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Many thanks be unto GOD from who we receive all good gifts; and to the stranger who walked into my life and uncovered in me the gift of putting my thoughts in writing for the benefit of many. To all friends and my only daughter Lyn, I love you with all my heart and may this book inspire you to make the best choices in life.






Its autumn time once again and the trees are evergreen, ushering in is a new hope to the earth and fresh gulps of air to all living mammals. All would be peaceful and splendid was it not for the heat wave that had been terrorizing people since the summer of 2015. As I write, I am sitting in my study room by the window; and across the yard, there is a Munyii tree with beautifully green leaves, growing on intricately made branches. Every time I glance at this awesome tree, my heart fills with awe as the leaves dance through the waves of cool morning air. O what a great sentinel is this tree to all creeping life. How great is its homage. Soon, the sun will be overhead and the shade of this awesome tree will bless every worm, every animal and every wayfarer, big or small, with goodly shade from the scorching sun and with sweet fruits to smother their hunger. Yeah, underneath this tree is a sanctuary full of blessings, oozing from the great labours it performs every day to the good of all things. Its roots reach everywhere in search of water and nutrients and deeper goes its tap root through which its life and the life of everything that finds refugee in it is sustained with rich provisions from underneath the soil. Were she a regime, she would be the most noble, for her ways are fairer than all. Without doubt, many are the challenges of life unto her, but they are all overshadowed by her abiding goal. Herein then is the fulcrum of this book; to show the enduring fruits of having a good purpose in life to all who desire to grow in the wisdom that blesses all will happiness, peace and enduring love. Come with me as I explore a little further about the power of having purpose in life.




‘‘Behind every success story, there is plenty failure, some of which threatens the soul to the core. But it is not about how many times you fail; instead, it is about why you do what you do; how many times you stand up in pursuit of that goal, push through and succeed; and how often you will remember to celebrate your failures and your successes as new beginnings to greater aspirations’’ Crosswell Goko




Chapter 1


Why Am I Here



‘‘For we are God’s handiwork, created… unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.’’

The greatest principle every person must master towards the attainment of enduring happiness, peace and love or true fulfilment in life is Purpose. Every individual in the world is where they are, what they are and who they are because of what they have chosen to do with their lives. It is not surprising though to realise that, even though GOD ordained this principle as the first important step every person should consider towards leading a more meaningful life, many people are still wondering and drifting; going round and round in circles like a ship without a radar achieving little if not nothing at all that approximate meaningful existence. While still here, it is vitally important for one to note that, when we speak of a meaningful existence, often referred to as greatness, we have reference to a life that is blessing to its owner and others in righteousness and other highly esteemed virtues like love, peace, forgiveness and harmony. We have reference to a life that brings glory and honour to GOD through service rendered unselfishly for the benefit of others and all creation, guiding humanity towards its fullest realisation of its perfection in true social, economic, political and religious integration. The greatest benefits of such a life, as we have already indicated, are those as maybe found in peace, harmony, justice, love, mercy and righteousness among others. Material things, though permissible, can never be attributable to such things as may bring true fulfilment in any person’s life; and while at that, these very principles may be used by any individual within their right to attain economic security; not as the most priced goal of their life but as a much lesser one. Unfortunately today, many teachings exalts materialism over true godliness to such an extent that, such teachings have become widely acceptable, but we have witnessed time and again that instead of bringing fulfilment in people’s lives, materialism has wrecked more havoc than good. Pride, greed, corruption and covetousness have replaced humility, moderation, honest and charity; violence is constantly taking over the space of peace. Churches and religious circles or any other organisations and institutions that should have been the harbingers of peace, love, justice, forgiveness, harmony and righteousness among other things are now common place and promoters of war, hate, violence, corruption, extortion, treachery, and all manner of wickedness that corrodes all godliness and true integration of humanity as one race and one people. In short, many are such as have all the material amenities one may think of but they still fall short greatly from achieving true fulfilment in life. In this regard, it would be advisable for one to lead a more balanced life, knowing fully that the greatest investment towards leading a more meaningful life one may make is sharing one’s own spiritual blessings with others towards the building of a better world for all to the glory of GOD.



