregnant?” Alyn said to Greer in shock.


Lindy: “Greer?”


Greer: “It is true, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”


Alyn and I looked at each other.


Alyn: “I don’t understand, why would the bureaucrats allow you to become a queen hopeful, when your with child?”


Greer: “Because they don’t know about it.” she said upset. “That’s why I was ill. That’s why I don’t want to become queen. I-”


Lindy: “How far along are you?” I said concerned.


Greer: “I’m actually 8 and a half months,” Greer removed her overly clothing, and showed us her grown belly she was hiding.




Alyn eyes widened: “why would you hide this? whose the father?”


Greer: “My lover. the one I really love,”


Lindy: “And who is he?”


Greer: ‘He’s name is letih. Father does not approve of him because he’s a servant boy, and I’m a noble. We hid our relationship in secret all this time, but when father wanted me as Alyn’s future queen hopeful, well.. let’s just say i ended up like this.”


Lindy: “Does this leith know your with child?”


Greer: “No! you mustn’t tell him! You would get him killed by my father, if he found out we were together,”


Alyn: “When were you going to tell me your with child? Before or after our wedding? Were you planning on me claiming this child?” Alyn said furious at Greer.


Lindy: “Alyn?”


Alyn: “Lindy, you don’t understand the situation: The bureaucrats want you Greer as my wife, and queen, but your pregnant with someone else child. The only way for you to be queen, is for me to claim this child as mine, meaning we did something out of marriage.”


Greer: “Alyn I-”



Alyn: ‘Hate to break it to you Greer, but even if the bureaucrats choose you as my wife, I can’t claim this child as mine. You will have to admit you were pregnant before you met me. I’m sorry. But if you think im going to claim this child as mine, your wrong.”


Greer: “But Alyn-”


Alyn: “Like I said, your not my fiancee.”


Greer: “I’m so sorry,” Greer said turning to me looking upset.


I then looked at her superised: “For what?”


Greer: “I.. kissed Alyn.”


Lindy: “What.”



Greer: “I’m so sorry. I just-” I then cut her off by slapping her hard, In front of Alyn.


Alyn: “Lindy,” he said in shock. He then grabbed me. “Clam down. I will take care of this,” he said to me.



Alyn: “Greer, leave.” He said with warning.



Greer: “O-okay.” Greer bit back what she’d been trying to say, and stepped out of the room.




Lindy: “Alyn, did you know?”


Alyn: “I didn’t know she was pregnant, but I kind of figured it out from the way she was acting.”


Lindy: “I see.”


Alyn: “hey.” Alyn reached out and placed a gentle hand on my head, pulling me closer to rest against his chest.


Alyn: “clam down. Take deep breaths. I’ll have her leave the palace right away. Even if I have to tell the bureaucrats she is with child with someone else. You know that your feelings are more important to me than anyone’s.”


I took a deep breath and let it out again, trying to calm my confused emotions. You can make her leave? I guess you are the king.


Lindy: “Thank you Alyn,” I know how much you care about me.






Lindy: “Have a good day.” I said the next day getting ready for work, and seeing Alyn out.


Alyn: “you too.” he said with a smile.


Alyn: “ Hey. If something happens, let me know, okay?”


Lindy: “I’ll be fine Alyn,” I said reassuringly.


Alyn: “If you say so. I mean it though- if something happens, come and tell me about it. He said then pulling me into a hug. “I'll see you later,”


Leo and Giles were in Leo’s study, waiting for sid’s arrival. Sid was Wyesteria’s palace spy and information man. He was good at what he does: Since he comes from a Mafia family.


Sid: “Hey.” He said with a stern look on his face.


Leo: “I have a bad feeling about this.” Leo said out-loud.


Sid: “ I’ve got some big-time info for ya.” Sid’s smile faded away, his expression turning serious.


Giles: “Please tell us what you have for us.”








Sid: “Ya know those guys who don’t want a commoner princess to be queen? When you announced that the wedding was being postponed, their enthusiasm kinda waned and they started to let it go. But now there’s a rumor going around in the town that you postponed it just to find another way to make the commoner princess the queen.”


As Sid was speaking, he handed Giles a sheaf of documents of the report that he found. Giles and Leo observed it carefully.


Sid: “They’re getting antsy. If you don’t handle this soon, I dunno what there gonna end up doing.”


Leo: “What do you want to do, Giles?” Leo said worried.


Giles: “For now, I will inform the king.”


I was heading toward Alyn’s study happily, and as I was about to open the door, I froze as I heard Giles speaking from inside the study.


Giles: “I’ve received information from Sid.” I heard Giles say inside the study. Giles handed the documents to Alyn.



Giles: “You already know that there are people in town who don’t want the princess to become queen. It would seem they are starting to become active.”




Alyn: “Lindy is the only queen I’m interested in having.” Alyn then held the documents in his hand, with a angry look on his face.


Giles: “Very well, what would you like to do?”


Alyn took a deep breath, and then spoke again, his voice sharp.


Alyn: “Now that we have the information-We have no

choice but to stop them.”


My hand fell away from the doorknob as I listened to the conversation being had within I then left the hall, and walked away in a daze.


Giles: “Also,” Giles then handed a white envelope to Alyn. “This arrived today,” he said serious. “It seems it came the people who oppose the princess. I didn’t open it, but it seems it was labeled to you. It seems like it’s some kind of blackmail against her. I will leave the rest to you.” Giles then left Alyn’s study.


Alyn the opened the envelope, and he saw a DVD in it.

Alyn: “What is this?” he said observing it. He then walked over to his desk, and put the DVD in his computer. He was nervous, he has no idea what is about to see.







Alyn put on his headphones, and the video played. It seemed like it was some video camera footage, and the date was underneath it. It was from last year. As Alyn observed the tape, and to his superise, the location looked like Mass church, downtown, and in women in the video seemed like Lindy.


Lindy: “Who’s there?!” She said in the church on the tape. Alyn squinted his eyes and kept watching. It was Lindy, that was her voice.


Leo: I’m… I’m a priest here.” Leo said covering his mouth and hiding underneath the pulpit. Is that Leo? What’s he doing inside a church, and pretending to be some priest? Alyn thought to himself.


Leo: “Today’s mass has ended, so unless you want to confess, please go home.” he said nervous. “Did she go?”


Leo: “Ehh?! She’s in the confessional?!”


Lindy: “I’m not a christian, but will you allow me to confess?” Alyn raised his eyebrows. “Confess what?”


Leo: “You… you may confess. “ Oh well, it must be something trivial anyway….


Lindy: “When… I was in junior high, I was sexually abused by my step father. I got pregnant, and then forced to have an abortion.” Alyn’s eyes widened in shock as he watched the tape.



Leo: I thought a commoners confession.. would be something laughable. What did she just say? Leo then put his hand to his mouth in deep shock. Alyn also put his hand over his mouth in shock as well as he watched the tape.


Lindy: “Then.. that’s why… despite that…” Lindy said choking up in tears. “My mother refused to help me, and my step father violence continued.” Leo was quiet. So was Alyn watching the tape.


Lindy: “I got pregnant again…”


Alyn: “Is she serious?” he said to himself, and looks on the verge of tears.


Lindy: “And this time, the strain on my body was so much, the doctor said that I may never be able to bear any children in the future. And it seemed nobody would help… it was like a death sentence to a 14 year old girl-” Alyn slammed his computer down hard, and wiped the tears off his face. He then reopened his computer again, hoping it will get better.


Lindy: “And one year ago today, I gave birth to a boy, and put him up for adoption.”


Alyn was in full shock. “She… gave birth.. last year… Adoption?”






Lindy: “I wasn’t happy to have that child growing within my womb… I was always afraid and sad. And when it was decided to put him up for adoption, I was incredibly relived. And further, I have never seen the child… and yet, I… though I have never seen the child… is it okay for me to still remember him?”


Video Ends



Lindy’s deep dark secret was just revealed in front of him. He didn’t know. All that she endured. He doesn’t want to believe it. He’s in denial.



I was staring down at my feet as I climbed the stairs, when all of a sudden I ran into someone. I looked up quickly to find Leo standing on the step above me.


Leo: “You look pale. Is everything okay?” Leo’s voice was kind and concerned, and somehow all the tension and fear inside seemed to unravel.


I desperately tried to blink back the tears, but a moment later, I felt Leo’s arms around me.


Leo: “You heard them talking about it didn’t you? About what Sid found out?”


Lindy: “yes.”





Leo: “I know Alyn is going to find a way to sort this out. And you’ve got me, too Lindy. Were all on your side, you know that.”


Leo: “Thank you, Leo. Please don’t tell Alyn that I overheard them, okay?”






I was lying in bed with Alyn, drifting off to sleep. We were lying back to back, but the feel of him moving away from me startled me out of my doze, His expression looked serious in the dimness, and a look of deep anger on his face. I saw him quietly pulling on his jacket, as he headed for the door in the middle of the night.


Where on earth are you going? I put on my robe and sneaked out after Alyn.


I followed him all the way to the training grounds, where I watched as he picked up his sword.


(But why are you practicing at this hour?)



