Living Prayer


Living Prayer

By Fawn Moran





Volume VI

The Mystical Traveler Series

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Santa Rosa, CA

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For Thomas

__][“Remember God so much that you are forgotten.
Let the caller and the called disappear…”]

~ Rumi, Sufi mystic and poet
(13th century)

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Table of Contents

Preface 1

Living Prayer 2

Open Book 3

Ageless 4

One Flame 5

Happy Hour 6

Turn 7

Waiting Long? 8

Before You Retire 9

Native Tongue 10

Pretense 11

Aspire 12

Humility 13

Who Else? 14

The Vow 15

One Final Time 16

First Place 19

Credit 20

The Center 21

Through Your Eyes 22


Clout 24

That 25

In Peace 26

No One 27

One Mind 29

Judgment Free 30

Sublime 31

Impetus 32

Metaphors 33

Book Of Prayer 34

Atomic Dust 35

Good Fortune 36

This Story 37

The Promise 38

Begin Now 39

Natural State 40

Unbidden 41

Praise for The Mystical Traveler Series 42

Acknowledgements 44

About The Author 45

[] Preface

Living prayer. Perhaps this book relates some of the significance of these two words in whispers – like incense offered in the nave. What’s written here only hints at the ineffable. If you’re seeking affirmation on the journey, I hope you find it in the depths of your own heart.

While I’m described as the author of this work and the other books in this series, I wasn’t their creator as much as their receiver,
and realized their greatest value lay in passing them on.



[Fawn Moran

Prayer isn’t about things you want

Or wish to be.

It’s your ever present longing

For Divinity.

[]Living Prayer

Make your life a living prayer.

Act on this with loving care.

Don’t wait for confirmation

Or seek affirmation.

Make no conditions.

Surrender anything too dear.

An enormous power will rise

From deep within.

Make your Self its sacred altar,

Your heart, its vessel,

Your mind, a champion of its Truth.

[] Open Book

Open your heart to inspection,

Hiding nothing at all.

Be that Everlasting Light,

Shining without spite,

And loving,

Yes, loving,

No matter the slight.

[] Ageless

The time has come

For the Illumination

Of one still young,

For spirit is ageless.

Yes, let it be.

This sweet embrace

Of unbeatable Grace

Is yours without condition.

Do let this in.

[] One Flame

One flame is what you are,

A beacon from the Source itself,

Here to light the way home

So others can follow.

Embrace all you meet

With a wide open heart.


The Immensity

Of which you are a part.

While some may not recognize

What it is you describe,

Ignore differences.

Leave no one behind.

[] Happy Hour

It’s been set aside

So you can imbibe

What you desire.

Choose instead

A time to Be

In unfailing love

With Eternity.

Day by day,

Hour by hour,

You will see with mind-stopping clarity.

[] Turn

Turn your face toward the Eternal.

Not that there’s a gap to close.

Any distance is at your insistence.

Cherish the moment.

Quiet your mind.

The Absolute is yours to find.

[] Waiting Long?

When will that elusive something

Forever change your unfortunate life?

Look carefully now.

The culprits lie deep within –

The limits you set

For your one precious Self

Create all the din.

Don’t wait for externals to be brought to bear.

Remove the blinders on which you swear.

What holds you back is just your fear.

[] Before You Retire

Who you are, what you do,

Or what you say

Resonate whenever you pray.

What is said is done,

If not before your eyes,

Than in the great Unknown,

Where you dream and fantasize.

So before you retire,

Work as though on fire.

Craft a world more loving

Than the one so many have sired.

[] Native Tongue

In your depths -

Beneath your notice,

Between the lines -

Waits a reunion

Altogether Divine.

Converse with the Nameless.

Immerse yourself in Love.

Wait for no one.

Remember your native tongue.

[] Pretense

Ask without pretense.

Believing is receiving.

Hurdles to overcome are

Beliefs you can’t trust.

“I’m no good.

I hate myself.

I don’t believe in me.”

Don’t equivocate.

Eradicate self-hate.

End your despair.

Love heals in ways

That can’t be shown.

Your need for Trust is clear.

[] Aspire

Even without the right words,

The heart’s aspiration is enough.

Raise your sights.

Then raise them again.

Become the One

Through whom all is done.

[] Humility

Bend your knee before all you see.

Take up this practice in humility.

There’s more to everyone

Than what appears to be.

Be kind.

Be wise.

Humankind is God’s disguise.

[] Who Else?


What can you hide from prying eyes?

You’re so transparent

All is known before it takes place.

There’s so much love

That you are forgiven,

More than you bestow.

Love like this is peace untold.

Bask in the glow.

(It’s yours, you know.)

[] The Vow

Some take the Bodhisattva vow

To remain incarnate

Until all are free.

Are you willing to be in league

With saints like these?

Wherever you start,

Do your part.

The Nameless holds this world

In One Enormous Heart.

