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Life:Is:A:Frequency :: Luck & Coincidence


Chapter V:

This is What I Think Of

Luck and


  • *

I felt compelled to group these two concepts together, as I believe the two

absolutely go hand-in-hand. Here are some examples of what could be luck, or could be

coincidence. It is essentially in the eye of the beholder. I should also note that all the

calculated probabilities in this chapter are merely approximations. I am a big fan of poker

and a big fan of gambling in general, so I am constantly calculating odds. Below are the

probabilities of making the wide range of completed hands in poker. I listed them here so

that one can compare these calculated probabilities to the odds I present in the described

situations; hence, I approximate throughout this chapter in analyzing real life events.

- Royal Flush :::::::::::: 649,350:1 :::::::::::: Approx Probability: 0.000154%

- Straight Flush ::::::::: 72,192.33 : 1 :::::::: Approx Probability: 0.00139%

- Four of a Kind :::::::: 4,165 : 1 :::::::::::::: Approx Probability: 0.0240%

- Full House :::::::::::::: 694.17 : 1 :::::::::::: Approx Probability: 0.144%

- Flush :::::::::::::::::::::: 507.8 : 1 :::::::::::::: Approx Probability: 0.197%

- Straight :::::::::::::::::::: 253.8 : 1 :::::::::::::: Approx Probability: 0.392%

- Three of a Kind :::::::: 46.3 : 1 :::::::::::::::: Approx Probability: 2.11%

- Two Pair :::::::::::::::::: 20.03 : 1 ::::::::::::: Approx Probability: 4.75%

- One Pair :::::::::::::::::: 1.36 : 1 :::::::::::::::: Approx Probability: 42.3%

- No Pair :::::::::::::::::::: 995 : 1 ::::::::::::::::: Approx Probability: 50.1%

The Fortune Cookies

I don’t know how many people actually read fortune cookie messages, or take

them to heart, but I must admit they are entertaining. If it’s an interesting one, I most

likely keep it in my back pocket; who knows, maybe I could get lucky. I was hanging out

with two friends at a place, doesn’t matter where, and we were getting very high. When I

say high, I mean to the moon. I usually can only eat when I’m high. I don’t really



understand it, but food just tastes so much better in this regard. I use weed for medical purposes. For the record, many of the most brilliant people in Senior Design II at UCSC,

smoked weed on a regular basis. Where as one might find this quite ironic, it proves to me that there is no correlation between marijuana and intelligence; I will not go on record

however saying that it doesn’t completely ruin my short-term memory, because it does.

One time I heard a story about a brilliant professor named Steve Peterson; who I will go on record and say was a complete asshole. Regardless of his intelligence, I absolutely hated him. I got a D in his Microcontrollers class a year before I took Senior Design with

him; he always held the grudge. The story, which I can validate, goes as follows. In the

year I had Peterson for Senior Design, he called a student into his office that often

showed every sign of an individual on meth. Throughout the conversation Peterson asked the student if he smoked weed; being an honest individual, he replied ‘yes.’ Then

Peterson went on to say, and I quote, “weed and engineering don’t mix.” Excuse me

professor, but that is a very close-minded statement. I smoke weed regularly and I

graduated college with a degree in Electrical Engineering; I don’t feel guilty. Whereas

that was probably the smartest thing he could have said to the student it eludes to the fact that because Peterson tried it, and it did not work for him, and he assumed that this must

be the case for everyone. I respectively disagree Professor. In fact, there is a reason that most of the people in your classes smoke weed; it is because engineering classes are

extremely difficult. In fact, if I didn’t smoke throughout Senior Design, I would have

stressed myself six feet underground. The point of this side note is as such: just because

something doesn’t work for you, do not assume that it is the case for all people.

Now we can get back to the story. I was starring at the table in front of me and

noticed a fortune cookie had very oddly been placed on top it. It looked very appetizing. I wanted to eat it. I was feeling really unhealthy that week, which could be attributed to the fact that I was eating terribly; in addition, I was also not exercising. Although I had

played golf that day, which some people might question the amount of exercise involved

golfing, and was really starting to feel that I needed a change in my life. I was

complaining the whole day about how I should be exercising more regularly, and how I

need to begin treating my body better. The reason being that hypothetically I could

increase my life expectancy by a significant amount; excessive binge drinking has

probably already taken twenty years off my life. Everyone knows this, but I complain a

lot. Given my recent spiritual awakening, I was excited to read the message, even if it wasn’t mine. I opened it up, ate half, and read the fortune that lied within. The message

read, “work on your exercise routine.” I found this to be very ironic, as well as comical.

Randomly later that evening we decided to order delivery Chinese food; up until that

point, I wasn’t aware that Chinese restaurants delivered. We picked one of at least ten

Chinese restaurants listed in the area, and ordered 3 entries; thus, being awarded three

fortune cookies. I should set this up by saying that I was suspecting something

interesting to happen. I analyzed the situation quiet a bit, possessing a sixth sense that

informed me that whatever one I selected would be special. After much debate, I finally

selected the fortune cookie that I was drawn to the most; given that they all look the same

from the outside, it would be difficult to choose the most special one. Once I began eating

the cookie I was very excitedly looked at the fortune; it stated, “work on your exercise

routine.” Well look at that, I was right. I asked my two buddies what their fortunes said



after they had both eaten their cookies. I was excited to see what the other fortunes were

had I selected a different one; my sixth sense told me that neither of their fortunes would

relate to the place I was at in my life. I cannot recall for the life of me what the others

read, but honest to God, they did not relate.

_Calculated Probability _

I describe events in this chapter as random variables, as this is what I was taught

when I took Fundamentals of Probability with Stochastic Process at UCSC. This means

that you assign a variable to each event that takes place and then use their approximated

probabilities to analyze one or more events that have occurred. There were two events

that had to occur for this situation to present itself. First off, one fortune had to be

selected that perfectly described my life at that present moment; in addition, that same

fortune had to be replicated within the second cookie. Here I make the approximation that

each Chinese restaurant has at least 20 different fortunes within their cookies. In addition, I will make an approximation that roughly 3/4 of the fortunes would not have applied to

my life. Random variables [*X *]and [*Y *]are assigned as the following:

[X *]= The Probability of the event that the first fortune cookie would apply to my life[ *]

[*Y *]= _The Probability of the event that the next fortune I reveal is the exact same _

_ _

In this example we assume the probability of [X *]and *Y to be 1/4 and 1/20, respectively.

Let’s assign random variable Z to be the probability that both of these events occur.


[*Z = X*Y *]

Z = (1/4)*(1/20[*) *]

Z = (1/80[*) *]

[* Z = 0.0125 = 1.25% *]

  • *

There is an approximate 1.25% chance that event [*Z *]occurs. * *

Maude’s Debit Card

I probably mentioned this earlier, but I was, and think I still am, in love with

Maude. There was a short period of time when we used to hang out after work. We would

get wine together roughly once a week; wine club was awesome. I really miss that girl

and I really miss the times we spent together. All together, we must have purchased about

20 bottles. I saved every bottle that we ever got; it now remains bitter sweet. I don’t know why I chose to do this; maybe I felt it could be used as an efficient weapon to replicate

positive memories. Every time I look at the alignment of bottles on my piano I am

reminded of her. Often times it is a warm feeling, and as I mentioned before, sometimes

it’s bitter sweet. This has to be love. I should mention that during the time this event took place, Maude was still twenty years old. She had a fake ID, but didn’t use it at the Scotts

Valley Safeway because she lived in Scotts Valley; in the valley, everyone knows

everyone. She often times had more money than me and I often times made her pay for



stuff. Maude did have money, but she worked hard for every dollar. Often times people

make the assumption that because someone’s family has money, and is from Scotts

Valley, that their parents are rich and give them handouts; for Maude, this wasn’t the

case. She would spot me for bottles all the time because I was usually broke. I would use

her debit card; she even trusted me with her pin number. Is that love?

One day we went to Safeway after work to get a bottle and I paid for it with her

card. Clearly, I forgot to give it back to her because the next day as I went to the ATM

machine to deposit some money it was in my wallet. Did I mention a lot of weird, freaky

shit had been happening to me during that time? While that thought crossed my mind, I

decided to take a look at her credit card numbers. I just wanted to see if any of them lined up. The results were quite amazing. Sure enough, the first 8 digits on both of our cards

matched. Surely this isn’t as improbable as it may sound, but it is still an amazing

coincidence. In this case, I am assuming that there are roughly 15 combinations for each

four-digit section. Really, I have no idea, hence why this is a very rough approximation.

Calculated Probability

  • *

X = The Probability of the event that the first four digits are the same[* *]

[Y *]= The Probability of the event that the second four digits are the same[ *]

Z = The Probability of both events occurring

[*Z = X*Y *]

Z = (1/15)*(1/15[*) *]

Z = (1/225[*) *]

[*Z = 0.00444 *]

There is a 0.44% chance of event Z occurring.

Pink Eye

I am a hypochondriac; I always have been and always will be. I scare very easily.

A year or so ago I went on a vacation to Lake Tahoe, Nevada with some close friends. We

drove up that day, raged all night, slept briefly, and then drove home. I had also been

drinking the two days prior to the trip; therefore, lack of sleep and excessive consumption

of alcohol kept my immune system operating poorly. I was insanely hungover on the

drive home; it ended up probably being the worst hangover of my life. This sickness was

attributed to the fact that once we left the hotel, I went straight to the blackjack table and didn’t leave for roughly 7 hours. I was drinking Jack on the rocks throughout the entire

session. I had to have at least consumed 15 free drinks. The waitress had a lot to gain

from me, as I was putting down bets for her as well. It was a fun trip. I was still

hammered in the morning.

