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Life's Final Shrine - A World Beyond Mine


Life’s Final Shrine – A World Beyond Mine

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


ISBN: 978-1-910774-99-1


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front: “Basia Bien – A Simple How, A Simple When (The Mystery Unfolds Again)” 2016.


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Croaking frogs – the nature to seeing off barking dogs.


Life’s Final Shrine – A World Beyond Mine – The Encore Define (A Silence In The Rhyme)


Any simple encore was just to close the door (on one hundred score) for who could ask for more, when there’s nothing left to pour?


Countdown Verse – The Universe Disperse (into an open hearse)


And when there’s nothing more to be had – I was glad, I was glad – not the least bit sad !


Grateful for all the seasons that I had had.


Mirror image – stand or fall – for life reflects (it) all.


Optimising Innovation – The ‘Come Alive’ Sensation – A Part of Vibrant Creation – A Simple Derivation – To Always Be – A Cycle Through History – Life’s Shrine To Close What I Define


A Simple Act Of Time – To Close A Silence Rhyme – A Simple Act To See – There’s Nothing Further Now To Be – A Simple Act To Hear – Nothing Further Now To Appear: Behold The Silence Sphere !


And I left the stage without a further page for what had been an age of living nature’s sage.


Life Shrine – Beyond The Message, Rhyme, What You Cannot Define.


Finality Incline – It is Mine, It is Mine, Forever So Design – The Final Word In Rhyme No More A Sense Of Mine – And In The Morning’s Whispered Still – The Nothing Will Prevail – And All Of Life Set Sail – Into the Vast Unknown – For There, My Body Hone – A Life Without A Home – Nothing Further Now To Own – Nothing Further Now To Say – For That Belonged To Yesterday


Life’s Final Shrine – A World Beyond Mine – No Encore Define – The Mysterious Sign – Where Nothing Rhyme – And No Words Can Say – What Will Stay – In A Future Yet To Play – All Way


And I opened to – a world I never knew – and I stepped into – shades of endless blue.


Life’s Final Shrine – A World Beyond Mine


The cold so sharp divine

the work to prime


A one hundredth sign

This century align

within a heart beat’s time


And steady, closer to my feet

I moved closer to defeat

the open gap that complete

A simple reason neat


The end, a final treat


And heat that rose from the

ground – the icy breath that

could confound a resurrecting



I stood and I lay:

I brought life to play

A world beyond mine

as a final shrine

to more than I could figure,

to less than I could rhyme


A world beyond mine

the final phases sign

a pleasing time

to see the full and empty

passage of a moment come

in anticipation of the glorious

sun – the sun’s surprise

I open, size…


The sun’s surprise

A glorious rise

(and in the mauve that

flies – there, my future



icy icy breath – embrace

your tenderness!


When There’s Nothing To Beguile

Stay Awhile (The Final Trial)

The final punt (infinity shunt)


The final test (just to rest)


When There’s Nothing To Beguile

Stay Awhile


The Final Trial,

Whispered sense

Life undone


Whispered sense

The slowing sun


Whispered season

Winter come


Whispered now

The quiet hum


Whispered words

Now spoke, undone


Whispered life,

The other one


Whispered meaning

Brought to bare


Whispered freshness

In the air


Whispered exale

I finally share






The moment’s thought

A prayer


“Just leave it hanging there”

And my eyes now almost close

(off to fresher shows).



see my final happy smile,

the end of my all trial.


Life’s Final Shrine

A world I can’t define

Now to close on time…


The new twinkled through

(beyond the blue I knew)


Seen in its entirety, a drying foam of memory.


“Design Painting Poetry”: I closed it now to see,

the moment standing free.


Design on Time

The Close-Up Sign

I patched such quilts

These memory stilts,


And still I could not see…

What had quite hit me


Design On Time – The Close-Up Sign


A thousand blades of dew

Now spoke to you


“Let life renew

in all manner that

you told it to!”


