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Lobo Thunder #2

Lobo Thunder #2 

Copyright © 2016 by Wolfen Saunderson 

All Rights Reserved 


Nina Guenard 

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“Hey! Susie!” I called out to one of the unsuspecting striped hyenas as I stealthily emerged from the shadows of the darkened alley behind him. He immediately whipped around at the sound of my gruff taunt and was just about to unload at least a few rounds into me with his SMG, but I instantly got the upper hand, smashing it loose from his grip and delivering one solid right hook straight to the side of his face before placing both paws on either side of his head, and giving a swift twist of it to the left; enjoying the sickening crack as his body went limp and he dropped to the pavement like a broken ragdoll. His friend made began to make a straight bum rush toward me, but was abruptly met with the blade of Alpha’s boomerang knife directly to his left eye as he made his way up to me from behind. “Our ride’s this way.” He said, quickly turning on his heels in the opposite direction. “Come on! Let’s move it!” I looked ahead and around precisely the same time he said that, I could see yet another caravan of cars rolling up on the street in front of us and soon even more Uzi hyenas began immediately flooding out onto the currently barren and desolate street corner and commenced stalking toward us, guns blazing and the bullets flying. I quickly drew my P226 and rapidly began sprinting behind Alpha’s lead toward the mouth of the alley, periodically stopping to take a few shots here and there to hold off the still ever persistent offending Uzis; taking a good few out with headshots in the process before finally making my way to our four seater at the end of the street where this time I hopped in the front passenger seat to be fully greeted by the other two members of our pack, Elena and her younger brother, Elias Breckner aka “Taco”. “Nina.” Elena hailed, slapping paws in jovial affection with me as we began to pull off. “What the hell kept your shredded ass so long?”  

Lobo Thunder #2

The gang's literally all here and most definitely ready to take full action against one of the biggest growing threats in the late and great city of Philadelphia, the sadistic and venomous Uzis crew who just recently took up habitation next door.

  • Author: Wolfen Saunderson
  • Published: 2016-04-26 20:05:07
  • Words: 383
Lobo Thunder #2 Lobo Thunder #2