On the drive home I felt an irritation on the skin near my eye. It was very

annoying. It felt like something had stuck in my eye the night prior, and was still in there poking around. As it turns out, this wasn’t the case; I really wish it had been. When I



finally arrived home, my eye was very red, puffy, and disgusting. It got infected. I went to the doctor and explained to them that the infection was replicating symptoms of Pink

Eye. She said that she didn’t know what it was, but it wasn’t Pink Eye. That was a big

relief, in a lesser of two evils type situation. The doctor took a sample and I never wanted to know the results. I just wanted it to go away. I just wanted to get my antibiotics. After a week or so it finally went away, but yet something very strange happened after my visit

to the doctors.

For the record, I have never dealt with, or had, Pink Eye in my whole life; hence,

it had never been a topic of discussion until that day. I was in my room listening to music

on itunes when there was a knock on the door. It was my dad, and he came in to tell me

something. I don’t remember what it was anymore, but what is important is that I paused

the music. Out of all the Cd’s in my itunes playlist (~2500 songs), I picked a Buckethead

album to listen to. In addition, it was an album that I had never listened to up until that

point. I don’t know why I chose it, I just had an impulse and I went with it. I never

usually know the track names on artist’s releases. After my dad left, I went to press play on the song and noticed the title of the song, sure enough, was Pink Eye. No shit. That

was the only song title I had paused and looked at that day. It just so happened that my

dad had come in to talk to me during the three minutes of audio on the track. Afterwards I

searched the whole database for any songs that had the word Pink Eye; there were none. I

found that to be a very extraordinary coincidence.

_ _

Calculated Probability

In order for this event to occur, two different situations had to arise to make this

possible. First, my dad had to enter my room during the time that I was listening to my

itunes playlist. Secondly, I had to pause the audio at the time when the Buckethead song,

‘Pink Eye’, was playing. On any given day, I listen to itunes for two hours throughout the

time I am at home and conscious; I will make the assumption that I am conscious at home

for an average of ten hours a day. In addition, I approximated the total amount of songs

on my entire itunes library to be 2500; in reality, there are probably many more. Keep in

mind also, that only one of the songs in the entire library is called ‘Pink Eye.’ Now that

we have made the following assumptions, we can assign the random variables:

[X = *] The Probability that my dad enters the room while I am listening to itunes[ *]

[Y = *] The Probability that Buckethead’s ‘Pink Eye’ is playing at that exact moment[ *]

Z = *] [The Probability of events _][*X *] [_and _][*Y _ occurring

X = (2)/(10[*) = 1/5 *]

[*Y = 1/2500 *]

[*Z=X*Y *]

Z = (1/5)*(1/2500[*) = 1/12500 = 0.00008 *]

There is a .008 % chance of event Z occurring

The Shooting Stars



I am fascinated by shooting stars and I am also fascinated with Astrology. I

actually believe, and I know this will get criticized, that the stars have some bearing on

events occurring in our life. Astrology, in my experience, and in history, has proven to be

a somewhat effective means of providing answers to many of life’s questions. It wasn’t

until last year that I saw my first shooting star. I suppose I just didn’t admire the night sky until I was 24 years old; that could possibly explain my lack of opportunity. A few years

ago there was a meteor shower that was occurring all weekend. I spent countless amounts

of hours out on the back patio looking to see at least meteor; long story short, I did not. If I did not see a single meteor during a meteor shower, what are the odds of witnessing a

shooting star?

I got really obsessed with fantasy football this year. My first pick of the draft was

Adrian Peterson, a superstar running back who played for the Minnesota Vikings. He is

simply put, ‘all that is man.’ I saw my first shooting star walking home after a night out,

and I couldn’t help but make a wish; why wouldn’t you? I wished for Adrian Peterson to

have a breakout game; maybe I shouldn’t have wasted my wish on fantasy football, but

that was the first thing that came to my mind. Sure enough, that specific week, Peterson

had his breakout game. I believe he rushed for about 150 yds. and scored three

touchdowns; maybe I should have asked for a win instead, because even with his

monstrous stats, I barely came out on top. I always wish on shooting stars!

I have a terrible memory, but I have a very vivid recollection of my first real date

with Maude. I could not tell you what I did yesterday, or what I ate this morning, but I

could describe that night with remarkable accuracy. This was one of the better moments

in my entire life. I think it was the first time I realized that I was in love with Maude. We had hung out a few times after work, and had become friends, but this was the first night

when it became something more; however, this is all I _remember. _ I will always have this memory. Maude is always really busy. It is in her genetic makeup that she inherits the

traits that allow her to do so. That trait is embedded in her genetic code. She is also very intellectual and motivated; I’m positive she will become very successful. She is also insanely impossible to get ahold of, and even more impossible to get her to hangout. One

night she actually made an attempt to hangout with me at an unusually late hour. I had

been drinking most of that day, so I was in no shape to drive. She drove all the way to my

house, which is several miles out of the way, and picked me up for our adventure.

Clearly, I was excited. I remember her saying, “I want to take you somewhere you have

never been,” and I was excited to follow her. As we were driving to Santa Cruz from my

house, we encountered two shooting stars in a very short period of time. This was the first

night I had seen multiple shooting stars in one outing; it was even more special because I

was with Maude.

She ended up driving us to the 711 on Broadway Street. This is probably the most

dangerous 711 in Santa Cruz. About a year back there was a murder-suicide in the

bathroom, and very recently a woman was stabbed on the street very close to the store. I

was legitimately scared; it was very late in the evening. For some reason, she was not

scared and she dragged me inside. We both got hot chocolate; she paid for it because I

had no money. Next, she took me to a beautiful secret beach near Seascape. I have played



Seascape Golf Course multiple times and it is beautiful. It was actually very romantic. On

the way down we saw our third shooting star. I found this to be a very interesting

coincidence. We brought down blankets and held hands together so we wouldn’t hurt

ourselves. We laid down the blanket, drank our hot chocolate, and admired the stars. It

was beautiful. She showed me where Orion’s belt was located, as I was unfamiliar with

where it resided in the night’s sky. After awhile we saw the fourth shooting star; I decided to kiss her immediately after. It was the first time we ever kissed. It was magical.

We cuddled on the beach for a little while and another shooting star fell from the

sky. Sam even remarked, “That was a huge one.” That made five on the night. As I had

been recently acquainted with Astrology, I took this as a sign that Maude was really

special. I told my close friend Sideshow Bob later about it, and how we saw five shooting

stars; he was skeptical as he always is. Jon does not believe in that type of thing.

Fortunately, I do, and I will always have this memory. As I mentioned earlier, I sat out on

my porch for two days in a meteor shower and did not see a single thing; in the two hours

Maude and I were together, we saw five shooting stars. That is spectacular to me; that has

to be love.

Calculated Probability

In order to calculate the probability of this event, we must of course approximate

the probability of the first, and subsequent events that must occur. As I did not ever see a shooting star until I was 24, I am going to very generously approximate that for every

hour you look at the stars you have a 1/20 chance of encountering a shooting star. The

night that I saw five shooting stars with Sam we were together a total of two hours.

[X0, X1, X2, X3, X4 = *] The Probability of the event of seeing one shooting star per hour[ *]

[Z = *] The Probability of the event of seeing five shooting stars in two hours[ *]

  • *

[*X0 = X1 = X2 = X3 = X4 = 1/20 *]

[* Z = X0 * X1* X2 * X3 * X4*2 *]

Z = (1/20)(1/20)(1/20)(1/20)(1/20)(2[*) *]

Z = (1/3200000[)*]*2[ *]

Z = (3.125 × 10-7[*)]2

Z = *]a very tiny number [*= love

The Bouncy Ball Story

I have a friend named Mary Bailey. I love her. She is a really dear friend. We

have this very odd bouncy ball obsession. I don’t know why, but there is something about

them that I find very intriguing. We have some funny, historical moments playing with

bouncy balls. Last year, Mary moved to Israel to study Jewish teachings. She was gone

for about a year. She finally sent me a letter after a couple months of being there. After a few months of receiving her letter, I sent her a package with a personal letter, as well as



approximately forty bouncy balls. That is the first, and only, time that I have sent a

package overseas. It was because I missed her.

We have a bouncy ball machine at work; I will admit, I thought it was a gumball

machine for the first year I worked there. I usually waste about three dollars of my tip

money on bouncy balls. Sometimes when I got mad, I would go out into the back alley

and throw them as hard as I can at stuff. It has been proven to be a great stress relief. One day as I was about to leave for work I found two quarters on my dresser and put them in

my pocket. I decided to bring them to work so that I could buy two bouncy balls; I would

say their primary purpose would be to keep me entertained during a slow day at work.

Before I explain this story, I need to establish some truths. First off, there are about a

thousand bouncy balls in that machine. It is very probable there are many more. It’s a big

machine. Just counting around the outside of the glass ball, I would say there had to be at

least two hundred bouncy balls touching the glass enclosure. If I had to guess, I would

say that out of the several hundred balls in visible sight, there were at least 175 different types. There was a great deal of variation in that particular machine.

Remember, I only had two quarters, so I put them in the machine. Initially, I just

put the balls in my pocket, as I was going to look at them later when they were serving

their purpose. I didn’t even look at the colors or anything. Later I examined the first one.

It was primarily green with a white cloudy swirl. I pulled the second one out and it was

primarily green with a white cloudy swirl. Of course they weren’t exactly alike, because

no two patterns on a bouncy ball will ever be completely the same, but they were

essentially the same bouncy ball. Out of a machine of over a thousand bouncy balls, I put

two quarters in the machine and received two of the same ball. I still have both of them.

You’re just going to have to take my word for it because I sent them to Mary overseas to

Israel; I put them in a bag separate from the rest because they were special. I explained

the situation in the letter. Out of all those balls, two of them slightly resembled each

other. Some may find this probability to be inaccurate, but it should be noted that I take

into account the fact that there was a small probability of green and white swirl balls in

the machine; hence, the first event is assigned probability.

