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Let's win: online casino slots guide


Let’s win:

online casino slots guide

by mr. Big Spin and the members of BigSpinClub

Shakespir edition.

Copyright © 2016 by mr. Big Spin. All Rights Reserved


CHAPTER 1. How to get started

How to choose the best online casino

How much money you can win in slots

First deposits luck

What does wager mean and its danger

CHAPTER 2. How to win at slots

How to win at online casino slots

How to choose the right slot for gambling

What bet to choose for a slot machine

Wining amount depends on a bonus game choice

How to win at slots without bonus

To double or not to double your winnings

Chapter 3. Gamble like a pro

The reasons you should play at different casinos

How to win a jackpot

Dangerous faith in favorite slot

What is a game session?

High rolling at online casinos

How to win back money from the casino

Lost all your money in a casino? Don’t worry!

Approve your online casino account beforehand

What you should do if casino doesn’t pay your money

CONCLUSION (from the members of BigSpinClub)



Lose a ton of money in a pursuit of a big win? Tired of “one day” fake casinos? Win big, but have problems with withdrawal and gamble all back to casino? Stop justifying yourself – read this book to start gambling as professional!

We are extremely happy to introduce unique book about online slots gambling! It contains essence knowledge gathered by members of [+ www.bigspinclub.com – the professional online gambling community+].

Information in this book will be extremely helpful both for beginners to learn basics and for skilled gamblers to improve their gaming skills. High rollers will discover new ways to hit huge wins.

Don’t miss your chance to win big – go onto chapter one now!

CHAPTER 1. How to get started

So you are ready to start, aren’t you?

Nowadays about 50% percent of online casinos are fraud, that means they have fake copies of the most-known slots, don’t contribute to any Gambling Commission, delay or simply don’t pay your withdrawals This Chapter will help you to learn basics and structure your knowledge about online casinos.

Move on now and you will learn how to choose a right casino,
your wining opportunities and risks of a first deposit.

How to choose the best online casino

On the Internet you can find a lot of tips on how to win at online casino, but, following them, a lot of players make such a serious mistake that no winning strategy can help – they choose a wrong online casino.

Now we will tell you about the current problems of online casinos and what you should know while choosing one.

Attention! Beware of fake casinos!

The real boom of fake online casinos happened in past 3 years. In pursuit of fast profit, owners of these casinos invest huge amount of money in online marketing to attract one-time players and their first deposits. As soon as these casinos gain profit – they close down and disappear really quick. The life-cycle of such casinos usually is from 6 months to 1 year.

We have to consider that from the first look it is impossible to separate fake casinos from real ones, because the fake casinos copy all interfaces and the most popular games from the real ones. The main aim of fake casinos is to steal your money. Payout in these casinos is around 70-80% and in some cases may be even 40-50%, this is why you can’t win there! Moreover, even if you win some, they just block your account and deny to pay your winnings.

Don’t worry, reading this section will teach you how to separate real casinos from fake.

Even real online casinos does not play by the rules

Every casino must have a license to approve its honest work. License can guarantee that the casino, you have chosen, uses the original game software, has no problems with withdrawals and the payout of slots matches the original values (92-98%).

In original casinos you can always obtain information about license, issued for the casino. Usually, this information is in a free access on the casino website or it could be obtained through the casino support service.

However, there is a huge amount of online casinos on the internet, so Gambling Control Commissions do not have enough time to watch all of them and respond to all gamblers complains.

At the present time, this led to the fact, that 25% of online casinos with licenses and original gambling software break their own rules and delay withdrawals by all the means. For example, they require a lot of documents to approve your account. Gamblers usually can’t wait for withdrawal and gamble back to casino their winnings. Moreover, casinos very often change the rules of withdrawals and put a huge wager not only for the bonuses and free spins, but also on deposits. Could be even worse - casino simply blocks your account and doesn’t respond to any requests.

For sure, you still have chance to win at such casinos, but it would be very hard and sometimes nearly impossible to withdraw your winnings. That’s why you should never play in the random casino which you just found on the web and know nothing about!

Use our checklist to choose an online casino

Now you know that there are a lot of fake and bad online casinos. To be sure, that the casino you are playing is a good one, use our checklist before making your first deposit.

Good casino checklist:

p<>{color:#000;}. License information. You can get it in free access at the casino website or request it through the casino support

p<>{color:#000;}. Original gambling software and availability of all recently released games.

p<>{color:#000;}. A lot of ways to deposit your money, deposit from the credit card is obligatory.

p<>{color:#000;}. Live support chat and quick response. Just ask any kind of question, for example, what documents you need to withdraw and observe the answer time and quality. The absence of live chat should aware you, but not necessarily, some well known casinos does not have it, however no one can doubt their honesty.