[] One Final Time

Explore Creation,

But don’t forget.

The journey’s temporary.

Follow the path without regret.

You’re not to blame when you forget.

Amnesia’s part of the deal.

What you’ve attained

In this unrepeatable life

Is greater than what’s been revealed.


Come to the table,

The one set for two.

Open to the moment.

You needn’t prepare.

Your special guest is

The Presence we share.



[“Come, even if you have broken your vow
a hundred times,
Come, come again.”]
~ Rumi

[] First Place

Step out of the way.

The Divine’s in first place.

Let the Ineffable shine through.

You needn’t worry,

Scheme or plan.

Love really is

All That Is

And your humble abode.

You’ll be happier with a lighter load.

[] Credit

This life’s not ours.

It’s plain to see.

When we take control,

We wind up in difficulty.

Give our Maker all the credit,

Without blame or incredulity.

That’s your key.

[] The Center

Time is short so you bend,

Thinking what you’ve begun

Must take you to the end.

Withdraw from the fray.

Return to your center.

There’s nowhere else to go.

The end’s an illusion.

The mind makes it so.

Dispense with your confusion.

The Divine’s at play.

[] Through Your Eyes

I try to see what you receive

From your religion -

The gold hidden

In its ancient formation.

But if you want to know

My deepest Soul,

Walk with me by the sea,

Where time has no boundary.

There, on the shore of wonder,

We’ll share this Creation eternally.


Here you stand,

Hope in hand,

Praying for a solution,

A plea for mercy

With untold conditions.

Can you pray

Without ego in the way?

Take the time.

Make your prayer Mine.

[] Clout

When you can’t work things out,

You’ve kept Knowing

From having any clout.

Dismantle your defenses.

Don’t fear what’s in store.

Trust is yours for the asking.

There’s always more.

[] That

The Cosmic See is


In deed;

You are That,

In need

Or not.

[] In Peace

Don’t ask in prayer

To reduce your care.

Enter the Sacred

Without undue fear.

The way will open.

Truth will be shown.

Trust the process.

You’re already Home.

[] No One

Doubt disappears

When the mind no longer fears

And the ego is at rest,

When you finally notice

Being no one at all is probably best.

“[Need nothing and then see what happens.”
__]~ Gangaji

[] One Mind

Unity is

All That Is.

Drop your guard.

No harm will come.

Two is an illusion.

There is only One.

[] Judgment Free

Imagine living without judgment

As to what’s good or bad.

Give this a test.

You won’t forego success.

It’s just that

You won’t get vexed

When things turn out less than best.

[] Sublime

The striving of One

Changes all of existence.

Dive into the Sublime

While you’ll still in Time.

[] Impetus

Love is the answer,

The means and the end,

The impetus for your unfolding,

The salve for your wounds,

The reason for your Being,

The gift you have to give.

[] Metaphors

Like the dreams from which you awake,

This life is the dream you will forsake.

The belief you’ll lose

Is that your dream is the truth.

Still the dream has its purpose -

Its mission is intact -

To understand your Creator

In all manner of facts.

To resolve this dilemma,

Dive into

The Ultimate

With whom you share

A life-altering pact.

[] Book Of Prayer

One Book among many

Lives within your cells.

Every organ and blood vessel

Carry the message it tells.

Draw strength, love and beauty

From its bottomless Well.

[] Atomic Dust

Every wave and particle,

Atomic or immense,




Disguised as dust.

[] Good Fortune

You’re not separate,

Ignorant or untried.

You are fortunate,

And that’s wonderful,

But don’t take this in stride.

Look for the Gifts that do coincide.

[] This Story

Aware, awake,

Alive and One,

Stirred by longing

For more and more Joy,

The Absolute

Gave us the glory

To evolve this Story.

[] The Promise

Whether you’re in the know

Or out of the flow,

There’s one constant -

The Promise bestowed:

Your journey’s done

When You are One.

Listen for your cue.

[] Begin Now

Peace has been tried,

Yet it can’t survive

A frantic mind trying to hide.

Return to the center.

Enter your heart.

Alpha and Omega,

You’ve got a head start.

[] Natural State

Release the sorrow that

Dims your blessed Light.

The way’s not easy and may be obscure -

But sorrow left to run amok

Keeps you unsure.

Leave defeat behind.

Reclaim joy.

Relish delight.

Aim for the heights.

[] Unbidden

In the moments that stop you,

When you can’t change a thing,

The mind grows still,

Let go your will.

Love your Soul.

Be All That Is.

[] Praise for The Mystical Traveler Series

“Fawn Moran is further confirmation of the saying that the gods are not illiterate… even when they speak in an esoteric key. The poems gathered in her Mystical Traveler series were received in states of silent ecstasy, much like certain writings of the feminine mystics of the Middle Ages. Not only do they bear the marks of that heterodox strain of Christianity—they uncannily whisper of a mysterious, divine presence so close as to be within, even as it is beyond everything in this world—but they do so in a voice influenced by an eclectic, lifelong spiritual itinerary.