And glistening brand

new: I made space

for life to surge right



A thousand blades of dew

are twinkling all around (you),


with leaves so scattered

on the ground – I barely

scrape the profound -


as scrunched

as these…


I recognise none of

these former memories!


A thousand blades of dew,

are calling out to you


“Come explore,

this world

some more!”


But I was already gone,

singing on my journey,

a brand new song!!!!


A thousand shades of light,

A thousand memories incite,


And I am left to see

The world that surround me,


A cawing reality

Of sunshine energy


A thousand blades of dew

It is life glistening through

And the stony path renew,


A sense of journey true:

The joy that reaches out

To you


Every time you see

“The world includes me”


I closed it now to utter

a sense of bread and butter,


that in all insight, it was the light that shone so free

on all I considered mercy


And I closed it now without a stutter,

Swept away into the gutter


The toil of seasons done

The soil, a part of everyone


Simply to divine

This is my moment just to shine

In pure and matted sunshine


I closed it now, no utter

no stutter stammer in the gutter

nothing now lay there

except the sunshine air


here and now and everywhere

the simple moment I see


share – standing as a prayer

the hovering atmosphere


the honey bee so easily

a season’s sense to see

It’s closed indefinitely


The past I cannot be

The future I don’t always see


But this merry present,

I crown with golden pheasant


A sense that I now call

That’s really done it all!


My simple life’s crescent

becomes rather pleasant

to buzz as a bee (constantly)


the final moment now to see

glistening free – the dew

that dried in front of me


no moment’s further will,

the moment still

will be with me

a pinnacle so free

in its entirety


standing ovation

life’s joyful creation

to always grow so tall

and then with nature

just to fall


that moment standing free

encore to history


that moment standing tall

just to let go of it all


and I am left to see

a world’s pantry


Harvest time – a sumptuous glass

of sumptuous wine

to toast the divine

here and now, and in our prime


The close of season sign

To all good grace align


And the leaves fall from the trees

I no longer recognise any of these

as any sorts of memories


Just a sense of bread and butter

what more is there to utter?


A thousand blades of dew,

upstanding knew,

to say goodbye to you.


A thousand blades of dew

the last I saw of you

and, uttered, blew,

cobwebs over you.


Epic Poetry – I handed back my memory

For all the world to see – a shrine in constancy

(has no need of me)


Epic poetry, I’d come to see a symmetry

Epic Poetry – I handed back to see mine own



I wanted to be free

And just remember me



Epic Poetry,

You washed me like a sea

And I drowned a little easily


Epic Poetry,

Once more I count to three

And beg that you will see

(I’ve no more need of thee)


Epic Poetry,

A vestige to declare

But you are no longer there


Epic Poetry,

You confound in symphony

The very music that I see

is written in a tree

that harbours life and ecstasy


Epic Poetry,

My blind eyes will ever see

What brought me back to

Remember me (as no more

than a memory)


And I have no more need

of what others would conceive

I simply heave away

a medley wrought of yesterday

but in the cold, I play

your memory anyway


More than a routine thought

More than a conjured juggernaut,

I tried to thwart your meaning

(and cut loose from the gleaning)


Yes, I tried to cover thee

with no more energy


But you are sacred just to me


a heart-felt sorrow and a plea

that would never once renounce

nor see – how much you always

meant to me.


Epic poetry – I handed back my memory – prodigious energy – to swallow (now) the last of me.


Epic poetry – the field is cold, and so are we, I have no further need to see, what can never be more than a tour de force of memory.


Epic poetry – you whisper sweet the enemy, and yet I have no memory to see what’s right in front of me.


Epic poetry – the sound of the sea always captivated me.


Epic poetry – you rush and you flow, but yet the words you show, are not the ones I thought to know (or heard within my own echo).


Epic poetry – I sought to let go – I sought just to flow, and in the end I show…


… all worlds are captured in life’s great know!