That’s all you can do by yourself. But the best way to choose casino is to check approved casino list on our site. We constantly update it with good casinos where we and members of our www.bigspinclub.com constantly playing. You can see this list now simply by clicking this link: [+ best online casinos list+]. Visit us and you can always be sure that you play in the right casino and there would be no problems with withdrawal.

How much money you can win in slots

How much money it’s possible to win in slots? Every gambler wonders this question, while making deposit. Most likely, you associate this question with multimillion wins from movies, however, in real life, thighs are much different. Winnings you can get in online casino are more defined but not as much as in movies.

Different slots – different winnings

Online slots can be divided into two groups: low variance slots and high variance slots. The main difference between them is that low variance slots give you small frequent bonuses and line winnings, while high variance slots bonuses and line winnings are rear, but with a higher chance to win more in bonus games.

For example, gambling with 1 Euro bet for a spin in low variance slot would give you winning of 20×-400x bet, while high variance slot would give you winning of 20×-3000x bet. This doesn’t mean you immediately should start gambling only in high variance slots – common winning in them is from 20x to 80x bet and only in rare cases winnings are from 1000x to 3000x. Though in low variance slots you can frequently get winnings from 50x to 100x bet.

In low variance slots with 1 Euro bet your expected wining is from 20 Euro to 400 Euro. In high variance slots with 1 Euro bet your expected wining is from 20 Euro to 3000 Euro.

Now it is clear, that you will never have a chance to win 10 000 Euro with 1 Euro bet.

So, how is it possible to distinguish high variance slots from low variance slots? New slots released daily, so the best way is to check our site [+ www.bigspinclub.com+] where you can find updated slots list with all the info you need to know.

Slots with jackpots

There is only one exception from the information above – jackpot slots, you can get huge amount of money from the jackpot win. Usually, you can get a jackpot by any bet you play in slots. However, we need to warn you – your chance to win jackpot is so small, that you should not rely on it. We will tell you more about slots with jackpots later, in a special section of this book.

First deposits luck

Usually, gamblers say that it is easier to win from the first deposit in a new casino. This opinion is partly a truth and partly a lie. Let’s find out the truth.

At first let’s talk about land based gambling

If you ever happen to get on the opening of a land based casino, you may know that it’s easier to win in casino at first days of its operation. All slots are new and not played, so they more often give you chance to win. This behavior of slots is based on the human’s psychology – the more you win, the more desire to come back to the casino you would have next time. Many articles and interviews with slot developers approve these facts.

Online casinos are not much different

Popular developers of online slots use the same tactics as land based casinos. The main purpose for them is to get the maximum amount of loyal gamblers. That’s why slots more often give you bonuses and big wins from the very first deposit.

Higher RTP on the first deposit (higher return to player, in the other words – higher chance to win on first deposit) – is the reason for casinos to give you bonus on first deposit, as every bonus has wagering requirements. This is mean, that even with higher RTP you will need time to clear your bonus money. (You will find out more about wagering requirements in the next section)

So, that’s is why you have more chance to win from the first deposit, that’s not your luck – that’s just the common casino standards. For this reason, we recommend you to try new casinos from time to time, this strategy will increase your chance to win. However, as you learned from the previous section, you should carefully choose a new casino to play. First of all, we advise you to give a try to the casinos, where we and our BigSpinClub members gamble. We publish them in [+ this special section of our site www.bigspinclub.com+]. The list of casinos is usually updated, as we add the new casinos where we have some big wins and withdraw money with no problems.

What does wager mean and its danger

From the first look, online casinos simply want to make you rich. They always ready to give you additional bonus money on your deposit and free spins. But that’s not so innocent as it looks like. Always remember that by receiving your free spins, no-deposit bonus or first deposit bonus you automatically accept wagering requirements.

Wager (Wagering requirement) – is the minimum amount you have to bet before you can withdraw money. Usually, wager is specified as a multiplier on sum of deposit and bonus.

For example, you deposit 100 [_ Euro and use 50% bonus with 20x wagering requirement on deposit + bonus. This means that you will have 150 Euro on your account, but you have to place bets to the value of (100 Euro+50 Euro) x 20(wager) = 3000 Euro. _]

Types and rules of wagering requirements

There are different types of wager, some of them are really dangerous, let’s take a closer look.

Wager for any deposit

This wager is applied on any deposit, usually it is 3×-5x of your deposit. This wagering requirements are used by a lot of casinos to prevent players from popular strategy “fast play with big bets”. Usually, casinos do not show clear information about this type of wagering requirements in public access. We advise you to ask casino support about it before your deposit.

Wager for winnings from free spins

This wager is applied to all winnings from the free spins, which you are given by casino. Winnings from free spins are not very high that’s why it is easy to wager them.