He began to practice, his movements graceful in the dim light. He looked like he was trying to manage some frustration. After a while, Alyn lowered his sword and turned towards where I was hiding.


Alyn: “If you’re gonna follow me, you should try harder to keep quiet.”


I stepped hesitantly out from behind the pillar as Alyn approached me, his hair and face full of sweat.


I then covered myself with my robe. “I’m sorry. But what are you doing down here?”


Alyn: “Nothing, really.” Alyn sighed at my question, his expression falling.


Lindy: “Please tell me the truth.”



Alyn was quiet for a moment with a serious look on his face.


Lindy: “Alyn?” I said concerned.


Alyn: “You… those people who don’t want you to be queen are starting to plot in secret. But if we do something now, we can stop them.”


Lindy: “You mean-”




Alyn lifted his sword, staring down at it as he began to speak.

You’re planning to fight them, aren’t you? His eyes slid away from mine, and I reached out to touch his arm gently.

There’s only one real way to stop those sort of people.



Lindy: “Alyn, please don’t-” Alyn wrapped his arms around me in a sudden embrace, cutting off my words.


Alyn: “I may be the king, but I’m also a knight. And as a knight I want to protect you. I swore to you, didn’t I?”


He embraced me tighter, burying his face in my shoulder, and I couldn’t think of a thing to say.


Is this the best thing for the palace? For the country? If frighting breaks out in the towns- Will Wyesteria be at peace?














Coming up….


Greer: “Will I ever be good enough?”


Greer asks Alyn, her voice pained.


Leo: “I can’t stand to see you hurting so badly. If this is how it is, you should be with me.”


Leo wraps me in a warm embrace.


What future awaits Alyn and I?!



Alyn: “No matter what happens, I want to protect you, and keep you safe.”



To be continued……..











Chapter 12




A few days later, Alyn came storming into my study with a angry look on his face.



Alyn: “What is this about you asking Nico to teach you how to sword fight?” After speaking with his Knights, he had overheard something about the Princess having have asked Nico to teach her how to use a sword. This had angered him. She should rely on him for protection not a butler. Lindy didn’t even look up from the paper she had been reading.


Lindy: “You don’t want to teach me and Nico is actually pretty skilled, since he’s from Stein..” She finally looked up at Alyn.



Alyn knew she was making sense. It was logical for her to want to learn how to defend herself-but she should have asked for him.


Alyn: “Why do you even need lessons? I can take care of you! Do you not trust me?” He said upset, his fists clenched. He was still was upset from what he saw on the video tape, and that was stirring up his anger.






Lindy: “The people opposing me are still out there ! You won’t be by my side 24 hours a day.” She was silent for a moment. “Why are you so mad anyway? I’m just asking for sword lessons.” She then crossed her arms.


Alyn: “You’re a woman! Your job is to stand at the throne and smile, you leave things like this to men!” He knew he had crossed a line. Alyn didn’t even believe in gender weakness but he was so angry, his mouth was spouting out random things. He saw her jaw clench and knew he had made a mistake. They argued back and forth, both too stubborn to stop. At some point, she crossed past him and reached for the door.


Lindy: “Whatever. My lessons with Nico are about to start.” She opened the door and Alyn yelled at her.



Alyn:. “Fine!” he yelled angry. “Go and run to Nico like the whore that you are!” It was out of his mouth before he could stop it. He saw her freeze in the hallway before her body clenched and she ran out. He thought about chasing after her but decided against it. They both needed time to cool off.


Instead of going to Nico for the lesson, Lindy headed straight to their chamber and closed the door leaning on it. Tears were running down her face. Alyn has never yelled at her like that. They never got into a fight.






The words jabbed her like a knife. “Like the whore that you are.” It brought back deep pain of her past. Flashbacks she didn’t want to remember. She then broke into tears, and started to sob with such pain.


Alyn walked after Lindy, and stopped for a moment. He could feel Lindy’s sadness. And it wasn’t just light pain. It was deep hurt, and scroow. He then went to find her, and when he did he found her lying on the bed in their chamber, crying her eyes out.


Did he cause her great sorrow? Alyn: “hey,” alyn said climbing on the bed, touching her shoulder, trying to clam her down. “I’m sorry, please don’t cry.” He said holding her in her arms. “I take it back, I was out of line. I’m sorry,” He said holding her and keep wiping away her tears. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you this much” She then fell asleep in his arms, after she cried herself to sleep.



The next few days have passed, and Lindy came into Alyns study. Lindy: “Could I have a moment of you time?”


Alyn: “What? Why are you being so formal all of sudden?”


Lindy: “Because I want to have a serious conversation with you.”




He pushed aside the documents in front of him and gave me his full attention.


Lindy: “I love you with all my heart, Alyn. But- I'm wondering what really is best for the country.”


Greer has strong opinions. As queen, she could protect Wysteria.


Lindy: “As the princess, I also love this country.” I said. “I want you to accept Greer as your queen.”


I spoke firmly, and Alyn’s eyes widened in superise. Alyn began to frown as he reached out to touch my cheek.


(Nobody wants to go to war, not over this.)


Alyn: “Do you really understand what you’re saying?”


And If me becoming queen is going to cause a war-


Alyn:” There are so many other options. You don’t need to be worrying about this.”


Lindy: “That’s not true.” (And the truth is that I love this country, and I love everyone in the palace.)


Lindy: “Right now, I’m the princess of Wyesteria. And the reason I’m so aware of what it means to be princess is because you taught me.”



Alyn: “I did?”



I thought back to the early days, not long after I’d met Alyn.


Lindy: “And that’s what you said to me then. I tried to sneak out of the palace just to deliver a letter to a single child.”


Alyn: “ That was just because you were acting too selfishly back then.”


(Then you’re also letting your personal affairs color your judgment.)


Lindy: “I could accept the situation if Greer were the one to become queen instead of me.”


Alyn’s face twisted in pain and frustration as he stared at me.


His eyes were hot and angry, and I wanted to look away, but I forced myself to meet his gaze.


Alyn: “Why does it have to be like this?” I then looked at Alyn, and he looked like he was on the verge to tears.

It was the first time I’d seen him look so openly upset, and my heart ached to see it.


Alyn: “Lindy,” He said grabbing me tightly.


Lindy: “I love you.”



Alyn slid his hand around behind my head, gently caressing my hair.


Alyn: “Idiot. You’re supposed to let me say that first.” He pulled me towards him, our lips coming together in a last kiss.


Our lips came together in another kiss, then parted again, Alyn’s whisper a feverish tickle against my ear.


Alyn: “I can’t stay quiet now. But I’d rather show you with my body than with words. Just for a little while, I want you to forget about being the princess. Forget about Wysteria. Just think about me. Focus on me.”



His eyes were deep and full of passion as he stared at me before kissing me again. His kissed me again, deeper this time, his arms wrapping tightly around me. Excitement and desire were coursing through me, and I couldn’t think of anything but Alyn.


Alyn: “ I Love you, Lindy. And no matter what happens, you’re the only one I’ll ever love. Let me be selfish for a moment. I want to be with you a little longer.”


Lindy: “Okay.” I realized that my hands were clenched tightly in his shirt, and I slowly let it go.






Alyn: “I will always come to get you. Always.” His hands were warm against my back, caressing me gently, and I leaned against him.



(Because I know how much you love me and care for me, and that’s all that matters.)


I reached up again, wrapping my arms tightly around him.



I left Alyn, but instead of going straight to work, I stepped out into the rose garden. I thought back to my conversation with Alyn, and how I myself had told him to choose Greer.


This is the right choice. I have to believe that.





Meanwhile, Alyn gathered Giles, Leo and the bureaucrats together to make an announcement in the throne room.


Alyn: “I have made a decision. I want to choose Greer as my queen.”


Only Giles and Leo stood there in silence, their expression mirroring each others shock.


Bureaucrat: “Very well. Lindy will leave the palace once you and Greer are wed.”


Leo Pressed his lips together, as if he didn’t trust himself to speak.


Leo then headed to Lindy’s chamber. “Lindy, can I come in?”


Lindy: “Of course.” I said.


Leo: “Did you tell Alyn to do it? To choose Greer as his queen?”


Lindy: “ Yes. But it’s crazy Leo, for there to be a war over me!”


Leo: “You’re being ridiculous. I told you we’d help you out.”


Leo then leaned closer to me: “Lindy- why not choose me?” he said. “Alyn and I are twins, after all. I'd be a great distraction.” I could hear the teasing tone in his voice, and I knew he was trying to just cheer me up in his own way.


Before Leo could say anything more, there was a knock at the door, and Alyn stepped into the room.


Alyn: “What are you doing?”


The door shut behind Leo, leaving Alyn and I alone in the room.



Alyn stepped towards me. Alyn: “I told them I’d accept Greer as my queen.” We both fell silent, and the tension in the air felt almost unbearable.




A few days have passed, and the whole court was feeling uncomfortable now that Alyn and Greer were planning their wedding plans. I walked in the hall in a daze. Do you really think Alyn is planning something? But this was my decision, and- My thoughts were whirling as I was walking, and then I stopped when I spotted Alyn and Greer headed in my direction. It hurts to see them together like that.