Having said that, let us go ahead and point out that the chief cause behind such stagnation as many individuals experience in pursuit of fulfilment in life is normally the lack of knowledge as the following scripture clearly testify saying, ‘‘..my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’’. Not because the knowledge is not there, but mankind has chosen to cast a blind eye to such knowledge: and in case you are one among a million people reading this book and have long desired to lead a more fulfilling life, wishing if you could make a difference in your world and impact lives positively or wishing if circumstances were much better than they presently are, here is your hope: here is the secret knowledge to unlocking that life that no one has ever shared with you. Here is the wisdom that can guide you from where you are right now to where you really want to be. This is the moment that you had been waiting for and it is my hope that you will not, ‘‘..reject knowledge’’ through indifference. To begin the unveiling of your dream life therefore, just ask yourself this simple yet powerful question: what can I do to make this world a much better place for everyone and in that glorify GOD?




Chapter 2


ch Better Place For Everyone And In That Glorify GOD?



You must understand as a child of GOD, created out of His abounding love, that you were not created and placed on this planet just to occupy space and consume resources. Neither are you here to perpetuate and magnify misery, suffering and failure. GOD predestined you for a specific major assignment that you must accomplish according to His purpose for His purpose and in so doing, receive your own glory without limit in this world and the one to come. Take note here, right from the onset that, to be able to receive GOD’s glory in full measure (enduring greatness), you need to identify what you can do to help GOD build a better world and in that glorify and honour Him and not what you can do to amass material wealth. This of course is no discouragement towards desiring the possession of material wealth but a simple reminder that approaching this question with only but you in the picture is tantamount to a selfish fake godly life; and a selfish fake godly life is the most trusted way to short changing your path to true fulfilment in life. And when we speak of a selfish fake godly life, we have reference to the kind whereby one dedicates his or her efforts towards personal material aggrandizement in the name of GOD and trust more in his or her accumulated possessions and worldly power instead of GOD Himself. In this regard, one may become great in this life but will never be truly great, for true greatness have reference to the complete fulfilment of a person’s life in the physical and in the spirit; a meaningful glorious existence that outlast place and time: and this kind may only be attained by those who are prepared to perform a labour of love without the hope of receiving something in return which makes the preaching of peace, harmony, love, mercy and righteousness the ideal service GOD ordained for true greatness in life for all mankind. Think Big on this ideal heavenly service and you will surely Go Great: chose to serve GOD by sharing your life in this calling and you will surely see a glorious life without end blossoming right before your eyes beyond your wildest dream; for it is through service that one can multiply and embellishes his or her own measure of blessings. Remember, you are here on this planet not to be saved to be served but to save and serve in good works which GOD predestined that you should walk in them like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaiah, Jesus and many more others: the works of righteousness.



You may of course be wondering, who in this life ever attained true greatness just by merely recognising and acknowledging their heavenly purpose? Have you ever heard of Elijah, Moses, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King and the above mentioned titans? What is it that you instantly remember about them? Is it not their eternal greatness? Think of my well loved brother, Jesus of Nazareth for a moment; he attained greatness of the highest order because he was conscious of his purpose right from his childhood. On the outset of his ministry, he clearly pointed out to everyone that he was come that they which believe in him and in the One who send him may have life and have it more abundantly, John10vrs10. He did not say he was come to mingle around, occupy space, consume resources enjoying himself and then die some day having amassed all the material amenities that he lacked. No; he made it plain that he came to dedicate his life to the salvation of those that would believe the message of love and righteousness he was send to share and believe Him that send him; and in that he attained enduring greatness. In Exodus5vrs1, we have the great prophet of the Lord Moses, telling Pharaoh what he was come to do in Egypt from his exiled home of Median-to tell the King to let GOD’s people go under his (Moses) guidance unto the promised land of Canaan. And we have Icons like Mandela, Gandhi, Luther and others of their calibre who sacrificed all they could for the cause of social justice, peace, and harmony. Some, like William Wilberforce, and Mother Theresa abandoned their materialistic lives to pursue after the cause of righteousness and the greatness they attained far outweigh any such as they could have gained in other worldly callings like amassing material riches. In Acts26vrs16, we learn of Paul, formerly Saul, being commissioned (receiving his life purpose), which was witnessing Jesus and ministering righteousness to the glory of GOD. Observe once again here that Paul’s commission had nothing at all to do with satisfying his selfish ego which he formerly engaged in. Yet if you will compare his greatness when after he assumed this heavenly calling and when he was serving the chief priests by persecuting the followers of Jesus, Acts8vrs1, 9vrs1-2, you will discover that, to both ends, there was greatness attained but the greatness of the later calling as a witness of Jesus and a minister of the righteousness of GOD was and is enduringly more meaningful and fulfilling than that of the former which was short and detrimental to the lives of other people and the kingdom of heaven. In his selfish former mission, he was simply consuming resources, and occupying space while waiting for his day of judgment.


