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Lola's Magic powers


There is a little girl Lola was born in a faraway island call sunny land. Lola always listens to her parents

And teachers for advice. She always honest and kind. Because of her good qualities everyone loves her. She is special. At the same time she was happy playing with friends, going to school, waking in the beach like other kids.

But one day she discovers she has special powers. She was walking home and she saw a homeless man going through the bin , looking for something to eat. That brought her into tears. Lola got the magic powers in her tears . Her tear drops came out of her eye turned in to a Gold coin.

She collected them and gave them to the homeless guy. He was very grateful to Lola and that makes her happy .

Lola has help lot of people using this magic power. But she still a kid. She wanted to share her secret with her best friend manon. Manon laughed and she thought Lola was joking. Lola wanted to prove that is real. She forces herself to cry and bring tears. But that tears did not turn in to Gold Coins. Lola was embarrassed. But she realized only Magic powers work if tears are genuine.

This power has given to her because she is honest and kind person. She is humbled and only uses her magic powers to help others in need. It gave her joy. She was the happiest kid in the sunny island.

Lola's Magic powers

MY first writing, i decided to write children book with imagination but deliver good message at the end. I want this to be series , this the first trial one.

  • Author: Chan Hewa
  • Published: 2015-10-30 02:35:06
  • Words: 253
Lola's Magic powers Lola's Magic powers