_ _

_Calculated Probability _

  • *

X = The Probability of the event that the first bouncy ball is green with white swirl[* *]

Y = The Probability of the event that the second bouncy ball is green with white swirl[* *]

Z = The Probability of the event that I receive two balls of the same nature

TB = [_Total Number of Bouncy Balls on the Surface _][*= 200 *]

TG = [_Total Number of Green Swirl Balls on Surface _][*= 8 *]

  • *

There is no possible way I could have guessed the total amount of bouncy balls in the

machine, nor could I predict the total amount of green balls with a white swirl. Hence, I

brought it down to a smaller scale so that I could give myself a rough approximation.

[*X = TG / TB *]



X = (8)/(200[*) = 1/25 *]

[* Y = (TG -1)/(TB - 1) *]

Y = (7)/(199[*) *]

[*Z = X*Y *]

Z = (1/25)(7/199[*) = 7/4975 *]

[*Z = 0.0014 *]

  • *

There is approximately 0.14 % chance of event [*Z *]occurring. * *

  • *

I know what you are thinking. You are wondering why the probability of event [*X *]is

assigned as 8/200, instead of a value of 1; I did this for a reason. Most people would look

at this situation and only assign one variable, which would be the probability of the

machine releasing the same ball after receiving the first one. It is really a matter of how

you interpret the situation. What if I said that when I looked inside the machine, I saw the ball with green swirls and wanted that one specifically? The odds would then be as I

described them. However, whether or not I had that thought, the probability would be the

same since I assigned variable X to be the probability of acquiring a green ball from the machine. * *

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Story

I love watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia because it is hilarious, and it

makes me think of Lisa. There was one weekend where Lisa and I drove to Lake Tahoe

together and stayed in a decent sized log cabin; we had a whole bedroom to ourselves. I

had never snowboarded before, and as expected, I was absolutely terrible. I felt bad

because Lisa would constantly have to stay back and help me up every time I fell; I think

it completely killed her snowboarding experience. During the first night, after a full day

of snowboarding, I saw It’s Always Sunny in the Philadelphia for the first time. I cried from laughter several times that night; every time I watch that show now I think of that

moment. It was beautiful. I was at a friends house one night watching a new episode of

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia when this dynamic event occurred. At this point I don’t even remember what season it was, however, it was the episode where Danny Devito, a

character named Frank, paid money to host a beauty pageant. After he put up the money,

he finds out that it was a little girls pageant with elementary contestants. There was this

one girl with a severe attitude who is known as the prettiest and most popular one of the

group. Even at that age you can still identify the cute kids out of the ugly ones. It is fairly easy to pick out the prettiest girl of the bunch. It just so happened that the prettiest of this group was a petite Spanish brunette. The first time she appeared on screen I thought that

the little girl resembled Maude, as she probably looked very similar to that when she was

younger. At that point in the show however, she had just been a background character and

they had not revealed her name. In one of the scenes Charlie establishes that she is the

prettiest one of the group. I glanced at her character again and once again thought that she looks exactly like Maude. Sure enough, just as that thought passed through my mind

Charlie says, “That’s Maude.”



I don’t think there is any possible way to calculate, or even approximate, the

probability of this event occurring. It would be hard to approximate the probability of the

event of a thought occurring in my mind. The information provided for analysis is

presented internally; the event occurred inside my mind. My thought process, at a

specific interval of time, provided my conscious with the thought that a character on a

show resembled Maude. At that exact moment, as my conscious was fed this information,

the character’s named was coincidentally revealed. In my mind, the odds of that

happening appear very small. I find it to be a very exciting coincidence; most people

would not even acknowledge the fact. Whether or not the event was rare, it made me

realize something very important, so it will now always be special to me.

The Numbers

  • *

I love when I see a series of like numbers. Fortunately, I encounter number

patterns on a daily basis. I have developed a system for encountering number patterns. On

an average day, if I see a consecutive series of three, I may analyze my surroundings and

try to interpret the message that is being channeled to me. I have acquired credible

information, and when number patterns occur one should try to figure out the message of

the significance, whether it be something around you or the thought you are experiencing.

You can learn a lot about life this way. You can learn a lot about yourself this way. When

I see a series of four consecutive numbers, I isolate my surroundings and think about

what I truly want most. When I figure it out what that is, I wish for it to come true; often times it will come true. These numbers have spawned a series of spectacular coincidences

in my life, hence why I assign significant value to them. In general, I see ‘222’ and ‘1111’

the most frequently; every once in awhile there is a ‘420’ that is significant.

I used to be a delivery driver and I was working a day shift when this event

occurred; day shifts are absolutely awful for several reasons. First off, it is always slow

so no one makes any money. In addition, they are longer shifts and incredibly boring; on

my time scale a long shift is equal to 5 hours. I find myself constantly looking at the

clock, counting down the hours until I am free in my head every several minutes. Lucky

for me, on this one particular day, a customer called in an early delivery order at noon. It was a simple order so the pizzas were made quick, which gave me plenty of time to get it

to the house on time. For once I finally had a chance to make money on a transaction. An

hour or so after I returned from my first delivery another delivery was called in. When I

finally looked at the deliver tag to find out what the address was, it read 111 Bean Creak.

I laughed and made another wish; at this point when I was first discovering number

patterns, I made a wish on every consecutive series of three; later they became so

frequent that I couldn’t keep up with the wishes. This could be because everything had

come true. At that moment I wished that this new manger Nancy would get fired. She was

a complete bitch, and sure enough, a couple days later she received her last paycheck.

Next, I pondered how interesting it would be if I saw the patterns of consecutive

numbers every hour of the day. I was hoping that it would start at 12 and continue all the

way until 5 o’clock when the last possible combination of three consecutive numbers

could occur during this time frame; this is unless of course that you also enjoy setting



your clocks to military time. It couldn’t have been more than thirty minutes later I

thought, when I received an incoming text message. I pulled out my phone from my

pocket to open it and was interested in the time. When I pulled out my phone, I checked

the message, and then I checked the time. As expected, the time was 2:22. I made another

wish. I think it was to be with Maude. I’m still waiting for that one to come true.

I finally had reached my last hour of work and I was very excited. It was a very

boring day shift; time had rapidly slowed down for the last hour. I had probably texted

Crazy Cat Lady around two o’clock, along with several other friends, and was waiting for

someone’s response. I just wanted to be entertained. I finally received a text message. It

was Crazy Cat Lady. She was the person I wanted to hear from the most. I had only hung

out with her officially one time up until this point, but I still felt a very strong connection.

Opening the text message, I glanced at the time it was sent to me, which ended up being

exactly 3:33. There is a possibility that my brain was playing a trick on me; either way, it was beautiful. I was trying to meet up at a friend’s house after work to do some mooks, or

more officially mullers (If you don’t know what they are, we are going to keep it that

way). I was supposed to get off work at four and meet my friend Bumblebee man, who I

was going to chill with later on; I got off at four thirty. I went to get food at Joe’s Subs in Santa Cruz, to wait for his call. I called Bumblebee man as I finished eating, as I was

finally walking to my car. I pulled out my phone, and at the end of the call, I saw it was

4:45. It cant’ be. I missed it! Then I had a thought. I’m going to look at my out going calls to see what time it was when I called Bumblebee man. I swear on my life, my phone said

4:44. The streak was still alive. I was very happy and exited about it. So far I had seen

four of five possible outcomes.

I finally went over to my friend’s house after buying a bottle of Makers Mark. I

felt it was only appropriate considering I had just finished a very long and painful day of

work. I started drinking. I had a few drinks. I was watching everyone there playing video

games; a soccer video game as a matter of fact called FIFA. I absolutely hate it; I hate it

with an extreme passion. The time was on the cable box. Up until that point I had no

concept of time because I started drinking Makers Mark as soon as I arrived; a

considerable amount of Makers Mark was consumed in that hour. I glanced at the cable

box, and sure enough, it read 555. The cycle was complete. It had actually happened. I

witnessed all the possible three consecutive digit times. It was a lucky, beautiful, and very coincidental event. I love coincidences and I love my life. Life is beautiful. Life is a


I thought this section of the chapter was over until today, which was when this

chapter was edited. I enjoyed it so much that I figured I would share it with everyone.

Numbers make life more fun. I promise you, this type of stuff happens to me on a regular

basis. This occurred when I was at work on a day shift again, and I wish I could

remember it more clearly; however, I do remember seeing a 222 and a 111 upon arriving at work. After I was done with work I did all my paperwork and calculated my tips. The

total came out to $5.55. I found it a bit strange. After work I went to get a bottle of wine at Safeway. I love wine. I used to get wine with Maude once a week after work. We even

had a wine club. It was awesome. That was love. I bought Dry Creek Merlot because it



was on sale. I think it was like fifteen bucks or something. I handed the cashier a twenty,

and got my change. I swear on my life, the change came out to $5.55. I even kept the

receipt; it was pretty freaky. This event also happened in March 2012 while I was in the

process of writing this book. My Aunt Kathy, who I will talk about in a later chapter, has

many spiritual beliefs about the afterlife and our existence in general; she seems to

believe that we are all spirits within earth bodies, and when we die we retain the

knowledge that was acquired throughout a lifetime. Additionally, our spirits are sent back

to Earth and we apply this knowledge in the next life. I actually really enjoy this theory.

Now that I am older, and once again much more intelligent, my Aunt and I talk about

these types of things every time she comes to visit. It just so happened that she came and

visited this March.

My Aunt and I had been talking about having a long conversation regarding life

and existence for quite some time; this time we finally got the chance. At my house in

Ben Lomond we had our long talk about the spiritual world. I mentioned that I was

writing a book. I had pretty much explained to her many of the stories in this chapter. I

left her my laptop with the document open and she read it while I was at work. Before I

went to work I had to drive to Cabrillo College, the local community college in Aptos,

near Santa Cruz. Interestingly enough, it was a Psychology of Death and Dying class. I

began the chapter on death with the Deathography essay I wrote while taking that class in

Spring 2012. Seconds before I begun the drive, after my Aunt and I had our conversation,

I saw the time as 2:22 on the microwave, and pointed it out to my Aunt. Then I made a wish. I don’t exactly remember what it was, but I am sure the wish came true. Ironically,

before that event occurred, I had specifically mentioned the number patterns I frequently

encounter; I would say that 222 and 1111 are the most frequent.