I turned to hurry away before they could see me, but Alyn’s voice stopped me. Alyn: “Lindy?”


Lindy: “I’m sorry. I have to go, to go to the meeting..” Before Alyn could say anything, I walked faster ahead.




Alyn and Greer just finished a dance lesson, and returned to a guest room. Alyn sighed as he wrapped a bandage around Greer’s ankle.


Alyn: “Geez. I’ve never heard of a noble so bad at dancing.”


Greer: “I did the best I can Alyn!” She said complaining.


Alyn: “Put some ice on it.” he said as he turned his back.


Greer: “Will I ever be good enough?” Greer said upset. and Alyn frowned in confusion.


Greer: “Even Lindy told you to choose me as your queen. So I-”


Alyn: “It doesn’t matter how hard you try. I will never see you like that.”


Greer: “Why?”


Alyn: “ It’s not because of who you are. I just can’t see any other woman like that now. Lindy is the one I really love, and always will be. I only love her.”



Greer’s eyes widened, and her words trailed off, tears spilling down her cheeks.


Greer: “Then why am I even becoming queen?”




Alyn: “I’m sorry. But I have no intention of changing my mind about how I feel, or loving you in that way. You can have me, but you will never have me. You can stay here and cry as long as you want.” he then left the room for a moment.


Greer had a look of anger on her face. She then held her fists tightly.


Greer: “You will be mine Alyn, and you will have this baby with me. Like it or not.” She then got out her phone, and made a phone call.


Greer: “It’s me. I heard Alyn is going out of the castle and the princess is going to be all alone. Louis is on our side as well. Do whatever you have to do to scare her, you will get your victory: The Princess will no longer be queen.” she then hanged up the phone.



I returned to my own room, but not long afterwards Leo paid me a visit.


Leo: “ You don’t look too good,” Leo said worried coming near me.


Lindy. “I-m fine. Really-”


Leo: “I can’t stand you see you hurting so badly. I mean it Lindy. Be with me instead if it’s hurting you too much about Alyn.”




I caught my breath and I realized that Leo sounded enteriely serious.


Lindy: “Leo-why-”


Leo: “That would mean you can stay near Alyn, right?”


Lindy: “If I did that, then you’d be a victim of all this too.”


Leo: “I don’t mind. I just hate to see you hurting so badly. If this it really is, then you should be with me.”


Before I could finish speaking, I found myself wrapped in Leo’s warm embrace. Leo’s arms were gentle around me, but I stiffened in surprise and confusion.


Leo: “Lindy- you don't have to hurt anymore.” Leo hugged me tightly, and for a moment I didn't know what to do. I know you're only saying that because you're worried about me, but-


Lindy: “Leo, thank you. But-” I pulled myself gently out of Leo’s embrace.


Lindy: “I love Alyn, and no matter what happens, I believe in him and who he chooses.”


Leo: “Even if that means you won’t be able to stay here in the palace?” He said frowning.


Even if that happens, I’ll still continue to believe in Alyn.



Leo: “Ahh, you’re the only woman who’ll ever turn down such a great offer from me, Lindy.”


Alyn has returned back in the guest room, and Greer and Alyn are still in the room:


Greer: “Just what is it that you love about Lindy? If you tell me about it, maybe I can get over it.” she said angry at him.


Alyn: “Geez.” he said frustrated. “No matter how rough things get, she always focuses on doing her best as the princess. It’s something I’ve always respected about her. And nothing anyone does will ever make me give up on her.”


Greer was silent for a moment with a look of jealousy on her face. “You.. You don’t know what terrible things she may have done in her past!” she blurted out.


Alyn then turned to look at her. “What?”


Greer: “For example.. what if she had given birth? Would you be okay with that!”


Alyn then grabs her very hard by the shoulders frightening Greer a little. “How would you know that!” he said furious at her.


Greer: “I have proof.”


Alyn then looked at her for a moment, seeing Greer is not flinching. “Did.. you send me that tape?”


Greer: “You had to know sooner or later Alyn. You had to know what kind of tramp she is-”


Alyn slapped Greer across the face hard. “Get out.” he said furious.



Greer: “Alyn,”


Alyn: “Leave this court. Have your baby anywhere in secret, I don’t care. I never want to see your face here again. And that’s a order from the king,” He then left the room.





Lindy: “Hey Louis, is there anything I can do to help?” I said asking him in the hall.


Louis: “What do you mean?” Louis eyes widened in surprise at my question.







Lindy: “If I don't end up becoming queen, I probably won't be allowed to be the princess anymore either. But there are thing's that I can do while I'm still the princess- things only I can do- And I want to do them.”


Louis:“Well there is this one thing..” Louis said looking down on the ground. “I’m going on a trip to Stein tomorrow, for a meeting, and I’ll ask if you can come with me.”


Lindy: “Great, I’ll get my things.” Lindy said walking happily in the hall.


Louis saw Lindy left and grabbed out his phone.


Louis: “I did what you asked me too. She’s coming with me to stein. I want my full gold after this. Get the men ready.” He said hanging up the phone.



Giles and Alyn were having a discussion in the king’s study.


Giles; “You have already stated that you will choose Greer as your queen.”


Alyn: “And while they’re believing that-”


Giles: “So long as that remains your official stance, the dissenting voices in the palace won’t make a fuss.”





Alyn: “You know what kind of work the princess does for Wysteria. I want you to make that clear to the people in the palace.” he said. “I’m planning to gather delegates from those countries, and see if I can persuade them to help. And there’s probably countries that won’t trade with us if she doesn’t become queen.”


Giles: “That’s a good strategy, your majesty. I will help.”


Alyn: “I’m leaving the palace for a while.”


Silence filled the room in response to his words.


I returned to our room, and Alyn looked up from where he was sitting on the sofa. I walked across to the sofa and sat down next to Alyn.


Lindy: “Alyn, tomorrow im going to Stein with Louis for a meeting. I want to do whatever it is I still can, as the princess. I want to keep improving the lives of all the people who live in Wysteria. That’s more important to me than anything.”


Alyn: “I see,” he said stroking my cheek. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?” he said. “ Be careful, okay? I want to do whatever it is I still can, too. And if that’s the case-” he said leaning towards me.


I pulled back in superise and nearly tumbled off the soda.


Alyn: “What are you doing?!”




Alyn reached out towards me, and I grabbed at his hand, inadvertently pulling with me. We tumbled off the soda together, Alyn catching me against him as we landed on the rug. I smiled with embarrassment up at him, and then realized how soft the rug was under me.


I looked down at the rug again, and finally I recognized it.


Alyn: “Don’t you remember?” he said with a grin.


It was back when the king first told us he’d abdicate the throne in our favor.




Lindy: “Alyn, look! That rug would be perfect in our room!” I said happily in the store.


Alyn: “Hmm. Yeah, it would.”


Flashback over


Alyn: “This is our room now. I thought we should decorate it with things we find together.”


Something about those words sent a thrill of happiness through me, and I smiled up at him. A moment later he kissed me, his lips full of warmth and love.


Alyn: “I was hoping for a different kind of thanks.”





I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around him, giving myself over to the moment. I could feel the warmth of Alyn’s body pressed down against mine on top of the rug


I tightened my grip on him, my body quivering with need and anticipation. Alyn pulled back slightly to stare at me for a moment, his eyes hungry.


Alyn: “I want you, Lindy.” Then he lowed his head again and began to nip and nibble at my bare neck with his lips.


My body tensed in response to the sudden sensation.


Alyn slid his hand behind my head, and pulled me into another kiss, his lips hot and passionate. Alyn’s kisses left me light-headed, and I soon lost myself in his sweet passion.


He slid his arms around my waist, pulling us even closer together on the rug.





Lindy: “Louis, thank you again for letting me come and inspect the orphanage with you in Stein.”


Louis: “Not at all. The children are always so happy when you visit.” he said nervous, yet sad.


Louis and I hopped into the carriage, and it headed away from the palace, and toward the stein boarder. The first time Alyn and I went out for work together, we were inspecting an orphanage, too.






Man: “Go ahead. Just try and become queen. But I can’t guarantee you’ll live.” He spat the words at me, and then turned and vanished a midst the trees again.



Flashback over


My heart ached as I remember the man’s spiteful words.


We finally arrived in Stein, and the director of the orphanage came out to greet me as soon as I steeped down from the carriage.


Director: “Thank you so much, Princess. I am so glad you came to see us in spite of what happened last time at the other place in Wyesteria.”




He gripped my hands tightly in appreciation, and I felt a burst of warmth inside me. (There are still so many people who need me as the princess.)


Director: “The children are so excited to see you. Knowing that the princess was once a towns person like themselves….. it gives them hope.”


Lindy: “I’m glad to hear it.”


Louis stood off to one side, watching quietly as Lindy and the director spoke. He could of turn back, and forget this plot against Lindy. He took her far away from westryia, so Alyn can’t be by her side. The men just said they just wanted to scare the princess, that’s all. There should be no harm to it.