Unfortunately, many people today are as Paul was in his former life as Saul; they are great but their greatness is unsatisfactory and unpleasing to GOD even though they do it all in His name. They’ve got all the material conveniences they want and all the cash in the world but they still experience insecurity and unfulfilment. True greatness is but still at large for them. Why: because they approached one of life’s greatest and most important questions with only but themselves in the bigger picture. They asked themselves, ‘‘what is it that I want from this world?’’ rather than what is it that I can do for this world through which it can become a better place for all that live in it, pleasing GOD in so doing?




Chapter 3


cret Connection



Similarly, we have governments, organisations, companies, nations and institutions that fail or are struggling to rise above average in their achievements and undertakings; their major problems are not recessions or lack of resources as these are handicaps that can be bridged at will provided the individual, an organisation, company or nation knows it major goal. Thus, the true setback lies solely in the motive for which they exist and are involved in doing whatever they are doing. It is all hinged upon the greater purpose of the existence of such organisations or institutions. For it is one of the Creator’s divine principles that he benefits more him that serves unsparingly and does so with a willing heart in good faith. Until such nations, organisations, companies and or individuals have given up their self seeking motives, born normally on hate, greed, the lack of knowledge and a desire for revenge, they will always rise no greater than average. And it is my hope that anyone reading this book will instrument these changes in their personal lives, company, organisation, nation, or workplace if they look forward to experiencing a different and better outcome in their endeavours. Thus, the secret to discovering a realistic major purpose that can lift you from where you are right now to where you really want to be in life is hitched upon motive. Why are you doing what you are doing or intent to do? Who else apart from yourself stands to benefit from your life purpose? If you want more blessings, the kind that defines true greatness in life, you must determine how much of your own blessings are you willing to part with for the benefit of others and GOD? Not only those in your world, but those beyond the borders of your world also. As a repented soul, a saint of GOD, which you must become if you are still living in your sinful, worldly and selfish life, for the Spirit of GOD gives spiritual gifts to such and lead them in the right path everlasting, it must not be difficult for you to discover what you are born of GOD’s Spirit to fulfil for His glory in this life for the good of all creation. Having discovered and lived his purpose as according to GOD’s word in Isaiah 61vrs1-3, in John 20vrs21, towards the end of his earthly ministry, Jesus instructed his disciples to take forward the same gospel that he preached to the nations of the earth. ‘‘..as my Father sent me, even so send I you.’’ This same instruction is also found in Matthew 28vrs19-20, ‘‘Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the son and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.’’ Today, more than two thousand five hundred years after he left this planet, that simple instruction is changing lives as more and more people adopt it as their major life purpose for the benefit of others and the benefit of all creation; and even though some, driven greatly by materialistic motives, have twisted the core of the original message that Jesus and all the prophets before him from whom he adopted his own purpose taught, it is such an honour that we still have millions and millions of witnesses and ambassadors of GOD and Jesus who still preach truth, peace, kindness, mercy, harmony and righteousness for the benefit of all creation. Today, you have this privilege to live on purpose by becoming a preaching or teaching Saint of GOD in the same fashion that all His Sons and prophet from the foundation of the world did by joining the ever growing number of peace, truth, love, harmony and righteousness preachers and teachers across the Universe. Of course you may chose, as some did, to join the list of material prosperity preachers but you must remember that every kingdom built on material prosperity as its cornerstone will never endure forever and all history of creation testifies to this truth from time immemorial through the ages of knights and emperors to the present. For the foundation of a materially prosperous kingdom is never silver and gold or any other precious stone, but exploitation-blood, treachery, corruption and plundering in the name of good which is why Jesus had to chase all those that sold things in the house of GOD for they were profaning the temple with these evil ways disguised in the name of godliness. It might as well help you in making your choice wisely to realise that, all the Kings and High Priests that were chosen by GOD into the office who ended up rebelling against GOD or falling from His favour like Saul, Ahaz, Nebuchadnezzar, Solomon, and those Kings and Priests that murdered the prophets of GOD to include Jesus, did so because their hearts waxed hard with every ounce of material riches they acquired. They become unfaithful to righteousness and all the instructions of GOD as they placed their trust more in their possessions than in Him that appointed them to the offices through which they acquired such riches. This brings us to the greatest of all nuggets of wisdom that GOD ever passed on to mankind to live by: ‘‘godliness with contentment is great gain’’ than ‘‘supposing that gain is godliness.’’ 1Timothy6vrs5-6. Titans of GOD like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph among others who are often quoted by promoters of material prosperity were prosperous indeed but their prosperity was part of the package that GOD blessed them with for striving all their lives in righteousness. And it comes as of no surprise to hear Jesus instructing those that would follow him to relinquish their material possessions and focus on advancing love and righteousness with the promise that all they will give up for this cause they would receive a measure pressed a hundred fold in this present life and in eternity. Of noteworthy here is the fact that this hundred times pressed reward would be only a part to the package of compensation they would receive after establishing the kingdom of heaven upon the foundation of peace, love, harmony and righteousness and its walls on salvation, not the other way around.