Let me tell you one thing about California Highway 1 when it passes through

Santa Cruz; it is the worst road I have ever driven and I have had my car in Los Angeles a

time or two. I would prefer those roads to Hwy 1. I have made it a point to never take the

freeway and I always take the back roads to my destination. I was cutting through a back

road on my way to school and just happened to look at one house address as I pulled on

to the road. I looked at the house and then I looked at the street where the address was

painted. I have driven that road many times and not once have I seen the very blatant

address painted in white on the curb. I’m sure in this context it is obvious that the address number was 222. I look at that white paint every time I drive that road now. I always

make a wish for good luck; it couldn’t hurt, right? After school I went straight to work. It is the easiest job I have ever had in my whole life. I am basically free to do whatever I

choose while still working four days a week. Sometimes I get out of there in no more

than two hours. I looked at the tag of my first delivery and it read ‘221 Navarra St’. When

I first read it, I didn’t think anything of it, especially since I go to Navarra St. all the time on deliveries. I pulled into the driveway of 221 Navarra St. It was long and narrow.

However, they had ordered a 2-Liter and being difficult to carry, I pulled up to the house

as far as I could. The delivery went really smooth. I think I even received a five-dollar tip from the lady. After the delivery I backed out of the driveway. I was being really careful

so I wouldn’t get T-boned by passing vehicles. Directly behind my vehicle, as I backed

out of the driveway, was the address for the house across the street. The address was 222



Navarra St. I just found it to be interesting that it was directly behind me so that I would not miss it while I back up in my car. It was awesome to see three series’ of 222 in one

day after having a conversation about the numbers with my aunt several hours prior.

This is the last one that I found pretty interesting. I had left my computer on for a

long time while I was away, and naturally I drained the battery. When I came back to my

computer several hours later, I plugged it into the wall charger. When I looked at the

battery life it said 0:00. Clearly this makes perfect sense; however, I still made a wish

because I believe in luck and positive energy. No more than a minute later I looked at the

clock on my computer. It was exactly 2:33. I swear on my life, as I glanced at my clock,

the computer malfunctioned and it switched the time to 1:11 for no more than a second

before it reset to the actual time. Ironically, the same thing happened to me shortly after

as I began to continue writing this chapter of the book. Unfortunately, you will just have

to take my word on it, but it begs the question, can external forces have control over

devices such as computers? I’ve found unexplained electronic problems with my

amplifiers plenty of times.

The Dreams

  • *

Remember how I said that Lisa saved my life? This is basically what happened.

No matter what type of relationship I maintain with Lisa, we will always have a

connection through music. When we were friends, when we were lovers, when we were

enemies, and when we were friends reunited, she always loved and respected my music.

That will be one thing that we will always have. I send her everything I write, and I think

she genuinely enjoys it. After we broke up I wrote an album; she was my inspiration for

the entire album. During my depression I stopped playing guitar all together; I had no

desire to play for the first time in my life. I can’t really explain it, but I thought I sucked. I was super negative all the time and I was super depressed. It was the most awful time of

my life. This indefinite break from the world of music lasted roughly six months, and

slightly afterwards this is what happened. Thank you Lisa.

When I was severely depressed, I was a clinically diagnosed insomniac; it was a

very rare occasion when I could actually sleep. I couldn’t think, I was worthless, and I

was always silent; clearly, this was not my typical character. However, on this one

particular night, I was able to sleep and dream; it was beautiful. I wish I could have

remembered every detail of the dream; unfortunately, you hardly retain any knowledge of

your dreams when you wake up. This is what I remember. Lisa and I we’re at a party. I

was in a room, which was mostly unclear, except for a certain painting and a red couch; I

recognized the couch to be red, which proves that you can see colors in your dreams.

There was a crowd of people that surrounded me. I was standing in the circle of close

friends holding a beer but oblivious to their conversation. I was oblivious because I was

completely uninterested in the conversation as soon as I saw Lisa sitting on the red couch.

We locked eyes, which was probably due to the apparent chemistry present in the room.

She called me over to the couch, and as I walked towards it I sat down beside her and

grabbed her hand. It felt completely real. My body is capable of producing new feelings



for events that do not physically occur. We just sat on the couch for a short while and had

a typical conversation; I wonder how many actual words were present in this

conversation. Of course I do not remember any of it, but it was real. When I woke up, it

was the only memory I retained.

When I woke up I saw that I had received a text message early that morning; it’s

usually pretty rare when people text me in the morning. That usually only happens when I

message people at a late hour who all have career’s, thus need their sleep. I don’t feel bad for not having a career. I hate work. I choose to not work as much as possible. But on this

beautiful morning I had a text message in my inbox. It was from Lisa. I found it strange,

not only because I just woke up from a dream about her, but because she had not

contacted me in roughly six months at that point. The text message read, “Hey. I

randomly put your Kingdom of Gnardom cd in my car and I forgot how amazing your

music is. I hope you are still playing.” Long story ridiculously short, I started playing

guitar again and I haven’t stopped since.

This dream happened several months back; I don’t feel as if it is more

coincidental than the last; either way, I think it is interesting. I have a very vivid picture of the setting; I could recognize landmarks, like specific buildings from downtown Santa

Cruz. I knew exactly where I was, and I knew I was walking towards the direction of the

Asti, a local dive bar downtown. I also knew whom I was walking with. Randomly it was

Lisa and my friend Smithers, who coincidentally is Lisa’s ex-boyfriend and also my

neighbor for over twenty years. That’s a little strange as well, for the record. Also on the record, I knew all the people I was walking with and I saw them in a complete three-dimensional vision; in addition, they had the same mannerisms and personalities that I

had come to know. My surroundings were very vivid as well; I woke up knowing the

people I was walking with and the location of the dream.

I woke up abruptly, and five minutes later, Smithers had called me. I had missed

it; I didn’t think anything of it. After all, I did just wake up no more than two minutes

prior to this event. Of course I ignored the call because I would have been speaking

absolute gibberish in that state of mind. I then checked my phone and I had a text

message from Lisa. I did text Leah the night prior as an excuse to talk to her. Knowing

that she works very early, I assumed she was most likely sleeping. It was very probable

that if she was planning to text me back she would have sent the text in the morning once

she awoke. It was interesting that the major players in my dream that night had both

contacted me in the morning.

The Best Day Ever

This is the type of day in which I am very grateful that my mother taught me to

always have a positive attitude. I woke up on a Friday morning and it was the first day I

had off in a week. Earlier in the week I had to delivery drive in the rain so I caught a mild cold from that I believe. I woke up sweating and shivering and with a minor cold; I was

angry because I am the worst person to be around when I am sick. I woke up thinking

about how terrible the day was going to be, and began complaining about how much I



hate being sick. I walked into the kitchen and saw my mail on the counter. It was my

Federal Refund Check that I had been awaiting for several weeks. I was getting anxious

because my tax return was going to be roughly eleven hundred dollars. That was the most

money I had in my bank for at least four years. I decided to think positive. The reasoning

being that I would easily trade eleven hundred dollars for waking up sick; even being

sick, that was a beautiful start to the morning.

I decided to do some cleaning up. I essentially washed everything I owned,

including my sheets, and cleaned out my bedroom and band room. They were both

cleaner than they had been in months. It was shaping up to be a very productive day. I

found a few graduation cards while I was cleaning; I saved them all because of their

sentimental value. I was reading one from my Grandmother Borella, which read, “Your

Grandfather would be Proud.” I then opened one from my Step-Grandma Pritchard that

read, “Your grandfather would be so proud,” along with fifty dollars that I had forgotten

about. I had stashed a fifty dollar graduation gift in a card, and had left it their for 8

months. On this particular day, I just happened to discover it.

The whole day I was out of weed. I felt sick and I would have really liked to

‘medicate’. Now I had fifty more dollars than I had before so I bought a ¼ oz from a

confidential source. Just two snaps and I already felt better than I did the entire day. How could this day possibly get better you ask? I will tell you. Roughly fifteen minutes later

my dad brings in a case of miscellaneous beer. It was a 24 pack that was roughly ¾ full.

My dad always goes to Costco to buy beer in 24 packs. They have some of his favorite

beers at Costco; it is quite a good deal. I’m sure by this point it is clear that I am a San Francisco 49ers fan. They made it to the NFC Championship last year, and before the

2012 -2013 season starts I am predicting that they win the SuperBowl. They had recently

signed Randy Moss to their already very impressive roster, and he had always been one

of my favorite players. My dad came in and told me that Peyton Manning, easily one of

the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, had a secret practice, without the media, with

the 49ers. This means that Peyton could have very possibly come to the 49ers. He ended

up signing with the Denver Broncos instead; he is injury prone anyway.

I ended up going to my next-door neighbors house for several minutes later in the

afternoon. We ended up smoking a spliff and drinking a massive amount of wine; I was thoroughly buzzed. At one point Smithers turns to me and says, “What’s going on with

Astrology these days? Have you heard about the 13th sign? We are no longer Cancer. We

are Gemini.” That would make more sense if I told you that Smithers and I have been

next-door neighbors since childhood. We were both born on July 18th, although he is two

years older. We started digging deeper and found no credible sources that could back up

this information. All of the sources with some knowledge on the subject essentially made

a mockery of the subject. I definitely wasn’t convinced. We read the Gemini horoscope

for the day and it was basically bullshit. Neither of us could relate. I should mention it

was after midnight so we began reading our horoscope for the upcoming day. We read

the Cancer one, and it said something similar to, “Someone in your past that you have

loved may reach out to you today, as they have freed up more time”. I was thinking it

would make sense to me if I applied it to my situation with Maude; however, I hadn’t



heard from her in a week so I wasn’t really expecting her to reach out to me that day.

