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Late By Ten Years

Late By Ten Years





By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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It is completely fictitious tragic love story. Decision to say ‘Yes, I do’, the beautiful lady took long ten years. In the meantime whole world had changed for her. Finally she got what she wanted for last ten years. What happened then?

If you find any resemblance with any character living or dead with any character including the protagonist of the story, it is nothing but a coincidence only. Hope my readers will like the story.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this story book along with my other books.



Chapter I: After Three Pegs


Almost all my batch mates attended this particular conference for 75th Round of NSSO to be conducted from first July, 2017 all over India. We are now in the twilight zone of our service career. Most of the juniors avoid us in their personal discussions. I may be one of the seniors, who knows most of the juniors. I seldom keep any distance with them and therefore, they are also somewhat friendly to me. However, I also avoid them in such type of gatherings after 7 PM. As a typical fatherly figure to most of the young officers, I also avoid drinking in front of them.

On that day also we five of our batch, started taking whiskey in one of my batch mate’s room. It went off smoothly till Bikash finished his third peg of whiskey. He started sobbing like a four year boy, who was denied a chocolate by his elder brother. We could not find any reason for his sobbing.

‘Why you are crying like a baby, you b—d?’ Ananta has a habit of scolding any one of us with or without reason.

Even after getting a scolding Vikash was sobbing uncontrollably.

As a soft person, I patted his back and asked him why he was crying. After few minutes, he said, ‘When I saw Ambika today, I could not recognize her. She was an extremely beautiful lady few years back. But today she looks like an old lady, more than her age.’

‘Did you love her?’ Again Ananta thundered.

‘No. But her very old look reminded me of my own tragedy.’ He paused for a minute. None of us, even Ananta kept mum for few minutes.

Then slowly Vikash unfolded his story.

Chapter II: Avantika, His Colleague


Avantika was one year senior to us. She was also extremely beautiful lady from our service. As I was married nine days before I joined my service, I did not have any opportunity to chase any beautiful lady of our service as my wife used to accompany me in all my tours relating to our probation. However, nobody can control eyes; my eyes were also able to see beautiful faces of our batch mates and those ladies who were either one year senior or junior to us. Therefore, beauty of Avantika could not escape from the roving eyes of any of my batch mates.

Vikash was one of the batch mates from our batch who was almost mad after that young lady.

After our postings at different offices, full engagements of our domestic duties stopped us from meeting each other for years together. Therefore, I did not know what happened to the one sided love affairs of Vikash.

However, two decades ago, when we heard that while returning after attending a programme arranged by Training Division, CSO at Gwalior, Avantika died in a road accident, we were shocked. Her taxi was mowed down by a truck from behind. Surprisingly, except Avantika, the other occupants had miraculous escape in the accident. One of the survivors said that other occupants did not face any major injury even.

Chapter III: Re-Union


Whenever, there is a training course organised by training division of the Ministry, there is a chance to meet some of your batch mates, seniors and juniors after many years. The training programme organised at Gwalior for refresher course on agricultural statistics was also no exception. Altogether twenty participants from different batches joined the training course at Gwalior. Avantika and Vikash were also two participants of the training course.

When Vikash saw Avantika, he was little bit upset. Avantika was no more the exceptionally beautiful lady whom he used to love ten-eleven years ago. She has lost her beauty more quickly than her contemporaries.

After looking at Avantika from top to bottom, Vikash asked, ‘How are you?’

‘I am fine. How are you?’

‘I am also fine. Got married?’

‘No. Have you?’ Avantika did not want to prolong the discussion. But she asked Vikash the formal question.

‘Yes. After one year of our probation.’ Vikash told with a sigh. He wanted say, ‘I married one year after your refusal’ instead of what he had uttered.

Avantika, remembered how curtly she refused the proposal of Vikash ten years ago despite of the fact that she also loved Vikash.

‘Why you are still unmarried? On the last time when I proposed you, you had told me that you were already engaged and within a month you were going to get married!’ Vikash expressed his surprise.

With a faint smile, she said, ‘I was lying. I was trying to make my parent happy.’ She remembered how her parents reacted when she told about Vikash to them. They blatantly said, if she would marry Vikash, they would sever their all relations with her for life. Being the only daughter, she did not want to hurt her parent. She decided to sacrifice her love for happiness of her parent.

Unfortunately, her parent could not arrange a suitable boy for last ten years. Initially many youths were coming to see her. Now proposal for marriage has stopped coming to her. She resigned to her fate. Her parent sometimes blame her for her refusal to marry less educated boys or lowly paid boys. They never want to take the blame for their failure to find a suitable boy at par with Vikash.

Chapter IV: Love Re-ignited


When Avantika said to Vikash that she wanted to come to his room after dinner, he did not thought much and invited her with an open mind.