Suddenly a 4 year Child came up approaching Louis: “Um, everyone keeps saying that the princess isn’t going to be the queen after all. Does that mean she’s not going to be the princess anymore either?”


The child looked up at him with wide, worried eyes, and Louis glanced at Lindy.


Louis: “But look, the princess is here to see you right now. You don’t have to worry about anything. Why don’t you go and say hello?”


Child: “Okay!” The child smiled at Louis with relief, and ran off towards Lindy.



Suddenly a man approached Louis behind the trees.


Noble: “Duke Howard, what are you-”



Louis: “I can tell just by looking at you. You support the forces who oppose the princess from Wyesteria, aren’t you?” he said,


Noble man: “The Princess is going to get what she deserve. don’t forget whose side your on Louis. Either your with us, or against us. Tonight we will attack the palace where the princess will be staying in Stein.


Louis: “What?” he said superised.


Noble: We will give a princess a good scare now that her beloved finance is gone. It’s a perfect opportunity. Will you join us,”


Louis then looked at Lindy with a guilty look on his face.


Noble: “If you betray us now Louis, we will not only take your title that was passed down by your father, but your land too.” He said threatening to him.


Louis then looked guilty. “I’ll be there.”









Coming up……


Alyn leaves the palace, and I find myself alone. I then find myself being attacked, and being dragged across the living room with the men who oppose me, screaming for help.



But unexpectedly, Nico pays me a visit.


Nico: “There’s something that I just had to tell you.”


What important news does Nico bring?”



















Chapter 13



Alyn was about to climb aboard a waiting carriage, ready to depart for his trip to Stein.

Giles: “Are you sure you don’t want to inform the princess?”

Alyn: “Yes.” he said. “I’ll leave the rest to you.” Then he climbed into the carriage, and shut the door behind him.

Leo huffed out a laugh as he watched the carriage leave.

Leo: “He probably just can’t bring himself to say goodbye to Lindy.” he said. “I know he doesn’t look it, but he’s a real softie.”

I stood on the balcony in a trusted mansion in Stein, staring up at the moon as it hovered low in the sky. I smiled a little as I gazed up at the bright moon, thinking of Alyn.

I then returned to my chamber, and stopped. There’s 3 men standing there.

Noble: “Welcome back, princess.” he said with a grin.

Lindy: “Who are you? Leave at-” But one guy grabbed me, and put a knife toward my throat.

Man 2: “Scream and that will be your last sound.”

Lindy: “Who are you, we will give you money, anything.” I said.

Man 3: “Us? Don’t you know who we are, princess? Were the group who oppose you as queen. But there’s more of us,”

Lindy: “Your suppose to be in Westeryia, what are you doing here-”

Man 1: “Thanks to our little bird Louis, he managed to help us get pass the stein boarder.”

Lindy: “Louis.. is with you,” I said heartbroken that he would betray her like this, and turn against her.

Man 3: “He’s actually here,” he said with a evil smirk.

Lindy: “What do you want? King Bryon-”

Man 1: “Is not here. He’s in his castle, miles away. It seems your all alone… princess.”

Lindy: “Bryon, never leave his ground unprotected. Your men may have been caught. They could be coming for you, right now, without warning.”

Men holding Lindy with the knife to her throat. “Shut up.”

Lindy:“If you have as many men as you say you do, the halls should be filled with the sounds of battle. It’s the dead of night. All your guards see is their own coming, until they’re cut down.”

Men:“Bryon doesn’t know where here.”

Lindy: “These halls have video camera’s directed to Bryon himself. Someone could be coming for you, right now! Your mission has failed, and you will all die. If you leave now, even if you are caught, I will spare your lives.”

Man 3 comes rushing in the room in a panic: “One of the men swore the king left the castle moments ago. He could be coming here.”

Man 1: “He could be lying.”

Man 3: “I’m telling you, we’ve looked as long as we dare. Burrell’s been killed, but one of the king’s guards may have survived and called him. We are leaving now. We killed all the other witnesses. Kill her before she can scream.”

Man 2 : “I’ll do it,” he then came towards me with a evil smirk.

I then backed away in fear: “Stop, no wrong that we have committed against your people will be remedied this night. We will work what you want in peace-”

The man then bashes me in the head hard, and I fell to the ground.

Man 3: “Don’t speak to me of wrongs, you damn whore! You can’t be our queen, when your just a worthless commoner.”

Lindy: “I have done no wrong to you or your people.” I said with a bloody head. “We can work this out-”

Man 3: “Your going to get what you deserve.” He said walking towards me while I was on the ground.

Man 1: ‘‘Severin? Severin. She’s a princess. This wasn’t the plan we were ordered. If we get caught, we could be killed.”

Man 3: “I don’t care, she doesn’t look like a princess now, does she?” The man then grabs Lindy, and drags her across the carpet floor.

Lindy: “Let me go!” I said as I dug my nails in the floor trying to escape as I was being dragged across the room.

Lindy: “Alyn!” I said screaming. The man got on top of me. He then held me down by force, the other man held my arms down, while the other one covered my mouth. I tried to fight him off, while screaming Alyn’s name in the other mans hand.

Man: “You, who claim to be anointed by God, you godless bitch! Hold her down, hold her down!” he said ripping my clothes.

Help. Someone help me. Someone.

Lindy’s flashback at age 14:

My step-mother was name Lady Tremaine. She was tall, beautiful, and had piercing eyes that caught every man that looked at her. “Lindy, come in here for a moment.”

Lindy: “What is it, mom?” I said going into the living room, leaving my junior high books.

Lady Tremaine: “Lindy, this is Charlie.  He is going to be your step dad, to help us out as your father.”

Charile: “Let’s be good friends, Lindy.” he said with a sneering grin on his face.

That was one big lie.

My real father died when I was young when I was 10. My step mother stood shoulder with any man, and raised me.

I was then bathing in the tub. “As long as mother is happy..” I then sighed to myself.

Charlie: “Are you in there Lindy?”

Lindy: “Charlie?!” I said covering myself. Is he going to come in here? What should I do?”

Man: “Are you in there, Lindy?” he said again. I felt uneasy the way he said it.

Lindy: “Y.. yes..”

Charlie comes in the bathroom, and finds me in a bath towel wrapped around my naked body.

Charlie: “Ah, sorry. I thought it was empty. Since it was so quiet. Lindy,you have to yell out when these things happen.”

2 days later I just came back from school, and I found Charlie making dinner in the kitchen, while step-mother was out working late again.

Lindy: “Should I help cleaning up?” I asked him still in my middle school uniform.

Charlie: “Don’t worry about cleaning up, Lindy. Go ahead and take a bath.”

I then looked at him feeling uneasy. “Eh?”

Soon the bath was over, and I changed into my Pajamas. The phone rang, and it was step mother saying she was going to be late tonight for work. Little did I know, my step father drank too many beers in the kitchen, and was coming towards me. He then grabbed my arm in full force once I hung up the phone.

Lindy: “What are you doing?” He then threw me on the ground, putting himself on top of me, holding me down with full might.

Lindy: “Let me go!” I was squirming. He then pulled down my pajamas pants half way.

Lindy: “No!” I said pushing him away with all my might, but he was too strong. He then roughly kissed me. He then threw my pj pants on the ground.

Somebody. Help. Somebody. Help me.

Charlie: “Be a good girl.” he said moving my legs even further apart, and pulling down my pink undersides.

Lindy: “step mom!” I said screaming the words in his covered mouth, as I then felt a painful ram in my legs non stop. Next thing I knew, I can smell blood on my legs.

Lindy: "Help- me."

After an long hour, he put his shirt back on, as I layed there naked, tears down my face. I felt so dirty, and I didn’t even know why. What? What happened? Did I do something wrong? What is this pain? Why am I bleeding all over?

Charlie: “I’ll clean this dirty thing up, go rest in your room.”

Lindy: “Dirty?” I was so scared, I covered myself with my pajama shirt thrown on the other side. I then gasped. My underwear was covered with blood! There was blood spots all over, the floor also.

Charlie: “Lindy, don’t dirty up your room okay?”

I went into my room half- naked, and leaned against the door crying. This is a dream. And this pain makes this a nightmare. Blood dripping down my legs. A painful nightmare, I can't wake up from.

The days went by, and Step Mother is working late again. In order to keep from destroying step mom’s happiness… In order to avoid making this man angry If I refused….. In order to set the agony over with quickly…. I kept on screaming in that inaudible voice… ever time he raped me.

A few days later, I was at a friends house from after school. I then broke the cup and fell to the ground screaming in pain in my stomach. There was blood dripping down my legs. My friend thought it was my period, but she called an ambulance.

At the hospital, my step mother was there.

Doctor: “I am sorry. Sadly we can’t detect the embryo’s heart rate. It seem that she had a miscarriage.”

Lady Tremaine: “Miscarriage? You mean… that she was pregnant? She then started to hit me forcefully. “You little, tramp! Who is the father!Tell me the truth. How can you get knocked up at 14!”

Lindy: “Charlie.” I said in tears. “I’m sorry, he just came on to me-” my step mother then slapped me in the face.

Lady Tremaine: “What? My husband did this to you? How far can you go with your lies! You’ll even blame your own step-father!”

