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Little fairy


By John Victor

Copyright 2015 John Victor

Smashwords Edition


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Special thanks goes to God for seeing me through the writing of this book and my family for their support.

Thanks to Sasha Carrie for her help in proof reading of the book.





David left the house, feeling so depressed. He had not seen Angel for a while now. “Why is she avoiding me? I am always there for her. She shouldn’t be leaving me alone when I need her the most.” He flung the strawberries in his hands against the hard wall.

Someone was knocking at the door. John walked to the door and opened it. Surprisingly, it was Angel standing in front of him. Angel was a childhood friend. They lived with their aunt since their parents died when they were little, in an automobile accident. She took them to school and they were very brilliant.

All the teachers liked them. When they were graduating from college, they were both 15 but David was six months older. They both sat for their exams and won scholarships into the University. Their aunts fulfilled their promise by taking them for a treat hen the results came out.

Since the aunts were friends, they both went out to the same place with the kids. They commented on the results. “If your parents were alive, they would have been proud of you.”

Some months later, the children went to the University. They walked together when they got to school and never left each other’s arms. People started getting jealous because Angel grew more beautiful as each day passed, giving David the chance to thank God for his precious gift.

David and Angel grew closer each day and very soon, they began a love affair in which their aunts were in support of.




“Where have you been?” David asked, still looking surprised.

“I came for you. We are to go back to school today. The holiday is over.”

“I didn’t see you since the holiday started. All of a sudden, you are here, telling me to follow you to school.” David said, getting a bit annoyed.

“My cell phone got spoilt and there was no means of contacting you. I travelled. Okay? Can we leave now? It’s getting late.”

“I’m not going with you. You can leave. This relationship is over.”

“Really? You can’t be serious.”

“I am, leave my door.” David said as he slammed the door to her face.

Angel went to school, feeling very lonely. Every day in school, she would see David and wave to him. He would walk past her without saying a word. She soon stopped waving and began a new life.

After classes, Angel stayed back to read. On a particular day, she saw another guy stay behind. This went on for two weeks until they both had the courage to talk to each other.

He introduced himself to her as George. They began talking and they became closer than ever.



David came by one afternoon when George was not around and began to apologize. Angel looked stunned by the sincerity of it all. She was still unmoved, as she had fallen in love with someone else.

Later on, after a lot of begging, she agreed to continue the relationship with him.

One rainy afternoon, Angel was in her bedroom when she heard something outside, crying in the rain. Angel looked outside through the indo and saw a beautiful fairy. She allowed her to come inside her room.

Angel put her a doll couch she played with when she was young. The fairy started living with Angel as from that day, she spent almost all her time with the fairy and David did not like the fairy and he then planned to kill her the fairy but the fairy noticed David’s action towards her.

One evening when David was not around the fairy told Angel about David’s plans to kill her and angel was very disappointed. She immediately called David on the phone and told him that she wanted to see him immediately.

David came not long after and Angel asked him “Do you love me?”

He said, “Yes and why the question?”

She replied “You wanted to kill the fairy.”

John replied “Yes, baby I am sorry, you spent so much time with her and so I thought you‘ve forgotten me’.

She replied angrily, “How could I have forgotten you? I loved you much more than her all I did was just to care for her and give her shelter how could you be so cruel?”

“I said I am sorry. I am leaving because of your fairy. Don’t expect me to come back.” He said as he stormed out of the house.

One afternoon she was walking on the streets and was thinking of the incident that happened a jeep happened to be passing by and the driver was horning. She didn’t notice until the brought the car to a stop and waved to her.

She jumped up in surprise as she saw ho came down from the vehicle. “George”

They began talking about what happened after school and how life had treated them.

Later on, they agreed to get married and when George introduced Angel to his parents, they liked her and agreed for her to be part of the family.

The fairy decided that she was going to go back to her place. Angel said it was okay by her and thanked her because she had spent much time with her. The fairy told Angel about ho David wouldn’t have been the perfect match for her.

Emily thanked the fairy for bringing to her, her true love. The fairy left.

Two months later, George and Angel got married and after the time Angel left David, he became a drug addict after dropping out of school due to low grades. Soon, the police caught up with him and he sentenced five years imprisonment.




John Victor is a Nigerian based writer. Secrets of the Fortress is his first book. He has inspirations for thriller, mystery and horror novels. He has passion for art of all kinds.



- Secrets of the Fortress ’sorcery’.




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Little fairy

Angel and David are close friends. Angel meets a fairy that David doesn't like. Read this short story to see what happened next. An interesting children story A must read

  • ISBN: 9781310619533
  • Author: John Victor
  • Published: 2015-09-07 19:50:12
  • Words: 1109
Little fairy Little fairy