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Let's Try Again!

Let’s Try Again!


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

Shakespir Edition

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1Any visitors from Mars, or even Jupiter, which is much farther away, could tell in an instant, that Jim and Julie were very much in love. They had lived together for several months and everything had been going well. There were plans afoot for a wedding in June.


Then there was the tiff. Neither Jim nor Julie could give a concise explanation of what was the cause and why it had escalated to the point where Jim had left the apartment and taken refuge at the YMCA. If the visitors from distant space would look in on Jim, they’d see a miserable person providing the perfect definition for moping around. Looking in on Julie, they would see a similar scene.


Jim had heard that all problems have a solution and believed it. He had accrued some vacation time with his employer. He phoned requesting some time off and apologized for the late notice. This was granted. Jim undertook a period of meditation. Then, following a dictate from his heart, he texted Julie:


“There was a time you held my hand and smiled at me so tenderly. Our love was young. ‘Twas meant to be.”


A response from Julie was instantaneous, “You used to laugh, a happy laugh, and joke with me so heartily. It was then when cares were few. We shared our lives so easily.”


Jim responded, “You laid you head upon my chest, and sighed with me, so sleepily. That was then when love was new. The future beamed for you and me.”


She replied, “I used to fold within your arms, and flirt with you so teasingly. That was then, when hopes were high. We shared our dreams so happily.”


He said, “There was a time you bared your heart and gave it to me so lovingly. That was when we had nourished our love again and again. Could we now resolve never again?


Her response was simple, “No, not never again. Let’s try again!


For Jim, a day of reflection had turned to a day of rebirth. On this day, if visitors from Mars and Jupiter had been observing, they would have witnessed a loving reunion on the same date that these messages had been exchanged.


The story I’ve told has ended, but the author believes there is a great deal more to the loving story of Jim and Julie that is yet to be unfold.







Let's Try Again!

  • ISBN: 9781310401824
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-07-06 21:21:08
  • Words: 474
Let's Try Again! Let's Try Again!