Wager for bonus on first deposit

In this case , casino is ready to give you a really big bonus for the first deposit: 200%, 300% and sometimes even 500% of your deposit. So you will have more money on your account and play more, but it would be hard to wager your bonus. This kind of wager is applied on deposit and bonus money and can be really high (x50). That’s why you need to learn the wagering requirements before your deposit.

You should follow the main rule for estimating wager requirements – do not accept bonus with more than 35x wager on bonus + deposit or more than 50x on bonus deposit.

For example: you deposit 100 Euro.

Wager 35x on deposit + bonus would be (100 Euro deposit+ 100 Euro bonus) x 35 wager = 7000 Euro.

Wager 50x on bonus would be 100 Euro bonus x50 wager= 5000 Euro.

As you see even with such a relatively small wager you need to gamble a lot to clear your bonus, however, it is really possible to do it.

CHAPTER 2. How to win at slots

Now it’s time to get to the next chapter where you will find out everything you need to know about online slots. Choosing right slots and right bets is the key to success, so we highly suggest you to read this chapter before playing at online casino.

How to win at online casino slots

Certainly, there are some of us who play slots for fun, but most of us play slots for wins, and the bigger win, the better it is. However, you can lose control while gambling and can’t correctly adjust sum of money which you can spend on the game. Just follow the rules below, to prevent this!

Prepare your gambling plan

Every time, before playing you need to have a clear plan of actions in case of wins and in case of loss. In advance of playing you should:

p<>{color:#000;}. Estimate your budget and sum of money you can lose. That’s a really important step.

p<>{color:#000;}. Limit your access to additional sources of money, which you don’t plan to spend. For example, if you deposit money from your credit card, take care, that there is no available money on it, except the sum you plan to gamble.

p<>{color:#33393D;}. Make a list of games you want to play: what game will be the first and what will be the second and etc.

p<>{color:#33393D;}. Decide how much money you will spend on every game of your list and plan what bets you are going to use for each game.

You can win in online casino

You can win at online slots, for this you just need to define you target amount of win and it should be achievable. You need to understand and put up with the fact that playing for 1 Euro bet you can’t win one million Euro.

Our suggested target amount of win is x5 from your deposit sum – that’s how you can easily calculate your target win. For example, you deposit 100 Euro, then your target win should be 100×5=500 Euro.

Make a withdrawal as soon as you achieve your target win (possibly if you continue to play, you would win more, but the probability of loss would be bigger than probability of win).

Warning! Do not play drunk or on drugs – you would not be able to think clearly and follow our advices, that will usually lead you to a big loss.

Now you now that the main rule of gambling is a clear action plan. The less you worry about your game – the more chance to win you have. Of course this is not the only thing you should now to win in casino. We highly recommend you to read our next sections to know how to choose the right slot and the right bet.

How to choose the right slot for gambling

Most of us choose a slot for gambling according to their emotions instead of logic. Unfortunately, this type of behavior usually leads to big losses. Its time for you to learn
5 basic rules for choosing a right slot.

5 basic rules to choose the slot for gambling

Learn all details about the slot before gambling.

Learn about free spins, maximum win and bonuses in slot. The easiest way to do this – play slot in demo mode, so you can understand if you like it or not. The majority of casinos give an opportunity to play slots demo-version without registration. Also its important to know the variance of slot (high or low), this kind of information you can find at [+ www.bigspinclub.com+].

Start your new game session from the slot in which you’ve lost a lot last time.

After the second deposit you have bigger chance to win in online casino slot. However, this will work only if you make the second deposit in different game session (1 game session usually lasts for 24 hours). You will find out more about game sessions and their importance in the third chapter of this book.

Do not play high variance slots if you are low on money.

High variance games can give you a big win, however, it doesn’t happen often, so if you have little money on your account, most probably, you will lose all of them with no win.

Choose the most popular slots.

The more people play in the specific slot the more chance you have to win. Usually these slots are at the main page or at the page “Popular” in an online casino.

Chose the slots of popular developers.

There are a lot of developers of online slots today. Small and unpopular developers usually attract online casinos by their low and unfair RTP. We recommend you to play in the slots of popular developers. In other words – the less popular slot is – the less return to player it has.

Follow these simple rules, especially if you are a beginner at gambling. And do not forget to read new articles on our site [+ www.bigspinclub.com+]. We regularly post reviews on new slots and casinos tested by our BigSpinClub members!

What bet to choose for a slot machine

To be clear – we will not discuss the amount of money you should bet, every player should decide it by himself. For someone 100 Euro is just fine bet for one spin, for another one it is an amount for all game. This section is about how to choose optimal bet for a slot, no matter how much money you are going to bet.

Everybody wants to get the bonus for chosen bet

You should always be careful when you choose your bet and never “overbet”. For example, you have 100 Euro and you choose your favorite slot, your main purpose is to win more than you deposit in the slot. With big bets you risk to lose all money before bonus, with small bets you risk to win less than you deposit in the slot.