And I see… the work’s journey’s

done – a captured moment -

sun – the sense I always become

(no matter now the other one)


No matter what I said

The jollity I bed

No matter (what) wisdom led


No matter (what), no matter (what)

life tumble and shatter (in its slot)

No matter what (the pot is always hot)


For I shall always see

life’s harboured wings

(spread) so free in echoed

epic poetry


No need to apologise

No need now, a sense that tries

Hidden in your eyes…

To seek the final surprise


Nature’s Harmony – A Truth Epiphany

Last roses hold the key (the dying energy)


A spikiness that show the last of all the flow.


“Wasteland”, I taste your hand, without ever knowing,

the full truth that you’re showing.


Nature’s Harmony – A Truth Epiphany


I wanted you to see

What words had mattered once to me


I wanted you to know

How I had conjured my own flow


I wanted you to hear

A humming, rising atmosphere


I wanted you to show

What it is that you now know


But you were nonchalantly

Taking it so easily,

You thought it just slowed down


You (had) sourced winter’s thorny crown

And smothered in your eiderdown,


A sense of cosiness

When here and now

I continually press


The end of every test

The last of all the rest

The final source of zest


You greatly thought acclaimed…

The stoic buddha named,


The sense that as you see,

Nature’s moves so free


A Truth Epiphany -

You crouch quieter now for me…


You listen faithfully

And all that you now know

Is how the quiet now let go


The leaves that drop below

Singularly to show

They had their time but

Now it’s mine


To finish with a truth rhyme,


All nature now incline

To delve to deep decline,


And shudder as you might

Your heart now feels no fright


It’s all now cut loose

Nothing further to produce,

And the last act I do

Is (make) a final compost of you


A Truth Epiphany

The Spikiness I see

Shoots deep to energy

In Winter’s trawl of memory


Nature’s Harmony,

Beyond catastrophe,


Nothing further you can see

Except the compost merrily

Turns to fresh new soil

All of this season’s toil.


A Truth Epiphany

Now so memorably

Helps you forget to see

What once I used to be



Purple Eyes Publishing


Once I was a tree and stretched my leaves out memorably into the very sky – the mirror image fly: summer on a high, but these were born to die – a memory that sigh far far away into a ‘blazy’ haze of yesterday. Can you really see, what mattered when to me – would that really be, oh so worthy?


Far better I repair with the freshest humming sphere: last roses you see, I cut from my tree to forget how things used to be, and then in time, a truth epiphany sign – nature’s harmony spirits free a wider source of energy.


And when you yawn, fresh air is borne, and when you sing, a harmony bring mother nature to, the rich, rich soil in you.


Nature’s Harmony – A Truth Epiphany: when we no longer see, the world is free to grow majestically.


Stretch out and grow tall – the rich rich soil that captures all, and in your greatest roots, epiphany always shoots: nature in cahoots and the wind arms harmonic (magic) flutes.


Mysticism, misty schism, misty thing I see, when autumn handily moves to free a left-over sea of ancient memory. The trumpeting despair is captured fresh in the air: what now will ever grow there, if winter won’t repair integral nature’s sphere to flourish in arrear for fresh new life to appear.


Humming energy, a sense that memory is deeper in the ground than all appearance now confound.


Flourish deep in growth – flourish deep, a final oath – when all around feels sloth, I always simply see Nature’s Harmony – A Truth Epiphany ready now to free a vibrant energy to brand new memory.


Life’s Final Shrine – A World Beyond Mine


When There’s Nothing To Beguile – Stay Awhile (The Final Trial)


Design On Time – The Close-Up Sign


Epic Poetry – I Handed Back My Memory


Nature’s Harmony – A Truth Epiphany








Life's Final Shrine - A World Beyond Mine

A world beyond what I (used to) do - that world anew - return to you : a world where mystery fold colours bright and bold, and to the earth behold: a simple life shrine - a message most divine, to leave a former rhyme that we cannot define. In the action of our time - there a living sign: beyond the message see, the simplest point of harmony.

  • ISBN: 9781910774991
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-11-02 16:05:11
  • Words: 2366
Life's Final Shrine - A World Beyond Mine Life's Final Shrine - A World Beyond Mine