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Little Blue Car

Little Blue Car

C.L. Mozena


1The car sped by. A tiny, electric-blue sports car that sat low to the pavement. The latest model, too, probably. Bet that car set the driver back a pretty penny.

Dan frowned over the wheel of his own car. Six years old with numerous dents and scratches, and one of the most common car colors. Boy, what he’d give just to drive that blue car once. Only once. But his luck, he’d get stopped for speeding. His car didn’t stand out, but the moment he drove even a mile above the limit, the cops were after him. Even when everyone else was speeding. It didn’t matter. Dan was the one they picked on.

Whatever. Dan learned to leave a little early for work and not complain when he got home a little late. And he could boast three years with no tickets. And no accidents. Ever. At least, none that were his fault. Sitting next to his mailbox when someone else bumped his car wasn’t his fault. Too bad the law didn’t see it that way.

But he had put it behind him. The damage was only cosmetic, after all. And it could have been a lot worse. So Dan took it easy on the road. He swore his next car would be the same color as traffic cones.

Bright brake lights glared at him. Dan slowed as the vehicle in front of him came to a complete stop. What the heck? The other cars were stopped as well. Blue flashing lights reflected off a white semi a little ways up. There wasn’t any construction ahead. What gives? Dan huffed. He was going to be late for date night if the traffic didn’t get moving.

An hour later and an apologetic phone call to his wife, the traffic moved. Slowly. Three hours later, the cop car came into view. Traffic was bottlenecked to the left lane as they crept closer to the problem.

More blue lights. No, not lights, the car was blue. The one that was smashed to pieces. It was the expensive-looking sports car that had sped past him earlier. Emergency lights lit up the area as the car was loaded onto a tow truck. No driver in sight; he must’ve been taken in an ambulance hours ago. Serves him right for speeding and showing off a car that Dan would never have a chance to own. No, wait. Dan checked himself. That could have been him. He prayed for the health and safety of the blue car’s driver.

And was thankful he drove a six-year-old car with dents and scratches and a common car color.




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Little Blue Car

  • Author: C.L. Mozena
  • Published: 2016-11-04 17:05:12
  • Words: 463
Little Blue Car Little Blue Car