According to our statistics, the minimum amount of spins before the bonus is 35 spins in low variance games, but it can be different from game to game. This means that if you want to play by the big bet you need to have minimum amount of 35 loose spins on your account.

For example, if you plan to play by 3 Euro bet you need to have minimum 105 (35×3) Euro. In this case, you will have a chance to win a bonus during these 35 spins. However, it’s just a small chance, nobody can promise you that you will win bonus every 35 spins: it could be on 3rd spin or it couldn’t be even on the 100th spin. But if you play by 2 Euro bet, then with the same deposit amount (105 Euro) you will increase you chance of bonus, as you would be able to make 52 spins instead of 35.

Which bet is good for slots with no bonus games

You should use different bet strategy for the slots with no bonus games There is no win statistics in this games, however minimum spins for this slots are about 20 spins. During this amount of spins, you will clearly see what to do next: stay on this slot or change it. You will find out more about how to play slots with no bonus later in this book.

Always watch the bet during the game

There are a lot of incredible stories about 100 Euro deposit with 20 Euro bets and 2000 winnings or more. Sadly, the opportunity of this winning is so small that, using such strategy, you would just lose your money. Do not be impulsive!

Readers of this book and members of our [+ www.bigspinclub.com+] should treat the game seriously and follow optimal strategy, only in this case you will have a chance to win more and lose less.

Wining amount depends on a bonus game choice

Some of the popular slots allow you to choose the type of bonus. Usually you are offered to choose among amount of spins and spins multiplier – the more spins you choose the less multiplier you have. In this section we will tell you what type of free spin bonus to choose and the dependence between wining amount and your choice.

Cases when it is better to choose bonus with high chance of win

Chance of win and wining limit depends on your choice of bonus. Before making a choice you need to decide between high chance of big win or small but more
reliable win.

Please think rational, do not try to choose bonus with high chance of a big win each time. This is not a good winning strategy.

You should choose bonus with high chance of win only in these cases:

p<>{color:#33393D;}. This is your second bonus in this slot during current gaming section.

p<>{color:#33393D;}. You lose a lot during current gaming section.

p<>{color:#33393D;}. The slot increased your balance before you get the bonus.

Which bonus game do you need to choose?

Usually, you can understand what type of bonus is the riskiest from its description. The riskiest option always has the biggest multiplayer or the most expensive symbol. However, you are the one who make the choice of bonus type, and that’s a hard work to choose the right one. That’s why, we recommend you to learn more about every type of slot bonus, before making a decision. Articles from the special section «How to win at casino» on our site [+ www.bigspinclub.com+] will help you to do it. Reviews and secrets of slots are in free access for members of BigSpinClub and common users.

“One of three” choice

“One of three” choice is another kind of bonus. Usually a slot offers to a player to choose one of three items, where every item matches a certain amount of money. According to rules Gambling Control Commissions wining amount in such kind of bonus can’t be determined in advance, so your win really depends on your choice. However, a lot of slots developers strictly limit wining amounts in this kind of bonus (for example x5, x10), and some of them do not comply with the rules of GCC at all.

How to win at slots without bonus

There is a specific type of slots – slots without bonus. These slots do not have any scatters or free spins feature. Just don’t give up – you need to use right strategy to win and we will tell you about it.

Is it worth to play slots without bonus?

In slots with free spins typical strategy is to play these slots for some time to get the bonus game and after that go to another slot. In no-bonus slots there is no such border as bonus game, so it is much easier to forget yourself and lose all your money before leaving a slot.

However, no-bonus slots are good for increasing you start account balance and that’s why they are worth playing if you play carefully. There are several strategies you need to use while gambling.

Ways to play no-bonus slots

Strategy 1: regular raising of the bet

You should start the game from minimum bet and make 10 spins, then you should raise the bet (it doesn’t depend on winnings) and make 10 spins again. And so on, until you obtain you winning amount goal. This strategy is pretty simple and risky, and usually not worth to rely on. Let’s go further.

Strategy 2: smart bet raising

As in the previous strategy you should start the game from minimum bet, but rise of the bet allowed only if you win 5x bet or more from one spin. For example, your bet is 1 Euro, as soon as you win 5 Euro from one spin, you should raise the bet to 2 Euro and so on…

Strategy 3: play one bet, gamble several times

According to this strategy you should choose the bet optimal for your account balance and play by this bet without any changes. All winnings from spins, which you get, you should gamble once or several times. In our experience this is the best way to play no-bonus slots.

As it was mentioned before, the main issue while playing slots without bonus games – is to stop in the right moment. Big wins are rare, so our best recommendation is to stop after getting x2 of your start balance amount, then you should switch to the common slots with free spins and bonus games.