Smithers on the other hand felt it applied to him perfectly. An ex-girlfriend of mine, who

was a communal friend, had reached out to him recently on a strictly platonic way. He

told me that it was a very unusual occasion. I started thinking of Maude again because I

always think of her. I was hoping that she would hit me up that night to fulfill the

prophecy. When I got home, I checked my Facebook. I did it just to see if maybe she

commented on my page, or attempted some form of communication. There was nothing

there so I went to bed.

I woke up feeling like a million bucks. That day could not have gotten any better,

unless of course I ended up getting laid additionally. It had been raining all week and I

was still mildly sick. I really was hoping that it would stay clear out. It looked clear in the morning so I just thought positively. I asked God to help the rain subside until I got off

work. While I was at work I received an incoming text message, and it was from Maude.

The message read, “Skype Me!!” I set up Skype months ago so that I could talk to her

while she was in Monterey; however she never made an attempt to use it. In reality, she

never had time to do so and then, out of the blue, reached out to me. I told her I was at

work and she replied, “Noooo. You make me sad! Lol.” We used Skype that night for a

half an hour; it was the best hour of the day. I think I am still in love with her.

The Closest I Have Been To Crazy

This event occurred in March of 2012 as well. There had been a recent trend

throughout my group of friends in Santa Cruz; I am referring to mooks. I will preface this

by saying that Mooks are pretty disgusting. It is essentially a bong rip of tobacco with

weed resting at the bottom. It is a terribly awful habit, as I had contemplated buying

cigarettes before because of this addiction. I am positive that mooks are the fastest track

to pure harmony. This is due to the fact that you get the tobacco head rush along with a

body high. I’ll admit it. I smoke a lot of weed. I still get things done and sometimes I do

them better so I don’t really care. Some people may look down and question the sanity of

my methods, however, I think the expression, “to each their own,” applies in this


A poker game was to take place at my next-door neighbor’s house in Ben

Lomond. Ben Lomond is a small mountain community of roughly three thousand people,

located in the Santa Cruz Mountain’s. Let’s just say I was floating on the clouds. It is in

that state of mind in which poker is the most interesting; unfortunately, it makes you a

much worse player. That’s a trade-off that I feel quite comfortable with. The first hand

was dealt out and I quickly became confused. The cards were being dealt right-to-left,

instead of left-to-right. Clearly, we were all intoxicated enough to make such a mistake.

My friend Barney is a complete poker shark; however, he had just started drinking for the

first time in his life this year, so I guess his mind wasn’t all there. Even being the most

intoxicated one in the room I was the only one who caught the mistake. I mentioned it to

my friends so that we could deal and play the game in the correct direction. Every one of

them called me stupid because I was the only one mooking; and being the most

intoxicated individual, it was a valid argument. We must have played three rounds and



every hand I was confused by the rotation. I was absolutely positive it was backwards. I

was more confused than I had ever been. Although marijuana doesn’t actually make you

less intelligent, it still does have some crazy effects on your body, which can cause you to constantly make mistakes. It is because of this fact that I became more confused than I

had ever been. Quite a few strange, spiritual, and somewhat creepy, things has happened

to me so I literally thought for a second that I had entered another parallel dimension; a

dimension in which everything I had known about direction was reversed. I remained

very confused.

There was a pretty big gap in time where we did not play poker at all; it is this

development that made the above situation plausible. However, prior to this event, we

had played on average roughly five times a month. Everyone in the room, no matter how

intoxicated, whether it be weed or alcohol, should know the proper way to deal the cards.

I was having hard time even playing because I was still extremely confused. I had to

constantly tell myself to calm down and reason it out logically so that I didn’t think I

finally had snapped. At one point during this ridiculousness I even got up to use the

restroom, just so that I could make sure that everything else in this world I perceived was

normal; everything else was. I felt a little less crazy, but I was still confused. I didn’t

mention anything to anyone either because I didn’t want anyone to call me out and think I

was crazy. Fortunately my friend Bobby, who coincidently does not smoke or drink, came

over to play. He is a regular player. He even moved to Vegas for a short while in an

attempt to beat the game of Texas Holdem. In conclusion, he doesn’t really have the best

luck with cards. He showed up fifteen minutes later and instantly discovered that we were

all playing the wrong way. Of course, when Bob says something everyone listens; when I

say something, everyone calls me an idiot. I guess in this case, the most fucked up person

in the room was actually the only one thinking clearly.

While we are on the subject, I might as well mention the second closest time I

have come close to insanity. I should mention that both instances occurred while

extremely intoxicated; these events were essentially self-inflicted. My group of friends

and I love to take random and spontaneous trips to usually one of three places: Reno,

Lake Tahoe, or Las Vegas. There have been a handful of times in which a group of five or

six of my closest friends barged last minute for a one-day vacation to one of these

locations; the sole purpose of the trip was raging. At this point, my close friends and I

were going out and drinking on an average of five nights a week. Groundskeeper Willie

and I had just broke up with long-term girlfriends and began drinking very frequently;

our breakups occurred roughly three months apart. This may actually mean something

further in the chapter.

My friends and I were sitting at the Red Room Lounge, coincidentally not

drinking, one weekend night in Santa Cruz. The Red Room Lounge is a remotely classy

bar at the top level, and is also a very trashy bar downstairs. It is always really crowded

and nearly impossible to get a drink. I almost like the cash only, smoking section of the

bar downstairs more; at least there you can get a table and comfortably have a drink.

Anyway, we were sitting at the bar upstairs when we decided, at roughly 11 AM, that we

would just drive to Reno and party all day. That is exactly what we did. We all had an



hour to go home, grab as much stuff as physically possible, and meet at the firehouse

where my friend Mayor Quimby was living. It was raining and snowing that night,

however, Mayor Quimby had a beautiful Audi and made it to Lake Tahoe from Santa

Cruz in roughly four hours. I believe we arrived in Reno at 5:30 AM; at this point in time,

no one had slept for twenty-four hours.

Groundskeeper Willie and Duff-man went to try to get us a room upon arrival.

Due to the fact that none of this was planned, we just went to the trashiest hotel we could

find in Reno so that we could get the cheapest room possible. We found out that we

couldn’t check in to our room until 9:30 AM; if we wanted to check in before that time

we would have had to pay for the previous night. Even though the room was only thirty

dollars, it wasn’t necessary to pay for a room for four hour’s time. We decided the best

thing to do given this situation was to play penny slots and get free drinks. I remember

sipping on my first beer at about 6 PM. We literally just played penny slots for several

hours, receiving free drinks every time the waitress came around; we were referring to

her as ‘Drink Lady’. She was a really good employee. We got more than a handful of

drinks at the crack of dawn for free. We tipped her really well every time so she made the

rounds more and more frequently. This was my first trip to Reno; it is an incredibly dirty

city. However, at the same time, Reno is an insanely entertaining vacation spot.

We must have sipped on beer for six hours. I don’t even remember going up to

our room. I think I ended up getting wrapped up into a roulette table for a few hours. I

think it was about 3 PM by the time I finally got to the room. In all honesty, I have no

idea how I found my way to that room. I was blackout drunk. I don’t black out that often.

I wouldn’t dream of a vacation any other way. I somehow found my way to the room that

they had all gone back to an hour prior. Apparently, and I don’t remember, I pissed in the

hallway before going into our room. I was a drunken mess and I hadn’t slept for about 36

hours. We had decided, considering as none of us had slept, to take a nap for a few hours.

We fell asleep around three and set the alarm for seven. We all assumed that a four-hour

nap would fuel us up enough to rage until the sun came up. I almost lost my mind.

This is what happened after my alarm went off at what was now 7:00 PM. I woke

up in insane confusion. I had no grasp on reality in that moment. When I came out of

REM sleep, after 36 hours of not sleeping, I was not thinking clearly, or at all for that

matter. I think that is the most insane state you can force your body into, without

including doing a lethal amount of acid. I have heard plenty of horror stories of people

going overboard with acid and ruining their lives completely. I have done acid before; it

was in moderation. I am usually pretty safe. I had a spiritual awakening. I definitely view

it as a positive experience. On this particular day I woke up in a state of insanity. For a

matter of several minutes, I was most likely considered officially insane. I wish I could

remember more of the dialogue, however, I do vividly remember saying, “[_Am I in the X Y _]

[_Z Plane? _]’ My friends literally thought for a moment that I had lost my mind. What

happened was I finally jumped in the shower and after about ten minutes of hot water

pouring down at me remembered that I was in Reno, and that we were on a random day

trip. The last thing I remember saying when I got out of the shower was, “I’m Ok. All I



had to do was take a shower and change my pants.” I am very thankful that I didn’t

officially lose my mind. The rest of the day was filled with pure, drunk, ridiculous fun.

I think this instance may actually go on record as the most out of touch with

reality I ever have been. It was a combination of a few factors that worked together to

trigger my enhanced manic state. In this manic state I thought I was a genius. I felt that if I had continued to work on this book that night, instead of my parents forcing me to take

my medication, I would have written one of the most interesting books ever created.

Unfortunately, those brilliant ideas left my body as soon as the drugs entered. I

understand why most people who are bipolar do not want to take their medication. The

manic state that you can achieve without medication is amazing. Along with all the

beautiful emotions, and hyperactivity, I felt that everything in the universe finally made

sense. I felt as if I had figured out what Einstein, and other greats, such as my

grandfather, knew and understood about the world. Hopefully, in a sober, non-manic

state, I can still recall those ideas that made me feel complete. I thought I could predict

future events that I believed captured everything and anything. I felt as if I could write a thousand pages in one night. Immediately upon waking up, I looked at the text messages

that I sent Crazy Cat Lady in the height of my breakdown. The following text messages

consist of all the genius advice that would have been in this book had I not had a mental

breakdown during that evening. These are the exact texts that I sent Crazy Cat Lady

while I was in the middle of a revelation; all of these texts were sent the morning of April 19th, 2012.