With this much evidence at your disposal, it now remains a matter of when and how would you begin the fulfilment of your earthly destiny as a preacher of truth, peace, love, harmony and righteousness to which GOD called you from the foundation of the world. With this call as your major purpose in life, there is no life you cannot touch and change on this planet and there is absolutely no height of true greatness you cannot reach. You are called by GOD through His Spirit to be a life giver regardless of your religious affiliation. By the renewing of your mind, you have or will come to know the perfect acceptable will of GOD and a crowned saviour like Jesus for GOD’s fullness, the Christ Consciousness, is now upon you; and you may begin therefore right away to fulfil your earthly mission with passion and determination and verily, your life will take on a whole new exciting course characterised by great natural godly contentment.




Chapter 4


Who Will Take Care Of My Needs?



Now, there is a question that many people often ask themselves when it comes to pursuing the ministration of GOD’s word as their major purpose in life. How will I take care of my basic needs and wants if I commit my life to ministration of truth and righteousness? Perhaps this question is already lurking at the back of your mind right now and if so, let us observe with gratitude GOD’s response for such a question, for His word provide answers for all of life’s questions; and everlasting solutions to all of life’s problems. And this is one of the greatest reasons why I accepted gladly GOD’s calling for me to minister unto you and the rest of the world through this book and many others written by those inspired to do so by GOD like the Holy Bible, the Holy Counsels, the Holy Quran and the Holy Tiara which is available for free download at www.Shakespir.com/books/view/615735 and may be freely printed out, photocopied or redistributed electronically or stored in any retrieval system: not that I may teach you how to live your life but that I may serve as your guide in finding these godly answers and solutions as provided for in His word. Through Jesus, GOD instructs all mankind to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all the things of life as men desires will be added unto them, Matthew 6vrs32-33. This on its own shows that your loving Creator, already knows you have need of all the finer things of life and so He will provide. All you have to do is take up your cross (fulfil) your mission, placing your trust and faith in Him alone and He will never fail you, Genesis22vrs8; Proverbs 27vrs26.


