Living A Life Of Faith: Obsession

Living Through A Life of Faith: Obsession

Esther Chen

Copyright 2016 by Esther Chen

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Obsession is the state where a thought persistently preoccupies our mind. When we are obsessed all rationality flees our mind. That is because we have lost reason to this particular idea.

Why do we become obsessed?

When we become obsessed, we become blind to the rest of the World. We begin to think more about what this obsession means to us, rather than what is our role in this Life.

We begin to think more for ourselves and less for the effects we have on others, and soon it becomes a disorder. A compulsion that decays the whole body and mind; destroys our Life and that of the people around us slowly.

We all have a deep rooted desire within us. Few know what it is. Sometimes, we may not realise it until it has completely taken over ourselves and has become a problem, rather than a passion.

We obsess because we seek to have a definition for our Life, for the moment where we are told to explain our Lives to others, so that we have a talking point. But is it so bad to have a Life filled with colour and multiple talents, we do not need to be defined by a single word. In fact, having a variety of experiences, hobbies, talents over the years of our life is important in building up our personality.

We understand only when we have experienced; we empathise only when we think out of ourselves.

So what do you do when you have already become obsessed?

This great passion for something may not be easy to get rid of; what can we do?

First, we will need to identify and acknowledge what we are obsessing about.

If we do not identify and acknowledge the source, we are unable to decide what or how to use our passions in a positive way.

We may even find ourselves to be already driving our obsessions for the greater good.

However, when we realise that our obsession has become a festering demand, we will have to decide to take a stand and make some changes to our Life.

It will never be easy. The greatest passion of your life can always be directed to something benefitting the greater masses.

Or you may redirect your time to something else and gently turn the obsession around. Rather than to continue in your set ways, believe in the strength and possibility to change your Life around.

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Prayer and drawing strength on the knowledge that a there will always be a foundation of support from God.

Pain will only last a short while and trials are meant to be overcome. Even obsessions can be reversed; it just takes a lot of effort and belief in the strength that is vested in all of us.

Prayer helps to uplift our emotional self.

We may wish to pray for healing and comfort to feel that someone knows about the challenges that are faced by us and empathises with us.

While we may decide to confide in trusted individuals, ultimately we still feel that it is impossible for others to fully understand what we are going through.

To expect that of any person is a selfish desire.

So who do we turn to but God?

When we place our trust in God and pray to him, we do not desire for a miracle or a sudden solution that may spring up from the ground.

We may hope for divine help. Sure, it may seem contradictory with the previous statement; but if you do not ask, you will not receive.

Asking for help through prayer is a way to cope with distress and invite positivity into yourself.

By giving yourself a chance, you open yourself up to possible solutions and change to your life.

God is always willing to help and his wonders work in many ways. It may not come as what you expect, but take every positive occurrence as a blessing and mercy by God.

The healing will come.

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About the Author

Esther Chen lives in Singapore, a South East Asian country with one of the World’s highest cost of living. She also major in Biology and Science and has taught in Singapore schools.

She is interested in Life and Science, and also life planning and management.

She also writes on introspection of her daily encounters with help from the bible.

She works in the day and writes in the nights, so enjoy her writing as it teleports you into another World.

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Living A Life Of Faith: Obsession

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  • Author: Esther Chen
  • Published: 2016-01-06 13:40:06
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Living A Life Of Faith: Obsession Living A Life Of Faith: Obsession