  • *


I? IM FREAKING OUT. AND Cryiping? can I please talk temdwu[* *]


THIS WHY CAN I WRW A THOUSAND PAGES in d6ce. Why im bipolarg and I can see numbegphp and

crazy. wtf. please call me. I know u sl3ping bu I need. a[* *]

1:52 AM: I ndmded to taj to some6ne that’s how my grandpa passed it down.g why we are in 5ove in twe wneks[* *]

1:53 AM: Why some external force4 can occur[* *]

1:54 AM: Why I know u gonna cal[* *]

[1:54 AM: *]The gpheason I know anderBand. It all makep4 gp4ensf[ *]

1:56 AM: It’s the reason my dad and my mom maf a p4uper child. Lile i lnow thimgs how. I can predibt. * *

1:56 AM: Why people tink[* *]

1:56 AM: Like my grandfather[* *]

1:57 AM: Howis uhis happenjpng[* *]

1:58 AM: Cen? Do things like othei propets that thought[* *]

1:58 AM: if im right[* *]

1:59 AM: Why u are gonna be the only omwme in a millinn. Why can I think that fast[* *]

2:01 AM: Why thir is the most insane think other legends whem thotght. Why 4 I got an electrical engineering. Aw I like other[* *]



2:01 AM: Can u pkeaghf call me[* *]

2:02 AM: Why ny genius grbndma and grbmdpa got tngether[* *]

2:02 AM: Am I really goghngp crazy

For roughly three hours, I think I actually went crazy. I’m glad I returned to

Earth; so that I can finish the work that I believe I was sent here to do. I chose to omit the details of what triggered this manic state until after the text messages were read. Here

were the factors that played into this insanity: I drank all night and didn’t sleep more than four hours for two days straight, I didn’t take my night time mood stabilizer medications

two nights straight, I drank a Rockstar at 12 AM, I smoked more weed than I had in at least a week, and I felt like a genius because at that moment I had figured out the

meaning of life. I believe now that I can express my thoughts much better when I am

relaxed and have slept eight sober hours for two straight nights.

_Sometimes I really need to take my medicine. _

_ _

It should be noted that I sent 17 texts messages, with no response, in 14 minutes. _I am _

_fucking insane. _

This wild life

I love music and I do not like silence. Every time I am in my man cave I am

listening to music and attempting to learn from its beauty. If I am feeling in the mood I

will play my guitar to the music and try to run scales to improve my musical ability; I

would say over this last summer I got pretty good. I have developed my ear to achieve

riffs in the right key. In this particular example I am going to describe a situation in which the music in my life had inspired amazing events. The other night I was feeling quite

emotional and I was scrolling through Facebook. I discovered a video that my friend

Miles had posted; it was a song by a band called This Wild Life. I was intrigued by the

video, and as I was insanely emotional, I almost broke into tears from its beauty. It was

one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard entitled, ‘History’. I probably watched

the video five times. I felt absolutely inclined to use Spotify to stream all their albums. I have listened to those songs repeatedly for months.

I went to see a band named Emery at the local concert spot named The Catalyst.

We got there early enough to see the opening bands. There was a band I saw that really

blew me away. It was two guys with two acoustic guitars; the singer had the most

amazing voice and I was instantly attracted to the music. I got pretty drunk at the show

and the band was selling their cd for one dollar. I walked out after the show and

exchanged words with him, told him I thought he was awesome, and gave him five bucks

I believe for the cd. I listened to the music a lot and I loved every song. I listen to songs so much that I constantly wore them out. The lyrics on this album were amazing and I

believed they spoke specifically to me. One day I decided to listen to the cd that the band

I witnessed had given me. I found the album in my room and looked at the artwork on the

cover. I looked at the cover and discovered that the album created by This Wild Life.

Somehow I had randomly stumbled upon a song I had enjoyed while using my Facebook

account, and it just happened to be one of the last bands I had seen play.



As I stated before, I looked at the album artwork intently hoping that I would be

able to relate to it. The more I starred at the cover, the more I saw similarities between the artwork and my life. I started to point out everything I saw and found that there were a lot of connections. I have had stuff like this happen before, but as I was still emotional, I

found this one to be special. I love things like that; things that are so beautiful that they really grab your attention. I know that this is just coincidence, but I still would like to

share it with you. It’s very important that we all can recognize a special force that

presents us with our opportunities. I just found it ironic that I had discovered a band that I didn’t even realize I had seen. I don’t usually like opening bands when I don’t know the

songs, but this band instantly grabbed my attention. Below is the photo of the album they

wrote called, ‘Heart Flip’. I will then describe the similarities.

1.! [*Long Blond Hair/Barbershop Sign: *]For anyone who really knows me I really

hate haircuts. I let my hair get really long and when that happens I typically wear

a hat; most often it is my Oakland A’s hat. The individual drawn in this artwork

has long blonde hair. Obviously, given the barbershop sign, it represents the fact

that a haircut is not so desirable.

2.! [*Dog: *]Clearly the dog portrayed in this artwork is a beagle, and given its size, is a mini-beagle. Ironically, I also have a mini-beagle; her name is Samantha. I would

like to note that this has no reference to the other Sam, as I met her much later

then when we got our Sammy.

3.! [*Guitar: *]I have been playing guitar since I was in high school; sadly, its almost my ten year reunion and I have not accomplished as much as I would have liked by

this time. I can live with that. I have still accomplished certain things that at one

point only existed in my life as a dream. I turned 27 so I don’t feel that I am

behind schedule, as I already have a bachelor’s degree. I love playing guitar and I

think I am getting pretty good. I am in a few bands and I have been in a few in the

past as well.



4.! [*Alcohol Bottles: *]I think some would consider my alcohol habit a bit excessive; I

work hard and I typically drink a beer once I get off work or get home from

school. People who know me will also support the fact that I never clean up and

that I have bottles all over the place on a consistent basis; sometimes I am real

lazy. This picture shows open alcohol bottles on the ground spilling out beer. I am

a mess just like the individual portrayed in this piece.

5.! Trash Can: I am very messy and my room is a mess. I never clean up anything

and its pretty disgusting. Obviously in the background there is a trash can that is

overflowing. There is also a banana peel hanging out of it; all my friends know

how much I hate bananas.

6.! Backpack/Rubik’s Cube: I have been in school now for roughly 8 years; I love

college and I chose to stay in it. The backpack is seen in the background, and of

course being in college, I use one as well. I think the Rubik’s Cube represents the

complexity of the education some go through in college. I am constantly tested in

Graduate School and this is how I relate to it.

7.! [*Glasses: *]I have been wearing glasses for several years and I wear Oakley frames.

Although the man in the figure is wearing 3D frames, they are the same shape and

style. I still am confused as to why he is wearing those glasses.

The Animals

My dear friend Rebecca, who opened my eyes to the Galactic Federation, _visited _

Santa Cruz in September of 2012. During her time here, we had several interesting

conversations about human existence, higher dimensions, the afterlife; as well as the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms. Rebecca called me roughly thirty minutes after

departing on her journey back to Los Angeles. She said that she had just seen an

Unidentified Flying Object, or UFO. In addition, she stated that she had been seeing an

exceptionally high amount of UFO’s in recent months. When I asked her why she thought

this phenomenon was occurring, she responded, “You just have to ask for them and they

will come.” After many years of fearing extraterrestrials, I am no longer scared of

witnessing a UFO.

I started asking God for these types of signals so that we could continue to

communicate on some form of a higher level. I believe it was the next day when my

prayers were answered. Here are a few of the strange experiences I had occur on the day

that I started wishing for signals of significance. In addition, I asked God to help me

become one with nature; I am still trying to figure out the 4th dimensional concept of

oneness. The day started with a first hand encounter with some form of inter-dimensional

matter. I was outside on my patio medicating and I saw something peculiar. Immediately

after I exhaled, I saw a white substance floating within the smoke. I became very

confused; it made no physical sense that a tiny white particle entered my lungs without

me noticing. I began focusing on the object more closely, and it reminded me of a

particular scene from American Beauty; I am referring to the scene in which a video is displayed featuring the most beautiful thing the character had ever filmed. The video was

of a plastic bag floating in the air and dancing gracefully in the wind; my encounter was

relatively similar. It was so similar that as this particle was floating in the atmosphere I



said aloud to myself, “Dance with me.” It was a beautiful. After I watched the particle fly

for roughly 30 seconds it disappeared without a trace. I tried very hard to follow it, but

once I lost it, I never saw it again. In my eyes it was a miracle, but others would laugh at my outrageous conclusions of what actually took place on that day; luckily, I don’t really

care what other people think.

The very next day my adult softball team, The Lazer Show, was practicing at

Highlands Park in Ben Lomond. Our softball team consisted of some very talented

individuals, however, we did not practice enough. It just so happened that during this

particular week I did get some practice in; I actually could see a significant improvement

in my game. I was batting well and I started to be able to read the path of the ball when it was drilled to the outfield. In fact, several people on our team mentioned that my bat was

hot. After about an hour and a half of practice we took a break and I rested on the grass in the middle of the field; the field at Highlands Park is roughly 100 yards in length and 100

yards in width. Highlands has two well-maintained baseball diamonds on opposite sides

of the field. I usually drink Coors Light during practice; our practice on this day was one

of those circumstances. You would not believe how quiet it gets within the forests that

surround the field. On most days there is not a single bird in the sky; however, this wasn’t like most days. On this particular day, a bird swooped down from the sky, out of

nowhere, and landed on my beer for just a second and then flew away. I tried to track it,

and still I lost sight of it; the bird never came around again. I was able to detect a leaf

floating in the air roughly 50 yards out so I assumed that if the bird had been in the area, I would most likely have seen it. I found this event to be very spectacular, considering as

up until this point, a full size bird had never landed on my beer can; there were no other

birds that showed up during that day after this event. In a 100 yd. by 100 yd. field the bird selected an area of roughly 2 ft. As ICP would say, “Do you believe in miracles? ….

Magnets, how do they work? I saw a pelican in the bay, it tried to eat my cellphone, it ran

away.” I found this so awesome that I asked God for more, and he answered my silly

prayers. Hey religious leaders, I’ll talk to God however I want; you can still continue to

recite all your stupid prayers over and over. If God actually had to listen to all you

babble, he probably is extremely over the same continuous bullshit prayers from

everyone in this world. I forgot to mention, we got our first team homerun the next game.