Exactly at eleven, Avantika knocked the door of Vikash. She embraced Vikash as soon as Vikash closed the door. With an impulse he also embraced Avantika tightly. Avantika was weeping.

After ventilating the initial spurt of emotion, both sat on the bed and Avantika told her love for Vikash and reaction of her parent. Finally she said, ‘You have taken a good decision to marry. I am sure your wife loves you very much. I do not want to come in between you. I just want to tell you my side of the story. So I am leaving now.’ She stood up to leave the room.

‘Are you not going to hear what happened to me after your refusal?’ Vikash asked Avantika with a tearful eyes.

Avantika sat on the bed again.

‘After your refusal, I thought to commit suicide. But somehow, I controlled myself. I did not join to the place where I was posted. Varun sent a letter to my father writing about my tragedy. My father immediately rushed to my old place and took me with him to our home. After lot of pep talks in the next few days, I became normal and joined to my duties. After one year, I was told by my parent that my marriage was fixed with the daughter of my father’s friend. I know Ranjita, my wife from my childhood. She is a good girl. I did not object to their wish and I married her. She told afterwards that she knew about my affairs with you.’ When Vikash finished his side of the story, Avantika did not know how to react.

Avantika stood up and tried to console him by patting on his back. In the process, her bosom touched Vikash’s face. After few minutes nature took over both of them.

As Vikash opened his eyes in the morning, he did not find Avantika. For a moment he thought it was a dream, but after looking at the unlocked door he realized, it was a reality. For a moment, he became very sorry for his wife.

Chapter V: She Became Happy


‘Can I have a baby from you?’ She asked Vikash on the next day when she met him after eleven in his closed room.

‘Yes you can. But can you face the society, when they will ask you to declare the name of the father?’ Vikash raised a pertinent question to her.

‘I damn care for the people. What the society has given to me? I cared for the society and that is why I refused your offer. I cared for my parents. Being B caste, they thought if I marry you, their prestige would be lowered in the eyes of the society. But in the last ten years, I could not find a husband for me. Some of them demanded exorbitant dowry. Some of them were less educated than I by miles. All those scoundrels have one common qualification, they all are from our caste.’ She stopped there.

For next four days, she used to come to Vikash’s room after 11 PM and used to leave by 4 AM. Those were not only physical meetings but those meetings were meetings of souls and spirits. Both of them were happy.

In the early morning of the last day, Avantika told Vikash, ‘Finally I am able to taste the fruits of happiness of a lady. Due to our togetherness, if I am going to be a mother, I shall be one of the happiest women on the earth. Even if I am not that lucky, I shall cherish the memories of these four nights and five days for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me so much happiness for the last few days.’

She hugged Vikash for some time and left his room silently before whole world gets up for welcoming another day.

Chapter VI: Tragedy of Twenty Years Ago

Vikash proposed to hire a taxi to the airport for both of them. But Avantika whispered, ‘Do not accompany me in public. You have a family. I do not have. But I do not want somebody informs your wife about our proximity. I love you from my heart. I do not want to be a reason for unhappiness of your married life.’

She hired a taxi along with two other lady officers. Vikash took another one and followed her taxi.

At one junction, due to red light, Vikash taxi had to wait extra two minutes when the taxi Avantika was travelling, sped away. After few minutes, to the utter horror of his life, Vikash found that the taxi hired by Avantika was mowed down by a heavily loaded truck. The backside of the taxi was completely smashed. The damage of the taxi was severe where Avantika was sitting. When he reached the spot, he saw Avantika was bleeding profusely from her nose.

Vikash lifted Avantika and shifted to his taxi and ordered the driver to take them to the nearest hospital. Vikash put Avantika’s head on his lap and said, ‘Do not worry. You will be alright.’

‘Vikash, I am not going to survive. Still I am very happy today. I am happy to leave the world with a satisfaction that I am dying on your lap. I am thankful to God for getting true love from you.’ She tried to smile with pain.

Before Vikash could say something, she closed her eyes. Vikash reached the hospital only to hear, ‘The patient was brought dead.’




There was pin drop silence in the room. Even Ananta did not dare to break the silence. Tears from Vikash’s eyes were flowing like river in a rainy season, but without any sound.

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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Late By Ten Years

It is completely fictitious tragic love story. Decision to say ‘Yes, I do’, the beautiful lady took long ten years. In the meantime whole world had changed for her. Finally she got what she wanted for last ten years. What happened then? If you find any resemblance with any character living or dead with any character including the protagonist of the story, it is nothing but a coincidence only. Hope my readers will like the story.

  • ISBN: 9781370116782
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-04-18 07:50:10
  • Words: 2512
Late By Ten Years Late By Ten Years