To double or not to double your winnings

Some of slots have function to double the winnings, usually it is called gamble or double. This function gives you a chance to double several times your winning amount, which you get from free spins or line hit. We recommend you to use this function, but use it wisely. In this section we will tell you how to do it right, at first let’s discover how does it work.

How does gamble feature in slots work

Usually , slot offers a player to choose the color of a next playing card – red or black. In the case of right choice, the current amount of winning is doubled. You may think that player has a 50% chance to double, however slot doesn’t choose the color of a card randomly. The more amounts you choose to double the more additional parameters slot has to count in a decision to let you double. Those parameters are: your winnings in current slot, winnings in your current game session, current payout of the slot. That’s why, you shouldn’t test your luck, while using double function.

How much times winning can be doubled?

Optimal strategy for doubling is not to double more than 10x from your bet. For example, you gamble with bet of 1 Euro and you have got a line hit with 2 Euro win, this is a winning you should double only twice. This strategy lets you to win more in a long period of time.

Cases when winnings should be doubled obligatory

In slots with no bonuses doubling is highly recommended. Developers of such games compensate the absence of bonus with good chances to win by lines and in doubling.

There are also slots that give you safe chance of double. For example, Igrosoft or Endorphina slots. In them while doubling you need to choose a card that beat the dealer card. If the dealer card is two, you have no risk to lose even if you choose the same card as the dealer.

Please note, that you shouldn’t double big wins. In a short distance you probably can win, but in a long distance doubling big wins is a bad strategy.

Chapter 3. Gamble like a pro

First two chapters are enough for you to play at online casino and have fun. You’ve already can choose any casino you like from our [+ best online casinos list+] and start playing.

There is only one last chapter left which gives deeper knowledge and understanding of online casinos, which definitely helps you to maximize your winnings. Moreover, we will discuss some important topics, which every online casino player should now.

The reasons you should play at different casinos

Nowadays, on the internet we have a lot of online casinos, only a few of them are good and time-tested. However, even if you have found a casino, which perfectly fits you, we advise you not to play only at it and we have several reasons for that.

Why you shouldn’t play only at one casino

Casino games always reduce RTP (return to player) after a big win, so it doesn’t allow you to win huge amount of money in an extended period. There is nothing you can do about that and no winning strategy will help.

If you make a break in gambling at certain casino and do not visit it for a long time, it is most likely that soon this casino would make you a good offer to bring you back – extra bonus on your next deposit or free spins.

The reasons you should play at different casinos

You can get a good offer

You sho uld register at several casinos. Please pay attention, that you shouldn’t make a first deposit immediately, just give your real information and watch your e-mail inbox for the special offers. At first the casino offers for the first deposit would be low, but wait for a while (usually 1-2 weeks) and you would get really good offers, for example, in some casinos you can get up to 300% bonus on your first deposit. [+ Don’t forget that on our site www.bigspinclub.com we always have a list of good casinos+].

You will have more chance to win back

Good casinos are always ready to give you cash back or chance to win back after a big loss. That’s why, when you play in several casinos, you always can ask the support for a bonus or some free spins.

It’s easier to win, playing in several casinos

For example, you deposit 100 Euro and win 500 Euro, but still want to play more. Then, you should withdraw your winnings and deposit 100 Euro from it into another casino instead of losing 500 Euro in the current one.

You can play in different games

Games of different developers are available in different casinos. Some on new developers make very interesting slots with incredible wins. We advise you to choose casinos with maximum amount of different slot developers for exciting experience.

You have more chance to win

It can take a while to win in one casino and you risk to lose a lot of money without any pleasure. Despite it, playing in different casinos increase your chance to win.

Of course you shouldn’t play in different casinos if you are on short of money, as in this case you probably wouldn’t have enough money to get free spins with appropriate bet. Remember that continuous play in several casinos increases your chance to win.

How to win a jackpot

Almost in all online casinos you can see a huge amount of money called “jackpot” on the main page. And it seems that all you need to win it is to play slots with jackpot by any bet. We advise you not to play slots with a jackpot and there are several reasons for that.

Firstly, real gamblers never rely on jackpots. If you are a professional gambler you would never try to play jackpot slots, as they always have lower RTP in comparison with common slots. The reason for that’s simple – small part of each bet that you make goes to jackpot accumulation.

Secondly, there are no strategies to win jackpot. Unlike common slots, jackpots are random, they do not depend on amount of money you lose or amount of money you bet.

Thirdly, jackpots are shared among all casinos, it means that all players of these casinos have equal chance to win jackpot. That’s why your chance to win jackpot is significantly low.