After the softball game I came home to a very strange sight. There was a family of

moths, of various sizes, flying sporadically everywhere. Immediately I was interested. I

noticed that a June Bug, a bug on the endangered species list and only native to Santa

Cruz, was chasing them all over the place. I swatted the June Bug to the ground and told

him to stop messing with my moths. He was silent the rest of the night. I had a special

connection with that particular moth family; they are very beautiful, all white moths. One

night I came home and one flew into the house immediately after I opened the door. He

followed me into my house and then into the bathroom where I was about to brush my

teeth. The moth flew into the sink and got trapped by the water. I could tell that the moth

was not able to handle water of that magnitude. I hate killing things. I can’t do it unless

it’s a spider; I hate spiders. I quickly picked the moth up from out of the sink and placed

him on the counter to dry off. Then I gently carried him to the door and set him down on

the porch, hoping that he was healthy enough to survive. Not many people would do that



for a moth. I love all forms of life, despite the lack of complexity. A few days later a

white moth appeared on my windowsill. I took it as a sign that the moth was very grateful

for my good deed.

After the game I went home and smoked more weed. I usually get a lot of work

done when I am high. I know for most people it is not the same case, but I guess I use it

for medicinal purposes; I can’t eat if I do not smoke weed. While I was outside at

approximately twelve o’clock, I heard something rattling in the bushes and then my next-

door neighbor’s cat, Mae, jumped out from behind the bushes; she is an indoor cat, and is

not supposed to be, nor hardly is, outside. Mae is very fast and pretty much impossible to

catch; if she gets out of the house, the only thing you can do is wait for her to come back.

You know the rumor about cats running up tress and needing fireman to rescue them?

That is how it usually plays out; one time Mae literally climbed up a huge tree about 40

ft. up on a branch. We had no idea what to do; we were almost contemplating calling 911.

Our tallest ladder would not even be able to get her down. I called Groundskeeper Willie,

who is a firefighter, and asked what to do. He mentioned that cats are crazy, and that they

can get down whenever they want to. When Mae appeared in front of my eyes, I tried to

gently call her name, and tried to slowly move towards her. She instantly fled out of

sight. This was on the same day. It was very strange. I was very worried because we have

mountain lions around our neighborhood.

About five minutes after Mae disappeared, I heard what appeared to be an owl. I

am not an expert on animal noises so I really had no idea; however, I recognized its

presence, and whatever the species was, they wanted to communicate with me. I had

never heard this animal noise before in all my times smoking on the back patio; let me

tell you, there have been a lot of times. Then we started talking. I would attempt to mimic

the voice for a certain amount of howls, and then wait for it to return the same howl

pattern. He was successful two times. Shortly after he got quiet. I didn’t hear from him

again until I went to bed when I heard the same noise out my window. The spooky thing

was this same howl came from three different locations.

Then I asked God for further communication. Shortly after my silly prayer I

started to hear crickets in another tree. There were a ton of crickets, and the owl was

silent the whole time. Shortly after they stopped the owl began again. It was spectacular.

Then all of a sudden a bug came crawling up towards my foot. There were no other bugs

around me and this particular one was the only one to be seen. It was like no other bug I

had ever seen. I could not even recognize what it was because it literally had what

appeared to be two horns on each side of his skull. I followed him for a short time and

then he disappeared. Once again, I looked all over the place and he had vanished. Lastly,

as I was going inside, I heard another noise from the bushes, and this one was scarier so I

quickly went inside. The next morning I was thinking about the encounters and realized

that the owl probably does that every night; I just had never recognized it. Then all of a

sudden out my window I heard the same noise. I took it as a sign that it really was a

miracle. My dad told me the next day they were quails in the area; my elementary school

was called Quail Hollow. I think that is pretty coincidental.



The next day, as I was talking to God, I told him that I wanted to see more and

more animals. Rebecca once told me that she had seen a few UFO’s recently, and it was

because she started asking to see them. I made the decision that instead of UFO’s, I

would rather he keep sending signals in the form of animals. I have been feeling one with

nature recently. After this short little prayer, I went golfing at Delaveaga Golf Course

with my dad. I love golf for the record. It is the most relaxing and beautiful sport; I plan to play the rest of my life. I always said that when I settle down with a girl finally that she is going to have to do two things: be a scientist, and go golfing with me. God and I are

going to do some big things in this lifetime. Saying that I am excited would be an

understatement. On the 14th hole I saw I wild rabbit about 20 ft. from the tee box. Even

though there are plenty of rabbits in that area, I still had never seen one up close like that in the wild. I slowly tried to sneak up closer, and then before I could get there, the rabbit disappeared into the bushes. I ran over to where it exited and checked around the bushes,

hoping to hear something. There was no sign of this rabbit afterwards.

Once I returned home, I went inside my room, incredibly sunburnt and drained.

As I looked out my window I saw a Blue Jay standing about 5 ft. from my window on a

bush. I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time, so I still couldn’t see it in that much detail, but I knew it was significant. I ran to the other side of my room to grab my glasses, and

as soon as I got back to the window, the bird was nowhere to be seen. I really wanted to

get a closer look; it was a very beautiful bird. I mentioned to God real quick that I would

love for him to keep sending those animal signs everyday. All of a sudden, a flock of four

birds flew out of a tree and disappeared out of my view once they flew past the roof.

These birds were amazingly beautiful.

As I was about to go to bed, I heard a loud knock on a door, like someone was

trying to rapidly escape for some reason. I ran out of my door to investigate, and my

brother told me that there was a giant beetle that had flew at him, so he had to shut his

door super quick to keep it out of his room. There was a giant beetle inside my house. I

can honestly say that is the first time that had happened; our house is usually very clean

and we are usually very careful. As my brother described the story, he said that he opened

his door to walk towards the hallway when he saw a beetle on the floor. As he remarked

later on, he had a quick stare down with the creature and then instantaneously the bug

flew at my brother, and so he had to slam the door to keep it out. Then the beetle

disappeared. Yes that’s right, a giant beetle that was in my home had disappeared. My

brother was looking for it forever; my brother even covered the gap in his door so that the

creature did not return. I made a rule with God that I wouldn’t take these animal sightings

as a sign, unless whenever it may be disappears rapidly without a trace. I swear I am

trying to end this section, but my animal friends just keep emerging. As soon as I finished

the ‘The Animals’ portion, I saw a giant white moth flying around my front yard. It was

probably roughly an inch in diameter, and I could see it from a very far distances. I began

to watch and the moth danced with me for nearly two minutes. Then all of a sudden,

another giant white moth came out of nowhere, and they started dancing together. The

two chased each other around until they disappeared behind my house. It was a very

beautiful sight. Hey God, this game is a lot of fun; I would love for us to continue




I swear there is a point here. Every time I had one of these animal encounters I

was having important thoughts; unfortunately, given my terrible short-term memory, I

cannot remember for the life of me what these thoughts actually were. All I know is it all

linked together like a beautiful dance, swaying and moving in synch. Every once and

awhile I have these animal encounters; every time it happens, I recognize the thoughts

that are present in my mind. I process the information and make a mental note of its

existence. This is how I appreciate the animals. They may present themselves in the

strangest of ways, but this does not make the messages any less credible. _Maybe people _

got it right when they associated black cats as a message from the devil. If I see a black cat, I get nervous. I start pondering all of the things that could possibly go wrong in that moment. I try to block it out. Animals can be beautiful, and they can point to signs

guiding you into the right direction.

Calculated Risk

I use calculated risk in almost every decision I make. In my mind, it is the best

way to analyze a given situation, and select the path in which will net you the most profit

for the least risk. In order to do this however, you must approximate the probabilities of

each event that has to occur for the given situation to happen. In almost every case there

will be several factors in determining whether or not you’re making the best decision. In

the absolute simplest terms, this is how calculated risk works. The first step is deciding

the situation in which you want to analyze your risk; with every situation there is risk, but it is the magnitude of the risk that determines the magnitude of the situation. The next

step is analyzing all of the events that much occur for the situation at hand to occur. I

would say in any given situation there are usually about three or four factors that come

into play. In order to determine the risk, we must next take all of these events into

account and approximate the probability that they will occur [_; the probability of three _]

events occurring X, Y, Z, is the product of their probabilities. So if there were three events that must exist for the event of risk to occur, you would have to calculate the probabilities _of each occurrence, and multiply all probabilities together to get the approximate _

probability of the situation of risk to present itself. I would like to reiterate that these are very lose approximations, as in reality, each situation would probably require more than _three factors. _

Let’s look at a simple example so that I can be clear about this process. I feel like

this is a very important tool to help improve your life. It helps you make the right

decision that can then can lead to a better life, and leave you one step closer to acquiring everything in your dreams. I am going to start with a The Table example, because I

absolutely hated the owners, and if by some miracle they read this, they would further

understand that taking from them was like stealing candy from a baby. There is no way I

could ever take from you what you have taken from people your whole life, but I hope I

make you so angry that you always carry around the pain. You are inferior to me. I will

always win in these situations. You are weak. Have a nice life once more Jeff and Justin

Action; I forgot to mention, Fuck You. I am going to begin by using calculated risk in a situation that actually happened in my life, in which I did very much of; I am talking

about hundreds of wasted hours of Justin’s money listening to music in my car. I am not



going to lie it was pretty glorious; there was so much satisfaction in taking from him in

particular. If the owners weren’t such _fuckers, _ I might feel bad doing such things; I feel not even the slightest bit of sorrow. Does that mean I am breaking one of the _Ten _

Commandments? Or does that mean that they absolutely deserve it. Let’s calculate the risk of the event that I sit in my car on deliveries in random locations, wasting time on the clock outside of the store, a place where I don’t have to answer phones or help customers.

