Little C and the Pink Umbrella


Little C and the Pink Umbrella


Copyright 2016 Jacqueline Wynter Walker

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Hello! My name is Little C and I am an ordinary girl. Well, maybe a little extra ordinary. I have adventures with my friends. I have a mommy and a little borther Tommy. I love them all very much. I hope you love my stories and adventures. You can be a part of my world too!!

With Love,

Little C

Little C approached the ice-cream shop. “What adventures will I have today?”

Inside the ice-cream shop all of her friends were looking at the umbrella.

“Nice umbrella!” said Kai.

“I designed it” said little C.

“That is so cool” said Marisa and Josie.

The boys were not amused at the table. “This talk is for girls. Let’s go to the counter” said Kody. They walked over to the counter and noticed a card for a butterfly exhibit at the zoo.

That is when they came up with the idea to tell the girls they were going to the zoo, when really they were going to take them to the skatepark instead…

When the boys came back to the table to tell them about their plan to go to the zoo, the girls were already dreaming of butterflies, especially Josie who loves butterflies.

Kai told Marisa she could not go to the exhibit because it was going to storm, that if they wanted to see butterflies today they would have to go around the corner to the pet shop.

But, the girls were making plans for the zoo…

Kai walked Little C and her friends down to the pet shop, that is when they ran around the corner towards the city for their next big adventure.

Little C and her friends took the L train all the way to the North side. The girls were surprised when they ended up at the skate park! The boys told the girls it was on the way to the zoo and that they would not skate that long. Hours later Little C and the girls were angry…

When the girls found out the boys had lied to them, Josie and Little C split up from the group to go to the zoo on their own.

Marisa noticed the sky was getting dark to the west. “I think we should get back it is going to storm.” When Marisa and her brother Kody arrived back at the icecream shop, Kai was outside to greet them. “Where have you been?”

“Where is Little C and Josie?” They told Kai what happened. Then he called Little C’s mom who was worried that she had not heard from Little C.

After speaking to Kai, Little C’s mom called up to Tommy. “Tommy we have to leave to find your sister before it storms.” Little Tommy continued to play with his toys. Then he heard his mom yell. “Okay, mom! I’m coming!”They drove into the city to find Little C.

Little C and Josie continued on towards the zoo. The sky was getting darker with flashes of lightning. “Little C I’m scared” said Josie, hurry let’s get inside!! The winds kicked up and the rain was pouring down. They ran inside the zoo for shelter.

Inside the zoo, they came across a pond full of butterflies. They were scared of the bad storm outside. They could hear the clashes of thunder and see the lightning strikes through the windows. Then the umbrella started to glow and the butterflies surrounded them. That is when the umbrella began to open as Little C was trying to close it. “Oh no! Help!” said Little C.

Then suddenly they were both pulled up towards the umbrella. The umbrella opened and they were lifted into the air. The butterflies were flying around them as they floated towards the sky.

“Hold on!” yelled Little C.

As they continued upwards the dark clouds disappeared and the sun began to break through the clouds. The storm was ending.

They were lifted higher into the air as the umbrella continued to pull them upwards.They were above the city looking over the skyscrapers. As the umbrella continued to pull them, a rainbow of light appeared and the rays of the light were shining on them.

Little C and Joise held on to the umbrella tight.

The pink umbrella continued to take them onward and upward. “Look Little C, I can see the ice-cream shop! They started to feel like they were falling down. !Oh No!

The umbrella pulled them down towards the street. Then Little C and Josie landed in front of the ice-cream shop. Everyone was happy they were safe and sound. Later, Little C looked at her umbrella and realized it was magical

-The End


Little C and the Pink Umbrella

Little C and the Pink Umbrella is the first illustrated book from the Little C & Company series. In this colorful illustrated story about Little C facing a storm, readers will learn of her discovery that magic exists beneath the stars. Little C is an extraordinary girl from Chicago tackling discoveries with her friends day by day. Little C is the girl everyone notices. She loves singing,dancing,and astronomy. She has a unique connection with the stars and spends her time wondering what is really out there.

  • Author: Jacqueline Wynter Walker
  • Published: 2016-08-24 20:40:14
  • Words: 918
Little C and the Pink Umbrella Little C and the Pink Umbrella