It’s sad to say, but there is only one right answer for your question on how to win casino jackpot – it’s impossible, you have no chance. Never try to play slot for jackpot – there is no guarantee you will win. You can even lose a huge amount of money in this slots, may be even equal to jackpot and win nothing. It’s much safer for your wallet to play in slots with predictable winnings than in slots with jackpot.

Attention! Here, we are talking about real jackpots (10 000 Euro win or more). Jackpots with amounts of 500 Euro or 1000 Euro are not real jackpots, they are just accumulated winnings, like big bonuses win.

Dangerous faith in favorite slot

Once you will find your favorite slot – not only beginners can make this mistake, but professional players too. For a player it is very hard to cope with addiction to certain slot because of emotional link to it.

Here are some situations in which you will probably recognize yourself:

p<>{color:#000;}. You had “super mega big win” in this slot once. And now you can’t forget this, so you always choose the same slot in different casinos in hope to win more.

p<>{color:#33393D;}. You really like the bonus game in this slot (it doesn’t even matter what really do you like: the music, the mechanics or just the colorful pictures). Unfortunately, you can’t get bonus in it, so you begin to bet more and more money to get the bonus. Probably you would get one, but it would be too small to cover your investments, so you would make deposit again. And then again and again…

p<>{color:#000;}. You have seen a screenshot or a video of “super mega big win” in this slot (x500 х1000 х5000!). That’s why you decide to test your luck too. Your first bonus has no result – bonus is not as big as you expected, so you make the second deposit, as you think you can win much more, than you have seen on the video. And then you just can’t stop deposit.

In all these situations you are caught in a trap – playing the same slot would never be successful strategy, you should change this slot immediately.

A Good slot for casino, a bad choice for you

The main purpose of every “good” casino slot is to make an impression of the “super mega big win” opportunity. These “good“ slots become most popular, that’s why players lose on them a lot of money.

For example, in some slots 3 or 4 wild reels can be triggered on any spin, or some sticky wilds can appear and trigger a lot of respins.

So, our strong advice for you is to change slots and do not bet all your money on one slot otherwise you would lose all.

Find more information in which slots you should play on our site www.bigspinclub.com, [+ check best slots list+]. We regularly add reviews on new slots and tips on how to play.

What is a game session?

You have already noticed, that in our book we use the term “gaming session” (or “game session”). To beat online slots, you should know the importance of this term.

Let’s start from the definition. Game session is a period of time from your first deposit to the end of the game.

During the game session

All your losses and deposits are counted to the total loss of a current game session. All your winnings and your withdrawals also counted to the total winning of a current session too. So, we can tell that game session at online casino is like gambling only in one slot machine at a land based casino.

The duration of a game session

Game session usually lasts for 24 hours from your first deposit. There is no way to extend your game session for more than 24 hours. Duration of a game session doesn’t depend on amount of your deposits or withdrawals.

Ways of effective gambling during a game session

As you have learned the basics, let’s move to more complicated moment – your behavior in case of big loss or win.

In case of big win during one game session you should immediately withdraw your winnings, as your game session after big win usually becomes negative and casino tries to bring its money back. Do not try to continue gambling – this would lead you to a loss!

In case of big loss your attempts to win back your money during the same game session would be more successful. That’s why to win back you should make your next deposit within 24 hours from your first one.

Attention! Game sessions have limit on maximum win amount. Usually limit is calculated as sum of deposits during the game session and total balance of your account. That’s why it’s a big mistake to think that you would win constantly during all your game session and this would last long.

High rolling at online casinos

Most of online casinos are just scared of high rollers. On the one hand they can bring a lot of profit for the casino, but on the other hand, even a small win like 200x with 400 Euro bet (80 000 Euro win) can end up with a withdraw problem for an online casino, especially for new one.

Note! At online casinos you can consider yourself as a high roller, if you deposit minimum 3000 Euro at once and your minimum bet is 20 Euro.

There are three main problems which high rollers need to keep in mind before playing online:

p<>{color:#000;}. If you are playing at new and not well known casino, it’s possible that if you win a lot you would never get your winnings. In case of huge win like 50 000 Euro any new casino can just simply close its operation and reopen with a little different name. We have already heard a couple of such stories during only the last year

p<>{color:#33393D;}. In some casinos maxbet can be limited so instead of playing for like 200-400 Euro per spin, you can be just limited to play 100 Euro per bet maximum.

p<>{color:#33393D;}. In some casinos there are several limits on your withdrawal. For example, it can be limited to 5000 Euro per week. It means that if you win 40 000 Euro you end up withdrawing it for 2 months! That’s just crazy.

Why it’s better to play at high bets at online casino

p<>{color:#000;}. Monthly cashback is probably the best thing about online casinos. You can get for like 15% of your losses in the end of month and that could be a good chance for you to try you r luck once again without depositing any money.

p<>{color:#33393D;}. You have a huge amount of games you can choose from and switch between them in a second.

p<>{color:#33393D;}. Online slots have a different behavior at higher bets. You get more line hits. Bonuses are rarer but have a bigger chance to win. So it’s definitely more fun to play at big bet.