I’m sure you knew about my slacking because you used to go through the cameras

everyday and listen to the audio. I felt like my privacy was violated, and I am pretty sure

it is illegal to fire someone over audio on a security camera; clearly he doesn’t care much

about the legal system, as I have heard rumors he has lied under oath; I would start being

more careful sir.

I think we are ready for step one, which is analyzing all the factors that must

occur in order for me to get caught red-handed by taking this risk. When I am sitting in a

random parking lot, usually Sky Park so I can watch the skateboarders, there are a few

things that must occur for me to get caught: either Justin or Jeff would have to go to that

exact location that I was sitting in for on average 20 minutes of the whole day, Justin

would have to leave the store while he is managing and find my secret location before I

leave, and, or, a driver meets me at the exact stop light as I pull out from Sky Park,

something that would look very suspicious. In order for me to determine the risk, I must

first approximate the probability that one or more of these events will occur.

First we will assign random variables to each of the events:

[X = *] Either Justin or Jeff would have to come to my exact location at the exact time[ *]

[Y = *] Justin would have to leave the store during his shift to catch me[ *]

[*Z = *] _Justin catches me at the stop sign coming from Sky Park _

_ _

The Approximate Probabilities are as follows:

[*X = *] I sit there 20 minutes per shift; hence, Justin would have to catch me in that time period during my shift, which is roughly 4 hours

_ _

[*(20/240) = 0.083 % *]

  • *

There is an 8.3 % chance of event X occurring. * *

  • *

[*Y = *] Justin will have to leave during his shift to catch me. Out of all the time I have worked at Round Table, almost 2 years, Justin has hardly left in the middle of his shift; he _is too concerned with his money. I am going to make a generous estimate that Justin _

_leaves his work during his shift once out of every one hundred shifts. _

_ _

(1/100) = .01 %

There is a 1% chance of event Y occurring.

[*Z: *] _Justin catches me sitting in one of at least 50 possible parking lots in Scotts Valley. _



[*(1/50) = 0.02 % *]

There is a 2% chance that event Z will occur

Here are our approximated probabilities:

[* X = 8.3% *]

[* Y = 1% *]

Z = 2%

We will assign variable [*W *]to be the probability that I am caught in the act of wasting Justin’s time and money.

This is how I would approximate the probability of event W using calculated risk:

[*W = X * Y * Z *]

[*W = .083 * .01 * .02 *]

[*W = 0.0000166 % *]

There is a 166 × 10 ^ (-4) % chance Justin will catch me in the act and thus fire me on the

spot; in this particular case, he would be in the right too.

Calculated Gain

Calculated gain is essentially the inverse of calculate risk, hence I will leave it to you to calculate it correctly.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is essentially a belief, or theory, however you look at it,

that states that like attracts like; by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can

bring about positive or negative results. A very well known and well-documented

example of the Law of Attraction is the placebo effect; even the most carefully designed

double-blinded study almost always yields very measurable placebo improvement.

Patients who believed they would be affected positively by the medications fared better

than those who did not, even when given an inert tablet, more specifically, a sugar pill.

Less commonly known, though still very valid, is the nocebo effect, which is the term

given to side effects and other negative consequences of medications that manifest out of

a placebo effect; in other words, negative effects occur due to a negative image, or fear of the medication. Like the placebo effect, the results are indeed real and prove very

valuable in the study of human psychology.

The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you

think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. But the Law of

Attraction gives rise to some tough questions that don’t seem to have good answers. I

would say that these problems aren’t caused by the Law of Attraction itself, but rather the

Law of Attraction as applied to objective reality. Subjective reality is a belief system in

which there is only one consciousness; you are that singular consciousness, and



everything and everyone in your reality is a projection of your thoughts. Subjective

reality neatly answers all these tricky questions. In subjective reality there’s only one

consciousness and it’s yours. Consequently, there’s only one source of intentions in your

universe, and it is you. While you may not observe lots of walking and talking bodies in

your reality, they all exist inside your consciousness. You know this is how your dreams

work, but you haven’t yet realized your waking reality is just another type of dream. It

only appears sound because you believe and intend that it is. Since none of the characters

you encounter are conscious in a way that’s separate from you, nobody else can have

intentions. The only intentions are yours. You’re the only thinker in this universe. It’s

important to correctly define the ‘you’ in subjective reality. You are not your physical

body. I’m not suggesting, however, that you’re a conscious body walking around in a

world full of unconscious automatons. This would be a total misunderstanding of

subjective reality. The correct viewpoint is that you’re the single consciousness in which

this entire reality takes place.

Imagine you’re having a dream. In that dream what exactly are you? Are you the

physical dream character you identify with? Obviously we are not. That is just your

dream avatar. You are the dreamer. The entire dream occurs within your consciousness.

All dream characters are projections of your dream thoughts, including your avatar. In

fact, if you are lucid dreaming you can even switch avatars in your dream by possessing

the control of another character. In a lucid dream you can do anything you believe you

can. Physical reality works the same way. This is a denser universe than what you

experience in your sleeping dreams, so changes occur a bit more gradually here. But this

reality still conforms to your thoughts just like a sleeping dream. You are the dreamer in

which all of this is taking place. The idea that other people have intentions is an illusion because other people are just projections. Of course, if you strongly believe other people

have intentions, then that’s the dream you’ll create for yourself; ultimately it is still an illusion.

What happens when people put out conflicting intentions, like two people

intending to get the same promotion when only one position is available? Since you’re

the only intender, this is entirely an internal conflict. You’re holding the thought, and the intention, for both people to want the same position. But you’re also thinking and

intending that only one can get it. So you’re intending competition. This whole situation

is your creation. You believe in competition, so that’s what you manifest. Maybe you

have some beliefs, thoughts, and intentions about who will get the promotion, but in this

case you expectations will manifest. You have a higher order belief that life is random,

unfair, uncertain, etc. In that case you may manifest a surprise because that’s what you’re

intending. Being the only intender in your reality places a huge responsibility on your

shoulders. You can give up control of your reality by thinking, and intending, randomness

and uncertainty, but you can never give up responsibility. You’re the sole creator in the

universe. If you think about war, poverty, or disease, then that’s exactly what you’ll

manifest. If you think about peace, love, and joy, you’ll manifest that too. Your reality is exactly what you think it is. Whenever you think about anything, you summon its




The question most people want to know about the Law of Attraction is such, “If I

intend a relationship to improve, but my spouse doesn’t seem to care, or acknowledge it,

what will happen?” This is another clear example of intending conflict. You’re projecting

one intention for your avatar, and one for your spouse, so the actual unified intention is

that of conflict. Hence the result you experience, subject to the influence of your higher

order beliefs, will be to experience conflict with your spouse. If your thoughts are

conflicted, your reality is conflicted. This is why assuming responsibility for your

thoughts is so important. If you want to see peace in the world, then intend peace for

everything in your reality. If you want to see abundance in the world, then intend it for

everyone. If you want to enjoy loving relationships, then intend loving relationships for

all. If you intend these only for your own avatar, but not for others, you’re intending

conflict, division, and separation; consequently, that is all you will experience. If you stop thinking about something entirely, does that mean it disappears? Yes, technically

speaking it does. But in practice it is next to impossible to destruct what you’ve already

manifested. You’ll continue creating the same problems just by noticing them. When you

assume 100% responsibility for everything you’re experiencing in your reality right now,

absolutely everything, then you assume the power to alter your reality by rechanneling

your thoughts.

The entire reality is your creation. Feel good about that, and feel grateful for the

richness in the world. Then begin creating the reality you want by making decisions and

holding intentions. Think about what you desire, and withdraw your thoughts from what

you don’t want. The most natural, easiest way to do this is to pay attention to your

triggered unhappy emotions. Thinking about your desires feels good, and thinking about

what you don’t want makes you feel bad. When you notice yourself feeling bad, you’ve

caught yourself thinking about something you don’t want. Turn your focus back towards

what you do want and your emotional state will improve rapidly. As you do this

repeatedly, you’ll begin to see your physical reality shift too, first in subtle ways, and

then in bigger leaps. I heard a very interesting insight from a documentary called, “The

Secret”, which defines the entire nature of the law of reality. Very plainly it was stated,

that if you want peace, then hold a pro-peace rally, instead of an anti-war rally; the

message will instantly be more positive then the other.

Final Thoughts

I hope this chapter provided enough information for you to make accurate

decisions in your life, with the ability to use luck and coincidence for you advantage. I

hope you also developed tools to be able to understand the importance of using these

signs to help you determine whether an action is meaningful. You may believe that these

theories are Ludacris; however, they most often work for me. So follow if you must, or

move on to a more interesting chapter as seen in your eyes. Using number patterns for

your advantage is the most interesting. Often times these numbers appear at important

times when you may be thinking something revolutionary. Or use the animal signs to

determine if your thinking is clear and on the money. I must note that I still am scared of

black cats given this thinking. If a black cat appears, be skeptical.



I believe I understand how the Law of Attraction works. I read somewhere that

positive thoughts in your brain possess three times more energy then negative thoughts.

So if your brain is constantly radiating energy as you go through your day, this energy is

transferred through the air. If we believe in the Law of Attraction we believe that positive energy attracts positive energy, and negative energy attracts negative energy. So I guess

the point is to cheer up and think positive. This was the message of our creator. Begin to

think positive and I promise more opportunities will arise. If we all could follow this

ideology, we might be able to solve some of life’s mysterious questions. Begin analyzing

your situations based on mathematical approximations. I find that these approximations

begin to open up to the importance of certain events. Keep in mind, not all your life

events will be positive. Life projects positive and negative aspects for everyone. You may

not win every time, but you can try your hardest to do so. The goal in the end is to start

presenting positive situations in to your life.




Life:Is:A:Frequency :: Luck & Coincidence

  • ISBN: 9781310402920
  • Author: Steven Borella
  • Published: 2016-04-14 22:50:10
  • Words: 18381
Life:Is:A:Frequency :: Luck & Coincidence Life:Is:A:Frequency :: Luck & Coincidence