Female nurse: “The bleeding and stomach pain will continue to get worse, so we Insist that you follow the recommended miscarriage treatment. We just need you to sign this form.”

Lindy: “Ye-yes.”

The sexual abuse continued, and I found myself pregnant again still at 14, months later. I found my step mother dragging me down the street in a rage that day.

Lindy: “M…. mom. Where are we going? What kind of treatment is this?”

Lady Tremaine: “It’s the same treatment as having an abortion.” she said sharply to me. “When will you learn your lesson! We don’t want him to know what a terrible child you are, the fact you keep getting fucked up again. We will keep this a secret from your step father. Hopefully you’ll learn your lesson to stop messing around.”

We soon arrived at this clinic. There was pregnant women everywhere. Some heavy and some not. My name was called, and we soon went into this room full of equipment.

Female nurse: “Please change into this night gown, and remove your underwear. After that, sit in the chair with your legs in the holes. Before we can begin, we must open the uterus. It will be fairly painful, so try to bear with it.”

I looked at her terrified, holding my stomach looking at the special tools on the table.

Lindy: “Mom,” I said crying. “Please don’t let me do this. I can’t hurt my child. It’s my baby. Please-”

Lady Tremaine: “I see. So you admit you committed this sinful act on purpose. In life, there’s consequences. You have to learn your lesson. Lay down.”

I shook my head scared.

Lady Tremaine:“No?” She then turned to the female nurse in the room. “Do you think a 14 year old should have a baby?”

The female nurse looks scared. “No Ma’am.”

Lady Tremaine: “You hear that Lindy. Next time you’ll learn. Lay down now!”

I did as what I was told, and screamed in pain. 3 weeks of bleeding, mother still never noticed the bruises on my hands.

Years later have passed, I’m now in my twenties. My period hasn’t come yet, and I was certain my womb was barren from what the doctor told me years ago. But I found myself throwing up in the bathroom toilet. And 5 months later, my stomach seemed to grow by itself.

One look at me and stepmother went crazy in the kitchen.

Lady Tremaine: “You done it again, haven’t you!” She started yelling at me in the kitchen. “After all these years, I thought you changed. But your the same wicked girl!”

Lindy: “I’m sorry?”

Lady Tremaine: “A baby. Your freaking pregnant. Look at you! Look how big you are!”

I then looked down at myself. So this thing in me was a baby, that I thought I couldn’t have. But step mother was quick to rush me to the doctor to have a another abortion.

Male doctor: “To abort this time after all these years, would be too much for her body to take. It seems she will have to carry it full term, and deliver it.”

Stepmother was in desblief: “I can’t believe it… this is so shameful to our family! Pregnant again, out of wedlock, after all these years.”

Doctor: “Um.. Ma’am… Your whole daughter’s body is covered with bruises. I don’t think she consented on what happened.”

Step mother then turned to me. “Well then? Who was it? Who did such a terrible thing to you?” She said shaking me.

Lindy: “I… told you already…” I said shaking. “I told you who it was…Charlie.” I said in tears.

Lady Tremaine then turned to the doctor: “Forgive me. My step daughter, she is mentally ill. She somehow gained a sick love fanaticism for her stepfather all these years. I was thinking of committing her.”

She then turns to me. Lady Tremaine: “ You’ll have the baby, and give it up for adoption. That’s in the child’s best interest as well. Restart your life over, cause your no longer part of this family. Pack your things, and get out as soon as possible.”

I soon found myself renting a small apartment, with no furniture trapped alone with me and this thing inside of me.

Lindy: “But step mom… I will never forget.”

Months have passed, and I’m 7 months pregnant, and I go to my daily doctor’s visit by myself.

The male doctor examines my stomach. Doctor: “The baby is doing fine now.”

Baby? No… it’s not… this is just a parasite that’s living within my body.

Doctor: “But there is some Edoma, and with your high blood pressure, also your urine results, I’m worried that it turn into preclampsia.”

Preclampsia? It’s a toxic condition when the mother’s body is unable to adapt to the changes of pregnancy. Some unknown wound was secreting pus into my womb.

I then looked at all the happy married couples with their pregnant bellys. I’m nothing like those happy people sitting down with their bellies. I’m carrying around this festering wound, a rotting shell of a person.

After 8 months, the preclampsia got bad. And the baby as well as the wound within me, were gone. I found parents who paid for the hospitality costs, for the baby. I had to have a emergency c section.

But…I didn’t see the baby. It was a boy.. they told me. I didn’t hold him either. I woke up and he was gone, out of me.

So..please…. I said breaking in sobs, hands to my face in the hospital room to myself.

Flashback Memory over

Was this going to happen again? Why did this have to happen to me! A tear then ran down my face, till I saw a picture in my mind. A picture so sweet, so calming, that takes me out of my nightmares.

Alyn: “I love you Lindy. And no matter what happens, your the one who I ever love.”

Alyn …. Alyn…. Alyn!

Another man got on top of me, and I grabbed an object next to me and whacked him in the face hard. I then ran out of the room with hand marks on my neck, a face in fright. As I ran outside of the hall, I stopped and saw Louis standing in a corner. Our eyes met, and Louis stood there in shock. He was in a loss for words.

Louis: “That… this wasn’t suppose…”

But I ran in fright, as I heard one of the men to go after me.

I ran in the Stein halls, I didn’t care where I was going. They were after me, they where going to kill me. It was thundering outside, and I opened a door to a room and hid in the corner crudded up in a ball, shaking back and forth non stop due to the trauma. This room was fancy, it was decorated in gold and black. It looked like a fancy chamber that belonged to a rich king.

I then heard the door close, and heard footsteps coming towards me. This is it. I thought. He’s going to kill me. I then felt a cold hand touching my ripped sleeved and I screamed, when I heard the thunder. I looked up from my shaking eyes and I saw a man with a black eye patch bent over and standing over me.

Lindy: “Bryon…” I said, my voice was shaking.

King Bryon: “It’s alright, I’m here.” he said calmly. “I’m not going to hurt you, I swear.”

Lindy: “There out to get me, there going to kill me!” I said shaking.

King Bryon: “Shh. This mansion is on lock down. Whoever did this to you will not escape.” He then looked at me carefully and saw fear in my eyes. “I saw the video camera. Those men attacked you in your chambers, and  held you at knife point, and I came quickly as possible, but I didn’t see the rest… are you alright?”

I then started crying. I was too terrified to speak.

King Bryon then saw the hand marks on my neck, and touched it with his hands. “ Oh, my dear child. What did they do to you?”

King Bryon: “I’m only going to ask you this once, so we are both clear on what you’ve endured this night. Were you raped? Did they rape you?”

Lindy: “Yes.” I said crying. “They attacked me,”

King Bryon then put his coat around me so none can see my ripped nightgown, and held me close his arms. Bryon: “Guards!” He yelled.

One of Bryon’s guards came in Bryon’s chamber. “Yes my Lord,”

Bryon: “Get my private doctor, rush him here immediately without any details.”

Guard: “Yes my lord,” He then left the chamber.

King Bryon then held Lindy as she cried in tears in his arms. “It’s over Bryon,” I said sobbing. “They took my virtue. I can’t be queen.”

Another guard came in the chamber. “King Bryon, Alyn is on his way to your castle.”

King Bryon: “Send him back to Wyesteria. Tell him things have changed, and we can reschedule.”

I then looked at Bryon: “Alyn-”

King Bryon: “Alyn can’t see you like this. If he’s going to have a fit, it’s going to be on his land, not mine.”

Lindy: “I need to go back to Wyesteria, I need to tell Alyn-”

King Bryon: “Lindy, you were raped. Your not in the best condition right now. Let my doctor’s take care of you, and you’ll go back to Wyestria tomorrow morning.”

I then started crying.

Bryon: “I know you don’t want to be touched, that’s all right. But you’re safe. I don’t know how you managed to escape those men, but you did. You are alive. You will survive this. I know this… They tried to destroy you by taking your pride and your strength, but those things cannot be taken. Not from you. Not ever. We’re going to change your clothes, fix your hair, we are going to erase any mark of their hands on you, and go back to Wyesteria tomorrow like nothing has ever happened.”

Lindy: “Please, leave me be.” I said shaking.

Bryon: “They tried to diminish a king by degrading a queen, and they will not succeed! Because Wyesteria will never know what they did to you.”

Lindy:“That’s not possible.”

Bryon: “It is, because you will walk out of here, and you will go back to your court as if this never happened.”

Lindy: “No, I can’t. I can’t.” I said crying.

Bryon: “Yes, you can. You will. You must put to rest any rumours, immediately. These next moments of your life when you return back to your court will either define you as a victim or a powerful queen untouched by a failed assassination attempt here in Stein. They will define who you are perceived to be. Do not let them win. Trust me. Trust me and let me help you, Trust that I can get you through this, because I swear to you that I can.”

He then held out his hand to Lindy. Lindy then took it.

Louis managed to escape Stein and fled back to Westyeria that night. He was superized to see Leo in the halls.