You only should play at high bets if you have enough money, as there is always a chance that you get emotional and lose a lot in pursuit of big win.

Members of our site have been high rolling for many years and have different stories about big wins and losses. On our site [+ www.bigspinclub.com you can find a list of casinos we have tested+] with big deposits and withdrawals. You can be sure that you get your winnings easily playing them.

How to win back money from the casino

This situation is familiar to most of us – for a short period of time you deposited several times and have lost a huge amount of money. And the rest of your money is enough only for one final deposit. Just stay calm and follow our advice, than you, most likely, will get your money back and even win more!

Warning! If you have lost a huge amount of money for one day you should try to win it back in the same day. In all games of the popular developers there is a such thing as a “game session”. You’ve already know that “Game session” is a period of time while you play and make deposits with possible less than one hour breaks. Casino saves all your losses to your game session, so it can easy give you back a part of what you have lost.

What to do? – To play!

At first we should give you the key advice: calm down before making your last deposit! Just make some tea or smoke a cigarette (of course if you smoke!). Last deposit should be played very carefully.

Now, when you get calm, it’s time to make your last deposit and choose a slot.

Our second advice – don’t choose the slot in which you have lost a lot of money during this game session, as it most probably would not let you win (see our previous section about playing different slots – “Dangerous faith in favorite slot”). Also, do not choose high variance games with rare bonuses. Your aim for now is to win your money back, and you need to do it safe, that means gambling in low and medium variance games.

Our third advice is to watch you bet during gambling. You shouldn’t make your bet too high in attempt to win back all money at once. To choose the right bet please read special section of this book “What bet to choose for a slot machine”.

Our forth advise – do not jump from one game to another. Make at least 30 – 50 spins before you change the game, otherwise you will have no chance to get bonus and lose all the money.

And the last but not the least advice – define beforehand the amount of money you need to win back . Usually you can win back about 80% of what you have lost in one game session. As soon as you achieve your goal (or even win some) make a withdrawal and do not try to get more – you can easily lose all again.

We hope, that with our advice you will be able to win back major part of what have been lost. Follow advices from this book and you definitely will win more and lose less. And in case you fail in winning back your money, read our next section on what to do after a big loss “Lost all your money in a casino? Don’t worry!”.

Lost all your money in a casino? Don’t worry!

Have you ever lose a huge amount of money in slots? Nobody likes to talk about it and definitely nobody likes to remember such moments. This can happen not only with a beginner, but with a skilled player too. Most likely, you have bet all the money you have on your account, credit card or in cash, may be you even had borrowed some money. Loss is always hard for gambler: on the one hand, you crave to win money back, and on the other hand, the lack of money force you to do some stupid things. We will help you to survive your loss and give you some valuable advice.

Don’t even think about it!

First of all, do not think about suicide. According to statistics the amount of suicides among gamblers is higher than among drug addicts and higher than among normal people by 70%. Do not try to raise this statistics, you still have chance to win back.

Don’t promise yourself that this was the last time you had gamble and you would never do it again. By this you try to calm yourself, but if you make a ban on gambling you would have greater desire to do it.

Don’t not try to win back with borrowed money – you will lose them and then spend a lot of time until paying off the debt in awful mood. Probably, you even would not pay off your debt in time and that would ruin your relationship with friends or family. And next time in case of real help needed (for example, money on health treatment) no one would help you. May be then you would think about taking a loan – do not even think about it and move to the next paragraph as fast as you can.

DO NOT GAMBLE ON MONEY LOAN. Taking a loan, especially fast loan, already means to lose, as you take a loan at interest, which means you should give back more than your get. Likely you will lose and then need to pay back loan and amount of interest. In this case gamblers often take another loan and then another one in attempt to win back.

Do not play demo version of slots and do not watch video about slots – after a big loss you need to distract from slots, as thinking about it make you to desire win back your loss.

Attention! Do not commit a crime! After big losses gamblers can make desperate steps, what would happen next can be read in crime summary.

You need to bear it, just give yourself some time

Now you know what you should not do, let’s talk about what you should do if you want to gamble. First of all, you need someone to talk and spend your time with, someone you can talk about your loss and gambling. Even phone call or online chat can help you. After loss it is necessary for you to survive your first hour without gambling, then it would be easier to bear. In total, you need to abstain from the gambling for two days, as that’s a time your brain needs to forget a big loss.

If you have nobody to share your emotions after a big loss you can [+ leave a comment to this article on our site on our site+], tell us how you lose and try to analyze your mistakes. This will help you to deal with you lose and help many of other gamblers to avoid thoughtless acts.