A longtime HIV activist, Fawn founded during the height of the AIDS crisis the first publishing house producing educational literature for the clinics that were ground zero in the struggle for the lives of gay men. After watching her friends slowly die from the disease and having her own unresolved traumas rise again, she went on an inner quest to know herself that brought her face to face with death before leaving her transformed: serene, less attached, and, dare I say, a bit wise. I encountered her while doing ethnographic research on channeling, and came to trust her discerning, profound perspective, which can be heard throughout these little books. Those who know they are lost can find some light here, along with an invitation to not fear the unknown paths ahead.”

Peter Skafish, Anthropologist, Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, Collège de France

“‘Perhaps the primal cause…Of all That Is…Is the Awareness… Within all Creation.’ If those words interest you, this collection is for you. Fawn Moran has managed to distill so much wisdom into phrases that open doors that we thought were closed. Reading her words, or better still, reading them out loud, brings a resonance in the heart that remains. The distillation has clearly come from many hours of plumbing her own depths. This is not a collection of ideas—it’s a collection of Truth revealed. Try it. You might end up becoming what you were seeking.“

[Mary-Margaret Moore,
Spiritual teacher, workshop leader, counselor
and author of the Bartholomew books.]


“In her preface to EVER DEEPER: NOTHING LESS WILL DO, Fawn Moran tells us that “words surfaced with a cadence…all their own,” and some “took the form of letters from an unseen friend.” In reading them, she counsels, “It’s the resonance you’re after.” Indeed.

…the best way to engage this work for most of us is to find a quiet space and read a phrase or more every so often, to reflect and let the words reverberate over a time frame grounded in the now.

The words in EVER DEEPER are subtle. Thus, your mind should help you create the space to read and listen, after which you’re advised to set it aside (count on the mind resisting). While EVER DEEPER will carry some across the bridge into the land of non-duality—perhaps in a blink—it will surely place those who approach it with an open heart solidly on the path AND catalyze the journey in small or great ways for those already headed in that direction.”

Robert Black, a learning specialist for middle & high school students, and adjunct writing professor at NYU


“Every once in a while, a collection of verse is written that has a universal meter — a purity and simplicity that transcends cultures and speaks to everyone, regardless of nationality, sex, creed, or any other differentiator. ‘ONLY THIS’ by Fawn Moran is just such a work…Five stars for this fine collection of verse, and a heartfelt thanks to the author for committing such sincerity and insight to paper.”

[Don Sloan, a former journalist with a major daily newspaper,
is a full-time indie book reviewer. He loves to write, read, drink good wine, and take short naps in front of his fireplace
in the North Carolina mountains.]



[] Acknowledgements

There are people who influence us so profoundly that our lives change in ways unforeseen, and for the better. Mary Margaret Moore is one of those people. If it weren’t for the time we spent in each other’s company in New Mexico, the books in The Mystical Traveler Series would not have been written. She is one of those people who ‘catalyzes’ those of us on the path, and sometimes even stops us in our tracks. How fortunate I was and still am!

Then there are those who I’ve never met – figures like Gandhi – who light the path by example, whose actions and words changed the way the world works. They attract admirers and students for decades, perhaps even centuries. That’s how transformative their work and insights are. Mother Teresa was one of those people, who has since been made a saint, and whose legacy lives on in the body of her order – Missionaries of Charity – and the example they’ve set.

Then there are the teachers who bring us along until we get it – Gangaji, Adyashanti, Mooji – who, tirelessly and with humor, devote themselves to the enlightenment of us all.

Thank you!


[] About The Author

I spent twenty-one years working in the midst of the AIDS epidemic. Most of that time I supplied education and prevention programs nationwide with educational materials. Later on I cared for people with HIV/AIDS in a residential care setting.

I’m now working to end homelessness, if not in the US as a whole, then in the bucolic California countryside in which I live, where several thousand people each year become homeless, many for years at a time.

In 1995, I founded the One World Peace Foundation, an online educational resource to foster progressive world change and human understanding based on an unshakeable respect for truth, peace and freedom. Do visit our website.



[Fawn Moran
President, One World Peace Foundation

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Living Prayer

Living prayer. Perhaps this book relates some of the significance of these two words in whispers – like incense offered in the nave. What's written here only hints at the ineffable. If you're seeking affirmation on the journey, I hope you find it in the depths of your own heart. While I’m described as the author of this work and the other books in this series, I wasn’t their creator as much as their receiver, and realized their greatest value lay in passing them on. As the book says, "Prayer isn’t about things you want or wish to be. It’s your ever present longing for Divinity."

  • ISBN: 9781514751411
  • Author: Fawn Moran
  • Published: 2016-07-03 07:22:55
  • Words: 2763
Living Prayer Living Prayer