Leo: “Louis?” he said shocked. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be in Stein with Lindy?” But Louis was shaking after what happened to Lindy in Stein. What he witnessed. What he was apart of.

Leo: “Are you alright, Louis? You look awful.” he said concerned. But to Leo’s superise, Louis wasn’t saying anything. He just had this deep look of guilt on his face.

Louis: "I'm- fiine," he said stuttering. Leo frowned, concerned at the tone of Louis voice. He'd never heard such him sound so frail before.

Leo:“Seriously, are you okay Louis?”

Louis: “I’m tired. I need my rest.” Louis then left the hall without saying a word.

Alyn was on his way to Stein, he was halfway near the boarder when he got a call from Nico. Alyn’s carriage driver is driving back to Wyesteria. Nico told him that Louis has arrived back at the palace, but Lindy isn’t there, and she’s nowhere to be found. Alyn’s carriage driver sped up at once.

Alyn has arrived back at the court, and is walking down the halls in a rage.

Alyn:“what happened,” he said to one of the guards.

Guard: “I saw sir Louis arrive back at the court an hour ago, but Lindy did not return with him.”

Alyn: “Where is she,”

Guard: “We don’t know. We don’t know if she’s here or still in Stein.”

Alyn: “Find her, find her now!“Alyn said furious down the hall.

I then returned back to Wyesteria the next morning, I was walking in the halls, my marks covered up in a long dress. The first person I saw was Giles.

Giles: “My lady,” He said worried. “Where have you been? We been searching for you all night. We heard there was a assault attempt in Stein last night, we feared the worst that you were involved, and hurt. Alyn is in rage because you are missing. I must tell him you back-”

Lindy: “Tell the court… I reassure you that King Bryon and the futue queen of Wyesteria remain untouched. These murderous traitors who invaded stein last night have achieved nothing, have altered nothing, and will die for nothing.” I said to Giles.

Giles was quiet for a moment. “I will announce that at once my lady,” He then left the halls.

I then headed straight into Alyn and I chamber. Alyn wasn’t there. i then sat on the bed. I heard the announcement go off in the court, and Alyn came bursting into the chamber, seeing me on the bed.

Alyn:“What happened.” He said serious. “I thought something happened to you. Why didn’t you come with Louis? Why did you run off-”

Lindy: “Just let it go Alyn,” I said holding back tears.

Alyn then looked at me. “Did something happen?“He said concerned “They said… that the guards outside the chambers in stein were killed, but the assassins never made it in.”

I was then quiet.

Alyn:“Lindy,” He said worried. I was mute. I didn’t say a word. I just stood there.

Alyn’s eyes widened a little in shock. “Say something,”

Lindy: “Please,” I said shaking, I tired to hide it, but Alyn seemed to notice my shaking hands. “I am tired.”

Alyn: “Are you shaking because of me?” he said stroking my hair trying to clam me down.

Lindy: “ I lied. So no one would know. So Wyesteria wouldn’t be a chaos. I was attacked and raped in Stein.”

Alyn just stood there, and said nothing for a few minutes. “Don’t lie to me,” he said furious.

But all I can do was cry, and unbutton my neck shirt to show Alyn the hand marks on my neck.

Alyn bent down and saw them. “What the hell happened.” He said furious.

Lindy: “I lied.” I said crying. “I was attacked and raped.”

Alyn stood there in shock for a moment processing what I just said was true. “Were was Louis in all this?”

Lindy: “He was part of it. He betrayed me.” I then fell to the ground crying. “The men, the forces that oppress me, they came to Stein. By Louis help. He helped them get threw the boarder. I found them in my chamber, and they held me a knife point. Louis wasn’t there, but he was part of the forces. They told me himself. They attacked me. They dragged me across the floor, I almost died. I found Louis outside the room, in a corner like some coward.”

Lindy: “I can’t be queen now Alyn, they took my virtue. It’s over,” I said sobbing.

Alyn: “You were brutally attacked by those men. It wasn’t done willingly.”

But Alyn then stormed threw the hall. He then found Louis in the hall, and grabbed him by the shirt. “Is this true what Lindy said? You were there when she was being attacked yet you did nothing? Your part of the forces that oppose her! You set my fiancee up to hurt her!”

Louis was quiet looking guilty.“I was there. It’s true. I was part of the group that oppose her.”

Alyn then draw his sword at him. Leo and Giles came toward him.

Leo:“Alyn stop!” Nico and Giles came rushing in the hall. Nico put his jacket over shaken Lindy.

Alyn:“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t run you through.” He said furious. “Those men attacked her. And you were part of it. Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill you right here.”

Alyn:“Lindy, go back to our chamber. I don’t want you seeing this.” he said serious looking scary.

Alyn then turned to Louis and raised his sword at him. “I’m going to count to three, and you give me a good reason why you should live before I run you through.” He said serious. “3… 2.. 1…”

Louis: “It was Greer!” he yelled. Alyn then lowered his sword at him.


Louis: “She was the one who is behind this. She’s the one who planned this. She’s part of the forces that oppose the princess.”

Giles:“Why were you apart of this?” Giles then came back for a moment.

Louis:"They- they blackmailed me. Saying if I didn't join them, they were going to take away my title and land that father gave me."

Lindy: “So, you would rather watch me die, then to loose your stupid title!” I yelled at him.

Louis was quiet. “I didn’t know they were going to go that far. I swear. They just told me they were going to scare her-”

But I slapped Louis very hard. “Yeah they scared me alright. They put a knife to my throat, and dragged me across the room, while they brutally attacked me. They will going to kill me. If the damage didn’t do it, they would of done it themselves. And you would just watch me die?”

Louis was quiet again.

Lindy: “I don’t know whose to blame here: Greer or Louis. But one of them will be punished.”

Leo: “From what I understand, it was Greer who setted this up, and Louis was just caught in it. If this is true, that Greer was the one who did this-”

Alyn:“She won’t get away with this.” Alyn said furious. “No one of them are. I will catch them, and kill them for doing this to Lindy.If I get a confession out of Greer, she will be severely punished.”

Lindy:“You can’t kill her Alyn. She is with child,”

Alyn:“If Greer is guilty, I will make my decision on what her punishment will be, despite death.”

Leo:“Banning her from this country would be a fair punishment.”

Alyn: “No, that’s too fair. She ordered men to attack and they raped my fiancee. She honestly deserves death.”

Lindy: “I agree she deserves punishment, but taking her life is too cruel. When it’s not a civil crime-”

Leo: “Actually.. attacking a monarchy, is automatic death. On anyone. You, Alyn, or Bryon.”

Lindy: “Then kill the men who attacked me. Do other punishment for Greer.”

Alyn was quiet. “Of course I was going to kill those bastards.”

A week has passed, and things are very quiet after Lindy’s rape attempt in Stein. Everyone is every cautious around her, and Alyn has gotten more furious about it. He already found the men who did the attack and hanged them. Alyn is in the throne room pacing back being patient. He then stops when a women appears in his throne room.

Greer: “I thought you didn’t want to see my face again. Why did you summon me back to your court?”

Alyn then approached her in a scary way. “You will answer me truthfully.” he said serious. “If you lie, you will be put to death without a doubt.”

Greer was now taken what Alyn said serious. “What is this about?”

Alyn:“Louis has confessed to me, that you were part of the group,their leader, you planned a attack toward my fiancee in stein. was it you? You will answer me truthfully,”

Greer was then quiet. “If I did plan it, if it was me.. what are you going to do Alyn? Slap me again? banish me from this court? You already did that.”

Alyn then looked at her with such hate. “Are you saying it was you?You admit, you did plan the attack on Lindy in stein?”

Greer: “Yes.”

Alyn then grabbed her by the shoulders hard forcefully. “Tell me why.”

Greer then looked at him. “Because you didn’t love me.”


Greer: “You were suppose to love me instead! Instead you love that girl-”

Alyn then grabbed her by her shirt in a rage. “Do you have any idea what you done? What those men did to her?” he said. “You planned a attack on a monarch. I can have you killed for this, and I wouldn’t hesitate either.”

Greer: “You wouldn’t kill me,” she said with a smirk.

Alyn: “and tell me why not,”

Greer: “Because deep inside, you love me. I’m sure you wouldn’t break Lindy’s heart by killing me.”

Alyn then scowled at her. “I would kill you without a doubt, even for Lindy. “Leave.” He said leaving the throne room.

A few days have passed, and I was in my study looking over some papers, when I got a call from Leo. I was rushed to the hospital since he was there in the waiting room. I found Leo sitting in a chair looking upset.

Lindy: “Leo, what is going on? Why are you here?”

Leo: “Greer.” He said upset.

Lindy: “What about her? Did something happen?” I said sitting down next to her.

Leo: “She went into Labor, and were waiting for the news.”

Suddenly I saw a older looking man coming toward us.

Leo: “How is Greer?” He said looking concerned.

But to this superise, Greer’s father looked deeply upset. From what Greer told me, her father didn’t even know she was with child, now that he’s here, I don’t know how hes quiet taking the news.

Greer’s Father: “Leo… The baby is… the baby is…” He said choking up his words.