Approve your online casino account beforehand

On our site we receive a lot of complaints from new gamblers, most of them have the same reason – gambler made his first deposit in new unknown casino, won, but couldn’t withdraw money due to different and sometimes ridiculous reasons.

Let’s have a closer look on what’s happening here. You had made first deposit to unknown casino and, thanks to good luck, – you won something. Your wining even could be modest, however you decided to withdraw the wining and created a request for withdrawal. In most cases after it casino would not reduce your account balance (money would be available for gambling), and ask you to verify your personality before approving your request. You are tired of waiting for approval and gamble back all of your winnings.

Account verification is the key

Definitely, the verification of account is very important procedure, which helps casino to deal with unfair gamblers and casino frauds, but we should admit that many casinos use verification procedure as the trick to delay your withdrawal.

For example, they can ask you to provide additional documents or more clear photos, so you have to send documents for verification of an account again. Sometimes, online casinos even ask you for unusual and ridiculous documents such as birth certificate or bank statement of your credit card.

And that’s all during the winning money is available on your account which can force you to gamble it. That’s the thing that usually happens – gamblers just lose all their winnings while waiting for account verifications, and usually not more than half an hour later they receive an e-mail about success account verification and no sufficient funds for withdrawal. The casino plays unfair, but by the rules, so your complaints wouldn’t help – it was your decision to gamble the winning.

Every professional gambler should use only one simple rule to prevent such inconvenient situation – at new casino you should verify account before starting to play, especially if you plan to deposit a lot. A verification procedure is easy to make before deposit and in most cases it will prevent you from withdrawal delay. For the verification just start live-chat on casino website, support will tell you about the necessary documents and verification procedure.

We advise you to pay attention on the [+ list of best online casinos+] we publish on our website www.bigspinclub.com, they are approved and have no problems with big withdrawals even on the first deposit. And of course, they don’t delay withdrawal with ridiculous reasons.

Confirming account is the best way to make sure you can withdraw your winnings, but sometimes casino refuse to pay your winnings by all means. In the next section we will tell you what to do in a such situation.

What you should do if casino doesn’t pay your money

Let’s suppose you have won a decent amount of money and you are ready to make a withdraw, from that time you should be cautious– getting money on your casino account doesn’t mean you’ll get them for real.

In case of big win, you would definitely have troubles with payouts in unverified and small online casinos. The first thing to do for such casinos – is to delay your payout by all means and by this give you a chance to gamble back all your winnings. The second thing to do – is to block your account for violating casino terms and conditions.

That’s why your first thing to do before making a payout should be to make screenshot of the winning and screenshot of your account, where your deposits can be seen. If you were communicating with the casino support while playing, you also should make screenshots of your chat with messages in it.

How to get payout

So, you have a problem with payout – the online casino refuses to pay you and probably blocked your account. Do not panic, you still have chance to get your money.

3 ways to get your money from casino:

Create a topic on any big gambling forum with description of your problem

Attach to it screenshots of the winning and your chat with the casino support. These forums are usually watched by casino representatives, so if you claim on illegal actions from the certain casino, they would have to payout your winning to prevent a loss of clients.

Write a letter to The Gambling Control Commission

If you follow our tips in the other sections of the book and choose the legal casino, then that casino has such controlling Commission. In case of your claim to the Control Commission the casino not only would pay your money fast but also give you some freespins or no deposit bonuses as an apology for such an uncomfortable situation.

Write to us

On our site we write only about good online casinos. We are sure that you will not have problems with payouts in these casinos as we gamble there and often have some big payouts. However, if you have any problems with an online casino mentioned on our site www.bigspinclub.com – please tell us. We will directly contact to a casino management and solve your problem.

Don’t forget! Before closing the claim, please, ensure that money appeared on your bank account. And after such case never gamble big sums of money in this casino, because right casino should pay winning of any size without problems.

CONCLUSION (from the members of BigSpinClub)

For almost two years, BigSpinClub was a private organization founded by several top slot players (more like friends with shared interests). This book becomes our first step to the publicity and we are happy to share our experience with the others. We are confident that reading this book has changed your way of gambling. Whether you are old or young, an office worker or a housewife, married or single – we believe that anybody could have fun playing online slots and anybody could win after reading our book.

We have much more info and current online casino news, wining strategies and tactics at [+ www.bigspinclub.com+].

P.S. Our special thanks to Mitrus K. Thomas T., Dr. EvilSpin, Miss Jerry, Jim,
Immortal Man, Kate M., SlotMonster and every member of BigSpinClub.
We couldn’t have made it without you all!

P.P.S. We would be really happy to see your big wins, please post some screenshots in the comment section of [+ our site bigspinclub.com+]. We are always glad to see you!


In case, you want to contact authors of this book with any inquire please use this address: [email protected]

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