Leadership Styles: The 6 Styles You Must Master to Lead a Church



Leadership Styles

The 6 Styles You Must Master to Lead a Church

Gary V Carter

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Leading a Church Is Different and Complex

Six Facets of Leadership Style

The Visionary

The Commander

The Colleague

The Facilitator

The Pacemaker

The Coach

Your Recipe


Personal Assessment

Open the Discussion

Leading a Church Is Different and Complex

A church leader needs a sense of progress to have a satisfying experience. Some followers want a sense of sameness with an expected experience. For them showing up gives all the satisfaction they feel they need. Others want progress that is different than what the leader looks for. Difficulties between leaders and follows are common in churches. We need to break down this issue if we are going to build up the church.

The focal point here is leadership as it relates to staff and volunteers in a church. This is not about personal counselling or coaching. The leadership material here is structured with church tasks in mind. There are many other considerations such as how to deal with multiplying good attitudes and the development of personal skills.

Church leadership has similarities to leadership in any human endeavour. When John Maxwell moved from pastoring into the secular realm he found that people loved his theories of leadership. He states that he built his thinking on the foundation of the Scriptures. That took the understanding of leadership in a different direction. At the same time, the discoveries of non-Christians are valid where they are consistent with the Scriptures.


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Leadership Styles: The 6 Styles You Must Master to Lead a Church

Leading in church is more complex than business or civil service because the people you are supposed to lead only comply with your ideas when they feel like it. One or two styles will work out there when you have the axe but you need all six with volunteers. When you fire a volunteer you cause significant collateral damage because others back off. That takes you further from your goal. You can learn a different leadership recipe if you are open to it. That new balance will take you to leadership heights you never imagined. This short book will take you on the journey of a lifetime if you let it.

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Leadership Styles: The 6 Styles You Must Master to Lead a Church Leadership Styles: The 6 Styles You Must Master to Lead a Church