Suddenly what I heard in front of the delivery room, was not a cry of a baby, but a deep wail of scroow that sounded like Greer.

Lindy: “I don’t understand. The baby seemed healthy. How did she loose-”

Greer’s father: “She was experimenting contraction pains. When she finally told me the truth, we rushed her to the hospital, and we delivered the child. From what the doctor told me, the umbilical cord was wrap around it’s neck. How could this be… She gave it her all..” he said upset.

I then looked at Leo who seemed upset. Leo and I glanced in the room, and Greer was crying holding her dead child. The female nurse came into the room to Greer.

Nurse: “Please report the death to the Wyesterian government. And get a cremation permit. When we have confirmed this, we’ll hand over the child. Please have a casket ready by then.”

Lindy: “my lord,” I said to myself in shock. “How can they make her do this? Loosing her child is painful enough.” Leo heard me standing next to me.

Leo to nurse: “Get her a private room! I don’t care how much it costs me. It would be cruel to put her with a women who’s given birth to a healthy and alive child. It’s the last I can do.” Leo said looking upset.

Nurse: “yes sir Leo.”

Greer keeps crying, the baby she is holding has already grown cold.

Leo then closed the door the Greer’s room.

Lindy:“Why did you call me here,” I said serious. “This wasn’t something I did not want to see.”

Leo: “I didn’t know this was going to happen.” he said upset. “I find it hard to believe the cord was wrapped around it’s neck by accident.”

I then looked at him. “Are you saying… the doctor did this?” I looked at him in shock.

Leo then looked at me. “No. Alyn is behind this. It’s clear as day. This was her punishment for ordering those men to attack you. I can probably ask the doctor if he done this. He’ll say yes, cause Alyn told him too. He is King, Lindy. And the fact that he loves you, he will do what is right. By law, Greer should of died for attacking a Monarch. But Alyn did this instead. It’s a sad thing, but it just shows Alyn is not someone to mess with, when it comes to you. He will kill for you.”

Lindy: “How can they force her to get the permit and casket for her child?I can never do that. That is cruel as the grave.”

Leo:“This is the highest punishment Alyn can give her beside death herself. You should go Lindy. Alyn wouldn’t want you here to witness this. You know Alyn had to do this, Lindy. He couldn’t just let her go punished. But I never imagined he would do it this way. Go back home, I got it from here.”

Lindy:“Does she know Alyn was behind this?”

Leo:“no, she believes what the doctor said. Let her think she got away of what she did to you.”

A week has passed, and things went back to normal in the court. I needed to go to town to get some errands and I fetched Nico to get a carriage ready.

Nico:“Be careful Lindy.” he said worried. “There’s news that people are being attacked and assaulted during the day. I don’t know what I will do if something happens to you,”

Lindy:“I’ll try to be careful Nico. Don’t worry,” I said with a smile.

Later that day, I was walking into town to get errands. A Guy with black hoodie comes walking behind me. He then pushes me down on the ground,holding me down, covering my mouth.

Man:“Don’t make a sound! Got it?” he said aggressive.

Lindy:“No!” I then put my hand in his face. “Somebody!”

Man:“I said to be quiet! You… he said with his fist in the air. The sound of bone breaking bones headed to my jaw. I prepared for the impact. Help me. Someone help me.

I layed there preparing myself. It stopped. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I turned to look and I saw Alyn with a bad beat up bloody mouth.

Alyn:“Pigs like you…” He was breathing heavily, and his eyes were pure black instead of red. I never saw him like this before. He then grabbed a crowbar off the street.

Alyn:“Pigs like you!” Alyn then whacked the guy with the crowbar.

Lindy: ‘‘Alyn, stop!” I said grabbing him trying to hold him back.

Alyn:“It’s because of pigs like you!!” Alyn got loose of me, and whacked the guy again hard.

Lindy:“Stop! Stop!” I said trying to get in front of Alyn and block him. “He’ll die,”

Alyn:“Let him die! He doesn’t deserve to live. He touched my mate. He could of killed you. I could of found you dead. He dares put his hands on you!”

Lindy: “Alyn, stop. I love you, Please.” I said holding him crying.“Drop the crow bar. Alyn,”

Alyn’s eyes seem to go back to red, and he held Lindy tight. The rapist took off running.

Alyn: “I love you more, Lindy. He must die. He needs to pay. For what he did to you.” Alyn said crying over her. I froze. I never saw Alyn cry in public.

Lindy: “You already killed the men who attacked me, and took away Greer’s child. Isn’t that enough?”

Alyn:“Please let me kill him.” He said deeply upset.

Lindy: “Violence isn’t the answer-”

Alyn: “I’ll kill anyone who would rape’s you and hurts you.” he said lashing out tears.

Lindy: “What.. are.. you talking about? He didn’t rape me. He attacked me. Are you that upset over what happened in Stein? Your scarring me Alyn. This is not like you. First Louis, now Greer, now this guy. When it end? This is not like you, to be filled with rage and attack people. Why are you doing this Alyn? Why!” I said with tears down her face.

Alyn: “Lindy,” He said staring at her.

Lindy: “You need to stop this. I will not allow you attack people for my sake anymore! Their lives matter. Your hurting me more when you do these kind of things!” Lindy said crying. “How can you take Greer child away from her? I admit what she did was wrong, but If I were in her shoes-”

Alyn then grabbed my shoulders. “You are not Greer. Should I have killed her instead for attacking a monarch? This was the best way. I am sorry for her child, but people need to know not to mess with me when it comes to you. I will do anything for you-”

Lindy: “And it scares me deeply.” I said crying.

Alyn: “Lindy,” he said sad. “Don’t cry,”

Lindy: “When you do these things, it scares me. This is not the Alyn I know. He never takes justice for violence. Is this what being a king done to you? Have you become a monster-”

Alyn then looked at me: “I just want to protect you-”

Lindy: “Protect me from what Alyn!” I yelled in the street. “You are hurting me more when you do this! Why-”

Alyn: “Because no one is going to hurt you again!”

Lindy: “Get over what happened in Stein. You already had your justice.” I said angry. “You can’t continue this-”

Alyn: “I’m not angry because of what happened in stein.” he said upset. “I’m angry on how you been treated all these years.”

“I don’t understand,” I said confused.

Alyn: I… I know everything. I know all of it, and I still love you Lindy.”

Lindy: “What.. are.. you.. talking… about…”

Alyn: “I saw the tape a while ago. It was sent to me by Greer. I know everything.”

Lindy: “What tape?!”

Alyn: “Last year, you made a confession in a church. Leo mistaken himself as a priest, and it was on a video camera. I watched it. All of it. I kept quiet all this time, because I love you. I didn’t judge you.”

When…I was in junior high, I was sexually abused by my step father. I got pregnant, and then forced to have an abortion.”

Lindy started shaking. “no..”

Alyn then started to stroke my hair:“It’s okay,”

Lindy: “Don’t touch me!” I yelled upset. “It’s not okay! I didn’t want anybody to know! Not even you.”

Alyn: “I would never tell anyone, you know that. Leo wouldn’t say a word either.”

Lindy: “No, I don’t want to hear it!”

Alyn: “Listen to me!” He said grabbing me. But I didn’t listen. All I did was cry.

Lindy: “If you knew all this time… why did you react that way with the guy?”

Alyn: “I knew all this time about you. It pissed me off, and it angered me someone was trying to do that to you again.”

Lindy: “I don’t know what it’s like to be mother, or pregnant. I carried that thing in me, but that’s it. I never held it. Heard it cry, or saw it. It’s’ like I never even had a child.”

Alyn: “Lindy, I swear to you.. If you ever want to have a baby with me, I will be a good father. I’ll take care of you, and our child. You will know what it’s like to be a mother, I’ll make sure of it. You’ll have a healthy baby, and give birth to our child.”

The next few day, I finally had a free moment to step out into the gardens, and take a short break, but as I did so-

Nico came sitting beside me in the garden. “my lady,” he said urgently.“There’s something that I have to tell you. Alyn visited Stein just recently.”

Nico went on to tell me about Alyn’s visit to Stein-


Bryon:“I never expected you to come all this way.” Bryon said in his palace court in Stein.

Alyn: “Sorry for coming at such a bust time.”

Alyn took a step forward, and his sure voice echoed clearly in the room.

Alyn:“my palace staff are so obsessed with lineage that they can’t even make a rational decision.” he said to him. “But I don’t care who says what, I don’t believe anyone is as suited to being queen as Lindy is.”

Byron then nodded: “Yes, I agree with you. If there’s anything I can do, just tell me.”

Flashback over

I then smiled to myself outside in the garden. (I never imagined Alyn might be doing something like that!)

Nico: “Alyn was so, so cool that day.” He said in awe. “He did a 30 minute speech 6:30am in the morning, and convinced the bureaucrats why your virtue isn’t in vain, and your still qualified to be queen. He was so bad ass, he even set MY heart pounding, and I’m a guy!”

Lindy: “Thank you for telling me about Alyn, Nico.”

(Alyn’s doing this for me. And that gives me the strength I need to keep working hard.)

