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Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space: Issue 2



Jave Galt-Miller

Jave is a New Jersey transplant to La-La Land. Introduced to trashy war novels at a young age where the guy always bangs the girl(s), and heartbroken in high school by a bi-chick who went full lesbian, he knows what it means to be turned on by femme-femme action. After a year of working in post production at Lifetime, and then another year at OWN, Jave did what any sane male wordsmith would do after being subjected to so much estrogen on a daily basis: he wrote a comic about lesbian zombies.

Wayne A. Brown

Raised in Baltimore, Wayne wanted to be a comic book artist since high school. He is inspired by the work of Arthur Adams, Marc Sylvestri, Todd Mcfarlane, Wally Wood, and Jack Kirby, among others. He created and illustrated the web comic Weepin Willows as well as the acclaimed Comic Monster Mafia. He has illustrated numerous other works, including Signed C: the missing for Wayward Raven Media. Married, with four children, his days of chasing lesbo strange are behind him.

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Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space: Issue 2

Get issue #2 of the NSFW zom-com seven-part series where flawed male fantasy becomes a nightmare! Picks up with Ace and Gwen running off together to escape the lesbian zombie attack at the police station. When Ace tries to warn his parents of the impending disaster, the story takes an Oedipal turn. Will Ace figure out a way to defeat the sexy zombies before they rob him of his johnson? Will Gwen be able to restrain herself from smacking Ace in the face? Find out inside! 26 pages of full-color nudity and violence make this an ADULTS ONLY horror comic. Sometimes when Hot Girls make out - it's Evil!

  • ISBN: 9781370585465
  • Author: Jave Galt-Miller
  • Published: 2017-02-04 04:50:28
  • Words: 192
Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space: Issue 2 Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space: Issue 2