It doesn’t matter what is it that you are doing with your life now; just make it a definite choice to make it instrumental to the expansion of GOD’s Kingdom through the preaching of His kindness, tender mercies and righteousness. You might be a financial giant and are worried with how you can leave such a life for a seemingly ordinary one of sainthood. If so, don’t you worry at all for it might help you to begin one small step at a time by financing the distribution of GOD’s word to those around you. That is, you may start by distributing your favourite Bible to people in your community, nation, and continent and beyond. If you are a teacher, you may, having downloaded this book along with the Bible teachings, go ahead and teach these teachings to the ends of the Universe; in the same vein can we say to every professional or to every other person from any walk of life, there is a way you can contribute to the preaching of GOD’s righteousness in respect to what you already are doing with your life. Yet in all this, I encourage you to live in and by these same teachings of love, peace, kindness, forgiveness and righteousness. An exemplary life speaks greater than a billion words inscribed on paper or spoken through a loud speaker. Be a living testimony of these very teachings; not as to please men but as to please GOD; and the more you serve out of a pure loving heart through these outreach programmes and any other way you may think of, the more you multiply your blessings, 2Corithians9vrs6; Mark10vrs29.




Chapter 5


The Benefits of Living On Purpose



The rewards one may reap from living on purpose righteously and in love, peace and harmony are vast in scope so much that they defy exhaustion by human analysis. Instead, they can only be realised by those who consciously chose to live their lives on purpose; not just every purpose but a heavenly purpose upon which truth, love, harmony, peace and righteousness are sought above all things. Among the highly exalted of these rewards are the development and enjoyment of an eternal Father Son/Daughter relationship between GOD and the individual who is living such a heavenly purpose driven life; a relationship characterised by trust, understanding, love, faith, peace, joy, happiness, prosperity of health and possessions and eternal life. A purpose driven life inspires creativity, whereby one becomes so imaginative as they strive to fashion ways and means by which they can glorify GOD more through honest labours of love. It inspires also self reliance, whereby one stops looking forward to someone else other than GOD Himself to provide for all their needs. This has also the effect of discouraging idolatry for as people look forward to GOD Creator more and more for the provision of all their needs, fake ministers-the money racketeers and launders will gradually fade away from the scene, giving room to true godliness. It develops the capacity of personal initiative whereby one move on their own towards the accomplishment or attainment of the object of their major purpose built on truth and godliness. Apart from that, it develops faith, self-discipline and concentration of endeavour which are all requisites for the attainment of true fulfilment in life. It inspires one with a consciousness that is akin to saving all resources in life one maybe blessed with, especially time and money. One becomes an acute planner of all their undertakings in such a way that they all work together in harmony towards the fulfilment of their greatest purpose in life. It inspires concentration of endeavour whereby one develops the capacity to not dissipate their energies by focusing all their efforts and resources on the accomplishment of one definite major goal in life. It attracts the helping hands of others who may willingly come to one’s aid towards making the attainment of their major purpose a success. It guards one against the misdirection of thoughts and all resources and focus them on such one thing as is needful in one’s life for the attainment of true fulfilment. It also inspires alertness in the recognition and capitalisation of opportunities favourable to one’s major purpose when they arise. It prepares the mind and season the spirit for the expression of faith through the cleansing of one’s conscience of limitations, fears, doubts, procrastinations and indecisions. Above all, it inspires a fulfilment consciousness without which no one may truly attain fulfilment in life. Of fact, the Universe will welcome with wide open hands all that are driven by a definite purpose that seeks the good of righteousness and often come to their aid that they may achieve their mission without failure. To you therefore, the Universe has opened its arms, ready to welcome and aid you in accomplishing the mission to which GOD has called you. Begin right away from where you are to take bold steps to fulfil your calling and you will be amazed to discover how much glory GOD has prepared for you in His glory irrespective of whom you are and where you come from by the definitions of men, politics, money or religion. This principle will thus unerringly guide you to the very inevitable fulfilment this calling. Follow it by action to the later with an open mind, attached to nothing and ready for everything and you will attain fulfilment in life in its truest form.


The End




Shirley Nkomo


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I was born on 03 March 1980 in Chipinge Zimbabwe where I grew up also. By professional, I am a Cutter and Designer, and a single mother of one daughter, Lyn. In the house of my childhood faith, I am a member of the [*U.C.C.Z (United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe) *]Volunteers This is my debut book to which I hope to add more books as my writing passion expands with time. Thank you for reading this book.


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