The day has come, and soon there was a meeting in the throne room. Me, Leo, Giles finally debated against the Bureaucrats, and for once I can finally stick up for myself on why I should be queen for this country.

Bureaucrat: “Princess, please step up onto the dais.” the elder man with his white wig said serious.

Lindy: “Very well.” I moved up to stand on the dais, and all the bureaucrats stared at me with equally piercing looks. Leo and Giles looked nervous. I even heard Leo glupped to himself. I took a deep breath and let it out again, then spoke firmly.

Lindy: “I would like to support this country as it’s queen, and I feel that I am suited to the role.”

The Bureaucrats talked among themselves for a moment.

Bureaucrat 2: "It it certainly true that we approve of your achievements as the princess. But becoming queen is a different story entirely- there are also the future heirs to think of."

Giles then stood up from his seat.“For god’s sake, enough with the heir talk!” Giles said serious.“This has been going on non stop, and it has to end. Whoever the king decides to have a heir with, will be his choice and his alone. The princess has been gradually taking over more and more work during her time in the palace. And it is clear that the country has improved substantially during that period.”

Giles then handed a sheaf of documents to the bureaucrat, containing all the information we’d collated.

Bureaucrat 1: “These records alone are not enough to prove that this princess is the only one suited to be queen. Why, this could be nothing more than proof that you and Leo have been helping the princess, Giles.”

Bureaucrat 2: “That’s right. Our opinion stands that we cannot accept the princess as queen.”

Leo was scowling as he stared at the other bureaucrats, and I linked my hands together, clutching them tightly.

Leo:“How on earth did you manage to end up so stubborn?” he said angry. “Either that, or your all senile. If you won’t even read the proof we’ve offered you, then what exactly are we supposed to do?”

The frustration was written clear across both their faces, and I pressed my lips together.

Bureaucrat 3: “You sure do have a backbone, Sir Leo. If you can’t get our approval, then there’s no way you’ll ever suppress the forces opposing her.”

Suddenly the large door’s opened wide, and I turned in superise. Alyn stood framed by the doorway, looking at once both regal and dramatic. My eyes widened in shock as Alyn stepped into the room, his footsteps echoing loudly.

Lindy: “Alyn,” I said in shock.

Alyn:” Let me tell you then. If you want proof, why not ask the people themselves?”

Lindy: “What?”

As Alyn spoke, a line of people began to enter the throne room from behind him. The last person to enter the room was none other than Albert from Stein.

(I can't believe your here too, Albert! Wait a minute- aren't they all delegates from the surrounding countries?!)

Bureaucrat:“What is all this!” he said with his voice raised.

Alyn:“People are here from the surrounding countries, to tell you why Lindy should be our queen. If you wont listen to my men, maybe you’ll listen to the others.”

He then pressed his glasses toward his nose. Albert:“I am Albert, Chef Adviser to his Majesty King Byron of Stein. Rather then send a representative from our country, our king would like to speak to you directly.”

Bureaucrat 1: “What?” he said shocked. “King Bryon of Stein?”

A moment later, Byron then stepped into the throne room. His majestic and dignified presence seemed to almost overwhelm the room. Everyone stood up when he entered.

Lindy: “King Byron!” I said standing up.

Byron gave me a nod: "I have worked with a great many countries over the years. And in all that time- I have never met anyone more suited to being queen than princess Lindy. If the princess of Wysteria does not become queen - then Stein will have no choice but to sever all ties with Wyestria. You will no longer have us as our Ally."

The whole room raised their voice’s, sounding flustered and unsure.

Bureaucrat:“Then what do you expect us to do about the forces that oppose the princess? We don’t even know if they can be stopped-”

Before he could finish speaking, Louis stood up from where he sat. Louis:“That won’t be a problem.” Louis approached the front of the room and handed a document to Alyn.

Louis: “When the princess visited the orphanage for an inspection in Stein, She was being watched by a member of the forces who oppose her. He agreed to work from the inside to convince them to calm down and see reason.”

Alyn:“Thanks, Louis.” Alyn nodded briefly to Louis, and then turned to face the bureaucrats again.

Delegate: “We of the king down of Laureila do hereby proclaim..”

The sight of so many supports brought tears to my eyes, and I fought to hold them back. (I never imagined so many people would come forward to speak up for me!)

Alyn: “Other countries have also informed us that they will cease trading with us if Lindy is not made queen.”

I looked over at Alyn again, and saw that he was watching everything with satisfaction.

(Everyone-thank you so much)

Leo: “Alyn sure knows how to get things done.” he said smiling.

Giles: “Yes, he really does.”

“That’s my Alyn.” I said with a smile.

The inquiry was over, and Alyn and I walked through the palace halls together.

Alyn: "Look, I don't know what will happen next. But- trust the bureaucrats to say they still have to talk it over among themselves."

Lindy: “Thank you, alyn.”

Alyn: “Don’t you think it’s strange to be saying thank you to me?” he said with a grin. “This is just the obvious result of all the hard work you’ve been doing.”

Alyn reached out and placed a gently hand on top of my head, ruffling my hair.

Lindy:“Do you really think so?”

Alyn:“Of course. Anyway, enough about that.” Alyn’s hand slid down from my head and caught hold of my hand.

He then pulled me into a deserted alcove and wrapped his arms around me. Alyn:“I haven’t seen you in ages, and when you’re dressed like that-“Alyn gave me a sweet smile as he glanced down at my pink dress.

Alyn:“I can’t help but think-”

Lindy:“Think what?”

Alyn:“I want you. Right now.” Alyn’s intense gaze seemed to piece right through me, and my heart began to pound. His lips caught mine in a sudden, feverish kiss. He then took his hands and pulled down my sheer stockings off my thigh’s, falling them to the ground leaving my bare legs of my dress, and easy to remove my panties.

Lindy: “Alyn!”

Alyn: “I’ve missed you. Have you missed me?” His smile was roguish as he kissed me again, and I closed my eyes and kissed him back. He then grabbed me lifting me up to his waist. I wrapped my arms around him, clinging tightly to him as I gave myself over to his kisses.

(I’ve missed you too, more than I can say.)

We removed each other’s clothing bit by bit as we headed upstairs to the tower, Alyn’s secret room just for us to be alone.

The next day, a servant summoned Alyn and I to the study. When we entered, we found Giles and Leo waiting for us there.

Leo:“I’m sure you’ve guessed it already, but we had an immediate answer from the bureaucrats.” he said serious.

Sudden nervousness thrummed through me, and I stiffened. Alyn glanced over at me, his expression calm.

Alyn: “So tell us. Were’ ready, no matter what the answer is.” He reached out and gently wrapped his hand around mine, his fingers warm and sure.

We stood there waiting until at last Giles smiled at us.

Giles: “Congratulations, your majesty. The princess has been accepted as the future queen of Wysteria.”

Nico then came in the room with a bottle of champagne and opened the bottle, the studs bubbles pouring out.

Nico: “Congrats my lady! You are now our future queen!” he said grabbing me tightly and spinning me around the room.

Leo:“Isn’t that great Lindy? And now that you’ve overcome something that huge, there’s no real opposition left. All that remains-” Leo paused meaningfully, smiling as he watched us.

Leo:“Is for you to accept Alyn’s wedding proposal, Lindy.” It was the last thing I’d expected him to say, and I blushed at the knowing gleam in his eyes.

Alyn:“Geez. You didn’t need to say that.” Alyn said blushing a little.

Giles:“So it’s official. We will continue Lindy and Alyn’s engagement, and next year they will be wed, along with her coronation being queen.”

Lindy:“I really want to wed in the spring,”

Giles smiled: “Very well. Next spring will be your wedding.”

I then looked at Alyn and smiled. I couldn’t help but run into his arms and hug him tightly.

Leo,Giles, Nico then looked at us.

Lindy:“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy.”

Alyn:“Its okay. I’m sure Giles understands,”

Coming up……..

Spring has come, and at last, It’s the day of your coronation as queen and wedding to Alyn.

As the whole country and town gathers to celebrate the royal wedding, Alyn leans close to whisper in my ear.

Alyn: “I’ll be here by your side during the happy times like these, and the sad times too. I’ll always be with you.”

Alyn:“I Love you, Lindy. My beautiful wife.”

To be continued……











Long may she reign

Lindy and Alyn are now engaged, and the king of Wyesteria has given his throne to Alyn and Lindy in his favor for them to be king and queen. When Alyn Crawford becomes the new king of Wyesteria, things get complicated when a towns group that oppose the princess refuse her to be the future queen. Meanwhile, Lindy and Alyn's love is questioned when a new noble girl comes in, and the bureaucrat's want her as the new 'queen hopeful'. Will Alyn and Lindy's love stand?! _____________________________________________________________________________ "I never wanted a crown, but if that is my fate, I'll accept it. I'll learn to wear it, but you need to know something: My duty will never be to some country, some land, or some throne. If I'm married to you, you'll be my family. I'll be in it for you and only you. And If that's not what proper kings do... I don't know what is." - Alyn Crawford

  • Author: Danielle Joy
  • Published: 2016-10-30 02:05:36
  • Words: 31778
Long may she reign Long may she reign