Living Through A Life Of Faith: Peace

Living Through A Life Of Faith: Peace

Esther Chen

Copyright 2015 by Esther Chen

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Author’s Note


True Peace

Fake Peace


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Author’s Note

Peace. It is a simple word with a complex meaning.

What is peace?

How can peace be in our lives?

Can we bring peace to others?

No one know the answer. Some may say ‘yes’ while others ‘unsure’, and many ‘no’.

Peace. Is it impossible for us to achieve it?

It is a difficult thing to decide. This book took me a long time to write, and as I grapple with this question, I come up with the contents of this book.

Still at the end of this book, I wonder if I have found the answer to my question of, ‘What is peace?’

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Lord you have said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27 [1], and “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 20:21 [2].

What is Peace?

It is the freedom from disturbance, a state or period where there is no war. [3]

War is an event that happens all the time in many parts of the World. There is no period of time where there is no War in the history of Man.

Consider this

There are so many atrocities being committed both in war and peace time alike. Where is this Peace?

A war is constantly waged in our hearts.

It makes us do evil things.

Lord, please give us the wisdom to manage our Peace. Have mercy on us.

It is frustrating to be found to admit that you are wrong when the truth is the exact opposite.

Tyranny is to isolate a person and try to make them totally dependent on you. It is to change their positive flow to negative to make assets a burden, and cause friends to become strangers. A tyrant feels self-vindication and pride to be more important than any other thing, yet the same benefit, they do not afford others.

I am distraught and in dismay, and to others this I cannot say.

There is no one to release me from my confinement and this exile along with back breaking work and unrealistic, impractical expectations sets you up for nothing but defeat. Perhaps that is its ultimate aim, to set multiple traps and only allow your victim the direction and resources to fall into them. Until they collapse from exhaustion and you gain the satisfaction of being the only, the best, and the king of the fake hill you made by your own hands.

If you always look at the unimportant things, you lose sight of significant important events.

There is no time for paralysis, the fate of the World does not lay in your hands but the next 5 minutes will decide your future.

Now that everything is spilled, I realised what is truly horrible. While my vessel has been filled there was nothing that is impossible.

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True Peace

True peace in the World will never come. As long as a life exist, we encroach on others. Whether we be plant or animal. That is the way of life on Earth. It is a blessing and a curse, which we are to remain to suffer and fight.

The truth is that the violence of others destroys your peace. Peace can never be shared.

Although violence spreads like wild fire.

We are not a species that can live in peace. Even though we strive for it, the peace that we enjoy or what limited peace that we have is gotten through bringing violence to the World beyond.

A deterrent sentence against violence, and it is not wrong to say that more often than not, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’, begets the desired results more effectively than counselling.

I do not dare to think of us as an angel.

Whether in a cultured or uncultured World, the hunger in us comes out and devours the rest of the World. The war between cultures, countries, groups, and within families. We are constantly playing a game.

It is a game of dominance. Some of us play it better than others and we are never satisfied with what we have got.

That is because of the war in our hearts. It makes us hungry and all that is material; the power we wield; money we hoard; and the people we control.

We are a breed born to bring pain to this World, to the people closest to us, our family and friends and yet we expect them to be grateful to us.

Pandering to our needs and wants, both emotional and material.

Then we think that we are in peace.

However, peace has not happened. What has happened instead is that we introduced our violence onto others, to achieve and short moment of peace and enjoyment, and when we have a taste of it, we want more. So we introduce more violence against the well wishes of others, or warped into an illogical argument for greater benefits for everyone when only the one holding the most power benefiting the most.

The mastermind behind the conception of the idea of ‘greater good’.

Let me say, “True peace shall never come. Until the whole world gives up on everything.”

True peace. It is a wonder of the World. Very few know of it, and the world is in chaos. Although the knowledge is simple and divine. No one follows it.

To know true peace, one has to know the truth that is God. [4]

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Fake Peace

The World is in a balance.

The World surrounded by a fake peace, filled with fake people, exhibiting fake emotions.

The actions we do is only to build a false relationship to buffer our fake hearts.

There will never be a peace that we feel, the war in our hearts brings out chaos into the World.

So we may be content with fake peace, it is placed with a false tag of true peace.

The peace that we are chasing is not easily achieved.

Those who are weak and confused will rather be in ignorance of true peace, and be content to be led by their noses.

Perhaps, that is what we all need.

A fake peace, to know security.

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About the Author

Esther Chen lives in Singapore, a South East Asian country with one of the World’s highest cost of living. She also major in Biology and Science and has taught in Singapore schools.

She is interested in Life and Science, and also life planning and management.

She also writes on introspection of her daily encounters with help from the bible.

She works in the day and writes in the nights, so enjoy her writing as it teleports you into another World.


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Living Through A Life Of Faith: Peace

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Living Through A Life Of Faith: Peace Living Through A Life Of Faith: Peace